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The Heretically Spurious, “Omega” Three Angels’ Messages

Appreciating God’s Three Angels' Message Truth (Rev 14:6-12) from Satan’s Sly “Omega” Counterfeit

Succinctly, introductorily said, the following is, as it was announced here, a thorough
critique of Eugene Shubert claimed ‘New Three Angel’s Message’ understanding. Straightly said, his fundamental flaw is that, pointedly by the Third Angel’s Message, has variously and even completely rejected the waymark understandings for these messages as found in proper prophetic Bible study and ratified by God through the SOP. Shubert spins a seemingly plausible view, but that is all because it is derived from mere surface claims and understandings. His view is both exegetically and Spiritually neither rooted in, nor built upon, the “Word of God”. (John 1:1ff; Luke 6:46-49). So, like the Babylon that he thus parallels, even actually enjoins, “great is its fall” indeed!!
            What Shubert has managed to “epitomically” do through all of this is fulfill the dream given by God to him that he had/would come to have a view like the one which had started the “Alpha” apostasy in Adventism, John Harvey Kellogg, who himself arrived at that heretical end by choosing to remove the waymark teachings of the Remnant Church that he thought weren’t valid. Thus Shubert has, through his own views, indeed likewise presented a part of what is to also fuel the “Omega” apostasy. (Contra. (e.g.): 2SM 111.3; PH020 14.2; RH, May 25, 1905 par. 28; NYI, February 7, 1906 par. 4)
            Shubert’s deluded waywardness has demonstrated that he indeed keyly cannot make the difference “between the vile and the precious”!! (EW 263-266)