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-God: “If you can’t beat them, then just let them beat themselves.” This never has failed, and never will.

-What do you get when the Church and the State gladly join together to persecute God’s Righteous: “the Mob”, as in, in this case, a Criminal, Racketeering Enterprise.

-SDAs are, from leaders to laypeople, just clinical bumbling idiots, but are just too inherently stupid and conditionedly moronic to even realize this...just like their typological ancestors, the First Century Jews (John 8:44).

-President Barack H. Obama has been, and is, Criminal and Tortfeasor in Chief, and will be prosecuted as such.

-Barack Obama, and other brainwashed “Freed-om” Americans like him, speak [??:??] like the pawn of the Serpent/Dragon that they are (Gen 3:4-5/Rev 13:11)

-So if we’ve learned anything from Hillary Clinton in the past few years is that if/when she is not getting her way, she’ll hypocritically weep, inconsequentially lament and/or pointlessly howl...I mean where were the tears???...How “stereo-typical” indeed!!

-If you wouldn’t dress in torn up jeans*, a T-shirt and flip flops to go to an invitation at the White House and/or give a speech there...the why in the world would you do so to go to God’s House, -‘as if going to Wal-Mart’, (cf. here [01:17:04-01:22:04]) to formally worship this “Isa 6/Rev 4 Awe-some God”’ (e.g., here [13:28-23:12ff]), and/or (formally) share His Word/Message with others (Matt 18:20)?!!!!!...And what’s ‘so much more special’ about a graduation??!!! (Mal 1:8)

*e.g. here [44:17-46:20ff] {allusions to: fog 10:15 & zipping 1:45}

-God either does miracles for an (early validation/approval) sign or in genuine situations of necessity, but otherwise, it is Biblically clear that He does not do what individuals and/or God’s People collectively can actually do for themselves. Systematizing the funding and operating of Christian Missions is the only “Biblically” sustainable way to fulfill Christ’s Commission.

-Boy did Stephen Harper sound/act quite vacuously, factually and historically ignorant throughout his Israel trip. Even Netanyahu was demonstrably, even openly, not buying into his religious self-serving, sanctimonious hypocrisy!!!

-As usual, do count on the United State to “spin” for its moronic domestic audience them having to mitigatingly clean up their engendered mess in Iraq as an “out of the blue” altruistic military mission.

My “POTUS” Platform (08-20-15 04:??)
Domestic Affairs
Illegal Immigration (D)
-Give 30 days to illegal Immigrants to self-report to be fully documented and be placed in the line to citizenship behind legal immigrants applicants, or face automatic deportation when caught thereafter.                                                                                         
-Give businesses 15 days to business to self-report their hiring of illegal, or suspected to be illegal, immigrants and undergo IRS auditing for any owed back taxes. Or face business license revocation.

-Since a physical wall will still have to be highly monitored, building a less costly virtual renewable-powered smart-wall along the U.S. Southern Border which uses laser sheet walling and/or scaling detecting hardwires between Border Patrol Towers, -which launches honing and tracking, infrared-camera drones when a breach is detected, (and also regular, systemic, border-long, ground-penetrating radar sweeps for tunneling activity). Foot the bill as an immigration tax to deportation-amnestized illegal immigrants to be repaid as they begin/continue to work within the U.S. Economy.                                                       

P.S. (08-25-16 16:27): FYI Drumpf & Co*: This Smart (=“Cyber”) Wall idea is proprietary....so go on and build your useless and wasteful, 1000-mile=half-a$$, +$253B, +$300B brick wall....you Retarded Caveman....

(09-10-15 10:19): Contrary to Sherlock Carson, the “big problem” of US immigration is not a porous border, it is a dysfunctional us businesses and criminally greedy Americans who allow illegal immigrants to earn a living. No such facilitating incentives at all, no reason at all to come to the US.

Health Care (D)
-Eliminate the middle-extorting men, -the Private Insurance Companies, and establish a single payer system. And let Health practitioners attract “business” by actual good results = Competition incentive. (Now, better insurance only means better coverage and faster access, which is what actually determines better results.

Education (D)
Make the education of children/young adults from age 4-24 thus from PK through 4 year College or University or 2 years of Graduate School. Federally cap college tuition prices. Students who do not maintain a certain GPA of (e.g.) 2.0 or more, or, on a curve, according to the national average, would have to go to the “back of the line” in regards to (re-)admission space availability.

Common Core (D)
...duh....I.e. let (loca)l teachers use their “loving skills” to help their students best achieve this basic National level of core common education capabilities...And racist (systemic) slightings at the State Level in executing that program does then warrant Forceful Federal (Civil Rights) Intervention. I.e. “Race to the Top” funds. That is really why Racist Republicans want to return Common Core to the (racist) State level.

Child Care (D)
Have paid for parental leave for a total of 1 year per child.

Budget Deficit (D)
Tax Businesses for doing Business, and holding Capital, in Foreign Countries, to be offset by, if they want to, these foreign countries giving tax cuts to these American Businesses for them doing business and holding (lending) capital in their countries.

Unemployment (D)
(No use trying to truly resolve that if Capitalism is going to be the Operating Economic System,* but:)

Implement a position-sharing program where two workers are hired on a part time basis but with up to doubled wages and up to full benefits (to be offset by proportional income tax exemptions) to fill one full-time job position by granting a proportional, pertinent tax break to corporation who make use of this program.

Imposing outgoing-tariffs (e.g. per job created instead abroad) on outsourced work and products should bring jobs & industries back to America.

* (08-22-15 08:39): See the NJK’s Economic System/Model instead http://www.njkproject.info/njk/hc_economy/hcserviceforce.html
(08-24-15 10:39): cf. https://archive.org/details/CNNW_20150823_170000_Fareed_Zakaria_GPS#start/2160/end/2220

Poverty (D)
-Recalibrate the Economy to a realistic economy by increasing the minimum wage to a living wage and pegging it as an automatic annual increase (or decrease) based on GDP.

Taxation (D)
If other/above measures are implemented, then implement an, even sole, and Fair*, (Federal) Tax on all expenditures/purchases which involve public goods and services (e.g. also a Federal Sales Tax)

Social Issues
Abortion (R)
Constitutionally Outlaw Abortion, except if the mother’s life is at risk. And have charitably publicly funded and operated Life Centers, including embryonic extract, transfer and/or freezing options...The extraction process itself is a defaultly (insurance extra/out-of-pocket cost to the person obligated to undergo the medical procedure.

In cases of Rape and Incest, assist victim with pregnancy cost and burden (e.g. special Camp/Center  retreats during pregnancy and then have child put up for adoption or for foster care if mother so chooses and even have pre-full birth (but less paying) measures such as premature-birth womb withdrawals, or early embryonic extraction for transplant or freezing.)

-Make Sex Education in Grade School and/or High School a mandatory, Parent/Guardian signatorily consenting, defaultly opt in decision.

-Given that earliest pregnancy detection/awareness is key to the “abortion-aborting” alternative of embryonic extraction, pregnancy testing kits would be available for free from local pharmacies for women under 18 or not working.

(09-27-15): ...Then with a Law Banning Abortion, -including the manufacture and sale of “Plan-B”/“Morning After” drugs, outlawing it as First Degree Murder, and charitable pro-life people sacrificially giving of their disposable income towards supporting this life saving and sustaining ministry instead of expending it into the economy, and with the government complimenting any shortcomings in the budget for this ministry with the Fiscal Budget, any detrimental affectation on the economy, and/or any raising of taxes to fully fund this Life Ministry, can be squarely attributed to the sinners out there, who can’t even sin right (i.e., avoid getting pregnant) and/or who are trying to hold this Life Ministry hostage and game it as now their “abortion” plan. So any complaints then can be addressed to these self-important animalistic conditionedly-moronic b/m-itches-in-heat heathens who can then either shut up, shut their legs||keep it in their pants, castrate, or simply neuter themselves, or make some beneficial space and just off their economy-sucking selves instead... There, ”negotiate” that..... #CultureOf Death

Racial Tensions (D)
-Determine the present value of slavery reparations, and collect it via taxation and pay it out as home and/or education grants to the descendants of U.S. Slaves.

Law Enforcement (D)
(remotely) Robotize Law Enforcement

Police Abuse (D)
-As for the military, especially its special forces, for their and the public’s security, require police officers to be physically and skillfully capable in weaponless martial arts offense and defense measures as well as the successful and efficient use of non-lethal disarming/defensive/protective means.

Have the DOJ review all police killing of the past few (e.g. 10) years, starting with the most disputed, and race difference, ones...and create a special wing of the DOJ which defaultly investigates/reviews/oversees all police cases of police killings.

Gun Control (D)
-Apply the Second Amendment as it is meant* and thus declare all populated spaces as complete gun ownership and gun free zones. With a gun rural-primary-residency-ownership and urban-primary-residency-rentership, as well as a per day limited ammunition, exemption for only one single shot registered long gun for hunting in designated areas with a valid hunting license.

* Moreover at a time (1791) when there was only one police department in the U.S.#, which is the relatedly replacement of a “militia”.

-Impose a life imprisonment penalty for anyone thereafter possessing an illegal gun.

-Execute a gun buy back program which can be paid from the savings that will occur from less gun violence expenditures and costs.

Foreign Affairs
Israel-Palestine Issue (D)
Entirely and utterly reject the State of Israel’s claim of Occupying Authority over Palestinian people and territories** and push for a Treaty which reestablishes pre-1948 borders and the existing land sharing plans back then* (i.e. before Israel’s terroristic land-grabbing began), and have Israel pay a residency/tenant tax to a Fully Established State of Palestine, pegged as a percentage to Israel’s GDP.


** http://www.ifamericansknew.org/cur_sit/jew2jew.html

-Provide material and service assistance to the Gaza Strip and West Bank to rebuild and upbuild their living areas.

-(03-22-16 06:16): Note to Self: Build an NJK (Terminal) Embassy [for Palestine] in Jerusalem....

-(03-30-16 22:41): Typical Western/Dispensationalist selective, propagandizing and white-washing of history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC5NJzhyxmg
            Just like the Jews did not have a right to exist in Canaan in the first place, and took over the land by war contrary to God’s peaceful plan (Exod 23:27-31) which would have guaranteed their future peace, Israel still does not have a right to exist...no nation does....and only took over the land again by force/war and terrorism....That is all why all of their Arab neighbor were, and many still are, upset. God-rejected Israel compoundedly no longer has any Divine approval to exist.

(10-02-15 11:54): Oh so now Bibi Yahoo!! Wants to have “un-preconditional talks” (really not even the ‘pre-acceptance of a State of Israel’!??)* with Mahmoud Abbas...but of course “unfortunately”, ‘since yesterday’, ‘Abbas now no longer wants to’.**

(10-02-15 12:00): Bibi Yahoo is manifestly jut like Trump: he only “knows” the parts of the Bible which seem to be favorable to him*...and is of course Theologically witless: Babylon and then Rome would not have sought to destroy (Ethnic) Israel if God had not decreed it so as related by His prophet Jeremiah (e.g Jer 21:1-14; 25:1-11) and God the Son Jesus (Matt 21:33-46; 22:1-14; 23:37-24:2ff) and only mercifully averted a full destruction by Babylon**...all just like God, through Moses, had “cursingly” stipulated (Deut 28:15-68) and foreseen (Deut 31:14-18ff)...And look, Assyria really did an enduring number on the 10 Northern tribes, to this day, all also according to the permission of God (e.g 1 Kgs 11:9-14ff; Isa 6:8-13.

** Which is why God judged them when they sought that fullest outcome (Jer 51); on top of for their own sinfulness (Jer 25:12-38)

            Jews in modern times are only a State because they chose to go the way of force...but that never lasts (Matt 26:52; Rev 13:10). Were if but for that Western sanctioned terroristic land grabbing, Jews today would be virtually as assimilated amongst other peoples as “Babylonians”, the Romans, came to be. Btw “Romans” still exist but in different forms: as an Ethnic people as Italians, with the Capital city of Rome still around, and as the Roman Catholic Church, formerly the Holy Roman Empire which has directly taken over for the Secular/Pagan Roman Rome. And it is prophesied to fully regain its former influence and power (Rev 13:3ff; 14ff) all to persecute actual (i.e. Spiritual) Jews (e.g. Rom 2:28-29; cf. Rev 3:7-13)

Given that ISIS is at a far inferior military level than the militaries of most Middle East countries, let these countries determine, if they really want to, whether ISIS will establish a caliphate in their back yards or not, limiting American involvement to, at most, (remunerated) Military Consulting.

If these neighboring/regional countries are opting not to oppose the establishment of an “Islamic State/Caliphate”, then pre-diplomatic engagements will be taken with ISIS to draft an (Islamic) Constitution which allows for Citizenship/Religious Freedom in the sense that people within the territory that ISIS is claiming/ruling will have the Freedom to choose whether or not they want to remain under ISIS rule. A UN-protected, new or reserved, “Province/Region of Refuge” would be set up for these National or Religious dissenters with them having the Freedom to Federally ally themselves politically with any accepting, regional or international, country of their democratic choice.

The remaining, “Constitutional ISIS-permitted State” would have to ensure open legislative deliberation, the rule of law, fair law enforcement, and transparent justice, even as per their Sharia Law, to be deemed as an acceptable State.

Iran Nuclear Program (D)
Treat Iran as any signatory of the NPT with the full freedom to have a permitted enrichment program. (The Obama-Iran Deal is really redundant and is only circularly because the U.S. extremely doesn’t want Iran to have any (Energy) Nuclear Program.)

Nation Building (D)
Create Domestic-borne Foreign Jobs, paid by recipient governments, for consultant services to upbuild infrastructures in developing and/or war ravaged countries (E.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen)

National Security
Terrorism (D)
Resolve root issues which foster terrorism e.g.: American meddling in Muslim countries/affairs; American/Western War Assaulting, Abusing and Criminality; replacing Militarism with Diplomacy.

Ongoing Conflicts & Wars

Syrian Civil War (D)
Lead UN to do a binding Referendum. - As with any such international Civil conflicts, to save lives, prevent hampering property damage and avoid refugee situation/migration crisis: have the UN Security Council establish a peace keeping atmosphere and then have the (ideally by now specially established) UN Civil Resolution agency conduct open diplomatic talks between the domestic opposing sides working towards a binding contracted/Constitutional resolution, to be decidingly capped by nation/constituency wide referendum.

North Korea’s Nuclear Program (D)
North Korea is no longer a signatory of the NPT...and they are actually not stupid/“mad”, nor suicidal...they (the people and the leadership), just prefer/want to be left alone to sovereignly run their country as they choose....No (International) issue here.....

-Prosecute the Bush Administration for War Crimes (D)

-Pay War Reparations to Iraq (expenditure-proportionally) from the invading/assaulting “coalition of the willing”. (D)

-Lead a Global Rebuilding Fund for Gaza/Palestine (D)

[To Be Added To]

My NJK (Foreign) Policies (09-17-15 07:22)
War Area Refugee
-Set up, supply and operate mini-city like refugee camps, within the territory of the countries of origin, in as remote as possible locations away from the war zones.

Refugee Migration
-Act as a broker between the countries to where they are fleeing, -who may likely accept them if they make it to their shores, and provide these migrants safe overland or sea, or even air transportation to these countries.

-If no migration destination welcoming has been pre-approved, -for Sea Migrants: Have a sufficiently vesseled convoy doing the waters crossing with them, starting in international waters.
-For Land Migrants: provide an escort, as well as emergency food, water & medical assistance

[To Be Added To]

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Trump’s Guileful Campaign Promises

1-Will swiftly defeat ISIS
2-Build an 1100-mile, and effective border wall
3-Make Mexico Pay for that border wall...by “asking them for the US-expended money back”...
4-Will build the border wall so high that people will be afraid to jump down from it...nor think to bring another, (or use the same one the climb up with) rope or rope ladder to climb down the other side...
5-Find, “Round Up”, (Lawfully&“Humanely”) Force Deport 11-12 Million Illegal Immigrants in 18-24 months.
6-“Repatriate” outsourced jobs*
7-Bring back off-shored Corporate Capital
8-Get Putin & Russia to do whatever he wants
9-and have a great relationship with Russia/Putin....“maybe”...
11-Resolve the “real” unemployment issue of ca. 35%
12-$10 Trillion Tax Cut without Increasing the Deficit
13-End deficit budgets
14-End the national debt incurring spiral
15-Eliminate $19T of Debt in 8 Years
16-Eliminate Trade Imbalances (e.g. $505B w/China)
17-Achieve Global U.S. Respect and Fear (including by world powers) through military expansion and aggrandizement.
18-Replace Obamacare with a better & cheaper program
19-Going to make America greater/better than it has ever been before... “in his opinion”...
20-Do something about North Korea and its Nuclear Weapons & Program
21-Will have American hostages/prisoners in Iran back in the U.S. long before he takes office (=as President-elect)...Or else “Iran will have Hell to pay”....Yeah you and what (Unconstitutional) Power...Your minions are indeed stupid, racist and lawless enough to swallow that whole.....(01-18-16 05:25): Oh look...Trump more than did it!!!...and without even threatening Iran....
22-Will complete his new deal with Iran in 2 days...at most 1 week....
23-Establish a special registry and surveillance of American Muslim and Mosques
24-(Presumably Immediately) Expel any arrived Syrian refugee
25-Will End Gun Free Zone Restriction on Military Bases on First Day In Office (2)
26-Resolve/End/Erase Racial, Political, etc Tensions/Divisions/Divides (“that Obama “the Great Divider” couldn’t do”) in American Society
27- ‘His administration is going to do something about North Korea to end and eliminate its Nuclear Weapons&Program’...as ‘a “madman” with a nuclear bomb is the U.S. #1 National Security threat/concern in his opinion’....
28-Will end (300/mostly Democrat) “Sanctuary Cities”...“very quickly”....
29-He will permanently occupy whichever country he may defeat in a war.
30-Will fix the VA.
31-Endorses the (WWII Japanese) Civilian Terror-Nuking Policy, and originally with the U.S.’s War Act Economic Pacific Blockade of Japan (which, “btw”, is why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Naval Base and its Pacific Fleet)
32-Going to (economically) save Social Security and Medicare.
33-Will get college costs and college loan interest rates down.
34-Will defund Planned Parenthood
35-Won’t be seeking a Constitutional Amendment to moot Roe vs. Wade decision.
36-Can win General Election without winning the Hispanic vote
37-Will be implementing “unspeakable” (secret) draconian measures against Domestic (Muslim) Terrorism which will get him in “so much trouble” if made public through/in the media. (Case in point: ‘Suspending Muslim Immigration’)
38-Will (apparently) allow for more federal authorized citizen open carry gun permissions
39-Will Criminally “look at very closely” or prosecute Hillary Clinton before her 6-year statute of limitations runs out....
40-Will only address the “Supreme Leader” of Iran as: ‘hey you’...
41-With any domestic, even “lone wolf/wolves”, terrorist attack involving a Muslim, he will, within the first 100 days, ban all Muslim travel to the U.S. until he can ‘figure out what is going on’...
42-Will bring back waterboarding.
43-Will have a policy of systematically also murderously executing the families of terror suspects
44-Will “keep the oil” taken from ISIS control in Syria & Iraq.
45-Will have a “Bomb & Keep the Oil” reparations policy [in/for the Middle East]
46-Will carpet bomb (or nuke?) Raqqa
47-Will have an effective, beyond mere facial/racial profiling, screening system which ascertains the millions of daily US-incoming travelers to see if they are Muslim and can verify (e.g lie detection) if it is true or not. (Especially since only 25% of the World’s Muslims are Arab - E.g. Hispanic American Enrique Marquez was a (Militant) Muslim).
48-Going to force the 19 States with no death penalty to re-adopt it for killers of Local and/or State police officers (as if any murder is not already punishable by the death penalty in States which have it)
49-Going to get rid of a lot of the $19-21 Trillion debt, “if not all of it” soon, (within at least 4 or 8 years of his administration)
50-Going to, and quickly so, get China to stop building its Military Island Bases in the South China Sea; through an economic embargo.
51-Going to do a flyover of Air Force One (presumably with him on board then, and presumably at very low altitude) over the disputed military Islands of China in the South China Sea.
52-Will “review” [whatever that means] the (court-martialed?) Case of Bowe Bergdahl.
53-Going to get rid of “Common Core”
54-Is going to have a “big door” in his US-Mexico border wall (as opposed to the present border entry check booths????)
55-After finding out that a militant jihadist husband is about to commit an act of terrorism, he will find and assassinate the family, and then try to stop the husband.....(or whatever “non-sensical” scheme here, as Krauthammer rightly says*)...Oh yeah: ’because the U.S. knew about the 9/11 plot beforehand, and knew of the 19-20 militants who were going to do it, but just couldn’t get to the wives and children of these 19 hijackers in time to make Al-Quaeda/ISIS-style, AR-15 murder-threatening ransom video with them, with an American Flag draped in the background, before they, -these actually non-existent “U.S. residing wives and children”, were all put on US-outbound planes a couple of day before the 9/11 attacks, and flown to Saudi Arabia, instead of their non-country of origin&resident, Iraq...Since they knew that the US would be invading there”....: Dangerously D-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-a-l Moron... #MakingAmericaGrateAgain

56-Won’t counter contra-Western actions by Putin/Russia (e.g in the Ukraine) if other/neighboring allies (e.g. non-Nuclear Power Germany) won’t, or won’t lead in doing so....::Some Politicians are bought off by money./..Donald Trump is clearly, easily bought off merely by (cheap) ego-stroking and a$$-kissing compliments and approval (e.g from Putin) he psycho-desperately needs... #crackwhore
57-Will prevent any/all US corporations from ‘taking their business outside of the country’ by imposing import tariffs of e.g. 35%...and will resolve any dispute with them in 24 hours....
58-Claims he can convince any “drug-free” person to buy into the “Make America Grate Again” crack he is selling (if he can get them alone in a room and one on one...[probably with his henchmen carrying out his arm twisting commands])....yet ca. Only 11% of Americans are supporting him now.
59-Will end the Fiancee Visa/Permit.
60-Will update the Air Force One fleet
61-Will himself build that ballroom for the White House, -costing “at least $100M”, so that a tent on the White House Lawn won’t again be used for a State Dinner (especially for China)
62-His administration will surely have “total control over China”...
63-Will make all people who know about the preparations for acts of “terrorism” denounce the perpetrators
64-He is going to resolve the (chief) issue of China’s and Japan’s Currency Manipulation
65-He is going to have equally reciprocating military deals with allies that the U.S. protects (e.g. South Korea and Japan)...(including them having foreign military bases right in the U.S.?!)
66-Wants to ‘rally the (public) country around Christianity’, “just like at the (private, Christian) Liberty University”...
67-He will solve the ‘$2T-$5T US money repatriation’ issue in one day hour.
68-He will win the Iowa Caucus
69-Will take the least (or none at all) vacation days of any President ever because he love being in the White House and working.
70-Will bring back the Winston Churchill bust from Britain back into the White House
71-Will “certainly have Jesse Watters, Bill O’Reilly and the gang front row center at the First State Dinner.”
72-“Unlike Obama”, he will do something to expand National Service opportunities
73-Will resolve the National Drug Problem, as the one in New Hampshire.
74-Since he sees no reason why Putin/Russia shouldn’t be U.S.’s friend, he will lift all sanctions against Russia for Ukraine matter.
75-He is going to revert back to 20 years* in regulation removals in order to let banks and businesses run wild.
* ...But of course really 30 years...back to the late 1980's just before his business dealings started to fail...because e.g. he couldn’t hire illegal immigrants for his constructions.
76-Will do way better than Obama for the African-American Community.
77-Will allow for the maintaining of 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status for (Christian) Churches, Religious Institutions and Organizations despite engaging in any political activism/activities and (unlimited) government lobbying.* (As the perfect ignoramus “anti-Christ” pawn+sock-puppet indeed: Fudging Separation of Church and State...Ultimate Step/Result: A successfully mafia-“lobbied” “National Sunday Law”)
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/501(c)_organization#Political_activity
78-Won’t close Gitmo, but if so, it would cost him only $500M
79-Will Domestically intake oil (or get “a piece of the deal from profits”) from the Keystone Pipeline.
80-Will go to war with Iran to protect Saudi Arabia.
81-Will have time to successfully sue Cruz on his Natural Citizenship issue...“because he has good lawyers”
82-He will do more for African Americans in one year than Obama did in 7+ years...(Of course Trump didn’t say which year that would be....probably banking on his last)
83-He will start to reduce the National Debt, thus end his term with a lower debt total than when he would have started.
84-He will make the Military do War Crimes...-or apparently now, will first get the Congress to remove legal and treaty barriers to his war crime plans...
85-He will have other countries outsourcing their own manufacturing jobs to the U.S.
86-Will enforce (at least one) UNSC Resolution on Iran
87-Will completely dismantle Iran’s ‘big and powerful global terror network’
88-He will win “big” the Wisconsin Primary
89-He will take America out of the TPP agreement.
90-Will attend a Green Bay Packers game if he wins the Wisconsin primary....or is it the GOP Nomination??.....or is it the General Election????
91-He will (probably) restructure NATO (for terrorism instead of contra-Russia)
92-Will forsake the $400,000/yr salary of the Presidency for $1/yr
93-He is going to make Current US Military Protected Country Pay for their future joint Defense
94-He is going to make Current US Military Protected Country Pay for all of their past joint Defense years
95-He will prevent non-Citizens from making money transfers to people in Mexico
96-He will end Common Core and make it loco....
97-He will bring back the coal industry to (e.g.) Pittsburgh
98-He will bring back the steel industry to (e.g.) Pittsburgh
99-Design his stupid and useless, effing wall within First 100 Days
100-Begin the Auditing of the Federal Reserve within First 100 Days
101-Put plans in motions to repeal ACA
102-Will act against, and/or get the US out of, NAFTA
103-Will end all U.S. Gun Free Zone (=Including the White House & All Government Buildings)
104-Going to “rebuild” American InnerCity...(whatever “rebuild” means..how about no longer having any “ghettos” at all....)
105-Will be working on Saturday January 21, 2017 = His “Day One/Two)
106-“Open up” “libel laws” to sue the Press
107-Move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

###-He can, and will, do all of the above in one term.

-First Day in Office Actions:
1-Sign an Executive Order ending Obama’s (supposed) Executive Order where ‘people can come into the country automatically’ (Whatever that means: i.e. which “people”!!?, what/how “automatically”??!...)
2-Immediately start signing “legislation” that help the Veterans
3-Immediately start building up (read: bloating up) the Military (let’s see what Congress says about that budgetary request)
4-End Obamacare on Day 1 (now only within first 100 days)
5-Will End Gun Free Zone Restriction on Military Bases....between 12:00PM and 1:00 PM on January 20, 2017.
6- (...some hot-air bloated and vacuous thing about Israel and Second Class Citizenship)
7-Call up corporate executives to threaten punitive measures if they shift jobs out of the United States
8-Have the U.S. Southern Border “sealed?” by “Homeland Security, US military Generals and others”.


Trump’s Views
-Thinks that newsprint “being allowed to” exercise their Free Speech Rights to satirizingly call him “The New Furor” is “disgraceful” = Trump does think that the First Amendment is “disgraceful”

-Like Adolf Hitler indeed, he wants to “make his nation great again”...by any demagoging means...and by bloating up the military...Next will be the closing of all Mosques in America.

* (10-30-15 01:30):

November 29, 2015 16:55
-Donald Trump is a raging asylum dodger and anyone who votes for him is more stupid than he is* or is part of his money-whipped family... #TrumpTramps

* Seriously you should see and hear them (posing questions) in his rallies...they act and/or sound like a bunch of brainwashed, mush-brained, moronic hot heads.... =“the crazies”....

-Melania Trump said she didn’t give her phone number to Donald Trump when they first met because she thought he was too arrogant (or something like that), =(literally) ‘the “ugly American”’...then somebody told her who he was....(01-07-16 18:47): and she got his phone number, and called him, “other date” be damned.... (12-19-15 18:46): ...next Donald Trump cashed in on people (e.g. Hillary Clinton) so they would attend the wedding...

-(01-03-16 14:57): How natural indeed: a tour of Donald Trump’s luxurious apartment in Trump Tower and his costly possessions is not complete without showcasing the Trophy Wife: http://www.idesignarch.com/inside-donald-and-melania-trumps-manhattan-apartment-mansion/

-Melania Trump would “class” up the White House by exercising again her “right to bare all” in a photoshoot [while “dating” Trump then],* of course not with Playboy....perhaps Penthouse or Hustler now...Literally the slutiest (potential) FLOTUS ever....**...whore...


** http://dcgazette.com/lady-melania-trump-3-puts-michelle-obama-to-shame/

-Donald Trump can’t say his wife’s name right....and he doesn’t care.....neither does she... evidently...

-Manifestly Melania (also) has a crush on Dr. Carson.....and Trumps rally attack of/on Ben Carson and his life stories* was not “nasty”; it was just plain scared, desperate & stupid**...as in stupidly self-embarrassing

-(11-29-15 18:00): Here is Donald Trump’s bio-pic* btw (minus the redeemable ending of course)**...And here’s the follow-up production about his Presidential Campaign***...perfect genre too...So that all his fans & supporters can get it...

** Credit AKT for the (incidental?) “inspiration”: https://archive.org/details/FOXNEWSW_20151127_170000_Outnumbered#start/1680/end/1740

*** http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1690953/ (12-22-15 09:40): or as per the subtitle, according to Trump himself, (probably, subconsciously,  flatteringly imitating Ted Cruz’s retort): “maniacs”

-(12-02-15 12:27): Of course, at the very least, Donald Trump and/or his team Googled the name of the NYT Reporter before making fun of him in that Rally Speech and saw a picture of how he handicappedly looked and it probably jogged his memory of meeting and interacting with him in the 1980's: Ergo: ‘you should see this guy’ (i.e. ‘you’d then also dismissively assume that he is a joke as a “dithering journalist”’....but many prefer to buy that vacuous guileful line of Trump that ‘he doesn’t know him’...

-It is not hard at all to figure out why Trump is so sure that his grown daughter’s body would be/would have been ‘prime Playboy material’*...and that is pointedly why Ivanka is such a business-cholic...She is trying to prove to her daddy, with his stereotypical view of all women, that she can become famous and prosperous without selling her body....

* (12-10-15 06:51): Oh right, he wanted her all to himself....and had been publicly and explicitly doing his damnest to make it happen:
(12-13-15 03:23):

-(12-13-15 02:20): As a (converted) Jew now, Ivanka is glad that she doesn’t have to answer the phone on Sabbath....’Cause that’s the only day she and her husband won’t therefore be “interrupted” every 5 minutes by “Nosy Daddy Donald”...

-(12-13-15 15:17): Ted Cruz wasn’t born nor raised in Cuba, you desperate racism-baiting/peddling/slinging, idiotic, insecure, hot-headed lowlife...And this is the case in point why you, just like the madman Hitler, indeed can’t/couldn’t be trusted with a nuclear trigger...And also just like Hitler, you can only wish you were an actual Christian...
(12-15-15 19:50): -And evidently growing up in the Trump Household leads one to actually reject Christianity altogether in their adult life (for Judaism)....

-(12-17-15 02:43): Donald Trump claims he does drink alcohol...’because it is detrimental’....yet he has a personalized-branded winery....so he can make money out of ‘ruining other people’s lives’ (12-17-15 23:11): It is like ‘Jews herding swine stock’ (Luke 8:31-33ff)... #TheDonald2016!!

-(12-19-15 04:07): From where the Hell does Donald Trump get the idea that “he can’t criticize Charles Krauthammer and his commentary about his campaign”...oh yeah because he (obviously by now) can’t make fun of him because of his physical condition, like he had with Serge Kovalski ....Poor self-retard....

-(12-19-15 14:54): Donald Trump only “counter-punches” when people say true things about him....

-(12-19-15 18:33): Donald Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about: 76% of his 77 claimed factual statements which have been checked thus far in his campaigning proved false*....he is just irrationally and delusionally making things up as he goes along and his helium-headed Nazi-minions are just sucking it all in...


-(12-19-15 20:26): When the just stated definition of what a “Nuclear Triad” is sails right over your head, then you don’t even bother to get that understanding straight before trying to answer the question, and that just in an obfuscating way: ‘nuclear power and devastation’ is clearly not “your number one concern”...Trump trying to get people to dupely think that he is “number one”,  by whatever lie possible, is what is his number one concern is.... #TrumpISaPolitician

-(12-22-15 01:45): What’s more comical than AL Gore thinking/claiming that ‘he invented the internet’?!!....Donald Trumpet  thinking/claiming that anyone, -let alone the U.S., owns the world wide web!!!....Case in point: He must also be clueless about the “Dark Web”, which I hear make up ca. 95% of online activity....

-(12-22-15 11:12): Telling that there are no (ad hominem/personal) feuds and bickering between the other 13+ GOP candidates, except for Trump and everybody else

-(12-22-15 23:33): Hillary Clinton supposedly delaying a debate because she was using the rest room is not “disgusting”, in fact it is natural...One would be really sick if they didnt’t....Donald Trump repeatedly saying sexually explicit incestuous things about his daughter...now that’s “disgusting”...and in fact not only unnatural, but also criminal....One is really sick to even merely think so.

-(12-23-15 01:23): Trump claims/believes he can control the minds of Miss Universe hosts....

-(12-24-15 22:33): Donald Trump is the perfect example that having a higher education doesn’t automatically make you a better person. He clearly was actually not educatedly aware that the term “schlonged” was (sexually) violently vile and demeaning....Trump has indeed proven that he still relies on his Third Grader’s school yard “education”.
            ...Also the perfect ad to not bother attending his business college as you only end up being a thugish jerk who will drive your business ventures into bankruptcy 4 6 times...

-(12-25-15 01:40): Notice the juvenile pattern: Trump also thinks that a woman breastfeeding is “disgusting”.... I won’t even relatedly bring up the fabricated incident with Megyn Kelly...
(12-27-15 06:31): Bernie Sanders’ response to Trump = nailed it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYHA3q-OFLc

-(12-27-15 00:18): LOLLOL!!!! How Infantile.....Just because someone else (actually one other person in 31+ years) used your vile/vulgar word, it doesn’t mean it isn’t vile/vulgar...He probably was as illiterate and crass as you*.....(12-28-15 00:55): Donald Trump has long shown that he is the type of idiotic person and novice/amateur politician who moronically repeats whatever he seems good to him without first finding out its facts.

* Indeed, and is now repenting in ‘loincloth and (Trump) bashes”:

-(12-27-15 00:24): Yeah, Donald Trump can “attack” Hillary Clinton for the already publicly impeachment-adjudicated actions of her husband...then Hillary can respond by citing all of the things Donald Trump has said and done, and still says and does, to women...and then “attack” his wife for her slutty past...Donald Trump should “Be Doubly Careful”.

-(01-02-16 19:09): Donald Trump rallies = Adolf Hitler Campaigning Nazi Party Rallies....

-(01-02-16 20:42): LOL..Clearly Donald Trump has rarely, if ever, used ‘the Bible that his mother gave him at 8|10|12, in 1954|1956|1958*, 62|60|58-years ago’...it is in way better (binded) condition than a Bible I got 6 years ago...

-(01-03-16 03:24): Barack Obama also went to an Ivy League School...so he too must be “smarter than anyone in Washington”....LOL...Reasoned just like a spoiled and poorly raised child....

-(01-03-16 11:13): LOL Donald Trump has to keep telling his minions that they actually have to go out and vote...because like him, their Blowhard-in-Chief, they only think that all it takes is go and yell jingoism and other self-assuaging lies at a rally...

-(01-03-16 15:04): Is Melania Trump more (fluently) conversant in English than the average (illegal) Mexican Immigrant??!! -(“regime change begins at home”)....

-(01-03-16 15:26): Donald Trump is convinced he is great with/for women because he used to run pageant which trots them out in bikinis on a TV stage...

-(01-03-16 16:19): What an exemplary “evangelical” Christian, ‘who has never had a reason to ask God for forgiveness’, Donald Trump is: after priorly at least one known (long-running) affair, he later was evidently* “living with” his girlfriend/fiancee Melania for perhaps up to the whole 7 years before they got married in 2005....#manofsindeluded

* (01-18-16 17:38): e.g. Melania (then) Knauss in 2000: “‘We have incredible sex at least once a day. Sometimes even more.’”#


-(01-04-16 04:52): Public speakers who don’t use manuscripts don’t care to be factual, precise or clear and just (morphing) repeat the same (basic) thing over and over. = the con artist showman  type (as even Jerry Lewis himself can still easily spot**) who needs to bamboozle people.... = all bluster & “talk” and no substance nor seriousness.*

* e.g. least of such examples: Donald Trump is “going to win States that the Democrats never have thought about winning”...thus: ‘Republican leaning/voting States’....

-(01-04-16 04:56): ...You haven’t seen “stupidity” yet...this time on PCP.... #MakingAmericaGrateAgain

-(01-04-16 06:51): If after now almost 2 months since the Paris attacks ‘a lot more than just 130 people have not died, here of “serious wounds” amongst the 80-99 critically injured (369 in total injured)’...then just give up the bloodlusting fomenting already.

-(01-04-16 06:55): LOL...you’ve got to love the simpletons on the Right who are adamantly convinced that Iran who has a $1.357 trillions economy and collects (only) $62.11 billion in taxes (= 4.6% of GDP)* could not come up with $150 billion for “nuclear weapons” if they really wanted to.

* Compared to the U.S.: $17.35T GDP || $3.02T Budget = 17.4% of GDP

-(01-04-16 18:02): Hey Donald, the late 1980's called and they want their homer mentality back!! #MakingAmericaGrateAgain

-(01-05-16 22:00): Donald Trump proves with his “traditional”, run-of-the-mill, first TV political ad, that he indeed is nothing but all bloated blowhard talk...


-(01-06-16 03:58): It is side cramping how Donald Trump now tries to randomly conflate his various talking point so as to seem to be saying something fresh: Before: ‘He is intelligent because his family is e.g his uncle taught at MIT’...Now: ‘He understand the power of nuclear weapons....because his uncle taught at MIT’...Nope you’ve just proven that you are stupid....

-(01-06-16 10:00): Ever since Johari Osayi Idusuyi decided to read a book of race poetry (Claudia Rankine's “Citizen: An American Lyric”) while seated behind Donald Trump during his rally,* the Trump campaign no longer places black people behind Donald Trump..Only “Diamond & Silk” of course have any chance of getting anywhere near/around that podium**...and/or the Trump campaign is doing that atrocious of a job appealing to the Black Vote....Good Luck with that...


-(01-08-16 14:27): More Trump moronism for his moronic audience: showing a picture of Hillary Clinton with Anthony Weiner and Bill Cosby shows absolutely nothing. It was before these guys were publicly known or suspected to be sexual criminals.

-(01-10-16 10:37): Since Candidate, (especially Trump) do reveal during their primary campaign what they intend to be like if they become POTUS, it is evident that Donald Trump would have his then probably specially created ‘Yellow Shirts Minions’ para-trooper squad, formerly called the State Service, have anyone who exercise their Freedom of Speech/Press Rights against him: (1) whacked...Putin-style; (2) have their personal effects “confiscated” and/or (3) have them tortured by e.g. ‘throwing them out in the winter cold without a coat until they catch pneumonia’

-(01-10-16 17:51): Is it no surprise that Trump has never read Matt 5:43-48|Luke 6:27-36

-(01-10-16 20:23): How historically and politically ironic: Donald Trump is now (needing to) start(ing) an “Oreo Party Protest” Mass Movement for : “More Taxation for Less Tariffication”

-(01-10-16 20:26): Donald Trump’s Wife and children are ‘Live Deal Baits’

-(01-10-16 20:32): Donald Trump “doesn’t not understand what is going on with Militant Islam and its various tactics to stealthily infiltrate the West”

-(01-10-16 20:32): Definition of Ego-Drunk:
Trump: ‘Jeb Bush saying “I can fix it” is wrong. If you are in politics, you don’t want to use the word “fix”. “Fix” means [whatever sound effect nonsense]”. You don’t want to use that word.
Naaahhh, I take care of things...Believe me, it’s gonna be fixed!!’
-Self-Retarded Blowhard!!

-(01-11-16 15:52): Unlike Hillary Clinton, he (publicly) said that ‘Bill Cosby is a “tremendous guys” and a “gentleman”’.

-(01-12-16 10:56): Trump is so sure that Iran cares to make a deal with the U.S./West that he thinks they’ll surely come back to a negotiating table if the return of the 4 Americans is made into a deal breaker. In fact Trump is so confident, he is “telegraphing” that negotiation tactic. We’ll see if 4 Americans are really worth a multi-trillion dollar (losing) war....since multi-lateral sanctions again won’t be deemed beneficial by the rest of the P5+1 interested participants in this deal.

-(01-12-16 10:57): Donald Trump is pro-concussions. He hates it when his ‘NFL gladiators’ don’t damage their lives and futures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ZhA_x2qe8

-(01-12-16 22:55): In the same way that I am deliberately abstaining from the common practice of preachers going around to different churches and preaching the same message, I also would be doing like Trump is and flying to a different town almost every day and: reading the latest polls and repeating the same platform points. What a waste of time, resources and energy in this internet age...Just go online and watch any of his videos from the past. If people are that slow, moronic and immature, I certainly don’t want to be their President.

-(01-14-16 20:10): Donald Trump claims he is, and will be, the greatest of uniters, but even his own party cannot stand him, have disowned his views, and are in open opposition to him, right to the highest levels... Dream On...

-(01-17-16 01:52): Someone who would go back to his private business instead of accepting the call to be, at the very least, topmost advisor to the President, and potentially a heartbeat from the Presidency, does not really care to be POTUS...

-(01-18-16 17:52): Melania Trump has 1158 tweets on her Twitter*....1156 before Trump announced he is running for POTUS (June 16, 2015)....Somebody’s been told to keep quiet.. (“#PrayersForCharleston, #SouthCarolina” (June 18, 2015) and “Happy Fourth of July!” were safe enough tweets, I guess...)**

** btw, KG is the only ‘follower I know’ who follows Melania Trump on Twittter...

-(01-18-16 23:26): LOL...So Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were never chummy buddies after all...They were only fooling themselves...and their moronic supporters...

-(01-19-16 17:56): yeah, yeah, yeah...just because you need to revision history to make it seems that ‘everybody knew the WTC towers were surely going to collapse, it doesn’t make it so’: (a) no one went into the towers knowing, or even thinking, that they would collapse...New Yorkers are that stupid...and (b) God knew all along that you all Babylonians would be confident that your Towers of Babel were “warranted to be fireproof” and thus “perfectly safe” (9T 12.1, 13.1)*

* http://njkproject.blogspot.com/2012/04/the-soon-second-third-woe-911-ii-rev.html

-(01-20-15 17:38): LOL, in 2013 Donald Trump was paid $5,000,000 for a speech in Australia...No wonder he doesn’t attack Bill Clinton for his paid speeches tour.

-(01-20-16 18:08): Trump claims he is a “real Christian”..then two sentences later, shares that the he usually uses bad/foul language. It all depends on who his audience is: James 3:1-12 #NotARealChristian Matt 7:15-20

-(01-20-16 18:21): Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump...How natural... “Bird brains of a feather.....” Btw, What does Politically quitting, losing, failing and bench-riding Sarah Palin represent exactly, other than herself.... Trump’s Cabinet: Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy,* and George W. Bush as Secretary of State!!! (01-20-16 20:49): Some people tap a still popular, two-term, former POTUS to campaign for them, Donald Trump taps a one-woman campaign tanker....

* (01-21-16 20:09): But of course, and in her own verbatim words: ‘if she was head of that department, she would get rid of it’!! (01-22-16 10:57):...As (political) Keith Olbermann would (succinctly) say: “That woman is an idiot”....

-(01-21-16 20:10): It’s hilarious how Trump calls John McCain a loser for having lost the 2008 Election...but he is, and post facts, repeating the same mistakes that sunk McCain’s campaign...Hint: Sarah Palin appeals to a few “holy rollers”, but not to the general electorate.* (01-22-16 22:45): But this is indicative of what a Trump Administration would look like...He is going to surround himself with whoever has kissed his needy a$$...no matter how stupid and incompetent they helplessly are...And even also with inherent opponents like Vladimir Putin....

* (01-22-16 22:44): Quite surprised at how Morning Joe almost completely ignored the Sarah Palin endorsement of Trump “news”. https://archive.org/details/MSNBCW_20160120_110000_Morning_Joe

-(01-23-16 22:29): ROTF-LOL-HAHAHA Donald Trump is such a fig-leafing liar* and a complete idiot, and just further confirmed that he is not a real Christian...He blames Tony Perkins for having led him to say “two Corinthians” because Perkins had written out 2 Corinthians....What a loser!!! almost 99.9% of the times Christians who rightly/knowingly say “Second Corinthians” are reading it written out as “2 Corinthians”...Annnnddd...those same 99.9% of people write out verse references to that book do so as “2 Corinthians”, just like Perkins did.... So if you got ‘so easily “confused/fooled” by seeing “2 Corinthians”, then that just means you were used to ever seeing it before, nor hanging around people (e.g. Church going Christians) who know how to awarely&properly enunciate it.**

* In “fact”#: 77% of what Trump says in general is “Mostly False” at best, and 93% is at best “Half True”....

** LOL I bet Perkins wrote out fully “Corinthians”, because if he had not you would surely have (of course confidently, proudly and pompously) said: “2 Cor”....

-Trump claims that many people in other parts of the world say “two Corinthians”, Well the unpleasant but real truth here is that they are probably Bible novices like you..but since you “developed” in the majoritarily Christian bastion society as was/is America, and these people, who unlike you are not flooded with Christian preachers on TV and the Radio, did not, then you are way more of a (indifferent) novice than they (sincerely) are.

