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“You’re the Voice”

Testimony - "You’re the Voice" (Acts 26:19)

A Personal Tithing & Ministry Initiating Experience

            I was much younger... just had turned 20 less than a week before... just settling in my first job... faithfully paying tithes and offerings, on the gross. Recently in my newly birthed-again Christian experience, I had made the deliberate decision to stop listening and collecting secular music and was now actively, gradually replacing them with Christian Music: Traditional, Gospel and Contemporary. Following a lesson-learned experienced where I had blown the rear speakers in this, then my first car by having tried to show-off the bass in this used-car-sale-included Kenwood system to a fellow SDA friend, by “pumping” a secular track, (although I did have several Gospel tapes in the car and, which, it must be underlined, had customarily so been “pumped” many times in the past, without any problem), on the Sabbath, and no less, in the Church Parking lot, while Church was still going on (in between Sabbath School and the Divine Service), all the while hearing the distinct voice of God telling me: “Don’t do it” as I defiantly turned that volume knob even higher. Well, quite surprisingly to me, as soon as that speaker blew, I could distinctly hear that same still small Voice, now, oddly, disappointingly say: “See what you’ve done!” (i.e., ‘with what I had/have given you’). I was more surprised that that continuing Voice was now actually indeed more disappointed with me than, as expected, “vindictively gleeful,” and so I, in direct and corresponding response to this indication of non-condemnatory mercy, then became resolute to, from then on, after having repaired and then greatly upbuilt and upgraded my car stereo system entirely, to z-|j-ealously dedicate every available wattage to Christian Music, which by now had become the very, everyday Psalms of my soul.

Teachings in Acronyms???

BIBLE = B.I.B.L.E. ?!?

            It is one thing to claim that the word “Bible” stands for “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth” when teaching a cradle roll class. That’s relatively acceptable/passable, (at least until they turn six!). It is however indeed quite another thing to make the same claim, in full, intended seriousness, from any other ecclesiastical “pulpit” beyond that instructional level. Indeed to hear pastors or Bible teachers use such lexical quips is really quite disappointing. At best this ‘theology by acronyms’, is gimmicky; at worst, it is quite intellectually numbing, and even Spiritually/Theologically misleading. 

Trivia: Paradigm Shifts

Paradigm Shifts

This blog post contains some snippet statements on various issues/topics which are mainly intended to help shift one’s paradigm from the commonly, and whole-heartedly accepted, underlying Worldly View to the determinative “Theological View.”

Daniel's 70 Weeks (Dan. 9:1-27)

The Biblical Interpretation of Daniel’s 70 Weeks

           This initial post on this Theological Views blog, of Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy (Dan 9:24-27) is chosen to be the first because of the natural and foremost place that it has in my venture in Biblical Research. It was in the endeavor to share this great prophecy with others who did not fully understand it, and/or interpret it accurately, that I found myself, while in the midst of my undergraduate University Theological studies, having to fully undertake the study of this prophecy as virtually a doctoral dissertation assignment. This therefore launched me into, what I’ve seen is the captivating and exciting world of scholarly Biblical research and it also has literally come to lay the foundation for my "Theological Views" and approach to Bible study by the precise, exegetical approach and methods that had to be mastered and exercised in accurately interpreting this prophecy. Therefore it has come to be that most, if not all the other entries in this blog, owe their development to the research that was done on this Prophecy. And I greatly thank God for all of this. The result of this study is to be officially released in a forthcoming book entitled: The Biblical Interpretation of Daniel’s 70 Weeks, but what follows in this blog is a foretaste of these findings. Here succinct summaries of these findings are given, but much more detailed and documented analysis and explanations will be available in that forthcoming book.