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Neo-Historical Moronisms

A World of Morons - Historical Moronisms (Eccl 1:9)

As the saying goes: ‘those who do not learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat its mistakes’, and as partly presented in this related post, the state of our present world today is, pun intended, “rooted” in the course of history. And so, to properly understand today’s world and its various “flashpoints” to try to resolve them, it is important to delve into pertinent history. And the very best way to do this is through the lens of Theological glasses, for ultimately, it is God who is overseeing those developments and no matter how erratic they may get, His long ago perfectly wise plans will come to the Triumphant end that He had always planned. So just to be sure to be on the ‘right side of past, and also future history’, having the correct understanding of world history is indeed fundamentally key to, particularly the believer today. And so the following various succinct, (not-actually-chronologically) growing, commentary on various significant, (at least to me), historical events and/or ensuing developments.[1]

The ‘American Fantasy’ (Originally/First written ca. March 2009) - It is quite readily noticeable in several posts throughout this blog that I, a (native) Canadian, do have a default mistrust and resistance to anything American, or claimed by Americans. However this is all actually “with cause” and thus a sane and rational opposition, -and living in the U.S. for ca. 10 years helped to simultaneously found and concretizing those observations. So here goes:
            It never ceases to repulse me on how Americans think they are ‘God’s gift to mankind’ and the ‘greatest of any country/nation or people that ever existed.’ It has repeatedly been mindlessly hailed how great America is for now having elected a Black President, well that is only considered of any significance because Americans themselves had upheld violent and institutional, racial slavery, (economic/labour) “neoslavery” and bigoted marginalizations for over 200 years,[2] not to mention having personally eliminated any capable person who ever/potentially had such an idea/aspiration in the recent past. And as the only modern nation to having done so, especially domestically to this extent, they really have been, solely in this regard the cesspool of all, and any society, especially when contrasted with their supposed civility and “Christian Nation” claims. (But of course, ‘ultimately money, finances and the “bottomline” determines what is right, just and good.’).
            ‘America the “Melting Pot” (?!?)... defaultly hyphenated, at best!! This is not to mention one of the most bloody civil wars in the history of nations, over originally, and predominantly, cessation. The emancipation of slaves was only used as a militaristic advantage by the North to defeat the South as it was promised to slaves who came over to their side. Even the later ending, in the late 1960's, continued marginalization in racial segregation was done to put down a valid criticism of the Soviet Union as they were making inroads in Africa and pointing out how Americans did indeed, manifestly, essentially hate Black people. Meanwhile, during these times, countries like Canada were rightly seen as a “Promise Land” for American slaves and indeed was the terminal of the Underground railroad, where runaway slaves could be assured to be free from the far-reaching tentacles of the U.S. Slavery system and its dispersed (financially-opportunistic) sympathizers.
            Americans repeatedly hail that they are the ambassadors, if not originators, of Democracy when they only further developed, adapted and/or even replicated then existing European and past historical systems, including the Democratic parliamentary system of the British Empire which is still thriving and in use in many countries of the world such as Canada and Australia, and in many aspect is much more democratic than the almost entrenchedly unalterable 2 side/party, 4-fixed (virtually unchallengeable, monarchial-like ruling) years of the American system.[3] Case in point, while the U.S. have been literally suffocating under the cowboy boot of George W. Bush for most of the past 8 years, Canada has had the democratic opportunity for 4 valid shifts each in its executive and legislative powers in a true and concurrent reflection of its democratic sentiments and oppositions. And really how democratic is it to: reduce a country to rubbles, murder hundred of thousands of civilians and then force them to be democratic (or now, ‘non-Muslim’) OR ELSE....!?!
