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Gog & Magog vs. God

The USA & the Rest of the West vs. the NJK (Ezek 38&39)

            Upon now years of studying, pondering and also experience (cf. 1SM 25.4), and with this prophecy of Ezek 38=39 having been shown by God to indeed have an eschatological application, e.g. (Explicitly) Rev 20:8-9 (Ezek 38:2, 39:6) & (implicitly/allusively) Rev 19:17-18, 21 (Ezek 39:17-20); Rev 11:13 (Ezek 38:19-20), so it can here/now be forthwithly stated as the controlling thesis, indeed upon Spiritual observation & prophetic information, that this, actually popular Gog and Magog prophecy of Ezek 38-39 represents the outline, template and modus operandi, of how God has always planned to orchestrate and achieve a triumphant victory over, and that collectively so, all of those who would presently or potentially think to stand against the Zionistic plans that He has for His (redeemed and restored) Israel (cf. Isa 54), -which now, in the New Testament, is to be found, as a faithful (Apostolic) remnant (Rev 12:17), within the, today: mainly Babylonianly-Apostate, Christian Church. (Rev 18:2-4)