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The Shaking in its Biblical Context

The Fuller View of the Shaking (Amos 1:1-{9:9}-9:15)

            The eschatological topic in SDA circles of “The Shaking” is one that is copiously treated in the Spirit of Prophecy and indeed its clear meaning of ‘the sifting out of non-genuine Remnant Believers is well and rightly understood.’ However a most significant and determining aspect of this Biblical subject, which is explicitly based on Amos 9:9.[1] Like any statement made in the SOP, and as modelled in the symbolism in the book and prophecies of Revelation, the exact and full meaning of such a Divinely directed statement is only arrived at when the Biblical context of that statement is exegetically examined.

Nascent Moronisms

A World of Morons - Contemporary Moronisms (Eccl 1:10)

            As History first presents itself as “unfolding, current news”, this blog post discusses certain ‘new developments’ as they first appear to aim to get the right, Theological, or even simply Logical, view of them as soon as possible, before either a wrong course, and resulting wrong actions/reactions are pursued and taken.

A World of "Morons"

A World of “Morons” (Jer 1:5b, 10; 25:15-29ff; 46-51; 52 & Dan 11:41)

“Moronisms” That Shape Our Age.

            A recent comment in this blog post literally started to make my cup overflow in regards to the various ongoing temporal and spiritual dealings with various people, including this Theological Views blog and its related NJK Project. Reading the Scriptural context in which Jesus Christ rebukedly used the self-proscribed (Matt 5:22[1]) term “moron” (Greek moros [Strongs #3474]) in Matt 23:16-17, and also the way that it is used in the OT Septuagint (LXX), is quite determinative as to its true characterizing meaning, as seen here:

Neo-Historical Moronisms

A World of Morons - Historical Moronisms (Eccl 1:9)

As the saying goes: ‘those who do not learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat its mistakes’, and as partly presented in this related post, the state of our present world today is, pun intended, “rooted” in the course of history. And so, to properly understand today’s world and its various “flashpoints” to try to resolve them, it is important to delve into pertinent history. And the very best way to do this is through the lens of Theological glasses, for ultimately, it is God who is overseeing those developments and no matter how erratic they may get, His long ago perfectly wise plans will come to the Triumphant end that He had always planned. So just to be sure to be on the ‘right side of past, and also future history’, having the correct understanding of world history is indeed fundamentally key to, particularly the believer today. And so the following various succinct, (not-actually-chronologically) growing, commentary on various significant, (at least to me), historical events and/or ensuing developments.[1]