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Seventh-day Adventists Believe...

Capital Reasons Why SDAs Object to these Theological Views (Isa 29:1-21|Isa 29:22-24)
{Spiritually|Typically|Typologically|“Historichatologically”, conversely known as, MyNinety-Five[1]}

As documentedly and demonstrably exposed in this blog, “Seventh-day Adventists Believe” that:

-they should fear and worshpip the economy and not God (Rev 14:7; EW 266-269; TM 409.2-3; COL 294.1-2)

-the man-controlled Capitalistic economy is more reliable/trustworthy/dependable/“bankable” than the Word of All-Mighty Creator God (Exod 32:1-9; Isa 48:4-5; 44:9-20; Rev 16:14-16)

-they only have to do, and seek to do, what the (revered) Capitalistic economy is (artificially) allowing them to do. (2 Kgs 1:2-4; Isa 8:16-20)

-the craftily-demonstrated, Soviet-style Communism, lie of Satan, parallely, inherently naturally, engendered in the (“capital”) Owners vs. Workers/Union fierce contention [=LDE 116.1], is “proof” that Capitalism is God’s ideal for His People, and for the conducting of His Work. (Ezek 8:15-16)

-their long-utilized, reverentially preferred individualistic and competitive capitalistic ways of doing things is what is to bindingly determine what is God’s will in regards to which, and how, even needed reformatory works/projects are to be “ushered in”. (Matt 21:1-11|Matt 21:12-17|Matt 21:18-22|Matt 21:23-27|Matt 11:25; Psa 8:2 (DA 580.1-594.4) ~ Rev 2:19-28)

-they are not their brother’s keeper; -especially/even within the Church. (1T 113.1-115.2; HS 291.4ff)

-the, presumingly assumed, “good [but actually, unrighteous =Isa 64:6] fruit” that they have “produced” according to their, again, long-utilized, reverentially preferred individualistic and competitive capitalistic ways of doing things is the very best that God can do through His Church/People (Luke 3:7-9; 13:6-9; Isa 55:6-11 = COL 212-218)

-and most vehemently at that, that their dubbed ‘major “S’s” of distinctive (Remnant Church) Truths’, namely the Sabbath, Sanctuary, State of the Dead, Second Coming and Spirit of Prophecy, must surely not include (Biblical) Socialism. (Deut 15; Luke 3:10-11ff; Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35; 2 Cor 8:7-15)

-Christ’s foot-washing action (John 13:2-17; following Luke 22:24-27 =DA 643.4ff; 644.4ff) was actually/for a symbolistic religious rite versus the actual due tangible, practical service of one another for occurring needs, particularly amongst Church members (same passages as just above & Luke 22:24-27 = EW 15.1)

-God’s (‘disclaiming’) answering of them (Num 14:13-16), (albeit, conversely, limitedly) ‘according to their present faith’ (cf. Ezek 14:1-11), “confirmingly” means that ‘they indeed really have nothing, nor any reason, to change nor improve. (Isa 42:15-19; James 4:2b-3; 1 John 3:13-24)

-they are entitled to the, most graciously/mercifully, promised pardon and favor of repentance, for even abominations without bearing the fruit of actual repentance (Ezek 14:6; Matt 3:7-10|Luke 3:7-14; Matt 23:33)

-they, through resolute wishful and blindly indifferent, “ascertained” General Conference eisegesis, themselves (‘certainly’) are not, (and that pivotally so), the very ‘non-heathen, (Full/True) Gospel of Christ rejecting’ “city of Jerusalem” that Jesus ‘agonizingly, wailingly, and groanfully’ wept over!! (Rev 11:13; DA 569.1-579.6ff; RH, November 2, 1886 par. 2-3)

-[as it was with blind and rebellious Ancient Israel, on the borders of Canaan], God (a) cannot enter into binding judgement with them and so (b) is to act and react according to their own terms, and so they will, while still disregarding the Word and Will of God, endeavor to ‘take Canaan’, on, thus effectively, their own strength, and that God will surely do for them (in the claimed sure “Latter Rain” outpouring) what they can actually do for themselves. [Any chance of ‘taking Canaan’ will solely be according to zealously prompt obedience to God’s Word and Will, and not mere ‘“finally fed-up” will power of the Church & the “sheer numbers” in its now “arousing” members.’] (PP {387.1-}391.4-393.1{-394.3} & 395.1-405.1)

-God can/will not ever, especially covertly, variously [purposefully and deservedly] act against His formerly chosen people. (Isa 6:4, 8-13|Matt 13:10-17|John 12:39-41; 1 Kgs 22:19-23; 2 Thess 2:11-12)

-(unlike Israel just beyond the Jordan), God will not enter into judgement with them, but will instead greatly bless them, while they knowingly revere, harbor, condone and practice various “sins of Achan” in their midst. (And that because: ‘He is losing control of events and running out of time.’) (Jos 7:10-13)

-(and even in the Church Militant Age), unity is achieved and maintained by “freely” letting everyone “freely” do according to whatever is right in their own eyes (Deut 12:8-11; Judge 17:5-6)

-they have a valid, collective and individual, right/excuse, even (sanctioned) mandate, to “play the fool”. (John 9:39-41; cf. Matt 23:15, 31-36)

-as in the days of, especially, the House of King Ahab, God will overlookingly, corporately bless the Church despite indifferently entrenched “high places” for the continuing practice of its Capital Sins. (16MR 34.1-3; cf. 5MR 377.1)

-led by an effectively “paganized” (= unBiblical) leadership, that partial/“unBiblical” ways will bring the ‘Fire of the Latter Rain’ [e.g. here, here[39:38ff] (1 Kgs 18:27-29; [...see here -full context]; Heb 5:11-13ff)

-and that most indifferently, smugly so, they are the very best (thus, ever best) that the Church Militant (thus, the(ir) ‘Church Triumphant’) can (thus, will) do for God (LDE 187.2-188.5; cf. Acts 5:32)

-they should have ‘no other king but (this First World’s) Caesar’ (COL 293.3-294.1)

