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The Church Triumphant Seminar (Rev 14:6-12)

Gospel-Doctrines-Practices-Prophecy Evangelism Seminar 3.0

            As recounted in this bio-post, I had set off to go into the Ministry in 1997 in order to become an Evangelist. However from my very first initial attempt to try to convincingly share my then SDA faith, (i.e. according to present theological, doctrinal and prophetic understandings and beliefs of the SDA Church), I immediately ran into an incontrovertible wall, -“incontrovertible” only if I was going to be honest and non-indifferent, and that was, in trying to share Daniel 70 Weeks, the fact that most of what I was claiming was either not concretely proven in Biblical or Historical facts and/or had quite valid standing counter arguments against them. So, of course, as elsewhere related, that led me to 2+ years of intensive study into the 70 Weeks, and has by now all resulted in my present more concrete and proven understanding of it, see here...(and yet this concretizing and proving work is still not completed to the level that I myself am satisfied with...and that added work is literally like having to complete gut and remove a standing, set concrete, but cracked/cracking construction foundation in order to replace with an new, better -built/-engineered one.)

            All this to provide the background for the fact that this is the reason why my initial Public, Itinerant Evangelism Ministry vision have been literally stalled. In fact, as introduced and cursorily demonstrated in this post, I have come to have the same ‘inconclusive proof’ experience with literally every Theological, Doctrinal and Prophetic teaching of the SDA Church. And so, as it has been done in this blog, cf. in this post, I have since, i.e., for now 15+ years, been occupied in trying to set all of these teachings on way better, i.e., Biblical, standing. For me personally, I just cannot indifferently, formally, share something with someone else which I know is not proven, but, on the contrary, the in-thing, in the SDA Church, who are literally, institutionally in a position to easily/readily and fully resolve all of these Study issues, is to either just let every scholar, teacher, leader or pastor preach and claim whatever they fancifully think is right, or to “hoodwinkly” just continue to preach what they actually know is not the concrete truth in the claim that ‘those to whom they are preaching won’t even know the difference’ (cf. in this post). So it is no surprise that, as discussed here, there presently are over 1300 people who leave the SDA Church every day, with most likely most of them either explicitly or implicitly coming to a realization that what they had been taught, and literally brought/“hooked” into the Church with, is not the concrete truth and/or they do not see that it is variously applicable/relevant. All that is the result of the present shoddy and deficient work of selfishly negligent and indifferent SDA False “Shepherds” (=Ezek 34). And as prophetically discussed here, they will have their just reward!!
            So, since then, and through the present times, indeed until, (if ever), my present plans (see here and here) to have such Scholarly and Exegetical deficiencies properly dealt with and fully fixed/resolved, I have chosen, since ca. Nov 2009,  to informally present the Biblical findings of these deeper research works in this present “Theological Views” Blog. I certainly have not regretted that decision, indeed by now clearly seeing that it was actually squarely in God’s prescient prophetic will. My initial formal/structured Evangelism vision may have been, at least, put on hold till this Biblical Research work get completed, but, as shown in this present blog post, that vision has actually still moved forward, indeed now having become the building blocks for what I see is an Evangelism Seminar Presentation 3.0, -indeed forming the ultimate Church Triumphant Seminar (LDE 59-61) Evangelism end goal = the Loud Cry of Rev 18. So this blog post is to give an succinct overview of this ongoing development.

Evangelism 1.0
            Succinctly stated here, I quite objectively, Spiritually see that the very basic level of Remnant Church Evangelism, is what the SDA Church is currently doing. Namely, as done by most SDA pastors/evangelists, it is the typical Evangelistic/Prophetic Seminar. An organized sampling of these typical SDA presentation can be found in this evangelistic log.
            I would however add that the pastors and evangelists who make an effort to more prominently present the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their sermons (= LDE 200.1-4) are operating on a Evangelism 1.5 level. However, as compared to the Evangelism 2.0 level below, this still fall short of what the enhancement should be as the “prominent inclusion of Christ” is limited to salvation topics and is not also intrinsically incorporated in doctrinal and also prophetic topic, and if so, it is merely at a quite cosmetic/appended/appeal level. The fact of the matter, is that all the Doctrines and Prophecy of the Remnant Church foundationally depend on and revolve around all what Jesus said and did in the Gospels.

