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Angus T. Jones’ Conversion Testimony

December 3, 2012
God’s Inherent Object Lessons in the Conversion of Angus T. Jones to Seventh-day Adventism
            I am glad to hear of the conversion of child TV/Movie star, now 19 year old, Angus T. Jones to the Remnant (SDA) Church message, and, personally, not at all because ‘a celebrity has joined the SDA Church’, but, just from reading and seeing the various interviews that he has given about his conversion, you can see that, unlike the many knee-jerk claims, in the secular world, he has a sound personal and spiritual grasp of both the Christian message in general as well as the furthering distinctive truths of the Remnant (SDA) Church itself, -and in my view, on many key levels, he actually has a more advanced understanding of what God expects of a true/full follower of Him than most SDA’s both individually and corporately. Much (digital) “ink” and “film” has been set forth on Jones’s conversion, so I won’t be going into those details in this blog post commenting [See some links in this note[1]], however it just jumped to my face how this conversion of Jones highlighted the pointed reason why God is deliberately withholding the expected Latter Rain blessing on the SDA Church: because were He to do so, and then the Church would routinely make the headlines as it did in recent days surrounding Jones’s statement against the TV show he is (currently) contractedly obligated to work on, then the world would simultaneously see all of the entrenched and revered “abominations”, -for lack of a spiritually more descriptive term, that reign supreme in the Church. (6T 370.3).
#1 - SDA Racial Segregation - Start with this: one of the things that the world learned about SDA is that they have ‘racially separated congregations’. It is an inherent rebuke to this long-standing institutionalized abomination in the SDA Church, that, no offense intended, a rich, newly baptized convert can feel at home with people not of his own race/skin color, but no doubt, many other SDAs in that Metropolitan Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley area, (which has 1.77 million inhabitants and a demographic of: 42.0% Hispanic or Latino; 41.1% non-Hispanic white, 10.7% Asian and 3.8% African American), do not racially/ethnically “mix-up” their congregations, starting with that congregation, to the point where any all/“predominantly”-(insert race)-Church is seen as acceptable and normal. Frankly it should be as despicable as having an all-men or women Church. (cf. Gal 3:27-28). I however pointedly find it moreover, most disturbing, due to the transparently/candidly apparent total lack of shame of the pastor of that Church to, see in here, have defaultly thought, as he later had further no qualm/shame to relate to Jones, that what crossed his mind when he looked into his congregation and saw Jones was: “what’s this white boy doing here”. Really!?!!.. it is that bad in your congregation that a single visitor not of the same “predominant/all” race stands out so much... and worse, you defaultly find it strange. Jones tries to downplay that evident ungodliness as “a learning experience for them...” but that is actually a lesson that SDAs should have learned decades ago. Thank God, Jones has managed to “find love/acceptance” in that congregation, but I cannot help but speculatively wonder/question that if it was not known presumedly immediately after that that he was a Hollywood star, if he would not have been (eventually, if not immediately) told, as I have heard of many others in similar situations, that ‘he was in the wrong local church and it would be better for him to go an worship with others (SDAs of course) of his race. Thank God, that Jones already had, as he variously, pertinently expresses, a ‘thick skin’, so to speak, against any such racial issues, and does not mind worshipping with a “Black congregation”. All this to solely, but pointedly say, that it is a crying shame that such an issue would ever inherently come up in Jones’ conversion testimony. Not that Jones would have fared better in any other denomination as the worship hour in America is renowned to be its most segregated hour, but it is a historical and actually quite specially pronounced shame that the people who believe themselves to be God’s best presentation of Christianity to the world, are just not doing any better, indeed, institutionally, spiritually (i.e., contra Biblical and SOP understandings), and denominationally speaking, much much worse. (See more details in this post).

