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The Wisdom of Children of this Age

The "Wisdom" of the Children in the Dark

             In a recent presentation on Post-Modernism at ASI 2009, It Is Written Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra (Seminar #1 ~ 18:13ff - clip posted above), makes a comment in regards to the documentary work of Michael Moore which is quite hard to believe.

He says that Moore is “anti-Christianity” while disparagingly citing his documentaries such as “Roger & Me[stream], “Bowling for Columbine [video], “Fahrenheit 9/11” [video], as, at the very least, inferred support for this position. I suppose Moore’s recent documentaries: “Sicko” [video], “Capitalism: A Love Story” [stream[1] can also be included in this genre of critical works, however, succinctly said, to believe that any of these films are in any remote way ‘speaking against Christianity’ is to actually believe that e.g.: ‘corporate indifference, selfishness and greed, even towards employees and dependent local communities’; ‘gun-culture, gun-totting, gun-shooting’; ‘political lying and irresponsibility’, ‘religious crusading’, ‘war for any, or no, reason’; ‘live and let die’; ‘money, greed and wealth, before people, benevolence and God’; is actually “Christianity” (cf. here) in any form!?!
            These are the ungodly tenets and issues that Michael Moore, a self-professed Roman Catholic[2] (who apparently once had plans to enter the priesthood), justly attacks in these films, and rightly sets them in direct contrast to the religious/Christian beliefs that (mainly) Political Right Wingers (i.e., (American) Republicans) profess to hold, as they are the ones who mostly see, or have seen, these things as being ‘unalienable gospel truths.’ It is in the light of this blatant pompous hypocrisy, dichotomy and false Christianity that Moore’s anti-(this)-Christianity statements are made. So either these disparaging comments of Boonstra (himself a native Canadian) were actually really biased and uniformed, or he effectively believes that this is what Jesus Christ endorses for His followers?!? I think Michael Moore’s stance here is much more in line with the Bible’s than Shawn Boonstra’s!
            Perhaps Michael Moore is (negligently) liable of not having known to differentiate between various Christian denominations/groups and included SDA’s in this category, but can he really be held at fault when all of these people claim to follow the same person Jesus Christ. As the late Christian Singer Keith Green has sung:

“The world is sleeping in the dark, but the Church just can’t fight, ‘cause it’s asleep in the light.”

            Indeed, the Church has “prominently” allowed its light to increasingly dim to darkness, thus not being in a position to be a ‘light to the world’ (Mat 5:14-16; cf. Isa 58:8); and additionally, in many ways, ‘the wisdom of the children of this age is indeed wiser than that of the professed Children in the Light.’ (Luke 16:8; cf. Eph 5:7-16ff).

[1] These last 4, quite deservingly, being among the top 8 highest grossing documentaries of all time.

[2] Publicly professed in an AC360 (CNN) interview (September 13, 2010).

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