-like the +80% leadership failure in God’s OT Israel (= +32 out of 40 monarchs in Judah and Israel), the Church’s equivalent Administrative Leadership has the right and liberty to effectuate, implement and enforce directives and policies that are undermine and/or outrightly oppose to God’s Expressed, Perfect and Supreme Will for His (professed) People. (PP 603.1-3ff)

-if they are not obeying/doing something that is God’s Will... it is because it is God’s will that they not obey/do it??! (Isa 5:18-25)

-and that indifferently, self-justifyingly so, they have zero obligation to aborted infants because they have not been born; or worse that it is variously (i.e., “religiously” and economically) expediently much better that these infants are (indeed) murdered (and do loyally contribute towards this end). (Luke 17:1-2; cf. Rev 18:21)

-if they obey Christ and ‘also exhaustively engage in humanitarian works’ [as they, through proper “reorganization”, feasibly can], it will detrimentally affect and hinder their current, [purported] ‘mainly-[self-]mandated, exhaustive Liturgical and Evangelistic work/efforts’ (Acts 2:42-47; MH 143.3)

-doing all to save, sustain/provide and preserve/protect the lives of needlessly dying people is “politics’ (Matt 6:10)

-“social justice” (cf. e.g., Isa 1:17; Jer 22:3-5; Micah 6:8; Zech 7:9-10) actually does not/would not involve meeting vital needs of any|all (Isa 58:6-12)

-“medical missionary” work is to (“economically”, i.e., ‘non-self-denyingly’) stop short of doing whatever is necessary in order to tangibly rescue those daily dying of any preventable, curable and/or intentional causes, by thus being only made available to those who can afford its prices. (Titus 3:4; Matt 25:45; MM 131.2-3)

-the “right arm of the Gospel” is, self-interestly, merely for strategic purposes vs. being outrightly, basically/vitally, beneficent (Matt 5:45; Acts 10:38; HM, November 1, 1897 par. 11; 2SAT 141.7; 6T 327.2)

-doing all that is collectively/corporately actually possible to help all those in need, as Jesus expects, will postpone the (i.e., ‘theirs’) Second Coming. (2 Pet 3:11-12)

-if/since the Bible does not most explicitly (= “codely”) cite some of the now developed/occurring world needs, (such as abortion, lack of potable water, improper sanitation, no education, etcs.) as it does for needs that existed in Israel and First Century World, and then (when they have come to know of) the times of EGW, (such as for orphans, the hungry, thirsty, “strangers”, naked, imprisoned || health/wellness, homelessness, unemployment, etc), then they have no local ministry, nor foreign mission mandate to seek to also (fully) deal with them; -and all inherently out of their fundamental spurious theological belief that: ‘since God prophetically “saw” such need, or even, extent of need, but did not explicitly mention them, then it is because He does not want His people to undertake them. (Eccl 1:9-10; Matt 5:20; 23:24; James 4:17)

-meeting the present vital global needs is to be done, and that firstly/necessarily, “dues-payingly” (as they have to within their spurious Capitalistic ways of doing thing), merely on a individual/local/community level. (Isa 49:5-7; Psa 2:1-12- {“son(s)” =Rev 21:7*; cf. e.g., Rom 8:14; Matt 5:9; Rom 8:19; 9:26; Gal 3:26|Rev 14:12; Heb 12:8} *Now, recursively son(s) of the then (fully) functionally-reinstated God the Son, Jesus (yet still in His Human Incarnated form), now that His Redemptive Works and Priestly Ministry are completed (cf. Rev 20:11; 21:5-6.)

-actual good works (=Matt 25:35-40) won’t either be (self-)known, or noticeable/noticed, by them or others. (Matt 5:14-16; cf. 25:24-30)

-“cashing in” their “religious/denominational capital” to quasi-oathly, adamantly claim that the Second Coming will occur before some major event in their life, (usually their death), makes/has some sort of determinative and binding GC/Cosmic effectuation, implication, affectation and/or significance. (Rev 10:4-8; John 21:18-23)

-they would be acting differently than they presently are if they did not so glibly maintain a professed belief in a "soon" Second Coming. (Matt 25:24-27, 28-30)

-(albeit/at least, subconsciously so), whatever they believe, preach, teach, say must be tracely salted/seasoned with, or outrightly marinated in, various degrees of self-interest, self-seeking, and selfishness to be valid, true, and in conformity with, the character of God. (Exod 20:7; DA 20.1-21.3ff; RH, February 25, 1902 par. 2)

-God will honor present acts, attitudes and characters of knowing, revered selfishness. (<4T 384.3>; 7MR 232.4)

-the halting in here of an Ezek 8 ‘understanding sealing’ attempt towards them meant/means that God did not want them to be rebuked, “derouted”, nor “slowed down”.... [Preeeecisely!!!] (Isa 28:5-13; 42:16-17; Isa 58:1ff; Psa 110)

-their “Invasion of One’s Privacy” (=Dan 11:7-8), and systematically at that, is, sanctimoniously, actually not a (1) Sin, (2) Crime and (3) Tort... (Exod 20:15; Matt 24:2; cf. ~Dan 11:16; -Isa 54:15-17)

-they are not the directly inspired/controlled (=Matt 8:29/Mar 5:7/Luke 4:34), and/or already naturally actuating, para-devilish (=John 6:70-71) spawned, maniacal pawnish imps of Satan (John 13:27a+b; EW 56.1; 211.3-212.1; Rev 3:8; John 8:43-47 = Rev 11:10; TM 409.2-3)

-they know much better than Jesus Christ. (Luke 6:46-49)

-‘Jesus is still directing them’. -When they are, and have been for a while now, under the God-permitted, adverse-prophecy-fulfilling, direct, controlling, “drawing-back” deluding influence of Satan himself. (EW 54.2-56.1; cf. John 11:46-54)

-the lukewarmness, waywardness, sins and outright abominations in the Church must not be rebuked, addressed and dealt with in a “Straight” way (LDE 175.3-176.1; PK 139.3-142.2)