#2 - Pseudo-Eschatology & #3 - Gospel Order Dysfunction- Though the initial common assumption/claim that the view and ministry of the preferredly crazy-seeming Christopher Hudson were synonymous with the official/formal SDA Church is technically not the case, just by him having had his presentations shown as a series on 3ABN, where many other SDA official also appear, spiritually makes this to be an appropriate view understanding. Furthermore, as ridiculized e.g. here, Hudson’s claim that ‘a New York City gas crisis could cause people then to see their own children as chicken wings’, is actually Hudson’s understanding of the SOP’s claim in GC 32.1 & 36.2-38.1 that the event of the destruction of Jerusalem (when there indeed had been acts of cannibalism -Josephus, Wars of the Jews, 6:3.4 #204-#214) would find a second, anti-typical fulfilment in, actually, global Final Events. (Such seeming Bible and/or SOP congruence is manifestly why 3ABN has no problem airing some of his programs). And/But the pointed also “abhorring” issue here, [on top of this not at all being an issue of ‘uncontrolled appetites’ as Hudson posits], is that the SOP Final Event delineation is clear that this would not occur because of an economic or gas crisis as SDA’s are increasingly claiming and preaching (see here), but potentially only when God will have withdrawn His Spirit from the earth, and simultaneously released the Four Winds (Rev 7:1-3) which will then bring about the Final Plagues Judgement on those who have by now already, long accepted and instituted the Mark of the Beast as Law. (E.g., LDE 244.1; 245.1). Then it is that ‘an anti-typical “Jerusalem”, the then leading nations in a religio-economically unbiblical, apostate world will be destroyed by God.’ (cf. Jer 19:3-9; Ezek 12:18-20). So this increasingly popular pseudo-SDA Eschatology/Scenario which sees such economic crises leading to the Mark of the Beast is not at all the Biblical view, and given the fact that SDA’s are variously endorsing/espousing it and preaching it from their various pulpits, it is perfectly fitting that many in the world should here have a (first) glimpse of the SDA through such a non-Biblical, sensationalistic, and frankly freakish claim.
            And, will people today ever come to a point where they will decided to cannibalized their children?! Well, given that ‘the 7 Last Plagues will not be universal’ (GC 628.2|LDE 246.1; cf. Rev 9:20-21), but only justly affect, at least more, certain parts of the world, this inherently implies that there will then relatively be some ‘haves’ and some ‘have nots’, (-where it actually be the more spiritually knowledgeable, and spiritually leading out, Western world who will be more severely punished than the rest of the following world, and thus will then be the “have nots” (cf. Rev 18:6-8, 9-11ff), meaning that people then, who it must be emphasized, will then be under the unhindered influence of Satan, combined with a “need” to survive, and not to mention a knowledge, or at least pronounced sense, of the wicked that God is, “indifferently and irrevocably” (=Rev 22:11; GC 613.2) then directly judging them, and that, with no foreseeable end in sight, will then probably find something more “remuneratively lasting/perpetuating” to do with/through their children than ‘eating them up for just one (last) meal’. Indeed child labor, enslavement, exploitation and/or trafficking are presently a large/wide-spread and “lucrative” industry, and there is not any such “incontrovertible” life or death issues. (cf. here). For potentially those children then, a post-death cannibalism would probably be much more welcomed by them, then the “hell” that they will be subjected to in order to ‘help their family make a living in order to survive’. (=Joel 3:3 prophecy (with, esp., Joel 3:13ff = Rev 14:17-20).
            But what is here at the root of inaccurate, and thus alarming, readily/facially-deemable “extremist”, prophetical views is that, as inherently and/or adjacently typical in the formal SDA Church, as even seen with its (Pastoral) ministry, there really does not exist a “Gospel Order” aspect where such unbiblical claims can be, and are, checked, or rendered not capable of even being preached as Biblical views because there would already exist a clear knowledge and understanding of Biblical and Prophetic Truth. So that is why people, whether formal pastors of the Church or ‘supporting ministers/ministries’, who, as it is also the repeated case with e.g., itinerant preacher David Gates, just (“expediently/zealously” of course) spout off whatever personal/private interpretations and views they think is true. Sure, “on paper” the SDA Church has structured channels where members and preachers can have “new light” ascertained and checked, but, as part of this Gospel Dis-Order, who bothers to check, of course all in the name of their espoused/feared/revered Babylonian “Freedom of Speech”. They should fear much more (Rev 14:7) God’s “Freedom of Truth”. (cf. Matt 18:6-7; 12:36-37).
            So again, it is quite fitting that many people came to believe that it was official SDA teachings/beliefs which were being claimed in Christopher Hudson’s views because, that was, one direct or indirect way, indeed not to far from the effective actuality and permitted reality. (See this GYC 2012 presentation on (i.e., against) such ‘SDA Conspiracists’ (-in which Hudson is cited [at 28:58-30:00ff] as an example, in this popularizing context of the ATJ testimonial.).

