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Trivia: Paradigm Shifts

Paradigm Shifts

This blog post contains some snippet statements on various issues/topics which are mainly intended to help shift one’s paradigm from the commonly, and whole-heartedly accepted, underlying Worldly View to the determinative “Theological View.”

Capitalistic “Morality”
             ‘Capitalism will surely not give you a rope with which to hang yourself, however it will gladly sell it to you... if necessary, at a (still profiting) discount.’

Making the Buck
             Growing up in the early 1980's and seeing that, e.g., my “gadgety” toys, new digital watch, calculator, etc., were (seemingly) all “Made in Japan”, I couldn’t help but think that: ‘These guys are really intelligent. They make everything!’ Back then that was actually quite accurate. Japanese electronic innovation and ingenuity was indeed quite extraordinary. A child growing not long after that time, to today, now similarly seeing: “Made in China”, or, as in the “more truthful/transparent” recent times: ‘Product of/Assembled in China’, or summarily, simply, “China”, on the back of their gadgets, may assumedly and/or unawarely, similarly make the same claim about the Chinese. However the actual truth now is that it is/has been, their actually, maintainedly, cheapened labor that is being exploited by (mainly) profiteering Western Capitalists, including now, even Japanese corporations (e.g., check the back of your Toshiba device)!.

Yep!! Still “Idolatrous Fools”...
             So humans today cut down a naturally/freely grown tree. They chops it up and boils it to a pulp stew. With half of that batch they make toilet paper to maintain good hygiene, with the other half they makes treasury notes to fiatly, -all the while, while still exponentially incurring debt, represent various, compoundingly, subjective/whimsical/fanciful/arbitrary values, which they then allow to determine, e.g.: who eats and who starves; who suffers and who is treated; who lives and who is aborted; who gets educated and who remains ignorant...including himself if it happens to fall so... Yes indeed, the more man “advances”, the more he/she stays the same: Isa 44:9-20!!

65,000,000+ Annual (Known) Abortions Worldwide
             It may be ‘your body’, but it (clearly) is not your Life.

Living Eternally...
            When I was a child, ca. 11, and just becoming aware of God and The Bible through now more theological concept instead of mostly a ‘Bible stories’ view, I would repeatedly, literally, cringingly, even tearfully, agonize while trying to fall asleep thinking about what ‘living for ever and ever’ actually entails.
*** I could not get the actual meaningfulness in never reaching the end of something.’ Being ‘1 MILLION!’ years old was completely mind blowing to me.* I would pray to God to help me to comprehend this as I knew He surely would not give us something that was as bad and mentally stressful as I was now perceiving it. Nonetheless, try as I may over the next few months and years, I just could not get my mind to accept this notion. My best defense against this quasi-quandary and its adverse effects on me was to quite forcefully ‘banish the thought’ whenever I wanted to try to begin to ponder upon it.**
            It suddenly hit me in recent years that I have now found the antidote solution to that prior mental “perplexion”. And it actually was quite naturally simple. Now, being at an age, and physical stage, where I cannot accomplish various feats as easily as I mindlessly could when I was, even just a few years younger, and thus being now more aware of my own health frailty and life mortality, I now find it quite spiritually comforting and mentally soothing to ponder upon the Eternal Things of God, including the gift of a never ending, and never “frailing,” Life.

* I, ‘immediately-perish-the-thoughtly’, staunchly, reverentially, deferentially, did not dare to entertain, let alone pursue, the recurring questioning thought of: ‘what are we (the saved) going to do all of this time’. But I found it fully acceptable/“fair game” to have an issue with the amount of time itself.

** I once thought I was surely going to burn in Hell when I had this agonizing thought process while at Campmeeting, when I was laying in my bed in our camper looking up at the starry heavens through the roof’s opened vent. Interestingly enough, what then heightenedly triggered these thoughts was a belief of mine then that “Heaven” (i.e., the future reward of the saints) consisted only merely of what I was then gazing at, namely stars and darkness. It really was not until ca. 10 years later, during the final presentation of Net ‘96 in Mark Finley’s presentation (cf. this one in 2007) on what Heaven, and also the (Re-)New(ed) Earth (which I actually only distinctively grasped a little later), will be like, that I actually had a conversely better “mind-blowing” indication/idea of what the future life of the redeemed will substantively be all about. As Mark Finley quipped then: 'we won't be fat cherubs living on stars and playing our harps for all of Eternity'. So that then took care of that parallel aspect of these ponderings....