-Trump then cite his Scottish mother who ‘would have said “two Corinthians”...I highly doubt being “Scottish” has anything to do with reading that wrong*4*...especially as such an Bible literacy issue supercedes mere nationalities per se*...The only reason it wouldn’t is if Scotland was/is a Biblically parched area...and it certainly is not....especially in the days when, and for however long, your mother was there (before moving to America)...But beyond all of these scapegoating, diversionary excuses: You were speaking to American Evangelicals...in the Bible belt or island of America...So you surely could not honestly expect that they would be going by what “some [novice] people in other parts of the world say”!!!!...And if you “prefer to say “Second Corinthians” as you lying subsequently claimed, then being a Liberty University was the absolute best opportunity to defaultly exercise your “preference”**...Unless of course if you really did not know your audience....Which is actually the case since you don’t actually relate to Evangelicals...***

* And you know where they say, and acceptably so, “two Corinthians”..In, as I know first hand, French cultures...because necessarily having to instead fully say: ‘deuxieme épitre (de Paul) aux Corinthiens’ is unnecessarily too wordy and over formal...That’s not the case at all in English Cultures (and Scotland is English), indeed it is quite the contrary in English Cultures. In these latter cultures, it just reflects one’s “novelicity”/unfamiliarity, or outright ignorance, of the Bible.

** Further case in point, when Trump manifestly heard, and reacted to, people at that Liberty Convocation LOL at him at merely having said “two Corinthians”, if he had a clue that ‘the pronunciation goes both ways’ (which it does not), then there was the time to either switch to the “more familiar/acceptable” one to that congregation, or even state both...but he did not, because he was totally clueless and unaware, and just read “2” like he does when reading a business contract....

*** And FYI: Evangelicals don’t (weekly) take “crackers and a little wine” in Church to be forgiven of their sins...They ‘boldly approach the Throne of Grace whenever and wherever they want to be forgiven’....neither do Evangelicals believe that God’s Grace is found in the ceremony or symbols of communion itself....These symbols just remember/commemorate Christ’s Sacrifice (Luke 22:17-20), they are not, as heretically taught later in apostate Christianity: “sacramental means for obtaining forgiveness”....You are of the Catholic-mirroring, legalistic side of Christianity which certainly is not Evangelical.

*4* Indeed it does not (at least in learned/churched circles), and comparable enough:
-Popular, old-school/timer, Presbyterian Irish Preacher Ian Paisley consistently says: “2nd Corinthians”: http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=4433

-Keith Watkins of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland consistently says “2nd Corinthians”:

-Graeme Craig of the Stornoway Free Church of Scotland consistently says “2nd Corinthians”:

-Allan Murray of the Free Church of Scotland in Brora, Sutherland, Scotland consistently says “2nd Corinthians”:

-Calum Iain Macleod of the Lochs Free Church of Scotland in Isle of Lewis, Scotland  consistently says “2nd Corinthians”:

-Kenneth Stewart of the Glascow Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland consistently says “1st Corinthians” http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=923131257251

Try any other Scottish/Scotland-UK (Presbyterian) Preacher:

Or any British/England-UK (Presbyterian) Preacher:






-Just admit it Donald John, you are no Christian....just as you are no Conservative.....But you are a Con Artist....But evidently not that good at all if you can only con people who are dumber, Biblically illiterate and/or more moronic than you....That’s not even “conning”, that just the mere rallying of the ready rabble....

P.S. (02-28-16 09:50): Relatedly, ROTF-LOL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHK62nepUmI&t=2m53s

-(01-24-16 00:21): Btw, and this is highly likely to be most reflective of what a Trump Administration will be like: despite all of the pompous and blustering statements: Donald still paid the ‘“s.o.b.” who installed a popping mic’ in the Pensacola, FL rally...Trump is all knee jerk talk and no realistic action....

-(01-25-16 03:39): Donald Trump and his likewise moronic infantile minions evidently believe that if they can mantraicly chant/cheer that “Mexico is going to pay for the wall”, that it will then become reality....

-(01-25-16 09:06): Okay, Donald Trump now is convinced that his stupidly gullible supporters are adoringly giving him a license to be a murderous dictator... The New Fuhrer indeed...

-(01-25-16 09:27): Robert Jeffers’s prayer at Dordt College over the unrepentant devil Donald Trump was pure, anti-Christ, blasphemy...

-(01-25-16 10:28): Donald Trump avoids Church, (where they also talk about “Humility”), like a drunkard avoids AA meetings...or a criminal stays clear of a Police Station.

-(01-25-16 12:34): Only insecure and fearful morons, speaking to a rabble of like-minded morons, can’t speak the name of their competitors

-(01-25-16 14:07): LOL when Sarah Palin realized that she was just a stunt/showcase running mate in 2008, she went rogue, same thing will happen in 2016 with Trump.

-(01-25-16 14:48): Of course, the non-gullible, non-morons out there know that Trump is only “paying himself” for the use of his plane while campaigning because it is his private property and he can deduct its use in a public campaign in his taxes....

-(01-25-16 14:48): Since Ted Cruz had taken a loan from Goldman & Sachs, the only ‘thing (=leverage) they had on him’ was this money that he had to pay back to them...Nothing more, nothing else....

-(01-25-16 14:50): You know, when you say something stupid (as here) in a campaign speech, you are either stupid enough to actually believe it...or you are a liar and con artist....

-(01-25-16 15:06): Trump keeps claiming that he won’t be as stupid as those presently in Washington...Well all of his platform’s “solutions” are patently stupid/moronic: They not only won’t resolve the problems, but they’ll compoundedly make them worse, e.g. their costs and the backlash...All in “PCP” lockstep the legacy of the “stupid” Iraq War.

-(01-25-16 22:40): So ‘Iran gave back the 10 detained sailors because the Obama admin had promised to give them back their “$150B” in a few days’, but a Trump admin wouldn’t have given them the money...but instead doubled the sanction. So a Trump admin wouldn’t really care for those sailors, but instead wouldn’t mind himself treating them as hostage pawns and risking their freedom. The “Art of a Deal” is not whimsically making up the conditions as you go along, but holding up your side of the, actual deal. It wasn’t part of that Nuclear Deal that 10 American sailors on 2 Navy boats enter into Iranian territorial waters.
            But there is the Trump mentality that will not be able to make any deals, because everyone else is defaultly in the wrong and has to kow tow to whatever whimsical condition and requirement he has.

-(01-27-16 02:44): Donald Trump trumpets that he had “left $100 in the collection plate”...more proof that Donald Trump is both Biblically illiterate and not a Christian, but a Grand Charlatan Hypocrite (Matt 6:1-3)...In fact, Donald Trump only goes to church to search for his next mistress....

-(01-27-16 02:51): Donald Trump’s supporters are also jerks... https://archive.org/details/FOXNEWSW_20160115_020000_The_Kelly_File#start/2220/end/2280

-(01-27-16 04:15): Donald Trump is a lifelong fraud and con artist...and is now recycling and repackaging his mobster tactics for his POTUS campaign.

-(01-27-16 15:39): Donald Trump believes that he can also buy off God....(Acts 8:20). Sad sack of....Mal 2:3

-(01-28-16 04:17): Donald Trump thinks a debate is about ratings....That’s what (naturally) happens when a Reality TV character runs for President.

-(01-28-16 04:47): It’s official, The Donald has reached Kim Jon Un status: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C63eY4x2s34

-(01-28-16 11:19): Donald Trump to Bill O’Reilly: ‘I’m not going to answer that question, because we had agreed that you wouldn’t ask it during the interview....because it would be embarrassing to your network’...If anyone is brainwashed enough to swallow this patent Jiu Jitsu BS from Donald Trump, then they do deserve him to be their “Dear Leader”...what a buffoon and mad man....Seriously Donald Trump is mental ill...It is psychologically all the acting out due to a pent up lifetime of having been laughed at, from boyhood, as a loser...Oh yeah...He’s not a follower of Jesus Christ (e.g. he hates Matt 6:43-48)...but only when he wants your money or your vote.....

-(01-29-16 01:52): At best, DT can only hope to become the “best jobs President that God ever rejected” (Matt 5:34-37)...(02-04-16 10:14): but that (his actual god) Mammon, can ever spawn. (Luke 16:13)

-(01-29-16 01:53): For all of the purported “murderous danger of illegal immigrants”, you’d think that DT would have way more than just 3 cases to cite for the past 210+ days....It’s demagoguely called  “demonization”...

-(01-29-16 02:10): The “Stupid Trump Supporter”: they still stay and stand around, and despite evidently not having pre-obtained a ticket (online), outside of his rally venues long after it has reached capacity and the rally has started.

-(02-04-16 10:41): Donald Trump lays off using his “greatest of vocabulary” to “keep it stupid” for his simple GEDed-rabble masses (who can’t even figure out how to vote), because he does not want to confuse them with “highly intellectual, (“Wharton”)-educated”, and sophisticated gems such as: “repute” is/means “repudiate”......It was actually probably Freudian: “We are going to repute ISIS”.....At least the last “Klutz in Chief” GWB (visibly) knew that he was (probably) making a (yuge) mistake...((02-28-16 19:23): Probably, unlike for Trump, because he could read the hint from his audience and/or entourage.)....This pompous ego-maniac moron has absolutely no clue when he is, even majorly, wrong.....(02-10-16 03:15): ...Now he is sure that “refudiate” is a, and the, word....Apparently his sidekick Sarah Palin told him so*....That’s what happens when you only went to Wharton because your Daddy could afford the gross waste, plus the bribe ...(02-11-16 18:55): Just like GWB going to Yale.... (03-01-16 07:14): Release the (Senior) High School and (Fordham) University transcripts to see if you actually had the grades to be accepted into Wharton!!!! #TrumpFraud  #WhatGoesAround

-(02-04-16 11:39): Trump raised “$6M” for veterans....he and 3 of his ““friends”” gave $3.5M....

-(02-06-16 18:06): If the problem with Air Force One is its ‘old, inefficient and polluting engines’ as Trump desperately try to find an objecting/Obama-blaming/faulting point with, then it seems to me, that it could have easily been outfitted with 4 latest-line jet engines instead of spending $3.5B for 2 new (customized) Boeing 747-8 planes. (03-01-16 06:30): By the way the latest Jet Engines still “spew stuff”....they just do it at a slower rate than the old engines.

-(02-06-16 18:14): Donald Trump really believe his laced Kool-Aid that people care about what he complimentarily or disparagingly thinks/says about other people.....Crazy!!!

-(02-07-16 10:55): Of course Donald Trump can ‘act snobbishly when with the snobs’....that too requires just show and no substance.....

-(02-08-16 14:03): Donald Trump proved that he won’t actually fight to have his, even promised, “wins” by not challenging the tainted Iowa Caucus voting, which potentially could make him lose the entire nomination (by one delegate).

-(02-08-16 14:08): No wonder Donald Trump is fat: skips the most important meal of the day: (Breakfast); and indulges on the most detrimental one (Dinner)...which is why he can skip Breakfast....

-(02-09-16 12:45): Of course Trumpista would do worse than waterboarding...He will ‘murder the wives and children of (suspected or not) enemies....(02-15-16 23:48: -the movie Unthinkable (2010) must be informing his counter-terrorism policy)...and then Americans will just have to stay in America lest they be likewise whimsically murdered overseas....And when you need to resort to “torture”...you know you incompetently dropped the “intelligence and security” ball a long time ago...

-(02-09-16 13:02): So, the truth of the matter is that the rich donors and supporters got most of those 1000 seats in that 02-06-16 GOP Debate because the college kids who originally had tickets were staunch capitalists who cared more about making (scalping) money than attending a debate in person....

-(02-09-16 20:38): Donald Trump has indeed been thawed from a 1980's deep psycho-logical freeze: He never also cites General Stormin Norman Schwartzkoff along with Patton and MacArthur....Probably because he wasn’t an insubordinate SOB like them and him.

-(02-09-16 20:39): Mexico won’t pay for that “stupid and useless wall of ‘ignorant’ Donald Trump”: http://www.mediaite.com/online/fmr-mexican-president-rips-trump-were-not-paying-for-his-stupid-useless-wall/

-(02-09-16 20:41): Trump needs to think that dealing with Chinese (Capitalist) businessmen is the same as dealing with the Chinese (Communist) Government.

-(02-10-16 03:29): Looks like those “50 soldiers” sent to Syria and Iraq are doing just fine months into their “announced” special mission.

-(02-10-16 03:35): Since Trump is that clueless...Migrants with cellphone had paid that current month, or even year, plan before the had to leave their homes a few days back by then....and if they can’t afford the service will migrating, there is always WiFI+(e.g.) Skype....Owning an cellphone does mean you’re a drug dealer terrorist...It’s not the 1980's.
-(02-10-16 16:05): I thought you would have heard it from Joe and Mika by now already but, -(and you of course needed that guileful straw man to con your witlessly gullible rabble): the law currently is that no one can be left to die on the sidewalks and in the streets. I.e. Emergency Rooms cannot turn them away if they do not have health insurance to cover their emergency. However it is allowed to let people slowly die in their homes if they cannot afford the health coverage to remedy their chronic illnesses.

-(02-10-16 17:34): ....So the Mexico Wall just got taller....so did the cost of the wall....so did the tariffs on Mexican Exports....so did the cost to US importers and consumers, also American-based producers of these (outsourced) products....All just like Trump will take a minor dispute with Russia and “escalate it” to “M.A.D.” Thermo-Nuclear Holocaust....Because the only way Trump makes any deal is according to his fantasaical wannabe-Mafioso-“Don” style: ‘your compliance or your further detriment, by my goons’. Once a bully, always, everywhere, and in everything, a bully....

-(02-11-16 04:44): LOL!!! Juvenile Trump really believes that after having been opposed by “17” opponents from his (supposedly) very own political party, and in his own country, there won’t be then 170 new opponents worldwide if he ever wins the U.S. Presidency...-So that he then can (get a lobotomy) and behave....smell the coffee loser, they are already taking a ticket and lining up: from Canada (yeah look it up**), to the United Kingdom, to Mexico, to Saudi Arabia to Israel (Netanyahu) ...to the Pope/Holy See.... among the vocal ones thus far....Much more to come if you actually win....
            Quite a relief to see a journalist, Lester Holt,* finally, clearly/openly show Trump that he is not buying his vacuous, intelligence-mocking, spinning stupidity, but it still looks like journalists are afraid to confront Trump lest they thus contribute more moronic support for him.


** (03-08-16 06:01): Plus, lately: https://archive.org/details/WOIO_20160307_000000_60_Minutes#start/600/end/660

-(02-11-16 16:27): “Stupid Politicians who say anything (that’s on his mind)” = The (uncouth) Demagogue Donald J. Trump

-(02-11-16 19:06): Spot On: “Dawn of the Brain Dead”...a newspaper headline ripped from the also democratic developments in 1930's Germany....Now there are some “history repeating” voters that should be “punched in the face”....(02-12-16 18:27): actually necessarily in self-defense...

-(02-11-16 19:53): Actual New Hampshire Primary Results: Trump 35.3% (10 Unbound Delegates); Against** Trump 64.7% (13 UDs)*....There are still nomination deals to be made during the (surely >50% front-runner, thus brokered***) GOP Convention. (02-12-16 23:53): That is why no candidate should not moronically/non-sensically “traditionally” terminate, or even “suspend”, their campaigns after “Iowa or New Hampshire”, but should explicitly stay on the ballots right to the Convention...(02-14-16 20:32): and that is why primary voting should involve official and binding 2nd, 3rd, even 4th choice selections/voting on ballots which would hold delegates to upholding if/when “released” at the Convention due to a >50% front-runner situation. (02-23-16 16:59): P.S. ...then again, the RNC Delegate allocating process is significantly so non-proportional...

[02-12-16 05:35] http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/insiders-no-easy-road-to-nomination-for-trump-219142
[02-16-16 05:19]

* (02-14-16 08:55): Same “Trump vs. the combined and larger supported rest of the Field” implication with any GOP candidates poll: e.g. the Evangelical Support/Vote Poll.

** (02-15-16 21:45): Because these supporters are not merely trying to have their candidate be elected “in the place of Trump” (= “anti-“ e.g. “Anti-Christ”#), but are actually highly likely to never support Trump, who effectively is running a Third/Independent (“National Socialist”) Party Campaign.

# http://njkproject.blogspot.com/2009/10/pleading-proverbs-264-5.html#manofsin

-(02-11-16 21:20): Quite telling how Demagogue Don, explicitly or implicitly, variously “Freudianly blames” (a.k.a. “throws under the bus”) his ‘stupid supporters’ who “egg and encourage” him...E.g. those ‘mindless morons who would still support him if he murdered someone on Fifth Avenue’

-(02-12-16 05:34): uhhhhh....it is the FORMER President of Mexico Felipe Calderón who is bothering to address your stupid claim about your “stupid and useless wall”*...The current President has better things to do....but of course you know all this and you are betting that your rabble is too stupid to notice the difference and will really believe that you are getting the attention of the current Presidential Administration of Mexico....There is a reason why the current President hasn’t said anything...because it will be a Trade/Tariff War at the very least if he has to speak on the issue....and U.S. workers, consumers and US-based businesses themselves will make you regret this...and as if Congress will go along with these irrational and self-detrimental Trade and Tariff wars/intervention...

-(02-12-16 05:54): Boy, there really are some serious idiots in America = Trump Supporters (02-14-16 20:03): = Those short-minded/sighted, national-pride-puffing, delusional people who clearly did not learn anything from the ““Ugly”|Boorish|Goonish American” days/administration of GWB when the rest of the world, including the democratic world, mostly sooner, or later, just did not kowtow to this American Stupidity...no matter how big the U.S.’s “stick” was....But now the “Trump solution” is alienate the Western Nations again, and also add China, the surely Russia, and Mexico, and the Middle East/Muslims, and of course why not also Japan, because it is their fault that they make better products than Americans which Americans consumers prefer, and South Korea who probably did not ask for the U.S. to (permanently) set up its Cold War anti-Communism Overseas Base in their country.

-(02-13-16 00:47): It is Patently American to see people demonizing illegal (Mexican) Immigrants for being in the country when it is both willingly law breaking American business owners and private people who are giving them jobs, thus living money, and the government who is not doing anything effective to prevent the cheating of the Work Permit Program system and Welfare. You are the greedy and stupid fiends who are luring them into your country to be exploited by you...but of course, and as with any other issue, they are the Criminals and Evildoers. Only spurious, even outrightly false, Christians,* who put themselves and/or their country ahead of God and His Righteousness, -and who just don’t care, can support/vote for an imposter like Trump.

* cf. http://appleofhiseye6.blogspot.ca/2016/02/why-christians-should-be-againsttrump.html

-(02-15-16 02:09): Dummy Trump thinks that someone natural death is a “blow”...I mean Scalia could have waited 11 more months before dying...and Trump is all for Washington gridlock and partisan obstruction/delay.....New kind of (mafioso) politics indeed

-(02-15-16 02:25): Trump’s first 3 questions when First in White House and Situation Room: Who are the fools who put me here?....Now what do I do??.....How quickly can I resign???

-(02-15-16 02:24): Vacuous Trump wants Iran to help out in fighting ISIS but wants to step on their neck about their Nuclear Energy Program.

-(02-15-16 23:35): What kind of EgoManiac autographs a baby...

-(02-16-16 08:57): Delusional Don also lies about Iraq War: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/feb/13/donald-trump/donald-trump-says-his-early-opposition-iraq-war-wa/
(02-20-16 09:34): What kind of Ambivalent Charlatan “forgets” about being for the invasion of Iraq in September 2002?!!!!...The Con-Artist kind who is not at all challenged by a gullible rabble..Plus Trump wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein...Who would be “killing the terrorists” then????
(02-22-16 02:00): Trump lies about there being evidence in regards to his stance on Iraq War
-Trump then lies about him finding such evidence...

-(02-16-16 20-32): Typical Politicians need money, so they are bribed by money; Since Politician Trump has had much money, and it still has not filled that validation/acceptance hole (because he knows people only give a damn about him because he has money), he psychologically still needs approval, so he is (at least subconsciously) influenced/bribed by those who approve of or endorse him...even Vladimir Putin....

-(02-16-16  21:06): Newflash: Putin is not engaged in “getting rid of ISIS in Syria”, but rather other US Supported Assad rebels.

-(02-16-16  21:07): Unlike Marco Rubio, he innately has the characteristic of, like a fat hog, not sweating....

-(02-16-16  21:52): Dogging Juan Trimp* openly hitting on his hot female rally goers...He is definitely going to reactivate the JFK secret “broad” tunnel into the White House and the “Camelot Room”...all to “Make America Great Again” of course....by making these escapades “profitable for America” by being a new genre of Porn Reality TV show called: “Guess Who’s Getting Screwed Over Tonight?!!”...and for the Second Season, since there will be no reason for the faux secrecy, the show will be rebranded as: “Guest Who’s Getting Screwed Over Tonight!!

* ...as in ‘his personal pimp’...

-(02-16-16  23:53): So Obama is right in trusting the judgement of the American People (i.e. the ca. 83% of overall voters today who don’t support Trump) not to elect Donald Trump...because that’s the same choice they had made in 2012 which was an effective “referendum” on his (“failed”) Presidency.

-(02-17-16 02:53): As testified under oath in a court of Law, Donald Trump is a (violent) rapist and domestic abuser...with pathologic incestual penchants....(02-18-16 05:48): who, when his campaign was about to start, most likely paid off or intimidated Ivana to “recant” what she had priorly said in sworn testimony....oddly uncharacteristic, thus telling, from Tramp...not ever a follow through about a defamation or libel lawsuit against the publisher and/or Ivana for having published that declaration/allegation....(02-26-16 16:13): and FYI Thug-Rapist Trump: even non-consentual rough/violent sex is a crime....

-(02-17-16 05:27): ...Someone giving the finger to Trump’s rabble is ‘classless’...Ergo Trump mouthing the word for his rowdy rabble is even more ‘classless’...(02-22-16 13:02): Btw, if it was a minority who had done this, instead of a “lily white” person like them, they would have been booed or even assaulted instead of the total “shocked” silence that this person got...which is why Trump had to step in with his “classless” chant incitation...

-(02-17-16 05:35):...Shhhhh...Don’t tell Trump that, as copiously substantiated and demonstrated by now, it is the people who support him who, like him, have psychological and/or psychiatric issues,* are losers and probably take various drugs, including prescribed and liquid ones....

e.g. people/entities (e.g. Ben Carson, Charles Krauthammer, Time Magazine, Pollster) are “terrific” or “terrible” depending on the latest favorable or critical thing they have said/stated in regards to him.
            (02-17-16 12:23): In fact it is actually because Donald is so psychologically screwed up where he would feel so bad about himself if he did not respond in kind to people who supported him that he is not taking major campaign donation...He can’t trust his needy self to no do what those major donors (supposedly) want him to do if he took their money...or rather, as I doubt there actually is any string attached to these proposed donation, it is just Donald who will feel that he has to give to major donors a favor in kind if he took their money...as if they could sue him for not acting on their (supposed) “bribery”...And it does take one (briber) to assume or know of another briber.....So Cruz is playing a “flooding money game” with Trump by putting out these ads of Trumps prior positions gaming on the fact that much less people will hear Trump’s none mass broadcast response...or Trump could go all hysterical again to try to respond when he has the major TV Audience of a debate stage.

-(02-17-16 05:42):....Speaking of a guileful charlatan: what else is this weasel’s caveat supposed to mean: Trump: “We are going to make America greater than ever before....maybe”...
So, e.g.:
-When Trump would have finished inciting race wars in America, he then could say: ‘Well at least we don’t have slavery.’
-When Trump would have sent the American Economy in default, he then could say: ‘Well at least your income is greater than it was in the 1950's’
-When Trump would have finished causing the obliteration of U.S. cities after a Thermo-Nuclear exchange with China, Russia and/or Pakistan, he then could say (from a bunker): ‘Well at least we don’t have problems with old infrastructure anymore.’

-(02-17-16 06:49):....Trump’s moronic mob believes that “building the wall” will prevent US Companies from producing more business in Mexico...In fact Trump’s Wall and Deportation plan will actually precipitate the export of U.S. jobs to Mexico because the increase in wages and benefits for U.S. jobs, -now that illegal immigrants can no longer be exploited, will drive up the cost of production in the U.S. Even Happy Meals will be (more cheaply) Fed Exed from a McDonalds in Mexico....

-(02-17-16 12:37): Trump is a chump -gullibly believing his own non-sensical hype, -with serious psychological+psychiatric derangement,* -(like I said, the CIA*** (ditto the Mossad) itself would (pre-emptively) assassinate such a clinically “mad” person like him trying to be the Head of State of an established, potent and prolific nuclear powers like Russia, China or Pakistan)...JFK style -(02-22-16 17:09): thus even with Secret Service “protection”**...(02-24-16 03:26): ...plus with bullets dipped in a ‘chain-smoking, alcoholic drug addict’s’ blood .... (02-28-16 21:00): Or even more fittingly: in the blood of a doped and boozed up, nicotine-fully-patched, swine; -(02-28-16 04:56): and pointedly because Trump is quite evidently likely to “madly”/“wildly” i.e. unnecessarily escalate normative issues of difference to a Thermo-Nuclear level against world powers which have (potent) “Second Strike” capability...(03-03-16 15:16): Then he’ll learn what a “Triad” is all about... ((02-28-16 07:57): thus on a similar ‘Nuclear Strike Threat Against the U.S.’ basis/rationale as was probably cited against JFK in regards to his “weakness” vs. Soviet-backed Communist Cuba)  #OffTrump

* (02-17-16 22:04): I.e “Unprincipled# Compensatory## and quasi-Malignant### narcissistic derangement

# “Deficient conscience; unscrupulous, amoral, disloyal, fraudulent, deceptive, arrogant, exploitive; a con man and charlatan; dominating, contemptuous, vindictive.”

## “Seeks to counteract or cancel out deep feelings of inferiority and lack of self-esteem; offsets deficits by creating illusions of being superior, exceptional, admirable, noteworthy; self-worth results from self-enhancement.

### Short of open/public criminality: “Fearless, guiltless, remorseless, calculating, ruthless, inhumane, callous, brutal, rancorous, aggressive, biting, merciless, vicious, cruel, spiteful, ; hateful and jealous; anticipates betrayal and seeks punishment; desires revenge; Has been isolated, and is often suicidal,% and is homicidal.

% (02-19-16 11:52): Indeed how many times during this present campaign that Trump has said or done things which he knew could easily end his political run....He was actually surprise that it did not...which all led to that “murder someone on 5th Avenue” thing....

*** (03-13-16 09:00): And perhaps former CIA director Michael Hayden has been tapped to effectively accomplish that task by outspeakingly opposing Trump.....

-Cruz is clinically unscrupulous, nefarious and devious, and quite bottomlessly depraved, actually (= an “Unprincipled narcissist”) -(he even will use, and abuse, also his own (underage) children in the fray)...and since he obviously doesn’t care, he clearly has a “greater “good”” secret agenda... (so who knows what he’ll “Messianically” actually do for the (Babylonian) Christian Right when in power);...(03-04-16 03:56): ...his still(?) SDA wife can clue him in...if she still(?) can....
-Carson is an amateur; with an actual learning impediment and/or indifference...at best;
-Bush is vacuous and suffers from worse inferiority complexes than GWB...So watch out for the overcompensating reaction;
-Rubio is, simply said, a wannabe [who is certain that he is running against Obama*], that’s why he has to learn everything by rote....
* (02-18-16  05:30): Newsflash Newbie: Obama proposed “changes” were, and that recursively, approved and implemented democratically...So you’re “out of touch” and the “tyrant”....
+Clinton is not deserving, short-minded/sighted (=poor judgement), and really incompetent...as in: “in over her head”...(as emblematically seen in that famous still photo in WH Situation Room during the Bin Laden raid);
+Sanders will never be able to achieve the needed “Revolution”, with the People or in Congress, to effectuate his Socialist Platform in America...Democracy won’t let him...and Military Force is of course not an option as was done in the Soviet-Style “Socialism” in history. (Ironically enough, what Sanders needs is a Trump win and the ensuing one-, especially two-, term(s)* evidencing total failure and debacle of his “National Capitalist-Socialist” mafioso-platform, to convince people to whole-heartedly try the Sanders proposition instead.)
* All depending on in which term Trump would have executed his various religio-genocidal, and individual+mass murder, war crimes in trying to defeat ISIS

=So let the present best person, and well/provedly qualified & experienced candidate, win: moderate Kasich...(If Uncle Joe doesn’t jump in)...Kasich can actually get enough/much support from Independents and (Center-Left) Democrats.

-(02-17-16 13:10): I feel sorry for the like-worthless-character morons who cannot see/realize that even Donald Trump doesn’t know what a stupid senseless (not “common sense”) simpleton he is...and is nothing more than a sad sack of hot air....He keeps citing the U.S. trade deficit with Mexico for why ‘they will surely pay for the wall’ (and what the hell does Cartel drug money have to do with anything...oh yeah: ‘the Mexican government is sending drug into the U.S.’)...because, in his infantile and “chump” mind, Mexico is agonizing and itching to make up that Trade imbalance with the U.S. The fantasy is, i.e. according to Trump’s trade imbalance “rational”, that Mexico can wait until the Wall has become 300 feet tall (and 80 feet wide), and thus costs $58 billion (for just 1,000 out of 2,100 miles of course), before they, if ever, start to worry about losing money with the U.S....if they don’t, (e.g.) gradually shut off their oil tap into the U.S. long before that....(02-26-16 14:45): Or actually even better, in the opening battles of this Tariff-Trade War, as Felipe Calderon had put it:* Mexico will just (correspondingly) cut down on buying American made products....(And surely China, or even (Liberal-led) Canada, will love to (cheaply) fill in that vacuum...(02-27-16 09:24): Quite pivotal that Americans have to buy/import their own(-designed) products from Mexico...products which most Mexicans cannot afford, so Mexico also cutting back of such exports or adding a tariff to them, will significantly hurt American consumers...(02-27-16 22:32): And in a “Tariff War”, imposing a tariff on Mexican exports into the U.S. (e.g. U.S. outsourced manufactured products) is probably “all’s fair...”

(02-18-16 05:16): Yeah vacuously double down on stupidity.....what else can you do....Good thing for you your supporters are more senseless than you....

-(02-17-16 13:50): By the way, what’s the point of having State Health Insurance companies, if there are no longer any limiting State Lines...and as if low risk rural Delaware or Maine could, at the same low local cost, cover the cost of health treatment available in high risk urban New York, Florida, Illinois or California. Given the redundant overhead cost of now 50 competing insurance companies, who surely will be having “out of state coverage” premiums, the whole thing will soon collapse down to one merged monopoly company or, like oil & gas companies, 50 colluders...(02-26-16 16:03): because, and unlike for gasoline which has cheaper transportation alternatives, it can be “banked” on that people will borrow/mortgage/sell/pawn/pay anything, and to quasi-incontrovertible medical professionals, to get back their health and thus prolong their life

-(02-1716 22:17): If “every jab at Trump made him bigger and better” he would by now no longer have any platform to stand on, because he would have long realized that it has all been a bunch of hot air which needs to bloat up and demonizing the minors, and ignore the actual facts/reality of the matter. So like the professional charlatan and con man that he is, he has to continue masking these vacuous claims in his platform with laughing gas smoke and enlarging mirrors...

-(02-18-16 00:27): More of Trumps “unprincipled narcissist derangement (UND)” ‘He will only sue Cruz for not having a birth right to be eligible to be a U.S. President if Cruz doesn’t apologize to him’...If Cruz does, then he now has the full right to be President...It’s always about Trump, and not at all about the American People.

-(02-18-16 08:07): Most likely just more stupidity for his more stupid rabble: If there are 179,000 known illegal immigrant criminals in the U.S. What are the chances that it is because they are in prison?!

-(02-19-16 05:31): The (Socialist First Beast) Anti-Christ doesn’t think that the (Capitalist Second Beast) Anti-Christ is Christian...This all continues to get Eschatologically Prophetic.....(02-28-16 13:04): An Eschatological Third Era does need its (spurious adherent) “Constantine the Great”....)

-(02-19-16 05:38): LOL why does Trump read from a script, -and in a third person voice, when responding to the Pope...or planning to ban all Muslims...He’s instilling guileful plausible deniability of course that “he himself didn’t write that statement.”

-(02-20-16 03:07): “Run the Table”...to Donald Trump a POTUS run is like shooting craps*....He obviously doesn’t expect that his rabble would know that, (02-24-16 01:58): even given the Capitalistically-skewed, and non-democratically representative, RNC delegate allocation rules, even at the present (mostly much wider GOP field-polled) front-running generous averaging clip of 32%, you, roughly-reckoned, barely “run” anything in the GOP race...Particularly “if and when” that Against Trump bloc strategically coalesces in a (e.g. Cruz-Rubio or Rubio-Cruz =36%) Pres-VP deal, -at least by March 12, 2016 (=halfway) before the non-proportional, non-majority(+)-threshold-“winner take all” flurry of ca. 16 of 17 States actually begins**; which can produce 67% (=849) of the needed delegates to win...(02-20-16 06:12): It is just the math of the process...and the GOP Nomination Rules...But do keep on lying to your gullible rabble...

* (02-24-16  02:21): By the way, expect (a) a White House Casino in a Trump administration, as well as (b) a Federal Gaming Law allowing casinos anywhere in the U.S.

** Redeemable credit to the RNC if this post first 28 Primaries (=Halfway) scheduling of non-majority(+)-threshold-“Winner-Take-All” States was deliberately so done....

-(02-20-16 03:15): As with the Old (Neh 13:15-22), the New Jerusalem will have massive and costly walls (Rev 21:12-14)...to keep all you Religio- and Socio-Economic “Babylonians” (Rev 13:8; 17:8) out (Rev 21:27; 22:15)!!!

-(02-20-16 07:12): LOL...I thought that Trump just said a few days ago that he was all for a Church weighing in unhinderedly and unpenalizedly into politics...So what would be wrong with the Pope trying to sway his global flock to “vote their (Catholic) Christian values’....By the Way, the Holy See is a State..that’s why it is included in the UN....
(02-21-16 07:19): Plus it inherently is the duty of a Christian Leader to question the faith of a professed Christian, if the “bad fruits” warrant that (Matt 7:15-20 - But Trump doesn’t care what the Bible says whenever it again exposes him as that ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’...) Trump probably wanted to say instead: ‘for a Catholic Christian to question a Protestant Christian is “disgraceful”.’
(02-20-16 11:29): Also btw: Holy See/Vatican City accepts 4 Syrian refugees...Population of ca. 1000 + in .17 mi2 = 0.4% x 2,353% = 941.2%; the U.S. 10,000(??) at 320,000,000 population in 3,796,742 mi2 = 0.003% x 0.263% = 0.00079% The Vatican is thus far 1,191,363X more generous towards refugees than the U.S. with their resources.

-(02-20-16 11:06): There is a jolting scenario where Donald Trump will be so offended that he would shoot himself in the Oval Office: When Military Generals and the CIA** refuses to execute his criminal orders...and (effectively, if not literally) court martial him* (02-28-16 07:25): by, in a circuitous Military Coup, forcing the U.S. Congress to impeach him under “No Confidence due to Psychological/Mental Unfitness” grounds.... and ‘before he gets us all snuffed out’... (03-04-16 14:47): E.g.: http://warontherocks.com/2016/03/open-letter-on-donald-trump-from-gop-national-security-leaders/

* (02-21-16 09:13): cf. https://archive.org/details/KQED_20160219_235900_BBC_World_News_America#start/900/end/960

** (04-11-16 12:36): Indeed#  ...Trump will then name his current security henchman as his new CIA YesMan Director.


P.S. ....Here we go. The tin-pot Dictator takes his stand: Trump: “The Military/CIA won’t refuse me”....Okay, you and what army?!!..... Despite having gone to a Military Academy, Donald Trump has no clue how the U.S. Military System works....Must be all of those deferments...Who cares “how you frankly feel”....(03-04-16 18:27): That’s exactly why Trump wants to be POTUS. He thinks that people, including Congress, do whatever a President tells them to do..and ala. Ousted Crook Richard Nixon: “if the President does it, then it is not illegal”...
(03-05-16 18:02): LOL, Between his debate statement and his later “reversal”, Donald Trump just found out that the U.S. Military was actually “bound by laws”...Before he thought they would do whatever their “Dear Leader” told them to do....

(03-07-16 22:55): I KNEW IT: Trump guilefully lied...He didn’t reverse anything, he has now explicitly and clearly said that he will instead change/“expand” the law and/or pull out of treaties so that he can execute his torture and murdering of women, children, grandparents, relatives of alleged U.S. combatants....(03-18-16 21:50): Yeah you and what Legislature/Congress #MakeAmericaCriminalAgain
(03-08-16 05:07): Watch the rest of NATO, justifiedly, turn its back on the U.S. when such a human rights violating terroristic and criminal policy leads to various attacks and “acts of war” against the U.S....So then the U.S. will try to confect a “coalition of the willing” of e.g. Poland and Lithuania, ...and before long, the U.S. will be back in the quagmire of the Bush-ed Years...and this time “on PCP”....

-(02-21-16 04:47): Christians are allowed, even mandated to judge other/fellow Christians, (even beyond ecclesiastical matters) (1 Cor 6:1-6), because there is a unique standard for what true Christianity is, and that is the Bible. (Eph 4:5) Jesus only said not to ‘hypocritically “indict”(Matt 7:1-5), and also to ‘not “indict” according to mere appearances, but “indict” according to a ‘righteous “evaluation/investigation”(John 7:24). Then, when this judgement is rightly done, a person found to not be in the Actual/Biblical Christian Faith is to be dealt with (Matt 18:15-18).
            People who do not want to be judge, or even judge, or people who know that they are not in the Truth of Christianity and neither care about that, nor want to be Biblically challenged to ascribe to Biblical Truth...These are the same types who are against proselytizing. (=Matt 23:13) It would be better to be judged now (Jam 5:19-20), then later (Matt 7:21-23). Fitting enough, it is those novice/superficial/shallow Christians who do not actually know what the Bible says, and mandates, about “Christian Inter-Judgement”.
            That all said Donald Trump is indeed not a Christian...Neither is the Grand False Shepherd (a.k.a. the Anti-Christ) Pope Francis...

(02-21-16 09:29): Kasich finishes 5th of 6 in South Carolina: As usual, nice guys finish last....jerks & deceivers get rewarded....

(02-21-16 12:28): Cruz: ‘....what made America “great” in the first place’....try, for starters, the free (and still unrepaid), labor of slaves of over 200 years....You Satanic crooks...

(02-22-16 05:22): Ben Carson actually so never cared about actually becoming President, that he doesn’t mind milking that campaigning cash cow till the end.

(02-22-16 13:01): First time ever that I hear Trump say the name of Jesus....and it is in a profane-swearing way....

(02-22-16 13:04): As is the question with any Tariff imposition, can the American consumer afford Ford cars whose engines or more will cost “35% more”...and/or how likely it is that, unlike American Workers, Mexicans workers won’t mind taking a salary cut which offsets that 35% tariff...it is not like there is such jobs/salary competition in Mexico....

(02-22-16 14:02): Funny when the Media just jumped on the populous War on Terror-Iraq bandwagon without asking the tough question they got blamed, now they are not supposed to challenge Trump and populous bandwagon...

(02-22-16 16:10): How many times did Obama, or any other previous POTUS candidate for that matter, keep gloating, or even once, to their supporters that ‘they were on the magazine cover of Time,’ or any other magazine....It most candidly is because Trump knows he and his rift-raft rabble are working from the position of just that: a bunch of worthless and uncouth cretins who had been soundly relegated to the annals of uncivilized history, with even more cretin and backwards ideas to run, actually rundown, a country. -(And in Trump’s customary vacuous denunciation, and even in regards to Time: “Who reads Time anyway!!”)...

(02-22-16 16:15): Dumb Dumb Trump really believes that (even some of) the “7.8%” of people who were still, -really principlely, supporting Jeb Bush are now going to be swoon by his non-conservative and stupid campaign....

(02-22-16 16:17): On second thought, it actually is good that Trump is totally unscripted....we thus got to see and know who he really is candidly: E.g. a Narcissistic Ego-Maniac*

(06-16-16 10:51): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-narcissistic_us_5761c1e8e4b05e4be860bb20?

(02-22-16 17:59): Hasn’t by now the only “economic genius” that Trump could name, Carl Eikon, or however his name is spelled (Carl Ichan), told Trump that the $150Billion that Iran got in the Nuclear Deal was their own frozen money...or would that fact get in the way of their Emperor-with-no-clothes Trump’s compoundedly stupid campaigning “ohh we are so poor” illustration...What a charade of moronicity....But in Trump’s own ever emboldened stupid words: “that the kind of sick thinking the U.S. needs”*...
            That’s the whole thing with Trump’s campaign...when he’ll face the facts and reality, he’ll have no more snake’s oil to sell....
            (02-23-16 09:56): But Trump wouldn’t care anyways, he would much rather scuddle any nuclear deal with Iran and go to war with them to try to end their nuclear program...and necessarily, try to effectuate (Supreme) Regime change....Good Luck...

* (02-23-16 02:09): Just like Dirty Tramp “sickly” thought that (“a protestor”) shutting off the venue lights during his rally was “great” and whipped into a irrational frenzy his moronic rabble to mindlessly deem the same (fire self-safety be damned, the show must go on), he’ll likewise, embarrassedly/defensively, spin that a Thermo-Nuclear exchange with a nuclear power is great for the U.S. and just what it needed (‘plus it will save on infrastructure demolition costs’). Typical reactions of a dictator (e.g. Hitler, Mussolini, Kim Jun-Un) - they vexatiously love to take everybody down with their stupid self...

(02-22-16 18:14): Trump is a L-I-A-R: (as Kirsten Powers said*) He has no idea what the (purported) Mexican government supposedly “wrongly” told the Pope... #TrumpLies #ConManTrump

* (03-01-16 06:22): https://archive.org/details/FOXNEWSW_20160220_010000_The_OReilly_Factor#start/180/end/240

(02-23-16 02:03): LOL, Don Don is “the best person (among the candidates)” like swine’s flesh is not an abomination (Isa 65:4; 66:17); Just because Babylonian Christians eat pork, it doesn’t make it clean...and just because (shockingly) Don Don thinks ‘he is the best person’, doesn’t make it so....  #DelusionalDon

(02-23-16 05:44): Douche Trump “acts like a scoundrel when challenged by very talented people”...no kidding....and like-minded scoundrels identify with that, and support him. #Trumpism
(03-01-16 06:19): By the way a “trumpism” is Trump (disclaimingly knowingly), candidly, but strategically ambiguously, admitting/confessing to a truth, but expressing it in a way that his Trumpies will be fooled to think that it is not true... #Trumpie (03-07-16 03:43): Perfect demonstration: Trump hoodwinkingly keeping on sharing how ‘he has learned from his father to no be so rough, and to “take out the lumps”’...while he just keeps on being rough and uncouth, but his #Trumpies are thus actually dupedly believing that he is not.
(02-23-16 09:57): Marco Rubio rotely repeats things because he has nothing original to say...Trump repeats the same old things, including irrelevantly so, because he doesn’t dare say anything else. Funny I actually don’t recall “scripted and teleprompted”, and much-covered, twice elected campaigning Obama,* repeating the exact same speech everywhere he went....That’s because he ran an intelligent campaign, instead of a (a) Robo-Stump one or (b) a Dumb Jack Ass one...


(02-23-16 11:05): So for the apparently “fast-firing” honest Ted, the fall guy for the Iowa swindle would have been him....and he couldn’t fall on his own sword...

(02-23-16 11:51): Democrats have their Democratic check system of (Free-Agent/“Unpledged”) Super Delegates (who are mostly, in turn, populously elected party official) which mirrors the Senate vs. House* democratic check; Republicans have the non-sensical nor representative (Capitalistic) “winner takes all” (16 states -plus at varying threshold % 13) approach in many State primaries. (03-07-16 12:23): What should be the Candidate Election rule is that: if a Primary Season does not produce a majority of popular votes winner, then the selection is turned over to (only directly populously elected) Party Superdelegates, and who would merely complement (as actually presently the case in the DNC) the final popular vote, at their Convention....(03-07-16 15:05): which is actually more representative than whatever actually goes on presently when a contested convention’s first ballot does not return a majority candidate.

* (02-26-16 11:47): By the way, IM-NJK-O, people eligible to become U.S. Senators should, “graduatedly”, (first) come from the pool of already elected House of Representative Congresspeople for that State.

(02-23-16 11:55): How is Donald Trump’s campaign “self-financing” if it is actually a personal load to his campaign committee, currently at $12.6M (biggest campaign debt thus far)?????* The committee is going to have to repay that loan....mostly likely from collected donations from donors....So it is really a campaign financing advance from Trump, just so he can avoid the needy imagery of asking for monetary support while on his campaign. #TrumpLies (03-02-16 08:45): of course it is ‘Trump supporters who “own” him instead of major donors’...they are going to have to repay him his personal loan to his own campaign....Can’t say he didn’t tell you chumps.....


-(02-25-16 07:33): ....so....again as per Trump’s “logic”, in order for Rubio to avoid ever having the electorate hear all of those ‘utterly candidacy-damaging points’ that Trump has ‘stored up against/about him’, he just has to never “(first) hit” Donald Trump....Keep making it about yourself Trump...you clinically needy moronic (actually just: lying/bamboozingly) ego-maniac psycho.... #Trumpism

-(02-25-16 20:55): So Ivanka is now 39 weeks (and 4 days) pregnant since “they (= “Trump, Ivanka and co”) were expecting to have the child starting during the Iowa Caucuses.....the Trump & Co. hyped-up Trump Family Carnival Tour goes on...and the like-minded chumps lap it up.....  #Trumpbots (02-26-15 02:41): Now watch Ivanka give birth a month from today* (02-28-16 22:28): -induced on the day of a primary of course,....Which begs the Donald-made pertinent question: Why is he so “sure” about these prior due dates??!....and Why does Ivanka not dare correct him??!!...Hint: He’d probably fly into a rage that she “cheated” on him..... #DumpTrump

(04-04-16 14:16): P.S. ...“a month later” indeed....as suspected: [03-27-16]

-(02-25-16 22:24): Note to the world: Don’t make deals with Trump...He keeps on describing in detail during his campaigning how he plans to lie and not hold up his end, “because the U.S. is so poor”, and only wants to steal your resources...= “The Tart of the Deal” & “The Start of the Steal” Btw, are there still “Persians” around....  #TrumpFraud (03-03-16 21:09): How about the Romans!?...of course not, Italians are Caucasian....