Evangelism 2.0
            As recounted here in my bio-post, I have long come to that above mentioned realization of just how Jesus Christ fully pervades all that needs to be Evangelistically presented. As stated there, I had endeavored to present a full magazine which succinctly introduced these “Christo-pervasive” topics. (See in this document pp. 332-417). And the following is how I had/have planned/envisioned such a “Faith in/of Jesus” Evangelistic Seminar would cover and unfold:

Faith in Jesus

1. “Jesus, Are You The One?” (Luke 7:19)
Faith in Jesus as the Messiah

2. The Wheat and the Tares (Matt 13:24-30)
The Controversy Between Good and Evil

3. Eden In The Wilderness (Matt 4:1-11|Mar 1:12-13|Luke 4:1-13)
Christ's Faith In the Bible & Biblical Inspiration

4. The Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7)
Jesus Christ's Sacrifice

5. Walking As He Walked (1 John 2:6)
The Life of Christ

6. You Must Be Born Again (John 3:3-21)
Jesus and Baptism

7. The Wedding Feast (Matt 22:1-14)
Christ’s Righteousness

8. The Greatest Messianic Prophecy (Mar 1:15; Dan 9:20-27)
The Seventy Week Prophecy

Faith of Jesus

9. They Testify of Me (John 5:39)
Reading/Studying The Bible

10. The Mysteries of the Kingdom (Matt 13:10-14)
The Parables of Christ

11. Free Indeed (John 8:31-36)
Jesus and the Ten Commandments

12. Lord of the Sabbath Day (Mar 2:23-28)
Jesus and the Sabbath

13. I Am the Resurrection... (John 11:25a)
Jesus and Death

14. ...I Am the Life (John 11:25b)
Jesus and Hell

15. A Temple Made Without Hands (John 2:19, 21)
The Sanctuary

16. Jesus Our High Priest (Heb 5:6)
Christ’s Priestly Ministry

The Prophetic Faith of Jesus

17. The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev 1:1)
Jesus in Prophecy

18. The Faith of Jesus Opposed and Counterfeited (Matt 24:24-25)
The Little Horn of  Daniel

19. The Faith of Jesus Restored (Rev 14:12)
History of Seventh-day Adventist Church

20. The Shepherd's Voice (John 10:16)
Revelation’s Babylon & the Loud Cry

21. The House Built On The Rock (Luke 6:46-49)
The Remnant Church

22. The Testimony of Jesus (Rev 19:10)
The Spirit of Prophecy

23. The Will of My Father (Matt 7:21-23)
The Mark of the Beast

24. The Kingdom of God (John 18:36)
The U.S. in Bible Prophecy

25. The End of the Age (Matt 24:3ff)
The Coming Calamities and the Time of Trouble

26. Power and Glory (Matt 24:30)
The Second Coming

27. A Place Prepared For You (John 14:1-3)
Heaven & New Earth

A More Abundant Life (Sabbath Morning Sermons)
How to get back to the Garden of Eden and enjoy the abundant life that God had planned for us.

