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Responses to the Guileful Claims of The Young Turks Network (Gen 3:4->John 8:44->2 Thess 2:11-12)

Responses to the Deliberately: Moronic, Idiotic and/or Erroneous Anti-Bible Claims of TYT (Pro 26:5)

As it seen in the post on “The Worldview of Unbelievers”, I had begun to includingly address and respond to also the anti-God/Bible/Christianity claims made by people at The Young Turks Network but is soon became self-evident that they claims were patently disingenuous, and mainly by being/remaining deliberately idiotic about what the Bible actually says, and so responding to them only became a time consuming exercise in “whack-a-moron”. So I instead jotted responses to them in a separate offline document, which also didn’t have to involve the referencing of what they had said (i.e. links to the (Youtube) clips where they make their stupid claims. The following post is an online “dump” of that private document because at some time, you do have to show “fools” how foolish they are...

Responses to evilbible.com Website Claims

Responses to Common Objections and Claims of Unbelievers (2 Tim 2:15)
            It is patent for unbelievers to rattle off a listing of various objections to the Bible as the foundational/substantive reason why they do not believe in either its inspiration or even, the “moral beneficiality” of the Bible.  As seen in the title of the main website (old website) being responded to here, they come to conclude that the Bible is/must be “evil”. (See also in this post).
            Upon just reading through the listing of claims on that website, it seems evident to me, that the author(s) of these claims may have had some Christian background and later, upon “discovering”, these (supposed) errors/contradictions/“evils” switched to their current stance. Whatever the case, it is still pertinent that literally all of these claims are borne out of deficient, uninformed, or outright erroneous exegesis and theology. The ironic thing is that many believers also see the same errors but just silently overlook them, as if the Bible and its message does not contain the resolving answer. And to a point, that also is not an acceptable approach, because, for one thing, it does breed and perpetuate in some such vehement opposition to the Bible.