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Nascent Moronisms

A World of Morons - Contemporary Moronisms (Eccl 1:10)

            As History first presents itself as “unfolding, current news”, this blog post discusses certain ‘new developments’ as they first appear to aim to get the right, Theological, or even simply Logical, view of them as soon as possible, before either a wrong course, and resulting wrong actions/reactions are pursued and taken.

The (so called) Gospel of Jesus’s Wife - Straightly said: now this is an emblematically classic moronism as those who have spoken on this newly found papyri (if actually authentic), make the most natural claim that in the partially recovered, transcribed and translated phrase: “....” Jesus said to them, my wife....”, Jesus was actually talking about his literal wife. However there is a just as easy, spiritually speaking, natural conclusion which can be arrived at here.

            First of all, as see in the context of that statement, the topic was on various women and their contribution/role in Jesus’s movement. And if Jesus was not married, as never intimated by the four major/canonical Gospel (whereas it is indicated that Peter was (Mar 1:30-31)), then He here may have simply been about to state something spiritually/figuratively along the lines of, e.g. John 4:31-34: “My food is....(gospel work)”; cf. John 6:55), probably in answer to a question of: “Why have you not married?”, such as: ‘My wife is the Church’ (i.e., the Church that He was endeavoring to establish (Matt 16:18; cf. 1 Cor 7:7, 25-40)).
            This translation/understanding would explain the Biblical basis for Paul later matter-of-fact claiming of the “mystery” that ‘the Church is the wife of Christ’ (Eph 5:23-32), a theme that is later (heightenedly) repeated in the prophecies of Revelation (Rev 19:7-8; 21:2, 9-10).

Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions & Palestinian Statehood - In my personal political views, I have sided with (a) Iran’s endeavor to have nuclear energy even if it leads to them having the knowledge and ability to build nuclear weapons as (1) it is their right to do so as a sovereign nation and (2) it should actually be nations who have historically misused nuclear weapons and/or those who have committed any war crimes (ideally who have also been convicted of them in the U.N. International Court of Justice). That is therefore, namely, (off the top of my head), the United States in their Terrorist Bombing of 140,000+ civilians in Nagasaki and Hiroshima,[1] that should be prevented from having such weapons; and (b) while I am greatly sympathetic with the plight of the Jewish nation, especially after the events of WWII, I have sided with those opposed to the imposition of an Israeli State in Palestine, as this was done by force on the Palestinian territory by Western powers without any due binding consent or approval of the people living there. (Cf. this related comment). I also opposed this as it was the Jewish people, on their own free will, who had abandoned their homeland to disperse themselves throughout the world, mainly then Europe, and as mainly the result of losing legal wars which they started by (theologically) “unsanctioned” revolts. Also, as it was said by the controversial Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,[2] if the U.S. and other Western Powers wanted to give the Jewish people a land to live in they should have given them Alaska! Furthermore, this “Rebirth of Israel” movement may have been strongly influenced and underlined by misguided Biblical eschatological prophetic interpretations of some of these Western leaders.
            The supposed righting of one’s wrongs is not done by the forced violation of another’s rights. (Just like rooting out terrorism is not to be done by torturing suspected terrorists). Such actions only worsen the problem as historical developments clearly show. Palestinian and Iranian have unalienable rights as sovereign peoples like any other sovereign people and nation.
            Perhaps, to justly resolve this issue, Israel should, indeed ironically enough (cf. here), pay a sort of a per-capita lease/rental tax for the land which they have come to occupy to the legal owners/occupiers of that land before the “State of Israel” was imposed on them.
            And a most pertinent case in point: where has all of the previous U.S. led pompous bluster towards North Korea and its nuclear ambitions gone since North Korea successfully demonstrated in a second test in 2009 that they possessed Nuclear bomb capability.... and this is a (Communist) country that is technically still at war with South Korea. Where’s all the presently seen doomsday scenario hysteria over Iran??... And thematically pertinent enough, (as far as the world knows), unlike Israel, South Korea does not have ca. 200 nuclear weapons with which to defend itself. As aptly denounced by Iranian leaders, that is the typical conduct of a “bully”. I.e., you simply tangibly stand up to them, even if you may not actually be able to defeat them in an actual and/or sustained confrontation, and they just back down. Moreover, and that is evidently the psychological reason here, these “bullies” were foundationally never acting from an actual right, legality, just and/or righteous position, but from a mere “power play”.
            Furthermore, as one comedian has quipped, (compared to Iran), ‘North Korea just needs to perfect its sailboat technology to “successfully” deploy its WMD on its most prominent enemy.’[3]

October 18, 2012
Why I (Now) “Longingly” Wish For a 2013+ Romney-Ryan-Republican Administration (Hint: Rev 19:20-21)
            All things considered, mainly for their long-disproven and debunked, thus “bankrupt”, socio-economic policies, you could not pay me to vote for a purely Capitalistic electoral ticket as the U.S. Republican Romney-Ryan ticket is, but for higher, prophetic reason and implications, I indeed “now longingly wish” that they will win the 2012 U.S. General Election!!
            Succinctly said, indeed foregoing the detailed substantiating exposition I was planning here (seriously I have thus far drafted 4 pages of notes), I now wish for this so that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can implement their various deluded and cockamamie policies, as this will surely result in (1) these “pain or pleasure” Capitalists most bitterly experiencing the narrowly averted total disaster of the 2008 Economic Crash and Crisis, thus (2) correspondingly, variously bringing America down with it, and, most importantly here (3) so that SDAs can “delusively” (=2 Thess 2:10-12) have their long desired and preached pseudo-eschatology spurious scenario which will surely result in most, if not all of them, panicly/hastily (=‘only 2 hours to leave the cities’) “liquidating” or even abandoning their various ecclesiastical and personal assets and literally running for the hills (=Jer 8:19-20||Matt 21:31)[4], for however long that crisis will last, only to have them concretely see in the end that, by them so ‘trusting in Mammon much more than God’ (=TM 409.2-3; COL 294.1-2), they had pursued the hellishly wrong path and had now most painfully struck that God-set up adamant wall (Amos 7:7-9).[5]
            [Again all objectively substantiating details have been withheld for this scenario]

Notwithstanding, further hinting on the fulfilling Rev 19:20-21:
Beast = United States
False Prophet = Economic eschatology/doomsday preachers (including SDAs)
Mark of the Beast = Capitalistically-minded people
Sword (versus mere words) out of Mouth = the “weaponized” word of God against all anti-Sabbatical enemies (Heb 4:11-13)
Only the Dragon (cf. Rev 16:13) is not brought down here = not actually/yet the utter end fulfillment (2 Thess 2:8-9)

            Then indeed would all objectively/demonstrably/transparently see that: ‘this Econo-Empire had no flesh’. (Rev 19:17-18, 21) This will jointly, albeit merely literalistically (cf. 2 Cor 3:6b), complete and fulfill the Eschatological Fifth Trumpet (Rev 9:1-12) and its (corresponding) Typical/Spiritual Fifth Plague (Rev 16:10-11), -both discussed in this post.

October 26, 2012
God and Conceived “Life” - U.S. Republicans (see pointedly e.g., Senatorial Candidate Richard Mourdock), and other similar-thinking Pro-Life advocates, can avoid the typical tangential/moronic backlash from Pro-Choice Abortion supporters if they realize the actual Biblical fact, as discussed in detail here, that conception is defaultly non-supernatural. I.e., contrary to a unbiblical “deterministic” view where God hands-on determines everything that takes place on this Planet, including who is conceived or not, God actually does not “defaultly” interfere in any conceiving process. Indeed according to that logic that: “it is God who gives (all) life”, (despite the fact that, unlike Mary the mother of Jesus, there is an actual action that must occur in order to have a conception), it should then likewise be said that if that “God-conceived” infant does not end up being born, but is aborted, then that too must have been God’s will. People will of course claim that that is not what they actually believe, but there is similarly nothing “super-natural” about anyone being conceived. It is all natural, according to the natural means that God has created.
            So trying to oppose abortion for a stance that: ‘it was God had allowed that conception, or, defaultly, any conception’ is not Biblical at all, and is deservingly derideful, indeed as offensive. In fact, as the Bible repeatedly showed with women who could not conceive, it was not actually God who, conversely, was causing them to be barren. That was just their natural health condition. And an “act of God, in regards to conception, is only applicably seen/understood in cases where a women was most factually barren, bu then, by an actual super-natural intervention of God (=miracle), was able to be fertile and conceive.
            So getting the Biblical/Theological facts here would be most helpful (see more here), particularly as it would pre-empt and stop fuelling the entirely false, and not even tangential, counter argument that having an abortion is (“merely”) a matter of a woman’s “choice” and “body”. Abortion is inherently morally and criminally wrong for the same reason that a parent is not allowed to kill their born child if/when they become any type of inconvenience to them....and that of course is because a conceived life, however it was conceived, is an inherent and distinct “Person” and thus is unalienably entitled to all of the pertinent and applicable protections, provisions and rights as any other dependent, “alive” person.

December 20, 2012
The U.S.’s Quest for “Common Sense” Gun Control+ - Well as typical with the Hedonistic, Pain-or-Pleasure Capitalist, it is only when it smartingly hurts that they begin to try to “change”. And so now, in the light of yet another murderous gun rampage in America, there are calls for even Right Wing Gun Enthusiasts (who, as discussed here, really have self-duped themselves to believe that the U.S. Second Amendment has anything to do with owning personal firearm for “civilian usage”....and I didn’t know that having guns to hunt animals was also part of ‘defending their “State”/Country’), to have more strictly and better enforced Gun Control. And so it ‘definitely now no longer makes sense’ to, e.g., allow a person with mental health issues to buy a military caliber weapon from...let see....Wal-Mart!?? Well, here also, welcome to the Civilized World!!! I like the comparative statistic that was brought up in a newcast during this latest mass shooting coverage: Murders by Firearms (2009): UK ~18; Canada ~193; USA ~9800!! And the U.S. only has 5X and 10X more people, respectively, than those other two Western Countries! And then there is the wider ~30,000 deaths (unintentional, suicide, homicide, “undetermined”), as well as the ~300,000 crimes, annually which involved a firearm in the U.S. And who probably really knows how many firearm caused injuries, e.g., such as shooting your hunting partner in the face with your shotgun.[6]
            The expressed call to, effectively, escalate the “game”, by arming employees at schools is not really surprising, because the typical drunk person does only wants yet another “shot”, and of course, the keys to the car. Let’s just hope, e.g.,  that the perpetrator did not (a) buy a bigger gun, and (b) is also alone.... All “Too Soon”, how about Way Too Late for all those victims!!

            But as pertinent and paramount for me, the most pivotal aspect of any such news story is the religious implication/development. Indeed why waste time trying to reason with a drunken society, as is America with its moronically/obliviously mindless, historic and sustained ‘traditional’ perverting/“twisted” readings of its Second Amendment. (cf. here) It is much better to just let them first wear it all out, or crash &(/or just before they) burn. Which all leads me into the prophetically symptomatic SDA development of, e.g., an SDA Pastor actually mindlessly, and thus effectively/resultingly hysterically (-as if that really was the missing emotional impetus) trying to rile and rally his congregation to: ‘ignore/blur/reject the separation between Church and State’ [-As if that was either the problem, issue or solution], ‘march on Washington D.C.’ [-Never heard of “We the People” petitioning??; -it will save you at least the displacement expenditure], ‘become political activists’ [-Worry about fully/properly doing Christ’s Missions instead], etc. as Jonathan Henderson called for in his next day 12-15-12 sermon [25:53-32:11], as if, as he implied, ‘America is supposed to be God’s Theocratic Nation’. Completely mind-blowing coming from an SDA Pastor. And talk about fighting for the wrong Kingdom (John 18:36), to initially say the very least here. And really...America has such problems because ca. 1 million NAD SDAs are not more politically active!?? Please, in this public issue, do just stick to your (limitedly) revealed preaching and changing hearts mandate, for that spiritually and logically is you own best (Church Militant) hope to tangibly affecting +300,000,000 Americans!
            In fact...ala. Matt 7:1-5, redestine your “March upon Washington D.C.” to a March on Silver Springs, to your own General Conference building and demand a change in their similar murderously oblivious policies which “electively” condone the murder of innocents! Why not champion that cause instead.... too: “politically incorrect”; non-popular; variously sacrificial/costly; not in the news now??! As it was comedically said during George W. Bush’s post 9/11 wanton warring initiative: “Regime Change Begins at Home!!!” [And as far as I know, the sale of firearms to a minor is categorically not allowed in America...so ‘kids having access to guns’ is/was not the actual issue here.]
            Talk about here, combined with SDA pseudo-Eschatology, the tangible development of ‘the Devil taking over the work of the SDA Church (EW 54-56), and all, as already discussed here, out of a refusal to do what is actually necessary to really help people in need instead of trying to get, as typical with cosmetically-concerned SDAs, merely a great looking photo-op.
And believe me, as with the typical SDA-Vacational-Just-Watch-the-Power Point-“Evangelism”, the last thing that a person in any need needs, is a ‘Westerner’s shoulder to cry on’, while they eat up the limited resources there and/or feast like kings, during their tour of that disaster zone. Save those ‘plane tickets money’ and instead send it in advance, or elsewhere to help these people developmentally/economically/socially prevent and eradicate the root cause reasons (such as shoddy construction, inexistent technology) why, e.g., natural disasters in their areas are so much more catastrophic and deadly than the same natural disaster in a western country!
            Indeed, in this typical refusal to sacrificially expend to pre-emptively protect or rescue those in need, there is no real love for one’s “neighbor”, which would be seen by actually meeting their, and especially most urgent/life threatening needs. Surely over 4,000 murders per day through abortions in just the U.S. is, (or at least should be), a much more urgent cause to, even more ‘passionately’, champion!! But instead just a Capitalistic concern to make your Church/Denomination look better/good (Luke 10:30-37|COL 376-389), and, most ironically, but tellingly enough, by whatever unbiblical means necessary, by “investing”/expending in what will be profitable. Indeed = the EW 266-269 SDA Deception!! You want to make an actual and Biblical difference, and accomplish God’s ‘Full Gospel/Sabbatical Mission’, then do try the NJK Project... of course, LOL (i.e., in the light of, pertinently enough, John 3:3), ‘only if/when it will become “popular” and “politically correct”’. (Matt 7:12-13)

March 21, 2013
Ben Carson = Biblically (thus ‘Godly’) Incorrect - Well count on the U.S. Conservative (Christian) Right (e.g., here) to fall all over a speech which involved moronically not thinking things through and also not really being Biblically sound. The speech of (SDA) Neurosurgeon Ben Carson (see an SDA news story here) on February 7 at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast (followed up by a Saturday morning (March 16) one at the 2013 CPAC convention (-nation first, I guess)) is being touted as ‘an amazing/stirring/thrilling speech, which is moreover claimed to have “schooled” Obama, yet it was so full of realism holes that it cannot even be rescued by a prayer...and was indeed: “incredibly rude” (cf. Matt 10:16).
            -Take Carson’s ‘Jesus-like “parable”’ [18:45-19:16]. Succinctly summarized: ‘A just-demoted-to-part-time-work father tells his five kids that their allowance will have to be reduced....except for two kids. Carson: ‘How do you think that’s going to go down the others??!’ Well that is, at best, a straw man parable because that is not at all the real life circumstances of America. Instead that “parable”, if true to the real life issues it is speaking upon, should be that: All five kids are dependent (i.e., under 18) and have an “income”. Three of those kids are in paying jobs, -actually two minimum wage, high school jobs, and one of these top three has landed a well-paying corporate employment. The other two “bottom kids” indeed have “special needs”. One of the other two kids is disabled, and the other has a learning difficulty. And their income is from goodwill donations of friends and charities. Over the years, the father has had to go into debt to provide for the family and now that he has been demoted to part time work, he’ll need more income to keep the family afloat and a roof over their head. (I.e., continue making the mortgage payments, for his also “underwater” (i.e., worth less than its remaining mortgage) home, as the economy as a whole is in difficult times, -which led to his reduction in employment. So he gathers the 5 kids and tells them that he will need to take income from them to cover the expenses of the family. So he rationally requires that the only kid with a good, secure and well-paying job contribute more from his income than also the other two with minimum wage, high school jobs, and as the outside charitable gifts for the “bottom” two kids with special needs has also been greatly reduced, and is putting their very life at risk, he uses some of that money from the other three working kids to meet those special expenses of the other two. And he even expends more for these bottom two as there are a couple of available programs which will help them to one day overcome the obstacle of their disabilities and help them to be competently functional and also contributing members of society.
            Now that is what is truly involved in American socio-economics. But don’t count on a Conservative/Republican American to do that deeper thinking through for you. “Reactionary” appeals to what is (selfishly and self-interestly) at the surface, i.e., “the other three kids will not like this” is defaulty the limitation of their “logic” and “common sense”. And of course they’ll adamant claim that this is all Biblical, as does here an SDA....

            -Next [19:17-20:45] Carson appeals to Biblical tithing as a model for taxation. Well first of all, Tithing in God’s Israel was not a taxation system. It was a welfare system for the Sanctuary Service and those who operated it in a full time capacity. In fact, (at least until kings (like the other nations)) there was no default taxation in God’s Israel. Instead, from the foundational start, God made it that the Promise Land was “proportionally (re-)distributed” according to the actual needs of households/families (Num 26:52-56). So everyone started at the same level of livelihood and economic opportunity. And then if some experienced genuine hardship, it is then that a taxation-equivalent system automatically kicked in as neighbors were supposed to most generously come to the aid of these around them in this sudden need. And it was not limited to 10%, or any percentage, but to whatever was necessary to get that poor/needy person back on their own two feet (Deut 15:7-11). Furthermore, any loan given to a person who was in need had to be completely forgiven by the end of that 7-year sabbatical cycle. The same thing had been initially been done by God in regards to providing food for Israel where people with superior means, strength and abilities were not entitled to having more. (Exod 16:16-18) Now that is the Biblical “Socialistic Equivalency” model for civic common wealth funding. And that is what is staunchly followed even in New Covenant Israel (e.g. Luke 3:10-11; Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35; 2 Cor 8:7-15; = the Ben Carson’s decried: ‘giving even if it (sacrificially) hurts (oneself)’ -(thus up to +50%)). So the Bible and its tithing system (again, which was for its Temple Servicing), does not preclude God’s instruction that people with greater means should more abundantly help those without. In fact, even in the Temple services, the giving requirement was actually specially retro-fitted to match the actual economic circumstances of poorer people, and tithing itself was actually optional and entirely left as a faith-exchange with, actually God Himself, where people would be trusting that God would help them meet their needs if they were faithful in giving that 10%. That is a promise/guarantee that today’s government cannot make, or at least, surely follow through on. (Only with government bonds is such an ‘increased return’ remotely “guaranteed” and (eventually) done). So tithing does not at all substantively compare with civic taxation on many realistic levels...but also don’t count on a Conservative/Republican to think that one through either.

            -Carson then [20:45-22:30] goes on to propose ideas to help solve America’s Health Insurance conundrums...but it is quite telling to me that I do not see any of these funding difficulties in the other Western Nations. e.g., Canada which have full, National Health Care System. It clearly must be that their domestic budget is not being sapped by an industrial military complex and spurious Gung Ho wars, for one thing, nor, on another side, is such a system left to be run by greedy, profits-controlled, Heath Insurance companies where, moreover, there they can slyly, easily, circumvented to be, no incentive to provide the best outcome (=product) for a patient, but just any profitable/money-making process. Now that is the perfect enterprise foundation for a “racket” and not surprise that this is indeed the factual case, pointedly as one’s wellness, health and even life is defaulty being taken as collateral. Now this is all what “smart” people should be able to realize, understand and figure out.

            -To hear Carson recycle the same historically debunked Conservative economic claims and arguments, such as (ca. early 1900's) “Henry Ford, et. al” trickle-down economics in his CPAC speech ([14:04-15:19ff]), (spurious claims which comprehensively proved to indeed be practically/realistically fallacious/flawed by the Economic Crash and Depression of the 1930's, -and only government intervention and assistance has come to overturn this self-defeatism activity; and, e.g., what took 10-100 people to tangibly do in the ‘great days of the Henry Fords’ now is easily done by a machine, computer and/or robot...and the “Henry Fords” of today (i.e., CEO’s) have absolutely no qualm/problem (even massly) laying off people to acquire these machines instead), is LOL comical, and such “espousing” and proclaiming by Carson do make him seem as if he has ‘just crawled out from under a Conservative/Republican rock’...and even if it is a ‘“Neurosurgeon” Conservative/Republican rock’. The key/panacea to ‘Socio-Economic astuteness and competence’ is not neurosurgery, as he implies [21:02], for that does not guarantee common or Biblical sense. Knowing the will of Jesus Christ in these things (e.g., Matt 25:31-46) is that solution (James 1:5)

            So I seriously counsel Ben Carson to learn what God/Jesus have said on such matters instead of going by the deceptively false, selfishness imbued, greed overmastered and covetousness gas-lighting (i.e., exacting fairness from systematic thieves is not “covetousness”)), starting, for an SDA, with Isa 58, and including what Jesus Testified in the SOP (e.g, WM 23-62ff), before “flirting” with U.S. Republican Politics, because, Biblically speaking, only a person already sipping from the wine of Revelation’s (Eschatological) Babylon can ever consider such ideas to be God’s Loving and Beneficent Way and Will!!
            Indeed there is nothing more useless to the welfare of the world, and also the Mandate and Mission of God’s Remnant Movement, than: SDA’s brainwashed by U.S. Right Wing, especially Socio-Economic, Republicanism!! (cf. here). That’s how you (also, seamlessly) become the Beast’s “False Prophet” (Rev 16:13)...But hey, whatever it takes “by/from” God to, as fast, and as most prominently, as possible, publicly expose the SDA Church for what it really, deceivedly (=EW 266-269), is. (=E.g., Isa 6:8-13; 42:14-17ff; Amos 7:7-9; Ezek 14:1-8; 1 Kgs 22:19-23). Indeed when the (U.S. Republican) Capitalistic World becomes “inspired” enough to clamoringly want to crown an SDA as their king, and that squarely for economic reasons, you have spiritually tangible evidence that you are most catastrophically failing this comprehensive and sequitur EW 266-269-273 Shaking/Sifting & Mark of the Beast Test!! (5T 81.1; 562.1-563.1; Luke 16:13). And indeed, why wouldn’t/shouldn’t they, as, just like them, and likewise: most “naturally” so, you, -[cf. a 07-14-2015 reminiscing here[03:40-05:52ff]], are hijacking religion/Christianity to serve your own private & political purposes (=Rev 13:11ff)... [7]

Follow Up [07-27-13] (1Kgs 22:16-18): Carson Post-Commenting: In this sermon [38:19-41:31] during the July 8-13 Impact South Africa Youth Congress, Ben Carson comments on his above related National Prayer Breakfast Speech, and (among other stated things), he says that: ‘the points/content of the speech were revealed to him by God that morning before he spoke’ [manifestly, as seen next, ‘God really didn’t want that public proclamation to be hindered...’]....Well if the above Biblically parsed, weight and discussed myopic, tunnel-vision Capitalist dogma would also have come ‘directly’ from God, then, in the light of what is presented above, I have all along been reading the Satanic Bible (Isa 5:20)!!

            Fact is, and, most stringently Biblically weighed, as with any such SDA testimony of claimed/assumed “Divine Facilitation/Guidance/Inspiration”, given the facts on the ground, it clearly is all God’s Amos 7:7-9's Wall effectuation through such ‘accelerated judgement dealings’, much like teasing&lancing an abscess to finally get it to burst and openly release its inner corruption....all towards the God allowed EW 56.1 ‘Satanic Angel of Light overtaking of the work of SDA’s’ “wrathfully” (DA 825.4) condemnation-sealing (Rom 1:18-32) development (=1Kgs 22:19-22's judgement) for their much preferred Omega Apostasying!! (Cf., an emblematic ultimate development state here and here)....But of course, one would have to have my “theological views” here to also perceptively discern and “see” this. (1 Cor 2:6-16; 2 Cor 3:7-18).

Post Script (10-14-13): Ben Carson: Video clip ‘Obamacare worst thing since U.S. Slavery; and it is slavery’....

How moronic and vacuous, not to mention again a-Biblical: “Carson for U.S. President (2016)”!!!!!.... Then, actual, and salvationally-binding, slavery (John 8:31-36) will be seamlessly continued (James 2:6-13ff); (cf. here)...Who indeed any more perfect, timely and poetically fitting to lead Babylon in this anti-sabbatical prophesied course than an explicitly outspoken representative of the coy and/or ruling, selfishness-deluded (4T 384.3) majority in the, religiously-systematic, likewise facts-indifferent, “Live and Let Die” (Ezek 16:48-50), “Sister Babylon” (21MR 380.1) Americana-inebriated (Isa 5:20) SDA Church!! (Mar 9:35)...

            ...It indeed would behoove (e.g. DA 825.4) Ben Carson better learn how to be a ‘slave to Christ’s “right-doing”’ (Rom 6:18 = e.g. Luke 10:29-37; Matt 25:31-46; 2 Cor 8:7-15; WM 23-68ff) instead of trying to be perfectly sinsensually faithful (Rev 17:2, 4; 18:3; 23b, 24) to the Capitalistic dogma of his (increasingly “burning”) “Money”[9:06]|Mammon (Luke 16:13) = Rom 6:12-23!!!
            Those who are familiar with the SDA End time prophetic scenario can easily see through Ben Carson blind fear that if America becomes more socialistic (e.g., having government-run, universal healthcare as e.g., Canada does), then that will facilitate a Sunday Law implementation & enforcement scenario.*....But those who have had the Laodicea Shaking-surviving experience of walking in Christ’s ways of True Righteousness, (=Rev 14:1-5**; and there actually are not that many), Biblically/Theologically/Prophetically know and understand precisely how final events squarely revolve around the practice of Christ’s Righteousness (e.g., LDE 218.3-219.3|DA 637.1) = Rom 9:24-29(KJV)|Matt 22:8-10ff{i.e., Matt 21:31-32(e.g. Luke 3:11) Matt 5:48|Luke 10:37|James 2:22}

* Unless, of course, Carson seriously is just that much of a brainwashed and sold out Capitalist...and thus indeed the fitting leader of this “Angel of Light” “spiritualistic” deception of Satan (2 Cor 11:14-15; EW 263-266-269-273; 1T 341.1; ST, April 12, 1883 par. 1-9ff)...Indeed, and most naturally, Carson’s ‘anti-Christ’s teachings’ political campaign increasingly has all of the outlines and talking points of Satan’s own rebellion against God’s foundational Law of Life (PP 40.1; DA 20.1-21.3ff; 1T 113.1-115.2).

** Rev 14:1-5 = Jer 6:2 - Isa 51:16 - Matt 21:5|COL 293.3-294.1[=here] - 2 Cor 11:2 - Heb 12:22-23 - Rev 3:12[=here] - Rev 19:6-9 - Rev 21:9-11ff.

February 14, 2016
Why I calculatedly now wish for Populist Donald Trump [more here] to become POTUS
            Simply and succinctly said, because he is easily, at the very least, 10X worse (cf. some Conservatives) than the 2012 Romney-Ryan Ticket was campaigning to be....-Let alone in matters of Genuine Christianity (see also here)...Some like-, small-, minded (American) people indeed just need to learn the hardest of ways.... #makingAmericaGRATEagain
#Dump the Trump #Stop Trump
#Delusional Don #F@#% Trump

Very good News, Information & Commentary Social Media accounts/feeds/videos Against Dognald Trump:



[1] By the way, Japan did not surrender after the first bombing, nor the second 3 days later, but on September 2, 1945, 27 days later!
[2] While mentioning this often mal-characterized National Leader: why not, as he recently did, quite most honestly dub a ‘multi-cruise missile-carrying drone’ an “Ambassador of Death”. Sure this is not (morbidly) euphemistically, nominally  “sexy” as e.g, “Fat Man”, “Tomahawk”, or “Trident II”, but such a (lawful) military weapon was not developed and built to... when “all normative/established diplomacy either fails or is outrightly bypass”... remotely mass distribute Jolly Ranchers. Only Americans think that a military conflict is some sort of entertainment and/or business initiative.
            -Notwithstanding, certain of Ahmadinejad cannot be rationally understood, such as denying the Holocaust and/or claiming that it was a Western machination, or saying that Israel has never had any roots in the Middle East. Fact is they did, and he just needs to check his Persian Historical records which must document the various dealings those prior kings and kingdoms had with them (cf. the Bible books of Ezra and Nehemiah). If fact it was a Medo-Persian King, Cyrus, who initially authorized and sponsored their return and reestablishment in their prior homeland. It would seem to me that Iran has no incentive at all to twist history to try to oppose Israel, because it is in history/historical developments that the chief proof is for the default right of Palestinians to the whole land formerly known, since post 70 A.D. Roman times, as Palestine. Even the fact of Western guilt for not having earlier come to the aid and rescue of Jews being persecuted by Nazis is in itself the background reason why they wanted after WWII ended, that the Jewish people once again have a homeland of their own, and so increasingly supported the forceful takeover of that land from its then rightful inhabitants.

[3] And South Korea does have sea-borne waterways leading into the Han River which in turn flows right to/through the midst of Seoul (...where 10 (proper) to 23+ (metro) million people [thus up to ca. 50% of South Koreans] live.).

[4] (If you still didn’t/don’t get it:)
"Run With Me"[Matt 22:41ff]

Verse 1
Back on my day shift[Zeph 3:5], I got my tools[Ezek 9:2b] and my lunch box[Psa 23:5]
I'm on my grind[Ezek 9:4], full time[Rev 7:1-3; cf. John 6:38], but I never punch clocks[Matt 10:9-10] = Isa 49:3-4
I'm more than muscles[Zech 4:6; PK 593-597; ST, November 14, 1900 par. 5], not a dumb jock[Matt 25:8], no tough talk[Rev 10:4; EW 50.3b]
But I could wipe you c*m[[Isa 1:15; Gen 9:6; Exod 21:23; 1 John 3:13-18] wads[Isa 64:6a] = Jos 7:10-13|3T 265.1-268.3ff] out with just one Rock,[1 Sam 17:49; 16MR 34.1,2,3; Matt 25:45; = Luke 17:1-2; Rev 18:21ff; Dan 2:34-35, 44-45] = John 14:6
That's right.[Isa 11:1-3,4-5|Jer 23:5-6|CET 228.2]
Ok you said I never had a chance[1 Sam 17:28]
But I keep proving that these hits are no accidents[1 Thess 5:19 & Ezek 4:9-17]
Traffic jammed[6T 370.3; 1 Kgs 17:1; Rev 3:9; 10:3-7], I've had it man[Rev 8:5], smashing through like batter rams[Dan 11:15]
Always stay connected like my data plan[DA 668.3]
I calm[Ezek 33:32] your nerves[Jer 8:20] like Lorazepam[Isa 4:1]
Magic man[Rev 11:11], mesmerizing[Rev 11:12] like my lava lamp[Psa 119:105; Pro 4:18; Zech 4:2-3, 11-14|Rev 11:4 = Matt 25:8]
But I could snap[Isa 22:25] like[John 2:15-17] elastic bands[Rev 11:5]
And I can be a real prick[Acts 26:14] like[Mar 11:15-17] a cactus plant,[Neh 13:25]
Now bring it back again[Ezek 14:1ff; 20:1ff]
I[Rev 18:1] got you flocking[Ezek 33:30-33; 20:1-4; Matt 3:7ff; John 6:26] like the Vatican[Dan 11:7ff|Rev 18:2-5ff] = John 9:41
Pack em'in[1 Kgs 18:21-24|2 Kgs 10:18-23], turn their music[Dan 3:5-6|Rev 13:13-17|5T 80.1-81.1] up[1Kgs 18:34–35|2 Kgs 10:24|16MR 171.1ff] and let me[~Rev 6:16-17|DA 825.4] rattle em'[1 Kgs 18:40|2 Kgs 10:25-28] = Amos 9:9-10|Rev 11:13|EW 50.3a|Matt 13:30, 40-43|EW 118.1|TM 443.3-445.2|Rev 14:9-11||PK 511.1-513.1

[Chorus: x2]
Run[1 Sam 17:24] Run[Jer 5:1; Isa 50:2] Run[Rev 5:3-4]
Run[Isa 28:15a] for the hills[Rev 6:16; 16:16] and try[Luke 6:46-49]
Try[Isa 4:1] to run with me[Isa 4:2ff; 11:1-10; Jer 12:5]
Try[Luke 4:24-30] to take a run at me[Gen 37:18-20; Jer 18:18; Rev 19:11-16]
I, I[Exod 4:12] run the beat[Rev 5:5ff]
Still you wanna front on me[1 Kgs 12:16]
But I don't think[Rev 19:17-21; Isa 49:25], no[Amos 7:8-9; Isa 54:17], I-I[Jer 7:11; 1 Kgs 18:22 KJV] don't think so[Zech 14:16-19; Isa 60:12]

Verse 2
If ya know what's good for ya[Rev 3:18; EW 270.3; Matt 25:46], then put your mic down[Rev 3:20] = Matt 11:28-30; Isa 58; Matt 25:35-36
Ya keep on swimming with the sharks[Isa 30:1-2] then you might drown[Isa 30:3-5]
I know you think[Luke 20:1-8] a lot of dung[Phil 3:3-7; John 2:20|1 Cor 2:6-16; 2 Cor 3:4-18; Isa 64:5-7] you need to pipe down[Amos 5:21-23] = 5T 80.1|LDE 209.3-210.1
And I mean right now[Rev 3:19b]
And if you know what's good for ya[Matt 24:2] better watch ya mouth[Psa 2:12]
Cause you don't know what you talkin bout.[Isa 28:9-13; 29:11-12]
Ahem[Isa 42:14ff]
Eh[Luke 3:15-17] yo[John 7:37-39; Rev 7:16-17; Isa 55:1-4ff; Rev 21:6b], my parents[Rev 21:7] always told me[1 Kgs 12:24] you can't recycle[Luke 5:36, 37-39; Matt 5:13] garbage[Exod 32:9-10||Num 14:11-12]
And as an artist[Jer 13:23] you proving that ain't far fetched[Isa 5:1-4ff]
And you the hardest... to listen to[Ezek 7], trash man[Isa 64:6]
So say good bye to your career[Ezek 34:17-22] jazz hands[Ezek 7:17]
Yea, I'm a ti++y[Gen 12:3; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14] and an a$$[Isa 58:8ff] Man[Songs 4:5; 7:3, 7-8] = Psa 69:9ff|John 2:17 = Dan 11:36-39|PK 722-733; Eph 5:25-32
At the cheapest strip club getting a lap dance[Hos 1:2ff; Ezek 11:14-15ff; Matt 22:8-10; 8:11-2|Rev 19:7-9] =Rom 9:1-5; 11:11
Masked man{Isa 6:8-13|Matt 13:10-17|2 Thess 2:11-12 = Mark 15:31-32}, b**er in my track pants[Isa 20]
Disappearing[John 7:1-9; (cf. Zech 14:16-19)] in the dark[Isa 60:2a] night[John 11:9-10; 12:35-37, 38-43] like[John 12:32, 44-50] I'm that Man[Rev 5:5ff; 7:2ff; 10:1ff; 14:1ff; 14:14ff; 19:11ff]
Back to my cave[1 Sam 22:1-2] in the early morn[Isa 50:4-5, 6-11]
Looking run down[Isa 52:14-15ff] like those chicks[1 Kgs 11:1] off of Jersey Shore[Dan 11:37]
Dog tired[Psa 22:16], body all hurt and sore[Isa 49:4]
Please have mercy Lord[Luke 23:34|Acts 7:60 = John 20:22-23], pick me[Pro 24:16] off[Psa 110:1ff; Rev 11:11-13] the dirty[Psa 69:9; Rev 11:7-8] floor[Acts 2:25-28; Rev 11:9-10] = Psa 94; 110:5-7; Rev 11:13-14; Mic 7:7-13
Pick a path[Dan 11:6] we could run[Isa 6:9-10; Dan 11:27ff] till you collapse[Isa 29:10, 14|Ezek 11:13|Rev 11:13ff --> Lam 2:9|Ezek 7:26|Pro 29:18 --> Isa 6:11-12; 28:13; Zech 14:12]
Get the people on their feet[Luke 4:20-30|DA 237.2-243.2...Joel 3:9-14|Rev 14:17-20] and get the haters[1 John 3:16-18; 4:20; John 15:18; Luke 19:14, 27 = Rev 18:2b|21MR 380.1] off their a$$[2 Thess 2:11-12 =Rev 17:12-14 vs. Zech 9:9|Matt 21:5 KJV]

Now do[Isa 6:8-13] get mad[Acts 7:54, 57] at my cocky[Luke 4:21, 23-27; Acts 7:51-53, 55-56] behavior[1 Sam 17:45-47]
And the bragging and boasting[2 Cor 11:16-12:12] it's my[Jer 1:5-10|Luke 2:34] “competitive”[Dan 11:36-39|Rev 11:5] nature[1 Kgs 19:14|EW 118.1] = 1 Sam 17:29 (NKJV); TMK 91.2-4|RH, October 25, 1881 par. 6-12
I'm an MC[Ezek 9:11|Dan 10:5-6|EW 279.2]
I'm suppose to act like I'm the illest[cf. 1 Tim 1:15]
But I know I am the best[Rev 5:5-8|16MR 34.2|Ezek 34:23-24] and I'm comfortable where my skill is[1 Sam 17:38-40]
And that makes me the realest[Phil 4:13] be honest[Matt 21:23-27; 22:41-46], plus[John 11:43-54]
No one’s messing[Matt 22:46] with my catalog[Rev 10] of concepts[Rev 4:1ff]
When it comes to live shows[Dan 10:6b] and beats[Rev 11:6], I'm the complete[Rev 11:4]
Package[Ezek 10:18-22]
Ready for some action now[Rev 11:13] dig in get some traction[Rev 11:14] and...[Rev 11:15-19]

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2A] 

[5] Also including offshoot “SDA” pseudo-eschatologies, such as the one discussed by Henry Hills (username: “HisChild”) which/who claims that: ‘God has (effectively, through his prophetic studies) showed him that because of Obama’s more socialistic policies, resulting in the “Obama-Nation”, he is a prominent part of the antichrist power. (See that full discussion starting especially here [which is resumed/responded to here, and then here] to the end of that thread)
            Incidently, in one of several substantive objecting points to his view, (which (i.e., his view [which convolutely wildly supposedly is based on the actual/prophetic meaning of what Christ said in Matt 20:16’!???]) indeed does not factually check out, let alone spiritually, prophetically and/or hermeneutically), made here I miswrote and, as a typo, had not completed the phrase (rightly leading to Hill’s quasi “no brainer” response here), which should have correctly and fully read as:
“(which actually does not even exist in all of those names, i.e., where’s the “W (Omega) - A (Alpha) reversal in the full name of: Barack Hussein Obama.”

            And in the Greek alphabet, which Henry Hill’s view squarely relies upon, the letter “U” (Gr. upsilon) is not “synonymous” with “W” (Gr. omega; Eng. ‘double-U’) But actually with the letter “Y”. In fact to be really technical vs. anecdotal here, the Greek letter omega, though it surfacely looks like the English “W”, is actually, also phonetically-wise, rendered/represented in English by an “Ō”. So all of the other claims of a fulfilled W-A reversal in the other U.S. president names, which falsely manifestly depend on the Greek omega being understood to be a “W”all failed to check out. Furthermore the “O” in Obama would be fulfilled by the actual Greek Letter for “O” (=omicron) which is not synonymous with omega. Such an assumption would be as false as claiming that the letter “V” in the English Language alphabet is one and the same, or equivalent to, the letter “U”. So Henry Hills claim here does not begin to be substantively valid, but is mere fanciful and fantastical (also ‘Hellishly-lit’, (-as it is borne out of a disdain for Obama’s (quite harmless) Socialistic (vs. purely Capitalistic), economic policies) conjecture. .... but of course, as I just re-noticed/recalled, Henry Hills arbitrarily claims, as stated in this response of his, that ‘Presidents G.W. Bush and Barack Obama are reckoned together as one king. Hence their joint Omega-Alpha reversal.’!????... So my sequitur and rational “factual linguistic logic” here really does not even begin to factor in the discussion! You just can’t begin to reason, let alone win, against such, in fact any, whimsical/arbitrary/subjective/“plastic” “substantiating”!! 

[6] Seriously with the common wailing plea to allow (even machine) guns “for hunting”, you’d think that this was the 1600's and people in America were about to starve to death...or worse...they only expect to find Tasmanian (Dust) Devils. But I guess effectively: “to each their sport”... some hunt for sport...others play violent video games!!...and they both likewise become better,t and more psychologically disposed, marksman. And you have got to LOL love the way the typical American Action/Thriller movie is almost always scripted to end up in a to-the-death fight, and as in the Wild West days, typically in a duelling gunfight at that. (Cf. Bob Costas statement(s) here). You’d think that in a country that pompously prides itself as a Law and Order society that such movie genre would instead typically end with the “bad guy” being arrested and taken off to be prosecuted rather than being contrived to be shot dead. Must be a reflection on the American distrust of their Judicial system...even their government don’t dare “arrest” and bring their enemies to their own courts but just defaultly, summarily execute/murder them!!

[7] In this show segment [02:09-03:05], TV show comedian-commentator Bill Maher tries to find fault with Ben Carson, on, (as typical from him), on Theological/religious beliefs grounds. Succinctly responded to: Bill Maher would look inside a brain, (which is not even the distinct “Mind”), and see evidence of, literally, Scientifically undecipherable design and irreducible complexity...and asininely “must” “see” a ‘chimp eating its leftover boogers’, (and that only because that “Link” just cannot be “seen”, as, unlike those chimps, it has “somehow” vanished from existence...and even Maher himself (here[27:03]) hoodwinkly-Freudianly admits that the [non-intelligent-design] “Big Bang” theory is preposterous’...but he’ll resolutely have ‘religiously blind faith’ in the scientists who are claiming it.’)....Ben Carson looks inside a brain and sees the handiwork, if not, the “spitting” “image/likeness” (Gen 1:26-27; 9:6|EW 54.2a) of “Intelligence”, -long objectively, “prophetically” attested (e.g., here) (Isa 41:21-23; 44:6-8; 46:9-11; cf. here) to indeed be “Yahweh”. As typical with his un-believing kind, patently, indifferently, “straw manly”, refusing to examine such most, even just considerably more and/or serious, advanced Biblical evidence,* (as for his Religulous {actually:} “mockumentary”), makes Bill Maher (much prefer to) indeed be of the: “Obliviously Moronic” type....’Can’t let such evidence get in the way of those money-making jokes’...
-(Update: 11-27-2017 - Nice try, Bill, but he got (partly) “Schooled”!!)


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