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The Claims and Theology of Jonathan Henderson (2 Tim 4:3-4)

Well upon me having (generally) sent an email complaint (supplied below) to the parent Conference of the Grand Advent SDA Church, the Northern California Conference about these ‘outrightly and/or obtusely (=“beyond the pale”) blasphemous/slanderous (public) waywardness/statements’ of Jonathan Henderson, (-since the various several attempts by other people/members to correct him (=Matt 18:15-16) had not worked (cf. Matt 18:17a...)), apparently ‘his president, James Pedersen, sent them to him “as an FYI”. Henderson then proceeded to respond to me about the email ((somehow) through my Facebook personal message, instead of my blog’s contact email, (also included in the email text & NCC emailing)). Upon having first also posted his response in its entirety below, (for this is not at all a private/personal matter[1], -and it also is more efficient to post these developments as a dedicated blog post here rather than within Facebook or in an attached PDF), I then give my point by point response. His original, immediate statements then are left in bold.

SDAs = the “Synagogue of Satan”

SDAs are (Foremost) Members of the “Synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9; 3:9; EW 54-56)

            Throughout this blog, it has been stated in various pertinent contexts just how the SDA Church is being the prophetic Synagogue of Satan. (See e.g. here and here). This is a highly deceptive “assembly” which, and just as Satan when mustering a rebellion in Heaven, presents a facade of being dedicated to God, and devotedly about His Work and Glory, when all along they are indeed acting out the various character traits of Satan. Of course they do not believe this about themselves, but it nonetheless, Biblically/Righteously objectively is, as easily documentable, -as summarily/samply here done in this post, the very truth about who they really are, and/from indeed what they truly/actually “Fundamentally Believe”.
            The “Synagogue of Satan” entity is one which has been variously manifested amongst God’s People throughout the Great Controversy history. And their chiefest, indeed pointed purpose, of having been constituted by Satan beyond the primary objective of deceiving as many people as possible in order to establish a large enough populace and power base (cf. Rev 3:8b), is to, initiatively/passively, and/or actively, be used by the Devil to persecute the (actual) chosen/elect/commissioned of God (Rev 2:9)...for if/when a “religious” body itself joins with the state/civil power to marginalize, confine or even murderously persecute another religious group, then Satan has exponentially increase his sought after chance to silence the exposing and defeating testimony of that opposing Remnant Elect of God. (=Rev 11:7-10)
            So the following “indicting” (Greek: krino) citations against the SDA Church catalog how they have been used by Satan as his foremost, blissfully  “stupid”, “uninterested”, “careless” and “indifferent” (=e.g., EW 48.2; 54.2; 247.1, 271.1) pawns in opposing righteousness. (Rev 19:11):

The Synagogue of Satan:

-boldly speak knowing lies about God (Gen 3:5)

W.O.E. to You Seventh-Day Adventists...

‘Warning of Evil’ (Isa 45:7; 28:5-13, 14-22) to You All Seventh-Day Adventists... (Zeph 3:1-17ff|Matt 23:1-36|DA 610.1-620.4)

...whether core-rotten mainline or sapless offshoot replicates, you have ‘the indifferently oblivious false “hope” {cf.} that Jesus is coming back soon to save and reward you for your works’ when you are quite wanting in God’s balances as the works that you actually have in the light of your much greater knowledge, blessing, capability, opportunity and responsibility will only provide you your actually long-ago Divinely fashioned, decreed and most craftily sustained reward to burn in Hell at least just shy (if not justly twice) as long as the generation of those who rejected Jesus Christ when He was here on Earth in Person.

True and Full Revival and Reformation

True & Full “Revival” and True & Full “Reformation” (Ezek 37:10, 14 & LDE 189.3)

            Much more could have been expoundingly and explanatorily said on this most pivotal issue for SDA but, at/by this point, why restate what has already been said throughout this blog, all based on the SOP and the Bible. Indeed why ‘cast your pearls before swines???’ (Mat 7:6a)... What difference would that make but variously be a personal detriment. (Mat 7:6b)
            Therefore the following SOP statement should suffice....to even the ‘“half-dead” SDAs:

Seventh-day Adventists Believe...