***  ...Well evidently I was/am not the only one to have had this issue with the concept of 'living eternally'...See Mark Howard's experience take here [58:27-59:46].

Still Due U.S. Racial Slavery and Segregation Reparations
            Contrary to patronizing belief, the Civil War was not reparation for slavery (nor the ensuing racial marginalization). That was only the “criminal arrest, trial, judgement, sentencing and “imprisonment””. As the U.S. justice system fully allows for, its corresponding, “compensatory” Civil Trial is still pending, and long overdue... unless of course, that also should not be the Unalienable Right of African-Americans!

The Greater Faith in God’s Israel (Matt 8:5-13|DA 315.1-317.3)
            Relatively, recursively applied, as rightly due, who has more faith in God present-composition of His Enduring Israelthe faithful Christians in the “Northern 10+ Tribe Kingdom” who believe in Jesus Christ, with at best, Greek manuscripts evidence of the Gospel and NT Testimony and Accounts along with the “Second-Dimension” of Church History (i.e., Historical Accounts/Documentation); or those in the “Southern Kingdom” of Judah who, having the (re-revealed) Temple/Sanctuary, also have the “Third Dimensions” of confirming Prophetic/Spiritual Experience in the 2000+ SOP/Testimony of Jesus revelations (i.e., e.g., the [“3D”] Conflict of the Ages Series)??! (Matt 11:16-24; Ezek 11:14-21).*

* The still to be fully/properly done “Fourth Dimension”, as endeavored to be done by, and from this blog (see here), is actually a collating, rehashing of those Biblical, Historical and Prophetic Dimension Elements in/through full, proper and exhaustive Biblical Exegesis.

‘First Remove Your Log...
            In the light of the recent (December 19, 2011) passing of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and then often quipped statement that: ‘he let millions in his country die of hunger while he built up his military’, well, in pointedly, the United States, indeed even when straightly compared with its northern neighbor Canada, or for that matter, any other industrialized/Western country, they themselves have let hundred of thousands of people suffer and with many prematurely dying because they did not have socialized health care, but all the while were “ballooning” their military, e.g., by maintaining another extra set of nuclear weapons that would, if ever utilized just destroy life on the habitable world at least another time over!! And not to mention the, by now tens of millions of infants who have been murdered in the U.S. for mostly, various economic reasons! In the light of the constant, (and as typically normative in such “US-civilized” vs. “them-stone-age” concoctions, indiscriminate disproportionate) Nuclear, “Red-Scare” threat levied against North Korea, it seems to me that they have done their very best to assure their own chosen and preferred way of life. (Matt 7:1-5).

The Pulse of a Nation
            It is most telling of what a nation actually/truly values of itself when, in a nationwide contest they do not vote as ‘The Greatest Ever of/from Amongst Them’: their record smashing, and easily most talented athlete to ever play their national pass time sport; their revolutionary inventor of the telephone, their very first elected government leader; their highly heralded quasi-official passtime “spokesperson”; their Nobel Prize of Peace winner and father of UN Peacekeeping; their environmental activist; their most unselfish/non-profiteering co-discoverer of insulin; their iconic government leader who patriated their Constitution; their world-known inspirational humanitarian activist; but instead, a pastor turned politician who amidst unceasing “Red scare” jeerings, fathered their system of socially paid-for, and equally-accessible, healthcare for any and all citizens....the nation: Canada!! (Full Showcase; See also here and here)