-(02-26-16 02:33): Dingo Don’s plan to stop North Korea is to not to confront them head on... ‘since they have one nuke’...but instead “got through China”...since they have 240+ nukes.... Here’s a clue: the more nukes a country has...exponentionally the more they don’t care what you, the U.S., wants them to do....Plus, you guys need China’s cash...lest you default on your debt, can’t pay for your budget, and cascadingly start shutting down...  #TrumpIsAChump

-(02-26-16 07:29): The beneficial thing about various networks and journalist cheerleading for, and fawning over, Dumb Dumb Trump, is that it serves to motivate the “Against-Trump” voters. #AgainstTrump

-(02-26-16 17:05): Well that Houston GOP debate has shown that it is Donald Trump who is the actual/substantive liar, and quite a bold face one, and in an added devious “prove it if you can”....and talk about actually “melting down”, becoming “unhinged”/“basket-case”, a broken record “repeater” and a desperate rabble-rousing weasel...He’s been such a feeble-minded bully  all of his life... #TrumpLies  #DumptheTrump

-(02-26-16 17:17): How Ironic if both Cruz and Rubio had stood up against Trump like in this latest debate since the beginning of this Campaign: Trump would have been run off the stage and campaign a long time ago.... #EndTrump

-(02-26-16 17:19): While you are at it building stupid and useless walls, now also along the Canadian border...don’t forget the East and West Coast of the U.S.....because if border guard technology can’t find and keep illegal immigrants from crossing the border, and also drug boats, it is not Coast Guard technology which is going to spot all passenger vessel staking a circuitous route into the U.S. via the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean...or the “unwalled” Gulf of Mexico....Then you’ll go down in moronism’s history as having build an even longer useless-today wall than that 13,000-mile Wall of China. #IdiotTrump

-(02-27-16 08:10): Summary of February 25, 2016 GOP Debate (for Trump and especially his supporters): “You’ve got a problem! -Houston.” #TrumpisFired

-(02-28-16 00:49): Quite telling that the tedious and laborious process of voting in the US Election is probably the biggest impediment to voter turnout, especially among young people. Time to get E-Voting working.

-(02-28-16 01:41): Trump: “I’m getting ready to catch him [Rubio], because I am telling you he’s going down”....Well evidently not...Lying Donald Trump is still “seeing things”.....And also like a good “con man” Donald Trump retroactively claims “he saw everything coming”. #TrumpLies #ConManTrump

-(02-28-16 05:48): Palin...no-name Congress People...Christie....Donald Trump is running out of Celebrity Whore/Wannabes to bail him out of his latest campaigning debacle....Paul LePage...(03-22-16 17:15): Jan Brewer...Joe Arapio...It’s a pretty deep well of morons however.... #TrumpTramps (02-28-16 09:08): Thematically related, it surprisingly never ceases to surprise me to witness that stupidity is a lifelong illness...that people so terminally affected not only never grow out of, -indeed at best it (resurgently) just morphs into another/new social realm), but actually grow well-entrenched into until it truly becomes (second)-nature...  #Trumpie

-(02-28-16 06:09): The fraudulent “Trump University” case is the perfect emblem of what Trump will do with the U.S. if POTUS.... *(02-28-16 06:30): I just lost any respect for Chris Christie...He’s proven a bigger needy-douche than Trump. “Cockroach Theory” indeed.... #TrumpScam


-(02-28-16 08:42): It’s hilariously comical to see media people projectingly/enviously fawning over Trump’s supposed “media cycle mastery”...He’s a lot less calculating, if at all, than you want him to be....All he is, and has been doing thus far, is just “instinctively” acting to protect himself and not “control the media”. (And it is also comical to see Trump quite obviously just let you all think that of him and his actions). Truth is, it is the media’s fault for being easily distracted by “squirrels” all in an effort to win the vacuous ratings competitions, rather than gauging leeds on its actual substance and importance. E.g. the endorsement of Trump by Christie itself, should not be the leed story after Trump got destroyed and exposed in the debate the night before and if it is, it should be to expose the blatant self-serving hypocrisy of Christie, (see entry above) which should serve to disqualify him from ever being trusted/believe if running for an elected, or even public, position again...because he either doesn’t know what he is talking about or he actually doesn’t mean what he says. The Press should also have been pressing Christie to disclose what kind of deal he made with Trump to so suddenly be radically in support of him for POTUS. Whatever happened to the day when the media was more concerned with “uncovering news” rather than merely/blindly reporting it...people have not become less shady or power-hungry....And since when did “analysis” become synonymous with “(mindless) cheerleading”....

-(02-28-16 10:01): Good entertainment for the Trumpies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitler:_The_Rise_of_Evil
...and “maybe” they can learn something about their reenacting history....
Relatedly Trump’s “The Tart of the Deal” is analogous to Hitler’s own ‘vito-political’ textbook: Mein Kempf... #AdolfDrumpf (03-01-16 07:24): Trump is of German descent afterall...

-(02-28-16 10:15): Exposed and embarrassed Trump again ‘throws his supporters under the bus’: he “unhingingly” splashes his drinking water (first on the platform, then) towards/on them in trying to mock-back at Rubio...Notice the ‘crescendoing’ pattern...Like I said before, this “pattern” will culminate in him embarrassedly asking (and I expand): ‘Who are the fools (who made me waste my money) by voting me into this (teethless “bully pulpit”) office???’

-(02-28-16 10:48): And/or #3 Marco: Contrary to what he claim, Trump actually drunk-Tweets....especially after a [finally!!!] tough & rough time (from you Republicans)...Don’t forget to get your latest talking points upload before hitting the campaign trail...Looks like this one had gotten lost on the server...Good thing for you, the PDB is in digital format, uploaded to an Ipad... #EndTrump

-(02-28-16 19:46): Before, when Trump felt slighted and treated unfairly by the RNC he used to threaten that he would honor his pledge agreement and run as a Third Party...Now, since he can clearly see that he, and the GOP would surely lose the General Election if he ran independently, he desperately/needily reminds the RNC to ‘be careful because he signed their pledge’....  #TrumpIsAChump

-(02-28-16 20:28): Funny how Potty Trump is so jealous that Vincente Fox gets to use fowl language in an (closed room, one-on-one) interview (which, unlike Trump at his public rallies, probably got seamlessly edited or bleeped out, -give his knowing pause before using that expletive), and “he doesn’t” anywhere... #TrumperTantrum

-(02-28-16 20:31): As Wolf Blitzer, or anyone else on that GOP stage, could have easily found out, Donald Trump has no evidence that there is “$400+ Billion” worth of “fraud, waste and abuse” in the Government Budget. He is just “conningly” banking that people will assume that along with him. Fact is, it is whatever expenditure he himself doesn’t like or agree with in the Budget that he considers as: “fraud, waste and abuse”... #ConManTrump

-(02-28-16 20:35): It doesn’t matter if Duke-In-Chief Trump “disavow” the KKK...they still kinshiply really love him and what he stands for.... #TrumpIsARacist

(03-01-16 07:21): Of course Donald Drumpf had to strategically obfuscate his disavowing of the KKK....to keep the secretive family ties to/support of the Klan going...

-(02-28-16 20:42): Drubbed Drubbed Trump so well knew that he got soundly beaten in the Houston Debate that he could only see it as a (sic) “honer” to be claim, mostly by his swarming #Trumpies, to have been the winner....and got a raging “boner” from that ‘chock-ing’ “honer”....
http://www.mediaite.com/online/donald-trump-is-cluelessly-and-hilariously-spelling-everything-wrong-on-twitter-today/  #IdiotTrump

-(02-28-16 21:07): Funny, by the time Rubio was reading Trump misspelled Tweets, they had probably already been deleted and editedly reposted by Trump...so Rubio thought that “choker” was the misspelling... #StopTrump

-(02-28-16 21:12): Ditsy Trump’s template for seeming to be candid and extemporaneous, is to wildly string up random repeated points like an ADD retard on PCP.... #IdiotTrump

-(02-28-16 21:18): Trump: “Rubio is a nasty guy...and we don’t need nasty”...No commentary needed...the widely-understood (ironic) joke is already baked into that statement... #DelusionalDon

-(02-28-16 21:18): The U.S. has a (2015) Trade Deficit of:
[$153 Billion with the EU]
$74 Billion with Germany
-(which, Like Japan and South Korea has American Military presence)
$30 Billion with Ireland
$28 Billion with Italy
$18 Billion with France
$15 Billion with Canada
$9 Billion with Switzerland
$1.4 Billion with the UK
Total: $301+ Billion


But Bigot, and Bigotry-baiting, Trump only has an issue with the non-Caucasian countries of: South Korea ($28B), Saudi Arabia ($2.4B), Mexico ($58B), Japan ($69B) and Chhhi-na ($366B)...and it is actually those Western/First World countries that can better afford American exports...or pay more for American Imports...but of course, as per Trump’s platform: single out, blame, demonize* and Azazel-scapegoat the foreign-looking & minorities... #TrumpIsARacist (03-09-16 19:45): And since market prices cannot actually be “artificially” manipulated, as all world prices for that product will be affected, then the only way to make up the trade deficit with countries which actually cannot afford higher prices for those product will be by imposing tariffs on their import from the U.S....which then means even higher prices that cannot be afford, therefore lower U.S. Exports. And so the American Economy will also be detrimentally affected. Trump has gathered a likewise very dumb Economic Advising team....

(03-03-16 21:05): e.g. ‘Japanese buy, then sell and eat rotten beef...and at 10X the price of healthy beef’.... #TrumpSlander #TrumpLies #TrumpIsABigot Along the same lines and for similar purposes, in Ancient Days, the Romans convinced people that Christian were cannibals.

-(02-28-16 22:03): Right, Trump got a $1 Million loan from his father...then a $200 Million inheritance (at worst split 3 or 4 ways in the family) ... #TrumpLies
            (03-01-16 06:43): But, factually, since the “Trump Organization” was actually founded in 1923 as “Elizabeth Trump & Son”, then, unless they were totally bankrupt by the time Donald Trump started, in 1968, working for it, then, in 1971|74|75, took it over as Chairman|President|CEO from his father (then relegated to Chairman), how did he/his company not indeed (seamlessly) inherit, -really take over, (at least) the $200,000,000 that the company was worth at the time. #TrumpLies #DelusionalDon  

            His Sister (a Federal Judge) and his brother didn’t get a dime (from scheming Conald actually) in that family wealth because they did not take over, nor work for, the Trump Organization. They too got swindled by Conald. #TrumpScam
            And Trump and his siblings did inherit their father’s estate net worth at death of $250-300M when he died in 1999...Or...scheming Donald Trump just slyly/selfishly incorportatingly kept it as part of his “Trump Organization”...So no wonder his probably highly suspicious, and thus shocked, ‘sister and brother [frantically] called him right after the Houston debate’ to see if those inheritance claims were true. #TrumpFraud

-(02-29-16 03:40): A preliminary speaker at a Tramp rally want to “make sure that Planned Parenthood is abolished”...Do these celebritism leeches even listen to what Trump’s platform is all about....And is Trump even going to “abolish abortion”??????!!! He never said so....Ohhhh and now “he is going to overturn Gay Marriage when he gets into the White House”.....When does he order car companies to invent flying cars??.... #Trumpbots

-(02-29-16 10:03): The perfect emblem of what a Trump campaign and its support is all about: From a (Closet) Trump Supporter: “I am a compassionate man. I walk with the Lord; but....”*...It’s called “selling your soul to the Devil...’s AntiChrist”; and that is what millions of “Christians” have knowingly done to support Trump....You faithless (Heb 12:16) selfish (Phil 2:3) greedy (Luke 12:15) fraud (Matt 7:21-23), etc (Luke 16:13) “goats”(Matt 25:40-46)...
That’s Jesus’ “but” right back at you!!! (Mar 8:34-36):
*https://archive.org/details/WCAU_20160228_233000_NBC_Nightly_News_With_Lester_Holt#start/420/end/480 #TrumpTramps

-(02-29-16 11:46): Dictator Trump has indicated that he is fully open to “False Flag” tactics, and for now, just to get the media’s attention to his crowds at his rallies....Ultimately: a False Flag event in order to justify invading China... #AdolfDrumpf

-(02-29-16 12:15): Dweeb Don is actually not eligible to be POTUS...he is mentally 8 years old.... #Idiot Trump (03-03-16 22:20): =Ca. the age when TantrumTrump was betrayed by his mother by her agreeing with his father to ship him off Military Academy to shape him up*....He then subconciously vowed to get his revenge on his parents by reverting back, and permanently so, to his prior objectionable and unacceptable self, also outside of this Military Campus, as soon as he got the chance later in life, as soon as he graduated. #ArrestedIdiocity


-(03-01-16 03:42): While we’re (supposed to be) on Marco Rubio ears: ...a person with atrocious, unspecified, hair like Trump’s can never be elected. Americans have no idea what they are electing into office. It is not a risk they can take. Imagine the unceasing mocking and laughter from other world leaders when that hair, hair job and hair color walks into the room...They’ll  never take America serious for the duration of that term. Such hair is best to stay on its Carnival Tour....
            Just like Hitler was commemorated in satire for his mustache despite all of the atrocities he had done, so will Trump be satirized in history for his “hair”... #AdolfDrumpf #TrumpIsABuffoon

-(03-01-16 04:11): There are no “unopened libel laws” that prevent lawsuits for libel and defamation. What Dictator Trump wants to do is repeal parts, or most, if not all, of the First Amendment to prevent all Opinion Editorials in the media/press* so that he can spew his bile without any remonstration. #TrumperTantrum #DictatorDon

* e.g. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/new-york-daily-news-front-pages-presidential-election-gallery-1.2512941?pmSlide=1.2545860

-(03-01-16 04:20): Mark those caveat “maybe’s”: It’s the con man’s pattern: “Maybe I’ll shop permanently at Wal-mart if I win Arkansas. I’ll never shop anywhere else”. #TrumpScam

-(03-01-16 04:22): Rather than “much more cheaply” settle an issue (=make a deal) Trump “rather spend a lot more money and fight”...’cause: ‘he mentally can’t do otherwise’ and “you got to””. (=Go to war). Here is crystalized the Ego-Maniac’s “Don Don Doctrine”,  especially for his foreign policy. That’s actually why he needs to bloat up the U.S. Military. Therefore do expect (Offensive) wars with: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea and a Tariff/Trade War with Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia...And ‘GWB was the mad man’...
#VeteransAgainstTrump #ConservativesAgainstTrump #AdolfDrumpf #StopTrump #FireTrump

-(03-01-16 05:44): Even though it is largely true, why does Trump assumingly consider all the ‘little educated people’ as “his people”...probably because they are responding to his dumb dumb message. #IdiotTrump Perfectly fitting that “his people” are willing to play dumb at/for his repetitious rallies... #TrumpTramps

-(03-01-16 05:46): Trump claims he is “so non-litigious, it’s amazing”. #DelusionalDon #TrumpLies

-(03-01-16 12:33): ROTF-LOL!!! Someone should take his own advice...from 4 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZb9ic7Vuz4  (03-03-16 21:55): But Trump and his Tramps think this is all “more fun”....  And chalk up Trump’s present cantankerousness to his “Onset Old Age Disease/Dysfunction”

-(03-01-16 14:13): Obviously Dealer Trimp made a deal with his “wife”...‘You just be the submissive and out-of-my-way “trophy wife” and you’ll get that inheritance.’

-(03-01-16 15:28): Django Trump’s earpiece “did not malfunction”...he just saw at that moment the perfect opportunity to also play to the other, here racist, side, of this KKK issue knowing that he can later always “disculpatingly” claim that he had priorly “disavowed” David Duke and the Klan....and these latter haters would also be able think that he had renege on his prior hasty disavowment on the belief that ‘he had not actually informed himself about what they “presently” stood for. This has been Trump’s “opportunistic” power play all along....(03-03-16 15:52): and upon now ca. 40 years of practice, this “play” has indeed become “instinctually” second first nature to him, to the point where he does not need to “calculate”.... LOL he spinned that question twice in order to claim “he knows nothing about...” #TrumpIsARacist

-(03-01-16 17:55): ...hmmmm...turns out that the first Senator to endorse DonDon Trump, Jeff Sessions, is a racist...why am I not surprised...  #TrumpIsARacist #TrumpIsABigot

-(03-02-16 07:55): In relation to Donald Trump’s et al. sniding “All Lives Matter” dog whistle to his racist rabble: All Black people were (physically and psychologically) thrown into a lingering ditch by White People for over 200 years in the U.S...so it is only fairness and justice that they all be pulled out of that ditch...just because they are Black!! #TrumpIsA(Secret)Wizard-In-Chief #AmericaSucks .....Funny by seeing and hearing the “All Lives Matter” air-headed retorters, led by Trump of course, these (Closet) White Supremacists got the spun race war that they wanted. #AmericaIsScaryUgly

-(03-02-16 08:25): Trump: “50% of the Press are absolutely sleaze; 25% are okay [make that 20% ]; 10% are outstanding”: Sue Donald Trump for Libel and Defamation......(and what about the other 15%??!)...It is called Matt 7:1-2...and nobody cares that they do the same thing to you..... #TrumpIsALiar
-Trump, and his Chumpies, now thinks/claim he just invented libel laws #DelusionalDon

-(03-02-16 08:32): So it’s “Conald” now...clever...Unlike Bully Trump’s ad hominem: “Little Marco”, it’s substantively pertinent....Looks like the Rubio campaign has hired Jon Stewart....

-(03-02-16 09:17): “We’re going to get rid of regulations that don’t exist” #Trumpism

-(03-02-16 09:21): Trump’s Red Cap is the New Swastika.... #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-02-16 09:43): “Everybody loves me” #DesperatelyDelusionalDon

-(03-02-16 09:46): #TrumpIsAFraud  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnpO_RTSNmQ

-(03-02-16 14:01): Of course Trump doesn’t want to make America “whole”, he thinks America was great when the racists and the bigots were running about unimpeded.... For, to him, that is also when America was “whole”, and therefore “great” #TrumpIsARacist #TrumpIsABigot

-(03-03-16 00:31): ‘The American Dream is dead but Trump is going to make it more deader than ever before’ #Trumpism

-(03-03-16 00:37): Trump: “The Press is the most dishonest human beings in the world” #TrumpLibel

-(03-03-16 00:40): In Kentucky: “And by the way, -and I am not saying this for politics or anything else: Donald Trump loves clean coal.... ‘And Obama doesn’t’...China...And I know it’s a big industry here...It’s going to make a big comeback” #TrumpIsALiar #Conald

-(03-03-16 01:00): Vincente Fox used “that word” twice...Donald Trump references it 36 times....Btw, as now a private citizen, Vincente Fox represents the angered Mexican citizen who would ultimately be footing this bill, who therefore will be willing to boycott American products/imports in order to fight back against the imposition of this Drumpf Wall.... (03-08-16 06:57): And Trump is the one who is whining here, -indeed by knowingly resorting to projections, because he is the one who “got the message”* of/from Vincente Fox.
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkVH4z5Aazw

(03-08-16 06:30): hmmm....look who actually uses the “F-Bomb” when (publicly) speaking of opposing foreigners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN7KHWdyrbI

plus, -as per Trump’s own criteria: Trump’s political career must now be ended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkVH4z5Aazw  #Matt 7:1-5

(03-10-16 17:23): On Point!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thw6k1XNRtc    #TrumpIsAFraud

-(03-03-16 01:04): What did the Super Tuesday wins mean for Donald Trump?: Somehow: ‘This is great for the Trump Organization and its many holdings/assets in those winning States’ #Trumpism (03-03-16 04:47): As the Super Pac ad rightly delineates: “Donald Trump. Puts himself first and us last.”

-(03-03-16 04:15): David Duke, -“a big, a racist, a problem” (=Trump in 2000) is no longer a “problem” for Trump in 2016.... #TrumpIsARacist #TrumpIsABigot (03-03-16 11:28): #SoAreHisSupporters

-(03-03-16 05:44): David Duke may have “left” the KKK (because it was too overt), but that White Supremacist mindset surely did not leave him: “voting for anyone besides Donald Trump “is really treason to your heritage” He still wants people to make decisions based merely on race, therefore to not vote for the Hispanics Rubio or Cruz, the “African-American” Carson, or the non-racist Kasich. White Supremacist is as White Supremacist does.

-(03-03-16 14:53): Hey Vladimir, everybody is Trump’s “best buddy”...until you don’t like him anymore..just ask Ted Cruz....Then “it’s (literally) war”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00ElSO-UMCY

-(03-03-16 20:16): Donald Trump pretends he doesn’t know what “Make America Whole” means just like he needs to pretend to be clueless and witless about “David Duke, (the KKK) and other White Supremacist groups”. #Trumpism #TrumpIsARacist #TrumpIsABigot #SoAreHisSupporters

-(03-03-16 20:49): For Trump, a candidate only showing up in a Primary State only for a morning speech the day of the vote, and the leaving before the night is over is a perfect indicator of their wrong intentions...So that’s why he spent Super Tuesday in Mar-a-Lago. #Trumpism

-(03-03-16 20:51): Once Trump “relaxes the First Amendment” as President...Hispanics and Muslims, among others, even the Press itself indeed, can sue the hell out of the Federal Government for him having defamed them during his campaigning. #TrumpLibel As Jesus said: “You live by the sword....”  (~Matt 7:1-2)...

-(03-03-16 21:20): How does Trump supposedly win all of those exit poll-questionnaires (e.g. with Hispanics, with College educated, with Evangelicals, with Veterans, etc)?!! Because like him, their Dear Leader, #Trumpies also know to be strategic campaigning liars “purposeful exaggerators”....They read, and observe, his “bible”....

-(03-03-16 21:29): Donald Trump is still allergic to guns and the 2nd Amendment...He consistently candidly thinks that: “characters* have/like to have&carry guns”... #Trumpism

* e.g. the big burly guys with handle-bar mustaches, a.k.a. the motorcycle criminal/outlaw gang types

-(03-03-16 21:50): Drumpf’s “Muslim Religion” ban is actually cover for a racial profiling ban of all Middle Eastern looking people...So 25% of Muslims.... #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-03-16 21:50): So in addition to Felipe Calderon, Vincente Fox has now twice* said that Mexico won’t pay for ‘Trump’s Effing Wall’....Should the wall therefore be at least 30 feet taller now...Or is Trump already done “negotiating”.... #TrumpBluff

-(03-03-16 22:56): Hey, maybe ISIS can have a kid bring a soda can onto Trump’s plane next time he is showing off and allowing kids to run around his plane... #OffTrump (03-14-16 18:51): That would make for a “Great” Exit/Takeoff....Indeed an unbeatable one!!!!! #GrateRiddance

-(03-03-16 23:26): Masterful!!! [much more than less]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iefXdC794I #TrumpIsAPhony
Romney: 100 Trump:* -100 ...as expected/predicted**.... #TrumpIsFired

** (03-05-16 12:12): LOL Trump was upset that Romney didn’t mention## his “successful”# business of having managed to also put water in a plastic bottle and sell it: “Trump Water”... -with the invisible Kool-Aid of course...

# Apparently the trick was to remove his repugnant mug from the “Trump Ice”% labels:

## (03-10-16 09:47):....and contrary to what Trump later claims to have heard, Mitt indeed didn’t mention%  “Trump Water/Ice” #Psycho-DelusionalDon #TrumpLies%% #TheDonaldHasNoClothes

% See in transcript:  http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/full-transcript-mitt-romneys-remarks-on-donald-trump-and-the-2016-race-220176


-(03-04-16 02:09): If Trump University/Trump Entrepreneur Initiative was so “98%” great, then why is it “defunct”??!!! Its (filmsy) web portal* seems like a site maintenance page for the site’s administrators. #TrumpLies #DelusionalDon

-(03-04-16 02:14): The (present day) value of Trump’s 4 historical bankruptcies*4* (03-05-16 13:32): $6.6B = $9.8B* IS worth more than his disclosed present net worth of $8.7B, -which he, ignoring his liabilities of $503M, and rounding up a $9.24B gross value, which whimsically adds over $760M, claims is “TEN BILLION DOLLARS”. #TrumpLies
            ...Also if he is thinking and claiming the whole value of properties for his net worth when he actually only owns a percentage share of the property (e.g. only 30% of the AXA Financial Centers in SF and NYC), then no wonder the net worth of him by Forbes ($4.5B)** and Bloomberg ($2.9B)*** are much lower than what he is peddling. #TrumpScam

* Trump Taj Mahal (1991): $3 Billion = Present Day: $5.3 Billion
Trump Plaza Hotel (1992) : $550 Million = Present Day: $852 Million
Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004): $1.8 Billion = Present Day: $2.3 Billion
Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009): $1.2 Billion = Present Day: $1.4 Billion
Trump University (2005-2010+): $40+ Million Lawsuit# = Present Day: $49 Million
Total: $6.6B = Present Day: $9.8 Billion #TrumpIsALoser




*4* (03-06-16 11:00): http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2011/04/29/fourth-times-a-charm-how-donald-trump-made-bankruptcy-work-for-him/#5fe939e86f7a
-(03-05-16 14:04): So, the Truth about Trump is that he took over the control a $200,000,000 company in 1971|74|75 and has turned it into a historical net worth company of -$1.1B to -$6.9B insolvent enterprise. And by depriving the government of being able to tax these colossal amounts, Trump and his terrible business dealings has probably contributed more to the National Debt of the United States than any other private citizen. He indeed should have just invested his share of the company into the stock market in 1971+ and let others much more successfully/responsibly invest it. #TrumpIsALoser He has no business sense at all. He is factually a total failure.... And that is all because he has always believed that whatever (grandiose) venture he undertakes will be successful because he says so and/or because his name is attached to it. (E.g., Mexico will pay for that wall)... And that is what he is now banking on for the American Presidency.
            -(03-27-16 23:42): On top of Mitt Romney, see also Elisabeth Warren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZmlwzJLC4Y
(03-28-16 02:25: Jeb Bush had tried: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV9Ewk5FnN8 )

-(03-04-16 04:04): Trump “business tactics” on a political stage can, and only will, lead to (actual) wars. Business dealing and Political dealing are just not synonymous. #TrumpIsAThug  #TrumpIsAChump

-(03-04-16 10:43): Of Course: Liked Father Like Son’s, Donald Trump Jr. Is a Racist...and a fibber... #TrumpJrIsARacist

-(03-04-16 12:13): LOL Trump is way more successful in Open Primaries because Democrats are strategically also registering and voting in order to sabotagingly make him the Republican Nominee for the General Election. #StopTrump

-(03-04-16 13:10): In a solely proportional Primary Scenario not only Donald Trump doesn’t get enough delegates by the Convention, he loses in that brokered Convention. Trump only can win outright because the RNC system is (and convolutedly so) so non-representational. #EndTrump


-(03-04-16 14:47): LOL What have you got to “praisingly” say about Time Magazine cover now Chump: http://time.com/4246108/donald-trump-2016/ #TrumpNetZero

-(03-04-16 15:37): Trump of course disavowed someone who is no longer a member of the KKK, but not, and that duly generalizingly the “White Supermacist” groups...just in case they may have the same “solutions” as he does #TrumpIsABigot

-(03-04-16 15:41): Of course Trump’s hands are bigger than his....(03-06-16 18:26): That’s actually how Donald claims his hands aren’t small... (03-05-16 16:15): Donald Trump was mythed that no one got (or emphasized) his “beautiful hands” spinning innuendo, -especially since he is rather known as a (violent) rapist,...so he decided to go more crass instead to get that attention. #F@#&Trump...wit’ a crowbar..... (03-10-16 18:21): #TortureThis

-(03-04-16 16:16): Donald Trump is also a delusional idiot liar:
...(03-05-16 09:52): which is tangibly very dangerous because he is postulating and proposing policies based upon this whimsical delusions.

-(03-04-16 21:53): The “Leadership” of Trump is already causing losses to the U.S. Military

-(03-05-16 12:37): I don’t get it...Is that GOP Pledge either written in stone or based on no conditions. Rather than all of these speeches and posturing by Republicans, if, actually since, Trump has said, and stands for, many things which are contrary to what the GOP stands for, then why not just annul that pledge and kick him out of the Party’s Campaign, and let him run that Independent campaign if he wants to. Of course, Republicans are scared of a 3 party Election because the Democrat side won’t be splitting their vote...So they rather ruin the country with Trump...Or is it rather that they have already planned to obstruct Trump with the Congress, and thus force him into line, if he wins. #TrumpIsADNCPlant


-(03-05-16 17:52): Donald Trump skipped CPAC because he would have had to prepare and present a different speech than the tired one he keeps repeating at all of his rallies. #DodoDonald

-(03-05-16 19:27): It is by definition airheaded blowhards who always have to walk back what they ignoramusly and/or mindlessly had said before. Trump is not “flexible”, he is just plain idiotic. #IdiotTrump

-(03-06-16 06:53): Wizard Trump is going to unite the “racially divided country back together” by bringing his racist and bigoted American kins back out of the closet they’ve had to go into since Barack Obama got elected. #Wizard Trump

-(03-06-16 07:44): “All of the Elvis impersonators love Donald Trump.” #Trumpism I don’t know which is more telling: the probability of this claim being true, or Trump’s assumption that it should be so. #TheCraziesAreWithCrazy

-(03-06-16 08:41): Trump believes he made God stop the snow just in time before a vote so that his wimp followers would come out and vote for him. #DelusionalDon

-(03-06-16 09:07): Dictator Don wants people arrested for their “filthy and dirty mouth”...He really hates Free Speech.... #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-06-16 09:42): Trump has no business sense. He believes that if he makes a naming/branding deal for a building/asset, then he owns it. That’s why his claimed net worth his 2-3X more than what it actually is. #TrumpIsAChump

-(03-06-16 19:20): Mexican Department of the Treasury on paying for Trump’s Wall: “nunca”...
(03-07-16 06:30): Mexico is not saying that: ‘the U.S. cannot build their (“stupid and useless”) wall’...they are just saying that they won’t be paying for it. Blame your drug addicted and slave-exploiting citizens for the draw of Mexican drugs and undocumented workers. And speaking of “useless” indeed, if a wall was so necessary, then why would drug traffickers be using tunnels to get their stuff into the U.S. rather than just crossing the border at unwalled/unfenced/unguarded places.

-(03-07-16 02:25): The “Trumpxplainers” are d-r-u-n-k...with Trump Vodka..... #Trumpbots

-(03-07-16 03:49): Seems to me that “Donald Trump” and ‘Stopping Trump’ was an agenda point when Obama met with Congressional leaders at the White House recently. #StopTrump

-(03-07-16 04:13): Donald Trump can’t do math (e.g. his healthcare drug savings claim), is barely literate and is feeble-minded. #DumbTrump

-(03-07-16 04:15): So did Marco Rubio actually mean to say/insinuate to the “short-fingered vulgarian” during the debate: “Okay “Big Don-g””?? #DinkyDon-g

-(03-07-16 05:13): DinkyDon-g’s “hands” are so small that he either has to throw his money around to women and/or physically and violently overpower them to get their interest and his way.... ...LOL, Even Melania cannot vouch for there being “no problem there”*... #DinkyDon-g
(03-08-16 11:29):...and by now Melania has learned to not fret and hope against Trump’s vulgar and offensive public moments...but to rather see them as “great”*, as in great for publicity and media attention.... #TrumpTramp  #Trumpies


-(03-07-16 06:08): Of course Trump would be for decimating “women and minorities”...the only thing he loves more is opposing non-American foreigners....hence his present flip-flopping dilemma on where to side on this H1-B Visas issue. #TrumpIsAMysogynisticBigotXenpophobe

-(03-07-16 11:55): Adolf Drumpf really misses the last political campaign he followed closely: That of Racist George Wallace when Drumpf was 22, in 1968... #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-07-16 13:16): A business executive with a cluttered and messy office desk like Trump’s will make a terrible, as in whimsical and disorganized, U.S. President... #TrumpIsAFraud

-(03-07-16 13:37): It is maladively indicative that a private citizen who is privately so rich and powerful as Adolf Drumpf is still so hyper-sensitively insecure: #ThugLife

-(03-07-16 14:03): Apparently, from this documentary,* it may not even take an “ISIS soda can” placed on Trump’s plane to get rid of him, just load up one of those kids with lots of junk food before and also give him a projectile vomit inducer and/or a laxative and have him “explode”, -from either end, while running through Trump’s plane...and that will evidently have Trump permanently check himself in an insane asylum.... #OffTrump The only hiccup here is that, as seen on e.g. 9/11, Al-Quaeda was/is(?) much better at such necessarily rigorously timed/coordinated operations than ISIS....(03-14-16 18:40): E.g., they easily would have successfully put that Fourth (Flight 93) Plane into the Capitol (or White House) if that flight had not been delayed on the tarmac for 42 minutes.

-(03-07-16 18:15): LOL the successor to Trump on The Apprentice... is campaigning with/for John Kasich #TerminateTrump

-(03-07-16 20:24): Literally so, Trump would cut his rally speeches to exactly at least half, if he stopped repeating, and that verbatim, the last thing he just said....must be a “slow” crowd....of grown up toddlers....

-(03-07-16 20:43): Trump’s story about what his brother and sister said to him in that phone call in regards tot heir father’s inheritance right after the Houston Debate embellishingly changes everything....(if there was even a phone conversation with them)...So Trump is also hearing things now...  #DelusionalDon #TrumpIsALiar But as per Trump’s psycho-disculpating caveat, he still told his audience the actual, but concealed, truth:

1. His too trusting sibings did ask him: “Why don’t you correct that???”.... Yeah Conald...Why don’t you....
2. His siblings did tell him to ‘do tell them if he actually did receive such an inheritance from their father, and share it with them.’ Yeah Conald, do tell them...and share it with them....

Truth is Conald Scrooge wrote up that inheritance as a business asset and thus kept it all to himself. #Conald

-(03-07-16 20:43): Since Trump took over his father’s company as the Chairman|CEO|President from 1971 and by 1975...why would his father lend him money to “start off on his own” in 1979-1980?????? #DelusionalDon  #TrumpIsALiar

-(03-07-16 20:55): If: ‘Saudia Arabia wouldn’t exist if the U.S. wasn’t “protecting” it, then the U.S. is not “protecting them for nothing”’.....U.S. Gas Prices would be unpayable without the present House of Saud ruling in The Kingdom....And if you thought Iraq was a disaster, just go try have the U.S. take over Saudia Arabia..... #IdiotTrump 

-(03-07-16 20:58): It is not Chris Christie alone....just looking at the rally goers behind Trump, they all have that stoic glazed look on their face....It’s all about Trump supporters acting like they are still interested and haven’t heard his spiel before....and them inadvertently wandering off in their imaginations while still trying to seem like they are paying attention....

-(03-07-16 21:01): “I am going to bring people together” #DelusionalDon #Con-verseTrumpism

-(03-07-16 21:05): The cameras don’t want to turn away from a tight shot of Trump, and even when a protestor is protesting and getting “escorted” out...because they don’t want to miss the money shot....The shot when Trump gets his (orange) face splattered off by a buck shot** from a (patsy) protestor carrying a telescopic lens camera-conceal “shot” gun....And the camerapeople well know, e.g. from the (also CIA?!) shooting of Malcolm X,* that causing a diversion (i.e. “...get your hand out my pocket...”) is the precursor step to the best-executed public assassinations. #OffTrump
(03-14-16 19:20): Pertinent example: just 10 seconds after Trump was wondering out loud what was going on with teenagers keeping on interrupting him at that Dayton, OH rally, that guy (albeit belated) decided to rush the stage...while everyone was looking the other way and still distracted....

** (03-13-16 14:30): ...George Wallace (1972) style!!!% ((03-13-16 15:10): BTW, these are the “good old day” that Donald Trump, who was 22-26+ (1968-1972+) at the time, keep harkening back to in regards to doing violence against protestors at rallies) #TrumpIsBackwards

Trump keeps claiming he is like Reagan...well take Reagan’s advice about campaigning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH3Yz9mBqdU

-(03-07-16 21:15): Speaking of “ISIS cutting people’s heads off” watch ISIS send one of their US operatives to a Trump rally with one of those laminated cardboard or plastic “...stands with Trump” signs, but with razor sharp edges, with which he, or she, slices then hacks Trump’s head off....  #OffTrumpsHead ...It can then be stuffed and be immortalizingly put up for history’s sake in a museum as an “Ugly American” exhibit..

-(03-07-16 21:19): Trump: “Remember they [his rally audience] ask me to tell it [that Pershing] WWI story]... [which his rally-goers evidently already know of, but like witless toddlers, want their parents to keep reading/telling them that same bedtime story]...so it’s not my fault”... Forget about the proverbial “bus”, the stakes have clearly been raised here: Trump keeps throwing his supporters under his landing or taking off private plane.... #Trumpism
            Later on it will be from Trump: “Remember you all voted for me and my mad man platform...so it’s not my fault....” #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-07-16 21:45): Evidently Trump had forgotten to add another lie about illegal immigrants and the border at his launch speech: he forgot to say that they are also illegally smuggling Mexico-manufactured goods (such as air conditioning units) over the unwalled border....oh...okay.... #TrumpIsABigot Trump even reenacted what he has, (like those despicable Muslims celebrating 9/11 on an NJ building rooftop), “seen” in regards to this.... #DelusionalDon
            Right after Trump, people who also believe all of these delusions and lies, -or who, also as with Donald, actually don’t but still support him, should be Involuntarily Committed and/or (like (electoral) criminals/frauds that they are) have their voting rights removed.

-(03-08-16 05:25): Got to be extremely leery of all of those worthless fringe/schmucks running for POTUS who didn’t expect that they and their diatribe would make it that far. Namely: Trump (too stupid, crass and uncouth), Cruz (too eccentric & maniacal), Rubio (too green) and priorly Carson (too clueless)...Only John Kasich (naturally) acts like “he’s been there already”...pointedly because he has the most pondered and moderately inclusive platform which is not aiming to shaft even the opposing side but actually work with them to arrive at a mutually agreeable consensus. (LOL Trump’s delusional and sadistic version of that is (in reference to Mexico): “I make people do what I want and then they love me”)...Sounds like a slavemaster’s desperate and wishful disculpating mentality.
            (03-08-16 05:48): Speaking of Ted Cruz: the Texan Hillbillie+Charlatan Televangelist+Hexed-Canadian+Wannabe Hispanic-appealing+Frat Pledge Reject charade that he has going* is really annoying irritating.... #TreddyKreuzer

-(03-08-16 06:13): Trump’s “47% percent” moment is likewise in those secretive tapes in that interview with the New York Times in regards to his real illegal immigrants non-plans....and also in his concealed tax returns.... #TrumpIsAllTalk

-(03-08-16 06:51): Pretty on point predictions thus far*...still time for Trump to ‘take his deflated ball and go home’...e.g. if he doesn’t have a majority by convention time


-(03-08-16 07:46): “All Lives Matter” means as much as the ancestors of these smug and smarmy White Americans (neo-)racists preferredly understood “All Men Are Created Equal” to mean for 200+ years in the U.S....actually up until the father of “Black Lives Matter” was forged in the 1960's with the Civil Protesting of Martin Luther King Jr..... #BlackLivesMatter...DealWithIt

-(03-08-16 09:48): No stupid, we don’t have waterboarding so that (a) others can’t do it to us and (b) because we don’t discriminate....and NewFlash, it is ISIS’s plan to delegitimize you, both amongst your peers and in the Muslim World , through such inciting tactics....And that’s how they win. #IdiotTrump

+(03-08-16 10:04): Nancy Reagan was a witch*.(Exod 22:18; Deut 18:10-14; Rev 18:23; 22:15)... #Truth (03-11-16 13:09): ...and Truth is more determinative than just the bare facts....(e.g. John 18:37-38)

* http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20099022,00.html

-(03-08-16 11:03): LOL Airhead Trump and his duped supporters are praising themselves for wanting to do what they are mad against the GOP Establishment for doing: promising the moon but then becoming “flexible” once in power. #TrumpScum

-(03-08-16 15:50): [Mostly] White People showing their loyalty to Adolf Drumpf by raising their right arm... = the New Furor’s sign for undying loyalty.... #HeilDonald #OffTrump

-(03-09-16 03:01): Wow...There’s the clinical insanity candid indicator: Donald Trump is surprised that he gets “the worst publicity than anyone else in the world”.....Seriously....(03-10-16 09:34):...It’s not his fault...he’s stupid....

-(03-09-16 03:33): Here’s how incompetent and ignoramus Trump considers Militant Islam as “JV”: he is telegraphing to them that he will murder the children and wives (and grandparents) of Militants...as if, at the very least, Militant Islam will not respond “in kind”...by randomly publicly decapitating Americans abroad (or at home) #TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat
            Fact is Trump is just trying to start an escalation to where he can try to justify a nuclear strike on Muslim towns and cities...Well he would have to run out of Muslims first....and before then Pakistan will self-defensively respond in kind...(starting) on Israel...As even Bibi Yahoo indicated by his snide of Trump for his “Muslim ban” call: #TrumpIsIsrael’sWorstNightmare

-(03-09-16 03:45): I would like to thank Trump for unearthing the skeletons of America from their shallow graves...America should be a Three Party Nation: Democrats, Republicans and Trumpians

-(03-09-16 18:08): Trump: ‘I only read the polls that are favorable to me’.... #Trumpism

-(03-09-16 18:09): Evidently Ignoramus Trump also doesn’t know what has happened in history when ‘the clergy has [even just] as much (political) power as the common man walking down the street’...Newsflash: (a) the clergy is also a “common man on the street” and (b) in a democracy, if the “common man on the street”, most of which, especially in the U.S. also sit in church pews, are not doing what the clergy wants them to, or is preaching about, it is because they don’t want to....so no need to resort to (political) force....  #IdiotTrump

-(03-10-16 12:44): Evidently Ted thinks that if he puts it in Cruze Control by speaking more deliberately and slowly, what he claims will be true...or at least, believed to be true. #DreadTed

-(03-10-16 13:49): Since, along the lines of Trump’s “reasoning”, China won’t be impressed into stopping currency manipulation by the U.S. imposing tariffs on its exports, since it knows that such a measure would mainly hurt American consumers...and in turn American companies since it is largely their outsourced products that Americans are importing from China, then, since a Tariff War won’t achieve that ends, then the only other available means to do so is through a Military War, -and not even the mere threat of it, but indeed having the U.S. show up on China’s shores and, of course not merely threaten to drop (conventional and/or not) bombs on its cities, -since China can also do the same, but takeover the entire country and effectuate regime change....Good Luck with that Trumpmeister....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgFrMRPc3I0  uhhhh...I think they “mean it” too....as in: “we got your “great” right here...Biao zi...right here!!!....(btw, I recommend that your U.S. ships avoid the South China Sea passage)... #TrumpIsAChump
(03-10-16 16:56): LOL Trump can’t help but be candid, even to his own hurt...-whatever makes him look better at that moment: He candidly tells the world, via CNN, that he won’t really impose a 45% Tariff/Tax on Chinese exports, but merely say so as a negotiating threat/strategy... (Uhh, Newsflash Xenopsycho Trump: The Chinese Government can understand English.......) And to which they are probably saying: ‘Okay we’ll get back to you if you ever stop bluffing....And we know you dare not call your own bluff....’ #TrumpIsAMoron

-(03-10-16 13:56): I am dying for the day/moment when someone will take Trump moron-duping “he’s probably a nice guy” smug patronizing and tell him to “shove it sideways”.... #F@#&Trump

-(03-10-16 15:13): DoDoTrump has no idea what “conservatism” means, or is all about... #IdiotTrump

-(03-10-16 16:44): +50% (=1236+1+ delegates) is not an: “artificial number”... It’s the (statistical) majority #TrumpIsIgnorant

-(03-10-16 16:49): More Republicans are flocking to their primary polls in order to cast their Anti-Trump vote.... So Trump is indeed causing more people to come out to the polls... Everyone wants such a chance to cast a vote against Hitler this time around #DenialDon #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-10-16 17:01): Given the litany of Trump’s business failures and colossal bankruptcies (i.e. $9.8B+ in present day dollars) when he dared veer out of the Habitational Real Estate Industry, don’t vote him to be President, let someone else pick him to be Secretary of the HUD...if they want to. #TrumpIsALoser

-(03-10-16 17:05): It is clinically impossible to have, let alone sustain, an intelligent discussion with Donald Trump... #AskingTooMuch  #ToddlerTrump It is both comical and pathetic to see the Press only only doing so, but also acting as if they to, dumb themselves down to Trump’s Third Grader’s mentality and comportment....But since they typically ensuingly totally ridicule him when commenting on the interview on their show,* then it manifestly is a diffusing cross-examination ploy on their part...So that the Toddler doesn’t erupt into a tantrum #TrumperTantrum

* E.g. https://archive.org/details/CNNW_20160310_010000_Anderson_Cooper_360#start/3240/end/3300

            (Recently I was pondering: what kind/type of kid goes off into to dramatic grocery store toddler tantrums: Well, and 66+ years on, Donald Trump is still Exhibit A.)
            If Trump becomes POTUS, the Supreme Court won’t be able to deny, let alone summarily dismiss, a Third Grader’s* Petition that someone has to wait until they are 35 to be eligible to be POTUS. #BackwardsTrump

* (03-10-16 22:48): E.g. from this group: https://archive.org/details/COM_20160309_070000_The_Daily_Show#start/540/end/600

            (03-10-16 17:24): I dare the GOP Establishment” to have Trump undergo a psychiatric and psychological evaluation before he would get the nomination...He clinically wouldn’t pass it..including a Acute Projectionism diagnosis...and be immediately committed as a dangerous retard (who wants to get a nuclear button) #TrumpIsDeranged

(03-10-16 17:24): Could the sadistic self-serving Trump please stop wishing that more people die from the Paris Attacks of 6 months ago....And are there actually any injured victims still in France Hospitals?!!....Trump wants to visit them to put a pillow over their heads.... #TrumpIsSick

(03-10-16 18:22): Biblically illiterate “Christian” Trump ‘loves his potty mouth’

-(03-10-16 19:28): The Short-fingered Vulgarian Trump has probably broken Ava’s pure heart by now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm_jAhUGSW4   #ChristianAgainstTrump

-(03-11-16 00:55): When Politicians play the Delusional Con-Fidence game (e.g. Rubio “we are surely going to win Florida, while being behind in polls by double-digits) they lose a lot of non-moronic voters....at least me. #You’reAllCons

-(03-11-16 11:15): Ben Carson is a demon....Burn in Hell you: Synagogue of Satan, Mammon-idolating, “Biblically Incorrect”, False Prophesying (Rev 16:13), indeed, Babylonian (=Rev 18:2-3)!!!!....Finally showed your full colors.....IDIOT-MORON!!!! Do return your worthless soul to the Devil who spawned you....Utterly despicable excuse of a human and SDA....Do the right thing and stop dragging down the SDA Church with your stupid, idolatrous, Satan-Covetousness/Selfishness-Snare (=EW 266-269) “Overmastered-Deluded” cause... #TrumpTwin
            (03-14-16 10:45): Funny how Carson has had to force himself to see things in order to endorse Trump: Carson: “Trump is really two different persons” Trump: “Yes I am.....uhhhh...no I am not...(‘Sorry Benny’).... #DoctorDelusion  Btw, Ben Carson is fulfillingly, most emblematically, literally one of those “moronic, sleeping” virgins of Matt 25:1-11 who indeed has got nothing from the Holy Spirit or the Bible to “make light” in these prolonged time...As the SOP said, ‘the darkness of error all around him has shut him in’ (EW 270.1) #DoomedBabylonian

-(03-11-16 13:32): Hey Rabble Rouser Trump...Time to pay up for your pauper goon John McGraw’s $2500 bail and upcoming legal fees....Along with Assault and Battery, he should also be charged with uttering a death threat.... #TrumpIsAGoon

-(03-11-16 14:13): A President Trump will actually outlaw Islam, ban all Muslims from coming to the U.S. and revoke the citizenship of American Muslims and expel them, or intern them in Camps...because he ‘believes that (all of, and not just Militant) Islam hates the U.S. and he first wants to get to the bottom of that hate. Obviously you can’t let people who hate you run about free, exercise and preach that hating religion, and have all the rights of Americans, in your country. Plus Trump is trying to bait Islam into reacting wrongly against his generalization comments so that he can think to be proven right and justified for his Anti-Islam measures. #TrumpIsAnIslamophobe

-(03-11-16 14:41): The mindless “logic” of morons: ‘I didn’t like the way Marco Rubio went into the gutter with Donald Trump...so I am going to vote for Donald Trump instead”.... #MoronNation

-(03-11-16 19:33): Trump wants to find out what is the “root cause” of Islam’s problem” with the U.S./West.....Just look in the mirror: Neo-Babylonian.... #Truth http://njkproject.blogspot.com/2012/04/gods-purposes-through-islam.html
ala. Gen 3:15; 49:16-17
-(03-12-16 02:43): So (Rubio), if the Short-fingered Vulgarian Trump wins, will that mean that ‘Satan’s hand is now over America’....or is it rather that ‘any choice that the American people make is supposed to be God’s own best will for America’?????? #BabylonianReasoning

-(03-12-16 03:03): All of Trump’s proposed policies keep getting exposed as being completely vacuous and stupid...That is because Trump himself is “all talk” i.e. no think. #TrumpISStupid

-(03-12-16 12:54): ....getting closer*....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1QL1MmyMhQ   #OFFTrump The orange-to-ghostly-white panic on Trump’s face: Priceless..... Where’s Rubio’s “full-length mirror”!!!!....(03-15-16 04:23): And you’ll need one for the rear also here....