-despite having the very same spiritual discernment and practical benevolent works deficiencies as the First Century Jews, among others, they would not also have rejected and crucified Jesus Christ. (e.g., John 10:22-25, 30-38; 5:36; 8:12-13ff; John 14:10-11; cf. 7:17; RH, June 9, 1904 par. 6)

-what they have ‘always, now, come to, (i.e., “traditionally”) believe to be the ‘full/whole Truth’’ rules out any exegetically deepening, correcting and “fully fulfilling” Truth. (“Isa 29:9-14” = Matt 15:1-9; cf. Col 2:8)

-both arriving at accurate, concrete exegetical Truth and having a uniform and accurate Scriptural/Factual foundation from which to derive Biblical understandings is making, and/or will make, ‘people become robots’. (Jdg 17:6; 21:25; John 17:17-21)

-they do not need to sacrificially perfect Christ-like character in this life, i.e., in regards to truly loving others (indeed as they love themselves) which primarily involves meeting, at the very least, the (vital) needs of others since: (a) they won’t be like this once in Heaven, and also (b) there will not be any reason at all to sacrifice, nor share, in Heaven. (COL 364.2-365.3)

-True/Full Divine/Biblical love is merely a profession and the veneer of a facade. (GW92 311.3-312.2)

-despite their indifferently persisted “Laodicean State” (RH, August 19, 1890 par. 10-11), God is still in their midst. (LDE 49.1; RH, June 19, 1888 par. 5; = Ezek 11:23)

-Jesus will surely “soon” return to say “well done” to their systematized ways of selfishness. (Amos 5:18-20)

-them being translated to Heaven, and that “soon”, (i.e., as is/at their present Christian character stage), won’t actually make Heaven a living, and that eternal, Hell!! (CS 19.1-5|RH, May 15, 1900 par. 1-11; DA 641.3; OHC 278.3; COL 331.1-2, 332.3; 2SAT 294.3; RH, June 11, 1901 par. 4; 15MR 171.2)

-the All Mighty God of all Creation has really no intervening or overturning control, nor power over (present) “natural” disasters. (Matt 8:27)

-the present state of natural disasters is the worst frequency and intensity condition that this planet can ever attain. (e.g., LDE 256.3)

-supposed fulfilling signs of the times (such as the August 2011 England Riot(?!!?)), relieves them from actually, truly obeying Christ’s Full Gospel Mandate. (Matt 7:21-27)

-the Church’s leadership, namely Scholars, Pastors, Administrators, Professors, Teachers, Church Officials, Appointed Delegates, etc, are not, nor to be, held interdependently and collectively responsible for the Church’s current lethargy and defectiveness which is directly reflective of their wrong example. (2T 545; 35, 36; EW 268, 269; 4bSG 26-28ff)

-the Church is not at all, nor in any way, responsible for their “haemorrhaging” of ca. 1300 members per day. (Ezek 34:1-22)

-when a personal sacrifice on their part is required, the work of God should then be limited to 19th century means and methods (James 4:3)

-the current capitalistic “seeking for position” in the Church, in all of its related manifestation, is ordained by God for the organizing and conducting of His work. (1SM 175)

-the: [exegetically accurate] ‘teaching them in order to (i.e., to result in) continue all, to the extent that I charged you that they must be accomplished’ in Christ’s Gospel Commission is a actually only a ‘selectively optional suggestion’ that certainly does not either have these binding meanings of: “in order to/result in” “continue”, “all”, “to the extent” “charged” “must” nor “accomplished”; -especially now, for them, ‘the surely-running-out-of-time “Remnant”’ (Matt 28:20)

-they do not really need another prophet because: ‘they know exactly what is to be done/everything now is just fine/they have figured out everything that has been given’ #NOT! (Rev 3:17; Hos 4:6-7; Isa 42:19-21; 5T 80.1-83.2)

-there is “denominational security” in marginalizing or ignoring God’s prophets/prophetic messages. (Jer 37:15-16; 2 Chr 20:20; EW 270.3; Ezek 9:2ff)

-Jesus Christ’s Great Gospel Commission does not extend into the temporal realm, thus is merely to affect people along spiritual/health lines vs. socio-economic ones. (MM 268)

-the Full Gospel Mandate Expectation of Christ is actually non-applicable, and thus really, vacuously powerless in the face of today’s actual great and “costly” world needs. (Matt 28:18)

-the historical fulfillment of Rev 10 in the period of the “Great Second Advent Movement” was not to be followed by ‘the measuring of that then rebuilt Temple to see if it measures up’, as prophetically continued in Rev 11, and that, so it can actually “contain” the abundant blessing that God intends to bestow on Zion. (Zech 2)

-like the legalistic First Century Jewish Leaders, there is nothing more involved in God’s Sabbath than a merely “God-ward”, letter-of-the-Law observance of the correct day in the correct way; and certainly nothing as dedicatedly equally in the, even vital, humanitarian, socio-economic (= sabbatical) realm (See Ezek 13:4-5; Isa 58:12; Matt 12:12|Luke 6:9; Mar 2:27; and their respective wider contexts)

-a “soon Second Coming” is preventing them from engaging in sacrificial and all out efforts to help those in even vital needs (but of course not from needlessly splurging on themselves)  (Deut 15:7-11 = Luke 13:15-16; 14:3, 5; John 5:17-19)

-only Sunday Sacredness/Worship is Biblically involved in the Mark of the Beast Issue, and thus not that by adhering in these times, either devotedly or in surrender, to pervasive Capitalistic ways. (However, thus, they themselves now have this Mark, which opposes, and bars, the understanding of the full Seal of God.) (Isa 58)

-Rev 13:11-17's “image” (Greek “eikon”; = icon) to the First Beast can only mean “the literal, real life entity” or “exact same thing” vs. the actual understanding of, as seen with ‘graven images’: ‘a representational likeness’, and thus must bar any valid Spiritual implications/application of this prophecy, derived from the Spiritual aspect in God’s Sabbath. (6T 17.1; cf. e.g., EW 266-269 warning)