#4 - Anti Socialism - So now I increasingly see that most (U.S.) SDA’s are, at least closet, Republicans/Conservatives. On the surface, that would seem like the Biblical thing to politically be, if anything, for them since Liberals espouse ungodly things such as Homosexuality/Gay Marriage, Abortion (though SDA also allow elective abortions), etc. Furthermore SDA’s have a deeply entrenched phobic fear of anything that is Socialistic as they have been told that it is through Labor/Trade Unions that the Time of Trouble of will be effected. (e.g., LDE 116.1-117.3) So, perfect deception indeed, if they are political at all, they tend to ‘side with the Religious Right’. The Spiritual Fact is that it is the Religious Right that will effectuate the religio-economical Mark of the Beast and not the Liberal Left. Unless the Liberal Left begins to legislate and force people to, e.g., become homosexuals, or only have gay marriages, then that would have been a part of the Mark of the Beast as it would legislate and force people to go against God’s will. But they have not, and most likely will not. Instead it will be the Religious Right who will be forcing people to obey their non-Biblical version of God’s Will, and use force to do so, and all in the face of understood direct judgements from God Himself for their sinfulness, who will be establishing an image of the First Beast, and enforcing the Mark of the Beast.
            And the greater sin is not at all gay marriages (or openly gay people in the military). The sin has long been the individual practising of homosexuality. In fact, having homosexuals, (as also applicable for heterosexuals), at least emotionally/psychologically “locked” in wedlock instead of promiscuously having multiple casual relationships would be of a better benefit, physical/public health-wise, for society as a whole. And the fear of the indoctrination/desensitizing of children to homosexuality is actually not valid as any parent, whether natural or adoptive has this inherent right to educate/indoctrinate their child in whatever is actually lawful in the society in which they live. And of course the answer in regards to the root practising of homosexuality is not the government either legislating and/or enforcing still existing “sodomy” laws against it, as God does not endorse a religious government upon a society that is not wholly freely choosing to be God-fearing/Biblical Believers because that only leads to persecution and injustices, and usually, as actual truth is not popular with fallen men, of the righteous minority.
            So there is actually nothing threatening in Obama actually aligning himself, as due in a representative/democratic government, with the views of most of the people he is representing. In fact the actual threat here, is the reaction of the religious right who then think that they need to legislate morality, and that in a presently, naturally/preferably, morally split country. So fear the Religious Right getting into power and not the Liberal Left (unless they begin to force everyone to adopt their sinful lifestyle).
            Some SDAs actually vote/endorse the Religious/Capitalistic Right vs. the Liberal/Socialist Left for economic reasons, however, as discussed in this post, economically-speaking it is Capitalism which is entrenched in the (Full) Mark of the Beast, and not Socialism, and Trade (e.g., the World Trade Organization) and Labor Unions will actually be used then to facilitate the exclusion of anyone/group which does not align themselves with the popular will (indeed just like the WTO has been excluding non-Capitalistic countries). Now if the Socialist left are forcing people to not worship God, as it was/is done in Soviet Style Communism, then that also becomes a religious problem. But if the government is just upholding the right of some stemming from a civically legal practice/lifestyle, then that is its actually duty as a secular government. And the Bible is repeatedly and consistently clear throughout that God is an Economic Socialist (e.g., Deut 15:1-11; Acts 2:43-45; 4:32-35; 2 Cor 8:7-15, etc), and even a Communist when that is the actual, resolving need. (Luke 3:11). So, if you have any Spiritual sense, do fear the political party who want to be “sham benefactors” (Luke 12:15), all in order to first, and typically only, enrich themselves; and not the party which seeks to directly help and/or safeguard the poor and in need. Also do fear those who do care to be ecologically/environmentally “destroying the Earth” (Rev 11:18) all in the name of ready wealth and profit, to keep their economic god satisfied and alive, because freakish weather and storms that this planetary damaging will increasingly cause is what will lead people to think that God is directly judging them, as seen with certain ‘plagues of Egypt’ expressions around the November 2012 Hurricane Sandy, and will lead them to seek to enforce the 10 Commandments, and a Spurious Sabbath, in order to “appease a clearly angry God”!!

#5 - Educational Institutions Apostasy - In an interview with Christianity Today Angus Jones expressed that he plans to attend college in Colorado in the fall of 2013. He also went on to express and desire of his to use the farmland that he owns in Texas to grow crops in order to be able to provide healthy meals for the homeless, instead of the junk food that they would be given. Now that is both revolutionary on many levels and at the same time an inherent rebuke to the SDA Church. First of all, depending on whether or not Jones will be taking courses that will prepare him for his planned agricultural ministry for the homeless, that is actually a College Program that he should have been able to find at any SDA College/University for one of the founding reasons why they were established was to be able to help SDA’s produce their own crops/livelihood. (see e.g., 8T 227.3; -See the attempting “Agricultural Revolution” endeavor/efforts related here [ca. 29:45ff] at an SDA University (Southern Univ.) led by one of its professors Mindi Rahn. See also this sermon by (priorly education worker, now (farmer)-pastor) David Obermiller.) But as with many other things, SDA have rejected that founding vision in order to live in dependence of the “economically convenient” world. So now it is fitting that they greatly fear to leave the cities and move to the country as long exhorted, mainly because they are afraid that they will not be able to support and feed themselves. So now it is supporting, independent ministries, like the Back to Enoch ministries which are seeking to provide such Country Living training. Interestingly enough, just like a fair God would not destroy any city in the Sodom and Gomorrah valley where Lot was (Gen 19:17-22), it is Lukewarm SDAs who are both living within cities who are actually preventing God from entering into (full/due) judgement with them. Some may claim that this is good, but the fact of the matter is that if SDA had been living in the country and also been working the cities as outposts as long called for, then the work would have been finished. But since God’s own professed people are not wholly committed to Him, God let’s them live as is, at their own peril, and in the end accountability for all the work that their country living and proper city working witness and Latter-Rain blessed efforts would have long produced by now.
            So here to is inherently exposed a fundamental deficiency in the Church, for new and willing converts like Jones, who have these great objectives to help the poor, cannot most naturally also find the answers and assistance for this goal within the Church.

