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The “Character of God” Controversy ...

.... Controversy Exegetically Resolved

            Recently, I had engaged in an SDA forum discussion which, specifically enough, asked as its topic title: “Why did God command people to stone, scorch, and smite sinners to death?” As it turned out, that discussion soon became a full blown “Character of God Controversy” (COGC) discussion. However it was not until very late into the discussion that I concretely/cognitively realized that this was a COGC discussion, all throughout my 4-month, 90+ forum pages of discussing it, I was merely addressing the presented issues exegetically on a verse by verse basis. So I did not at all have, contrary, effectively to my main opposer, a background, “View agenda” to defend, but was merely dealing with finding out the exact meaning from each Bible verse/SOP passages brought forth for discussion (usually with them having been falsely/spuriously/shoddily posited as a Biblical support of the COGC).

The 1888 Message For Today

The “Fuller” (Eschatological) 1888 Message (1 John 3:7 | John 15:1-17 | Matt 25:37a | 1SM 99.3-4)

To get right to the point here, it is a widely held belief today, though mainly from outside mainstream SDA circles, that ‘the reason why there has been a long delay in the recognized, supposed-to-have-occurred Second Coming around the 1888 events is that SDA’s to this day still have not accepted that 1888 message.’ The truth of the matter is that this statement is essentially true, however not for the Theological reasons commonly claimed by those levelling this capital charge.