            Americans repeatedly hail their supposedly ‘unique “peaceful transfer of power”’ that supposedly takes place in their country during a change in executive administration. Well I guess that is in contrast to the nuclear holocausts that take place in the other democratic countries of the world when a newly democratically elected government comes into office?!? “Ironically enough”, if it can even be qualified with this term, America has the most potentially volatile transfer of political power in the world, bar none, as seen by the paramilitaristic security for the recent (Obama) Presidential Inauguration, which only speaks of the actual overall volatility of that country, society and culture. Other countries do not even come close to needing such high security to ensure a peaceful transfer.
            Get a clue Americans! People do not “hate you,” as would say the ‘obese child bully wailing to his mom that the other children on the block won’t play with him,’ of course so self-convinced that in throwing his weight around, he had been “playing” with them all along; they just have hated what you have, directly or covertly/indirectly, done, and/or enabled to be done, to them, however insignificant or “collateral” you dismissed them to be, mostly under your various pretenses and “forms” of “godliness,” and/or self-blinded “supremacy”; and however brute, crude, or even variously “sophisticated,” it ever was; or is that simply your modus operandi of terrorizing other peoples into becoming ‘westernly democratic.’ As the saying goes: "one's person's "collateral damage" was another person's life!(cf. this comment)[4]
            Your assumed greatness is actually only biasedly self-bestowed and your "land of the free" was in reality not the case for the first 193+ years of America's existence! So America, quite literally and in actuality is one of the very last nations to have joined the “Free World”!?! So it inherently is not the (defacto) “Leader” of the “Free World;” militarily.... arguably... evidently, morally politically... definitely not!
            America further claims to have brought “freedom” to peoples in other countries by their use of military force, when actually they have never participated in a war for that reason alone, if at all, certainly not in the first place. WW I’s & II’s - late entries, when much damage had already been done, were certainly not to ‘help free Europe’, but after America’s national interests were also threatened. All these damages and loss of life could have been prevented and stopped if they had lent a helping hand to the actual, long time engaged, freedom fighting forces. But all this was not done for ideological reasons in order not to be meddled and entangled in “European squabbles.” The Korean War & Vietnam War = Rival Red Scare and Communist phobia. Desert Storm & current Iraq War = Economical access to oil resources in the region. Afghanistan War = Al-Quaeda terror network. Not to mention “covert, CIA wars” in order to maintain foreign political influence and/or quasi-control. (Ironically enough, if America is, concededly “great” at anything it is high profile, socio-political assassinations, even domestic ones. By far and away unrivaled in the civilized world. Of course, that is solely being “great” at covering them up.) All of these uses of military force were really never done for the propagandized “freedom of the people” for if that had been the case, the Korean and Vietnam Wars would have been fought until these theaters were free of oppressive communist influence and not until America had managed to have a split in the foothold of these regions with the shadow Communist/USSR. Desert Storm and the Iraq War would have been engaged much earlier, as soon as (a) the freedom of Kuwaites were taken away, or (b) Saddam Hussein had mass-executed thousands of people (with American mass-murdering weapon agents[5]) back in the 1980's, respectively, (which, arguably, was actually an act of judgement for a prior attempted murder on him in that region); not to mention that Iraq had knowingly been undemocratic for decades. This is not the way that the West would have done it, of course(?), but every country is variously different. And who knows how a government will choose to react when “tested.” Some go on to: shoot to kill into mass, unarmed protestors; propagandize and actually invent threats; torture detainees; allow for the killing of hundred of thousands of innocent civilians when a “surgical strike at the head/perpetrator” (ala Ronald Reagan (04/15/86) using, relatively, primitive and “dumber” technologies, and less definitive intelligence, of the mid 1980's) would have worked (that is of course if, in this present case, this, and also Reagan’s strike, in facts-based analysis, were ever even warranted); wiretap citizens without warrants; suspend/violate Habeas Corpus among other civil and human rights; and for that matter, start unjust/illegal wars and commit various war crimes. Others execute mass-judgement without due process. All these offenders are outlaws