#6 - Misunderstanding of the Health Message - It is quite comical to see some SDA’s think that there is something sinful in meat eating. If it was that sinful, then God would not have ever allowed it. The actual, last days, imperative for a vegetarian and vegan diet, as well as other healthful living issues, is readily seen by the great costs of medical care. God would have His people be free from incurring such hampering financial burdens, and also being healthy themselves, all so that they would be in a position, both physically and financially to help people in various needs. So the health message is not just so SDA’s can live 7-10 years longer, but so that they can be able to not be a burden to others and society and also be able help others.
            And here is where Angus Jones actually gets it more right than most lifelong SDA’s on this related healthful diet issue. He has plans to provide healthy meals for the homeless. It would be one thing if he was merely concerned with merely providing (any) food for the homeless, however unhealthy, (such as white bread and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as typical with SDA), but he is instead concerned also about their health. Now that is the ultimate wholly healing purposes of God’s Health Message, and the above discussed founding purpose of training programs towards such an end in SDA Universities and Colleges. Frankly I have never heard any such Godly thoughts, objective and inherent/effective pragmatic understandings of a healthful diet expressed by SDA’s. No, instead, as discussed above here, they only consider that such an expense should only be made to those who are capable of paying the Healthy Restaurant price....who cares about how healthily fed the homeless are...in fact who care whether or not they are being adequately fed, or fed at all.
            I can notice/feel, even merely by Angus Jones reactions/qualifying statements, SDA’s cringe everytime Jones relates from his conversion experience how he repeatedly felt the Holy Spirit filling him when he would have Godly aspirations and decide to live by them, but just going by the story of the conversion of Cornelius (Acts 10:1-11:18) and also from Early, Pre-SDA Church stories (1 BIO 196.2-199.1/RH, December 1, 1849 pages 2-4), where similar infillings of the Holy Spirit were done, I can indeed see and understand that Jones was indeed being filled with the Holy Spirit. It is indeed not unlike God to use such signs, especially in establishing a consistent, and thus recognizable, pattern of signs, when He is effectuating a pointed “Calling” upon someone whom He would like to use as a “chosen vessel”. And with Angus Jones feeling/recognizing that same “sign” of ‘God speaking directly to him through the questioning/statements of other people’ in the sermon he heard at his very first visit to that SDA Church in the spring of 2012, God was indeed directly calling him. And with Jones wanting to use his privileged life and position to do something for God, with perhaps that idea of providing healthy meals for the homeless from his Texas farmlands also being, at least inceptively considered back then, then I can easily see how God would honor and support such a Godly proposition. As I said in the very first sermon I preached in (effectively) launching my own ministry, after I also experience God own confirming and leading (See e.g., in this experience): ‘as stated in Joel 2:28-29 [applied in Acts 2:16-21's Pentecost] God is willing to pour out His spirit on anyone [i.e., SDA or not] who is willing to make a difference for Him in the world.’ (See here page 104)
            In simply Jones’ ‘vision’ to properly help the homeless, He has manifested what will be the thinking of those who will have received God’s Latter Rain Blessing, and in just that understanding, he is spiritual light-years ahead of most (even, Final-events charting) SDA’s!!
            Relatedly, it is relieving to hear that Angus Jones understands the Laodicean message of Rev 3:14-22 and rightly sees it applying to the Christian Church at as whole, for he will also be encountering it within the SDA Church where people/attitudes will be explicitly or implicitly working to cool down his zeal and ministry “drive”.