Capital Reasons Why SDAs Object to these Theological Views (Isa 29:1-21|Isa 29:22-24)
{Spiritually|Typically|Typologically|“Historichatologically”, conversely known as, MyNinety-Five[1]}

As documentedly and demonstrably exposed in this blog, “Seventh-day Adventists Believe” that:

-they should fear and worshpip the economy and not God (Rev 14:7; EW 266-269; TM 409.2-3; COL 294.1-2)

The Biblical Prophetic Babylon & Loud Cry

The Biblical Prophetic Babylon & Loud Cry (Jer 51 | Rev 17 & 18)

            When one endeavors to study the prophetic topic of Revelation’s Babylon beyond what is commonly, truncatedly, presented and emphasized in SDA circles, namely Rev 17:1-9 & 18:1-8, it is transparently easy to see that much more than a religious aspect of Revelation’s Babylon is being taken issue with by God. This wider study involves, obviously, also studying the rest of Rev 17 & 18, (thus Rev 17:10-18 & 18:9-24). However a commonly neglected contributor to this study is the Old Testament background from which Revelation’s Babylon is drawn from.[1] As many, almost verbatim, quotations and allusions show, that, pointedly in the prophecy in Jer 51, God spoke of the vengeance that He would be taking upon His actually previously summoned king and kingdom of Babylon. Before the full and further prophetic issues in Rev 17 & 18 are discussed, and indeed in order to first have the proper Biblical background for that prophecy, the circumstances and (Theological) issues involved in the Jer 51 judgement of God need to be properly and fully understood.

Primer on the Plagues (Rev 8&9 || 15&16) - Part 2

What to Biblically (Fully) Know, (including for SDA’s  (cf. CET 187.3)), in Order to Avoid Suffering the 7 Last Plagues (Rev 18:4-8) - Part 2 [See Part 1 here]

Sixth Trumpet & Plague

            As a studied out summary statement on the Series of Sixths in Revelation discussed throughout this section, it is in this age that God aims to have a perfected Church/People, and that in order to next have, in the Series of Sevenths, a perfect, and thus secure, everlasting Kingdom, especially as this Seventh stage Kingdom will be most abundantly (materially) blessed. (Cf. 2SAT 294.3)

Internal State of Church: (Sixth Church - Rev 3:7-13 [1790's-1847 A.D.]) - So after God having tried to do a work of reform with the catholic Church replacing Protestant movement in the Fifth Church Age, but not being able to due to their choice to be and remain deficient in their Christian Doctrines and Experience/Practices (Rev 3:1-2), God now will do a work with/through any willing person who is aiming to know and pursue Truth, to fully re-establish the Apostolic Church (Jude 1:3), through a faithful Remnant (Rev 12:17; 14:12).

Primer on the Plagues (Rev 8&9 || 15&16) - Part 1

What to Biblically (Fully) Know, (including for SDA’s (cf. CET 187.3)), in Order to Avoid Suffering the 7 Last Plagues (Rev 18:4-8) - Part 1 [Cont'd in Part 2 here]

            While an exhaustive study on the ‘Seven Last “Plagues”’ will not be done at this time in this blog post, there are several key interpretational and understanding pointers that will help one arrive at the proper and full intended divine meaning in this revelation. These will be, as succinctly as possible, expounded upon here.

            It is typical in SDA circles to hermeneutically claim that ‘things must be interpreted literally unless they clearly are symbolic’ and while that is partially true, the truth of the matter is that, as seen in several prophecies, even OT prophecies, what determines how a statement is interpreted is how “removed” it is from its initially intended fulfilment. So for prophecies, e.g., OT prophecies in regards to Israel, they were to be literally fulfilled with Ancient Israel, however when they rebelled against God and were not able to enter into His New Covenant, the statements in those prophecies then entirely came to have a spiritually application with also a Spiritual New Israel.