A. My Grace is Sufficient (2 Cor 12:9)
Grace and New Life

B. Ask Anything In My Name (John 16:24)

C. Being Made Whole (John 5:6)

D. The Marriage Covenant (Matt 19:3-12)

Evangelism 3.0
Over the years since, while working studying out in greater, Bible, SOP and scholarly
depth various subjects and elements within the above topics, one thing that has by now become crystal clear, and which is the reason for writing this blog post, is that there was yet another level of understanding to reach from even the above Christocentric presentations going beyond a mere “intellectual” incorporation of Jesus Christ in those Evangelistic topics. It was indeed a great Spiritual advancement to have these Remnant Truth teachings to be shown to be squarely based upon, and also didacticly sustained by, the Person, Teaching and Legacy of Jesus Christ, but one key aspect that was still missing, and has by now been discovered is how the Character of Christ comes to establish and seal a fuller applicational understanding of these themes.
            To report things here in the way in which this understanding was arrived at over the years, its odyssey started for me back in ca. the Spring of 2000 when, (as priorly recounted in section {28} in here), I decided that, along with my Evangelistic endeavors, I would use the related plans that I had drafted for a then “Denominational”, then simply named the “Jerusalem Project”, (soon thereafter vastly expanded, and correspondingly renamed as/for the current NJK Project), to also help anyone else who was in vital/crucial need. So I then began reworking my plans to include this much wider humanitarian assistance, and over time I gradually came to the discovery, as now fully discussed throughout this blog, see e.g., this post and this one, of how this endeavor and type of work came to fulfill the endtime Sabbatical mandate of God/Christ as stated in Isa 58 and Matt 25:31-46 (cf. Ezek 34:1-22ff = EW 36.2). It subsequently became tangibly clear that these “good works/right-doing acts” were thus all part of incorporating and reflecting the true/full character of Jesus Christ in the true/full believer’s life (=Rev 19:8|Matt 22:1-14), and furthermore a most pivotal part at that (e.g., COL 69.1), all relating to the Shaking of the SDA, and then wider Christian, Church (Rev 3:1-6), all towards forming the (Philadelphian) Church Triumphant (cf. Rev 3:7-13).
            And so an Evangelism 3.0 Seminar would be consistently revealing how the Character of God/Christ is part of each of those key topics and beliefs, however given the much more indepth level of study that is involved in objectively arriving at these common/related conclusions, while an Evangelism 2.0 approach would, at the very least, be used in a public proclamation venue, and really an Evangelism 1.0-1.5 level, as currently done by SDA, as the Evangelism 2.0 level will most likely be, as it was intended in my initial ministry endeavors, much more readily relevant and appealing to people who already are Christians, this Evangelism 3.0 level would actually be a post public presentation series which would be going over the topics which were presented in the public campaigns, but in both greater study depth (cf. here) as well as arriving at their Character of God/Christ, (which by the way is “Love” for both), implications/applications.

Parallel to Three Angel’s Messages
            Interestingly enough, the Evangelism 1.0-2.0-3.0 delineation and thematic content greatly parallel and resemble the Three Angel’s Message of Rev 14:6-11, -culminating in the revealing of the people who will have been fully presenting these message in Rev 14:12. Most notably is the discovery of how the full understandings for the Evangelism 3.0 level come to involve a demonstration of the right-doing (=righteous) character of Christ all while (fully) proclaiming the Third Angel’s solemn warning Message. Apt Bible/SOP Student may therein begin to recognize a, if not the, (full) fulfilment of EGW, restated in thematic compilations, in LDE 199.4 (which was deliberately left out in the related citings earlier due to its pointed thematically contextual application here), which stipulated that:

‘the message of justification by faith [=righteousness (=right-doing) by faith] is the third angel’s message in verity.’ (1SM 372 (1890))

            For it indeed in: doing what is right, impelled by a strong faith against any manifesting odds and opposition that what Jesus has mandated, He will both assist and insure, and that the outworking of this faith will come to fully proclaim God’s last warning message of His righteousness to a world that much prefers to live unrighteous, including professed Christian believers.

            So the following (thematic vs. “artistic”) outline is an overview of what this Evangelism 3.0 Seminar, the Church Triumphant Seminar, would look like. The topics presented in this blog would be involved as they have contributed to these understanding, and so links to specific posts covering parts of these issue have been provided.

The Church Triumphant Seminar

01. The Biblical Interpretation of Daniel’s 70 Weeks
-Jesus Christ Evidencing
02. God and the Future

03. The Great Controversy
-Full Reasons for GC

04. “TheoScience” - Better Knowing/Understanding God

05. The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

Doctrines, Beliefs & Practices
06. Full Spiritual Truth

07. Full Doctrinal Truths
-Accurate Biblical Facts/Knowledge (WBSC)

08. Full Lifestyle Truths

09. The Spirit of Prophecy I (EGW)

10. The Seal of God

11. Fuller Mark of the Beast

12. Sins and Abominations in the Church
-Ezek 8's Chief Sins
--Selfishness & Covetousness

13. The Sealing of the 144,000

14. The Shaking of the Remnant Church

15. The Third, Prophetic Shut Door

16. The Testimony of Jesus in the SOP I

17. The Spirit of Prophecy II (Today)

18. Eschatological Times

19. God’s Enduring Israel

20. Revelation’s Babylon

21. The True Latter Rain and Loud Cry

22. Eschatological Events

Christian Work, Mission and Reward
23. God’s New, True Remnant Church
-Evangelistic Outreach (e.g.: SDAChristian; Jewish; Muslim; Atheist/Agnostic

24. The Kingdom of God

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