#7 - Word to/about Angus T. Jones - All this said, frankly mainly as a “heads up” to Angus Jones himself, and for any other caring SDA’s, for, as expressed here, I justly really don’t care about the welfare of the indifferent SDA Church, nor its floundering and negative reputation/view in the world, because its true character deserves to be exposed for what it is to the world, and the substitution of their own eternal life for those who would have had a chance to be saved if they had properly done their due work, is actually locked in and in order, to the point that they can burn in hell for every (knowingly “unwaived” in Christ) Second Death penalty that they can pay for any “neglectedly lost person” (cf. DA 825.4) who God will fairly allow to be saved instead (=Matt 8:11-12; 25:31-46; 22:1-14|Rev 19:8; LDE 218.3-219.1ff), so, as indeed expressed there, they will likely burn in hell just a little shorter than the First Century Jews who rejected Jesus Christ and His Message. And the “heads up” here for Jones in not merely in regards to the relative and actually Spiritual most abhorrent apostasy that he is likely to encounter within the SDA Church, but, as many comments around the internet have expressed, there will also be, actually sincere and well-meaning Christian people who will be approaching him with the various known (indifferently/negligently unresolved) objections/holes to the SDA’s understandings of Biblical Truth. These people will for the most part be well-meaning because in many areas SDAs have not bothered to try to establish their teachings on a more concrete foundation, let alone discover the meaning of their teachings beyond merely legalistic ones to their also present, and more glorious spiritual involvement (=2 Cor 3:3-18). For even the present SDA “legal” understanding of Biblical Truths that: “God says it and we must obey it” is not good/best enough, for it was pointedly Satan's argument that God’s laws were arbitrary and only needed to be obeyed simply because God had arbitrarily decreed it so. (see e.g., CTr 289.2) The Fuller/Fullest Truth of the matter is that God has a tangible reason for everything that He requires as Law, and it is only in discovering that “Law of Life” (DA 20.1-21.3), that one then comes to see the necessary, non-arbitrary spiritual, indeed tangible reason why God, and God alone, must be worship. Hopefully Jones will discover both those answers to various objections and deeper Moral/Spiritual/Wisely Ideological/Aspirational (=John 10:10) (and not at all “Natural-istic” as COGP’s spuriously claim -see in discussions here) reasons for heeding and walking in all of God’s Truths in reading through this blog dedicated to this purpose.
            -On a more faith-foundational level (cf. 2 Pet 1:16-21; cf. here), the pertinent/similar background experience and conversion testimony of current SDA Pastors/Preachers and other converting Sabbath Worshipping Christians: Doug Batchelor (“The Richest Caveman” -see here(1997), here(1996), here(1999) and/or here(2005)); Ivor Myers (here or here [book]; -expanded and more detailed in 2016 here[12:25-01:19:27ff]); Dwayne Lemon (here, here and/or here); Matthew Gamble (here, -his expanded version); and also David Asscherick (-along with his ‘15 Lessons in 15 years [in 2011] since his Baptism’; here); also here (2010 -with friend Nathan Renner’s related testimony) [joint book] & here; Daniel Mesa here (+here [56:00-58:45]); Jeffrey Rosario in here (mp3) and/or here[shorter] and/or here[added detailing]; also from certain similarities with Anil Kanda’s converting encounter/experience here or here (GYC 2012); former “King Cobra” Peter Gregory here plus here[01:22:53ff]; as well as the relatable testimonies of Steve Wohlberg and Clifford Goldstein referenced to in here; and, e.g., the August 18, 2012 “Seventh Day Truth” Testimony of recent SDA adherent Destiny Harris & family here; and the Sabbath conversion (from an SDA|book) testimony of Baptist Pastor Reggie Whiddon here, here+here, and here+here; (cf. these Samuele Bacchiocchi Sabbath Seminar Testimonies {see his own “From Sabbath to Sunday” (Vatican University) research testimony here or here}); and the ‘4-Year pre-studying of SDA teachings’ testimony of former Baptist Church planters, Shannon and Derrick Knight, -now SDA converts, in here[04:47-11:23]; the variously ‘thankful’ testimony of (Assistant District Attorney) Bill, and his wife, Becca Atkinson; as well as David Asscherick’s 8-part “This Is My Church?” Series at Andrews University (10/2013) here(+Chapel[#6A]) {pics (also this one) related to 6B-03:48ff} which delves into several key faith-foundational issues that are pertinent here; and also the experience/testimony of Eric Walsh here|here & here|here of, similarly, receiving employment and career affecting backlashes for speaking and standing up for Biblical Truth; and similarly the conversion of formerly atheist, journalist Kirsten Powers, at ca. 37 (in ca. 2006), from here|here|here out of a ‘weight of (Historical|Biblical|rational) evidence’, as well as ensuing personal Spiritual experiences; can be supportingly helpful to Angus Jones (baptism day photo), [-who actually did say during his 10-08-12 testimony relating at the Adventist Media Center (audio) 14:39ff, that ‘he was sure that/knew of other/certain ‘a lot more powerful’/great SDA conversion testimonies’], and also his, evidently also baptized friend that day Hip Hop artist/rapper Marcus Hopson (stage name: “Hopsin”) (baptism day photo; also here) [who has said to be now (2013+) working on producing ‘more positive music’....{Post Script 10-22-2013: Evidently not...}].