-the “worshipping of God” is to be only limited to what is ecclesiastical (i.e., done in and/or related to (e.g., Saturday Sabbath) Church Services), and, optionally, to what is personal (e.g., healthy lifestyle, devotions), but not bindingly, nor especially systematically nor exhaustively, to what is societal (outreach, evangelistic, missionary, humanitarian work). (Matt 22:39-40; 1 John 3:13-22; cf. James 2:1-17; RH, September 6, 1881 par. 10)

-staunchly defending “the church” is more important than defending God’s Truths. (Matt 23:16-17)

-God’s True Church is limited to physical buildings and institutions, and a voted, and now trademarked, denominational name. (Acts 7)

-claiming a name (SDA) is synonymous to having the character, and doing the work of that voted denominational name. (Rev 3:8-10)

-they must be entreatedly supplicated to do what is Right. (Matt 7:12)

-people who freely and generously, sacrificially share, are ‘plain ignorant and stupid’, and should, indeed ‘for this world’, instead be hoarding and/or “capitalizing” as they have, and are. (Matt 10:8-10; Luke 6:38)

-going along with the world and doing what is easy and profitable is more Biblical than doing what is right. Thus they factually are by Biblical definition ‘(capitalistically-conditioned), “Morons”’. (Isa 32:6)

-being a (worldly-minded) “moron” (=being conditionedly shallow/knee-jerk-think -react-ing) is one of, and chief, fruit/gifts of God’s Spirit (vs. Gal 5:16-26; 1 Cor 13) and is much better than being ‘a “fool/foolish” for/in Christ’ (1 Cor 3:18-20; 4:6-13)

-according to their typical “spiritually elementary” and Church-related “mesquin” (small-minded) ways (i.e. vs. what they have not problem mindlessly, even needlessly, expending for worldly goods), that people in, (and, e.g., of all countries in the world), First World Countries such as the United States have not read e.g., the Great Controversy book because they do not have it, and so, through the Review and Herald-backed Great Controversy Project are mass-mailing it to {U.S. homes, a country with over 78% of its household having internet access and virtually, readily 100% of its population, and this book is freely available online, even as an audio book... [and the rich get richer!??]}. While on the other, furthering hand, the contemporary, customized, cultural-matching approach of a major motion picture, distributed in e.g., theaters, on television and/or via DVD’s, moreover needfully, greatly facilitating the world’s ca. 833 million illiterate 15+ year olds, (an approach that the Global Church can easily fully initially fund, and even produce in several involved production aspects) would have a much more captivating impact, particularly if this is first done with the Desire of Ages. ... But of course ‘EGW pointedly said this for the GC book’ (yet, of course, not as exclusively, narrowmindedly, Spiritually-immaturely; nor, especially, in the common, ‘Christ-second-placingly’ way, as SDA’s, for glibly and theological fallacious, ‘time-is-running-out’ reasons want/prefer to, Spiritually-speaking, delusionally, obliviously, fancifully believe. = Matt 23:23!!(cf. John 12:32) {} = TBD

-the religio-geo-political “living witness/testimony” that God sought to established with national Israel was never a crucial part of His GC and world-redeeming plans, and thus not yet fulfilled OT prophecies will fail to have a tangible, temporal application. (Isa 55:8-11; EW 228.2; 279.1)

-their currently maintained, half, and actually “anti”, (Full) Sabbath of God Message is fulfilling the clear Matt 24:14 ‘living testimony|witness’ that God is endeavoring to present to the world (CT 321.1-324.3)

-‘believing and “energetically” preaching in the (soon) Second Coming’ entitles them to, as their leaders (= ‘dishonest shepherds’) are indeed currently doing: ‘foul the residue with their feet’ (Ezek 34:18), thus ‘trodding down and fouling the Light of God’s Full Sabbath Truth under their feet’ (Ezek 34:19 & Isa 58:13). (EW 36.2 = Ezek 34 = 8T 247.1-2&1T 619.1)

-a belief in a ‘soon Second Coming’ warrants, even ‘demands’, the discarding of “righteousness” (COL 312.3; Matt 5:20; 25:31-33ff; Acts 17:31; Rom 9:28 (KJV); LDE 218.3-219.3)

-they, and their cherished “system”, are right-eous. (Ezek 8; Matt 23:1-5; Ezek 18:25, 29; 33:17)

-there is nothing capitally wrong with their, now entrenched, general and pervasive master character of individual/corporate “selfishness” and “careless indifference”. (Ezek 8:5-6)

-this Capitalistic world-like defaultly and systemic, entrenched and revered, indifferently sectarian, proudly individualistic and “jealously” independent give them an excuse and right for making erroneous statements and claims. (Ezek 8:7-13)

-like Ancient Israel, pridefully choosing to ignore all SOP prophecies that speak against them and prophesy drastic judgement for corporate sins, will somehow prevent these from being fulfilled. (Jer 36)

-the Holy Spirit, in its Latter Rain outpouring will, like brainwashed androids, force them to like and do, what they currently don’t like and loathe to do, if even being done at all. (Acts 5:32)

-they are currently living up, and that most faithfully so, to all the Early Rain Light/Mandate (TM 399.1-2)

-God is responsible for them (choosing, and that indifferently so), not to do His will. (Ezek 2:8-3:3, 3:4-7, 8-9)

-the Latter Rain will produce what is to be done under the Early Rain. (TM 506-512)

-God will “ultimately” send persecutions in order to, and that “surely”, revive them and impel them to finish the work (2 Tim 3:12|GC 48.3; Isa 42:14-25)

-as conditioned to do so, Biblical Doctrines and Teachings merely are for creedal purposes, and do not actually all have a tangible and practical end goal. (Psa 119)

-not all deviance from God’s perfect, revealed ways constitute sin in the eyes of God. (Luke 12:48)

-subconsciously, through an unbiblical view of ‘God and the Future’ and the ‘Overruling, All Mighty, Power of God,’ that God now has His back to the wall, and cannot further delay, or outrightly postpone, a now supposedly unstoppably unravelling end. (Num 14:34b)

-they will reap a healthy and bountiful harvest where they have not cultivated, or even planted. (9T 28, 29)

-God will send angels to do the work that they are not endeavoring to do, as currently fully capable. (RH 15 Dec 1885)

-the resolutely maintained, ardent profession of a belief in a nearness of the Second Coming is an economically-entrenched, expedient excuse to ignore those ten of thousands who are daily dying from curable and preventable reasons including being-murdered (= “aborted”) infants. (19MR 158.3; Luke 10:31 & 32; 1SM 121.1)

-their recommended, moved then voted upon, and resulting majoritarily carried and thus adopted (i.e., and not “God-given”) denominational name actually determines their character and present, irrevocable standing before God, rather than, conversely, their actual individual/corporate actions (Rev 2:9; 3:8-9)

-the “Testimony of Jesus/SOP” dichotomicly supercedes Jesus’s own statements (Rev 19:10; John 14:17, 26, 16:12-14)

-ca.100+ year old SOP statements are to only be understood literalistically, rather than mainly out of their also incorporated and involved, enduring Spiritual principles.(1 Cor 2:6-16; John 7:17)

-deliberately playing dumb and just completely ignoring Bible or SOP passages that oppose their views, or would seem to oppose them, is proper and responsible exegesis. (2 Tim 3:16; 2 Pet 1:20-21)

-shortly after 1881, in the dream recorded in RY 161.1-163.2, Ellen White knowingly obeyed, what they indifferently deem was ‘a demon appearing as her dead husband.’ (cf. John 10:20)

-through capitalistically influences, that there is no such thing as corporate sin and corporate responsibility, especially stemming from an individual action, and thus, in complex circumstances, they opt to ‘just be concerned about themselves, and their own well-being.’ (ST, April 21, 1881 par. 22-25ff; ST, January 20, 1881 par. 16)

-God has no better option/alternative than what the capitalistic economy is allowing them to “manage” to do. (Ezek 8:14)

-there is nothing unequivocally evil in racially, and economically-derived, institutionalized divisions. (Gal 3:28)

-formally recognized and utilized, ‘non-paid due to non-educated’, lay pastoring is Biblical (1 Tim 5:17-18)

-formally recognized and utilized, ‘non-paid due to non-educated’, lay pastoring is of no consequence either to the individual being literally exploited, or to the increased and fruitful advancement of the work of the Church. (Matt 15:14)

-God actually stands for America’s (so-called) ‘“freedom/liberty” to (subjectively) sin’ tenet; instead of His own, Truth-based/anchored: “Freedom/Liberty from, and being (legislatively) forced to, ‘transgress God’s Law(s)’, including in Religious (=First 4 Commandments) Matters. (John 8:32-36; Rom 8:21; 1 Pet 2:16; Gal 5:1, 13-14)

-American style freedom of speech is perfectly acceptable in the Church vs. freedom of truth and so leaders, scholars, teachers,  preachers and writers are free to spout off their personal opinions and views, even from formal “pulpits”, rather than first engaging in a collective ascertaining of what truth is on such a matter, and that without any corrective or reprimanding consequence. (Judges 17:6)

-in order to avoid a repetition of the ca. 1888 rejection of the A.T. Jones and E.J. Waggoner major message and their various minor understandings, it is better to not “check” the “SDA pulpit”. (2 Tim 4:1-5)

-God inherently only can, or paramountly only cares to, fulfill, especially adverse, prophecies/promises (Ezek 18:21-23, 27-28; 33:8-9, 10-20; Jer 18:6-8)

-God needs to send an endtime Elijah, and is really going to “strike the land with a curse”, because ‘the Church’s older and young people do not see the same in regards to various peripheral/liturgical church/worship matters.’ [‘Except, (as many examples in, at least, major convocations show) for applauding (vs. saying Amen) in Church, of course, because that really is a different, occasional, issue’; and also, for that same-spirit matter, when it comes to obeying Jesus as to what is to be exhaustively (=Matt 25:45) done in regards to fulfilling His Gospel Commission mandate.] (Mal 4:4-6)

-Biblical “Revival and Reformation” (= LDE 189.3) is tangibly rather accomplished through “Counter-Reformation” (= 1 Kgs 19:1-2|PK 159.1-2)  (Rev 2:20-24; cf. 3:9-10|EW 15.1)

-they have no “Revitalizing & Reformatory” work to do other than to now ‘merely heightenedly make more grandiose, vacuous, and sanctimonious, non-penitent professions and claims.’ (Matt 15:1-14ff)

-it’s all God’s fault that they do not love Him more/enough to be doing His Work. (Ev 696.3)

-like e.g., ‘most SDA’s in the days of EGW’ (see e.g., 10MR 167-170), the (1) adulation of fellow Church members and (2) (maintained) worldly approval and rewards of money, is paramount to determining what the actual (present) Truth and Will of God is, vs. Biblical principles, counsels and mandates. (John 8:39-55)

-like 1st Century Jews, that strictly observing the Letter, and now Spirit, of God’s Laws precludes its practical aspects in fully meeting the vital needs of all those in need (Luke 10:25-37)

-there are no ‘most abhorring (spiritual) things’ being committed in the Church today. (Ezek 8:17-18)


-they have a Denominational Constitutional prerogative option to selectively and/or partly deal with the various revered standing, enshrined institutionalized abominations in the Church. (3T 267.1; ~RH, January 10, 1888 par. 1)

-being “kindly, courteously, and politely” self-appeasingly, selfishly indifferent in the face of blood shedding and blood gushing, outright evil is reflecting the character of Jesus Christ and His Gospel mandate. (only will result in (e.g.,) the Luke 21:21|Isa 63:1-6 corporate vengeance)

-the “Medical Missionary” mandate means “Local (Profiteering) Consultant”. (Luke 10:29)

-the Church’s supporting Institutions (Hospitals, Schools, Food Plants, Publishing Houses, etc) are to “service” those who can afford to pay for these goods and services. [Case in point, ca. 40,000 people in the U.S. have been dying each year for lack of access to medical services due to not being insured, while 35% of SDA Hospitals & Sanitariums (= 58, with +9 million outpatient visits (= 69% of global total)) are in the NAD’s U.S. territory] (Luke 10:31; Isa 58:10-11 = here)


-these Institutions are there to serve themselves. (Gen 12:2)