-(03-12-16 14:45): LOL 69-Year-Old Grampy Trump is pining for a protestor to jump on his stage when he is on it so that he can “take care of it himself”...he barely could lift up a ca. 55lbs kid for less than an minute, and was panting/winded after that*.... #DelusionalGrampyDon Nope you ‘indeed wouldn’t have “done well”’....That guy would have bashed in your Jack-Ass Lantern face into Pumpkin Pie Pudding....(03-17-16 07:39): In fact, contrary to his profess stunt intent, Dimassio would have actually #OffTrump...indirectly....by giving him a ‘sudden overexertion exhaustion’ heart attack....

-(03-12-16 15:19): So, as per Trump endorser Carson, there is a private “cerebral” (more like mental) Trump, but a jack ass in public persona/campaigning, then Trump’s opinion of the American electorate is that they are a bunch of ‘stupid, gullible chumps who only care about being entertained’ #TrumpTramp

-(03-13-16 08:36): Got to love those, necessarily moronic and hotheaded Trump supporters who think that by swallowing the Trump poison pill they will be sticking it to Obama....That same blue collar middle class bloc will Tar & Feather Trump alive when they are only working to barely afford to pay for their basic living necessities due to his various shortsightedly atrocious Economic and Trade policies. #TrumpFools

-(03-13-16 09:11): Donald Trump is actually PC....Politically Chaotic......

-(03-13-16 10:14): It’s telling that someone, -a caucasian guy, almost ran up on the stage to, at least, beat up Trump, and he didn’t say a word about “beating the crap out of him”...but that’s what he expects from his rabble, particularly against minority protestors, who are the ones that his racist and bigoted mob actually physically assault.... Do #OffTrump before he actually gets someone, -let alone millions of people, killed....Good riddance!!!! #EndTrump

-(03-13-16 10:21): Donald also got taken out to the woodshed when the debate focused on policy matters..... #IdiotTrump

-(03-13-16 10:23): Only Dictators take democracy and turn it into swears of cult of person allegiance...and also at the threat of “consequences” if they break that oath. #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-13-16 10:24): F@#% America!!! #PresentTruth (Rev 3:15-17)

-(03-13-16 10:54): Donald Trump is illiterate. He [abbreviatingly] spells “lying”: “LYEN”...(03-17-16 08:06): before Barron corrected him #IdiotTrump

-(03-13-16 12:04): FYI: Donald Drumpf kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed...Read it devotionally...instead of the Bible.... #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-13-16 12:34): Donald Trump has found a new scapegoat: the Black Lives Matter movement and American Citizen minorities who are protesting him as they have “taken away their (once openly racist) country” who would get away with doing violence to Black People. #TrumpIsAKKK

-(03-13-16 13:38): LOL Trump expects that he will “unify” people by wielding arm-twist force from the Office of POTUS. Clearly as increasingly seen during the primaries, he cannot unify people through mere ideological convincing. #TrumpIsALiar #TrumpIsADictator

-(03-13-16 14:32): Donald Trump still thinks he is (still) in the ratings increasing business (e.g calls polls “ratings”)....That is why he also thinks that violence at his rally’s, including towards him, is “great”.... #Conald

-(03-13-16 14:50): Isn’t publicly inciting violence a, moreover here Bias/Hate, Crime.* #Arrest&ChargeTrump ...at the very least, it is disqualifying for any Public Office.

-(03-13-16 15:13): From Miami*, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to even New York City, unlike Democrats, Donald Trump cannot carry the vote in Urban America, only partly in Suburban, and largely in Rural, America...but 78% of the U.S. Population live in urban areas. #TrumpIsDoomed

* (03-17-16 23:32): Only Lost Dade County to Rubio.

-(03-13-16 21:21): Donald Trump believes and claims that he will bring respectability back to the United States. Well so far, in auditioning for that role, he has demonstrated, from telling how he will renegingly lie to other countries like Iran, when making a “deal” with them, or that he will not really impose Tariffs on China; to, as secreted to the NYT, not being really serious about his Immigration proposals, that other countries will not have to take seriously what he is saying because he never really means it, but is only “strategically” exaggerating or bluffing. And as he is prone to always make such bombastic and exaggerated proposals, the world markets will have to, for their own good, learn to just ignore whatever the U.S. President says. And so, for all such hot air coming from a Trump-occupied White House, the legacy that a Trump Presidency will have is being the most world-ignored, derided and dismissed Presidency in the history of the U.S. #DelusionalDon (03-15-16 04:31): In fact even the rest of the U.S. Government, Military and Domestic Markets will likewise be ignoring Trump and his #TrumperTantrums

-(03-13-16 22:42): The entry homework for Trump and his campaign team was to group watch the movie: Our Brand Is Crisis*...then go out and do the same....or, indeed**, as in art imitating life, that is actually what campaign consultants do with their problematic candidates and campaigns.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Brand_Is_Crisis_(2015_film)

-(03-14-16 10:22): Whatever you do Trump reminds people of Hitler..Hitler just made his “public persona pledging” more concise and ritualistic #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-14-16 10:27): How correlated: In that same North Carolina Rally where Trump equated protesting with “getting away with murder” [19:20] one of his (unstable & racist) goons [John McGraw] threatened, or vowed, to “kill” a (black) protestor “next time” after having assaulted him a little later in that rally. #KKKDon  (03-15-16 03:26): Do pay his McGraw’s legal bills Donald...and let everyone know how despicable you really are, and can become...That should warrant the RNC revoking the eligibility of your GOP candidacy and removing all of your delegates to be redistributed amongst the other remaining candidates, or others, during the Convention....But you and the RNC are so self-servingly spineless....
(03-15-16 07:34): Trump did not incite a “riot” in North Carolina on March 9, 2016, he incited violence, and even death threat...

-(03-14-16 10:31): On top of the illegality and terrible image, a Trump Administration would be wasting so much military resources trying to “torture ISIS into submission” since he thinks that just killing ISIS soldiers won’t be enough, that he will make his task 2-3 times harder than it needs to be....But of course, Trump is just setting up an extreme straw man approach in order to justify “more economically” just indiscriminately terror-nuking any Muslim cities or town....After all, that was the “rationale” used for trying to justify the WWII terror-nuking of Japanese civilians in their cities. #TerroristTrump #OffTrump #ExecuteTrump = the perfect: “go back in time and kill Hitler” scenario....

-(03-14-16 10:39): ““Awkay”” (+sissy hand gesture)...no it’s not DoDoDrumpf...You’re going to have to “retort” way better than that....LOL... #SissyTrump
            -People who use common mannerism while speaking clinically have psychological deficiencies...that’s why body language readers can easily read these things as “tells”. #PsychoDon

-(03-14-16 10:59): DraftDodgingDrumpf has no clue what “USMC” stands for...nor would wimpy he, his wind-sucking gut, and his fat jack ass, ever get close to being accepted in those ranks..... #SissyTrump

-(03-14-16 11:26): It is disturbing amazingly how Trump vividly obsessively remembers the details and fluctuations of polling from ca. 6 months ago (i.e. in regards to Ben Carson catching up to him)...He spends more time reading polls in one day, than his Bible in 69 years.  #PsychoDon

-(03-14-16 11:35): There are now 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada....When is that Northern Border Wall going to be built Trump?!!...And Canada won’t pay for it.... #ParanoidDon

-(03-14-16 11:51): Ben Carson’s “God-given Wisdom” comes from his personal belief that Socialism is not Biblical (contra. e.g. Luke 3:10-11; 18:22-26; Deut 15:1-11; Acts 2:43-47; 4:32-35; 2 Cor 8:7-15)...You can’t have “Godly Wisdom” if you don’t align with the Word of God #EpicFail (Matt 4:4)...., but instead, drunkenly, with Babylonian tenets e.g. Capitalism. #BenCarsonIsPlainStupid #BenCarsonHasBrainDamage
And by the way, brain surgery is probably the easiest type of surgery...no moving parts and you defaultly don’t mess with the “vital” areas...all you need to qualify is “Gifted Steady Hands”....and clearly Carson does have the “half-speed” disposition to have really steady hands...Snipers have to train their bodies to become that relaxed and steady, for Carson, it was already built in..... #LikeTrumpBenCarsonIsAFraud
-(03-14-16 12:04): Ben Carson misses the “capitalistic risk-taking” which led to the 2008 Great Recession....   #CarsonIsDrunk

-(03-16-16 16:37): Ben Carson has the “Mark of the Beast (squarely) on his forehead”.... #EW 36.2

-(03-14-16 12:20): FalseFlaggingTrump is baitingly disappointed when his protestors are “all mouth”... #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-14-16 12:45): LOL Look at Uncouth Carnival Barker Don asking for “decorum”.... and “unity” #Conald....Plus if Trump really wants to “meet with his protestors for 10 minutes” then do so already...they are right there...e.g. instead of just repeating the same stupid BS why don’t you really go “unscripted” and impromptu and turn your mob/mass hypnotism session rally into a Townhall where these protesters can engage you and challenge your claims....for 10 minutes....  #BluffingDon
(03-14-16 18:15): And it is not actually “crowd-cutting” to have a townhall, just put a couple of microphones up front and have, even your own supporters line up and ask questions....I’ve seen such a session in a Stadium filled with 70,000 people (SDA GC 2015 - Alamodome, San Antonio TX*)...but of course, Trump’s supporters cannot be trusted to be civilized and behave. That is why he would have to screen them down to the 500 most “sane” ones.   #TrumpMobocracy

-(03-14-16 12:55): Nope, they’ve seen your “movement” before, in the George Wallace campaign of 1968 that you vividly and longingly recall and are recreating...what “hasn’t been seen before” is how many more morons are now (still) going along with this Fascist Bigotry....Must be the First Black President hatred really kicking in.... #TrumpiesAreRacists

-(03-14-16 13:27): Does Trump really believe that people don’t have mothers or fathers because they are protesting him.... Right, only bastards and spawns-of-bitches buy what he’s peddling... #TrumpIsAChump

-(03-14-16 18:04): You’d think that Melania would have come up with something for the female #Trumpies instead of that Red-Neck Trucker cap....

-(03-14-16 18:16): Got to love the way Trump makes even his own supporters “go down to their knees and grovel”. He keeps overticketing his venues by +2X the capacity and have people wait in lines outside...and then mocks them when the rally starts because, unlike the other #Trumpies who got in, they didn’t sacrifice the rest of their day to line up really early for this stupid rally even despite having a spot-reserving ticket to get in.....(03-16-16 15:30): And all because he and his ego-maniacal self cannot stand to see even one empty seat....Who is so stupid to follow after this abusing egomaniac??!!!!....Who’s even more stupid get, and stay, married to him!!!!....Oh yeah..people who mindlessly think they can get wealthy through him....SMH

-(03-14-16 18:22): Lying Don still thinks he, (even privately), opposed the Iraq war before it (most clearly) started to turn bad for the U.S. which was only a couple of months after the late March 2003 invasion. #TrumpLies

-(03-14-16 18:25): If “knocking the crap out of ISIS’s oil is a foolproof approach to beating them, which Obama is evidently not actually doing, then what difference does it make if it is announced long in advance and what advantage can ISIS have with foreknowledge of such tactic other.... than them diversifying their income. Maybe ISIS should invest in Trump Real Estate, or use that oil money to have him build up their cities, then he would want to “make a deal” with them.... #Commander-In-Briefs

-(03-14-16 18:35): Now Trump is going around comparing hand-sizes with other dudes. (He still can’t let it go)...Who the hell is “Nick” who makes him feels so insecure... #SissyTrump

-(03-14-16 18:57): It’s not “Gwentanamo”.... #TrumpIsIgnorant

-(03-14-16 19:07): Trump keeps telling his “Pants on Fire”* bedtime story to his dumbed down Morons. That is why he repeatedly polls his audience before telling that story...so that he can throw them under the bus if ever the media points out to him that it is merely a fictionalized legend....And really, that will today dissuade Militant Islam....The 9/11 Hijackers probably had whiskey-marinated roasted pork chops at the strip club they were in before snorting coke off the rumps of a couple cheap white trash hookers the night before the executed their attacks....


-(03-14-16 19:14): Since the U.S. is in no position to win a trade war with China, -and I dare you do default on any payment on your trillion dollar debt to them, a Tit-for-tat Tariff War will at best only maintain the present trade imbalance figure, or much more likely: expand it...If Trump had been left to suffer the full cost of his up to $9.8B bankruptcies, which he would still be trying to climb out of the red from today, he wouldn’t be pompously speaking on what he presently has no clue how to deal in: the Federal Budget/Economy Sector where bankruptcy and defaulting is just not an option.... #Commander-In-Briefs

-(03-14-16 19:18): Sounds like Ivanka is way more “smart” than her DumbDumbDaddyo..He should put her on his ticket...and then have a heart attack...And that would actually be the best “position” he would have publicly put her in during his life....Heck put Melania #AnybodyButTrump....still going to atrociously lose in November...but with better results....

-(03-14-16 19:33): Even unlike the GWB Administration debacle, Donald Trump has begun the descendency of America in the World a year and a half before he would even have taken office....and confirmingly so by day own of this Disastrously pivotal Presidency. Jesus Divided history into B.C. and A.D., Trump will subdivided modern History into BA - AA Before America....After America...and the AA part will be glorious (Rev 18:1ff)  #TrumpdoesPCP

-(03-14-16 19:40): No need (“Pastor” Mark Burns) praying for Trump to get God-given Wisdom...He doesn’t listen to God either...Plus the only true portrait of Donald Trump is what he says and does “in the media”...and as he said, “he can become whatever you need him to believe him to be”....In fact Jesus’ caution in Matt 24:23-24 actually has application with Trump and his “Messianic” rallies....Glad to see, like a smoking hot mess of $#!+, Trump is attracting all of the “non-elect”, =worthless/spurious, “Christians”... #TrumpistheLordoftheFlies

-(03-14-16 20:18): A Trump-Christie Ticket would easily be the heaviest in U.S. history....and not only in being full of $#!+.... #TrumpIsFat

-(03-14-16 20:20): “It’s a movement and it’s not me, it’s you...I am just a messenger”: Trump is anticipatively already throwing his voters under the bus.... #TrumpScheme

-(03-15-16 02:08): Donald Trump’s repetitious rallies are more and more the random rantings of a mad man...= Chapter 2 of Hitler’s Book of Speeches... #AdolfDrumpf

-(03-15-16 07:32): It’s too bad Sarah Palin is so hot (She literally turns on my “pituitary faucet” everytime I see her! #TrumpTramps (03-17-16 08:28): ....especially pre-Botox session-s-sssss hiatus..but that “intervention” does serve to give a sobering up pause now....
(03-17-16 15:44): ...Right back atchya’ : “What the Hell are you “Christians” doing on the xenophobe, racist, hate-monger, liar, sexist, boorish, authoritarian, brown-shirting thug, boastfully unrepentant sinner, etc side...but trust me, it makes sense with you guys: (e.g. Luke 16:13; Phil 3:18-19; Heb 12:14-17) #ChristiansAgainstTrumpTramps (Rev 17&18)

-(03-15-16 18:00): As Bernie Sanders said, Donald Trump indeed is a pathological liar as seen by the fact that he couches all of him promisory statements in some sort of plausible deniability caveat....And he consistently cites any adverse, even concretely proven fact with some plea of uncertainty: E.g. talking about the guy who got assaulted at his North Carolina rally: ‘I guess someone got hit once’...Of course if ever pressed on that deliberate ambiguity he’ll then say: “I didn’t see it” (which actually is that he didn’t bother to watch the video (but of course he did)), or he’ll say: ‘I was unsure as to whether that guy was hurt or not’. Donald Trump is a Professional Career Pathological Liar. #DonaldIsSick

-(03-16-16 05:47): Marco Rubio was told by his strategists to keep saying that he was sure the polling was wrong and that he would win Florida so that if he loses he could then claim, in order to salvage his political career, that: he stayed that long in the race because ‘he was sure the polling was wrong and that he would win Florida’....

-(03-16-16 15:05): Trump wants to ‘take the U.S. back to between 1996-2001....I.e. to the Bill Clinton Years....and as if/before 9/11 ever happened....Deal with the present reality..... #DreamingDonaldIsIncompetent

-(03-16-16 15:05): (a) If Trump is ‘going to build his wall “ahead of schedule and under budget”, then why keep saying e.g. that it will cost $10B... (b) Of course Trump is going to, “as he does”, build the wall (1) under budget: by hiring and exploiting illegal workers; and (2) ahead of schedule; by ignoring all environmental concern, just like when he destroyed historical artifacts he was supposed to preserve while demolishing the building on the site for Trump Tower because it was going to take to much time to preservingly remove. #MafiaDon

-(03-16-16 15:18): Donald Trump doesn’t understand anything about Governmental Economics. That is why he keeps spouting out these vacuous and non-sensical “solutions” which either just don’t exist in reality or just don’t compute/add up. That is why no one else but himself “gets” his stupid solutions....There is realistically nothing to “get”... #IdiotTrump
            But of course his real “solution”, which he doesn’t dare openly say, is that he will be trying to achieve his “deals” with other nations at (ultimately) the point of a Minuteman Nuke....Like these countries can’t defend themselves...and like the UN doesn’t exist for the others....Btw Mr. Chump, being economically behind another country (e.g owing $1.7T to China) is way more disadvantageous than anything else...in this civilized/WTO world... #TrumpIsABully

-(03-16-16 15:53): Trump supporters are characteristically Dim Wits.... #Trumpies

-(03-16-16 15:55): The best con artist just passively let you believe what you need to believe about them in order to trust them. So when someone asked Trump to clarify his “John McCain is only a War Hero because he got captured....I don’t like people who get captured”....Trump let the guy believe in the statement he made to end his question: “But I know what you were doing”....Trump never clarified anything....
            FYI: John McCain and hundreds of other American Soldiers were captured....John McCain is an American Hero because he preferred to be tortured and remain a POW rather than self-servingly betray his country*...And BTW, that’s the complete antithesis of Deferments-Draft Dodging Donald Duck..... #TrumpIsALoser  #TrumpIsAHumanZero

-(03-16-16 17:55): Wow, That would be awesome: The RNC can (also) retroactively decide as news rules for the convention to change all Winner-Take-All States to Proportional ones!!!!! #StopTrump

-(03-16-16 18:10): Banana Republic Dictator Don was ‘so proud of his guys for having uncovered, as no one else had, that video about his Dayton Attacker’....Wow they could use a Search Engine.....and they can’t vet what comes up in their search results....I guess ‘all they know (too) is what’s on the internet’...and TV for DonDon...
            Donald Trump is incompetent not only because he has repeatedly shown that he has surrounded himself with a bunch of idiots....but also because he clearly only surrounds himself with a bunch of “Yes Men” (never heard him mention a woman in his consultant entourage), who only tell him what he wants to (=is psychologically able to) hear. #TrumpIsAChump

-(03-16-16 18:41): @RealDonaldTrump is going to start a Nuclear War over a fake Tweet purported to be by Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei 

-(03-16-16 21:01): If, Stacey Dash, ‘Donald Trump is not responsible for what every random guy does - out of thousands’...then why is he trying to pay the legal fees of some who assaulted, battered and threatened a protestor....or ‘anyone else out of thousands’ who wants to do the same.... #TrumpLies so badly that he confounds himself....

-(03-16-16 22:41): Donald Trump is shockedly moved when Hispanic people express support for him....He’s been so defamatory towards them... #TrumpIsABigot

-(03-17-16 07:24): Why did Trump congratulate the, repsectively “great and fantastic” Governor and Chairman of the Northern Marianas Island for his 9-0 delegate “a lot” haul in that territories (mentionable) primary...They must have gotten him to sign that new Mariannas Golf Course contract in return...where the 12th-18th hole will be played via the ocean-located pods with floating golf balls.....  #MafiosoDon

-(03-17-16 07:21): Ivanka, in her 42nd week of pregnancy (it must have been Donald’s “Amazing” seed), is purportedly going to give birth...of course: ‘any two minutes now during/from Trump’s Victory Press Conference’.... Odd...What was she still doing “home”??.....Also odd...Where is/was Melania for this quasi-clinch victory speech???? (03-23-16  22:24): Ohhhh...I get it, Melania has left Trump because, unlike his publicly professed “other woman” now, who is Hispanic, she doesn’t like his illegal immigrants plan... #TrumpFamilyCarnivalTour

-(03-17-16 07:20): ooohhhhhh...I get it now....(I should have paid more attention in my College Psychology class, especially in the lectures on Freud): Donald Trump abhors losing so much that he has substituted Ivanka for Ivana....and for him it was as conveniently simple as just dropping a consent-indicating “k”.... (03-17-16 08:00): Coumpoundedly (Freudianly) disturbing why does 34 year old Ivanka still sound like she is 10 when Trump is imitatively relating her statements to him....it traumatizedly must still be that 1991 divorce (+first (of 4) bankruptcy)  year for DonDon....  #DonDonIsSick

-(03-17-16 08:10): Apparently, since Trump incorrectly considers unfinished projects as part of his net worth, his net worth bloating scam racket, as seen in the Toronto Hotel and Tower, is to merely start projects in order to full claim them but let their finishing drag on for years over their normal construction time....I bet Trump was “fully claiming” that project since the time I repugnatingly recall spotting it in Toronto in November 2004.... #TrumpScam
-(03-17-16 08:34): Ben Carson wants to face-(plant)-savingly make it seem that he did not join the Donald Trump Carnival Clown Car for actually nothing more than a “I hope my bully will like me” prayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QaSWntQ7qg   #BenCarsonNeedsBrainSurgery

-(03-17-16 15:08): Trump (blasphemously) claims he is a “great Christian”...then also lies his tan off (e.g 77% “Mostly False”): http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/

-(03-17-16 15:13): Corey Lewandowski has acted so Trumpianly during the campaign that Donald is proud to showcase and present him like he is his own spawn. #LikeStupidLikedSpawn

-(03-17-16 15:14): Yeah right, Stacey Dash...DonDon is “street”.... He atrociously failed the test by spelling Lil’ as “Liddle”..... #LiddleDonDonIsAThug

-(03-17-16 15:17): So clearly here is the truth, when DelusionalDon gushingly professes his “love” for someone that he is bad mouthing, it is because he knows the vast majority of them hate his guts...E.g. The Chinese: https://archive.org/details/KPIX_20160316_003000_CBS_Evening_News_With_Scott_Pelley#start/1320/end/1380   #AllSanePeopleHateTrump

-(03-17-16 15:21): Dear Leader Don things that if he punctuates his rallies with an endless plethora of “I love you” expressions to his crowd of supporters, he thus has just sanctifyingly turned a Hate Rally into a “love-fest”... His crowds are proving that, on top of blind, love is also deaf...and dumb.... #TrumpIsRepugnant

-(03-17-16 15:25): During his campaign trump has claim for now (counting the immediate mantra repeatings) over 182 times that: ‘TrumpCare will be cheaper and better than Obama , and you will be able to keep your doctor’...This is another point of reference that people will turn back to a few years down the line in their autopsy of how professional a pathological liar Trump was....
            Yet another example of these lies: The voter ID issue. #TrumpIsALiar

-(03-17-16 15:32): Unlike Obama whose Presidency success depended on whether the American People/Government in general “could” overcome themselves and work together: Hence “Yes We Can”...Trump has squarely placed his success of whether or not ‘he does his job right’...and that “job” is his ‘mafioso deal-imposing’ one....All signs thus far from all of the Domestic and International opposition show how atrociously it is failing on all fronts... #DictatorDon

-(03-17-16 15:38): Would it be something if Iran had so sheepishly given up their (known) Nuclear Program because the long had set up and running latest generation secreted nuclear enrichment plants....LOL.... #InspectThis

-(03-17-16 16:11): Donald Trump is scare $#!+-less of debating Cruz head on.... #TrumpIsAWimp

-(03-17-16 16:17): Unlike Trump’s opponents who just need to quote him verbatim in their attack ads, Trump needs to lie and take things completely out of their actual context to (amateurishly) confect his attack (Instagram) ads... #TrumpIsALiar  Cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaKX4GgUEts

-(03-17-16 16:22): Ben Carson is a deluded prophet of Satan and His Selfishness...and he is compoundedly deluded that this is helping to preserve God’s Prophetic Truth.... #BenCarsonHasTheMarkoftheBeast...OnHisForehead

-(03-17-16 16:39): Way to Go!!!!! Way to #StopTrump: https://archive.org/details/CNNW_20160316_230000_Erin_Burnett_OutFront#start/2580/end/2640

-(03-17-16 17:24): BREAKING CAUTION MEGA-ALERT: Donald Trump is, and most derisively so, no longer listening to the advice of even Ivanka or Melania....and “about being Presidential”.....Now you all will see how screwed you are...  #TheDonaldISUnhinged
(04-10-16  12:30): Exhibit #1: the ‘Wisconsin Week’ Debacle;

-(03-17-16 19:08): The young man who most unfortunately died while campaigning for Ben Carson is probably rolling (also his eyes) in his grave every time Bamboozled Ben advocates and campaigns for Demon Trump.... #TrumpTramp

-(03-17-16 21:14): Ignorant Trump considers not apologizing for the mistreatment of Native Americans in the U.S. “Because he never apologizes”...I guess he does innately love to embrace and defend the evils that others apart from himself do....He’ll probably pay for the legal fees of anyone sued by Native Americans and annul all of their Granted Rights. #TrumpIsDespicable

-(03-17-16 21:55): Every time someone asks Trump if his Administration would prosecute Hillary Clinton, he immediately keeps referring to the Statutes of Limitations, which actually, from the end of Clinton’s term as SecState in 2012, would only run out by the end of 2018..So Dodging Trump is actually not sure if he would begin his prosecution within the first two years of his Administration...Since he is pompously sure she is guilty of a crime “greater than General Petraus”, he is dithering here because he doesn’t want to prosecute an old friend who probably had pulled some string for him from his donations. Donald Trump is already long bought and sold...He is just trying to cover his tracks now by no longer being involved in that scheme.
            Or just plainly, as usual, Donald Trump is a pompous idiot who could mean what he says because he has no idea what he is blowharding about... #TrumpIsDunce

-(03-17-16 22:19): Donald Trump no longer holds up his unread 1955 Bible up so that he can lie lie lie his orange tan off.... #TrumpIsAnAntiChrist

-(03-18-16 16:11): Boohooohooo PutiBooBoo don’t like you no more.... #TrumpIsRussia#1NSConcern

-(03-18-16 18:45): LOL, the doxxer got doxxed..... #EndTrump

-(03-19-16 07:16): Most ironically, the reason why Trump should be denied the nomination is because there will be riots and blood in the streets of America from his #Trumpies when he gets into the White House and just cannot, or chickens out an won’t, do most of those unrealistic things that he has promised to do (‘all in his first term’).

-(03-19-16 07:19): Everything is huger with the Trumps: As per Trump ‘any moment now’ announcement on the night of Super Tuesday III (=March 15 at ca. 10:00PM): Ivanka Trump is now in her 81st hour and two minutes of birthing labor..... #TrumpIsAPsychopaticLiar

-(03-20-16 19:35): I knew, prima facie, that there was something psychologically odd with these Trump Supporters*...The copious substantiated empirical fact is that Bigots, Racists, White Supremacists** have issues of self-hate and loathing, including, other than in regards to their homely physical appearance, being so stupid, and so take it out on someone else that they can take advantage of in order to feel better about themselves.   #TrumpiesAreWhiteTrash


-(03-20-16 21:03): LOL* “100&% Proof”...Yeah right, until the Trump rabble starts beating up on protestors and Trump cheers them on and offers to pay their legal fees....Funny how Trump is disappointed by protestors who have “weak voices”, but these “mass and (retarded) “Trump, Trump, Trump” chanting protestor pointing out” instructions sure do make up for any weak voices. #TrumpRabble

-(03-20-16 21:29): Donald Trump says he ‘only wants Palestinians to think that he is impartial, but he is really pro-Israel’...Thanks for letting Palestinians know in advance....or perhaps, as with China, you also think that they also don’t understand English....That’s it: Trump is part of those smug Americans who think that people can only speak and understand one (native) language. #TrumpIsRetarded

-(03-20-16 22:47): Good thing the U.S. has a Two-Man Rule for authorizing the launch of Nuclear Bombs...That technically cuts the chance of a Nuclear Holocaust started by a Trump Administration to 50%. #StopTrump

-(03-21-16 01:36): Why exactly does no two claimer of the latest GOP Delegates repartition total have the same figures???????? Isn’t it binary!!!

-(03-21-16 01:53): In his 2000 book, Donald Trump spoke of the threat of Osama bin Laden to the United States...2-3 years after the Bill Clinton Administration had been trying to kill Bin Laden following the 1998 Attacks on U.S. embassies in Africa.... #BlameBush

-(03-21-16 02:20): A major part of Trump’s lying self-net worth total is the funny money that he enunciates as “Caesh”... #TrumpIsSlow

-(03-21-16 04:52): At first I had thought that DumbDumbDonald had meant “Crazy, @megynkelly...” but no, the “sick” retard proved in his subsequent Tweets that he meant to call her “crazy”. The GOPe should enlist Megyn Kelly to completely derail Dingo Trump...Get her to only run pieces completely exposing him, including one in which she exposes how he brutalized and raped his ex-wife and then watch Trump self-immolate himself on Twitter.... #TrumpIsClinicallyInsane
            Funny Trump’s Tweet about how Megyn Kelly keeps tearing him a new one makes me regret I haven’t been watching her show....that’s going to change...and retroactively so!!!! I bet that all that she has been doing is pure journalism.....
            Telling, every show on the FNC is explicitly, uncritically or mostly pro-Trump...but he can’t get over one....
            -The Kelly File can mine this roasting of Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnnpMpFlHRs

-(03-21-16 05:53): Trump supporters are so feeble-minded and easily confused that a black supporter of his beat up someone wearing an American Flag and another one mocking the KKK...Why isn’t he arrested and charged for aggravated assault & battery. #TrumpTramps Watch, Trump won’t offer to pay his legal fees...In fact he’ll claim it is a Bernie Sander plot trying to ruin him. #TrumpIsACraziesMagnet (03-23-16 09:50): The media has not asked Trump about this beating incident...nor has Trump volunteered his support for that guys “passion”...

-(03-21-16 05:53): Trump loves Mormonism....but does know about “Seventh-Day Adventism” #TrumpIsAnAntiChrist

-(03-21-16 09:14): Donald Trump and his team will really love a “riotous” RNC Convention: A bunch of grown adults acting like little toddlers... #TrumperTantrum

-(03-21-16 18:52): Isn’t Melania Trump “unemployed”??...as in ‘not looking for a job’!

-(03-21-16 19:46): Donald Trump tries to blame SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts, and thus in turn Ted Cruz who was one of the Senators who supported and approved his nomination, for ‘twice making the ACA be sustained’. Well, unlike the First Case against the ACA which was 5-4, the Second one was a 6-3 decision. Roberts only (also) wrote the majority opinion...So he actually can’t be blamed for that vast majority decision. #TrumpIsALiar

-(03-22-16 05:33): Conman Faggot Blowhard Trump uses a teleprompter for AIPAC speech...That’s why he has that $#!+-faced smirk on his orange mug...What a stiff!!!: This is most emblematic of what a Trump Presidency will be like...It will be just like all of the Presidents before him, no matter what he claims and promises now when he doesn’t actually have to do the job and deal with reality...Trump is “All promises...Not Capable of Delivering”..You are not credible, let alone “believable”, you ignorant liar....  #OFFYourselfAlready The sight of Trump trying to read/speak at the Sixth Grade level that his speech writers managed to acceptedly do instead of his customary Third Grade level must be what he looks like when constipatedly s#itting on the can...with the visible interspersed successful vacated dump relief coming on his mug at every verbal runs, ad-libbed, thus back to Third Grade Level, statements... #IdiotTrump (03-26-16 07:52): ‘Seriously look at that (“Presidential”) face....why would anyone vote for that (caught-lying) face’

-(03-22-16 06:03): LOL Donald Trump has jumped the Shark when it comes to making a speech that when he read one written by a speech writer, it is so obvious that he didn’t write it, that it cannot even be believed to be his actual thoughts/ideas... No wonder Trump did not want to act “Presidential” before....It clearly looks like a contrived act....like a 8 year old trying to act like the U.S. President of his time #TrumpIsAPuppet (03-22-16 09:31): Trump’s first attempt to look “Presidential” revealed him to look like a Constipated-Bull-$#!+ter-in-Briefs....

-(03-22-16 20:01): Trump is worse than any politician...he has said and promised any unworkable thing just to get into power. #Conald

-(03-23-16 23:31): Ivanka, being of your Germanic spawn, (03-29-16 23:26): and merely a first generation Jewish religion convert, is not a Jew, so your baby won’t be Jewish....and everywhere in Jewish communities, Jews are shaking their heads at Trump’s insulting and desperate ignorant pandering to them... #TrumpIsStupid

-(03-24-16 01:14): By Trump’s own vacuous simplicism, the Mormon people of Utah think he is a way bigger liar than Ted Cruz.  #TrumpIsAToddler

-(03-24-16 01:18): LOL the “beans and bits” of Trump’s wife were already, most publicly, spilled.... #TrumpTramp

-(03-24-16 22:12): Trump’s whining about the 50%+1 majority math despite 17 candidates is easily offset by the RNC’s 32 non purely proportional State delegate allocating, including outright “winner take all” States.  #WhiningTrump

(03-24-16 23:04): My (rough) estimate, based on the fact that 90-95% of Israel’s barrier wall, which Trump has stated his estimate is based on, is a “multi-layered fence system”* and not a concrete wall, which cost in total $2.66B: Trump’s “1000-mile tall&beautiful reinforced-concrete wall” will cost at least ca. $60 Billion just to build... “mark my facts/math” #TrumpIsALowInformationBlowHardMoron

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_West_Bank_barrier#Structure

-(03-25-16 07:46): Donald Trump attacks a woman because of her looks.....What else is new #TrumpIsASissy ... (03-25-16 08:47): I am not saying Melania is a gold digger...but the gold in her Trump Tower Penthouse, and photos of Donald Trump repugnant mug, leave me no other rational choice.... #TrumpStamped (04-11-16 11:54): http://www.tmz.com/videos/0-vefzpv6x

-(03-25-16 09:00): You know a guy has serious problems with women when even his wife says that “he treats women the same as men”...Either he is a Faggot* and/or he is not a Gentleman... #TrumpIsASnivelingCowardIndeed

* (04-05-16 ??:??): E.g. Trump will “equally” go down on anybody who says nice things about him....(04-06-16 07:45) especially his favorite Putin....

-(03-26-16 08:16): The truth, Godfather Herman, is that Donald Trump is a Chump and a Fraud...and the media just has to keep on reporting things like they clearly are to show that...It is Trump who always has to do the weasely spinning.... #Trumpie

-(03-26-16 08:27): If Trump is so proud of his wife, and the works she did/does, then where exactly did he find offense with simply an ad displaying her “work” and asking people is they would like to have her as their first lady...Maybe he thought that a yes answer would mean that she would have to wear her birthday suit in her functions in the White House...and that will certainly affect his “great Christian” reputation.... #TrumpIsATramp

-(03-26-16 08:40): LOL if Trump really has these ‘blistering attacks against Hillary Clinton’ in reserve, then right now would be the time to unload them because the GOP needs to see a candidate that polls actually show can beat Hillary in the General Election  #TrumpIsBluffing

-(03-26-16 08:46): FYI Trump...It is not heart and brain...it is only brain...the “heart” does what the brain thinks... #TrumpIsStupid

-(03-26-16 23:27): Aren’t SuperPac allowed to exercise Free and Independent Speech...and the words that that “Heidi-Melania split frame photo” bring to my mind is that: ‘Heidi has character’ and Melania (also) is a character...as in ‘a soul-less gold-digging Trophy Wife reality show character’... #TrumpTrash

-(03-27-16 23:27): PROOF:* Trump cares much more about his wealth and money than for Melania, Ivanka and family** #TrumpIsAGoldDigger (04-01-16 12:15): As 12 year old Donald Jr. rightly/candidly had observed and said to Donald Sr.: “You just love your  money”***

** e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnnpMpFlHRs

*** http://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/2015/07/donald-ivana-trump-divorce-prenup-marie-brenner

-(03-28-16 11:06): ...Following 71 hours and two minutes of labor, then ca. 70 hours since they (finally) cancelled the natural birth attempts [on March 18 at ca. 9:00PM] -(all so that Donald can get his delivery timing more accurately) to switch to a C-Section procedure which lasted 143 hours having begun on [March 21 at ca. 7:00 PM], Ivanka Trump, -just shy of her 44th week of pregnancy, has given birth to Donald Trump’s 4th son/3rd daughter... #TrumpIsAnAttentionMaleWhore & #TrumpDoesn’tKnowWhatHe’sTalkingAbout & #TrumpIsAPathologicalLiar = #“TrumpIsGoingToBuildAWallAndMexicoIsGoingToPayForIt”*


-(03-28-16 12:26): Okay Guileful Trump: You said Brussels was a (supposed) Hell hole because of originating links to Paris attack and Molenbeek Neighborhood...not because you knew there was going to be an attack in Brussels. #TrumpIsFibbing

-(03-28-16 23:31): Article V of NATO was invoked after 9/11...NATO coalesces Western Full Force military response, not Intelligence (CIA/NSA) or Counter-Terrorism (Homeland Security) Units who actually already coordinate operations and information with other Western nations, which include NATO members.... #TrumpIsSlow Trump just wants an excusing framework to use the Nuclear Sledge Hammer of/which is NATO on Muslim towns/city/countries.

-(03-29-16 07:55): Rule 101 in Cross-Examination, when someone volunteers an adversial fact against/about themselves, it is because they are trying to cover up an even more damaging one: Trump has repeatedly openly admitted that his plan to impose an import tariff of 45% on China for their alleged currency manipulation is not more than a bluff...and that is because he is trying to cover up the fact that he did realize how unsalvageably damagingly such a policy would be to Americans, which in turn shows that Trump knows absolutely nothing about Trade despite his pompous claims to be  ‘great on trade’  #TrumpIsAHotAirBluffer

-(03-29-16 08:05): Trump bamboozling tactics in interviews is so blantantly obvious...You’re only fooling yourself... #TrumpIsDumb #TrumpIsAFool
-(03-29-16 22:48): Newsflash: Melania learned a page from Trump’s playbook...and has thrown The Donald under the bus: “He’s a grown man....He knows the consequences of his actions...” #TrumpIsALooseCanon

-(03-30-16 06:00): DonDonTrump has deeply entrenched mother-betrayal psychological issues, which is why he is so antagonistic to women with power. On his father’s side, as his father was very open to have him work with, and take over early, the (now called) Trump Organization, not only does not have Daddy issues, but he has in turn passed on the same to his children....pointedly because they have agreed to work with/for him....Converse-case in point: have you ever heard him say any thing at all about Tiffany!???  #TrumpIsNotWhole (04-13-16  11:02): [Well on March 29 on CNN he did...]

-(03-30-16 21:15): All that Trump got out of his exchange* with Miss Wisconsin 2005 Melissa Young was that she was (still) hot and that this was a great way to end his Town Hall as ‘it was not a downer’....which is why the Egomanical Bastard was obtusely ignoring the fact that Melissa was clearly saying that her illness was incurable and that she was dying from it.  #TrumpOnlyCareAboutHimself

-(03-31-16 03:38): Mark my words: a Trump Presidency will (covering up) LIE to the American People even more often then he sucks air...Including by his patent slimy redirection tactic when cornered: (e.g. When asked why he nuked a village in Afghanistan he’ll say: “Ohhhh...I thought that Yemen was about to launch an ICBM nuke”...Didn’t you guys see the news report on ### News?!!...-[because Trump always needs to throw someone under the bus for his stupidity])...move over George W.: In his Airplane interview Trump most non-sequiturly addresses the Lewd claim by advertising that “his place (the hall where that took place) is awesome because they put cameras all over the place, including the ceiling)...later that day in the CNN Town Hall he claims “I didn’t know we had cameras all over the place”. The Truth is Trump always knew of the other videotape and when he was asked for it by police he first (delusionally) thought it would exonerate his Henchman Lewd, but when it played out in the media and no one saw/though that it did, he then changed his tune to “uhhhhhh...I don’t know....I don’t know”....really you should see the guy.....  #TrumpIsASickandBadLiar
(03-31-16 06:55): BTW either Trump had the video recording strategically edited where he cut out all of the damning frames, or his club invested in some very cheap cameras which can’t even do a smooth, uninterrupted, recording...And how can you even see “facial expressions” from a ceiling camera at an almost 90 degree angle to the focus of the video.

-(03-31-16 03:51): It doesn’t matter what Michelle Fields had originally said: the video evidence does show the “simple battery that “Lewd” was charged with. Victims can easily overly remember as they relate things on how the felt more than what exactly happened....and they can actually sue for the trauma that they felt/feel. =Emotional Distress #TrumpIsABully

-(03-31-16 06:36): Trump’s WAPO interview, as necessarily patent non-sequitur, response about how he feels about the disparity of treatment of blacks by law enforcement: “the police should have done a better job of shutting down protest on the first night of the Baltimore riots” #TrumpHasMentalIssues

-(03-31-16 09:11): DumbDumb Trump has no idea what “RNC” stands for beyond “Republican” #TrumpIsSlow

-(03-31-16 10:53): Is Trump going blind....The size of the font on the Michelle Fields quote he was reading on the CNN Town Hall....Yuuuge #TrumpIsAnOldGeizer

-(03-31-16 11:21): Soliciting the services of a hitman is punishable by law...so why should only an abortion doctor be punished for an abortion...It’s the woman who made that “choice”. #TrumpIsAWimp (03-31-16 22:28): and anyone who has materially assisted or abated in this abortion (e.g. partner, boyfriend, friend) should also be punished as being complicit. #TrumpIsPoliticallyCorrect (04-01-16 04:11): The goal/aim of this punitive measure is to protect the unborn life by any means. Not holding the woman responsible, but the doctor, is as misguided as those who target/kill abortion doctors and when abortion then is legal.

