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The Worldview of Unbelievers

The Inherently Myopic, Indifferently Mindless and Disingenuously Insincere “religious” Philosophies and Maxims of Atheists, Skeptics & “Agnostics” (Rom 1:16-2:16...John 15:22; 9:41)

...Deliberately foregoing any substantive (generalized) introduction here and instead getting right into addressing such, yet presumingly plausible, various claims and arguments as encountered (And see more discussion in this other, foundationally related, post; as well as this dedicated post in response to TYT’s “special” claims):

-But first....
            ...as there is nothing more genuine-powerful-convincing as a personal testimony (cf. Rev 12:11), the wonderful conversion testimony of “cradle atheist” Jennifer Fulwiler to Christianity* is introductorily posted here. The following video clip is an ultra-condensed overview of her entire testimony, but following it is a listing of various great presentations/productions about, and resources related to, her testimony.

More detailed presentation of Jennifer’s Testimony are given by her in (e.g.):