            Responses to Angus Jones Critics and Counsel For His Present Situation - I would also like to take the time to make a response to people, whether Christian or non-Christian who are chiefly saying that Jones is an ingrate and/or hypocrite for both speaking against his show and also for not, as least not yet, quitting it.
            First of all, the impression I variously observed from watching in fuller context the segment of his Forerunner Chronicles testimonial video where he pointedly denounces his show, as some legal experts have pointed out, either there exists an explicit “no disparaging” clause in his contract or there is a general clause which can consider such disparaging behavior as incurring legal liability and even contract termination. So I actually think/see that Jones, who, especially by now, after 10+ years, is not a novice of the TV/Film contractual world made that statement, (yet probably candidly merely subconsciously/“Freudianly”), in full, and/or not caring, knowledge that his producers would see or hear about it and that it could cause his termination from the show. Yet he did not then mind to express his genuine Christian convictions and try to right the wrong that he believes/knows his influence may have done. So him awarely literally putting himself and his career on the line so that he can speak for God is a strong testimony in itself of what he truly believes. In fact he already had the “example” of what happened to Charlie Sheen when he began to make disparaging comments (for entirely other reasons of course) about that show. The fact that the show’s producers declined to make any comment about Jones’s statement, as they should have, indeed merely for the reason of preserving their ratings, is proof that they saw it as more dangerous to the well being of their show if they spoke against or fired Jones for his expressed views. So really the ball is in the court of the producers. And if they really would prefer to keep Jones on the show, for whatever reason, and also in respect of his Christian convictions, then they really owe him to be able to have a character which (now) is in alignment with his personal/religious convictions. In other words if they are refusing to duly execute any ‘non-disparaging’, contract termination/disciplining clause, and moreover are, at least inherently threatening to sue Jones if he does not respect the rest of his contract, then they are effectively acting unlawfully towards Jones, indeed effecting an unlawful psychological constraining/“imprisonment” on him, -trying to manipulate him to go against his personal and religious convictions. Jones did publicly say the he does not want to be on the show, and should have long been fired. In fact, given the availability of many replacements, the show would probably not be affected if Jones was fired, (as it did not with Charlie Sheen), and the dedicated fans of the show would probably won’t mind to not see a supposed “religious nut” off the show so as to not disturb their mindless and base entertainment.
            So these are all actionable elements that Jones would actually make more money if he sued them for this than just silently fulfilled the rest of his contract. So, at the very least, the producers can do the right, “private settlement” thing and grant Jones a character that does not effectively force him to do what he does not want to do.
            And that can actually easily be done given the present circumstances of Jones character being away in the military, and deployed in a war zone. He could easily have had a near death experience while fighting there and from that point decided to become a believer in God and a Christian. Of course the show would then try to also have the other characters variously try to dissuade, even ridicule him for his stance, which, if you think about it, would boost ratings as Christians would be tuning in to see “how Angus Jones deals with those challenges to his Christian faith”, but/so the real question is, are the producers willing to go that route, as there also, Jones will most likely not accept that his character’s Christians convictions be forced, as part of the plot line, to be made to be ridiculed. So that indeed base/filthy show would then become, at least whenever Jones’ character is present, a Christian apologetic show/segment...and that may indeed be the reason why God would have worked to have him be in contractual obligation with the show, and not feel a conviction to quit it because that way Jones would be inherently witnessing of his Christian faith and conviction to millions of people who need to hear and consider these issues and also be making much money which he can use to help people in need as he plans to. (Cf. John 17:14-19) God similarly used both Joseph and Moses in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, Zerubbabel, Nehemiah, Esther in Medo-Persia, allowing them to hold positions which may not have been ideal, but which in the end allowed them to be in a position to easily have accomplished an ideal task with a most prominent testimony to boot. And unlike an SDA who potentially would more likely dishonor God with such a responsibility by being enthralled with the wealth and fame that such a position would bring, God called Angus Jones from that circle, at the prime of his life and career, when it could really only go up from there, to such a responsibility, no doubt being glad to have freely found the seeds of these convictions in Angus Jones and working to support and grow them in him to the present, just begun blooming. Even Jesus greatly desired to have such a “rich young ‘ruler’ (i.e., “empowered/influential person”” as part of his ministry inner circle” (Matt 19:21|DA 519.3).
            So I do see that God does indeed want Jones to remain on the show, and if he is forced to act out a character that is against his own convictions, it will actually be, based on what Jones has sincerely publicly expressed, be out of effectively unlawful, quasi-indentured-enslavement pressure and manipulations by the show producers, just like they had done to make a young kid attending Christian Schools say things that he obviously now sees were not really good for him. Despite even parental approval, a child can be made to do things which he does not want to. And, more technically speaking, isn’t a child under 16 “working” actually against standing U.S. child labour laws??, -Even if the earned money is put into a trust fund until the child is an adult. (In fact, isn't not being able to, and that by law, freely enjoy the full fruit of your personal (even, relatively and variously (childhood) sacrificial) work immediately not at all Constitutionally acceptable.) Given the fact that, as many examples show, it, mostly reactionarily, rarely turns out good, i.e. at the very least, what the child would have actually preferred for themselves, it strictly should be!!