Why We Cry...
            At some earlier time, I was kind of taken aback by my own seemingly callousness given a pointed situation where I should have cried but, surprisingly to me, just genuinely could not. And then I later found myself almost uncontrollably sobbing like a baby for what even I would say was comparatively not as devastating as another situation. Adults generally notice about themselves that they cry much more difficultly than in their earlier years, and that is indeed normal. But from my own various external and personal observations, I think I have pinpointed the psychological reason why anyone, at any age, genuinely cries: It basically is that there is just nothing else that they know to, and/or can, do in a particular situation. In other words, their backs are virtually against the wall and they have no answer and no way out to understand, cope with or overcome that situation. And so, e.g., the baby literally cries for everything because they just have no other way to express that they are in some discomfort or need. But as infants physically and developmentally grow, and also become more knowledgeable, educated, and independent, they gather more an more resources with which to deal with life’s various circumstances. And so, whereas before a given situation would helplessly cause them to cry as they were literally out of personal resources to deal with it, that same situation does not cause that emotional reaction later on in their life.
            It would seem that everyone cries in the face of death, but that is not necessarily the case [cf. ~1 Thess 4:13-14], especially for natural death. However for the losses due to an incurable disease, a sudden accident, criminal violence or a (natural) disaster, the reaction in even adults is typically for them to cry in the face of such an overwhelming adversary. Yet that is not always the default/automatic case and at times people may be crying then not necessarily solely because of the incurred loss, but for variously not having been able to do something that would have prevented that irreparable situation. So, especially if they actually wanted to do this preventing, but various more powerful circumstances prevented them to, people may then cry. In fact, in case of natural death, i.e., of old age, with everyone knowing that, this is the inevitable destiny of all man, their crying then may be more for not having been able to have so final personal moments with that person.
            So really, people at any age actually cry when they variously have: ‘no other option’ to deal with a situation.
            That all leads me to the following Biblical & Theological observation. Since Jesus evidently knew as a fact that God had deliberately made Lazarus deathly sick so that Jesus could perform the undenying miracle of raising him up from the dead (John 11:4, 11-15, 23-27), then why did he also weep (John 11:35). Was He really “moved” and “troubled” merely because everyone else was weeping (John 11:33-37)?? I rather see that Jesus did not here have a moment of suddenly forgetting what was the orchestrated purpose of this death of Lazarus, but rather He actually felt helpless. Knowing full well that He was the “Resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25), He was sadden by the sadness of all those weeping for Lazarus because He knew He could do something to end this, and any other weeping which especially death causes (cf. Rev 7:17; 21:4), but because of the general unbelief of the Jews, He also understood that He just would not be able to end such sadness, pain and suffering (cf. Matt 13:58). That is probably what pointedly pained Him here, and He thus “helplessly” broke into tears and weeping. He was mostly sad that He would not be able to end humanity’s woes as He could have if only, at least, all Israel had then believed in Him (DA 533.3-534.2), Later on, for similarly reasons, He also uncontrollably broke into, manifestly even more emotional sobbing during His Triumphal Entry given His awareness that Jerusalem was not worthy of being spared and they were now just going to seal their doom. There too He was just “helpless”. (Luke 19:41-42ff; DA 575.3-577.3; cf. Matt 23:37).
            And through this revelation of Jesus which jointly addresses the question of “Does God cry?” and “Why??”, it can be almost certain that when faced with the rebellion of Satan in Heaven and especially the Fall of Man, knowing what it would costly take to bring about a lasting resolution through a protracted, surely deathly Great Controversy era, that God then most likely also wept...because He had no other viable option to resolve this issue, if He indeed was going to do so!...which all explains His great, long pent-up, ‘guilt-disculpating-through-torment’ ‘wrathful’ outpourings in the end (Rev 14:9-11, 19-20; 15:1ff; 18:8; 20:10)!!

