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The Claims and Theology of Jonathan Henderson (2 Tim 4:3-4)

Well upon me having (generally) sent an email complaint (supplied below) to the parent Conference of the Grand Advent SDA Church, the Northern California Conference about these ‘outrightly and/or obtusely (=“beyond the pale”) blasphemous/slanderous (public) waywardness/statements’ of Jonathan Henderson, (-since the various several attempts by other people/members to correct him (=Matt 18:15-16) had not worked (cf. Matt 18:17a...)), apparently ‘his president, James Pedersen, sent them to him “as an FYI”. Henderson then proceeded to respond to me about the email ((somehow) through my Facebook personal message, instead of my blog’s contact email, (also included in the email text & NCC emailing)). Upon having first also posted his response in its entirety below, (for this is not at all a private/personal matter[1], -and it also is more efficient to post these developments as a dedicated blog post here rather than within Facebook or in an attached PDF), I then give my point by point response. His original, immediate statements then are left in bold.