-(03-31-16 12:46): How is Sheriff Joe clearing up a protestors road block by using police force and arresting the protestors ‘solving a problem by being “respected”’ #TrumpIsDelusional

-(03-31-16 22:42): Wow either Trump did not vet* Lewd at all, or he loves this loose cannon with an arrest/criminal record. What (else) was he going to do trying to entire a Capitol Hill office building with a loaded gun and bags of ammo!???  #TrumpIsAnAmateurandAMoron


-(03-31-16 22:59): Iother candidates don’t need 100 minute sit downs with a newspaper’s editorial board to make their (foreign) policy clear because, unlike Trump, they already have variously made it clear, unambiguous, assumedly lawful (except for Cruz and his carpet bombing”) and unambivalent. #TrumpIsConfused

-(04-01-16 11:43): Does Dictator Don even know that under the NPT deal, he would not be allowed to use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear-armed country....  #TrumpWillBeAWarCriminal

-(04-01-16 11:57): That’s the way to really vote against Trump:  #DumpTrump http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/keith-olbermann-calls-donald-trump-878359

-(04-01-16 12:09): Weren’t Trump’s Kids (Ivanka, Eric, Donald) staying with, and thus raised by, Ivana when philandering Trump went off to marry and live with Marla...In fact Donald Jr. Didn’t speak to him for a year.....No wonder they didn’t come out as uncouth brats like their father... #TrumpIsNotARoleModel

-(04-01-16 12:20): Donald Trump’s sickkick Ben Carson has lost his mind...but every sane person knew that: He said (on The View) that ‘he joined the Dark Side* because nice, proper and polite people (like him?) can’t win elections’...He’s literally playing the Babylonian Harlot....  #TrumpTramp

-(04-04-16 03:34): Trump is vowing to not take the $400,000/yr Presidential salary because he’ll need every penny to pay for his $60B “stupid and useless” wall. #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(04-04-16 03:46): DumbDumb Trump thinks inflation also applies to (human) weight: ‘250 lbs in the 1960's is like 310 lbs today’  #TrumpIsAStupidLiar

-(04-04-16 004:08): Stupid Trump thinks he has a “translation” problem with the English-speaking American Press #TrumpIsConfused

-(04-04-16 04:12): Of course Biker Gangs/Thugs love Donald Trump. If the Mafia was still around, or could come out of their hole, they would again openly support The Don #TrumpIsAThug

-(04-04-16 04:33): Idiot Trump thinks that if you call him Christian, then that means he is a “great Christian” #TrumpIsANominal“Christian” (Matt 7:21-23)  That is why he also has not asked forgiveness for providing his plane to his wife so that she can produce that GQ smut. #TrumpIsALucifer Trump is like false Christian Convert Constantine “the Great” who thinks that he will show how great a Christian he is by uniting Church and State...How prophetic.....

-(04-04-16 04:45): ...still can only name “Carl Aikan”... #TrumpIsBluffing

-(04-04-16 09:54): Does Donald Trump himself ‘go to Church on Sundays’...or “any other day”??????! #TrumpIsAHypocrite

-(04-05-16 06:15): If DonDon Trump wins the Presidency, people will soon be saying due to his daily baby, immature, Trumper Tantrums because all he ever will do is “lose, lose, lose” at everything he attempts, (e.g. as soon as Trump literally hits his $60B wall, and all of his other pipedream campaign promises) : “Please, Please, Please Junior President, We cannot take it anymore. Resign already!!!!”  #TrumpIsACertifiedLoser

-(04-05-16 12:26): If RNC delegates can be unpledged from the start when they go to the convention, then what is the point of having a primary vote....it makes absolutely no difference. #TrumpIsStillStupid
-(04-05-16 12:29): Since Trump has no problem appearing every week on the FNC for an hour long Q&A, then he obviously does not want to have to deal with Ted Cruz on a debate stage. #TrumpIsACoward

-(04-06-16 07:46): So Trump finally fully turned Melania...(probably cost him his Prenuptial)...and she is now his Chief War Crimes Consultant where she is endorsing and advocating for him to “hit back 10 times harder on those who attacks him”  #TrumpTramp

-(04-06-16 09:17): Wait...now it is going to be individual Western Union transfers to families in Mexico which is going to force the Mexican government to pay for the Border Wall....What ever happened to that ‘more than enough $58B annual Trade Deficit with Mexico’  #TrumpDoesn’tKnowWhatHeIsTalkingAbout ohhh...btw, Trump will have just created the cottage industry where now American Citizens will charge illegal Mexican immigrants a fee of e.g. $10 per transaction to “legally” do the money transfer to Mexico for them....Does that Trump law also apply to PayPal Bank transfers....(04-06-16 21:09): After all Americans now do massively break the law and hire illegal immigrants....

-(04-06-16 17:24): What the hell does “Presidential President” mean??????You either are, or you are indeed just an unimprovable rank amateur... #TrumpIsAChump

-(04-07-16 19:20): Newsflash Melania, Trump himself said he doesn’t treat women with respect’*....Including his own baby girl (Tiffany)** ....Should have vetted him longer #TrumpIsSick

-(04-07-16 21:48): Now Trump lies in reverse about Ivanka: April 6: “She had a baby like 5 days ago” when it actually was 11 days before (March 27)...And/or Trump is just that stupid...Including stupid enough to think that his audience would/could know....but that was a likely case actually... #TrumpIsDunce
            Relatedly Trump refers to his book the “Tart of the Deal” where is advocates for lying “exaggeration” as a dealmaking principle, when trying to show how does not exaggerate  #TrumpIsAL-I-A-R

-(04-08-16 06:44): Every time Trump cites his purported, especially foreign, policy bona fides, it is along Sarah Palin’s line of: ‘I can see Russia from my house’ #TrumpIsMental

-(04-08-16 18:31): Conald rathers keep campaigning as Buffoon in Chief....because that’s how vacuous his policy and platform is...all just mere entertainment #TrumpIsAFraud
-(04-08-16 20:35): Trump has his Reichstag on slow cook: He is talking of a sure Great Recession....which only he can avert....Good thing economists and the market already think he is full of stale air  #TrumpIsAMoron

-(04-09-16 23:50): Likewise a POTUS Trump will have to stay in the Oval Office and ‘just shut up already’ instead of causing chaos with his crazy tweets and airheaded, blowhard statements #TrumpTheKid

-(04-10-16 00:08): As with his 4 bankruptcies (leading to his net insolvent business history), Donald Trump is banking on the US reneging on its debt obligations (euphemistically called “renegotiing” by him). His main argument will probably moronically be that: “George W. Bush made a mistake with the 5.5 Trillion Iraq War Debt” #TrumpWillNowBeALoser-In-Chief

-(04-11-16 18:29): Uh oh....Watch out Kirsten for the Touchy Insecure TrumperTantrum backlash for having said that ‘Trump was “the man who helped invent the lunatic asylum called reality TV”. He may also take vexation to the line: “The Donald seemed hurt to discover the dirtiness of politics” as it actually essentially contradicts his claim later on that: “I don’t love to see leaders who sit back and cry” ...You can cry without tears...i.e. cry on the inside...And also because he messed up on his The Fountainhead “synopsis”... -which actually is along the line of his similar  ignorant, pandering flub of “Two Corinthians”.. #TrumpIsACryBaby

-(04-12-16 03:29): Hey Mark Burns ...do Christianity a favor and don’t consider, nor call, yourself a “pastor”....go with: thug blowhard Babylonian buffoon....just like your supreme dear leader...(04-12-16 07:34): Literally Shut The Hell Up!!!...the both of you!!!!! #TrumpTramp

-(04-12-16 03:34): Trump will frack the U.S. into “The Big One”...then “BOOM” America to oblivion... #MoronTrump

-(04-12-16 09:29): Trump’s children don’t register in time to vote in the NY Primary....nuff said.... #TypicalTrumpie

-(04-12-16 10:03): Sure...Donald Trump surrounds himself with only the best of minds....and they were totally clueless about the delegate securing insider game...a bunch of child-like naive amateur morons #TrumpIsClueless The U.S. is not a “democracy”....it is a Republic....and Trump has no clue what the difference is here.....

-(04-12-16 12:48): Trump keeps stupidly touting that ‘he hit his now dropped out competitors (like Bush, Rubio)  hard’...when all he did was sling schoolyard mockeries at them which his likewise moronic Trumpies bought into....This stupidity is what passes as susbtantiveness and intellectuality for Trump supporters.   #TrumpIsRetarded

-(04-14-16 03:30): Donald Trump holds many of his rallies in airplane hangars because he’s is being cheap with his self-financed campaign and he is already paying rent on the hangar for his plane while he is in town #TrumpIsCheap

-(04-14-16 16:49):...And in “your Republicanism System: the general population straightforwardly votes for whatever candidates they think best shares their chief political values/stances....who then are lawfully free to make/take whatever decision they feel is best when in power....Ergo, in the American Republicanism system, democratically elected delegates can indeed then support whatever candidate they would deem is best at the time of the convention   #TrumpIsASimpleton

-(04-15-16 01:16): The Trump Organization has “very little debt and good cash flow” because Loser Trump unloaded its up to 10 Billion dollars of debt and debt obligation in bankruptcies 4 times....That’s definitely not ‘the kind of thinking and record that the Federal Government needs’...because there is no bankruptcy provision, nor debt restructuring at the National and International Debt Level.....duh... #TrumpIsAnAirhead

-(04-15-16 01:27): Delusional Don could not bring any of the litany of failed business ventures of his “back” (e.g Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Magazine, The Trump Network, etc)....but now he is now going to bring even entire industries back... #TrumpIsAChump

-(04-15-16 05:11): Watch Trump Mad, Low-Life, Well-Trained Rabble who howl “Mexico” on cue, start mugging and robbing Mexicans, or any Latino in the U.S. when Mexico refuses to pay for that “stupid and useless effing wall”  #TrumpIsADictator

-(04-15-16 16:54): Jimmy Carter is not dead, so he can’t be “late”...you carpetbagger  #DonIsAMobster

-(04-16-16 07:25): Donald Trump seals the deal that he is an (1 John 2:18-20ff) antiChrist: he (also) ignores and opposes Jesus Christ on Matt 5:38-42 #TrumpIsScaredStupid

-(04-19-16 15:47): As seen by his patent non-sequitur spin for Cruz’s “NY Values” comment, Trump does “conveniently”, cheaply and repeatedly us 9/11 as 7-11....  #TrumpIsDumb

-(04-20-16 02:55): LOL ‘Trump’s Art of the Steal book has four Chapter 11.... #TrumpIsALoser

-(04-20-16 06:46): Donald Trump is so dumb, as seen by how he repeatedly is getting schooled in the mechanism of the GOP primary, that he surrounded himself with people just as, or dumber, than him. #TrumpIsIncompetent

-(04-20-16 12:13): Donald Trump doesn’t want to be “Presidential” because then this whole POTUS thing will be so boring for him #TrumpIsJuvenile

-(04-20-16 13:21): Sure Guileful Don, no one went into the Second Tower in the ca. 30 minutes after the first one fell...and then there was actually a need to go in a save lives in the factual light of what was likely to also happen with this tower.. #TrumpIsALiar

-(04-20-16 20:29): Everytime Donald Trump wants to know and reassure himself about “who is going to pay for his (“stupid and useless, effing”) wall, (which won’t be Mexico) protestors should as him “how much is it going to cost: because it will be at least $60B #TrumpIsIncompetent

-(04-21-16 12:00): LOL, the values of (now) Republican Donald Trump are so not the same of NY, NY that he lost his residency & business district of Manhattan to Ted Cruz...Like I said: (the far-right extreme character that Trump has become to usurp the Republican nomination) Donald Trump cannot win Urban America #TrumpIsScrewed

-(04-21-16 13:43): Trump and his “millions of votes ahead” mantra is trying to fool his dumb/gullible supporters into believing that the GOP Nomination is won by the sum total of the popular vote #Conald

-(04-25-16 22:42): LOL, Iran’s External Debt % of GDP is 4%; China 16%...the US: 103% = Fiscally incompetent....

-(04-28-16 05:54): Donald Trump may calmly read what he intends to do Foreign Policy-wise, but he by now has long shown that when things don’t go his way, -and they surely won’t, and he does prefacingly intend to enter into those foreign dealing from a menacing posture of force, he then most immaturely and haywirely loses it and fires off whatever he has in his hands and power at his opposers...and it is clear what it will be then: Economic and Military Wars. His Presidency, if he gets the chance, will go down in History as the one which forever sunk the United States...would be quite prophetic (Rev 18:21ff)  #TrumpIsAMoron

-(05-24-16 22:53): A lot of very stupid (and beyond merely gullible) people in America* a.k.a. “Trump Supporters”....(05-27-16 08:03): And Trump is the CHick Magnet**....In all ‘15 skin shades of it’*** (05-29-16 01:44: including, if not especially: “(artificial) tan” (05-30-16  02:04 ): even if not (yet?) orange like their Dear Leader).......because stupidity is independent of skin color/shade. Typical characteristic of a Trump Supporter: “moronic blowhard” #TrumpIsStupid-In-Chief

LOL: [04:35] “$1 billion a year = $1 trillion over 10 years” (and he’s reading it!!!!....), and of course another Trump supporter (i.e. RSBN) didn’t catch, nor retake, that...because that is exactly the same stupid and non-adding-up things that their Moronic-Blowhard-in-Chief patently says and does... #They’reWithStupid

-(05-29-16 01:31): ...actually, Donald Trump is too innately stupid to be a “con man” #Conald #Stupid Trump (...it is just that with all that money/power/influence, no one has told him so...) which is why his patent approach is thinking that people are (naively/trustingly) more stupid than he is...so why bother being “conningly clever”

-(05-31-16 16:30): ...all of these people claiming to be incensed with Barack Obama because he made campaign promises that he didn’t keep (most of which depended on bi-partisan cooperation), are now fully exposed as mere partisan obstructionists as they have absolutely no problem with Stupid Trump making campaign promises that he just can’t begin to keep.*  #Trumpies

* (06-01-16 03:19): http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/05/the-seven-broken-guardrails-of-democracy/484829/

-(05-31-16 18:53): Trump’s indifferent patent slothful disorganization is just as detrimental as not doing anything at all, and even much worse when he will start to do things, -as per his many “fool’s grandiosity” platform proposals, but won’t be able to see it through and finish them...and there are no bankruptcy rescue plans at the POTUS level to flush the already incurred debt. #TrumpIsIncompetent

-(06-03-16 04:35): Clearly DumbDumb Trump suffers from a severe psychological case of desperate projectionism** because the only person I have seen reading from a teleprompter who to me obviously looks like they are reading from a Teleprompter is him (e.g AIPAC and “Foreign Policy” speeches)...-Not at all surprising, same goes for his sidekick Sarah Palin...He looks like a Schmuck “Orange-gutan” caught in a net trying to pass a brick...Seriously the only person I have seen who can’t (professionally) handle a teleprompter is Donald Trump...And clearly the only reason he has only used it twice is because he has been repeating the same stupid BS in his ca. 250 other campaign diatribes, or as Hillary accurately put it ‘bizarre and incoherent, not to mention unintellectual, ignorant rants’...Ironically enough, sort of like “runs of the mouth”....since he’s can’t pass his BS at the other end...*
            In fact, I am always surprised that people like Obama, Mitt Romney (anti-Trump speech) and yesterday: Hillary Clinton, had actually been reading from a teleprompter...But that’s the thing with Stupid and Incompetent Trump, when he can’t do something, like being Presidential, he needs to trash it so that he then can bring it down to his helpless toddler in diapers level. #TrumpIsRetarded

** (06-13-16 21:41): E.g. this# is actually Dumbo Trump’s impression of himself reading a teleprompter. See especially his last-minute-readied Hillary Clinton “National Security” speech.##

# https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Ynr7crA4I  -Seriously, Looney Trump is looking/acting more and more demented as the campaign progresses....

-(06-03-16 13:02): Stupid Donald Trump can’t even spell “teleprompter”..... #Stupid-In-Briefs

-(06-06-16 01:07): When Trumpies consistently have to Trump-splain...You are not following a leader...But clearly someone who is even more stupid than you....  #TrumpIsIgnorant

-(06-06-16 01:43): Trump: (September 11, 2002): “Yeah, I guess so....”* ...LOL it is Pathologically-Lying-Trump who f/actually ‘knew nothing about the Iraq War, and stupidly went along with it and its most detrimental element of “Regime Change”’, (and before the ((mal-)informed) Deliberation and Voting by Congress (October 16, 2002)) #TrumpNeedsToProject


-(06-06-16 06:15): Trump’s antics with his Trump Con-versity Lawsuit, amongst other pertinent things (e.g. not releasing his taxes), clearly shows that he cares more to protect his House-of-(Joker)-Cards business interests than being POTUS*....In fact, -and by his own ‘because of what I have said against his race” argument/reason’ all along Trump has been systematically and calculatedly insulting and alienating every minority (racial) group so that he could be able to later reverse-implicitly-argue, -only in public grandstanding of course, that: ‘only (06-07-16 17:04): WASP men can “impartially” sit as judges on judicial cases involving him’. #TrumpIsAJoke (06-07-16 09:07): ...evidently Trump expanding/investing in the Muslim World has not been viable for his company...

* (06-08-16 06:50): Which is why, on one side, he is, even critically so, spending as very little money as possible, which is his, on his campaign, and which is why, on the flip side, at least before, -until his candidacy became a responsibility of the entire Republican Party, he was avoiding taking campaign money, from especially wealthy, thus powerful, entities so that he would not have to owe them a proper/full, and thus winning campaign, but could either pull out, or sabotage it and lose, whenever it became better for his fragile business interests.

-(06-06-16 10:48): Donald Drumpf can’t be U.S. President....He’s proud of his heritage...and it’s German....Hitler...WWII....Trump read Hitler Speeches for his bedtime stories...and Trump campaigns like Adolf.... #TrumpIsARacist
-(06-06-16 13:40): DumbDumb Trump should go to jail...for running a fraudulent enterprise #TrumpIsAFraud

-(06-06-16 13:43): Trump has plenty of common non-sense.. #TrumpIsAnIdiot

-(06-07-16 01:42): Note to Gregory Cheadle* -(in case you are still (needing to) refus(ing) to see it): Dictator Drumpf was not talking about/to you...He was calling a Black guy who was stupid enough to ‘beat the crap out of an Anti-Trump protestor for him’ “Great”...which means that you, as “the “greatest”, would/should stupidly do worse for ‘him’...maybe ‘shoot someone on Fifth Avenue for him’.   #TrumpIsAChump-In-Briefs


-(06-08-16 07:02): Tripping Trump: “I don’t care if the judge is Mexican or not, because I am going to do great with Mexican people, because I provide jobs. So I don’t care about Mexican.” Only desperately stupid people would see anything sensical in that naturally stupid thought-puke. Trump’s brain/thinking is clinically haywirely incoherent..His administration will be exactly like that: Wildly all over the irrelevant places  #TrumpIsSick

-(06-08-16 11:23): LOL, Judge Curiel, whose ancestors legally immigrated into the U.S., may actually be politically in favor of even the U.S. building a physical border barrier/“wall” to stop illegal immigration into the U.S....but racist Trump (blindly) presumes that ‘he must, -and vitriolically so, be against such a policy’.... “‘because his Grandparents were born in Mexico”.... #TrumpIsAJackAss

-(06-09-16 06:52): Well looks like the Trump campaign found a 4th Grader who can still write at a 3rd Grader level to be Trump’s speech writer*....And manifestly that youngster was himself mature enough to not include that “PeePee” joke...But I do get it now, it wasn’t merely the reading level that was a problem for Trump and previous scripted speeches, -which made him look even more constipatedly stiff, it was also the fact that Trump also has very poor, merely reading, skills...  #TrumpIsADunceIlliterate**

-(06-09-16 06:56): So Trump says:

-As POTUS, ‘he will never have the U.S. enter into any foreign conflict unless it makes the U.S. safer as a nation’;

-According to him, ‘the HRC Foreign Policy has created threats which affect the U.S. in Libya; Iraq, Syria and Iran...

-Ergo: A Trump Administration will, and “hopefully”, engage Libya, Iraq, Syria and Iran to resolves these problems/threats where: ISIS won’t be removed from Libya and Iraq without a ground war; Assad, who had Russian backing, won’t leave Syria, which Trump is probably okay with, but that then means ongoing Civil War which ISIS can continue to take advantage of; and Iran will likely not accept the whatever more crippling “deal” that Trump has in mind for them.

...Can’t say he never warned you... #TrumpIsConfused

-(06-09-16 08:21): Trump is absolutely right*: ‘He, -since he is running for POTUS, should never use a teleprompter...let him continue to express his own candid and stupid thoughts and words... so people will never doubt who he actually really is, and how stupid and illiterate he is....** #TrumpIsWorthless

* http://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/donald-trump-teleprompter-224039

** (06-09-16 08:35) Cf. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-zzz_us_575772c0e4b08f74f6c092b7?

-(06-09-16 08:40):  #TrumpIsAPathologicalL-I-A-R https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/03/22/all-of-donald-trumps-four-pinocchio-ratings-in-one-place/?postshare=8091465222156244&tid=ss_tw-bottom

-(06-09-16 15:48): Tricky Trump was more than glad to do this scripted primary wins speech....-really a teleprompted speech just for commenting on primary wins...because it help him distract away from having to apologize for his roundly decried racist remarks lately #TrumpIsAHoodwinker

-(06-10-16 06:29): By the way Fat-Pinnochio* Trumpery** patently ends his rallies by sublimally warning his deluded followers that: ‘even the most deluded of them would come to him during his administration and beg him to’: “please stop “winning”” because he full well knows that his personal and corporate idea of, and “strategy” for, “winning” fundamentally involves: the unfaithfulness of marital affairs; whimsical divorces; bankruptcies and “below the belt” (even to women) sucker***-punching...Which collectively adaptively translates as the modernized and pertinent adage of: “Docking at port, and then torpedoing the Cruiseliner”    #TrumpIsACoward

* See above at: (06-09-16 08:40)

*** Because Dumbo Trump does not actually “counterpunch”, but only “sucker-punches” in return# In fact when, in the few times when it is Trumpy himself who gets sucker-punched, he then actually “sings like a high-pitched canary”!!##

# E.g.:
-A debate moderator quotes him his own vulgar expressions against women and let him respond, and he goes on to insinuate that ‘it probably was that time of the month for her’, and then calls her a “bimbo” and “crazy”....for the next 8+ months...
            {A “counterpunch” would be him justifying his usage of such expressions against these women...other than of course that ‘but Rosie O’Donnell is a fat pig’}

-A Ted Cruz Super-Pac posts a photo of Melania Trump during a nude photoshoot of hers which Trump staged on his plane....and Trump makes a retweet which intimates that Heidi Cruz is unattractive%...
            {A “counterpunch” would be him extolling how “wonderful” that nude photoshoot was; how he fully supports his nude modeling wife, and how that emblematically embodies the “freedom” and individualistic capitalism of America...which has ‘made America “great”’....But of course not, he and his “best Evangelical Christian” slithering got caught with his pants down behind Utah bush “prudely” publicly pleasuring himself to that nude photoshoot of his wife”...


-A Federal Judge rightly rules against him in his case, and he racistsly attack him/his integrity personally, accusing him of being a political puppet and also labeling him a “(biased) hater”....in the media...
            {A “counterpunch” would be a legal motion by his legal team showing the judge to be in substantive error....or him/them just shutting up and saving that claim for the appeal...but of course not, he sucker-punches to try to intimidatingly get the judge to recuse himself}

## E.g. Marco Rubio points out that he has small hands and “we all know what that indicates”...An actual “counterpunch” from the “Short-fingered Vulgarian” would be along the lines of: “Well judging by Marco’s small size, we can only naturally expect that everything else is proportional”....But no, instead Trumps volunteers defensive TMI-detailed information which not only throws him and his “presidentialness” but also even the privacy and intimacy of his present wife under the boxing ring’s mat...just before it gets run over by the surely upcoming news cycle media buses, by saying: “I can assure you that there is nothing wrong down there” {of course everybody knows how grossly self-aggrandized and exaggerated are Trump’s self-estimation; and which is why he needed to follow up with: “no woman he’s been with has ever complained”...about his “hands” of course....and which he doubly needs to reinforce by adding that effectively: ‘the women that he’s been wife would all say that he (compensatorily) satisfied them by being such a sweet/gentle lover’...as his (thus probably alternatively practical) small hands indicate....{which of course is how/why Ivana Trump knew exactly that she had been brutally/violently raped by him.%}

            So Trump’s so-called “counter-punching” is akin to a boxer getting a punch landed on him while fighting in the ring, and he then immediately goes to his corner, calls his trainer over, and socks him in the head. Simiarly, do expect Trump upcoming “counter-punch” speech “against the Clintons” on Monday June 12 to candidly expose how stupid,, gullible unprepared, incompetent and unprofessional his campaign team is by them recycling and/or claiming all kinds of things which have either been soundly debunked or have not be legally proven....Which is why they stupidly/foolishly thought that the Vince Foster (re-)accusation was a good move.

            So do expect Trump’s “winning” approach as POTUS to continue to be along these psychologically exposing lines where E.g. the Western Allies of U.S. will surely repeatedly decry and oppose his various unscrupulous, uncouth and unlawful actions, and he will respond by, -as already indicated, pulling (or trying to) the U.S. out of various International Treaties and Organizations probably arguing to his most devouted Trumpies who will then also be saying that ‘they don’t want to “win” that way...or that this is not “winning”’: ‘how much money the U.S. is going to save by such repatriations’ and on the flip side, an foreign leader like in China Russia or Mexico will say something derogative about Trump’s acts and he will sucker-punch by likewise also saying or doing irrelevant and stupid, and that is actually also detrimental to the U.S. itself. E.g. Mexico balks at paying for his stupid and useless effing wall, and he responds by ordering that the stupid and useless effing wall be higher...; China continues to manipulate its currency, so Trump imposes 45% tariff on Chinese Exports to the U.S.; Russia’s Putin says that he never said that Trump as a “genius” but rather “flamboyant and colorful”* but not actually very intelligent at all, and Trump responds by militaristically antagonizing Russia.

* (06-20-16 15:08): = “bright” See https://archive.org/details/CNNW_20160619_140000_Fareed_Zakaria_GPS#start/960/end/1020

-(06-10-16 07:??): Scot Walker says that “it’s sad in America that we have such poor {POTUS] choices right now” well given that there actually are actually hundreds of better choices out there, indeed beyond those who had run in the primaries, it actually is a perfect reflection of American society that these would be the two elected finalist choices for POTUS as they have resonated with the popular mentalities of, on the Republican side: Bigotry, Stupidity and Greed, and on the Democrats side: Licentiousness, Moronicity and Big Money Cronyism which exist as the six main categories of people in American Society

-(06-10-16 19:55): Don Trumpo is a mobster wannabe...of course he thinks a President, let alone a private citizen, intimidating a judge is perfectly normal and expected.... #TheWannabeDon

-(06-10-16 20:02): As the next Tricky Dicky Nixon, ‘The American People need to know that their wannabe President, Donald Trump, “is not a crook”’...(But unlike Nixon,* without The Don himself releasing his taxes)...Like a toddler putting a candy bar in his pocket at the check out lane, Big Baby Trump is also too stupid to realize that he’s a crook....** #TrumpIsACrook


-(06-11-16 08:00): Simply unfit to be U.S. Commander in Chief http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/an-open-letter-to-donald-trump-from-a-wounded-marine_us_5759df51e4b0b6c496007949  #TrumpIsATinPotDictator

-(06-11-16 21:07): So apparently, Dunce Trump wrote his own teleprompted speech for the Faith and Freedom Conference....And it showed: sounded just like his campaign rally rants with jumped around disjuncted and unfinished thematically random thoughts all over the place.... #TrumpHasMentalIssues
            LOL it literally was like he was reading from a script with 6 paragraph or 10 sentences each, each dealing with a single theme/issue, and he read the first sentence in the first paragraph, then skipped to the first sentence in the second paragraph, then the first in the third and so on....all the while randomly injecting a sentence from the margins...Self-scripted or not, you still sound stupid, ergo you are helplessly stupid.           #TrumpIsDemented                             

-(06-11-16 21:49): LOL, No one in the Faith & Freedom Conference applauded Trump’s obviously hypocritical line that: “no one should be judged by their race or their color”...So he tried to stretch it by “adding” the asinine: ‘or the color of their skin”...so I guess the first color was ‘the color of their hair’....{And why should even the Trumpies here applaud that claim of his since he obviously unapologetically still stands by his racist accusations against Judge Curiel}....
            So since no one still wasn’t applauding, he ad-libbed his racism-hinting anti-Obama vacuous pablum of: “right now we have a very divided nation and we are going to bring our nation together”...And since that was reverse-blaming the (half-)black President for racism, then that got the applause....     #TrumpIsStillARacist

-(06-11-16 22:54): Not surprising, the official “tactic” of Trump and his spokespersons/supporters to blistering criticism is the schoolyard: “I know you are but what am I”...  #TrumpIsInfantile

-(06-11-16 22:55): Trump and his campaign have the exact same mentality as slave owners: “Don’t worry about racism....just focus on the economy” #TrumpIsARacist

-(06-12-16 08:07): Like John McCain in 2008, Mitt Romney actually has more integrity than I thought/assume (i.e. for a Republican), and also won’t sell out his (Godly) character, values and principles just to win an election. Indeed if Republicans can’t win just on the merit of their own political views and platform stance, then why should they then try to win by, -as Trump is calculatedly doing, rousing up the uncouth rabble who cannot/wouldn’t be attracted or interested by civil and righteous debate. #TrumpIsATrickle-Down-Inciter

-(06-12-16  08:17): Seriously, off of which dead animal did Donald Trump get his hair????  #OuranguTrump

-(06-12-16 11:31): ....Ohhhh...so now it’s “.....for everyone”...”because you are the least racist person”....LOL Even fellow/supporting Republicans don’t say so...No don’t “give him a break”....even with an apology he would deserve one... Romney’s “trickle-down racism” description is so on point!!  #TrumpIsRacist-In-Chief 

-(06-13-16 21:53): Of course, as he does in his campaigning, Trump had to double talk and lie by saying in his NS speech that “Omar Mateen was born in Afghan”...It takes more than a Freudian slip to read that instead  #TrumpCan’tRead

-News Alert: Trump is for ‘Gay People loving whoever they want’....but just not marrying them.... “You can’t have it both ways”, not to mention claim you are a True Christian (1 Cor 13:6)                    

-Another Freudian Slip by Trump: “We have an incompetent, and if I am elected President that will not change..that will not change over the next 4 years....I am telling you” Like hte dunce kid in the class, Trump has to concentrate so hard on reading since his reading skills as so poor that he is not even hearing himself. #TrumpCan’tRead&HasADHD

-So Trump is going to start by suspending immigration from France, Belgium, London, Canada...Saudi Arabia....because that is where acts of terrorism against the West by nationals of these countries have been committed....But of course, he mans banning Muslims from those countries...So its his blanket Muslim Ban by another tactic...

-The only other option to not being Politically Correct is being Politically Incorrect. So go ahead and do continue to insult whoever doesn’t share your politics...including in your own party...

-Watch Sebastian Gorka is going to be Trump’s Defense Secretary or National Security Director.....

-If only Americans could see how people in other countries are likewise upset when a bombing or drone strike produces mass “collateral” damage....Then they wouldn’t feel so self righteous against the payback....

-Trump is against Americans converting to Islam....
-“Conservative Christian” Trump is going to appoint judges who support Gay rights...because “he’s way better friend of the LGBT than Obama”

-The only reason Trump switch to becoming a Faux Conservative is because he became scared $#!+less of Militant Islam...nothing more...nothing less....

-Wait, I’ve lost track: Is Trump for lowering the minimum wage, or for increasing wages....Well what time of the month is it for him?

-Wait till Trump finds out that Moderate Muslims are actually apostate Muslims....then he’ll also “disband” Muslim Communities before they become more faithful adherents to their actual religion.            

-LOL...Having a “Day after overthrow’ plan is by definition called “Nation Building” you Dumb Ass.

-I guess Trump also suffers from Alzheimer and the only reason why NATO intervened in Libya was because gas prices were starting to sky rocket because of the Civil War instability there.....Protecting Libyan was only a cover for that Western Interposition...especially since the killed and injured more civilians than Gathafi ever had.

-That’s it...I’m calling the Stupidity and Bluff: BiffTrump2016 He’ll do the best job for the American Descendency..and “really fast”!!!!
{06-13-16 22:59}       

-(06-14-16 12:30): Yeah Dunceo Trump can ‘ban people from entering the U.S. based merely on their religion and race’...until the Supreme Court strikes down such an Executive Order as UnConstitutional and/or Congress enacts a law which outlaws such unfounded banning with a veto-proof supermajority... Is Blowhard Trump even American??!!...He clearly has no idea how the American Government works.... #TrumpIsDunce               

-(06-15-16 20:49): Notice (I educatedly assume) the Trump-eteer has not trumpeted General Election polls at his rallies, interviews, or any where else since at least May 24, 2016*...because he is a losing loser.... ssssshhhhhhhh...maybe his Trumpie will indeed not notice....or, judging by his, at most, third-filled rally venues lately, maybe they have...Morons!!!!...But maybe they want a different GOP nominee too at the Convention  #Trump’sGettingTrounced!!! #WatchOutForTheAdolfFalseFlags                  

-(06-17-16 04:28): In Defense of Freedom of the Press and in solidarity with the news organizations that Trump has banned from attending his events, all media should stop covering Trump until he ends his banning...But of course everyone then will be turning to the News Corporation for news about the Trump Campaign.  #TrumpIsADictator

-(06-17-16 16:58): Why does Trump always root for the death toll in a mass shooting to be higher through the subsequent death of those who were injured....(and which actually has not become the case).. As if “rooting” for people to die for their injuries is being “Politically Incorrect”...Trying praying (and for more than 9 seconds) for God to miraculously help them to survive instead if you actually care about them as you claim and not actually just yourself....  #Trump’sReichStag

-(06-18-16 14:24): Donald Trump: Presumptuous, (and Delusional*) Republican Nominee.  #TrumpIsLosing Tclearly Trump does want to lose the General Election...And he sure has been doing his darnest to...That indeed explains it all!!!!!                       

-(06-20-16 21:01): Why can the U.S. accept that its NATO allies not always pay in their full share in the alliance: because when, as Putin says*: ‘it is only the European countries who are economically affected by the sanctions that the U.S. has led them to impose on Russia’, they can stand this.... for a while...But of course, Trump will never impose sanctions on Russia, nor oppose them militarily....Because the Trump Organization wants to make inroads in the Russian Real Estate Market....  #TrumpBoughtHimselfOff P.S. Yeah, Of Course DoDo Drumpf!! “Everywhere else but America”....Duh!!!!


-(06-21-16 14:53): Wait....Why are Trump (“Love Fest”) rallies gun-free zones?????!... Shouldn’t they be “Free-for-all Gun Zones”.....“It would be beautiful”... #TrumpIsALyingHypocriteCoward

-(06-23-16 05:31): LOL Dunce Trump has to concentrate so hard to read that he didn’t even realize he read the same phrase twice. And his audience is so stupid the applauded his flub and, as usual, gobbled up all of his lies...Too bad that UK kid hadn’t thought of the holster latch.... #TrumpIsStupid

-(06-23-16 05:53): Everybody knows that Trump is actually running for POTUS in order to get the IRS off his company’s back, and make the auditing stop...so that he can resume cheating on his taxes #TrumpIsAThief

-(06-23-16 14:01): No Anti-Christ Trump: This is “the whole ballgame” (Matt 22:37-40; Gal 5:13-14) #TrumpIsADruid

-(06-24-16 13:59): It’s about warranted time for Democrats to stop singling out “Donald Trump” and dump the entire blame and fault where it also belongs: with the rest of the Republican Party which explicitly or tacitly supports and endorses him.  #MakeTheTrumpStinkStick (07-20-16 22:35): The long, and easily could and should have dumped the Racism-baiting and -dealing, along with many other disqualifying issues, demagogue and let him go run an independent campaign...but they wanted to “win”.... They indeed (now officially) own him and all that he has said and stands for....

-(06-28-16 04:16): Rule of Thumb about Donald Trump: Everything he says about HRC or any other opponent is factually just a defensive, distractive projection of himself.  #TrumpIsALiar

-(07-24-16 10:52): Donald Trump is the only “politician” I know who categorically refuses, and manifestly as some rule law’, (which apparently Melania surprisingly first became aware of on Night 4 of the RNC) to French Kiss, or even French Peck, his wife in public or in front of campaign camera....and even though, as seen with Mike Pence and other men in his life, he is quite the kisses type.... Maybe, as a staunch Democrat, he is still haunted by how that affected Al Gore’s campaign in 2000...or he is “really” that unrestrainable and Kissing Melania will turn out into a Full Blow PDSex-in-Public...Or she was still in Trump’s psycho dog cat pent -house for her, and perhaps defiantly/rebellingly so, plagiarizing incident, and that (since he priorly also loved the Michelle Obama speech...as well as HRC btw), for not, unlike Conald, having refused to make the conscience effort to pretend that they now are against the Obamas and anything Democrat...Or maybe it is that the last woman who French Kissed/Pecked him in public was his mom as she was seeing him off to the boarding military academy that she had banished him to.... But seriously....for what-ever clearly not valid reason, Trump is either scared, upset at, ashamed of Melania....when in public...I guess he just figured out that “trophy wives” actually don’t remain on the shelf where you were displaying them.... #TrumpHasProblems...and as HRC said, for other, but related “strange affection issues” reasons, needs to see a shrink....speaking of which, I can understand Hillary and Bill not smooching in campaigning public (though I think/recall that they have) because it naturally leads people’s mind back to their public-ized marital difficulty issues, but I don’t recall Trump letting anyone or anything get in the way of something that he would want to do...(like talking about his “satisfying “large and gentle hands”” or in this case: not do...not even Melania evidently... Just odd....Maybe Trump is actually still smarting from Rubio having exposed his lack of manhood, and he vexatiously doesn’t want to “prove” anything...Btw, that shrink would make a fortune with Trump as his or her patient....They should charge by the issue instead of the hour...

-(07-26-16 13:36): For someone who has made an image as a guy who relishes in “firing” people for failing him, Donald Trump is clearly not actually fond about firing people...It clearly was only all for TV ratings...as is his political platform and campaign... #TrumpIsAFraud By the way, were any of the Apprentice candidates actually fired, since they were only trying out for the job and only the winner got “hired” #ApprenticeIsAlsoAFraud

-(07-26-16 20:39): Best observational summary of Donald Trump’s business career: The Apprentice S01E01 35:08: ‘“Donald Trump is selling lemonade for $1000 a cup”...with the promise to the buyer of thus achieving the American Dream’  #TrumpIsAFraud

-(08-03-16 02:17): “How come is seems that Trump is getting worse as the campaign season advances??”...because the task is getting more difficult and demanding...and he’s incompetent...(08-04-16 03:35): and as the saying goes: ‘he is using anger to cover shame’...  #TrumpCan’tBePOTUS

-(08-03-16 02:12): Donald Trump isn’t politically correct...because he has no mental faculty or sociological empathetic sense to be politically correct...-And it is actually a clinical psychologically-conditioned deficiency with him....So why not pretend, -by the subsequent X-ling downs, that he is doing this on purpose....  #TrumpHasMentalIssues

-(08-04-16 03:36): Funny and telling how Trump could have entirely avoided his stupid feud wit Khan Family by just having answered Mr. Khan’s not-so-rhetorical question by saying, and, -think about it, even, as usual with him, lyingly so: ‘Yes, I have read the U.S. Constitution’...as well as voluntarily, or straightly (instead of “wondering” who wrote that line) state how ‘he has sacrificed’....but obviously, and as long demonstrated, he eitherly indeed hasn’t...Yet another example, of  many of Drumpf ‘using anger to cover up shame’...  #TrumpIsLoathsome
-(08-04-16 05:34): Given how Trump is so lawsuit happy, I would counsel the Kahns for suing him and the GOP, since Trump is now part of the government*  for damages for all of the pain and suffering he has caused them from the “Bias-Hate Motivated Infringement of their First Amendment Rights.... -they actually may need a security detail against Trumpkins..**.

* -which is why he is getting classified briefings...Welcome to the no-longer-private/corporate citizen world Donny Boi 

...but I would instead suggest to a movie studio to do a benefit movie about the life, service and sacrifice of their son, all in the context of the present controversy, encapsulatingly entitled: “Silent No More”....  For:

-his father courageously chose to not be silent in the face of Trump’s Unconstitutional and discriminatory campaigning  rhetoric
-his mother defiantly chose to openly confront ignoramus Trump’s bullying...[(08-16-16 09:24): really you Lowlife: “....she had nothing to say”....]
-his silent sacrifice being spoken of, and speaking, loudly now...here in the present political and anti-Muslim climate, and also way beyond what/those it initially was meant to save...to potentially now saving the entire country now....by soberingly, galvanizingly causing Trump’s election loss.  #TrumpIsAChump

I absolutely cannot stand anything having to do with Crimerican Military Jingoism,** even for their War Dead,* but Humayun Khan’s story itself gets me....

* (08-07-16 17:16): they even managed to ruin whatever attributable honor they could have got for their WWII effort with the needless, and moreover terroristic, nuking of Japanese Civilians....

** (08-13-16 23:35): By the way (Meghan# et al.) faithful Israel was hands down the “best country in the history of this Earth”....Their military didn’t even have to go out and fight their enemies (e.g. Isa 37:36), and they didn’t even need a Foreign Intelligence Agency (e.g. 2 Kgs 6:11-12)....(think of all the tax savings just there)... The United Sins of Americrime certainly neither can’t say the same (as seen in 9/11 and the fact that, for 14 years now, they can’t beat a bunch of shepherds in Afghanistan), nor can they afford not do the same. I myself....don’t ‘take God out of the equation’ when determining how great a country is....but then again, I don’t go by the Babylonian Creed (Rev 16:21b; 17 & 18)....Just by being the long-prophesied Babylon, the Arch Enemy of God’ Cause, and Satan’s Earthly Headquarters (Rev 13:11ff; 16:17-21a), the “Spiritually ‘Sexy Beast’ Awhoring” (Rev 17:2; 18:3) United Sins of Americrime (Rev 17:5) Biblically is, and will forever be, the (Satanically) Worst Country in the History and Eternal Existence of this Universe. (Rev 14:8-11)

# During Outnumber 8/5 or 8/9.
-(08-04-16 06:18): Can’t wait to see the Trumpkins’ reaction when it dawns on them that all along Trump has been playing them for Chumps and Fools... “It’s gonna be a hot time in the Big Tent tonight...Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!’ (‘Trump’s “fired”....Ironically/Poetically fitting)...  #TrumpIsALie

-(08-04-16 16:00):  #TrumpIsInsane: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/07/donald-trump-keith-olbermann-sanity-test
My Score: 37/40

“Crazy” like a socio-pathic ego-maniac...= A Capitalist in their truest-to-ideology form: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/is-donald-trump-just-plain-crazy/2016/08/01/cd171e86-581d-11e6-831d-0324760ca856_story.html

-(08-05-16 00:46): So (a) Trump ‘expected that Obama caused World War III in order to prevent Putin & Russia from getting a part of the Ukraine’; (b) Trump will concede to anything that a country which has the potential firepower to cause WWIII does... Ergo: (as understood and planned) Putin will be allowed to do whatever he wants if Trump becomes President. Try to lie a little better....not everyone is as desperate as your sheeple #TrumpIsDumb

-(08-16-16 21:06): Of course Dictator Drumpf does not want to be POTUS...He is instead running to be White House Press Secretary...a.k.a.: “the Messenger”....and ‘let his VP do all the POTUS work’...which is why he much more prefers to watch the Cable Opinion News shows than read briefings or formulate campaign policy...Can’t say he didn’t tell you all.... #TrumpIsStupid

-(08-19-16 05:54): LOL...Liar Drumpf is not sorry for any-hurtful-thing that he has said, -as the “sarcastic” growing smirk on his face tipped off...‘he is just “sorry” that he got caught’, as he actually implied in his very next statement: “that these hurtful things are taking up so much air time and discussion during the campaigning”, resulting in bad and detrimental publicity for his campaign, i.e. it has backfired on him and his poll numbers are hurting... #TrumpIsSystemiclySelf-ServingSelfish.
An actually sorry, and adult-enough, person would volunteeringly apologies in specifying detail about what statement they are sorry about and even in public and private communication to the people who have been hurt. Psychologically additionally toying with those hurt people by letting them try to figure out if he meant them is compoundingly hurtful for them, because now it is them who would have to make a concretely initiating move to try to get closure for their inflicted wound....(As seen on CNN’s post speech analysis, that Trumpian “apology” charade is not fooling any non-moron).....     
            ....And for all we know, i.e. “...in the heat of Debate”: Trump may be merely sorry for what he said during the primaries to/about the power-hungry butt-kissers who are now part of his campaign incompetent team or for those he would like to join.
-(08-21-16 09:07): 27.4% of U.S. Black People are Living at a “Poverty Rate” [Whites 9.9%]*...So that means that a supermajority of 70.6-72.6% of non-poor Black People also still don’t care to vote for Bigot Trump....must be a lifetime of his bigoted actions speaking much louder than his bigoted condescending and insulting pandering words. Trump is only courting the Black Vote now so that he can get to implement his trickledown economics fallacy which only makes the average person poorer while enriching the already rich #TrumpIsIgnorant

-(08-21-16 12:04): hmmm...for Trump to appear to be presidential and “have a good week” he just needs to stick to the script others have prepared for him and quit saying the things which he actually is thinking....Quite indicative of an “inherently depraved character” indeed.... #TrumpIsAPuppet

-(08-21-16 14:57): Btw “Morning Joe”, the “real Donald Trump” is the one who will do whatever it takes to personally “win”, and at that very moment, whether that is: refuse to rent his apartments to black people, call women “dogs”, “pigs”, “disgusting”, brag about disrespecting them, complain about veteran street salespeople on the street near his buildings; say that Black People are inherently lazy; (just go through, e.g., the complaints in all of those lawsuit against Trump and you find/see who the real Donald Trump is. Then when it meant to play to the bigoted and racist base in the GOP, he had no problem going there because he could also “win” then...But Trump doesn’t think he is a racist, sexist, bigot, xenophobe, etc, because in his seared mind all he is doing is “clinically-sociopathically”* trying to “win”, mindlessly of whatever he has to do....So he’ll latch on to any thing, that in his undiscerning mind gets himself ahead....His whole life schtick is l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y a “con”. He is a life long character without any character....And Donny Deutsch is spot on about him!!! #TrumpIsStillARacist-AsRacistDoes

* (08-30-16 23:24): Passes the clinical test with flying colors =08-04-16 16:00

-(08-24-16 07:54): Someone tell Conald that Politics is not a con game...because if you get elected, you have to do what you “promised” when trying to get elected... #TrumpIsAnArchPolitician

-(08-27-16 17:17): As seen with Paul Manafort, kissing up to Trump will always beat whatever (evidently merely ego-psycho-circular) vetting process he uses to ‘hire the very best people’ #TrumpIsIncompetence

-(08-2?-16 ??:??): Since all other countries whose citizens are not involved in the illegal activity of hiring illegal/undocumented workers, a Trump Crimerica will only be building a wall to protect itself from itself...No one would be trying to come, or stay, illegally into Americrime if there is no inner way  for them making an undocumented/illegal living in the country....But enslaving-of-the-weaker-ones mentality Crimerica just can’t help its oppressive self....Ergo a physical wall is totally unnecessary when your citizens and the government upholds its own laws....and drug cartels will use fleets of drones now instead of “human mules”..and right over/across where there is no physical or electronic wall.... #TrumpIsStupid

-(08-28-16 23:04): How else was the Philanthro-Capitalistic Clinton Global Initiative going to attract charitable funds from those who have money, i.e the rich and powerful of the world, without granting prime/privileged, U.S. Government lobby-ish access in return???!...Nothing actually Illegal/Criminal there.... #TrumpIsCooked (08-31-16 16:44): The “crime” is: all that donated money just for dinners....(09-02-16 17:44): When will all of those Congresspeople and Senators produce their emails and meeting minutes from the people who lobbied them??!!!                         
-(08-30-16 16:30): Dumbbird Donald can’t even get his Black Vote poll numbers halfway to double digits....‘but he is going to win the Black Vote in November’. Quite telling that he offends Black Voters every chance he gets...Got to keep his racist core base happy.... #TrumpIsDemented

-(08-31-16 10:40): Republican Administrations/(Fiscal) Conservative Policies (since 1981) have caused the U.S. Poverty Rate to rise #TrumpIsRepublican
Republican Ending Data: (1981-1984) +1.4%; (1985-1988*) -1.4%; (1989-1992) +1.8%;  (2001-2004) +1.4%; (2005-2008) +0.5%  = +3.7%

Democrats Ending Data: (1993-1996) -1.1%; (1997-2000) -2.4%; (2009**-2012) +1.8%; (2013-2014) -0.2%; = -1.9%
* Reagan Policy Reneging/Reversals
** (Beginning of) “Great Recession” Fallout


-(09-01-16 09:03): What to expect from Trump on the POTUS stage: an unfit slouched posture and pouting, choked orange mug,* especially when another Head of State tells him to ‘shove it’ (someone should Trump to get the POTUS poker face); a Third Grade level reading demonstration for a speech (09-07-16 21:24): all the while, while trying to figure out: ‘Why in hell would Kellyanne write this...??!!!’; more lies to the American Public when things don’t go his way...Clearly the Mexican President made it clear that ‘there will be no discussion about the payment of the wall’**   #TrumpIsALoser

* Including that perpetual: -“if that guy dares crosses me in public here, I am going to have to get (more) ugly and “punch” back”- scared-$#!+less scowl on his face....