            Final Word - As a final comment, I am sure that in the manifest workings of God in Angus Jones' life to lead him into the knowledge and acceptance of deeper Biblical Truth and to membership in the SDA Church that many will be complacently seeing this as a sign that God is still favoring them, but really that is all the natural effect of more concrete Biblical Truth upon the heart of the honest and willing receiver. My understanding here, all public and personal things considered with Angus Jones and his spiritual journey, is that, as expressed in this comment, God is here most naturally/inherently trying to make SDA’s ashamed of their various revered abominable shortcomings. Hopefully they would heed the warning and work to eradicate those various abominations less they again be so exposed to the world, but that is likely to not be the smug, complacent “need-of-nothing” Laodicean case. God forbid that these abominations and their results would cause Angus to eventually become part of the ca. 1300 people (and not “statistics”) who daily leave the SDA Church. And then, the likely rational of the Church will, as usually, Pharisaically pridefully, not be a shameful look at their contributing faults, but a dismissal of Jones through various self-justifications of themselves. I indeed now even more clearly understand the still applicable 6T 370.3 statement. You all would just grandiosely, “publicly” blow (i.e. “make of none effect”) such an orchestrated opportunity!! Indeed just as it was adjacently/inherently done in their ‘24 hours of news cycle fame’ here!![2]

[1] Links of Angus Jones Conversion & Testimony Story:

Baptism Day Photos:
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His Full Testimony (ca. Nov. 25, 2012):

Hope Channel and Voice of Prophecy (audio) Interviews (Oct. 8, 2012):
HC Repost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIdDH7fz-SA

Lay Training Evangelism Ministry of Michael and Denise Johnson mentioned by Jones in his testimony:
Comment from Denise here: https://www.facebook.com/endtimeslikethese/posts/471661339552663

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Jan. 5, 2013 - ‘First time back to (SDA) Church since “big media situation” (ca. Nov. 27)’ -[Perhaps also in regards to Angus Jones]

(Feb 18, 2013) - Reactions to Angus’ Viral Testimonial Video ‘had made him stressful’:

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http://www.christianpost.com/news/stephen-baldwin-believes-angus-t-jones-in-true-walk-with-christianity-85881/ [Video] [Interestingly enough, Stephen Baldwin once called in to Doug Batchelor, Bible Answers Live Radio Program and was kind of surprised that they (Batchelor and his co-host then) did not recognize him/his name. ]

Celebrity Prayer Movement Prays for Angus T. Jones

Support From SDA Generation Loud Cry Group

Limiting Working Child Actors - https://twitter.com/SarahEPolley/status/276502886396088320


Youtube: “My [Own] ‘Angus T. Jones’ Testimony” Campaign. Testimonies e.g., here, here and here (cf. here [Non-SDA]).


News from Angus Jones’ Acting Continuance/Developments

-(Cold) Opening lines from February 7, 2013 premiere episode of new season of Two & Half Men (I.e., First one since Angus Jones’ Nov. 2012 Testimony media event) (cf. here):

Skype Conversation:
 Jon Cryer (Dad): Hey Buddy!
Angus Jones (Jake): Hey Dad!!
Dad: Long time no talk...I was starting to think that you weren’t a part of this family any more [Laugh Track]
Jake: What?!...I’m not that easy to get rid of [Laugh Track]

-Cute...I guess “the show must go on”....and it surely did (see e.g., here)....Got to love the repeated, telling/knowing, groaning-laughter (even if “canned laughter”) after Angus (i.e. his character) “contributingly” told yet another raunchy/lewd joke! God does not typically ‘take people out’, -that would be too obvious and thus “compelled/ing” (e.g., 2 Sam 12:13-14; DA 759.1)....Each one needs to ‘check themselves’ (2 Cor 13:5)!!...And as usual/typical, applicable Church Discipline is no where to be found ‘cause: ‘you gotta pad the propagandizing numbers’. As Angus is fully aware, that’s how you form and maintain a “Lukewarm” People/Church!! It indeed should be “all or nothing” (2 Cor 6:14-7:1|CET 228.1).

