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Theological World View In Collision (Isa 5:20)

How To Get The “Fuller” Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:12-18)

In, manifestly, a sermon preached at the Australian, Victorian Conference Easter 2011 Campmeeting, the President of the General Conference’s Hope Channel, Brad Thorp “singularly” made the, (frankly-said),  typical brainwashed, mindlessly, preferentially differential, U.S. propagandized, and recognizedly, glibly understandable statement in reference to the then ongoing Battle for Libya that: ‘the uprising in Libya was a populous uprising for Freedom of self-determination’ (See in Hope Channel CD (HTV-CD-161/WVIC-C-F-141 (also here [Part 1]) at [04:27-05:10 & 08:34-09:19]. {Rest of that sermon: Part 2; Part 3; Part 4}). As common with such U.S. propaganda statements, they are fancifully devoid of the actual and observational facts at hand in order to mask the actual intention of the U.S.-dominated military involvement in that country. As with the False and thus Illegal Iraq War, this military action was really only done because of the crucially needed Libyan oil wealth. (These facts will be succinctly and summarily said here for reasons of time):