A Smarting Theological Point
            During the immediate moments that ensued me being, in late June 2012, stung (and I later felt a minor stiffness in those areas) by two of several swarming wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets, (or whatever specific species of “bees” they were), because they thought (and that is indeed an operative word here) that I was trying to harm the, (what was only figured out the next day), satellite nest that they had built in my car’s driver’s side mirror when I had (completely unknowingly) normatively (though angrily) slammed shut the door of the car upon finding out that my car battery was dead, I just could not help but insistently... “question” (let’s put it that way) God as to ‘Just why He had ever created such harmful critters????!!’ [It thankfully wasn’t as bad as this case, but still....(They must have a “sthing” for that for that car color)]. What had redirectingly plunged me into that Divine-ward Interrogation was the actual level of intelligence demonstrated by those bees. From one trying to maintain my attention as I was trying to hose it away with my garden hose by staying just slightly beyond the reach of the water jet, all so that another bee could try to sting me from behind... to them trying an all out swarm when I located and tried to hose out their main nest (it was not until after that I found out that attacking bees was equivalent to signing your own death warrant (cf. e.g. here)), and case in point it surely began to play out that way as even the Queen Bee, which was the size of a small parakeet, was part of that attempted assault, but they quickly abandoned that assault when they saw that I perceived/understood, by me directing the water jet directly at the Queen Bee, that if I could kill her, then their nesting and reason to remain here was going to be completely useless...and thus then to them eventually “agreeing” to a truce with me as they saw that I was going to stand my ground against them (with, all the while, and actually, pointedly from, me defyingly entreating God to: ‘put some (situational understanding) sense (i.e., ala. Dan 6:22) in these creatures of His already’ [which He has indeed indicated that He can fully control =Exod 23:28]), -I had no choice, I needed to keep an appointment later that day and needed to get my car battery out of the car to recharge it, and so they “agreed” to not attack me if I did not attack them or their nest in my car mirror, which they were still frantically swarming around as I continued to work (however by then, heeding some online advices, having “bundled up” in saggy layers, plus a hoody, and also with visor protective work glasses), practically just next to them, on my car (on the, no less, driver-side battery).*
            I just could not figure out why God would ever have included such harmful things in a perfect Creation. Of course I fully understood what sin had detrimentally done to this world (Matt 13:28a), but what was nonetheless just not computing with me was: God obviously had, from the very perfect beginning, created these bees to sting others. He most likely do not re-engineer Creation upon the fall of Adam and Eve to now include such, evidently strictly defensive/preservative, even deadly capabilities.
            Though I pondered that, on its face, Theological dissonance much over the next few days, I finally gave up and trusted that God must have had a good reason to clearly have created animals with such built in abilities to do harm...but it was not until hearing of another example of such abilities during this January 2013 Sabbath School Lesson presentation on Creation [14:06-15:48ff], (see also this Sabbath School discussion [10:21-16:53ff]), that I once again began rethinking of that issue as the example of the Bombadier Beetle and its renown, also built in, complexedly-produced scalding hot defensive liquid jets...and this time, I think I have gotten to the Theological bottom of it here: God must have indeed always taken into consideration that His Creation could fall, and thus, for, as repeatedly mentioned today, for the pollinating survival good of life on this planet, bees, amongst all other creatures, would have to be able to defend themselves against a more powerful/bigger attacker, (and all that God has created does indeed have a useful purpose for the good of life on this planet (cf. DA 20.2)). (See an excellent (Jan. 2015) presentation here by Walter Veith where he posits that: these self-defense/preservation mechanisms in creatures was always there, but in suppressed components and only morphed into the present ‘weaponized’ forms after sin...Which, according to my “Theological point” here, would be exactly how God had actually designed it to be for the possible case that a fallen, sinful, world ever became the transpired reality.) [And btw, Gen 9:2  is the balancing self-defense provision which God granted men versus those now sinful animals].
            So that does resolve that is issue for me, but it has also come to open up another related one...: Why, as revealed in a vision in EW 149-153, was there ‘no way of escape made for fallen man before Adam and Eve sinned’??! I am ready to accept that God had always known that this was a possibility...but that non-preparation-in-advance straightforwardly tells me that this, i.e. allowing God the Son to pay the most likely/surely incontrovertible full penalty for sin, was not an option that He actually ever wanted to go through with... But as He had clearly prepared Creation to cope with that adverse development, then it is manifestly evident that, at best, God was going to allow a fallen Planet/Creation/World to tough it out on its own, and be all the while inherently capable of doing so for a long while, evidently long enough to be able to fully demonstrate to all what the effects and results of living outside of His Will/Law is....and fallen man would clearly (cf. Gen 6:11-12) just end up self-destroying and extincting itself....and God had no plan to pay the cost to redeemingly intervene...What a “Sacrifice” indeed!!

* In fact, when I later went inside the car (through the passenger side door for sure), to try to figure out why they kept returning to, and swarming around, my driver side mirror, it happened that one of them managed to have come inside the car. It was a while until I noticed it and all this time, despite them collectively and individually probably still infuriated at me for having tried to kill their Queen, it, (at least to my awareness), did not try to attack me. (Manifestly my stance (and probably God’s answer to my request), had indeed instilled a Gen 9:2 defaultly non-confrontational/respectful “terror” in them). And when I cracked opened the passenger for it to go out, it immediately jetted out of the car.

The Triumph of Righteousness’ Leadership
            The United States thinks itself to be ‘an (indispensable) leader of the world’ (~cf. e.g., here [06:16ff]) because of its material wealth and military power, (and how indeed indicative/telling/fitting of “Babylon” that it will either “bribe” or force” others to go along with her (=Rev 17:2, 13; cf. 17:16ff; 18:7, 9-10ff)), when it is a character and model of righteousness which win out (Rev 17:14; 19:11-16) as all inherently desire this justice-enducing trait, and also can easily obtain this inexhaustible, efficiently world-ordering, resource.
            It is germanely pertinent to, LOL, see Americans try to justify their covetous, individualistic, selfish and egoistical way of living by pointing to the instances which supposedly reveal ‘who they really are’ when, as mindlessly/amnesically claimed e.g., here [11:28ff]: they “come together” to help people when tragedy occurs. Well on one hand, they then should have more of those “tragedies” to help them bond, but as other instances show, those tragedies, such as 9/11 and the recent 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, only then ignite a quite base “enemy of my enemy is my friend” instinct in them, because as, e.g., Capitalistic rule which quickly was enforced on volunteering people trying to help out in the aftermath of 9/11 (see here [: ff]); and the indifferent failure of passing basic common sense gun control laws in the light of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting (cf. here); among many other examples which could be cited here, it is quite demonstrably evident that when there is no immediate self-interest and/or prideful Patriotic cause prop up, Americans will much more prefer to: “live and let die”!

Do You “Believe” Your Prayers??!
            In his GYC Europe 2012 sermon [at 22:40-28:06] Sebastien Braxton brings out the exegetically valid/true point that the word “Amen” comes from the Hebrew word for faith/belief (=aman =e.g., Gen 15:6), and therefore does not mean, as popularly claimed/translated “most assuredly”, “verily, verily”, etc, but a notion of ‘believing that something is secure enough that one can confidently build upon it’. Therefore, with that valid understanding, as we have been rightly taught to end our prayers by saying “Amen” (cf. e.g., Matt 6:13b(?); Jude 1:25; Gal 1:5), it however is actually not an expression saying “Let it be so”, but rather a solemn affirmation that “I do believe what I have just expressed.”...Then that therefore means that that person’s future decisions and actions will, in faith, be in full harmony with what they have prayed about. So God is actually wanting us to act in accordance to what we have asked in our prayers, of course, if it also is in harmony with already revealed Scripture. Perhaps that is a major reason why people do not see more answers to their prayers...i.e., they do not follow up their prayers with concrete actions of faith in what they have asked from God!! God does greatly depend on, particularly in GC interpositional issues, such manifested, genuine faith to be able to favorably respond to prayer (cf. Mar 11:24; James 5:14-15), -even if merely to indicate/explain the greater reason why He will not favorably respond to it.

“Fooled” Me!! (Jer 20:7-9ff)
            I did not realize, until just recently, through a pointed two-staged Impression, that my, by now habitual, quasi-subconsciously, semi-serious, ala. “mid life crisis”, blurted out expressions: ‘I hate (my) life’ was actually/indeed, -all contributing things considered, quite Biblical!!![1]... =Luke 14:26b|John 12:25|Luke 9:23-26; 17:32-33; (Jer 16:1-4ff = Mal 4:4-6 = Rev 9:13-14ff {Rev 7:1-3; 3SM 409.1-2; ML 308.2-4; HP 342.4}) cf. here.

Gloves Off!!
            So what does it mean when one’s censorship meter misses ca. 503 of a Guinness record-setting, at ca. 3.16 per minute, 506-count barrage of (just) “F-bombs” in a movie -(cf. here) (when just the first one in a movie, back in 1994 was enough to, pointedly enduringly fail that SDA-friends-accompanying, theater-going experiment)??...Well to me that actually means that I have to focus a little more on my work....tough and messy job dealing with, especially, insouciant, “Gloves On”, Capitalists!!...Then, relatedly, what does it mean when an engaged Hollywood couple, who, on the actress’s side, is documentedly, not known for being an on-screen prude, [and, if pertinent, who, among other (potential) early life liberal influences, used to be babysat by renown antitheist Christopher Hitchens], say in quasi-unison that: ‘they had to take a shower before watching that Guinness record-setting movie... and then again, many times, after’...Well, actually, either: “Who knew!!” or possibly: “Who knows??”
            -{Same thing later goes for, Methodist-reared Matthew McConaughey ‘firstly, (deliberately), thanking God’ during his acceptance speech...(I.e.: manifestly evidently, not actually “god”!!...though, like Catholics, he ‘also believes in (so-claimed, “theistic”) evolution.’)}
            -And not to be underlooked: Way to go (Br-)Angelina!!! (Matt 25:31-40|LDE 218.3-219.1; Rom 2:12-16; cf. LLM 341.5)

Ripping Off...God’s Work (2 Pet 2:3; contra: Gen 12:2; 1 John 3:16-19)
            The jewelry collection in themselves of some people, (let alone other (self-justified) “fleshly” luxurious toys (e.g. here*)), (-which they moreover have to variously mutilate/desecrate their body (the “Temple of the Holy Spirit”) and the Divine image to wear certain pieces (cf. here{here}), could “feed a small country”!!!! (1 Tim 2:9-10; 1 Pet 3:2-4; Exod 35:22, 29 || 2BC 1012.1; 14MR 250.4; here)

* See (‘contra’(??!)) here [esp. 23:23-24:13] though that “giving” (model) seems to overall merely be according to the Capitalistic idolatrous dogma/tenet of: ‘Wait until you have “70" and then give 1' (cf., contritely, in here) instead of God’s/the Bible’s model of: ‘If you have 2 give 1, -and (pointedly) to those who are in need (i.e., ‘have none’).’ (Luke 3:11; = e.g., Acts 2:43-45; 4:32-35; cf. Deut 15:1-11; 2 Cor 8:7-15. Cf. this discussion)...

One is (Ideally) Never Best/Enough
            It was interesting to see here [52:50-54:52] Doug Batchelor anecdotely relate how he wishes that keyboards were ordered alphabetically instead of the current/common QWERTY layout, as it would then make it easier for him to type, for it reminded me of my own momentary endeavor in 2008 to actually see to having this done. I had taken part of an elective typing class in college, but still my typing, though (finger-placement)-structured, -residually muscle-memoried through that prior partial/basis training, was not as skilled and fast as it could be, crucially in me not having to look down at the keyboard. And so when I searched for, and found on the internet, a free software program which allowed me to rearrange the key assignments for my keyboard however I wanted, I jumped on it and did digitally reassign my keys, and then duly had to (painstakingly) physically pullout and reorder the keys on the keyboard, resulting in the following two attempted arrangements:

[Click Images to Enlarge Them]
Alpha-Layout #2
Alpha-Layout #1
            I have deliberately included temporary terms in the relating above as it did not take long for me to realize that this new way of doing things would not be worth it. On one hand, I then realized just how ingrained the QWERTY layout was in me, as I kept pressing the wrong keys then. My typing actually became dramatically slower than before. I did realize that I could eventually get used to this new keyboard, but then I also realize that if/when I did, (and perhaps I should have persisted given), if I then used, literally, any other computer/keyboard out there, (even in regards to my other personal computers), where I could not also make a physical rearrangement, I then would be seriously “handicapped”, and then make mistakes. So it then did not seem beneficial for me alone/uniquely to be making this change. And so I undid all my digital changes, remove the program and restored my keyboard to its QWERTY layout.

            So really, and as prospectively planned in regards to the pertinent NJK Project sector, this drastic, and quite logical, change would be worthwhile only if it became the predominant norm in a society. And that all, object-lessonly indicates to me that, and contrary to popular assumption, even in the Bible (several examples omitted), a single person ‘going against the grain’ is not enough to cause an endeavor of God to triumph, ...short of a full-fledge, Supernatural interposition by God...but that just His (faith-removing) ideal. It always take, or rather is always required/preferred, a willful (=“democratical”) endorsing and supporting joining of others....

[1] I Bet|Hate My Life

I know I took the path[Psa 119:105] that you would never want for me[Matt 16:21]
I know I let you down, didn't I?[Matt 27:39-44]
So many sleepless nights[Luke 6:12-13] where you weren’t waiting up on me[Matt 26:40, 43, 45]
Well I'm just a slave[Rom 1:1] unto the Right[Rom 6:18]

Now remember when I told you that's the last you'll see of me[Matt 23:39]
Remember when I woke you up[Rev 11:1-14] to Fear[Rev 14:7]
I know I took the path[Luke 9:51-53] that you would never want for me[Rev 11:8|Heb 13:12-14]
To stretch your “Hell”[Luke 12:47, 49] to all its years[Rev 11:7, 10]

So I[Luke 15:1-3], I bet my life[Luke 15:4-7], I bet my life[Luke 15:8-10]
I bet my life on you[Luke 15:11-32]
I, I bet my life[Luke 19:10], I bet my life[Matt 9:37-38]
I bet my life on you[John 15:13]

I've been around the world[Acts 1:8] still never in my wildest dreams[Acts 10:11-16; 1 Kgs 19-23]
Would I go running out[Luke 15:20] for you[Matt 22:9]
I've held[Matt 13:10-12ff] a million lies[1 Kgs 22:16ff; Isa 6:9-12] to only tell[John 17:17] a single truth[Rev 16:16; 17:14; 18:1ff]
There's you in everything I do[2 Cor 12:16]

Now remember when I told you that's the last you'll see of me[Rev 22:11]
Remember when I broke you down[Rev 6:15-17] to tears[Isa 4:1ff]
I know I sought the patch[Matt 13:44|16MR 32.2] that you would never want for me[Matt 23:13]
I saved[Luke 12:48, 49] your Hell[Rev 14:11] from all its tiers[Rev 19:20]

So I[Mar 8:34-37], I hate my life[John 12:25-26], I hate my life[Matt 10:37-39]
I hate my life for you[Luke 10:30-35]
I[Phil 2:5-8], I hate my life[Matt 26:38-46], I hate my life[John 12:27, 32]
I hate my life[2 Cor 5:21|3SP 95.3] for you[Jam 5:20]

Don't tell me that I'm wrong[Amos 3:6-8]
I've walked that road before[1 Cor 10:11]
And left you on your own[Jos 24:14-15|Gen 13:9-13,14-18]
And please believe[Luke 18:7-8] them[Heb 12:1-2] when they[Rev 6:9-11] say[Rev 19:2]
That it's left for yesterday[Luke 9:62]
And the records[Phil 3:13] that I've played[Exod 14:13-14|CET 204.1]
Please relieve me[Isa 42:14-17] of all[Isa 42:18-25] I have...yet...done![Rev 19:11-20] 

So I[Mar 8:34], I hate my life[Mar 8:35-37], I hate my life[Matt 10:37-39]
I hate my life for you[Luke 10:30-35]
I[Phil 2:5-8], I hate my life[Matt 26:38-46], I hate my life[John 12:32]
I hate my life[2 Cor 5:21] for you[Jam 5:20]

[I[Luke 15:1-3], I bet my...[Luke 15:4-7], I bet my li...[Luke 15:8-10]
I bet my life...[Luke 15:11-32]
I, I bet my...[Luke 19:10], I bet my li...[Matt 9:37-38]
I bet my life...[John 15:13]]

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