-there is some Biblical/Spiritual validity and benefit, actually sustained by economical expediency, to having a denominationally “independent” category of ministries being established and remaining as solely “supportive ministries”, which do not at all involve, present and maintain a Christlike-marred “face” of internal discord, strife, competition, selfishness, jealousy and divisiveness, among other such derived base and evil traits. (John 17:20-23)

-“Biblical prophecies have now expired” (Jer 18:1-6; Isa 55:10-11; Isa 42:17-20; 15MR 292.3-4; LDE 59.1-61.1)

-spiritually speaking, the toes of the representational statue in Dan 2 ‘don’t have toenails that can grow’, or worst, that ‘God’s back is to the wall as He surely cannot now make the toenails of His, moreover, metallic image, grow’, (=thus extending Time to as long as it needs to be before He has effectuated Christ’s Second Coming). (Jer 18:7-12 & 13-17ff)

-a “soon Second Coming”, (indeed ‘surely in their (own individual) lifetimes’!!), is an ‘Absolutely UnalienableFact”’ ({Isa 58:1-2|EW 36.2} = {Rev 7:1-3ff|EW 36:1-38.2}; Isa 22)

-this (asinine) belief in a “soon (= ‘their present, own lifetime’) Second Coming” gives them the spiritually prerogative right to, and that of course: for the rest of that ‘present. own lifetime of theirs’, abrogately curtail, and ‘draw back from’, God’s Full Sabbatical Gospel Mandate. (EW 56.1)

-the mention of two distinct ‘mountains’ in Dan 2:35 and 45 is mere prophetic “dictum” and has no, ‘actually quite significant’, temporal meaning and implication. (E.g., Mic 4:1-5; Psa 15 & 24:1-6; EW 285.1-286.1 versus EW 286.2ff|GC 662.3 = Dan 11:45|Rev 21:9-10 + Rev 14:1-5ff  (Ev 707.2); cf. Psa 118:19-23)

-“advanced Revelation symbology which involves the functions and purposes of God’s created works is, in its due, fullest application, “quasi-mysticism”. (Mar 4:11-12)

-God has not already, explicitly told them to endeavor to meet the vital need of all those in such needs, include the “very least” of ‘being-aborted-infants’, and so if He wants this to be done in this time, He would have pointedly said so. (Matt 25:31-46; ST, January 7, 1897 par. 9)

-working to meet the needs of all those in vital need is a betrayal of, and hindrance to, a professed belief, that the world is going to end soon. (This is actually, merely a capitalistically-based, self-justifying, excuse.) (1 John 3:14-19)

-endeavoring to fully establish the SOP in its Biblical light is not Evangelistically “tactically” crucial, thus actually keeping the light of the SOP under a sectarian bushel. (Matt 5:14-16)

-non-timed, eschatological fulfillments of Bible prophecies are not possible, but merely “historicist” fulfillments. (Matt 24:3ff)

-because of their current “great, organized and “militaristic”” numbers, they are surely going to win this current eschatological Spiritual Civil War (Dan 11:6b, 25; Isa 54)

-SDA Institutions are not to be wholly devoted to the support of the work of, and at the full service of, the Global Church, but must also, if not primarily, seek to maintain the various standards of the world. (1 Kgs 14:22-23)

-there is nothing unbiblical with, especially subjectively, violating the Bible’s/SOP’s dress & adornment standards (James 4:4-6)

-systematically addressing, for concrete truth purposes, all present and emerging issues in the Church is not a due responsibility of the various levels and sectors of the formal leadership. (2 Tim 4:1-5)

-Final Events could, and probably will, begin with an economic collapse, contrary to clear prophetic Biblical and SOP statement against this view. (Rev 16:2ff)

-sound and concerted Biblical exegesis is both, optional, and moreover, merely for pedantic posturing vs. exegetical exactitude in matters of Biblical interpretation and exposition (2 Pet 1:20-2:3)

-there is an endearing and validating virtue in their, alike deeming (paid) pastors, prefacing and claiming that ‘they are illiterate in regards to understanding original Biblical languages’. (1 Tim 4:1-5; Pro 17:15|Isa 5:20; cf. Matt 15:12-14; Ezek 34:18-19)

-extemporaneousness is proof of [LOL] (deep) Biblical knowledge, truthfulness, accuracy and even inspiration. (Acts 17:11)

-determining what is the exact/accurate meaning or interpretation of a verse and its underlying original words/text is done by sampling some Bible versions and ‘choosing what “seems/sounds” best to them’. (~Isa 29:11-12)

-(doubly) improving their various God-given “talents”, i.e., the things that they can innately naturally, readily, easily do, and/or, have been enabled to do, particularly, (i.e., sanctimoniously)  in regards to Biblical Exegesis, will result in them (a) losing this (especially when) “lone” talent altogether, and (b) thus them not having anything productive to present their Master when He returns. (Matt 25:14-30|COL 325.1-365.3)

-by the vast majority, obtaining a diploma from an SDA Religion Department and/or a Theological Seminary was merely for wall hanging and displaying, or as a “rite of passage” to justify being in the “paid membership club”, and is not to translate henceforth into faithful application in ministry practice. [Would you prefer to be treated by a doctor who prefers, and that for social/relational acceptance reasons with you, not faithfully and fully apply what he or she supposedly learned in Medical School, but rather “treats” you with placebos, tea leaves, mesmerism, and of course, a heart-warming smile??!] (Ezek 34:1-10)

-“Proof-texting” is perfectly acceptable. (Isa 8:20)

-there is nothing hinderingly/hamperingly detrimental in pastors leading Church members to unhealthy, and even toxic pastures to graze, by encouraging them to continue to study, even merely (devotionally) read, the Bible in their “favorite version” versus the most accurate Bible version available to date (namely, in English) the NASB. (Ezek 34:18-19; 2 Pet 1:20-21)

-people will be converted if/when they get dunked in baptismal waters (Psa 51:6; Rom 2:29; cf. Deut 30:6)