and criminals, (some more than others depending on actual, existing domestic laws) and relatively, equally guilty). In Afghanistan, the notorious, human right abusing Taliban would have been removed from power years before 9/11 and probably prevented those attacks. All that these charades have achieved is the masking of the actual selfish, self-interest and self-service of American foreign policy, under a calculated guise of supposed “Freedom fighting,” which somehow always seems to be years too late. Did I mention the other intervention delays or outright ignorance of the “people” in Rwanda,  the former Yugoslavia, Sudan, and from 2011, Syria. (-Latest US “nationalistically natural” guileful spin from Obama (2014) here)...See this debunking commentary, echoing this Foreign Policy Magazine article[6]
            (Funny, I wonder if America would ‘hail and greet as liberators’ a foreign power, or a “willing” coalition thereof, who would drop bombs on their heads in an attempt to ‘bring freedom and civility’ to America during various applicable points in its history for: ... let’s see.... violent racial slavery and segregation; women equality rights; homosexual civil (marriage) rights;[7] legalized abortions; First Nations abuses and mass murders; slavery reparations; American-Japanese WWII Internment; (vital) healthcare right; etc. Or for that matter, consider it acceptable to be nuked for effective 'patriotic civilian contribution to the war effort'/or 'not moving|relocating/isolating manufacturing plants that were now being used to supply a present war effort; as this was the "rationale" used for the terrorist nuclear bombing of Japan.)
            America claims to be the watchdog for abuses of nuclear power, and that, self-appointedly, for the world, when they are the only country to twice make unwarranted and illegal, moreover, terroristic, use of nuclear weapons, and continue to repeatedly threaten to use them, even during non-combat foreign disputes. Not to mention the blatant biased hypocrisy in militarily supporting a foreign power that is in opposition to the non-proliferation treaty (i.e, the NPT certainly doesn’t mean that a country can develop nukes as long as it does not share the technology with others?!?), and that by maintaining a secret nuclear weapons program, namely Israel, while harassing Iran for openly seeking to have nuclear energy. Americans really should be looking in the mirror, with blinders on, on this topic.
            Even the recent Obama overturn, by Orders and Acts, of (some) Bush Administration illegalities are being paraded/propped/hailed as the clear “greatness” of American, when it, metaphorically is, only the overdue, self-“change” of their Depend diaper. How could any thinking/rational person take any credit and praise of “Greatness” for that!!
            And this list could go on and on, such as their pre-publicized “greatness” for their anticipated “victory” over the economic crisis when this situation will only be self-rectified when the bubble that they had blown through worthless growth will have completed deflated and things will return to where they were suppose to be prior to this mass grand theft. Indeed it is like a thief claiming to be great for now having destroyed the trillion of dollars of illegal/fake money he had manufactured!?! And really how great is a nation that has to borrow money from others in order to thrive, and even survive and operate, on “fictional” (i.e., deficit) budgets. -Borrowed money which in large part they had previously given to these lending nations through international trading and investments. How sustainable is that? Anyone can surfacedly, unaffectedly live the “high life” if they continually live outside of their means, and a nation is great when it can effectively and efficiently function within its means. When you increasingly owe many times more than the actual principle that you can payoff annually, you’re not “great,” your economically doomed, at the very least, certainly, ideologically (i.e. non-“diluted” Capitalism), and quite dumb to think otherwise! Clearly, the underlying fact that is common to all of these erroneous ways is that because, without failure, what is “right” or “wrong” has always, solely, been determined by the financial bottom line as such devoted and blind adherence to Capitalism should, and does. (In the light of all of this, it is a quite puzzling as to why they are still “in business”, but I guess everything, and most everyone, has their “price.”)
            And what about that mantra-like, nationally adopted song lyrics of “God Bless America.” As if incantatiously repeating it suddenly, overridingly... no, supernaturally, makes it so, and a “Gospel Truth”?!? It is actually really quite easy to objectively determine if the God of the Bible and Creation has “ ‘blessed America.’ Let’s see...:

-a quite, extremely high per capita rate of crime, including violent ones, such as 30,000+ murders, per year;

-the most diverse, numerous, frequent damaging, costly and even, arguably, on a population density basis, deadliest natural and weather disasters upon a single country such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, freak storms;

-the evil blight of institutionalized, violent racial slavery (economic/labour) “neoslavery”; segregation and discrimination; again the only country to do so domestically, and that at a systematic and “religious” level in the modern, civilized world, if not, outrightly, the entire modern world, in the light to this being institutionalized;

-resounding and stinging defeats and/or stalemates in major, lone and/or predominantly led, military endeavors (i.e, non-coalition) wars, such as: the War of 1812, the Korean War, the Vietnam War[8] (and the solution certainly is not “nuking”, or even “carpet-bombing” or now (euphemistically) ‘shocking and awing’, civilians);[9] not to mention the political/civil “judgement/wisdom” for: the bloodiest civil war in, probably, any national history; among many other such bloody/deadly, lesser, internal armed conflicts;

-the second most cruel, and most detrimental, War Crime in the history of the world, (second to the murder of Jews by Nazis) in the, ala Nazism,[10] simultaneously experimental, Atomic, Terror Bombing of civilians in Nagasaki and Hiroshima (=3rd Place);

-suffering, arguably easily, the most deadly, devastating, costly and impacting paramilitary/terrorist attack in the history of the world in the September 11, 2001 attacks;

-the most evil, vile, “prolific”, “productive”, pervasive, sanctioned, mainstreamed, glamorized, lauded, and most widely consumed, explicitly and implicitly “sinful” industries in the world; probably even, the world combined! (Evidently, the predominant criteria for the banning of a sinful industry is: those that cannot be accurately regulated for taxation purposes!);

-millions of murdered unborn babies each year;

-relative to wealth and pertinent expenditure, physically, the unhealthiest/sickest nation in the world ;

-and it pertinently must also be added, easily/honestly verifiable, many blatant and insidious key fundamental doctrinal/prophetic Biblical errancies and outright falsities.

-And so on, and so on...

            All, and each, of these things, namely strife, victory, unwellness, calamities, evil, corruption, national waywardness and “wisdom from above,” the God of the Bible and Creation has repeatedly shown that He can, and will easily forecheck, control, bring about or divert, as the situation requires... but solely when dealing with a deserving nation/people. [Ample supporting Biblical references are omitted.] But since America basely thinks, and religiously believes, that the blessings of the God of the Bible are to be manifested in money and wealth, and that, completely irrespective of how it was achieved, as e.g., expressed by many “thanking of god” by the most decadent of American entertainers, then that is clearly the only criteria that is used in evaluating if ‘God is blessing America.’ However since (1) unequivocally, “necessity is indeed the mother of invention”; (2) the system of capitalism greatly limits how acquired riches are distributed; and (3) capitalism can only exist, thrive and survive if the traits/practices of e.g., greed, selfishness, covetousness, interest imposition (especially compounding interest) are simultaneously, fully and wholly entrenched in an economic system, but as all of these are all strictly condemned by God for people who consider themselves to be His followers, then clearly, the god that America is prayerfully imploring is not “Yahweh/Jehovah”|“Elohim”|“El-Shaddai”|“Jesus Christ”| The Holy Spirit, but..., e.g., “Mammon” and/or his equivalent predecessor: “Baal”! A concrete deduction which actually only means that it simply is man himself who is here trying to act as their own god, since any of these gods are man-made! And, of course, all of this falsehood is directly inspired, and incited, by the Devil himself!
            America, if you really want to be blessed by the God of the Bible, then actually obey His clear, unequivocal ways and stop the hypocritical lip-service! The simple, incontrovertible fact is that God has not, and is not ‘Blessed/Blessing America.’[11] And must it also be said that the current high economic position of America today is largely, based on the cumulative, upbuilding nature of capitalism, directly due to the thievery and exploitations of America in its early days from the minerally and agriculturally potent land grabbed from Native Americans[12] to the various, extensive and quite significant free (and also: whites-freeing) labor exacted in racial slavery and (economic/labour) "neoslavery" for, at the very least, 200 critical, economically foundational, years. (Cf. here). In fact, it was this early critical developmental economic situation which fueled the American need and enduring sustainment for slave labor, and industrial slave labor at that (i.e., not solely domestic/in-house servitude).
            All of this has relatedly rightly synonymously been recognized and identified as ‘the myth of American Exceptionalism and Global Uniqueness and Uniquely destined for Great Things,’ all void of a ‘corrective historical context’ and inflated|conflated|buoyed in part by an ‘accidental geo-historical ascendency’)’[13]
            And I indeed can go on.
            All this to say that America actually first freely, greatly and willfully generate and contribute to their many catastrophic problems that they then, years later, cope with or finally overcome, and that typically by not fully and justly redressing them but simply brushing them aside. There’s nothing “great” about that, but only a major indication of national, conditioned, moronic and delusional feeblemindedness. So Barack Obama can “preach” all he wants about “Change,” (which actually should be “Correction” as “Change” implies that what was being done before had been a valid, attempted option), like the “hippee” movement of the 1960's, this “Yes We Can” movement will eventually only lose out to the variously entrenched Capitalistically needed, encouraged and festered traits of greed, selfishness, materialism and individualism and will only be remembered as the (sustaining) ‘Yes We Won’t’ era. This can easily be foreseen by the fact that only 52.9% and 51.3% of the voting public actually voted for this “Change” in, respectively, the 2008 Presidential and U.S. Senate elections. Watching capitalists trying accomplish socialistic tasks through their system is like looking at a dog going around in circles, trying to catch its own tail. It may be quite fun, “possible” and worthwhile to it, but to the intelligent observer... completely futile! And by the way, ignoring problems and injustices while trying to accomplish these tasks is only a cop-out.
            So, for starters, American should also be taking into consideration, in their economic balance sheet and equation, the exploitation and quasi-slavery of tens of millions of latin America immigrants within their borders; the ritual, economically-induced, population-control, mass-murdering of unborn infants (which now is in fact “government sponsored”); and the cumulative, and still due, mass wealth that has been gained off the backs of, and against, African-Americans slaves and their subsequent socio-economic marginalization for over 200 years! You all want to be recognized as “Great,” then first actually “Deal” with these things and then the rational, thinking world out there, who do not base what is right or wrong on “how much it costs”, may reconsider. However even then you may only be recognized by them as finally having been civilized![14]

