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The Church Triumphant Seminar (Rev 14:6-12)

Gospel-Doctrines-Practices-Prophecy Evangelism Seminar 3.0

            As recounted in this bio-post, I had set off to go into the Ministry in 1997 in order to become an Evangelist. However from my very first initial attempt to try to convincingly share my then SDA faith, (i.e. according to present theological, doctrinal and prophetic understandings and beliefs of the SDA Church), I immediately ran into an incontrovertible wall, -“incontrovertible” only if I was going to be honest and non-indifferent, and that was, in trying to share Daniel 70 Weeks, the fact that most of what I was claiming was either not concretely proven in Biblical or Historical facts and/or had quite valid standing counter arguments against them. So, of course, as elsewhere related, that led me to 2+ years of intensive study into the 70 Weeks, and has by now all resulted in my present more concrete and proven understanding of it, see here...(and yet this concretizing and proving work is still not completed to the level that I myself am satisfied with...and that added work is literally like having to complete gut and remove a standing, set concrete, but cracked/cracking construction foundation in order to replace with an new, better -built/-engineered one.)