-(09-01-16 12:27): Trump’s Freudian View of America: “We are like the Big Bully that keeps getting beat up”.....I.e. ‘America should become the Big Bully that also beats up those who it is bullying around’ #TrumpIsSick

-(09-01-16 12:42): The Feasibility study and Engineering Surveying/Planning for even merely a 1000-mile southern border wall, given the irregularity of that terrain and along meandering territorial/national lines,* will itself take at least 10 years and cost tens of billions of dollars....Just long enough for the next administration, Republican or Democrat, to just cut the U.S.’s losses on this retarded project already, 4 (or less) years later...  #TrumpIsABlowhard

* It would be fitting and not unexpected, if Idiot Trump would direct this stupid project to just build a straight line wall, which will have to be within U.S. territory, and so millions of privately- and nationally- owned U.S. acreage, including waterways, (if not also roadways), will, ostracizedly, have to be effectively ceded to Mexico being on the south side of a forced-straight line wall....The Trump campaign should start this policy formulating by logging on to GoogleEarth....
-Recursively draining/damming up the Rio Grande River would have to be part of Trump’s Wall Construction plans if the wall is to actually be on/along the Southern Border.

-(09-01-16 18:58): LOL...Why should Mexico care if a Trump-U.S. admin wants to spend $253B+ building a useless border wall.....and since Mexico “will not pay for it”....  #TrumpIsDeluded

-(09-02-16 11:53): Of course Trump did not “negotiate” the payment of the wall with Mexico, because, as with all of his “negotiation” issues: he is waiting, and depending, on having control of the nuclear codes to then ‘make (most) other countries “an "offer" that they (rationally) won’t dare refuse”...That’s what: “they just don’t know yet”....  #DonIsADon

-(09-02-16 17:46): Trump is way too aged to be President...His uncontrallable erratic and inconsistent behavior is due to clinically onset dementia...His brain is shutting down....(09-15-16 21:32): His ‘brain is no good’.... (09-16-16 00:12): Naturally/Normatively he of course doesn’t think, even know, so but the proof is in the demonstrating actions and the helpless incompetency.  #TrumpIsDying

-(09-02-16 17:56): First ISIS-in-America (commando) assault target if Trump wins election: Trump Tower starting on Nov 8+ when Trump is in it... #=DumpTrump #TerrorAtTrumpTower

-(09-03-16 08:20): Someone should stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, right at 725, and exercise their Constitutional ‘Hitler-preempting’ Second Amendment Rights about Conald Drumpf...and then watch his chump supporters still vote for him.... #TheyAreWithHerr #“2ForThePriceofOne”BallotBullet
            (09-08-16 13:21): In fact Trump himself could (indeed) stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue...On October 31, 2016 and shoot-smash himself in his orange ghoulish pumpkin head with a sawed-off shotgun....and his Trumpkins would indeed still vote for him ca. one week later, right after his (exclusively) FNC*-televised funeral ends.... #RealTrumpkinsAreUnShameable #PutHimDownLikeA(Overaged)Dog

* (That too “doesn’t spell anything”, btw...and clearly Ailes really wanted “Fox” to actually have a pertinent meaning)....

-(09-03-16 12:40): Trump wasn’t “looking strong in Mexico”...the idiot incompetent novice uncouth buffoon didn’t know, -nor did anyone in his amateurish inner circle tell him, that when in foreign territory, it is the host who initiates the questioning.....Pena Nieto just did not want to  (publicly) embarrass him on this also...because the Mexican President wisely knows not to do anything to rile up the Trumpkins Stateside and thus incite more people to vote for Trump...Because that’s how you be a moronism-fueled populism campaign  #Trump&HisTeamAreIncompetent

-(09-03-16 15:58): ...Talk about patent projection: the RNC (i.e their “autopsy”) and Trump only began to care about appealing to minorities when they were ‘dead in the water’ and needed their vote..... #TrumpIs(Still)ARacist

-(09-04-16 18:55): ...Uhhhh...Hello (Trumpkins)....Has Trump ever retorted that ‘Pena Nieto lied and that he never told him in their meeting that “Mexico wouldn’t pay for the wall”’??!....No!...Case Closed!!....And Trump has had at least three formal and clear declarations by the Mexico President to denounce this as “a lie”....But Trump has merely been saying instead that ‘he’ll force Mexico to pay for the wall’....after they “discuss” this.  #TrumpNeedsToBeDelusional
#TrumpIsAWimpishWeasel. His whole admin would be spent trying to decipher his weasel statements... Clearly a big fan of Impeached Bill Clinton....

-(09-04-16 23:58): ...no pandering Poser....they were laughing and (mockingly) applauding because you said: “First John”, and not “One John”....(09-08-16 06:49): ...and that you are acting like you came up with that verse of yourself... (So what verse was it in 1 John 4:?) #TrumpIsClueless

-(09-08-16 13:19): Imagine that Hillary had tweeted to/about Sean Hannity that ‘he had mental issues...just what his show’.....Republicans would be calling for her to step down and check herself in an insane asylum  #TrumpWasANeglectedKid

-(09-08-16 13:28): Putin is so leery of Hillary Clinton becoming POTUS that he is variously helping his (cheap compliments) puppet Trump to win. #TrumpMakesPutinLOL

-(09-08-16 15:15): “As a Business Executive” Donald Drumpf ‘has done well with China and Russia’ by: outsourcing his business to them and/or taking their loan money...and so ‘he’ll continue to do the same as POTUS...’ #TrumpIsACommander-In-Briefs #TrumpIsStupid

-(09-08-16 15:23): Trump “I will always tell Americans the Truth”: But lies about being for the Iraq war all along...even stupidly citing a 2004 statement as proof...Most people knew that Iraq was going to turn out really bad by at least May in 2003...Trump shamelessly lies even when there is hard/documented/objective exposing proof, including from himself....That’s pure ego-maniacal madness!!!  #TrumpIsADementedLiar

P.S. (09-14-16 01:09): So for that Forum Iraq War question Trump was answering his self-imposed premise, -which he “happened to hear” that: ‘Hillary Clinton had said that he was not against the war in Iraq’.....meaning “he was never against the war in Iraq”...So he then responded by citing that post-war, 2004 article when then he was against the war in Iraq....Great “Judgement” indeed....But the Juvenile Liar still can’t lie because he prefaced his response by saying: ‘he was TOTALLY against the war in Iraq’ which of course is what is not at all true. (He’ll then probably claim that he did not mean “totally” literally, but merely as a “figure of speech”)

-(09-08-16 15:28): Uhhh Hello...Trump has already long revealed to O’Reilly that his “great/foolproof plan” against ISIS was “take the oil”....that got roundly laughed at, but now he is convinced he never had revealed his stupid plan #TrumpIsASenileLiar
-(09-09-16 15:34): The cause/“problem” is clearly not ‘Putin being nice to Trump’. Putin had said only one or two, actually misconstrued as complimentary, things about Trump...-which he actually later walked backed and clarified, but since then Trump has not stopped saying all kinds of various complimentary things about Putin by the hundreds...The problem is Trump’s sick desperate ego..... #TrumpWasIgnoredAsAChild

-(09-12-16 00:06): ...Obviously Sick Trump has been manifesting mutated symptoms of Jaundice....  #TrumpIsAPerpetualDrunk

-(09-12-16 16:12): Mexican President....Black Voters....HRC’s Health.....Donald Trump is a lying loud mouth coward...Always chickens out from dealing with reality...That’s why he loves conspiracy theories, (09-13-16 01:19): as he can hide his (orange-)yellow-self behind their non-factualness... #TrumpIsABlowhardBully
(09-17-16 04:47):

-(09-13-16 01:52): What percentage of Trump supporters are ‘deplorable basket cases’...that polled 46% who are “enthusiastic about voting for him”* (=mainly the religious rallygoers).... #CloseEnoughTo“Half” #TrumpIsBasket-Case-In-Chief

* (09-15-16 05:11): Cf. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/clinton-wasnt-wrong-about-the-deplorables-among-trumps-supporters/2016/09/12/93720264-7932-11e6-beac-57a4a412e93a_story.html

(09-15-16 21:22): And those supporters (as those he paraded recently) who don’t care that Trump’s campaign has been, and is “deplorable”, are, effectively and by glossing or indifferent association, also “Deplorables” themselves....or at least: “Deplorable-enablers”

-(09-14-16 00:21): Trump now wants his own supporters to be shot... “in the middle of the heart”...for his own political gain of course #TrumpIsCultLeader

-(09-14-16 01:11): The HRC strategy with their “Basket of Deplorable”: Do you undecided, Independents or reticent Republican voters want to be lumped in with that ‘basket of “rotten fruits” half’. Like any bully, Trump is kowed whenever he is challenged at/with his own game.  #TrumpIsACoward

-(09-15-16  07:08): If/Since Computer Hacking is a crime, why aren’t News outlet Criminally charged as “accessories after the fact”, and Civilly sued for Invasion of Privacy, for publicizing any content of e.g. (now Colin Powell’s) hacked/stolen emails....In fact those hackers do do it for you ratings awhoring unscrupulous media scoundrels...Try flaunting the stolen jewelry that a thief may even given you for free...
-(09-16-16 02:16): Ensuring the continuance of most of his policies, and particularly as many Americans are being deceived by Trump, is part of President Obama’s “work”..... #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(09-17-16 06:28): LOL!!!! Now Trump acts like he is the one who is declaring that Obama was born in America...How about this apology instead: “I, Donald Trump now admit that I was wrong to baselessly have doubted & questioned the legitimacy of Obama natural birth citizenship.” Of course, Trump is only saying this now to try to get more of the Black Vote....or else he won’t be in position to “Make America Wrong & Grate Again”.... #TrumpIsASleazyPolitician

-(09-18-16 00:29): ...why does/would a “gas chamber” need to get “warmed up”.....Don Jr. clearly had the Holocaust and its “ovens” in mind...  #TheTrumpIsInfectious

-(09-18-16 21:34): Hillary Clinton, as well as any other public, especially political, person in America is literally millions of times more of a target than a private citizen,-including from other enemy nations/states, so even if guns were banned in America, political figures would still require armed protection....And again Hillary has never said that she ‘wants to take away guns from people.’ That’s just another one of Trump’s many desperately needed patent lying premises...  #TrumpIsA(Wannabe)Thug
            And about celebrities. As far as I see, they only have/require armed protection when they are all gathered for some, especially pre-announced, entertainment event. Otherwise, people come across them every day all around America and most, particularly those not involve in violent “beefs”, not only do not have a security detail, which may not even be armed, but are also themselves not carrying a firearm. And people are clearly not trying to rob them in the streets despite them having millions of dollars...because that is just not realisable.

-(09-20-16 04:49): Can’t Hillary Clinton file a formal (Criminal) Complaint with the Secret Service against Donald Trump for (repeatedly) making tactically (ambivalent) veiled/suggestive/insinuative, even encouraging threats of violence even murder against her?!! #TrumpIsA(Multi-)Criminal

-(09-20-16 05:54): Why (else) do police patently shoot to kill people who are lesser armed (e.g. with a knife) or not armed at all, but (typically) shoot to wound, or stop shooting if wounded, someone who openly confronts them with a clearly visible and brandished firearm....Because that latter type of assailant didn’t dare “insult the potency of their deadly force”... #LikeABully

-(09-20-16 08:06): Next Terror Attack on Police: Cyanide sprinkled/laced, gifted, store-bought take-out/fast food and/or coffee.... #BlueCheeseMatters #PigsInABlanket

-(09-21-16 21:48): Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the other Neo-Cons were sure that the way to beat Al-Quaeda was to “take the gloves off” and “go to the dark side”, so then came Abu-Ghraib, Rendition, Torture, Gitmo* etc....which only served to make Militant Islam dig deeper into their own “bottomless” “Dark Side” well/pit (=Rev 9:1-4)... and hence ISIS....So, word to the wise: Will Trump’s fantasized policies of using ‘even worse’ torture, wives and children murdering, nukes, etc make those hundreds of millions of Muslim who accept a militant Islam stance to ‘ignore Allah/Mohammed and wave the white flag to the Great Satan and its Infidels’...or just dig even deeper in their bottomless pit....You think they are being “terrorizing” now??!....Wait till you (deliberately/indifferently) start doing (even more) whimsical crimes against, Civilian, also American, Muslims.... #TrumpIsFoolish  #BlindLeadingtheBlind #WorseThanW

* Relatedly: Jihadis “don’t cite Gitmo” as their motivation, but instead Anwar al-Awlaki...because he himself expounded on Gitmo in his lectures.

-(09-21-16 22:06): Someone tell Don Jr. to shut up....and wait till 2020....Has he himself ever said something that is not dripping in bigotry. #TheTrumpkinFamily

-(09-21-16 22:09): Trump’s “profiling” is clearly racial/ethnic because he surely ignorantly doesn’t know that 75% of Muslims are not Arab/“Arab-looking”. #TrumpIsIgnorant=Bigot

-(09-22-16 09:38): With now Melania out of the picture, Donald Trump is again trying to “date Ivanka”.... #TrumpIsLonely

-(09-22-16 12:13): Mika & Joe should just make out on air already....or is the ink not dry enough yet...  #TrumpIsJealous                        

-(09-24-16 12:13): Looks like there weren’t enough young, liberal and/or black people in Tulsa Oklahoma to protest/riot there over the shooting of Terence Crutcher. #Stop-n-FriskTrumpbtw

-(09-25-16 13:30): My take on the Terence Crutcher shooting: Manifestly, upon seeing that the arriving officer(s) on the scene, -who apparently was not aware that Terence himself had place an emergency call for his stalled car, was defaultly treating him as a suspect, -particularly for his car being oddly in the middle of the road, indeed having ‘pattingly search him for a weapon’, he suddenly remembered/thought that if this officer likewise searched his vehicle, she could/would find that container of PCP, and he’d be arrested for drug possession, he decided to “slowly” go back to his car to get, and hide on himself or throw away, that container of drugs. And (wrongly) thinking that if he moved slowly and with his hands up, the officer would not find him threatening.... -(An attempt that he however manifestly abandoned when he saw that the driver-side window was (manifestly) shut.) The officer however thought that he was going back to his car to get a weapon....Still the felonious fault is that, unlike the shooting officer, evidently at least one officer was still aware that he did not have a lethal weapon on him and therefore only pulled out his taser for that situation.

-(09-28-16 08:46): Why didn’t Trump call Clinton: “Crooked Hillary” right to her face at the debate instead of “wanting for her to be very happy’: “Secretary Clinton??!!! #TrumpIsAnOrange-YellowCoward
-(09-28-16 10:26): Trump didn’t have the mental stamina to remain cogent, lucid and sane pass his “night night” time during the debate...and started to severely experience his pre-sleep cocaine lines withdrawals.#TrumpChoked #TrumpWon’tAnswerA3AMCall* #Trump’sCoked    

* (10-01-16 12:21): Unless he wants to tweet about defending his worthless remarks...

-(09-28-16 11:43): Conald Drumpf is one “cracker” short of being a full fledge anti-Christ... #Luke19:27Trump (09-29-16 03:43): I.e.: Your “Christianity” does not begin to “work”....you Hell-bound “prepared vessel of wrath” (Rom 9:22-23) #Rev14:10-11Trump (10-14-16 17:30): Proof: “Journey to Heaven” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

-(09-29-16 12:51): Great!!! The families of the millions who were slaughter in the U.S. illegal/criminal 2003 Iraq War can sue the U.S. Government: e.g. 1,00,000 counts at $1,000,000 per = $1 trillion in summary judgement.  #TrumpStillThinksIraqIsSaudiArabia (09-30-16 13:13): And in a Class Action Collection, they can have their government seize/take over national U.S. corporate assets within its jurisdiction as judgement payment!!!

-(09-30-16 11:13): That 9/11 Bill now sets a legal framework for descendants of slaves in America to sue the Federal Government for slavery reparations. #DrumpfIsScrewed

-(09-30-16 12:27): Trump won’t put up the Oval Office for sale if he’s president..he’ll give away the entire country over to his Russian creditors and Putin just to avoid their loan* interest charges #TrumpIsBought&Sold

* (10-10-16 22:07): hey...if you can’t take the goads/thorns (cf. Acts 26:14)...then just take back your useless “crown of thorns” (=John 19:1-3)...but of course, you (all) need to remain, indeed: anti-Christ-ly/Hellbound-ly prophetic (7BC 974.6-7)....You all “Synagogue of Satan, fiend” Babylonians are sooooo searedly stupid (Greek ‘morons’), it is unbelievable....or rather, purely, infestedly, D-i-a-b-o-l-i-c-a-l indeed....Keep bringing it (1 Sam 17:45-47ff|16MR 34.1c)....‘BITCHES’!!! (Rom 9:22)......

-(10-04-16 12:01): Michael Bloomberg started in his business career later than Donald Trump....paid/pays his fair share of taxes..never filed for bankruptcy... held elected public office of the U.S.’s largest city for three terms, (10-05-16 11:36): did not get tens of millions in (probably interest-free) loans, if not outright grants gifts (10-10-16 22:01: one known one being fraudulent/illegal), nor inherit hundreds of millions, as well as an established company, from his father; and is 5 times (really 17+ times) wealthier than DonDon....Ergo:  #TrumpIsNoGenius

-(10-05-16 11:32): A Trump election losing speech, if he bothers to give any, will be the most disgraceful concession speech in the past and likely future, history of the United States, even all of Democracy #TrumpIsASoreLoser

P.S. (10-11-16 09:56): ‘I really like about Hillary that she doesn’t quit, she doesn’t give up, she fights hard and she’s a fighter’....Dognald Trump just made his election concession speech.... #LockHimUp!! #Pre-ImpeachHim

-(10-05-16 12:27): The Clinton Campaign is not merely successfully baiting DumbDumb Trump...they are masterbaiting him...(i.e. for all of the kooky, crass and stupid stuff he has been penting up inside since the KellyAnne campaign management era) #TrumpIsAJuvee #TheGaffe*ThatKeepsOnCumming

-(10-05-16 13:22): On that PTSD issue, Trump innately has disdain for anyone he self-importantly deems as “weak” and it patronizingly comes out even when he is trying to be “empathic” to those “weak”... He didn’t have to make a “strong” vs. weak comparison/pitting here, but he couldn’t resist that cheap shot because that is just what he thinks of those “failing” soldiers...Just like he thought/said about POW’s.  #TrumpIsACommander-In-Briefs

-(10-05-16 13:34): As with successful immunization, the only way to innoculate America from another candidate like Donald Trump is to, -like Germany and Adolf Hitler/Nazism, elect (=inject) Donald Trump into the Presidency and learn to never allow this again from his atrocious presidency #TrumpIsVirallyToxic ...(10-08-16 22:30): but then there’s: “World War II [now:  III] & 6 year: over 73 million (conventional) [now: <60 minutes="" span="">*: est. 730 million (nuclear)] war deaths... (10-10-16 15:15): #NeverTrump=NeverAgain

* (10-09-16 11:28): cf.

-(10-06-16 15:28): Mike Pence could have easily engaged and address each of the great attacks by Tim Kaine on the (strangely, but telling dichotomic) Trump-Pence ticket, but he did not, pretending to be “too cool for school”, simply because, as Tim Kaine highlighted, ‘he just didn’t have any salvaging response for Trump’s campaigning and policy stances’. #TrumpIsUndefendable
A POTUS ticket is literally invalid if the VP does not have the same views as the P, as if the P is incapacitated and the VP is in, their entire policy platform will be flipped. #TrumpIsADemo-rat  

Ergo: Kaine won the debate on what matters: substance, i.e. by exposing and highlighting this strategically secreted fundamental hypocrisy in the Trump-Pence ticket.... -And, LOL!!, since when did Trump supporters care “soooo much” about, -moreover: “adult in the room”, “style&tone”.....

-(10-08-16 23:46): ...Evidently everywhere that Trump is, is a “locker room”....in fact, just going by his obese body figure**, he probably hasn’t been inside an actually locker room since Military Academy.... #TrumpIsAnAvowed(Sexual)Criminal The only list his name should appear on on Nov. 8 is a (Serial/Dangerous/Predatory) Sexual Offender Registry #LockHimUp!!*       

* If American people can, and are: ‘suspected until proven innocent’ and so preventively “suspended/sidelined”, even detained...but clearly for the Trump campaign and his supporters, Hillary Clinton is supposed to be ‘guilty even when/if/after proven innocent’.

** (10-11-16 13:50): ....clearly golf is indeed not a sport....just an outlet for those who have trouble “putting it in the hole”.... #DognaldIsBogus
-I would objectively “fairly” say this however about the tape: once Trump got out of the bus, it was Billy Bush who was trying to ‘actualize (some) bantered-things’ and was egging on Trump and coaxing the actress....Trump of course only restrained himself because “the cameras were (evidently) rolling”....And obviously he was already “Melania-whipped” as he quickly “okayed” that cheek kiss from the actress...-got to safeguard those prenupt conditions.... #TrumpIsThePu$$y
-(10-09-16 10:40): Funny....what’s wrong with ‘Nancy O’dell’s “big phony tits”’*... Oh right, desperate, (10-10-16 17:15): (Freudianly) self-deemed: “Male-bitch” “Dog-nald” Trump needs his “#itches” to remain insecure and needy ** [also of U.S. citizenship]*** ...unless, of course, they instead have to make him some money...  #TrumpIsABlob...AFatHog

* (if even “phony”??) http://www.pattydearie.com/2016/10/tv-host-nancy-odell-is-married-woman.html

** (10-10-16 17:19): Dognald Trump is literally as criminally sicko as Bill Cosby...You’d think that those two would be just signing $10K checks### to get a girl to have his way with her for the evening...(10-10-16 20:19): ...instead of ‘passing Quaaludes and popping Tic-Tacs## (10-10-16 20:50: & puckering peckers#).... but as the common “rule-of-thumb” is: ‘you would take by assault and force what you cannot naturally attract or avail’, then evidently “short-fingered” vulgarian Fat Dognald had trouble “playin’ #itches”...Oh right, those (thus far known/cited) women weren’t “#itches”.....

P.S. (10-16-16 18:59): straight from the male-bitch’s mouth:

# ....hey, that’s why, -as emphasized by Alec Baldwin on SNL, Trumpès lips are defaultly puckered.....He’s pathologically in sexual assault mode...

## (10-14-16 13:57): ...do Tic-Tacs even “work” that fast....

### (10-25-16 11:28): So Dognald only offers $10K to pornstars

*** (10-10-16 20:30): ...hey...if “Hillary can “with reason” ‘no longer sleep with Bill’ and ‘has herself cheated on him’...then anything is possible in regards to Fat Dognald and his “marital-trophy” charade#.....(10-13-16 11:12): ...btw, she, obviously, is over “35”....

# cf. e.g. (01-03-16 14:57) & (03-26-16 23:27)

-(10-10-16 12:12): Okay then..let’s criminally (even re-)try Bill Clinton* for all of those sexual harassment and assault allegations....and likewise Dognald Trump***, -including for Trump’s alleged Domestic Violence & Rape, and that one on the dockets of child rape*4*...and meanwhile Hillary Clinton will follow both proceedings from the White House....Last time I heard “calling women names (while defending your husband)” was not a crime  #TrumpIsAnInfantileJoke

(“Loser”*7*) Paula Jones vs. Trump’s sexual assault of Nancy O’dell*5*

(Kathy Shelton) vs. Trump Child Rape of “Jane Doe”

Juanita Broaddrick vs. Deposed documenting of Ivana Trump’s Rape, and her post-campaign launch “reneging-silencing” by Dognald Trump

Eileen Wellstone vs. Trump’s assault of Jill Harth

Connie Hamzy vs. Trump’s witnessed Abusive Sexual Harassment of Female Apprentice contestants

---- vs. Trump’s admitted predatory sexual misconduct towards Miss Universe Pageants

---- vs. Trump’s witnessed child sexual misconduct towards Miss Teen USA

---- vs. Trump’s 20 lawsuits for sexual harassment*6*

---- vs. Lately 13+1+(2) Allegations of Sexual Assaults:
Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Sally Perdue & Lencola Sullivan vs. Dognald Trump consensual sexual affairs while married

(10-10-16 19:18): And why can’t/aren’t any of the Bill Clinton accusers filing private/general public criminal charges against him..Is it only a political case that they want to make against him, and only bring up these things when that context arises...In fact, if Dognald Trump actually cares about them, he’d even offer to cover all of their legal expenses.....But of course not, this is just a political stunt and they are just his useful pawns....and defamatory/libelous pawns as far as the adjudicated law is concerned...

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton_sexual_misconduct_allegations


*** http://fusion.net/story/328522/donald-trump-accused-rape-sexual-assault/
(10-15-16 23:38): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_sexual_misconduct_allegations

*4* http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-bloom/why-the-new-child-rape-ca_b_10619944.html

*5* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_Access_Hollywood_controversy

*6* http://fortune.com/2016/10/09/president-debate-trump-sexual-harassment/

(10-10-16 17:21): ...no wonder she was so faux-passionately sticking up for Trump at that presser...
(10-12-16 11:29): more previous statements by Dognald: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrioe2A1PXE

FNC “Judge” Ruling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbVe-RgAbPA  #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(10-10-16 15:24): “Freudianly” speaking, Dognald Trump is not actually trying to impeach Hillary (he directly could not even if he tried)....so he is actually trying to make a last ditch, most pathetically childish, public case that: “he too can be POTUS since Bill (allegedly) also assaulted women and/yet was elected”  #TrumpIsAChild

-(10-11-16 10:51): Dognald Trump really believes that because he has hired some women for top positions in his organization, he then has the right to be disrespectful and “grabby” to them...or at least, those that he hasn’t hired #TrumpIsASwine

-(10-11-16 11:24): LOL, what Trump and his rag tag bunch of dumb supporting generals clearly don’t know and understand is that, as stated here*, by, and especially for dealing with the brash ISIS who are not afraid of what they believe, by fore-announcing the Mosul fight, they will either capitulate and leave the city and flee to a city of lesser material worht/importance, so then it can be retaken, and that merely by local forces, literally without a shot being fired. Or ISIS defiantly/confidently digs in the city, while civilians leave, and the U.S. can through surveillance drones and satellite observe how ISIS is preparing for that battle and where they are hiding....and so then, when the battle begins, it literally can be all effectuated by precise air strikes targeting those locations where they were seen to have set themselves up.   #TrumpIsADumbPowerChump


-(10-12-16 16:53): Dognald Rump patently pompously confused his rank ignorance as ‘other people lying”....  #TrumpIsSick

-(10-12-16 20:31): Funny how Dognald Rump and his Trumpkins have been claiming that the vital issues which face the U.S. are far more important than Political Correctness matters, yet they have preferred to hamper their chances of winning the election because they can’t let go of inciting political correctness differences/divisions. #TrumpIsSelf-Confused

-(10-12-16 21:15): That toddler said it right: #“Chump

-(10-12-16 22:52): Okay Dognald: “November 28” #Ass-terisk (10-29-16 15:04): https://twitter.com/DumpTrump22/status/789514908173860864
-(10-13-16 12:59): Donald Trump repeatedly confessed to Sexual Misconduct and Assault on Air...Plus he had said, also on air, that his (clearly criminal) history with women would prevent him from running for POTUS....then he runs for POTUS....How stupid is he!!!!!  #TrumpIsTooStupid4POTUS (10-15-16 13:43): cf. https://twitter.com/RiegerReport/status/785269019167363072

-(10-13-16 00:42): So....does Melania file for divorce from Trump... before Election Day...or does she “stand by her serially, criminally unfaithful man” #TrumpIsScrewed...Up ...Maybe Melania is confused and genuinely fooled by Trump’s pompous public denials....(10-14-16 14:21): Or maybe she needs hard/judicial evidence in order to get “half of his kingdom”....

-(10-14-16 01:00): At some point someone/some debate moderator should ask Dognald Trump what his definition of “r-e-s-p-e-c-t” is...because it sure ain’t Aretha’s.. Hello: #TrumpIsACriminal LOL...Trump had also admitted on Howard Stern that “he doesn’t treat women with respect”....

-(10-14-16 15:56): Trump promising “substantial evidence”....we are still waiting for what his private “birther” investigators had found in Hawaii... “to be presented at the right time”...either after he fabricates them...or after Election Day, when he will then not have to present them...but until then his Trumpkins will also fall for that lie of his. #TrumpIsC-R-A-Z-Y
-(10-15-16 01:50): LOL, If Trump hadn’t copiously established what a crafty and bold-face liar he is, -even when there is video evidence (such as that bus recording), he could here be deemed innocent until proven guilty by the voters    #TrumpHasPsycho-InducedAmnesia

-(10-15-16 14:26): Dognald Trump was doubly-confusedly sure that he was running an (adult) strip club* #CreepTrumpIsAn(Incestuous)Pedophile ....probably practiced that “owner-barge in” move on Ivanka....which is why he can personally vouch for her ‘great grown woman’s body’....

* [00:57ff] http://justporno.tv/1/3952268/hot_strippers_getting_ready

-(10-15-16 15:01): People who are still Trump supporters are either enablers, malevolent and/or delusional #LockHimUp!!

-(10-1-16 :): If the story of deranged serial fableist Anthony Gilberthorpe is true (-not a credible chance-*) then Dognald Trump actually pre-paid off the then 17 year old Anthony to tell exactly that different/Trump-whitewashing version of those events if it ever came up in the future...with those gifted cufflinks....That’s how they knew of, and found, that “witness” so fast....


-(10-15-16 20:52): ‘Why is Dognald Trump spending so much campaigning time lashing out against his accusers??’...: He doesn’t care anymore about the Election. He is now trying to keep himself out of jail.... #TrumpIsACriminal

-(10-15-16 21:06): For someone who pompously touts himself as ‘someone who boldly tells it like it is’ Dognald Trump is quite the master of making ambiguous & ambivalent weasel statements #TrumpIsAnOrangeCoward

-(10-16-16 00:14): Trump has no idea who his accusing women are...well isn’t that the dangerous “serial” pathological problem #TrumpIsASexualDeviant

-(10-16-16 01:32): Dognald Trump should dismantle his Touring Predator Clown Show already

-(10-16-16 13:50): “...There is nobody around...”...Isn’t that the perfect environment for a famous person who is a serial sexual assaulter to act... #TrumpIsASleaze

-(10-16-16 14:02): Dognald’s haywire and unhinged responding to the criminal allegations made against him is the perfect demonstration of why he should not be in charge of the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal  #TrumpIsLoco
-(10-17-16 22:16): If Anthony Gilberthorpe really had a “photographic memory”, he actually wouldn’t remember Jessica Leeds, because, just going by the pictures she supplied, she looked very different 36 years ago at 38 instead of 74....Ohhhh...‘He recognized the photograph of her’...

And it actually would not be a “case buster” if it indeed was Jessica Leeds who was being flirtatious. To me her testimony indicated, as she indeed states, that she was “fine” with the kissing and breast groping, but then threw a line when Trump went for her genitals....Still, as in the date rape excuse: “she seemed to be into it”, attempting to non-consentually sexually assault someone is still a felony. She may have even “chosen” Trump, thus she was not his “first choice”, but he sure decided to “go with it” when that opportunity presented itself. Plus given Jessica Leeds’ reluctance to say what name Trump had called her when he saw her again a couple of years later, and also that she seemed somewhat flattered that he remembered her, that name may have betrayed/indicated that, at least to a point, she was okay with the kissing and petting....but apparently Trump just wanted a mile high sexual fling, while she may have wanted a marriage with this rich tycoon. But just the fact that Trump attempted to grab her genitals may have suddenly shocked her into the reality of what this was merely all about for Trump...a sexual fling....But how easy it would be for a court to dismiss Anthony Gilberthorpe as a non-credible witness. #TrumpIs(Sl)Easy


-(10-19-16 23:06): Term limit yourselves....If the people don’t want the same congressperson winning over and over, let some other/better candidate run for that seat... #“Democracy”

-(10-20-16 18:01): The real story of the 2016 US Election is whether or not Donald Trump is a (deep cover, of course) Clinton co-operative....His last gasp message: “No matter what, the vote will be rigged against Republicans...E.g. R-votes will be changed or discarded....so it won’t make a difference if Republicans go out and vote or not.” #TrumpIsDemented

-(10-20-16 19:09): The Trump-Pence Campaign slogan for the election’s home stretch: ‘Make Baghdad Bob* American & Great Again’ #TrumpIsDelusional (10-22-16 11:53): ....that’s just what dictatorships do...

-(10-21-16 04:59): Overturning the Federal Legalization of abortion but “turning it over to the States” is the biggest two-faced BS artistry of pro-against-abortion Conald. How about overturning Roe v. Wade, and that by submitting a Presidential Bill for a Law, even a Constitutional Personhood (from conception) Amendment which prevents abortion to ever become legal in any State. Under Trump’s stupid “compromise” plan, people will easily get fake State ID’s and have abortions in other/neighboring States where it is still legal. (Just as what occurs with the States deciding if marijuana is legal or not. People go to Oregon or Colorado and buy pot. Abortion tourism, even black-market/under-the-table abortion services in States where it is legalized will become a very enriching enterprise..... (Innocent) Life is not a “State’s Rights” Issue....... #TrumpIsAnAirhead                
(11-15-16 23:51): But of course, Republicans/“Red States” will change their minds/vote on this when surely States like California will make a “killing” from all the money for Out-of-State Abortion seekers....including the tourism aspect (i.e. hotel, food, transportation) #TrumpIsASpinelessRetard

-(10-21-16 06:28): As alleging sexual assault, -which is even less physically/materially provable than rape, is clearly quite hard for a woman to do....Dognald’s now 15 accusers all decided to come out, ensemble, when this best opportunity presented itself...Pointedly after a (widely publicized) tape would probable-cause-validate what Trump had likewise done to them, also showing that Trump systematically did this to many women, and (as they perhaps just not discovered/realized), not just to them, as now, their allegations would not, or should not, then be lyingly dismissed, as being done by Dognald.  #TrumpIsASeasonedC-R-I-M-I-N-A-L

-(10-21-16 08:19): (Indeed) Best encapsulation(s) of the Third Debate*...-and I still can’t stand Harry Potter...but he’s is less a reality, and evil, than a POTUS Trump would be.... #TrumpIsPawned                 


-(10-22-16 10:35): At the Albert Smith Dinner, HRC also won the White House Correspondent Dinner POTUS-Hosting Audition #TrumpIsFungry

-(10-22-16 12:33): LOL, Hillary Clinton should actually self-leak her “edited/unsaid” Trump jokes (e.g. about his sexual criminality) for the Al Smith Dinner to Wikileaks #TrumpThrash

-(10-22-16 17:20): Trump best book-ended his vilifying campaign run: “Bad Hombres” & “Nasty Women”  #TrumpIsDeplorable

-(10-22-16 ??:??): My Third’s Debate Issue-by-Issue scoring* results: HRC 33 - Dognald 2 (from four 0.5 (=“half-valid/right”**) issue points) #TrumpIsALoser

* http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-name-snap-story.html#

** Namely: 0.5 for his ‘abortion, especially partial-birth abortion, should be outlawed’ (however his: ‘State’s Rights transference’ solution is fundamentally non-sensical) & 1.5 about various HRC’s wiki-leaked emails issues.

-(10-25-16 11:48): Why is all the media trying to bend over backwards to, -unlike for Lewandowski, then Manafort, put “daylight” between Dognald Trump and his present campaign advisor Kellyanne Conway who has freely decided to sign on and stay on as Trump’s campaign manager despite all of his “deplorable” issues....Either she loves money & (any) publicity more than defending and promoting such deplorable things....and/or she herself is of the same views... #TrumpistheSwamp

-(10-25-16 12:06): Especially on these Sexual Assault issues, it is not even worth responding to Trumpslainers/excusers and dignify their pathetic comments [Kayleigh McEnany] #TrumpTramps

-(10-26-16 16:04): Trump is pompously claiming that he is innocent of the allegations against him because his worthless psyche is indifferently denying what constitutes Sexual Assault.  #TrumpIsUneducated

-(10-27-16 11:38): “Make America Great Again”, “Law and Order Candidate”, “New Deal”....does Dognald Trump have any, and contemporarily pertinent, new/original policy solution???? #TrumpIsACanvas It is grade school kids who complete a project by merely copying/reproducing something they’ve seen/heard instead of crafting something new.         

-(10-27-16 18:27): Where does it say that the Press has to be impartial and unbiased....It is not a public/government entity, but a private one which is privileged/subject to free market competition. Republicans are such sore-losing whiners.... #TrumpIsADictator
(11-06-16 01:45): Every day press outlets make decisions about which news story to report on or not...all focusing on what they think will appeal to, and be of interest to their share-of-the-market viewers/readers, and ratings/sales confirms this “interest” of their audience....So if one feels that certain news is not, under-, or wrongly reported...then start your own news organization....The Press has the self-interest honus to make sure to accurately report what stories they choose to cover, but they are free to choose which stories they are going to report on....
...And the reason why Trump whines so much about the Press is because he long had made the on-the-cheap strategic/business decision to unofficially coopt them as part of his campaign publicizing branch...and in the General Election, they turned on him...with ample reason....

-(10-28-16 02:24): Well one thing that Trump has consistently made sure to indicate during his campaign is that he will always make sure that his Trump Organization is doing well even when he is involved in politics....including in his company’s ties/dealing in/with Russia.... #TrumpIs(Foreign)Bought&Owned

-(10-29-16 12:11): Joke of the century: Dognald Trump is whining about ‘NBC violating his “private dressing room”’...get in line Dognald...your own (violation) line....There are many teenage girls (and probably also a grown Ivanka*) who want the image of their naked bodies wiped out of your orange pervert head.... #TrumpIsAPedophile People go to jail for looking at nude underage teens online, how much more for, and as self-avowed by Dognald:  ‘predatorily/systematically, power-abusively, violating them/their privacy in person’ Hello: #IndictHimAlready then  #LockHimUp  

-(10-29-16 14:13): Dognald Trump does treat Melania likes she his (showpiece) property.... ‘You will do what I am publicly announcing that you’ll do...woman’...  #TrumpIsAChauvinistDog

-(10-30-16 09:48): Of course Dognald Trump has spent $100M on his campaign. It’s $56M in cash thus far, another $10M promised for the final 10 days...and the rest is from all the money he has (tangibly) lost this far in his Trump Organization business since he launched his “diabolical” campaign (e.g. people leaving his condos)  #TrumpIsBleedingWorth

-(11-05-16 18:46): Clearly the same Projection Artist speechwriter who writes Dognald’s (Thrid Grade Level) speeches, also writes for Melania.... -Try telling kids to not do what you, moreover systematically, do..... #TrumpHasDemetia

-(11-05-16 19:37): So according to Eric Trump, Hillary Clinton should not have called some of those who support his father, Bigoted-Bully Dognald Trump: “deplorable”, nor say that they are “unredeemable”, but instead should have called them “horrible” and “put a bullet to their heads”...Okay.... #PoliticalExpediency-MeetTrumpBus   #TrumpsArePoliticians

November 5, 2016  
-(11-05-16 19:46): To be fair, Melania should teach Trump how to (properly) read a teleprompter #TrumpIsIlliterate

-(11-05-16 20:38): Seriously, what (else) did Dognald Trump mean when he said during the First POTUS Debate that “HRC did not have the look to be President” #TrumpIsInsane&Fugly

-(11-06-16 01:48): It’s been great that Dognald has been hawking his properties and brand throughout his campaign....no every(sane)one knows exactly where not to (inadvertently) do business #DumpTrump #ScrewSion

-(11-08-16 04:11): Trump lost Dade County to Marco Rubio in the FLA Primaries by 40 points*....and claims he ‘almost won it’  #TrumpIsDelusional

-(11-09-16 03:15): I’ve never heard of the “Black-”, “White-”, Latino-” Vote in Canadian Elections....  #AmericaIsCracked


-(11-10-16 18:13): ....the beginning of the end #TrumpIsDamnedIfHeDoes;DoomedIfHeDoesn’t...DoAllThatHe(Vacuously)Promised

-(11-10-16 18:14): As Jesus foreplanned & signifiedly indicated: ‘the (super-)morons will (deservingly) inherit Babylon’ (Rev 18:2ff) #TrumpIsAnAntiChrist*

-(11-11-16 05:00): Dognald Trump is the acceptable kind of racist in America: the ones who, -like slave-owners of the past, do/justify it for/out of money/economic self-interests (1 Tim 6:10) #TrumpRemainsUnqualified

-(11-12-16 02:05): Obviously the mocking of Dognald Trump by Obama during the April 30, 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner did not, -as some are fanatically, retro-actively, claiming: ‘incite Trump to come after Obama’, as Coward Trump didn’t run in 2012....

-(11-12-16 05:40): Trumpkins want NeverTrumpers to now have the same selective/short-term memory amnesia that they exercised throughout Trump’s diabolical campaign*...Never-Gonna-Happen....One would have to be an ignorant moron to ascribe to that, patently diabolical, ditsy and self-serving mentality..... “People”, like Trump who engage in “winning at any cost” have no character and are completely worthless.... #TrumpWillAtrociouslyFail(WhileDailySoilingHisDepends)

-(11-12-16 06:02): Now that the voting is over, Dognald Trump has been given permission to use his Twitter again... #TrumpIsInfantile

P.S. Then someone has to come and clean up his mess... #BabySteps Even that: “we will come together” sound authoritarian.....  “Coming together” involves/implies meeting the other side half way....something which was totally lacking in any of your campaign policy proposal....So “dream on”.....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmZz7WIK0FI-(11-12-16 20:04): Michelle, Michelle....“my political crush”, you need to be rescued from: deficient “Theology”, shoddy Biblical literacy  and erroneous “factuality”:

(a) Nothing in or about Trump is Godly....and didn’t you hear that he is merely going to let now States decide is unborn babes should be murdered or not, -that not “(endeavored) greater works than Jesus (John 14:12; Matt 25:45), that has nothing to do with His name” (John 14:13-14), so God cannot answer that prayer (Psa 66:18|John 9:31)

(b) That result chart was about votes which had long been cast, so your prayer “at that time” would not have possibly have affected anyone’s decision....

(c) Trump’s Win/Presidency, is Satan having convinced his other followers/side in “Babylon” to vote for his more overt deluded ‘false christ’...   #TrumpIsSatan’sSock-Puppet at best, this is God merely having long allowed false and deluded Christians to, once again -as in W’s 8 years, once and for all, expose their deceived and false selves, and their false Christianity, to the entire world (=EW 54-56)...You all Golden-Calf & Mammon-worshipping false Christian globally blaspheme, and cause to be blasphemed/mocked,* the name of Jesus Christ...Just as Satan’S Babylon is indeed suppose to do (Rev 17) to their own destruction (Exod 20:7; Rev 18)....