-(and “capitalistically” so), ‘keeping the “business” going’, especially pecuniary ecclesiastical business (e.g.,/i.e., book publishing), is much more (“expediently”) paramount than even endeavoring to obtain the concrete/rooted/factual truth on a matter. (John 4:22; cf. Matt 7:26-27)

-their paid leaders (from pastors, to teachers, to administrators) have a ‘Sabbatical and Second Coming permission’ to variously publish, preach, proscribe and/or practice varying degrees of untruths, -from the indifferent, careless, ignorant, to the outright shoddy and knowingly deceptive. (Ezek 22:23-31|Matt 7:15-27|Acts 20:25-30; Zeph 3:1-5; [and yet again fulfilling=] Ezek 34:1-22|EW 36.2)

-for whatever spurious reason(s), having their scholars produce a factually more/most accurate Bible version, i.e., exhaustively and comprehensively based on the latest scholarship, will be “sacrilegious” to the scholars/editors/contributors/publishers of e.g, (for English): the Lockman Foundation (NASB); the Thomas Nelson Publishers (NKJV); the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America (RSV/NRSV); Darton, Longman & Todd Limited and Doubleday (NJB); International Bible Society (NIV); and of course, the 47 Church of England appointed translators of King James I of England (KJV); etc (similarly Matt 23:16-17)

-silence and indifference in the face of ecclesiastical sin and waywardness (of course, their cherished ones) is the best/Biblical policy (Isa 56:10-12; 5T 209.3-212.3)

-the way to maintain (a) “unconfused certainty”, and (b) giddy bliss, is by (a) rehashing elementary curriculums , and (b) indifferent ignorance of (Fuller and Advanced) Biblical Truth. (Isa 28:5-13|Heb 5:11-6:3ff; Zech 7:8-14; Ezek 8:16-18)

-Capitalism should be “coped with” rather than “dethroned and overturned,” particularly amongst God’s people. (Luke 16:13-14)

-“Political correctness” trumps Biblical Truth. (2 Tim 2:8-9)

-there is nothing murderous with elective abortions [See this shocking documentary & other postings, by “ProLife Andrew [Michell]”, and this video; cf. here] (Exod 20:13)

-the way to ‘hasten the Second Coming’, (as stated in COL 69.2), is to, ‘preferentially, limitedly,  incompletely and imperfectly, thus really “Cross-lessly”, seek to try to do His Full Gospel Work Mandate.’ (Matt 25:45-46; MB 136.4; 12MR 237.3-238.1)

-Jesus must come back during their individual/collective lifetime because if He does not, they will then die, and that surely cannot happen. So engaging in any endeavor/work, especially towards others in need, that would have a benefit beyond their own lifetime is (by circular, self-focused defining) heretically unbiblical. (COL 69.1; RH, August 20, 1895 par. 3 & 4; 3T 512.1)

-the Church has no contribution to make to the socio-economical or geo-political community other than ‘the advocating of Religious Liberty.’ (Isa 60)

-based on Capitalistic conditioning and/or “enslaving dependence”, especially “valuable” advanced Biblical instruction has to be paid to be obtained or distributed. (Matt 10:8b)

-God can only accurately say what will occur in the future if He somehow tangibly sees this in advance, rather than merely in planning and powerfully accomplishing it, as He Himself has explicitly declared (Isa 46:9-11)

-America’s historical and ongoing development is the determinative best demonstrations of what Biblical Christianity can ever accomplish temporally. (Matt 7:21-23)

-keeping God and the Bible out of government and civil life through a “Separation of Church and State”, as most notoriously done in America, is God’s ideal for His (actual) People/Kingdom. (1 Sam 8:6-8)

-as deemed by Ancient Israel, any messages that speaks against them, their ways, and their “hopes”, like those of e.g., (First)-Isaiah [i.e., the son of Amoz] (ch. 1-39), Jeremiah (1-28|[29-33]|34-45), Ezekiel (1-24), Amos (2-9), John the Baptist (Luke 3:3-18), Jesus (Matt 21-23; John 8:12-59), EGW (LDE 59.1-61.1), surely are not from God, and thus are to be unheeded and ignored. (John 12:37-50)

-the Church of Laodicea is to be commended, and that defaulty, and pamperously, so (Rev 3:14ff -only one of the 7 Churches without any commendation; John 3:19-21; 9:41; 15:22, 24)

-self-interested/selfish (Matt 25:30), non-righteous (Matt 22:13-14), faithless (Matt 8:12-13), and non-loving (Matt 25:46) people should be allowed to live eternally. (Luke 13:23-30)

-God cannot, and will, not enter into drastic judgement with this “Seventh Church” (Jer 8:4-22)

-despite its various preferred idolatrous wayward and sinful|unbiblical practices, the Church and its effectuating leadership is, ‘especially when in [sustaining, of course] World Session’, nonetheless, irrevocably, the voice of God on Earth. (E.g., LDE 50.2-4; 59.1-61.1 || Matt 5:20; 16:23; 8T 250.3)

-in all, and any, of their actions, they are defaultly and always, innocent, and thus, vexedly, cannot ever be duly/correspondingly/fittingly reprimanded. (Zeph 3:5; Neh 9:26-3)

-the standing of the Church is solely to be “weighed” by what she has done, and not by what she actually can do with all of Light and Blessings that Christ has shed on her. (8T 247; cf. Isa 11:3-5; John 7:24)

-not doing something, i.e. what is known/understood to be right/good, is neutral (John 9:41; James 4:17; Luke 12:47; Matt 25:41-46; 2 Pet 2:21)

-God will not “really” hold their sins of omission against them; and especially if they do not take the possible measures to make these omissions realizable. (16MR 234.2|Matt 25:24-30)

-promises made to “them”, (but which are actually over 100 years past due), and ‘staunchly believing in those promises’ comes to, and that defaulty/automatically, mean that ‘God will not execute promise-halting judgements on them, particularly in this (stubbornly) claimed/believed “last generation”.’ (Num 14:11-12, 34b-35; Heb 4:1-13; 6:4-8; COL 145.1; 1SP 239.2; 15MR 292.3)

