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Primer on the Plagues (Rev 8&9 || 15&16) - Part 2

What to Biblically (Fully) Know, (including for SDA’s  (cf. CET 187.3)), in Order to Avoid Suffering the 7 Last Plagues (Rev 18:4-8) - Part 2 [See Part 1 here]

Sixth Trumpet & Plague

            As a studied out summary statement on the Series of Sixths in Revelation discussed throughout this section, it is in this age that God aims to have a perfected Church/People, and that in order to next have, in the Series of Sevenths, a perfect, and thus secure, everlasting Kingdom, especially as this Seventh stage Kingdom will be most abundantly (materially) blessed. (Cf. 2SAT 294.3)

Internal State of Church: (Sixth Church - Rev 3:7-13 [1790's-1847 A.D.]) - So after God having tried to do a work of reform with the catholic Church replacing Protestant movement in the Fifth Church Age, but not being able to due to their choice to be and remain deficient in their Christian Doctrines and Experience/Practices (Rev 3:1-2), God now will do a work with/through any willing person who is aiming to know and pursue Truth, to fully re-establish the Apostolic Church (Jude 1:3), through a faithful Remnant (Rev 12:17; 14:12).

Primer on the Plagues (Rev 8&9 || 15&16) - Part 1

What to Biblically (Fully) Know, (including for SDA’s (cf. CET 187.3)), in Order to Avoid Suffering the 7 Last Plagues (Rev 18:4-8) - Part 1 [Cont'd in Part 2 here]

            While an exhaustive study on the ‘Seven Last “Plagues”’ will not be done at this time in this blog post, there are several key interpretational and understanding pointers that will help one arrive at the proper and full intended divine meaning in this revelation. These will be, as succinctly as possible, expounded upon here.

            It is typical in SDA circles to hermeneutically claim that ‘things must be interpreted literally unless they clearly are symbolic’ and while that is partially true, the truth of the matter is that, as seen in several prophecies, even OT prophecies, what determines how a statement is interpreted is how “removed” it is from its initially intended fulfilment. So for prophecies, e.g., OT prophecies in regards to Israel, they were to be literally fulfilled with Ancient Israel, however when they rebelled against God and were not able to enter into His New Covenant, the statements in those prophecies then entirely came to have a spiritually application with also a Spiritual New Israel.