-(11-12-16 21:00): Anarchist Dognald Trump said that ‘he would only accept the results of the Election if he won’, well clearly many other Americans also have that juvenile view.... #TrumpIsAChild

-(11-13-16 00:20): You do know and understand by now that Coward Trump having said during that visit with Obama that ‘he has great respect’....was meant to be deliberately ambiguous about who/what exactly he had respect for. Deluded Trumpkins will understand a magnanimous overture to Obama, but Trump only meant “the civil POTUS-transition process” #TrumpIsUnrespectable

-(11-13-16 04:30): Have mercy of Poor Ol’ Rudy...Like Dognald Trump, he has onset dementia, where he loses his filter and self-awareness when subject to high emotions of either side...but unlike Trump, his illness is a little more advanced  #Trump’sLooneyGoons

-(11-13-16 04:51): It is not Pollster’s fault, nor the scientific approach of polling, that Trump so embarassed many of those who voted for him that they didn’t even want to admit their intention of voting for him to pollsters....(nor would want to be found dead at his rallies). #TrumpIsAnInterNationalEmbarassment

-(11-13-16 08:08): Warning: Dognald Trump’s hot air economic policy proposals is producing a hydrogen gas-filled stock market bubble.....  #HindendrumpfIsPlanningToBankruptAmerica
(12-03-16 18:32): ...And then/thus: ‘the world markets will learn to ignore what the U.S. President says’....

-(11-13-16 08:17): “Help Wanted” Amateur Trump has just opened up Washington to a Lobbying Audition...Seriously he is overwhelmed by having to fill 4000 appointee position....Whichever President-Elect before opened up the filling of his admin to application submissions...That’s what his Kremlin overlords told him to do, so they can send their U.S. sleeper agents in to fill those positions.. #DrainDognald
(11-13-16 10:59): Plus quite a very shallow bench of reliable political entourage if you have to give your VP the duties of the Transition.

-(11-13-16 10:06): LOL!!! Idiot Trump also didn’t know that the U.S. indeed is not a democracy’*....it’s a Constitutional Republic, Dumb American...learn the difference.... #TrumpIsIgnorant

-(11-13-16 19:41): Any new President can be “forgiven” for having campaigned on something and then having to revise that campaign promise once he is made aware of the nation’s secrets as President-Elect.....but the ACA and all of its provisions, some of which Blowhard Drumpf now loves and wants to keep, was black on white public law... #TrumpCan’tRead or more accurately, he was banking on his sheeple not paying attention...Trump only won because his supporters are  more ignorant than he is....    

-(11-13-16 20:40): With all of this “loyalty” requirement, Don will run his administration like a Mob Family #DognaldDon

-(11-13-16 23:22): LOL, why don’t they just build a permanent Inauguration platform already, even with mechanically retracting platform bleachers #TrumpContinuesTheWaste

-(11-13-16 23:25): Alert: Trump is planning to run the Executive Branch like his business #Trump

-(11-13-16 23:45): The fact that Trump, -who openly admits that he did not think he was going to win the election, is, now that the election is over and he has won, (reportedly) trying to reach out to people who he offended/attacked while campaigning, proves that he was wantonly willing to risk losing just so that he could get back at, and make enemies of, people (including a large part of the GOP), who crossed him during the campaign....That’s a terrible trait for a (muclear)-commander-in-chief....And now that he technically does not need any of these people who had opposed him (e.g. Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, the Clintons) just shows that, since his bluff has been called, he realizes that he is now in way over his head and thus ‘wants all the help out there he can get’ #TrumpIsIncompetent

-(11-14-16 05:16): I’ve never heard of a POTUS, other than GWB,  being so much dependent on the people around him.... #TrumpIsIncompetent

-(11-14-16 09:11): LOL..I thought Ignorant Trump was going to “repeal (all of) Obamacare on Day 1"....clearly isn’t aware that congress has to deliberatively make that decision...but now, another backtrack, he won’t repeal it until another plan is voted in  #TrumpIsStupid
            He clearly could not tell these realities/facts/truths to his stupid gullible rabble, and thus didn’t bother to find out how this whole process actually works....#PlatformOfLies The non-stupid people did not fall for these lies, and therefore did not vote for him, but the stupid people were none the wiser....Stupid Trump desperately needs people to come down to his idiotic level of thinking....
            Imagine that Obama had been saying stupid $#!+ like that...He would long have been lynched.....

-(11-14-16 23:22): Trump “directly” talks to his mischievous supporters like the children that he and they are. #TrumpIsAChild

-(11-14-16 23:48): Trump will be the Play-doh President...orange of course...all depending on what the last person he spoke to, -including interviewing journalists, “advised” him.... #TrumpIsVacuous

-(11-16-16 09:37): As a matter of (more (than) likely) fact: The “people who voted for Obama twice” are part of the -8|12,000,000 Democrat voters who did not come out to vote for HRC...and they were replaced in the electorate by the swamp-dwelling Deplorables that Dognald Trump was easily able to dredge up with his diabolical campaigning...So Trump’s supporters are (probably) majoritarily still racists.... #TrumpIsDeplorable-In-Chief.

-(11-20-16 01:49): “I am not insensitive to Blacks”....Anyone who refers to Black People as merely a ‘color(-ed)’ is a borne-n-bred racist bigot...Try “I am not insentive to Whites” if you don’t get it.  #Dognald’sCabinetOfDeplorables

(11-30-16 01:42): You can tell that someone is a closet racist when they are so “vexed” and bothered at being racially sensitive/empathetic...they have this innate self-asssuaging need to deny reality/history...patently that is because having such empathy will cost them something, but these people need to be selfish/greedy....And that is the same “it’s not my fault/problem/responsibility” mentally that constituted the enslaving then segregating racists and bigots of the (not so distant) past.

-(11-21-16 02:49): Since Trump is reneging on, especially, his Economic/Trade Campaign Promise, telling people in secret ‘not to take them literally’, he clearly, -and as his moves thus far show, was lying to his gullible voters in order to get himself into office so that he can, from there act to benefit/profit his family business...and put in a personal puppet as the Head of the IRS so that they can get off the back of his Trump Organization... #Long-Conald
            (11-28-16 07:06): And that is why, during the campaign, he did not care to stick to his “deplorable” themes as he did not actually care if he lost the election, as that would mean that he would be freed to return to his now tanking business....but now that he won....-(and you could see the look of frustration at that fact on his (then white-orange) face on election night), he clearly is trying to see how he can make his position of POTUS work for....his (tanking) company...which therefore involves not pursuing the many divisive and offensive things that he had been campaigning-(to-lose) on, all so that the bad publicity/press won’t keep affecting his (tanking) company. #Conned-Conald

-(11-21-16 02:53): Please Say it ain’t so, Nikki #NotATrumpTramp
            But Trump is actually trying to publicly shame-walk in front of the Press all of the, especially top, Republicans who opposed him during his campaign...You all really believe there are not other Trumpkin Republicans out there who could fill these positions other than Cruz, Haley & Romney...John McCain probably responded to such a Trump “overture” with: “go to hell” in the form of: ‘haven’t you heard, I am retiring after this term’....

-(11-21-16 08:02): LOL Jeff Session prosecuted a person who was a member of the Klan for murder...That proves he is not racist...What did you all expect him to do...reject the Police investigation & findings that the Klansman was the, probably self-evident, perpetrator...and blow his cover... #TrumpTramp

-(11-22-16 06:43): You all do know and realize that Trump is using the Presidency to promote his various Properties....e.g. this weekend it was the “Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster” #TrumpIsAFraud
(12-02-16 02:34): Trump just used Mitt Romney and the (deliberately/engineeredly) highly publicized public meeting (or probably just dining) with him to here publicize his Trump Hotel and Tower in NYC.

-(11-23-16 04:04): The Honor system upon which much of the American Presidency is predicated on did not think that the people would ever elect a dishonorable scoundrel like Dognald, indeed despite the 247, and counting, landmines that Trump was whitewashed of by his white-right supporters... #TrumpHasNoHonor

-(11-23-16 04:24): Why would Conald prosecute Hillary Clinton, he is about to do worse with/for his Trump Organization than he ever claimed she did with/for her Foundation  #TrumpIsACrook

-(11-23-16 04:31): Here’s the way to correct the course of this unrepresentative election: The media needs to continue to cover Trump and his admin independently, “without fear or favor” and in whatever appropriate “tone”....and thus send this thin-cranium-skinned Narcissistic Psycho into a mental meltdown and to White Padded-Walled House he belongs in... #TrumpIsABrat

-(11-23-16 15:33): The photographed leak of Kobach Homeland Security papers when visiting Trump, which was his strategy/plans for the first year as HS Secretary shows that Trump is treating this Cabinet+ appointments as an open audition. He’s the one who should be setting the agenda. #TrumpIsIncompetent

-(11-25-16 03:57): Secret Service cost to protect Drumpf: “$2M/day”... ‘and rising’....Whatever fiscal gains that Trump’s wishful policies may bring will be wiped out by the added costs to protect him while he insists to keep on living/enjoying his rich playboy...businessman lifestyle #TrumpIsAFraud

-(11-25-16 15:03): LOL, How come this requirement from Trump’s Transition Position Application Process does not apply to him!!!! #TrumpIsAFraud

“Consideration is taken for possible conflicts of interest. Financial holdings and sources of income must be disclosed. Any conflicts must be remedied by divestiture, the creation of special trusts, and other actions.”
-(11-27-16 05:57): Since Dognald Drumpf no longer has his adulating rallies, and has predominantly been seeing protests and denunciations of him in the public and media, then, (as he and his demented self, a least psychologically, -but most likely also clinically, suffers from a newborn’s “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” underdevelopment issue): he thinks ‘the whole nation is against him’, and that is why he has been reneging on his campaign promises.  #TrumpIsMentallyDeteriorationg #(Also)MentallyUnfit

-(11-27-16 06:30): Dementedly reneging Dognald Drumpf will cause that an even more Deplorable candidate runs in 2020 to satiate his enraged Deplorable Republicans ca. 40% Base #TrumpIsPaulvonHindenburg

-(11-27-16 09:46): What Special Favor does President-Elect Dognald Drumpf owe the Argentinian Government for having ‘helped the Trump Organization get building permits”??????? #TrumpIsCorrupt

-(11-27-16 13:01): For all you Trumpkins who think Dognald Drumpf is the ‘Messiah of US National Security’....he does not even want to be bothered by Intelligence Daily Briefings...(11-28-16 06:45): ...but I bet he daily entertains a report from any/all of his children on how his company is doing....(12-19-16 10:30): ...and it’s not like they built a new tower or signed a new (migrant-worker hiring or job-outsourcing) business deal since their last updating... #TrumpIsAChump

-(11-30-16 17:48): So is Dognald Trump going to have a special set of economic policies for each individual company in the U.S....or is he going to have to also renege of such “special/private/tailored” promises when he (actually VP Pence) actually is making economic policies...Carrier also got played like Chumps and Conald’s pawns....  #DonIsADon who will “Fredo” U.S. businesses, one at a time, and the U.S. Economy....
            (12-02-16 04:49): and forget “blackmailing’, if the Trump Administration does not give other companies a similar deal as was done for Carrier, and then threatens them with tariffs taxes if they do move their manufacturing or services to another country, can’t they most easily sue the admin/government for this unlawful favoritism.... #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(11-30-16 17:50): Watch Dognald Don formulate policies which hamper his Trump Organization’s competition #TrumpIsAFraud

-(12-01-16 03:18): People who are (especially patently, and indifferently so) Constitutionally illiterate like, as amply demonstrated, Dognald Drumpf, should not be permitted to run for political office  #TrumpIsAGold(Plated)PotDictator

-(12-01-16 06:23): Here’s the (copiously demonstrated during his campaign (e.g “...watch her sextape”...) through now) level of strategy and “intelligence” exercised by Donald Trump and his tweeting: e.g. He is getting ridiculed in the (non-FNC) media for baselessly claiming that there were millions of illegal votes...So, at the first (“inspired”) opportunity that presents itself, he “responds” by tweeting: ‘yeah, well flag-burning is way worse’.... #DonDonHasRegressedIntoInfancy

-(12-02-16 01:53): LOL!! Obama saved literally millions of jobs, not by vacuous bully tactics which gave away millions of dollars of taxpayer money, but by a loan to the auto industry which it fully recovered with interest.... #TrumpGotBlackmailed In this Trump policy, the average customer just got stiffed with higher prices for goods and higher taxes that they will have to cover for those businesses getting tax cuts, plus those businesses will suffer lower sales as less customers will have untaxed money for, and/or be able to afford to prices of, their higher cost goods.

-(12-02-16 04:13): Black Women also did not have the right to vote after Black (male) People did...Tomi #TypicalTrumpkin...LoudandWrong

-(12-02-16 06:56): No kidding...Chump-Elect Drumpf sounds (as he is) as stupid & retarded as did Campaigning Drumpf #TrumpIsRetarded

-(12-03-16 17:26): So when is Dognald going to start suing all of those women that he Sexually Assaulted...or will he here also exposingly lose this case... #LyingDognald

-(12-03-16 17:29): Next time Dognald engages in bullying a private company to not outsource its business labor, they should (indeed) tell him: “after you” #TrumpIsAHippocrite

-(12-03-16 18:22): Ten Bucks that GaffeDrumpf didn’t have any clue that there was something wrong with (a U.S. Official) taking a (diplomatic) phone call from the “President” of Taiwan...That’s what happens when (a) the PEOTUS is politically ignorant and (b) his transition team hasn’t bothered to get boned up on world issues from the State Department...Wait for the fallout of making decision on forming an administration while, at best, having delegated National Security briefings to someone else #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(12-03-16 19:39): Sarah Palin just found out that Drumpf is a (12-07-16 21:09: moreover, Old Era) Democrat in a Republican Red Cap....#TrumpIsAnIncompetentFraud...and “SinfullyStupid”
So Sarah Palin is in Trump’s cabinet...Why didn’t they discuss and hash out such differences before that “crony” deal was made???!!!..E.g. Why does she have to ‘wait until the terms are made public”....She’s (supposedly) an insider....Especially since that means less tax funds for her to properly run the VA Department.... #PreviewsOfADysfunctionalAdministration
(12-05-16 00:30): and you’ve already had your ‘corrupt dealing’ here...hence the secreted details of that deal, with Trump (effectively) saying/proposing: ‘If you help me look good with my moronic supporters by helping me keep this campaign promise of mine by accepting this vacuous-charade deal, I’ll guarantee to give your parent company billions of dollars in government contract’.. #TrumpIsCorrrupt

-(12-03-16 23:17): If Trump is deliberately forging a new policy with China in that Taiwan phone call...whatever happened to “one POTUS at a time”... #TrumpIsAlreadyAnEmbarrasment

-(12-04-16 11:59): Just going by the fact that the American “flyover (=rural) country”, -the region which overwhelmingly voted for Trump, is mostly White, while the coasts and many other “Blue Counties in America are mostly ethnically mixed, clearly mixed-cultures (of which America overall is) cause societies to thrive... It is not a racial thing, or even a culture thing, it is squarely an education thing, of which cultural diversity also is contributive to.....Give any culture the same educational opportunity, and watch it advance and thrive... #TrumpIsUneducated ...and therefore will ruin America

-(12-04-16 12:04): ...Now that’s funny.....an alt-Right (read: all-White) Bowel “Movement” which #DumpedTrump

-(12-05-16 16:14): Trump thinks that a “large and vicious river” is a match for a boat...or that mountains cannot be walked over... #TrumpIsIdiotic

-(12-06-16 16:57): LOL...the sticky things about lies is that you have to remember the prior lies you told before....Well evidently this Trump supporter could not keep her lies straight within the same segment...even sentence: ‘If CNN didn’t report [the false claim/story] that 3 million people voted illegally in California, “THEN THEY WERE BEING SMART THIS TIME”’...Okay.... #TrumpIsTheChiefofStupids

-(12-06-16 23:09): Keep in mind that Donald Trump did not accept that call from Taiwan because, as now spinned by him and his team, ‘he wanted to support and advocate for a free and democratic Taiwan’...but merely because the President of Taiwan was congratulatory to him, and also his pending business deals in Taiwan....For Trump that’s worth getting into a trade and/or military war with China #TrumpIsDemented=Unfit=Unqualified

-(12-07-16 01:30): Trump should cancel the Air Force One order with Boeing and use his Trump Plane instead....and “see what happens”..... #TrumpIsAnAmateur I dare him to allow Airbus to compete for the contract #MAGA

-(12-07-16 22:00): If Boeing loses stock value because of Trump’s ignorant, unfounded and lying accusation and threat against them, they should sue him for defamation...

-(12-07-16 23:27): The Trumptards need the regular retard rally where they hear the same stupid things over and over again, and still can’t get enough of there favorite bedtime story.. #TrumpIsRetard-In-Chief

-(12-08-16 02:17): “I have great respect”, “I didn’t do anything to divide” Dognald has a tell when he is trying to conceal the full truth: He speaks in halted, anarthrous, titular expressions. #TrumpIsSick

-(12-08-16 05:20): LOL Dognald orders the firing of someone on his staff who had retweeted a fake news story #FireYourself!!!

-(12-08-16 17:25): Dognald has (also willful) Alzheimer’s....  #LockHimUp

-(12-08-16 18:34): Trump’s Condo prices are way too high...most people can’t afford them...The government should intervene to have them lowered #TrumpIsAnAmericanCommunist

-(12-08-16 18:42): Boeing should make a $1 Billion Air Force One just for Trump, -(most of that cost being in gold plating everywhere), instead of its planned ca. $3.7 B one...and “see what happens”.... #TrumpIsAnIdiot

-(12-09-16 05:48): Drumpf thinks that the U.S. Intelligence community ‘does not know anything about “foreign regimes”’...(really only because his stupid self can’t even pronounce “foreign regimes”. So his doctrine will be: ignore whatever abuses that “foreign regimes” are doing.... #TrumpIsABlowHardIdiot  The reality is that the U.S. knows all about “foreign regimes”...They just haven’t mastered figuring out the “X-Factor” that comes after they have been toppled.

-(12-09-16 07:21): Some 16 year old Chinese Hacker is going to set off a Nuclear Holocaust between the U.S. and China by hacking Dognald’s Twitter account....and “that Tweet sounds too unhinged to be from Trump” surely won’t be a failsafe... #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(12-09-16 21:26): Dognald’s purely flippant and whimsical reversals on prior views and of people (e.g. Obama), is nothing more nor less than the behavior of clinical psychological sickness. He is psychologically warped to speak favorably of whatever helps him out at the moment...Hence, when he needed to win the Election: “Obama was the founder of ISIS and the worst President in U.S. History” and now that he is in way over his head about being POTUS: “Obama is really a great man” #TrumpIsMentallyIll

-(12-10-16 01:12): No wonder Drumpf says he is not planning to take vacations as POTUS. With him delegating everything, including his own portfolio to his VP, his entire 4/8 years in office will be one continuous stay-cation. #TrumpIsMentally&PhysicallyLazy

-(12-10-16 20:51): Why isn’t Dognald telling his Trumpkins to stop and not make death threats against Chuck Jones and his family....oh yeah, Drumpf is leading that twit-mob..... #TrumpIsAWannabeDon

-(12-11-16 18:31): Who likes to eat a soap-soggy burger???????? #TrumpTramps

-(12-12-16 01:40): If at this point, as President-Elect, Dognald Trump does not know as a hard fact how Russia has interfered in the 2016 Election it is not merely that “he doesn’t care”, but even worse: that he does not want to know... He does not want any facts to mar his (so-supposed) “reciprocal” fawning admiration of Putin and Russia.. #Trump:ToRussiaWithBliss FYI Idiot: The CIA judgement rendering and decision -making top tier leadership has been entirely replaced since pre-March 2003....

-(12-12-16 05:38): :LOL DumbDumb Drumpf thinks the $4.2B pair of Air Force One planes are just for “him to fly around in”....Putin told him to, as POTUS, defaultly- inherently never be in a position to respond to a Nuclear Strike by Russia #TrumpIsASleeperPOTUSSR

-(12-12-16 20:51): Dognald the Kid is trying to get all of his cyber-bullying tweeting in before Melania takes Office #RegimeChangeBeginsAtHome

-(12-13-16 06:17): Clearly Dognald Drumpf signed a no-disparaging clause in order to get a business loan from a state-owned Russian Bank....  #TrumpIsBought&Sold...in Rubles...

-(12-13-16 06:23): Hey Trump....maybe you would find out what the CIA did to a POTUS they deemed rogue if you asked them from their JFK files #TargetTrump

-(12-13-16 09:11): Of all Drumpf’s Secretary of State candidates only Rex Tillerson (really) likes his uber-pro-Russia policy, -Mitt Romney surely hates it-, of course since Rex is, literally ‘Russia’s/Putin’s “Friend”’ #TreacherousTrump #PutinPuppet

-(12-14-16 23:35): Seriously how much ‘global geopolitical and deal-making savvy’ did it take to find, exploit, buy and/or sell oil in the world since the 1970's?????? #Trump’sChumps

-(12-15-16 06:31): Lyin’ Drumpf didn’t think he had a path beyond 269...that’s why ‘he kept going back to Maine’ #TrumpIsRavingRetard-In-Briefs on a #BlowMeTour btw...Hillary still has a path...on Dec 19.....

-(12-15-16 06:43): FYI Constantine II AntiChrist: Christmas Trees nor Christmas on Dec 25 have nothing to do with Jesus Christ #TrumpIsIgnorant

-(12-15-16 07:50): Last Thing you ever want to hear from a Department Secretary overseeing the Nukes: “Ooops”*..bet you Trump didn’t know that responsibility was part of the Department of Energy #TrumpIsIncompetent

* Update: (01-21-17 20:37): ...or blowing the air out of his head into the gum he is chewing....during the POTUS Inauguration....

-(12-16-16 23:54): Like the WWE, Drumpf’s Small Business Administration will be nothing more than cheap tricks, theatrics, smoke & mirrors, bluster and fantasaical illusions #TrumpIsAChump

-(12-17-16 07:09): Of course Trump wants to continue being close operationally-wise to his children when he is President...This Family Business thing is his attempt at having his one “Mafia Family”  #DonIsADon

-(12-18-16 13:43): The Congressional Dems’ No. 1 Goal should be to make Dognald Drumpf a part-term President #TrumpIsALoser

-(12-19-16 05:42): Trump and his cabinet of wanna-be hacks #TrumpIsWannaBeHackInChief

-(12-19-16 07:36): ‘Don’t take Trump literally but only seriously’: Funny how Trump is convincing self-obesessed moron to buy into his gas-lighting fig leaving to cover up his ignorance and stupidity. DumbDumb Drumpf just needs to bring people, now the entire nation, to his helpless idiotic&infantile level.....And foremostly, that rationalizing makes absolutely no sense.  #TrumpIsAnIdiot...PERIOD....

-(12-14-16 15:02): Oh look Obama “turned” 314 counties from Red to Blue in 2008.... #TrumpLosesAgain

-(12-19-16 15:14): LOL the Drumpf Admin is going to wipe out all regulations trying to regulate for “clean” coal #TrumpIsAnAirHead
-(12-19-16 15:34): DonDon is trying to get all of his bullying Tweets in before his wife takes office....in June 2017(?)....(12-27-16 12:58): If he allows her to.... #TrumpIsAStubby-FingersVulgarian

-(12-19-16 15:45): What kind of demented person is rooting for another 9/11...a POTUS who won’t believe 17 Agencies of the U.S. IC and can’t be bothered with the PDBs #TrumpIsAStooge

-(12-20-16 12:21): ...Okay Patronizing Prick....“believe” whatever you need to...LOL...why didn’t you call up your “bestest buddy Michelle or Barack” on your orange phone and ask her what she meant #HopelessTrump Clearly your misbehavior since that meeting 2 days after the vote has made Michelle (“re”-)change her mind about you....Only your hurt ego can’t let you understand what Michelle clearly said&meant... “now” only means ‘in the past 8 years’ in your idiotic mentality....

(12-21-16 04:34): Of course what Dognald is really doing is trying to goad Michelle into (more specifically/explicitly, -as if that was necessary) doubling down on her comment so that he can justify (in moronic opinion) the spewing and retweeting of the vile, racist “counter punch” bile that he has pent up against her*....What else would he say: ‘She did not do the First Lady job well’!....

* (12-25-16 07:19): ...or let his racist scum goons do it for him:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ucf7f56IEk

-(12-21-16 04:37): Finally, Trump said something true: ‘his people are: vicious, violent, crazy, nasty, mean, vicious, lying’...losers.... #TrumpHasEgoDementia

-(12-21-16 08:49): Just stopped the bold face spin-lying KellyAnne...You’re not fooling anyone.... #TrumpTrampPimp (02-14-17 21:39): Cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-7fzHy3aG0

-(12-23-16 08:06): What happened to one POTUS at a time...Why do we have to hear about any of Trump’s (trial-balloon) planned policies now #ShutUpTrump

-(12-25-16 14:13): Dognald DTSuck Drunk l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y sounds and acts like someone who has enter a growing state of senile dementia starting back in the mid 1980's....Now, (12-30-16 15:48): i.e. in these post-1957/1969 days of Early/Launch Satellite detection, what’s the point of having more nukes than Russia when you already have 7000....are there even 7000 cities in Russia????? beyond the first 200 or so strikes, any additional one would just be either striking forests or trying to incinerate already pulverized areas...I.e. at some statistical/factual point having more nukes is utterly useless as there would be nothing left to destroy. One side could have 22,000 and the other only 7000 and at 200, that nuclear holocaust is long over as both sides are already extinct.... (12-30-16 15:53): Just the nukes on (hard to detect/locate) submarines alone would seem to be more than enough...Unless if the actual, MAD goal/calculus is, of course: to also ‘salt every square inch of each others country’s soil’..with radio-active fallout.... #TrumpIsM.A.D (MajorlyAsinineDementia) (12-27-16 12:18): Trump’s onset dementia has set him mentally back to the mid-1980's...(That’s why he struggles to remember what he said, and what he said he’d do, just recently during the last 1.5 years while he was campaigning....(12-30-16 15:50): or earlier in a day)...

-(12-27-16 17:36): Dognald Drumpf is trying to dissolve his foundation in order to delete evidence...how ironic, also.... #TrumpIsACriminal

-(12-29-16 23:46): #TrumpIsMentallyIll http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-greene/is-donald-trump-mentally_b_13693174.html

-(12-30-16 21:04): Dognald even made Don King nervously grin with his disconcertingly flippant “let’s get on with our lives” and ‘return to the stone age without computers’ “response”...During the Trump admin, Russia will walk all over the U.S....especially if ‘we can’t be sure of anything that occurs in the cyberworld’...And in 2016, a caveman who does not even use a personal computer, should not hold public office... #PutinPuppet

-(12-31-16 17:54): My Money is on DumbDumb rump completing his mental insanity meltdown before Inauguration Day...Just a few more refusals to bow and kiss his ring... #TrumpIsDegenerating

-(12-31-16 17:58): Trump just got played like a gold-plated rusty-orange trombone

-(12-31-16 22:00): Classic bully pathology/mentality, Donald Drumpf will attack and “punch back” at anyone except those who are openly face-punching him: e.g. Keith Olberman; Jonathan Tasini; etc... #TrumpIsAChump (01-10-17 20:36): Maybe they should go the route of: not calling him out by name when they face-punch him....

-(12-31-17 23:00): LOL Naive Trump thinks he is going to get Putin to do all of the ground work in a War on Terror/ISIS and Putin will not be wanting to be “generously compensated” (e.g. leave Syria to Assad; repealing, if not compensating, all sanctions against Russia) #TrumpIsOutofHisLeague

-(01-05-17 22:30): ...The “270” is not ‘fabled”...it’s just math.... #TrumpIsAMoron

-(01-11-17 03:32): Trump added a special hand writhing to his habitual* ‘backpedaling flail’...with this one also stopping short of the typical over-the-shoulder stroke to focus more on the crippled hands. So it was BOTH a “(half) typical backpedaling gesture” but one that was tailored to mimicking also mock the handicapped reporter. Only the sycophant morons will be fooled...  #TrumpIsA”VerySick”Liar..Even fools himself....


Trump on Larry King (May 17, 2005)
-Not the same type of gesture or meaning...That was the exhausted dog-nald jest.

Bank vs. Regulators (October 2015)
-also less of an mimicking of crippled hand this hand gesture is more “open-handed”

Army General (Myrtle Beach Fl, 11-24-2015)
-not even the same type of flail..and that’s in the same speech

Ted Cruz and Waterboarding (South Carolina 02-19-2016)
-not the same acuteness of hand writhing

Donna Brazile (Sanford Florida Rally October 25, 2016)   
-full backpedaling flails....no hand writhing

...the directly comparable “proof”, i.e. with the shoulder-raised writhing hand, occurred after the fact...so at the very least Trump could have been, even subconsciously, setting up his plausible deniability by trying to muddled the mimickings.

-(01-12-17 14:29): For Drumpf, unverified news is only worth hawking when it comes from the National Enquirer...and is not about him, but about an opponent of his... #SueTrump

-(01-12-17 16:26): Why are Congressional Republicans responsible for formulating Trump Health Care plan...Didn’t Obama/the Executive Branch formulate his own plan....and congress simply ratified it #TrumpIsDumb&Lazy

-(01-12-17 18:49): Hey 17+ women have accused, the now President-Elect, Trump of Sexual Assault/Misconduct against them.... ‘member that....And he weaseled out of confronting them in court like he had vowed.... #MoreRealNews

-(01-12-17 18:53): Obama kept the Auto&AutoParts Industry alive in the U.S....How many billions dollars worth of assets and millions of jobs is that.....Long ways to go to catch up... #Chump
            In fact Trump’s ongoing “policy” of forcing, -including at the threat of exorbitant tariffs, car companies to take business actions which are more costly to them and in turn to car buyers is beginning to undo what Obama had managed to fiscally salvage and will end up in the bankrupting of the U.S. Auto Industry...And Trump is good at taking the stupid decisions which end up landing him in bankruptcy...

-(01-13-17 01:02): So Dognald prefers to forgo ‘billions of dollars in investments in certain countries’ rather than put his company in a blind trust for the next 4 weeks to 4/8 years...Yeah right!!....His family business deals/dealing secrets are clearly worth alot....clearly more than $2B....(01-17-17 06:07): including that your company is not actually worth “TEN BILLION DOLLARS” #Conald

-(01-12-17 01:05): Trump’s PEOTUS logo is a “do not enter” symbol....Exactly #TrumpIsToast

-(01-16-17 11:47): Steve Harvey with the: “whatcha asking me for....You’re the PEOTUS.....I still work in the entertainment industry’ responding chuckle #TrumpIsClueless

-(01-16-17 15:59): Funny how bulstering Dognald tipped everyone in the world off that his campaign declaration were on ly “opening negotiations stance” and thus did not mean anything. #TrumpIsAAtrociousNegotiator ...So if your opening bid to China was “they are raping us”..then at best that negotiation’s “middle-ground deal” will be: ‘They are effing us...and we’re getting effed....and we not only consented to it...we like it’.....#TrumpIsF@#%Up

-(01-17-17 04:31): LOL, it is not that Dognald Drumpf is really Putin’s Puppet....That would be way too sophisticated....It just naturally is that he is just so much like Putin...An ‘unwitting tool’ as a former CIA Director professionally analyzed it.... #Putin’sPuppy

-(01-17-17 08:46): To resuscitate and rephrase Kanye West (and for an actual applicable context) Dognald Trump (evidently) cares nothing about the History of African-Americans...He just cares about Black People (+who are) kissing his orange a$$... (01-23-17 22:27): ...including Kanye #TrumpIsARacist

-(01-17-17 08:50): The stacks of folders with blank reams of pages is the perfect prop for Drumpf overall: All props no content... #TrumpIsASenileIdiot

-(01-19-17 09:11): Caveman Drumpf’s administration is going to communicate with (e.g.) His nuclear submarine fleet through a courier Navy SEAL on a rubber dingy...and a diving suit #TrumpIsRetarded

-btw, doesn’t “end-to-end” communication make hacking obsolete...seems to work in the private sector...

-(01-19-17 10:00): Dognald Drumpf has soiled every seat of power (and non-power) that he has occupied, but his Trumpkins still want people to, moreover deferentially // sheepishly // moronically // amnesically (=worshifully) ‘respect and honor’ him... #TrumpIsDefaultlyDisrepectable

-(01-19-17 13:36): Conald has chosen to not get right to (Executive Order signing) work as promised while campaign on “Day 1” to instead go and have lunch with his politician buddies in Congress.   #TrumpIsAnIgnoramus&Liar

-(01-20-17 09:43:): Rick Perry on priorly wanting to ‘abolish the U.S. Department of Energy’: “Oops”.... This absent-minded, slowness, idiocity is both clinical and systemic.....{(01-21-17 21:01): It never was about the “back pain medication”}.... Didn’t have to wait for a ‘2016 briefing’, Wikipedia existed in 2011.... #Trump’sCabinetofBlowhardIdiots As a matter of fact, Blowhard-Idiot-in-Chief Dognald sought and appointed him to that job because Trump thinks the DOE is only about Oil&Gas...and Perry is from Texas.....
            btw, why does his grim-reaper face marine(s) (Litrell(s)) always flankingly appear on screen with Perry??? I.e. Does/Do the Littrell(s) actually have a position in the Perry team or is he just a propping stone-face prop??....

-(01-20-17 11:50): Trump = “an xenophobic ill-prepared fear-mongering liar who won the election aided by Russia while being outvoted”....Yep, that sums it up just right...But that’s only the start of it...But it will do for now.... #TrumpIsALoooooooser

-(01-20-17 15:04): Melania will file for divorce from Trump before his presidency ends...Read the body language....She never could stand (in) a kitchen.... #Trump’s(Divorce)HatTrick

-(01-20-17 15:19): I am a Christian....planning to establish a Christian Country...but all the religious stuff in U.S., I mean Babylon, government ceremonies and functions needs to go...It’s inherently blasphemous and hypocritical... #TrumpIsAnAntiChrist (01-23-17 20:42): ...and swear on a Pocket Constitution instead already....

-(01-20-17 15:31): ....and Dognald will be a Loser and leave in impeachment and/or resignation disgrace...just like (his big “fan”) Tricky Dicky... #TrumpIsToast

-(01-20-17 16:04): And let the era of drone, retarded, monotone, vapid, cliche screeches begins #TrumpIsStupid Seriously...you can’t say anything else in your major speeches...or any speech..Words/Themes/Points-variance in all those speeches is surely under 25%... #WorstInauguration“Speech”Ever #Unheardable....TunedOut #WrittenInCrayons #Blah #ForgottenAlready

-(01-20-17 16:00): Shhhh...Don’t tell Biblically-Illiterate, Prophetically-Ignorant and Spiritually-Devoid Drumpf that God is not planning to “protect America”, but to set up its ever-dooming judgment = 9/11 II (Isa 30-8-15; Rev 18)...And you all Babylonians can’t do nothing about that #TrumpDump (01-22-17 15:35): Everytime Trump mentions “God”, it sounds/seems like he’s swearing....at least blaspheming... (01-29-17 13:10): E.g. In the same breath that he is claiming to now ‘need God so much’ in his CBN interview*, he goes on to (veggie-)use God’s name in vain: “Gee I am going to build a building in New York”. That “best Christian ever” has a lot of learning to do....Start by actually asking God for forgiveness of all of your many sins....

-(01-20-17 16:07): Rain would only be a blessing when falling when Drumpf started speaking if it helped him grow a brain...Other than that, it was Heaven weeping.... #TrumpIsDooomed

-(01-20-17 16:13): Best Moment at the Inauguration: J-a-c-k-i-e E-v-a-n-c-h-o...singing also....especially since she didn’t lip-sync.... #Trump

-(01-21-17 07:22): Dunce Drumpf Inauguration Screech was negative and gloomy instead of, as traditional for POTUSes, forward-lookingly optimistic, because he knows that he is not going to get anything (worthwhile/constructive) done in his (part-term) presidency #TrumpIsDone

-(01-21-17 11:43): The Constitutional Amendment should be that the SCOTUS nominee of a POTUS cannot be replaced (i.e. by the next POTUS, but only by the nominating POTUS) until the Senate has voted on him/her. #Trump’sCheaters            

P.S. (02-01-17 00:38): But to factor in the fact that Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life [should be for 20\24 year terms = one generation]. The sub rule should be that only a new POTUS of the same political party as the nominating POTUS can make such a change, but only if the outgoing POTUS agrees if the outgoing POTUS was term-limited. If the outgoing POTUS had lost re-election, or did not run for re-election, then the new POTUS is free to make that change of themselves.

-(01-21-17 11:47): When A Nuclear Power State threatens to: “wipe anything off the face of the earth”..it is euphemism for nuclear bombing #TrumpIsBane

-(01-21-17 12:03): The Trump family secret about Barron’s mental development wellness is a more closely guarded secret than Trump’s nuclear codes....It’s being guarded in plain sight.....Ten Year Olds don’t act like that...i.e. like a 4 year old*.... #He’sOnTheSpectrum**....DealWithIt you pride-borne abusers....

* (01-23-17 18:34): e.g. Why, oh why, in the world did 10-year old Barron jump off the ground-laid boardwalk back to the White House#, and awkwardly off to the side, almost falling....and Melania and Drumpf just ignore him as if that was perfectly habitual/normal for him....##


P.S. “Maybe” Barron is just too physically pre-developed for his age....But I know I wasn’t that spaced out and aloof when I was 10*....especially if my father would have been running for POTUS all along...Maybe the parents just didn’t let him watch the news...given all of the “bad” (=fittingly/accurately criticizingly deserved) press about his Daddio....Still talks to himself way too much though...and clearly every family member around him knows to just ignore him and just let him do his thing....

* (02-09-17 20:48): E.g. In the banner photo from his inauguration that Drumpf uses on his personal Twitter feed (checked on Feb 9, 2017 20:49)...Why is everyone standing (and applauding), including children...except for Barron???????????

-(01-21-17 13:03): I bet Drumpf does* order a full scale military parade from that same Inaugural Parade spot...replace the “Rural America tractors” with M1-Abrams.....  #TrumpIsADictator

P.S. (01-28-17 12:57): ....indeed, 8 days after the Inauguration Parade, why is that temporary Parade stand set up still on the White House Grounds...
-(01-21-17 13:27): ““Peaceful Transfer of Power”” My A$$.....I’ve never seen so much public (bullet-proof) plexiglass, -even for the Canadian (Or U.K.) Prime Minister transfer of power...except in hockey arenas....(Seriously, you’re scared someone is packing an Uzi in their trombone???).....In fact, the last time I saw a (bullet-proof) plexiglass publicly set up on the Canadian Parliament Hill....was when the U.S. POTUS was visiting....#(Trump+)AmericaSucks #AmericaIsSick #MostViolent[esp.Developed]CountryInTheWorld                  

-(01-21-17 13:53:): I seriously haven’t had this ruminating irritated and stressed angstful feeling since January 20, 2009 11:59:59A.M.* A #ThereYouGoAgain #TrumpMakesMeSick

* More accurately: ??:??:?? ?M

-(01-21-17 19:43): .....aaaaaaannnnnddddd...the Deplorables are on the loose.....

-(01-21-17 19:22): My (Coming) Inauguration Speech: =My entire NJK Project Website* Title/Theme:The Future Belongs to Righteousness”: I.e. Right-Doing & its Smarts (=Heb 12:25-29|EW 41.1-2; 2 Pet 3:13; Rev 21:1, 2ff)
 Deplorable and/or Stupid Trump(kins) Will Be Done ...#ForGood (Rev 19:15)

-(01-22-17 08:47): Every time DumDumb Drumpf speaks, it’s POTUS Kindergarten time..... #TrumpWasDroppedOnHisHead

-(01-22-17 08:59): Trump’s Opening statements in POTUS Run Announcement: “...they sweated like dogs”.... So he “punchingly” started it all with the insults.... #TrumpIsAChump

-(01-22-17 10:07): Day 2: CIA “Ramble”*: ....and this Ego-Maniac Lying Retard is still campaigning & propaganding... #GrowUpTrump
            -If/Since CIA agents do all of their risky work under careful cover...how risky really is their work???!!!

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xagAlOXT9Wk                         

-(01-22-17 14:32): First White House Press Briefing Session by the Drumpf Admin:...I think I just crossed something off my bucket list.....I went back in time and relived history in the making: Josef Goebbels (now.k.a Sean Spicer) speaking for Adolf Hitler (n.k.a. as Drumpf)...blushing anger and all...and all about crowd size reports in the media....sssssmh #HeilDrumpf #ThereYouGoAgain                    
-Sean needs to spice up his Trump impersonation and tone...Alec Baldwin would do a better job.

(01-22-17 17:59): But the real story here is that Spicer put on all this pompous act because he absolutely really believed he was right. Nobody is that deliberately stupid mischievous, certainly not in that position...So the real story is that the Drumpf Administration is absolutely misinformed....Maybe Spicer should first fact check what Dictator Drumpf dictates for him to “theatrically” read to the “dishonest” press....Facts don’t lie Biotch....This whole term, however long it lasts, will be an unending blooper reel...from top to bottom.... #Crazy

-(01-23-17 09:27): The Narcissist thought that: calling him and Mike Pence “-elect” for the past few months after the election was a slighting conspiracy.... #TrumpIsMental

-(01-23-17 09:32): Who are the minions who sit in front of TV’s to watch what the News shows are saying about Dear Leader Drumpf.... #TrumpIsNeedy (01-23-17 19:36): ...or maybe he [mistrustingly, read: paranoidly] does this himself....

-(01-23-17 09:46): More Reality Check News for the Drumpf Regime: As per respectful protocol, the ca. 14 million Follower of Obama when he was on @POTUS were also kept when Trump took over that handle...However Obama now has 14,506,176 (+1 me, now) Followers, but Drumpf has 14,252,607....Either Obama gained a net 253,569, in 3 days, since his term ended...and/or Drumpf lost those 253,569 net people....Going by Trump’s losing favorability ratings, it is surely also much of the latter....but Obama surely is still more popular than Drumpf even when he no longer is POTUS.... #TrumpIsAnUnpopulist

But the accurate story is that the Trump following is still less than the Obama following
-(01-23-17 12:13): Jared Kushner is ‘going to solve peace in the Middle East’...Because Jared is Jewish, I guess, (02-18-17 15:15): and has personal ties to BiBi Yahoo .....That should really rally the Palestinians to that non-conflicted interest & unbiased table.. #HackAdministration
            ...But, first of all: does anyone know what Jared’s voice sounds like???...if they can even hear it if/when he actually talks out loud...Does he even have a voice????,,,,, #TrumpIsWeird

-(01-23-17 17:03||01-24-17 14:55): At an Inaugural Ball:
Drumpf to Melania: “Do you want to say something?!”
Melania: (shaking her head) “no”....
Drumpf: {putting her on the public spot, shaming-gestures for her to: ‘say something’
Melania: ‘blah blah blah “MAGA”’
..... LOL...“No” does not even mean “No” for Melania #FreeMelania* .... ask Ivana... #BruteTrump That’s why the Assaulter-in-Chief “does not even bother asking anymore” #Snatcher ...“he just moves on women like a bitch” #Dognald

P.S. (02-03-17 01:37): By the way, the whole issue about the awkward Dognald-Melania exchange at the inauguration, clearly was in relation to the First Lady Issue, with Dognald approvingly smiling at Ivanka, the effective First Lady, and overlooking/side-eyeing Melania since she made the decision to remain in NYC. Finally Dognald is allowed to publicly live out his perverted fantasy that Ivanka is his wife.... #RegisterDognaldonAsAnSOR

-(01-23-17 17:43): It never fails...If Egomaniac Drumpf pays someone a compliment, they will have to do the equivalent of bowing to him...e.g. insistingly telling Hillary to “stand up”....(a) she did the right “in your face” thing by remaining seated long enough until a lot of other people in the room stood up and (b) she also did the right “suck on that” thing by sitting back down while people were still applauding her... #TrumpIsMental

-(01-23-17 17:48): Speaking of the real populist winner: Hillary...Trumpkins have indeed confirmed that they really are what she characterized them as when they much preferred to identified themselves as “Deplorables” rather than objecting to why they were being labeled so. #TrumpTramps

-(01-23-17 18:11): Drumpf doesn’t like the media, except “the very nice to him, Fox News”, because they do not propagate his lies for him. #DictatorDrumpf

-(01-23-17 19:37): Sean Spicer: White House Diss-information Secretary #Trump”Facts”

-(01-23-17 19:43): Since those (unsuspecting) CIA staffers laughed at Trump campaign hit line: “Please stop with some much [insert claim], here “backing””...they clearly were too busy doing their job to listen to Trump’s campaigning speeches...So, to their defense, that is probably the first time they heard that 12 year old’s joke #TrumpIsInfantile (01-25-17 00:42): ...it must also be because they don’t spy on Americans

-(01-23-17 20:05): Why does VP (=Vouch-Predessent) Mike Pence keep having to introduce Dognald...as if he is vouching for him #TrumpIsUncredible

-(01-23-17 20:09): Maybe if DumbDumb Drumpf ‘won’t tell the Press what is in the letter Obama left for him’, -surely because ‘the Press is so dishonest’, he can “bypass the Press” and instead tweet it out to his millions of fans out there....Oh right, “the Press” was never the issue....But his sycophants will believe what he implied.... #TrumpIsA(Self-Deluded)Liar

-(01-23-17 20:34): Demetia-stricken Drumpf loses his train of thought when reading a speech, simply from him focusing so much on trying to read properly #TrumpIsIlliterate
-(01-23-17 22:18): The “good friends of the Drumpf admin” in the media (=the FNC), spent the 8 years of Obama ignoring all of his great and significant accomplishment to harp on his less successful efforts....so you’d think they would now be doing the opposite for the Drumpf admin....but no, they won’t have that obvious choice...So they will instead be ignoring all of the blatant comedy of errors by the Drumpf admin to instead try to save face or salvage his least disastrous bungles.... #TrumpTramps

E.g. ‘Six lies and protocol snubs, either blatantly/willfully or grossly incompetently, by the Drumpf and his admin stooges over their first weekend was nothing, but a reporter misreporting on the MLK bust due to his line of sight being obstructed is what is to be the Capital offence’

-(01-23-17 22:35): Retarded Caveman Drumpf. -who can’t handle technology beyond the simplicity of Twitter, read in his devotional book of Hitler speeches, that “crowd sizes, especially with fanatically excited people, is everything”...so that’s what he is still going by....80 years later.... #TrumpIsObsolete

-(01-24-17 12:39): Spicer and Drumpf just want people to gobble down their lying propaganda #TrumpIsADeceiver

-(01-24-17 13:57): ...Vanessa Trump though...... #TILF

-(01-24-17 17:29): #TrumpAdminLies
-1.2M (=3X) more people viewed in person Obama 2009 than Trump 2017
-7M more watched Obama than Trump on TV
-4M Watched more online on CNN alone*
-CNN Dominated the 2009 Inauguration Ratings**

* http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/01/16/inauguration.online/

** http://www.allthingscnn.com/2009/01/ratings-at-glance-week-of-january-19.html

So unless all Trump viewers were on Facebook, instead of the FNC, not at all likely, especially given the average age of Trump supporters, the numbers point to Obama 2009 being the highest viewed Inauguration Ever, including in the rest of the world...who probably tuned into their local/national channels as they did not have the option to view it online. 

