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The Four Living Creatures Throughout the Bible

The Foundation of God’s Triumphant Restoration Plan[s] (Num 2|Ezek 1&10|Rev 4)

Important Reference: The exegetical verse-by-verse commentary of (mainly) Ezek 1 & 10, (-as well as Spirit of Prophecy statements), which underlie the conclusions and applications posted here are presented in detail in this supporting post.

            The mention of the Four, -frankly freaky, Living Creatures in, especially, continuingly in a New Testament context and in direct association with God’s Throne in e.g., Rev 4:6b-11 can lead one to candidly ask: “What is going on here?” To think of God’s Throne as involving animals, namely: a Lion, Ox, and Eagle, and also Man, -animals/creatures which are indeed objects of various form of worship and reverence (as it can be seen today in the emblem and insignias of world countries and seats of government), along with the idolatrous (humanistic) self-worship of man by man, feels like all of this in association with the Throne of God borders on the sacrilegious/blasphemous, or at least a -endorsement/validation of the various forms of paganistic idolatry of men. One would expect such association with adversarial entities towards/against God, as patently seen elsewhere in the prophecies of especially Daniel and Revelation. However these are here deliberately, explicitly, and most prominently, associated with the Throne of God. Well, it happens, that, as with anything else that is mentioned in Bible prophecy, the key to understanding what is being communicated here lies in Biblically interpreting the symbols.

The Unrolling of the Scroll

The “Unrolling of the Scroll” (Rev 5 & Rev 10-11|Dan 10-12)

            In an address to the General Conference on March 2, 1899, Ellen White made a statement that turns out to be quite intriguing when it is considered in a wider and specific context. Speaking on the work of the Church under the Third Angel’s Message (Rev 14:9-11), she said:

“The light that we have upon the third angel's message is the true light. The mark of the beast is exactly what it has been proclaimed to be. All in regard to this matter is not yet understood, and will not be understood until the unrolling of the scroll; but a most solemn work is to be accomplished in our world.”  (GCDB, March 2, 1899 par. 3 - bold emphasis supplied; cf. 6T 17.1 (1900)).

            This statement becomes self-evidently “quite/most intriguing” when it is taken into consideration that Early SDAs, including EGW had been preaching, based on a special revelation and supporting Biblical exegesis that the Mark of the Beast is Sunday Sacredness, particularly when it will be enforced by civil, legislative and law enforcement acts.[1] This was indeed the understanding that was being published and circulated in the writings of EGW (e.g., The Great Controversy (1858, 1884, 1888, [also 1911])), as well as works by other SDA Pioneers such as Uriah Smith in his Daniel and the Revelation. If it is merely said here

Lessons From Waco (1993)

Lesson From Waco 1993 (Acts 17:11)

            From just what I have learned in the past week or so after having stumbled upon a Youtube video on Gun Control (this one) which made a reference to the incident in Waco, TX involving the David Koresh and the (Davidian) Branch Davidians, much can be written up here on how, to my surprise, as it has been for many who have come across this factual information, the Assault and Siege on the Waco Compound was completely unnecessary, and the end result on April 19, 1993 was not “an engineered mass suicide by fire of Koresh and the 80+ people who were there”, but, at the very least, “accidentally” caused by FBI unprofessionalism and (spiteful) exaggerations. There is ample documentation of this available on the internet and a simple, e.g., Google and Youtube search including combinations of key terms such as “Waco”; “Tragedy|Massacre|Assault|Siege”; “Congressional Hearings”; “David Koresh/Vernon Howell”; “Branch Davidians”; etc.  will reveal much information. A short listing of key documentary resources is given here:

Testing the Spirits (1 Cor 12:10)

Evaluating the Prophetic Claims of Various SDAs (1 Thess 5:19-22|1 John 4:1)

            It is easy to notice around SDA circles today various people who are claiming to being directly led by God. All also claim to have Final Events implications. I.e., some claim that God has expressedly led them to conduct a ministry to Finish the Work, others claim that He led them to writing a special prophetic and/or prophecy interpreting message in a book, and at the pinnacle of such claims are those who claim to have received visions and/or dreams from God which have direct implications in regards to the Second Coming. In regards to such claims, and as SDA’s should clearly know due to the life and prophetic ministry of Ellen G. White, God can indeed work in such ways, and that, at His discretion, and so, contrary to the unfortunately basely (i.e., really more pridefully vexatious and/or jealously covetous) quite common reaction to such claims, the due reaction is not to be the summary dismissal of such claims, but as counselled by Paul in 1 Thess 5:19-22, to do an adequately thorough examination of them. The reason why such a, and that, default, ‘due testing of the Spirits’ is indeed important is that, God will indeed call whomever He variously sees is capable/fit, as He has deemed worthy, for such a prophetic ministry, because, unlike humans, He looks on the heart and not on outward appearances and thus will see who is “deserving” to receive such a gift,... and also who is not (e.g., those who are variously ‘rebelling against understood light’).

My First Vision

My First “Vision of the Night” (June 1999)

‘“This Thing is from Me”’ (1 Kgs 12:24 NKJV)

            Before relating the content of my first vision, -which is for a contextualizing basis for the eschatological prophetic expositions presented in this preluding blog post, some summary, pertinent background information will be helpful here to provide the proper temporal and spiritual context of it. (Disclaimer: There is indeed a pertinent contextual purpose with everything that has been included/related. (cf., e.g., CET 134.1))

Note: A copy of some of the documents/(events) cited in this post are available in this PDF document (= 432 pages|68 MB). (These are referred here as [D###] with the ###-number indicating the page(s) number in that PDF document.)