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God's New, True Remnant Church

God’s New, True Remnant Church (Matt 23:37-24:2)
=The Church Triumphant (LDE 61.2-62.2)

The Fellowship of Sabbatarian Zionist Christianaires
For a while now, expressedly/implicatively, on this blog, and retroactive to ca. June 2000[1],
the readily understood message, “upon information and belief”, has been that the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is, as clearly cautioned in the SOP, for quite concrete “abominable sin reasons” (= e.g., Ezek 8; Jer 7:9-11), no longer God’s Remnant Church. Contrary to mantric SDA belief and “taming”/appeasing sermonic rhetoric (cf.  6MR 72.1), the denominational name “Seventh-Day Adventist Church” is not found in Rev 12:17b or 14:12. In fact, for the several achieved reasons stated here, (=EW 266-269; 9T 126.1-2; cf. 4SP 337.1-340.3; at now indeed the point of the transpiring of the Church’s Shaking (=EW 269-273)), the Dragon is now quite pleased with the, especially indifferent, SDA Church (vs. Rev 12:17a)! Indeed when a Church on Earth claims to be/have been, both: ‘directly called by God, and named by Him’ (cf. TM 61.2), is however now, capitally, wholesalely engaged in e.g., systematically violating, pointedly the Spirit, the also Letter, of all of God’s Commandments; willfully is no longer doing God’s appointed (Full Sabbatical Gospel) work; most devotedly obeying the unrighteous and lawless principles of the world; conforming to its selfish customs; shuns and avoids as much as feasible being God’s “peculiar people”; and is definitely not interested in being zealous either of, or in, good works (cf. SpTB08 7.1); indeed all to the point where the Apostate (socio-economic) world now (quite undistinguishingly) clamors for the likes of|from you to lead them on in their unChristlike ways; then, duly collectively as a Church, you are demonstrably, tangibly, indeed actionably, no longer ‘God’s representative of, pointedly His Character (=name), on Earth’, as it is with His Sabbatically (Rev 7:1-3ff) Sealed (Rev 3:12) Zion (Rev 14:1-5); -but indeed: Satan’s ‘organized oppositional/persecutive pawn’ (Rev 3:8; cf. 2:9 = Rev 14:12 & EW 54.2-56.1) -Indeed, realistically (Isa 5:1-7), judiciously/justly (Isa 29) and injunctively (Jer 18:9-10): thus no longer ‘the object of God’s guardianship (Isa 6:8-13|Matt 13:10-17), strengthening (Isa 28:5-13), supreme regard (Ezek 10:17-18)’ - (cf. 2SM 396.2-3)!
            So after a period of time, starting in 1999 (see here) where God, just as He had with rebellious Ancient Judah, has, duly/mercifully, systematically, stagedly been withdrawing from the SDA Church/Community (=Ezek 8:4; 10:18, 19; 11:23). As clearly expressed by God in Jer 7:1-11, just claiming, as patently, commonly done, that ‘the SDA Church is God’s Remnant Church which He himself established and guided in its upbuilding, really does not incontrovertibly mean anything. (See Jer 7:12-15).