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The “Plan A” Millennium

The Temporal, Jubilee, Zionistic, Millennium (=Rev 20:1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-15+)

            This post is an, as succinct as possible, exposition on, what has come to now be, the Biblically/Prophetically, -including also from the SOP, inevitable event of a Temporal “Jubilee” (=EW 286.1), Kingdom of God Testifying (=Matt 24:14) Typological Millennial Era. This Event and Era has been briefly mentioned and expounded upon in prior postings (here and here; {cf. the dramatic depiction here}) and discussion (starting here), but it is now expanded in more detail.
            First of all, it is key to see and understand for a proper Biblically contextualizing background that throughout the Great Controversy history upon this planet (i.e. since its Fall) God has endeavored to have several World Order restoring re establishments for this Planet. All in order to give people on this planet their best chance to see and accept His Saving Righteousness ways. Prior to the First Advent of Christ, thus in the OT Era, these restorations attempts were towards the that Messianic Event, and the after the completed Sacrifice by Christ, thus in the NT Era, these Restoration attempts were to prepare people for Christ’s Second Advent Event. However in all of these, by now, as listed below, 7 attempts (which is quite “representational” enough), it has been the failure of those who were supposed to do their part in a covenant made by God with them, thus God’s (professing) People, who failed to do their part, and so God literally had to go back to the “drawing board” and rework/repackage His ‘Greatest Testimony’ prophetic plans, to be “covenantly” given to, and started over with, a new generation, even group, of (professing) people. Here is a brief overview of these events: