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SDAs = the “Synagogue of Satan”

SDAs are (Foremost) Members of the “Synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9; 3:9; EW 54-56)

            Throughout this blog, it has been stated in various pertinent contexts just how the SDA Church is being the prophetic Synagogue of Satan. (See e.g. here and here). This is a highly deceptive “assembly” which, and just as Satan when mustering a rebellion in Heaven, presents a facade of being dedicated to God, and devotedly about His Work and Glory, when all along they are indeed acting out the various character traits of Satan. Of course they do not believe this about themselves, but it nonetheless, Biblically/Righteously objectively is, as easily documentable, -as summarily/samply here done in this post, the very truth about who they really are, and/from indeed what they truly/actually “Fundamentally Believe”.
            The “Synagogue of Satan” entity is one which has been variously manifested amongst God’s People throughout the Great Controversy history. And their chiefest, indeed pointed purpose, of having been constituted by Satan beyond the primary objective of deceiving as many people as possible in order to establish a large enough populace and power base (cf. Rev 3:8b), is to, initiatively/passively, and/or actively, be used by the Devil to persecute the (actual) chosen/elect/commissioned of God (Rev 2:9)...for if/when a “religious” body itself joins with the state/civil power to marginalize, confine or even murderously persecute another religious group, then Satan has exponentially increase his sought after chance to silence the exposing and defeating testimony of that opposing Remnant Elect of God. (=Rev 11:7-10)
            So the following “indicting” (Greek: krino) citations against the SDA Church catalog how they have been used by Satan as his foremost, blissfully  “stupid”, “uninterested”, “careless” and “indifferent” (=e.g., EW 48.2; 54.2; 247.1, 271.1) pawns in opposing righteousness. (Rev 19:11):

The Synagogue of Satan:

-boldly speak knowing lies about God (Gen 3:5)

-pridefully initiate and maintain knowing lies about God’s Word, the Bible (Ezek 13:1-16; Matt 15:3-9)

-blasphemously oppose and resist the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:28-30; 1 Thess 5:19-20ff; Acts 7:51-53)

-smugly reject the testimony of God’s Spirit (LDE 59.1-61.1)

-reject Godly and Biblical knowledge in order to maintain the convenient traditional beliefs and practices (Hos 4:6; HR, September 1, 1866 par. 3|11MR 170.4)

-vexatiously, deliberately withhold speaking what they know to be the full truth so as to fasten people in their self-serving deception (Luke 20:5-7)

-indeed, prefer/don’t mind at all to play dumb in order to maintain their egoistical control over the minds, and thus “wallets”, of their flock (Matt 21:25-27)

-pompously, superficially tout their positional and educational pedigree as the determiner of Truth and smugly, knowingly do not engage the actual Biblical evidence of/for Truth (cf. DA 540.3-541.1)

-are moronically completely illiterate and unwise in Spiritual matters (John 3:3-12; 5:39)

-do not dare bring their claimed objections and accusations against God’s righteous ones to open/public and judicious light less their work of unrighteousness and evil be exposed, and thus their abusive, persecutive activity be ended (Matt 26:4, 55)

-conveniently indicts on merely appearances and not according to a judgement based on right-doing (John 7:24; Isa 29:21)

-variously obstruct the way into God’s Kingdom so that they can maintain their attained and/or sought for positions (Matt 23:13)

-even are deludely convinced that they are doing good, and God’s will as they carry out their outrightly unrighteous, evil and murderous plots (John 16:2b)

-endeavor to blackmail God because of His past, great “expenditure” upon them (Jer 7:1-15; John 8:39-47; Acts 7:48-50)

-subjectively confuse their own voice and actions for that of God (17MR 216.1 (1898))

-mindlessly say, and./or shift to whatever they need to, to justify and convenience themselves (John 19:15b; Matt 27:25)

-through selective isolations, produce a self-serving narrow view of Scripture, as well as the SOP  (Mar 12:24a:; Matt 4:4)

-snidely balk at the Sovereign Authority/Power of God (Mar 12:24b; Num 14:30, 34-35; LDE 59-61; Jer 18:1-10)

-have an ajudicial, mob mentality and behavior (Luke 23:18-23)

-cannot dare, not bear to look into the “full” Glory/Spirit of God’s Law (Matt 5:20; 2 Cor 3:7-18; EW 285.2|GC 640.2)

-“zealously” strain at gnats and indifferently swallow camels (Matt 23:23-24)

-have selfish, unrighteous characters, and are (thus) Spiritually unwise (4T 384.3; 2 Thess 2:11-12; Dan 12:3-4, 10)

-are basely only motivated, actuated and compelled by signs and wonders and not by righteousness principles (Matt 16:1-4; EW 50.3)

-are “unsealably”, animalistically controlled by the “bellies” (John 6:26-27; 16MR 34.3; Phil 3:18-19; 2 Pet 2:15; Rev 2:14)

-revere their thieving incompetence and stupidity (John 3:10)

-sanctimoniously, “bastionly” cover up and cloak their ensnaring works of petty and high handed evil with institutional, and systematic, covertness (Matt 23:2-7; John 8:4; Luke 16:14-15)

-astoundingly, atrociously, and fittingly, “indifferently and care-lessly” so, smugly and self-righteously fail God’s “Full and True” Shaking Test (EW 269-273; LM 341.5; Ezek 9:8)

-revel when people are turned away from Christ’s Full Gospel Truths (5BC 1136.9)

-vigorously oppose the formation of Christ’s ChurchTriumphant (CW 59.2)

-is composed of influencing fallen angels (= “demons”) (AG 162.4), and in turn human-“converts” extendingly acting the parts of these demons (DA 746.3-749.2; GC 638.2; EW 269.2a)

-is a “Jezebel” (Rev 2:20-23) to God’s (True/Full/Progressed) Elijah Work (Mal 4:4-6; Matt 17:11-13; Rev 16:15-16; 13:13-14ff) (1 Kgs 19:1-2; EW 284.2)

-are, just like their “unrighteousness” and lies teaching-leader Satan (Matt 4:6|Luke 4:9-11), smugly great at selectively choosing certain isolatively “favoring” and “conveniencing” passages from Scriptures, knowingly dismissing and ignoring any other, -through which to base their Satan-agenda-advancing deceptive traditions (2 Tim 3:16-17)

-are vainly ever learning, but, self-idolatrously, deliberately, flippantly/frivolously are never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. (Hos 4:6)

-desperately resort to lying plants in order to trump up their persecutive, abusive, demonically impishly sadistic, murderous false testimonies (John 8:44; e.g. Matt 26:59-68; =LDE 121.2-4; 2MR 207.6-210.3)

-juvenilely have a stuntedly non-exegetical, -let alone Biblically Spiritual, but anecdotal, “naturalistically”-unwise hermeneutics (1 Cor 2:6-16; Dan 12:3-4, 10; John 3:3ff; =1SM 108-110)

-are most successfully duped by their leader Satan that their vexatious, righteousness-silencing, lawless, persecutive ways and measures are God’s greatest and express will (John 16:2 =LDE 121.2-4)

-love to play their "grown up children (1SM 110.1); inherently "Freudianly" convictions-assuaging (Matt 27:39-44), a-Spiritually (1 Cor 2:6-16), novicely (Heb 5:11-6:3), blindedly (2 Cor 3:7-18) and immaturely (Isa 28:5-13) ignoramus (Rev 21:7), -thus necessarily-blasphemous (Mark 3:28-30|Luke 12:10), impishly hellish (Matt 26:24; John 13:26;11:49-53), psyche-torturous, games (Matt 26:67-68|Mark 14:65|Luke 22:63-65) (John 10:31-39)

-are desperately afraid of transparent, open, public procedures (John 3:19-21)

-moronically rely on lying, trumped up accusations (Matt 26:59-64; cf. DA 164.4)

-will go to any unlawful, malicious, invalid and even self-indicting means to exact their vexatious vendetta (John 8:3-4ff)

-hypocritically feign friendship and “hospitality” for their nefarious intents (Luke 14:1; 22:47-48; Matt 26:49-50; EW 15.1b)

-are, “elementarily” or, at best, “secondarily”, mindlessly/indifferently/carelessly Biblically clueless about their deception by the actual, Final/Eschatological, Overmastering Delusion Schemes of Satan (Isa 29:9-16; 2 Thess 2:7-12; EW 263-266-269)

-are critically unrighteously deficient in the truths of, experience with, and (thus) insights and revelations from, God (Dan 12:3-4, 10; Rev 3:14-18; Lam 2:9; 1SM 25.4)

-swallow camel-swallowing gnats (Matt 25:45; Amos 5:18-27; Zech 7:8-14; Matt 12:7; Ezek 8)

-self-importancingly, smugly, but just utterly blindly, -as indeed the impish pawns of Satan, self-justifyingly, “magnanimously” presume that they have determinative influence and authority into the well-being and life of God’s righteous ones (John 19:10-11; Acts 2:23; Matt 16:21-23)

-conceitedly/pridefully/self-importantly, vexatiously, knee-jerkedly just cannot stand it when the Heavenly Intelligence, (LOL) even strategically, hide things from them (Luke 4:34; Matt 8:29)

-are self-idolatrously, “enshrinedly” antipathetic to God’s Sabbatical Standard (Isa 58)

-desperately need to defensively pretend that they are obtuse (e.g. John 8:37-47, 48)

-Jezebel-ly (1 Kgs 19:1-2) are a vindictively (COL 293.3ff), murderously envious and hateful, secretive, malevolent rabble (Matt 5:22; 26:47ff; 27:15-26 =Psa 35:19-20; 69:4; Jer 18:18)

-selfishly need for Christ’s Gospel Mandate to exclude His Reformed, Sabbatical Requirements (Matt 25:41-46)

-self-preservingly, egoistically rationalize that they have a shortcut/alternative to God’s All-Wise, “Permanencing” Plan (e.g. Rev 14:17-20) (Luke 4:5-8+Matt 4:8-10)

-need to vexatiously be just plain, “stupid” (Matt 23) “grown up children”, indeed (=EW 56.1) not at all being under the inspiration/influence of God’s Holy Spirit. (John 3:3ff = 1SM 108-111)

-are sanctimonious resolute hypocrites -(who are really only fooling themselves) (Matt 7:1-5)

-are fundamentally, wholly constituted, consumed & controlled by a perfect Hellish chief blending of: Selfishness (4T 384.3-385.1), Indifference (DA 825.4), Jealousy (Ezek 8:5-6) & Covetousness (EW 266-269) (Rev 3:16-17; Matt 7:21-23)

-love the wallowable play sty that they have idolatrously naturally fashioned exactly after their base and unconverted selves, which they blissfully confuse for God’s True Church (Matt 7:6; John 2:16; Matt 21:13; 23:38; GC 615.1)

-smugly think that their base, selfish/self-serving/self-interested, human-wisdom plan is better than Christ’s Spiritual, and Righteous and Divinely-Wise one (Matt 26:14-16; John 13:27; DA 720.4-5)

-are complacent morons (Matt 25:2a; 2 Tim 4:3-4)

-are ease-lovingly self-serving, unprinciplely instinctual, mush-brained dim wits (Gal 5:12, 13-14)

-love to sanctimoniously wag, push and shake their, variously “hypo~critically” gloved, blood-soaked fingers, down-turned palms and fists towards God’s Righteous Ones all in order to self-righteously gloss over their cherishedly entrenched Criminal, Capital, Abominable, sinning (Matt 15:1-20; Luke 11:37-54; Matt 23 =Rev 11:3-6)

-are self-validatingly, ignoramusly naive (John 2:17-22)

-are so (Spiritually) blind that they do not even know that they are supposed to “see” (John 9:39-41)

-love their Babylonianly-confusing “uncertain sounds” (Ezek 13:1-13)

-are: ‘sicko-callous-(sel)fishylistic-expe-hateful-loathescious’ (Isa 1:3-6-Ezek 3:4-7-John 6:26-Rev 3:16-Rev 18:2-Amos 5:18-23 =Rev 16:2ff)

-are, typologically just as in Jeremiah’s day (Jer 7; cf. Rev 11:3a), (deludedly) convinced that they are “blackmailing” God with “time & promises”/“timed-promises” (Jer 18:1-10; 15MR 292.3-4|Rev 7:1-3ff)

-pridefully need to assume that they must be “right” because they neededly, ignoramusly & cowardly, dare won’t find out how wrong they are (Matt 21:23-27|DA 593.1-594.2ff)

-are indifferently, individually, overridingly demon-controlled (Eph 6:12; cf. Dan 10:13, 20)

-are smugly, complacently as defiantly disobedient towards God, and vexatiously murderously hateful towards God’s righteous, as was Cain with his self-idolizing “Babylon-ish”, “faith-less” offering. (ST, July 28, 1898 par. 10-11; CTr 36.2-6)

-are a selectively self-amnesicly-“blissful” rabble of pride face-stuffing, then nasal-snotting, idiots (Ezek 7:17)

-are learned masters at grand veneering their systematically rotten selfish & hateful cores (John 8:44; Ezek 28:15-19; Matt 23:27-28 = Ezek 37:11a)

-self-preservingly need to lyingly act like skittish, ditsy victimed cowards (Matt 26:61; Acts 7:13-14)

-most devoted to their various, self-made gods of/for wealth (Dan 11:7-8)

-various shades of worthless, and useless, idiotic, cluelessly witless, preferably ignoramus, immature, flint-face drunk Babylonian, retardedly simpleton, infantile morons (Luke 13:7|COL 215.2; 4T 385.3; Heb 5:11-6:2|1SM 110.1)

-variously, indifferently, satisfied with a chidlishly glib, fear-determined, self-serving appeasement, “knowledge” of God, which indifferently slanders and impeaches His Character (Job 42:7-9)

-indeed, like Job’s clueless friends, just a bunch of murderous-thieving, lip-service sanctimonious, self-serving, white-washed+washing, religious kiss-ups, who only make God want to hurlingly puke (Isa 29:13-15; Rev 3:15-17; Job 42:7-9; Isa 6:8-13)

-and proudly/complacently so, direct and/or (complicitly) indirect murderers of tens of thousands of people daily, -including children & infants (Matt 25:45-46)

-always need to resort to (sanctimonious, religious) thievery (John 10:10a; Matt 21:13; Dan 11:8; Deut 5:19)

-doing anything to: “just make it go away(Rev 11:10; 14:9-11)

-innately abhor the Letter and/or Spirit of God’s Fourth Commandment/Seventh Day Sabbath (Isa 28:12)

-incontrovertibly again: are juvenile “grown up children”, who actually have no interest in knowing God, but are variously just, most basely, in it to “(eternally) save their skin” (1SM 110.1)

-through the Heavenly Intelligence, strategically oblivious that they are acting the parts in the prophetic, hellbound opposition (Matt 3:7; 8:11-12; 23:33)

-, for professing Christians: increasedly, and for unbeliever: totally, withdrawnly devoid of God’s Holy Spirit influence; -most demonstrably now, even at their utmost “best”, (“blissfully”) expounding and functioning on nothing more than ‘gas (past-disbursed Holy Spirit unction) fumes’ (Acts 5:32; 1SAT 343.1 = 20MR 269.2 = GC 46.2-48.3 = Rev 11:10)

-have long been naturally engaged in acting out their vexatiously vindictive ‘fiendish roles’ (RH, April 14, 1896 par. 7-8; COL 293.3-294.2)

-most comically so myopically and/or outrightly blind (~Gen 19:11| Rev 11:8-10|7BC 974.6-7) that it could have been easily deemed to merely be from a Strategic (2 Kgs 6:15-17) Sovereign, “Power Play” (2 Kgs 6:18-21ff; Zech 12:4ff), “Act of God” (Isa 29:10f; cf. Rom 11:25) were it not also so knowingly (Isa 6:9-10ff|Matt 13:11-17), indifferently (John 9:39-41; Ezek 8:5-6ff), natural (Isa 29:9, 13; 1 Cor 2:6-16; 2 Cor 3:7-18 = Isa 29:14-16; cf. Jer 18:1-6, 7-10)

-victim of their own, self -defeatingly&damningly futile, prophetic, privacy-violating, hyper-surveillance vexatiously retaliatory, scheme/schemings!! (Isa 29:20-21 = Rev 11:10 || Isa 29:17-19, 22-24 = Rev 11:11-14)

-have obliviously, yet still deludedly, thus most easily, long failed the (Eschatological) Rev 13:11ff “Mark of the Beast” Test (5T 81.1ff)

-are certainly not the “elect/choice one” who will not be deceived by Satan’s retailored: (Eschatological) Final, Overmastering, Spurious Righteousness Deception (Matt 24:24)

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