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The Anatomy of the SDA Omega Apostasy (1 Tim 4:1-3)

Recommended Reading: SpTB02 12.1-24.4

            After a simple, cursory perusal of the various issues involved in this infamous, and since, long-looked for topic of the SDA Omega Apostasy, it can readily be understood and believed that it is indeed quite an involved topic, both historically, in the indicative “Alpha” setting up, and, as subsequently brought to my attention, (actually “remembrance” for me), in a comment below, recently (i.e., 2010ff), in the studies and writings of [PostScript (04-17-2016): the now late] Rick Howard, now also spiritually.[1] However, as with most other “New Light” issues in this blog, as the premise for arriving at the full understanding of a Biblical Teaching today lies in being willing to do God’s will for this time, as unequivocally stated in Isa 58 and Matt 25:31-46, then I won’t take the time to go into those retrospective and explanative details, for those who “philosophically” will evasively continue to refuse to heed the Gospel Truth of “practical righteousness” (which is: ‘tangibly doing what is right vs. merely saying/preaching it’), which indeed is pivotally at the spiritual heart of the Omega (indeed ‘Rebellious’) Apostasy (see SpTB02 16.4-5), will just find yet another vain, and Satan-inspired, covetousness-related (=EW 266-269) philosophy to not do so. (=1 John 3:7) And, as with any successful deception, it is rooted in a perversion of a Truth of God (-all stemming from improper Biblical exegesis and all that this entails, result in a shortsighted/narrow/one-sided view). And in this pointed case, this has been with the SDA’s claim that: “The Second Coming is surely/“evidently” so near that we don’t have to do this work.” (contra. Deut 15:7-11; -Indeed Jesus does condemn an attitude which refuse to actively advance His work prior to His return for any reason. (Matt 25:18, 24-30 & Luke 19:11-14, 20-24, 27))