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Endtime Reality Check

“Endtime” Reality Check (Matt 24:14)

            So ‘the end of the world is soon,’ ‘the signs of the times are rapidly fulfilling,’ and ‘final events will soon unravel’, well even generous estimates would reveal that ca. 7,000,000,000 currently, honestly do not know and/or understand this most crucial message of warning. So, you say, they will soon hear about it and be informed, well how about a little “reality check” (cf. here|here) in specifically this temporal regard. 

SDA Racially Divided Conferences

The Lingering Evil in SDA Racially Divided Conferences (Jude 1:18-19)

A more developed statement may or may not be made here on this blatantly ungodly,
unbiblical, and self-evident issue lingering in the Church, however for now it should suffice to say that: since racially divided conference were, due to “hardness of hearts” (Matt 19:7-8; cf. Mal 2:16), ultimately created in order to meet the spiritual, and other various pertinent special needs, of then marginalized and ignored SDA African-Americans (see a most infamous, “watershed” extreme manifestation related here), and certain South Africans (see in SDA Historian, Crocombe’s Blog below), then this cannot possibly still now be a problem/issue/excuse, for either “side,” especially in now 2018 (cf. AR 02-21-08 article...(but AR 07-24-08 opposition by Calvin B. Rock) in here).

The Fallacy of Non-Paid Lay Pastoring

Is Non-paid, Lay Pastoring Really God’s Will? (1 Tim 5:17-18)                  

            Due to common and widespread financial constraints, made worse by the recent economic downturn (a.k.a. The Great Recession” - see How We Got Here[Audio] (Lewis Walton, ASI 2009); see also this (illustrated) presentation by Australian evangelist Herb Kersten), lay pastoring has become more and more popular in some Local Conference policies. Current denominational statistics (p.6) show that as much as 24%-32% of “Evangelistic and Pastoral Employees” who are not “Ordained” or “Licensed”, but classified as “Other”, may be formally recognized/utilized “Lay” Workers.[1] Despite this stance of the Global Church on formal lay “utilization,” there really is no Biblical support for such a plan for the “corporal”/organized work of God. From the times of the Old Testament, the priesthood (i.e., the Levites) were to be “wholly” set apart for the work of ministry. (Num 18:20, 21) They were to be completely taken care of by the tithes and offerings given by the rest of God’s people. In the early days of the SDA Church,