On a comparable and pro-rated metrics & per capita basis, Obama blows away Trump. Spicer and Trump are factually incompetent and #Propagnadists

The Trump Circus ‘caught themselves in a big lie and they are paying an ongoing huge price for it’

-(01-24-17 18:35): For someone who feels the need to say “period” when talkign you’d think he’d understand basic grammar and syntax.

both in person, and around the globe” is not additive, it is distributive, meaning that there are two classifications here: “in person” and “around the globe” and according to Spicer’s lying claim each of them individually were greater....That is definitely not true for the first category, and unknown, but merely assumed, for the second, and with the available date showing that that too is likely also not true. Just because people, most youn’uns have mobile devices with online viewing capability, it does not mean that they are going to tune in to political stuff....and most of these young’uns were in school at the time.... #YouLIE!!!      

-(01-25-17 04:17): What obviously was demoralizing to Trump was the “alternate view” of his inauguration crowd which showed that it was a third of what Obama 2009's was....and not the press reporting that “fact” #TrumpIsABaby

-(01-25-17 04:59): IdiotTrump wants to “deregulate” the U.S. into China, or at least “to 75%” of it.....sweatfactories, child labor, public gas mask wearing and urban smog shutdowns, and all.... #TrumpIsDeregulated

-(01-25-17 08:17): DumbDumb Drumpf had an acid flashback to his, now: “3-5 million” medicating lie when he saw that 3-5 million had protested against him #TrumpIsMental ‘and when you add the rest of the world’: “The most protested U.S. President Inauguration ever, “both” domestically and internationally”..... #SuckoOnThatSpicer

-(01-25-17 11:04): Barnum Trump read the CIA crowd enthusiasm and saw that he could lie to them like he did to his sycophant rally attenders #Trump

-(01-25-17 11:06): If Barack Obama was a war time president through the end of his terms, then Trump begins as a war time president....and all he cares about are his crowd sizes...while he endangers his troops on the ground* #Commander-In-Depends-Briefs


-(01-25-17 11:06): Trump’s Conflict of Interest lawsuit against him is “without merit” exactly like the Trump University lawsuit that he settled for $25M #ImpeachTrump

-(01-25-17 11:31): Facts and Reality naturally “undermine” Drumpf #Liar-In-Chief

-(01-25-17 12:34): Barack Obama (14.6M+83.3M) (still) has 61.6M more Twitter Followers than Dognald (14.3M+22M)  #LoserDognald  #TheNonPopulist  #MinorityPresident

-(01-25-17 16:47): Whatever money Drumpf may save (but won’t) in the U.S. budget/econmomy, he is going to squander “investigating” his paranoid and asinine conspiracy Alex Jones “beliefs” like 3-5 million illegal votes #TrumpIsSick

-(01-25-17 16:54):
Really???? Who does this??? 

-(01-25-17 17:27): Give Keith Olbermann a full on-air show*!!!! #TerminateTrump
(01-27-17 08:48): “He who thought of it, ought to it”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxd61lQJyPU

* (02–09-17 20:44): Cf. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/have-liberals-found-their-combative-new-leader-in--keith-olbermann/2017/02/08/deefd3a8-ea23-11e6-b82f-687d6e6a3e7c_story.html

-(01-25-17 18:50): Trump is worried about dead registrants.... #TrumpIsPsycho
So far I’ve only heard cases of fraudulent voters actually trying to vote for Trump.....

-(01-26-17 12:07): The FNC has become even more unbearable with all of the airheaded, indifferent Trumpian-mindlessness: Newsflash Conservatives: Melania Trump is not a conservative*....neither is Donald Trump, and neither is the non-figure head First Lady: Ivanka Trump #MeetTheConalds #DemocratsInRepublicanColors

-(01-27-17 08:25): Why is the “opinion” of POTUS45 (still) so grossly un- and mis- informed???????? #TrumpIsAChump

-(01-27-17 08:34):Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!”...Looks like someone futilely/amateurishly trying to pretend that they have not prejudged the conclusion that they want #TrumpIsALiar

-(01-27-17 09:17): Guess what channel Dictator Drumpf is watching on Air Force One??: The FNC of course*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Myq4uEn4kF0    #TrumpTV

* (01-29-17 09:20): Indeed Gullible Drumpf is influence by any false news on the FNC.
E.g.: https://archive.org/details/FOXNEWSW_20170126_100000_Fox_and_Friends_First/start/3000/end/3060

-(01-27-17 09:19): That’s what happens when you give a Crazy person the power of POTUS

-(01-27-17 12:52): Trump: ‘I may not be able to do the job of President if I behave Presidentially’... Why do we have to listen to this daft mentality #TrumpIsBeyondStupid
Guess that is why he is instead behaving like a Banana Republic Dictator....

-(01-27-17 13:02): I’ve never seen/heard of such a (defaultly-)defensive* U.S. President than Tricky-Dickie Nixon....and at least he could release his tax returns #TrumpIsACrook

* Watch the ABC Interview, Trump could neither properly understand, nor respond to, the actual questions that were being ask of him.

Muir: ‘Don’t you think that claiming 3-5 millions of fraudulent votes without offering any evidence for that claim undermines your credibility.’

Drumpf: “No...They [i.e. their votes] didn’t come to me”

Focus on reality Retard!!!!       

-(01-27-17 13:12): Interviews with Trump can be cut in half if you eliminate his patent redundant speak....Which he does when he (wrongly) thinks he has just barked out a great point...  #TrumpIsSlow

-(01-27-17 13:21): Again: 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, so did the manifest mastermind of the San Bernardino shooting Tashfeen Malik...But still no visa ban there... #TrumpIsAGutlessStooge

-(01-27-17 15:43): Why in the (logic) world would tariffs to pay for the useless and stupid US Southern Border Wall be put on imports to America from Mexico, -which American consumers would ultimately have to pay, instead of on exports from the U.S. to Mexico?????????????????! #DummyDon (02-02-17 00:40): FYI Sean Spicer et al. A country taxing only exports and not imports is not “ridiculous”....

-(01-27-17 18:10): By (continually) calling ISIS “Islamic”, DumbDumb Drumpf, unlike Obama, is actually saying that Muslims who are not like them are not “Islamic” #TrumpIsIncompetent E.g. Nazism was not “radical” Christianity...no matter what Hitler and his “Holy Roman Empire” dreams, thought....

-(01-28-17 11:32): Moron Drumpf’s: “America First” policy will saturate the American Economy with Goods and Services that not even most Americans can afford...let alone the world’s markets...And that’s how China will overtake that vacated Global Market #Trump’s7thBankruptcy

-(01-28-17 12:01): Seeing how Melania was such a vocal and adamant advocate in the Birtherism thing....obviously her reluctance and shyness now is in direct correlation to how Dognald Trump had bamboozled her with all the false claims, which availed to nothing, that he was making then... “Fool me twice...” #TrumpLetDown                                              
            When exactly during Drumpf’s term is Melania’s ‘Anti Cyber-Bullying” campaign going to start??? After her husband has no one who bothers about what he says #LameTerm

-(01-28-17 13:04): You can see that Deplorable Dognald is chomping at the bit for Theresa May to oppose/“challenge” him (e.g. on torture) so that he can call her, (as with Elizabeth Warren) “goofy” on Twitter... #TrumpIsAMisogynist

-(01-28-17 14:21): Steve Bannon should keep his mouth shut.... #TrumpkinTroll

-(01-28-17 17:19): They ask DoDo Drumpf about the 20% border “tax” he wanted to impose on Mexico for the payment of the wall....and he confusedly thinks it’s about his proposed tax for resolving the trade imbalance....The two issues are not one and the same.....Payment for one is not payment for the other also.... #VoodooEconomics

-(01-29-17 13:15): The patently called: “special” relationship between the U.S. and the U.K.  Is as special as Stockholm Syndrome #TrumpIs “Special”

-(01-29-17 14:46): Just because WaterHead Drumpf ‘absolutely feels that torture works’, doesn’t mean that it does #TortureTrump until he releases his tax returns....

-(01-30-17 21:48): Drumpf claims he does not announce his moves in advance so as to not tip of those he is trying to stop (e.g. his poor-Muslims Ban), but he has already announced to “drug cartel lords” and criminal illegal aliens that he his coming after them..That should make them easier to find... #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(01-30-17 21:50): The Drumpf admin are bad professional liars...He keeps claiming that he will defer to SecDef Mattis about waterboarding/torture....but the DoD did not, and likely will not, be the agency which would be involved in “enhanced interrogation”...As it was under Bush, it will be the CIA...So the actual question is what does Pompeo think about torture??? #TrumpLiesLikeHeThinks

-(01-30-17 22:35): Talk about a “teleprompter” President, did Obama ever read prepared statements while holding a Joint Press Conference following a meeting with a foreign head of state #TrumpIsAnIdiot

-(01-30-17 22:49): I don’t get it....Why would Drumpf blame Theresa May for the question that a reporter that she had called on asked... Did May know the question in advance.... “He’s chomping at the bit....” #TrumpIsInsecure

-(01-30-17 23:00): Shhhhh....don’t tell Dognald that “John Roberts from FOX” is a Canadian.... #TrumpTrap

-(01-30-17 23:22): If KellyAnne Conway’s 1997/8 Stand Up Comedy* crowd had not been so (unfairly) tough on her....Trump wouldn’t be POTUS45 #~Hitler’sArtSchool

-(01-31-17 00:40): Perhaps Jew Chuck Schumer suddenly had a flashback to the days when America closed its doors to shiploads of refugees fleeing Nazi Germany and they were returned to their European countries of provenance where many of them, (perhaps some even in Schumer’s ancestry),* eventually got rounded up and murdered in Gas Chambers and burned in Ovens..... #Method“Acting” #HistoricalTears #StudyWorldHistory  It’s called “empathy”, you Orange Cheese Grater.....Try it someday...

* (01-31-17 14:52): Indeed...how “naturally” perceivable...except if you are a Trumpkin/Deplorable: https://twitter.com/CleverTitleTK/status/826110450094002176

-(01-31-17 00:53): ...So now we are back to: “You should take Trump literally, not merely seriously”...Make up your minds you Trumpkins #TrumpLies

-(01-31-17 10:32): Trump is already even more paranoid...of everyone....even in his own administration....except for his bigotry whisperer Steve Bannon #TrumpIsDegenerating

-(01-31-17 14:23): Mass Objection and Criticism ‘don’t bother Trump” because he pathologically is psychologically impaired* #TrumpIsMentallyIncapacitated


-(01-31-17 18:09): Trump admin proves again how unsavvy they are at the Presidency thing. If you want to catch who is trying to concealedly come to America to do it harm, you actually do announce in advance that you are planning to do this port of entry strict screening and ban and then watch/monitor who suddenly scrambles to buy a ticket to get into America before it start...especially since such people would have had to already have the travel/entry visas to do so. People with nothing to hide/conceal won’t be doing this scrambling to get in....And it would have taken, as before, 24 months, for a malintentioned refugee to try to “sneak” in...Thus: not possible....So that claim of ‘a need for deployment strict secrecy’ is vacuous at best, guileful at worst or just plain innately stupid from the Trump Admin, as usual.... #TrumpIsABoorishAmateur

-(01-31-17 19:11): So...looks like the “face-punching” thing goes both ways.....At least, unlike Andrea’s 2012 radio call, those on the left (including Robert Dinero) aren’t calling to “punch voters in the face”...but the votee himself.... #PunchTrumpOut

-(02-01-17 00:19): If Trumps poor-Muslim ban was so ‘clearly lawful’ then why are there so many various passed court order, standing lawsuits and pending legal challenges against it???? Former Acting AG Yates should herself sue for wrongful, even illegal, dismissal... #TrumpIsOutlaw

-(02-01-17 00:24): How was DHSSec Kelly ‘in the loop’ (as the actual question was) about this Executive Order before he was considered/chosen as DHSSec...Or before Trump even won the Election...Or before Trump even mentioned a Muslim ban” 13 months ago....Or even before Trump ran for President (= “2 years ago”)????????????? #CabinetOfChildishLiars (02-03-17 07:19): ...or just obviously deliberately/absubrdly exaggerating to still expose his slighting boss

-(02-01-17 02:15): ...How does a guy get away with being named “Dana”????? #Blasphemy It puzzled me from the very first time I ever heard so: “Dana Murzyn”. =mid-1980's Hartford Whalers... Defensemen  

-(02-01-17 02:42): By firing the Acting AG without a fully-authorized replacement possible, -thus putting the many daily FISA warrants in jeopardy, Dognald Drumpf proves he cares more about his ego than about U.S. National Security #TrumpIsTreacherous 

-(02-01-17 21:29): So President Dumb on his first call, preferred a ground raid rather than a drone/air-strike....and already 1 U.S. soldier dead... #TrumpIsAHazard

-(02-01-17 22:29): Patently looks like the last person to speak with Baby Drumpf about his SCOTUS pick was his big sister #TrumpIsRetarded ...That and this Trump Agenda aligning biographical gem: https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/827023812705341440

-(02-01-17 23:00): Judging by how Drumpf has still not sobered up after being inaugurated as POTUS, that is proof that there are no “weightful National Secrets” divulged to the President...in fact, the Director of the CIA may know more National Secrets than thus POTUS....The other probably theory is that Drumpf is just that flippant...or even worst, the Nations Intelligence Agency are deliberately not telling him many/any secretive things.... #TrumpIsAnAmateur

-(02-01-17 23:29): How generous for Drama-Queen Drumpf to try to boost the ratings of news channels with his hyped up SCOTUS choice pick....But he won’t use such a stage to explain his stupid poor-Muslims ban #TrumpIsADinosaur

-(02-02-17 13:25): DumbDumb Drumpf (and his White Supremacist Admin) knows nothing about African-American History....because he/(they) cares nothing about African-American History #TrumpIsAGreenRacist ...the only kind of racist there actually is

-(02-02-17 13:46): When “amazing”, “sad”, “beautiful” is used to describe everything, they end up meaning nothing at all coming from illiterate Drumpf  #TrumpNeedsATutor W., now DumbDumb Drumpf: Seriously, what is the Republican electorate’s fascination with ‘the dumbest in the bunch’.... “They can identify”?!!!...They “speak like them”!!!!.....

-(02-02-17 13:59): Like observing a growing up toddler, the entire Trump admin, however short it will be, will be spent on commenting on how he is doing trying to act like a grown up human #TrumpHasGoneInfantile

-(02-02-17 19:18): The Trump admin is trying to be different/“tougher” than the Obama admin, just for the propaganda sake of being so...Clearly with nothing substantive, let alone constructive or viable behind that front. It is all going to keep blowing up in his face* #TrumpIsAMoron
* +moronic and futile war with the Free Press
+turned Mexico into an enemy
+with no viable plan to pay for border wall
+grossly ill-conceived and choatically rolled-out entry/re-entry ban
+predictable, civilian-massacring/murderous# and costly raid
# (clearly the “Rule-of-Engagement” have been scrapped)
+nothing-short-of-war threats vs. Iran based on actually non, especially U.S., violations
+bitch-fight bound naive fan-girling fawning overture towards Russia

-(02-02-17 19:42): Just a (also Trump-pertinent) question/observation...Do (especially hardcore) Capitalists have/make any personal “friends” that they cannot somehow profit from???!! #TrumpkinDoctrine

-(02-02-17 23:20): ..Awwwww...How cute....Rex Tillerson brought along his Babushka to his swearing in ceremony A #Trump’sComrade

-(02-03-17 15:18): Melania stayed in NYC....because Dognald prefers to be on Propecia #Trump-cated

-(02-03-17 16:54): Constantine Drumpf wanted people to believe that he has any influence in the appointment of the [SDA] Senate Chaplain....Probably momentarily “confused” him with Ben Carson #PopeTrump

-(02-03-17 17:40): So “crowd size” again was brought up by Drumpf...You can bet that after phonecall of Trump with most other sane world leader, they hang the phone and say or think: ‘That moron is actually crazy’ (in their native tongue) #Diplocrazy

-(02-03-17 18:09): Why should Iran have to ‘be thankful to the U.S. for their agreement’, just going by the $6T debacle in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is the U.S. who should be thankful that Iran ever made this invasion-war averting deal...A war that Iran would handily come out on top in.... #TrumpIsIgnorant

-(02-03-17 20:52): Why is this idotic moron tolerated: #TrumpIsAnExistentialThreatToSanity

-(02-04-17 14:42): How telling of a lying stance: If one network is supposedly running fake news about the Trump admin (but of course CNN is not), wouldn’t that be the one network that you make sure to send spokespeople from your admin to, so that you can prevent them from saying “false things” about it. Clearly the Trump admin cannot provide a true explanation for their manifested incompetence and petulance  #TrumpIsAChump
-(02-04-17 15:15): LOL....Just two weeks in, and after already making a major mess, Trump is taking a $3M* vacation...He swore he would never leave the White House and take any vacation as POTUS.... #TrumpIsLazy That is why he had preemptively dubbed Mar-a-Lago “the Winter White House”....What will his hoodwinking slight-of-name trick be in the Summer....(02-22-17  12:22):...Bingo: the “Southern White House”.**

* http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/trump-mar-lago-taxpayers-234562 

-(02-05-17 02:28): -Botched Commando raid which got a Navy SEAL killed,
-Stupid Diplomatic rift with Australian PM with U.S. Military stationed there,
-No heads up to US Military in region of Iran prior to ‘putting them on Notice’

-(02-05-17 02:54): If The Trump Entry/Re-entry ban ‘only affected’, or worse, ‘would only affect’, “109 people” [and it was not: more like 109,000*]...then why describe it as a “universe”?????? #TrumpkinFreudianSpeech #IncompetentAdministration


-(02-05-17 16:40): The only hope that DumbDumb Drumpf ever has to achieve even a truce in a negotiation, is patently try to bring down his more powerful opponents to the same confused, insecure and clueless level that he can’t climb over through vacuous pompous idiotic blowfish-bluster. #TrumpIsDumb

-(02-05-17 20:04): Attacker in Louvres: An Egyptian native traveling from the U.A.E. on a Saudi Arabian visa = Trump-Ban-Proof  #TrumpIsNotSmart

-(02-06-17 23:56): Manifestly DoDo Drumpf has no qualm about associating the U.S. Government with ‘political assassinators/murderers’ because he has read the CIA’s JFK file #TrumpIsALeak

-(02-07-17 00:02): Theological NewsFlash: “God” does not care if/when any person, let alone a team, however “devout”, wins any sports championship! Deal with it!! #Self-Deifying #TrumpianMentality

-(02-07-17 02:31): A judge who* had accepted to go on a super stupid spy $#!+ cover (02-07-17 03:57): quasi-‘scavenger hunt’** odyssey to make it to the White House unnoticed by the public and media just so he can please the completely pointless and useless petty and capricious, not-even-meaningful-“surprise”, whims of an ego maniac commander-in-briefs...should be seen as someone who has no independent nor rational judgement... #TrumpSucker


-(02-07-17 17:48): If another gaggle of wealthy, clean shaven, pristine record, outwardly Islam-indifferent, even seemingly secularly-rejecting, westernized-looking guys with a (Radical & Militant) Wahhabism ideology and mentality come into the U.S. on tourist or student visas from e.g. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, (02-13-17 02:48): BOJINKA, Indonesia  and/or (02-19-17 03:03): (‘West Point’,) Pakistan...Blame Trump and his inefficient, thus useless, ban #CommonNonSense #TrumpIsStupid
(02-11-17 19:03): The best example of how, e.g. the non-listed Saudi government will be able to ever “vouch” for one of their U.S.-emigrating citizens/residents is: Tashfeen Malik....(02-13-17 11:09): ...who had to Google who the leader of ISIS was a few minutes before executing her/their Jihad....

P.S. (02-10-17 01:41): Useless Wall; Useless Ban;  Useless Individual Job Deals; Useless Trade Warring; Useless Coal renewal; (02-13-17 02:51): Useless Agencies facts and intelligence gathering = #UselessAdministration

-(02-08-17 07:05): Trump’s Distraction Agenda item for the first half of this week: ‘78 unreported (Militant Muslim) terror attack’.....‘The very very dishonest Trump..He has his fig-leafing reasons (given his incompetent and unconstitutional administration) and we understand that’...  #DognaldProjectionism101

-(02-08-17 22:32): ...The telling and transparent thing about “misspeaking” is that it candidly reveals either what you are preoccupiedly thinking about....or worse, what you want to and have convinced yourself to, believe... #BowlingGreenMassacre (02-08-17 23:28): ...and, KellyAnne, you can’t ‘alternatively’ claim that ‘you misspoke and said “massacre” instead of “mastermind”’ when the documented facts would then show that your statement would have instead been: “the masterminds of the Bowling Green masterminds” #TrumpIsVirallyContagious

-(02-09-17 00:11): ...LOL...So now “the boom” is the new “mushroom cloud”.....and so: the new “Iraq War” will be the similarly Muslim-infuriating “Muslim Ban” #TrumpS.O.S.

-(02-09-17 19:02): People do want border security and immigration vetting...They just don’t ‘approve” of how you are stupidly doing it.  #Trump’sPresidencyIsFake

-(02-09-17 19:05): Of course Ivanka ‘always pushes Dognald to do the right thing’...like: ...‘let’s just say that you want to have sex with me instead’ #TrumpNeedstoBeBurped

-(02-09-17 19:08): Baby-In-Chief Dognald actually tweeted this after he heard Joe Scarborough making this claim on Morning Joe* #PuppetTrump

‘Trump calls his own shots’ mentioned by Joe: at 6:12 A.M.
Trump tweets same idea almost verbatim at 7:07 A.M.
Cf. [07:09AM] https://archive.org/details/MSNBCW_20170206_110000_Morning_Joe/start/4140/end/4200

-(02-09-17 19:24): Maybe Trump should rehire John Barron or John Miller to replace ‘the failing Sean Spicer’....LOL, imagine if SNL had chosen Rosie O’Donnell to play Spicer...Double Dig #TrumpIsInsecure

-(02-09-17 20:40): LOL Drumpf has “disheartened”, “demoralized” & (02-10-17 07:47): “abhorred” the potential swing Justice on the Supreme Court that he now is going to appeal his Travel Ban to... #KeepDiggingTrump

-(02-10-17 01:11): Gold-plated Tin Pot Dictator Drumpf’s ban REJECTED....That’s what happens when you formulate public policy according to how and what ‘a bad high school student understands’ Graduate to Constitutional Law and Adult Civics already.. #TrumpIsAFlunk
(02-10-17 20:00): That’s right, go and rewrite your stupid EO so it can pass the basic Adult World test....

-(02-10-17 07:28): If Dognald is such a Popular Populist, navigating a “sea of love”, then, LOL, where were all of the Super Bowl Ad heralding and supporting him and his POTUS policies?????, indeed for, as Meryl Streep said, such a ‘football arts’ audience #TrumpIsANon-Populist

-(02-10-17 ??:??): The funny thing is that DumDum Drumpf actually believes that everyone believes that “he understands things better than anybody”....He is such a deeply-entrenched moron he doesn’t realize what a fool he is... #TrumpIsStupid

-(02-10-17 21:26): A President’s authority is still bound by the U.S. Constitution, and therefore the EO is unlawful and unconstitutional as if fails to show that the present means of vetting refugees and immigrants from those 7 countries is not sufficient. Since when does the U.S. rely on the data of any other country to make its own decision, particularly as the pertinent issues here are not really birth, family relation, etc, (all of which is satisfactorily and exactly determined by the DNA and biometric IDing currently involved in the U.S. 18-24 months vetting measures), but matters involving terrorist affiliation, something that the CIA/DIA should be doing....(02-11-17  03:15): Trump’s Ban targets and blocks Muslims in those 7 selected countries, including people who have already been granted Visa and Residency rights in the U.S., hence it is Unlawful and Unconstitutional.  #TrumpIsOutOfHisCavemanLeague

-(02-11-17 06:21): As long as the reason why illegal immigrant manage to survive in the U.S. because Americans are willing to blindly and indifferently (=illegally) hire them so that they can exploit them, Sanctuary cities should exist. Lawfulness begins at home!!! #TrumpIsALoser

-(02-11-17 07:11): If Hill-Billie Trump wants his attempted boycott of store like Nordstrom to work when he think they have slighted his family’s business interest, he needs to attract more supporters who can afford to shop at Nordstrom....And that’s why, in now over 1.5 years off the Trump Family show, ‘the sales of Ivanka merchandise in Nordstrom was not selling’  #MeetTheFreeMarketTrump

-(02-11-17 08:07): Trump’s first of many circular Presidential Pardons: To QVC KellyAnne Conway #Trump’sAmateurs The whole Trump Admin need to be “counseled”....by psychiatrists....

#Non-Alternative Facts

-(02-11-17 19:37): I thought Drumpf was not going to play golf as POTUS....Fat chance #FatTrump

-(02-12-17 01:51): HRC: “3-0”; KellyAnne: PA,WI,MI, American People: +3-000,000 #SeeYouIn2018....If you’re still around....*

* (02-24-17 05:59): When your best plan against abortion is yet again to ‘do nothing really’, but this time ‘let the States decide if unborn infants should be murdered, you do not deserve my support, nor vote, and there is certainly nothing in the rest of your “Conservative” (=“Babylonian”)  platform (e.g. guns everywhere and to anyone; forcefully make America a (Babylonian) Christian Nation, Laissez-Faire Capitalism & trickledown economics; racial injustice and (soft) bigotry & discrimination; none socialized healthcare; environment eroding/trashing; unfair punishing of illegal immigrants; etc)

-(02-12-17 02:01): Maybe if the Bumbling Drumpf Admin had not so consumed their time with fabricating a list of supposedly “not news reported terroristic attacks”, they would have compiled in time a supporting list for their Appeals Case. #TrumpHasLostControl

-(02-12-17 ??:??): Dognald’s degenerating dementia is making him effeminate #SNLFodder

-(02-12-17 08:51): Dicktator Drumpf’s “bad hombres”: a mother of two who voluntary checked herself with Immigration Control....meanwhile the claimed “bad hombres” are still running about free in Trump’s USA  #TrumpIsLoco

-(02-13-17 00:24): But seriously/factually/scientifically: why doesn’t the (albeit) physical (and albeit merely traditional) medical test and disclosure for a POTUS candidate not also include mental & psychological examinations.... “Potentially not being around to complete the job’s term” is way less critical than actually ‘not being mentally and/or psychological capable of ever doing the job.’ #TrumpIsIncapacitated

-(02-13-17 01:39): Drumpf and his Admin Regime have uttered lies about a bunch of things....most of them being of no consequential value....What will they be doing when their penal freedom is actually on the line #TheDonaldIsALiar

-(02-13-17 05:40): It is a fool’s errand to try to “figure out” the consequential reasoning or complex strategy as to why Moronic Idiot Drumpf does things: I.e. He has been so (offensively) deferential, respectful and defensive of Russia and Vladimir Putin simply because.... ‘Russia and Putin were rooting for him to win the election’... -along with other more “material aid” #TrumpIsPutin’sCretin

-(02-14-17 18:42): ‘Drafting an Executive Order so that it can withstand any Constitutional Checks and Challenges’....Now isn’t that what America has always been about....But Baby Drumpf thinks he is being a genius.... #TrumpIsAnUnpatrioticIdiot

-(02-14-17 18:54): Poor Flynn...he thought that lying and CYA was perfectly acceptable in the Drumpf Regime #TrumpChild #TrumpScapegoat

-(02-14-17 19:38): I thought (especially) Network TV was not allowed to show a d!ck*...especially an erect and masturbating one ...uncut.....** #Trump’sBoner***

Cf. https://archive.org/details/MSNBCW_20170213_110000_Morning_Joe/start/2520/end/2580

-(02-14-17 20:41): Ten bucks Hill-Billie Drumpf never sets foot in Camp David #TrumpTrash

-(02-14-17 23:39): the manifested laxness at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort could prove to be his “Ambassador Hotel”... #TrumpTrap

-(02-15-17 00:02): Drumpf ‘no longer had the trust of his NS Advisor” when the media found out about his lying “several weeks” after Trump (purportedly* only then) did #TrumpIsCorrupt

* Because, -relatedly, Trump has demonstrated that he (himself) indeed is a bold-face weasel liar, as per his Air Force One answering about the issue of Michael Flynn..

-(02-15-17 06:03): It is comical to keep (vainly) hearing in U.S. media how ‘Justin Trudeau is so handsome/hot’, when I literally have not ever heard this being, at least not so directly/explicitly said in Canadian media....Probably because Justin is like everyone’s big brother here...and he had to run our country....Or also probably, because Canada does not have as much fluff shows as in the U.S...In fact our Fluff shows are mostly imported telecasts from the U.S. #Ivanka’sCrush...Dognald’sJealous* (02-19-17 12:37): IMO Justin (unnaturally) acts (and/or outright is) too: patronizing, haughty, corny, scripted and quasi-effeminate...but I hear/gather** that the (especially Alpha-Females) really like such ‘plush pinkish teddy-man’

* https://archive.org/details/COM_20170215_070000_The_Daily_Show/start/120/end/180

-(02-15-17 09:00): One day the first shots of a war is going to be launched start because of fake account tweet #BlameTweetmeisterTrump

-(02-15-17 20:19): How ungrateful, the Loser who won the election because of leaks, is now appalled by leaks... #KarmaIsABiotch ...(02-16-17 08:10): ..And when you (a) violate the Logan Act, and with a dangerous enemy nation, then (b) perpetrate a lie about it to the American People, and (c) your Regime tries to cover all of this up, it is not a “leak” it is “whistle-blowing”...Only in a Dictator’s Regime is this instead considered to be a leak...

-(02-15-17 21:48): Drumpf’s Twitter Feed is what is “FAKE NEWS”* #FakePresident

-(02-16-17 07:34): Why in the world is the White House (through spokesperson Sean Spicer) citing Charles Krauthammer* and his opinion/view as the proof that Michael Flynn’s sanction discussion were not unlawful...Get your own legal authority #TrumpAmateurs

* 6-8 months ago, Trump made trashing anti-Trump Krauthammer and his political opinions/views a daily sport....

-(02-16-17 09:26): If KellyAnne Conway is to be formally investigated, why is not also Dognald....Why are people in Trump’s Regime being fired and investigated for doing what he himself does and/or wants them to do?????? #InvestigateDognald

-(02-16-17 09:45): The Trudeau/Canadian Delegation said that Donald Trump does not much about Canada...In fact, the only thing that Dognald knows about Canada is that ‘the Montreal Canadien’s staff knows how to make great outdoor rink ice [so did the New York Rangers or Islanders)...(because Trump either believes that: Canadian Hockey team play their home games in outdoor rinks or the Canadiens have won 24 Stanley Cups because they literally have had great “home ice advantage” #TrumpIsAMoron

-(02-16-17 09:47): So DumDum Drumpf peace plan for the Middle East is “do whatever you want” it will be fine by me....Part way through their joint Press Conference, “Bibi” Yahoo realized that Drumpf is dumber than he thought... #TrumpIsInOverHisHead

-(02-16-17 10:13): It was Trump who kept Pence in the dark about what he had asked Flynn to say to the Russian Ambassador....and Flynn was made to be a scapegoat so the “fake media” could leave their Regime alone.. #TrumpIsCorrupt

-(02-17-17 06:05): Okay...this is where everyone, whether a Trump supporter or not, should get off this loony-basket bus....When this Idiot-In-Chief is holding a Re-Election Campaign rally 4 weeks into his unstable and failing regime.... #DrainTheSwamp #TrumpIsINSANE!!!! The psychiatric truth is that Trump is utterly, clinically depressed by all of the accurate bad press (except on the FNC of course*) about his loser presidency and needs to have his delirious fans tell him he is the best POTUS ever...

* (02-18-17 17:05): Other than Shepard Smith: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/17/fox-news-anchor-shepard-smithangers-trump-supporters-attacking/

-(02-17-17 07:25): ...So now Putin completes the Constitutional Crisis he has been orchestrating in America...by openly provoking and taunting the Trump Regime* and having them show how subservient to Russia they are by them not responding in kind, but instead Trump being either silent or “respectful”...That must be some kind of “dossier”....  #Putin’sBitchDognald-In-Heat....

* Treaty violating missile tests; ships off U.S. coast, jets low bypasses; ‘no chance of getting Crimea back’; Iran sanctions violating meeting with Head of Iranian Revolutionary Guard

-(02-17-17 08:54): ...Last thing you want to happen...An Innate Idiot overhauling Intelligence agencies #TrumpIsTheLeak

-(02-17-17 08:59): If Lazy, Ill-prepared and Incompetent Drumpf was a good manager, or even a leader, then now 3+ months since his election, his transition and inauguration, he wouldn’t have any Obama Admin appointees in his regime...(02-20-17 05:44): nor, -for no valid reason/excuse, still over 660 vacant appointment positions  #TrumpIsSlow

-(02-17-17 12:30): Obama chose not to start WWIII with Russia over Crimea, but put over half a trillion dollars worth of sanctions on them. Putin’s Bitch Dognald wants to remove sanctions on Russia and naively “expects” that Putin will give back Crimea...  #TrumpIsACluelessMess (02-19-17 04:17): Obama did say to Russia “cut it out” and then imposed significant sanctions Dognald simply says: “not good” and then dives into abused-spouse denial about Putin abusing and cheating on him... #WEAK!! Drumpf declared it himself: ‘making a deal with Russia will involve allowing Russia to walk all over the U.S.  #Putin’sB!tch                

-(02-17-17 13:05): Trump wants to ignore that more people don’t like or approve of him in the U.S. CNN and MSNBC are doing just fine representing that large group of people...If they took up Trump’s slithering, or just plain egomaniacal, advice and were “nicer to him”, I for one would stop watching them....And Don Lemon’s (also Lawrence O’Donnell’s on MSNBC) criticisizing show (jointly) offsets the mindless teenage girl fawning of Sean Hannity’s show at 10 PM #TrumpIsSick...Unhinged...Delusional....Asinine

-(02-17-17 13:23): Not telling the U.S. People ‘exactly what you are going to do’ and not telling the U.S. People that ‘you are going to do something in response’ are two different things that every President before knew how to exercise that nuance..The former approach is a recipe for Global chaos....BTW undeclared military actions against any other country (even North Korea and Iran) is a War Crime...Ask the Japanese in WWI #TrumpIsACoward (02-19-17 01:28): I.e. Only inferior/weak/cowardly countries use sneak attacks

-(02-17-17 13:44): April Ryan is a journalist (02-18-17 19:10): (indeed) “just a reporter”...You work in the government...Set up on your own a meeting with a Caucus in Congress...You Seared & Dripping Racist*.... #TrumpIsSociopathicRacist

(02-18-17 19:06): Classic defensive projectionism,** borne from deep insecurity, (couched in a lying facade), which results in blamingly trying to bully someone else they think are weaker/smaller than them..


-(02-17-17 14:19): Being “the least” antisemitic and “the least” racist is still being antisemitic and racist because it is not “not being antisemitic or racist”...(02-18-17 19:18): In other (popular) words: ‘So you are telling me you are antisemitic and racist...’  #TrumpIsAVeryBadPerson

-(02-18-17 01:38): Someone should inform DumDum Drumpf that ever since Tricky Dickie Nixon self-vouched the "he was not a crook" the Press no longer takes the President merely 'at his word'....especially not one who has, amongst other dishonest things, such a copious track record of shamelessly, pompously and boldly saying exactly the opposite of what is the truth. #TheDonaldIsALiar...ACrook,Criminal,AndACheater

-(02-18-17 05:20): Let’s see how much of a Psychopathic Circus clown Dognald Drumpf insists on being when his stupid policies upheave the world’s lives #DumpTrump

-(02-18-17 05:30): More proof of the complete dysfunction of the Drumpf Regime: he said he would have a new EO on the Immigration issue on “Monday, February 13, 2017”... #TrumpIsAnIgnoramus  

-(02-18-17 05:35): Trump’s plan for a reset with Russia is to let them push him around however they like #TrumpIsAnOrangePushbutton

-(02-18-17 05:45): They should keep waterboarding Drumpf and his regime with leaks... #TrumpKarma

-(02-18-17 08:34): The worst-vetted, most interest-conflicted, plus least politically-experienced Cabinet in U.S. History duly deserves to be the longest to be examined prior to confirmation, if the passing case #TrumpAmateurs

-(02-18-17 15:53): So the actual purpose of Clown Drumpf’s unhinged Press Conference was to show that SNL cannot lampoon Trump better than Trump #TrumpIsTheJoke (02-19-17 00:56): Sean Spicer’s airtime are numbered....

-(02-18-17 18:03): Along with his tax returns, it is Drumpf, (and not Obama), who should release his college transcripts* #PatentTrumpProjection

-(02-18-17 06:29): Isn’t odd, and telling of paranoia that even in the inconsequential and uncommitted world of Twitter and despite being followed by over 25.2 million people, there are only 43 people that Trump himself follows....all either family, his own business accounts or devoted professional fanatics #TrumpIsParanoid

-(02-19-17 01:46): Dognald’s plan to “fix a divided nation” is to get minorities to just accept all the insulting, demeaning and bigoted (stereotypical) $#!+ he and his Deplorables want to hurl at them #TrumpIsEvilIncarnate

-(02-19-17 02:34): Drumpf blames Bush for acting on the bad analysis of information he was given in regards to the Iraq War....he, and his Regime, can’t proper read, or worse, even look up “Electoral Vote Results” on Wikipedia  #Idiot-In-Chief

-(02-19-17 03:45): Seems to me that instead saying that: “if you do not meet NATO’s 2% contribution requirement, you cannot be part of NATO would be a much more efficient and effective approach than threatening to dismantle NATO all-together...  #Trump’sArtOfTheFail It also seems to me that NATO could still continue even if the U.S. pulled out, particularly because in terms of Equipment, Personnel and Infrastructure, other countries are pretty much contributing their due share*


-(02-19-17 04:08): It’s comical to see FNC hosts & anchors play dumb in order to ‘understand’ Trump: #FuddledNews #MADumbA

-(02-19-17 04:10): So...was Drumpf “given” his Fake News Electoral Vote Information....or was he ‘guessing’...Make up your shot mind you weaseling liar #TrumpLiesLikeAToddler

-(02-19-17 06:04): E.g./I.e. DumDum Drumpf didn’t even know that April Ryan was the reporter that his goonette Omarosa had bullied and threatened recently just outside of the Oval Office....How in the world would he know ‘what radio network she was working for’* #Trumpsplainers


-(02-19-17 06:35): How is the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. the “Counterpart” of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn??????????? #TrumpIsATerribleLiar

-(02-19-17 21:52): LOL How come ChickenDrumpf has not yet signed his promised Executive Order outlawing all Gun Free Zones?????????? #LyingTrump

-(02-19-17 22:52): Tweeting tip for the Drumpf regime: just say: “except the Fox News Channel”, or just “FNC” for even shorter, when attacking the media #TrumpIsATwaat

-(02-20-17 02:42): The (predominant) news media coverage of Drumpf is so (clearly) shocking and traumatizing to him because in his demented and delusional mind, he is such a perfect ol’ chap.... #InvoluntarilyCommitTrump

-(02-20-17 06:29): If news-media whining Dognald knew what was good for him, he would cash in all of that good coverage capital that he has been unloading on Fox News to resolve the Andrea Tantaros situation....At the very least, he could convince him capital debtors at the FNC to release her from the remainder of her contract so that she can reappear on air.....Even CNN could then hire her so that she can try to salvage the Drumpf regime there [If she’s still a Trump-ette]...Especially as it appears that Paris Dennard has blown up his contributors bridge there, (while standing on it),  with one too much fake “Fake News” charge/bomb*...LOL #TrumpFallout

-(02-20-17 09:00): So Melanie found a trick to stretch out her “blah blah blah #MAGA” speech....by plagiarism a favorite vainly-repeated prayer of Catholics #TrumpTrainee
(02-21-17 09:51): I bet Conald still deeply believes that he is ‘the greatest Christian ever’....sounds like Melania just found out....  

-(02-20-17 09:30): Nope, Confused Populist, when they only “he” in that Law on POTUS Immigration powers, there were being Politically Correct, as they realistically for their time did not expect that woman would become POTUS #TrumpIsABadFibber The POTUS can indeed keep people out of the U.S. but not on Constitution violating discriminatory reason such as the person religion or even mere ethnicity, i.e. without any warranting proof that “all Muslims from 7 countries are terrorists”

-(02-20-17 21:44): The instant Dicktator Dognald made his “Donald Trump says...” schtick at that Press Conference followed by his “Rants and Rave” headlines forthtelling, he gave away that all along he was deliberately trying to stoke and try to manipulate the Press...for distraction purposes....at President Bannon’s Executive Order-ed..... #TrumpIsAPuppet’sPuppet

-(02-21-17 06:04): Commander-In-Bathrobe Conald has replaced the CIA with the FNC, and gets his Daily Presidential Briefings from Fox & Friends’ Morning Rundown #Resign

-(02-21-17 08:48): Like John Kerry and Europeans, SecDef James “Mad Dog” Mattis calls ISIS: “Daesh”....Quick, were is the Right Wing moronic freak out..... #TrumpkinHypocrisy

-(02-21-17 12:35): Harward...Petraus....Odierno....To make sure to not be turned down again, Dognald Drumpf called on an active service General who was not allowed by law to refuse #Chump

-(02-21-17 16:33): Someone should inform Chris Wallace that the Drumpf Regime had not cited the FNC as one of the “Enemy of the People” media outlets #Trump’sBuddies

-(02-22-17 11:19): Candidly telling that no one, even on the Trumpian-Right, were defend Dognald for his “Last Night, Sweden” statement prior to him Tweeting what he actually meant....because anyone with half a brain sequiturly had assumed that he had meant that there was a Terroristic attack in Sweden....In fact, as Drumpf himself neither chastise the Press in any degree for having misunderstood him but just issue a clarification of what he meant (or actually just the source of his claim), clearly he actually had misconstrue what was being stated/discussed on that FNC show segment, and jump to the conclusion that there had been a terroristic attack in Sweden the night before (-someone did not take his PDB that morning) and related it so at his rally #TrumpIsFakeNews

-(02-22-17 15:21): One of Drumpf’s lackies told him to stress that ‘he was the second sitting POTUS to visit the Museum of African-American History since Barack Obama (because that would shows that ‘he is the least racist of White Presidents ever’), and SockPuppet Drumpf was none the wiser that the Museum opened in 2016...  #IdiotTrump

-(02-22-17 18:12): Baby Drumpf is so impressed and thrilled by his one of the lowest ever electoral vote results that he clearly doesn’t know that it is a bloated/bogus, unrepresentative, “winner take all” scheme....And when he begins to get it, he dives into his recurring depression given the fact that HRC won the popular vote by a historical margin despite losing #TrumpIsInfantile

-My mouth is not big enough (Amos 3:6-11|Jer 1:810ff|1 Kgs 17:1|Rev 11:6)...but carri-on with your “natural” (1 Cor 2:6-16) volunteered “contribution”(John 6:70)....you sock puppet (John 13:27-29)...(12-13-15 15:24): ..But you are indeed a God-via Hell-send (=1 Kgs 22:19-23)... cause, compared to Michelle Bachmann, you especially would “madly/irrationally” precipitate that post -9/11 II international reactionary WWIII debacle scenario.

January 12, 2016 21:48

LOL, some guest commentator on CNN thought that when Ted Cruz said: “it is time for the body of Christ to rise and support him”, he (moreover ‘blasphemously’) meant for ‘Jesus Christ to raise his body from the grave’....and the other 3 people on the panel were none the wiser.... Try Eph 4:12; 5:23....Really has America become that Biblically illiterate...

Trump’s Positions
May 28, 2016 14:59:
            Clearly DumbDumb* Trump’s main, and evidently sole, modus operandi/“negotiation tactic” to make extreme/bombastic threats, -which are all patently most detrimental to the U.S. itself and, smugly and condescendingly, thus ignorantly, thinking that people in other countries/foreigners are really too dumb to realize that U.S. suicidal implication and therefore will just sheepishly kneel before DonDon without opting for a fight.....
            Trump’s stupid approach is like a person going to a negotiation with a suicide vest and telling his opponents in the room/at the table that if they do not agree to his opening extreme terms, he will blow himself, and thus also themselves up**...so the opponents do all they can to calm the madman down (e.g. Vincente Fox “apologizing” to Trump***) and then say that they have to first talk about it in private....Then they call while flying back on their planes to their countries and (effectively) tell Trump that he can go ahead and blow himself up.

* Indeed the (innately) Dumbest Person to ever run for POTUS [(06-01-16 11:35): And that’s not even because he is such an “outsider/never-elected person/politician) (05-28-16 22:22): Hence all of his dumb platform proposals and plans....Even GWB wasn’t that stupid, including vocabulary and speech wise.

** Indeed Trump actually fully realizes and knows that the U.S. really doesn’t have any sure leverage against any of its opponents and so he must act like the crazy suicidal maniac in the room who is not afraid of destroying his own country/interests....and the Republicans have voted to: ‘Go With Crazy’...

*** (05-28-16  01:40): ...and then/now not: https://archive.org/details/KQED_20160527_225900_BBC_World_News_America#start/840/end/900


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