            ...Furthermore, it must be brought to the forefront that e.g., many great legislations [e.g., the Magna Carta], systems, and technologies, though sometimes made prominent by America, were originally conceived and/or developed outside of its borders, including by its own non- and/or marginalized citizens. Indeed there are many, many countries, when an unbiased and objective critical examination is conducted (i.e., usually by non-American entities[15]) that are significantly greater than America. Case in point, since the U.N. has been publishing its list of “Best Countries in the World” since 1990, based on the Human Development Index, the U.S. of A. has never reached that top level. It currently is No.#15. On the other hand, its regional northern, neighbor, Canada, was “No.#1” for 8 out of 9 years (including 7 years in a row), and Norway, was No.#1 for 6 consecutive years. The only “shortcoming” of these countries is really that they deliberately are not Selfish, Greedy and Belligerent, and thus, as Notorious, as America is. I guess the greatness of a nation is indeed truly judged by ‘who/what it can build, upbuild, “heal” and socio-economically sustain, than what it can variously “win-at-any-cost,” monetarily self-enrich and gain, let suffer and perish, and sophisticatedly, wantonly murder and recklessly destroy.’ Indeed a nation is judged not by what it claims to be, but what it actually does.[16]
            So claiming that America is great is really, and can only be, a relativized, wishful thinking notion, for the truly determinative historical facts say otherwise. But of course, America brainwashes people to think, ‘if it is good for me, then who cares about the rest!’
            Also, is the election in 2008 of a Black person as president in America really, statistically speaking, that incredible when America has by far the highest percentage of Black citizenship at 12.9% among the non-indigenously Black countries of the world. (For of course, non-indigenously Black countries are presumably the only other countries considered in such a statement, and also it is conventionally "presumed," indeed quite wrongly, that Caucasian Americans are the indigenous people of America). If nothing else, as the recently unearthed(?!?) and released testimony/prediction (see here) of the late Martin Luther King Jr. (seconding, and heightening, the previously publicly expressed 40-year expectation of then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy) says, it was long overdue [now by ~20 years, i.e./e.g., the 1988 Election]. Other non-Black countries may not have had a Black President yet not because of racism or any such injustices, but simply because of (a) the proportionally low percentage of a Black population in their countries, (-combined with no social impetus for such a equalizing representation as in the U.S.), which has been mainly, if not solely, due to the fact that these other countries did not systematically engage in such evil acts as abducting Africans (or other peoples) from their homeland and bringing them to their countries to enslave them as America did, and (b) really, a black person has not tangibly decided, of him- or her- self, to seek to become the President of their country.
            And, in fact, in the applicable terms of a non- indigenous/“indigenous” citizen becoming the Head of State of their country, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who (foreignly) is of Hungarian and Greek descent, is a notable prior example. Truthfully, if, as it is now propagandized, Obama was elected President solely (and for redemptive reasons) for being a black person[17], then, taking into consideration the two unsuccessful Presidential attempts of Jesse Jackson in the 1980's, Alan Keyes in 1996, 2000 and 2008, Al Sharpson in 2000, and also pertinently here, the bi-racialness of Barack Obama, in this regard America is, so far, really only 0.5 out of 7. (Now 1 out of 8 with Obama’s 2012 re-election).[18]

False “Hope” - Global Nuclear Disarmament -
            The Security Council's resolution (#1887) in the U.N. Session to eliminate Nuclear weapons (video), spearheaded by the United States (Obama) and Russia (Medvedev), is the typical Superpower sham and scam, i.e., ‘we now decide to prevent you all from getting nuclear weapons, or the know-how, while we will actually continue to hold on to our vast and diverse arsenal, and of course you all cannot make us abide by this resolution, but we can, and we will make sure you all, both, never do, and are never be in a "position" to do so. Only China was relatively honest in that discussion stating that these weapons were necessary, even if at a minimum, for National Security and Defense. That genie, created and abused by the United States of America, will never be stuffed back in its bottle. It is, pun intended, like trying to repack “Little Boy” at 08:17 [JSP] on August 6, 1945. Especially when there is not a big leap from the very presently and future needed, efficient, affordable, and even crucial Nuclear Energy (as stated by Uganda), and the development a weapon.
            Passing such pipe-dreaming, wishful-thinking resolutions is deceptively solely for political, economical and militaristic tactical reasons. One the one hand it appeases, especially domestic opposers of nuclear weapons and probably emotionally attracting their political vote, while others who know that this will never occur are not moved either way by this; on the other hand it discourages some countries from making the expense to seek to obtain this technology thus leaving all the power in the hands of the Superpowers. And, all in all, it allows the Nuclear powers to decommission aging arsenals without having to replace them, thus providing an economic benefit.
            These weapons will always be around in one form or another. So a "Grand Gesture" of publicly scraping the huge ICBM-type (delivery) systems is really only a, slight-of-hand, diversionary tactic. And with Superpower countries having mastered the ability to create and mass produce such weapons, even stealthily, (case in point the ca. 15 months of work it took the “Manhattan Project” during WWII, i.e., those atomic experimental/discovery, primitive days some 64+ years ago!) their re-emergence would, and will always be, readily at hand, but then, if complete current disarmament has occurred, in a  frantic/imminent threat, “defensive” arms race. Good Luck!!

{To Be Added To...}

[1] Of course in the various prophetical expositions made throughout this blog, other events have been presented in those posts, and so those will not be repeated here.

[2] And, contrary to what has been patronizingly posited on Dec 1, 2010 by a U.S. Representative Steve King (R-Iowa 5th District), the Civil War was not reparation for slavery (nor the ensuing racial marginalization). That was only the “manhunt, arrest, trial, judgement, sentencing and “imprisonment”” process. As the U.S. justice system fully allows for, its corresponding, “compensatory” Civil Trial is still pending... unless of course, that also should not be the Unalienable Right of people who are African-Americans!

[3] Not to also mention the fact that, in the U.S. Presidential Election scheme, the person who is next in line to the Office of the Presidency, with full/absolute entitlement, is actually a non-democratically selected person, who arguably, was not even (directly/independently) voted for by the people even after Election Day. The Office of Vice President should rightly/logically, i.e., to actually reflect the varying “will of the people,” even within a political party, be given to the runner-up in a political party’s Primaries!?!
            As seen in the still shady situation of the John F. Kennedy assassination, this “non-selected,” or even elected, “vice-president” can suddenly, by default, be given (or take?!?) this most powerful position; and, as seen in the recent G.W. Bush administration can suddenly effectively, directly “speak” for the People.
[4] This was the premise and plot for the 2006 movie “Civic Duty.
[5] See e.g., this Global Research report.

[6] As discussed here, the 2011 US-spear-headed NATO involvement in Libya, moreover to aid “unknown rebels”, was in the economic and strategic self-interest of those Western Allies under a masking guise of ‘humanitarian intervention and democratic liberation.’ Last time I checked the people of Syria were humans and under a dictatorship, and moreover, most evidently, being systematically massacred. So the real issue is that they will not be able to economically benefit from intervening in Syria and prefer, as typical, at any human life cost, to protect Israel, (as if that will help them atone for their various Holocaust-allowing negligence during WWII), because the posited ‘feared potential war eruption in the regions’ [as claimed here [01:05:33ff] on 10-11-12 by the US VP] will clearly/surely/logically not pit the other Arab/Muslim states there against each other...
[7] Not that I am personally in favor of homosexuality nor same-sex civil unions (see some Biblical/Natural reasons here), it is just that in a truly civil (i.e., non-religious) society, there really is no non-moral reason to oppose it. People should be able to do what is personally right to them and, like religious parents can indoctrinate their children with their religious beliefs, same-sex couples should, again, from a purely civil point of view, be allowed to bring up their even adopted children, in their own views, however skewed and non-natural they may be, indeed as most parents variously do to some extent.
[8] Of course, fairly, this only includes wars against, at least, militarily equals, i.e., e.g., not declared wars against patently anemic and/or weak countries such as the Mexican-American War (1846-1848); the Philippine-American War (1899-1913); (even a heavyweight boxer would not be awarded the world title for beating a light or middle weight challenger). Or against disadvantageously remote powers such as in the Spanish–American War (1898) fought mainly in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam. Not to mention the ongoing, still not definitely resolved, U.S. prominently-led 2002- wars against the impoverished Afghanistan, and then the still defeated Iraq, or the many battles with Native Americans.
[9] It is funny that civilians in other countries are, at least effectively/“collaterally”, held responsible by the United States for the faults of their leaders, even dictatorial ones, but when the situation is reversed, and is "acted" upon, it is labelled by America as “terrorism” and “evil-doing”?!? As the saying goes, "It takes one to know one!"
[10] Quite tellingly enough, the Nazis constantly referred to, and used, the way in which Americans systematically marginalized and mistreated African-American as a “worthy” and “bona fide” precedence/template for their own systematized disdain and criminal actions towards German, and other European, Jews. So it can arguably be said that Slavery and Segregated America was really the ideological origin for the Nazis’ racist policies! It is a hard fact that the idea and implementation of Eugenics began in America and was later adopted by the Nazis. (See e.g., “The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics”). And this country is supposed to be viewed as ‘God’s gift to mankind’?!? Indeed, in fact, quite to the contrary, the Divinely forseeable nation(s), that would spring up in the future in the undiscovered “New World” in, then, an age of intertwined religious/Biblical, political, social and economical culminations, was actually “red flagged’ by God hundreds of years before. (see Rev 13:11-18; cf. Rev 18:9-20) - Discussed here... (See also web links on the NJK Project website to several expositional studies on this topic: – Study: “U.S. in Prophecy”).
[11] In the light of the continuing, defacto/mantra-like invocations of this National Prayer, one has to seriously wonder if something is not being “lost in translation” here. Evidently, this prayer is being rightly weighed by God in its proper context, i.e., not out of its present context of indifferent National Presumption to God’s typical, consistent, Righteous judgement. Or maybe, it simply is that the word “bless” in that phrase is being Divinely understood in its root/etymological meaning from Middle English “blessen” and from Old English “bletsian, bledsian” and having the meaning of: “to consecrate [i.e., ‘set apart for a holy use’] (with blood)”; (which all, in turn, may be related to the French (homonym?): “blesser” (“to wound”).
[12] What is it with the fact that almost half (24) of U.S. state names are of Native American (a.k.a. Indian) origin (see here)...All pertinent things considered (i.e., Native American decimation and/or reservations, and all), it effectively all seems like an “American Mosque”-type/version (cf. here (supposed)). -Fully, namely these States are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, (Idaho), “Indian-a” [really!??], Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North & South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
            I personally find this American historical fact to be most comical because I have personally encountered much flack from various “knowledge levels” of Americans who (most obliviously) find it weird/odd/funny that Canada’s National Capital is named “Ottawa”.
[13] Mentioned by veteran international correspondent and author of: “After America”, Paul Starobin, in an interview with the Newshour with Jim Lehrer. (See audio clip here [01:06ff]).

            Relatedly, see the excellent 10(+2)-part documentary series (e.g. here/cf. here) by Oliver Stone, -(interviewed about it here), entitled The Untold History of the United States where, amongst many paradigm shifting historical uncoverings and/or rightly, alternatively spot-lighting, he well substantiates & documents the case & claims that (episode #): The U.S. (1) did not “win” WWII, Russia did; (3) committed inherent and flagrant War Crimes against Japanese Civilians, even before the use of the 2 nukes targeting civilians; (4) started the Cold War; (8) squandered sincere and serious Soviet overtures to begin to end Nuclear Armament/Race; (10) have been abusive in the “War on Terror”; and more.
[14] Apparently now, applauding America must only mean that: “the world wants America to lead”??? How selectively/blindly oblivious and outrightly conceited! Yeah..., lead yourselves out of your gutter and [back] to global civility!!!
[15] Relatively recent case in point, President Obama, in a speech to U.S. troops at Fort Bliss in August 2010, TX, has called these soldiers themselves “the greatest fighting force in the history of the world” (see here). Since this was, as Obama himself goes on to specify, meant to compare the quality of soldiers, the only comparison is indeed really on human intangible factors (i.e, executive performance, courage, strength of psyche, etc). All aspects that involve an advance in scientific technology, including warfare tactics such as e.g., ‘70 ways to kill a person with your bare hands’ cannot really taken into consideration as they do involve the application of relatively advanced scientific studies. That said, going by e.g., pertinently related PTSD claims, give the current American soldier an iron sword and place him on a battlefield, against.... let’s see... Alexander the Great’s “fighting force” and you can bet that the only fighting they will actually choose to engage in is for the nearest available bushes! History does clearly record that Alexander’s and his 40,000 men spent ca. 3 years to successively conquer and completely, sustainedly subdue the world powers then (talk about actual and lasting “shock and awe”, thus giving a lasting undisturbed/undisputed, known-world hegemony to Greece for over 150 years, and not ‘“defensively(?!?)” cowardly cowering on their foreign theatre war bases for 9+ years’, trying to route a greatly inferior enemy (the Taliban) [it took Alexander ca. 3 years to do so in Afghanistan] and to complete the successful removal of army-less Head of State (i.e., “Operation Iraqi Freedom”)! And that, of course, is without an Arbees following them around in the desert. Indeed how personally great someone today is compared to a past soldier when they today can kill their enemy from hundreds of feet away through night vision scopes?!? 

[16] Cf. in the Bible Revelation 13:11ff, understood in its properly (i.e., Biblically) interpreted context.

[17] Adopting, for such a mindset, a falsely rationalized view that ‘it was more important/determinative in the overall (skewed) context of U.S. Social History, to elect a black person as president’, than to focus on what that person actually politically stood for, is, for here a black person, effectively, solely, a form of being further/compoundedly (re)victimized. It is like a person tortured by extreme starvation gladly accepting to knowingly eat cat food! The goal and ideal in a proper democratic election is one to be completely free to elect the person who most closely reflects his/her personal views, values and ideals. Being here thus programmed to think that ‘electing a person because of their color/race somehow even remotely comes to equate this’, is a mocking insult of one’s intelligence, and frankly, in large part, thus literally dehumanizing. Such, effectively, “(blinded) revenge voting” is certainly not a “due justice.”

[18] It cannot be overlooked in the elections of Sarkozy and Obama that, like with many other things, economics played a very significant, if not determinative, part. On the one hand, Sarkozy in his campaign, ran on an underlying platform of 'economically americanizing/capitalizing the French, more socialist, economy.'  As the American economy was, then in 2007, globally perceived as being ‘healthy and relatively thriving’ despite its then growing, unrevealed, tumor, this was a very appealing policy to many, perhaps, just enough. (Case in prior point: France’s electoral revert back to a Socialist Administration in May 2012). On the other hand, after the said "tumor" had now fully manifested itself in the late stages of the 2008 American presidential campaign, starting in ca. mid-August, the presented (more socialist) remedies of Obama were much more appealing to many, again perhaps, just enough, than the: ‘it's not a cancerous tumor, it’s a benign wart’, (i.e., stubborn), effectively continuance, views/policy of John McCain.

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