04-28-2013: Angus Jones does not (fully) resign (cf. here) with Two and a Half Men show... ‘to focus on Skrillex-type(?) music instead’ (cf. here(?)).

August 2013: Christopher Hudson looks into the claims/reports (cf. here) of Angus Jones having (had) an,  (also) SDA-Distancing(?), breakdown(?). -Praying For You Angus...Keep the Biblical Faith!!

March (16), 2014+: Angus Jones reconnects {‘John 3:21’} with his SDA Faith & Denomination|Church, and through (lay) preaching/testifying!!
-{And in regards to the appearancely quite striking, potentially possible Lev 19:27 issue involved here...seems like ATJ had “one-upped” Jonathan Henderson (see in 03-08-2014 sermon (mp4) here [01:54-03:48ff] through here [...-50:52ff]!!}

Former _Two and a Half Men_ star opens up about leaving show, his faith


Angus T. Jones On leaving Two and a Half Men was a "Paid Hypocrite" sorry for the way he left

See the Full Testimony Sermon video below. Angus also speaks on his experience(s) since the late Nov. 2012 media situation [at 21:10ff].

May 7, 2014: Former co-star Jon Cryer’s responding (supporting) commenting* on The View on the Angus T. Jones story.
[* Tellingly slyly edited/excised out from this posting of the interview.]

February 28, 2015- ATJ's (Finale) Return
-That all trustingly, thus defendingly, said above, given the related latest (quite contradicting)
news/developments on this story, of: the (“insider”, but perhaps also subjective/wishful/fanciful/indifferent ) counter-evident testimony of Angus Jones’ friend SarahM here[02:19ff] who says that: ‘Angus never had anything bad to say about his show’...-really: “Filth” only, and that: most extremely, means one “bad”/negative, indeed ‘crappy’, thing....In just any court of law, that certainly would not be ‘anything but the truth’, or the reality of things. Angus “said” he didn’t want to be on the show anymore..and did leave...didn’t he!?? But “indeed/in fact”, as with an earlier cited taping following his October testimonial(s), Angus did come back here on the show’s finale and (again =2 Peter 2:20-22) say/play along with another couple of raunchy/“filthy” jokes....
            Which all leads me back to my surmisingly judging point: Manifestly Angus had said those disparaging things in his famous, (or should it now be deemed: “infamous”), ‘show is filth’ Youtube recording/testimonial to, perhaps just naively, preemptively diffuse, in regards to now his (presumed, merely/limitedly SDA) audience (no, SDAs are not the only ones who have access to Youtube, and conversely, only SDAs don’t have access to CBS) the fact that he was then fully planning on going on, as is, with his show, though now having become an SDA...I guess just like his co-baptized hip-hop rapper friend “Hopsin” did....(All sounds contrary to the message from: Luke 14:18-20)....Which would actually explain how/why Angus Jones (reportedly) became depressed upon the wide-breaking out of his testimonial video in late November 2012....and also his, manifest, “John the Baptist” repentance reactionary look afterwards(?)
            All this to actually not judgingly, nor condemningly (Rom 3:23; Matt 7:1-5), but rather, hopefully-applicably, say: ‘no need to make any sort of “excuses” (Luke 14:18ff), because you may (indeed) fool other people, and even yourself, but surely not God/Jesus. (Matt 16:26-27; Luke 14:24|Matt 22:14)....

[2] So I recently got involved, contrary to my initially, logical thinking given the fact that all should have been easily resolved upon my initial, factual correction in regards to the Angus T. Jones story...but no, the vexed correctee had to resort to ad hominem attacks, no doubt thinking/assuming that I would just mindlessly take it and ‘turn the other cheek’, but he happened to have attacked me, and I just knew I was not going to let that stand. So we were having our discussion, however typically moronic, vacuous and quibbling there answers increasingly got, and as then also typical when such morons are defeated, they then resort to strong arming tactics such as there barring me from replying but them continuing to make their stupid claims and comments, -for that is the only way that they can be seen to be right. So here, since I have some time to burn, and given the Proverbs 26:4-5 imperative, I’ll, as succinctly as possible, be responding to those unanswered additional comments. Their comments are in bold with their name preceding them, mine (“NJK:”) are in normal font weight. See that posting here.


  1. It's great that he has changed his ways of thinking. My thought is if he is so against Two and a half men, he should not be accepting residual paychecks for the rerun shows. He should donate it and donate all the money he has made from acting on that show if he finds it so disgusting. If the show is disgusting, then the money from the show is disgusting too. Go get a real job and make honest money then.

    1. I would agree with this suggestion from this “filthy lucre” (cf. 1 Tim 3:3 KJV)!...Who knows, maybe Angus has already taken such a decision....And last I heard he was studying in college...So he is manifestly looking for a career outside of Hollywood.


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