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College of Biblical Research - Open Recruiting

The World Biblical Society of Christ (WBSC)
-an online College of Biblical Research
Mar 5:37; 9:2; 14:33||Matt 10:1||Luke 10:1-2||1 Sam 22:1-2
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Collaborative Research Forum
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Pertinent Biblical & Prophetic basis, and derived establishment endeavor history (cf. here), of WBSC.

College Objective
            If you are like me, you have, in your Biblical Studies/Research endeavors, been quite disappointed to not find much more achievable concrete and/or exhaustive documentation or studies on certain topics. Many times this is solely due to the researcher/writer having undertaken his/her study alone, and thus, for a lack of various resources, the study was not exhaustively, and thus, in most cases, not conclusively, done.
            The mission and purpose of WBSC is to have these various incomplete studies, and much more, completely done, and that by, and to, the equal benefit of all contributors involved in it. The goal is here not to “re-invent the wheel” of Biblical Research, but to make these wheels as functionable and effective as possible, and also to “invent/produce wheels” where they are presently not found, or in use.
            Therefore WBSC is being established to have an organized venue where scholarly Biblical Research can be done and in a most collaborative fashion. This Institution is being called a College to reflect both the fact that it will be “a society of persons joined together for literary or scientific purposes, and possessing exclusive privileges” and also, as knowledge is still not finite, even Biblical knowledge, especially for those who are “seeking to advance” (Dan 12:4, 10), it will simultaneously be a place of teaching and learning for all participants. So even if you currently may not be skilled in scholarly Biblical Research, but aim to, you are welcome to participate.
            To mainly the benefit of all participants, the College will be formally registered as an Institution/Business to the extent that is applicable.