-they can, indeed “should” gloss over and ignore, (indeed as passé), the many and ample “warnings and reproofs” (see e.g., LDE 59-61) given in the SOP (3SM 84.3; cf. EW 211.1-212.2=CET 228.1-3)

-God cannot work outside of, and even in intended opposition to, the present formal organization of the Church, especially since ‘He really has no “capital” reason to do so.’ (1 Sam 15 & 16)

-the global, lay membership cannot, crucially, be, and actually must not be, educated and instructed to be functional in sound and concrete Biblical Exegesis, lest they find it not fun enough or too hard. (Matt 7:24-27)

-as dictated by Capitalism, people are virtual coin-machines and thus God’s work cannot be properly done unless they are marketly paid. (Matt 10:9-10)

-as conditioned by Capitalism, Truth is to be arrived at through a mutually exclusive, competitive model and not through a collaboratively cooperative one. (Luke 22:24-27)

-the proper understanding and fully accurate and transparent proclaiming of the 70 Week prophecy is not a present major obstacle, nor an indispensable cornerstone of this movement/Church. (1 Sam 17)

-it is perfectly normal and acceptable for (even) their (paid) pastors to be scholastically: outdated, deficient and/or outright ignorant (Luke 6:39; Jer 6:13-15; 8:4-12ff)

-due, proper, and the extent of, Biblical Exegesis is to the depth of Strongs’ Dictionary definitions... and of course, rightly pronouncing those Hebrew or Greek words. (Matt 23:2-5ff; Ezek 34:18-19)

-hearing a publicly proclaimed (audio) sermon determines the truthfulness of its content/message. Probably why they also ignore the rebukes, testimony and counsels in the writings of the SOP. (Ezek 9:1-4ff)

-they only have a Cross-less and ease-loving duty/responsibility to find and pick ‘nearby, low-hanging fruit in “non-settled” areas’. (GW92 328.2-331.1)

...and via all this is how Bible and SOP eschatological prophecies have been, and will continue to be, fulfilled.

Cf. this post.

[1] ...and by now, I would encapsulatingly summarize my, since-launched: “Spiritual Civil Warring”(=Dan 11) against the SDA Church, and also against the lead-taking & enjoining Worldlings (Zech 13:6; ~Matt 20:18-19) in the following penultimate salvo, based on this ‘pop-ular’ music video:

"I'm Not The Only One" [John 8:28-29|Isa 6:8ff]

Verse 1a
 You [Matt 26:63, 65-66] and me [Matt 26:64], we made a vow [Matt 27:25 vs. Isa 6:11-13|Matt 13:13-15]
 For better [Rev 22:11b] or for worse [Rev 22:11a]
 I can't believe you let me down [Isa 4:1]
 But the proof's in the way it hurts [Matt 8:29|Luke 8:28; Rev 11:10; 6:15-17]

Verse 1b
 For months on end I've had my doubts [Rev 14:11]
 Denying every tear [Matt 13:42; Luke 16:24]
 I wish this would be over now [Isa 63:3|Rev 14:20]
 But I know [Rev 15:1] that I still need [Isa 63:6|Isa 66:24] you here [Rev 19:19-21]

[Chorus (1)] [Isa 5]
 You say I'm crazy [John 2:20|Matt 21:13]
 'Cause you don't think [2 Kgs 6:11-12/DA 164.4-165.2] I know [Ezek 8/John 2:22] what “you've” done [John 2:15-17, 21/Matt 27:59-62]
 But when you call me baby [Jer 9; Matt 21:14-16a]
 I know [Mal 4:1-6] I'm not [Isa 28:18-23; Matt 21:16b] the only one [Jer 7; Psa 94:1-2]

Verse 2
 You've been so unavailable [Matt 22:1-5]
 Now sadly I know why [Matt 22:11-14|COL 307-319; 4T 384-387]
 Your heart is unobtainable [Isa 29:13; Matt 21:28-32]
 Even though Lord knows [1 Kgs 12:24|Hazon 1b] you kept mine [Hos 11:8-9; Mat 9:36-38]

[Chorus (2)] [Luke 3:7-9||Luke 13:6-9; GC 46.3-48.2]
 You say I'm crazy [Matt 16:22-23|DA 720.4-721.2]
 'Cause you don't think [Amos 3:6-7] I know [Haz 9] what “you've”[GC 638.2b] done [Dan 11:7-8]
 But when you call me baby [Luke 20:41-44|GC 36.1-2]
 I know I'm not the only one [Matt 23:37-39|DA 575.3-576.1]

Interlude-Bridge [Rev 7:1-3ff; 10:8-11:3ff; 14:6-12ff; 16:15f; 18:1-5ff; 19:1-10ff]
 I have loved you for many years [Gen 45:5-8; 50:20]
 Maybe I am just not enough [Isa 6:11-13]
 You've made me realize my deepest fear [Rev 14:7; Amos 3:8; Ezek 3|Rev 10:8-10; Rev 11:3 || Isa 53; Matt 26:39|3SP 95.3; Rev 11:8|GC 616.3ff]
 By lying [Ezek 13; Isa 28:17] and tearing [Isa 6:8-10ff] us up [1 Kgs 18:17-18; Isa 50:1-2]

[Chorus (3a)] [Matt 21:18-19|DA 580-588]

 You say I'm crazy [Matt 26:67-68; 27:38-44]
 'Cause you don't think [John 13:26-28/Matt 10:34-36] I know [Luke 22:48/Rev 19:15] what “you've” [John 6:70-71/2 Thess 2:7-12] done [LDE 121.2-4/Heb 4:12-13/]
 But when you call me baby [Luke 22:51|Matt 18:6, 10]
 I know [Luke 22:43|John 18:6|DA 694.5; Haz 1] I'm not [Matt 26:52-53] the only one [Matt 26:39b, 42b, 44b|John 15:18-25]

[Chorus (3b)] [Luke 23:27-31]
You say I’m crazy, [Matt 12:25ff|Luke 11:17a; Matt 10:25-28|GC 46.1-48.3]
‘Cause you won’t care for what you’ve done. [EW 270.1; Gen 32:24-30|GC 613-634]
But when you deem me ornery; [Isa 6:8-13|Matt13:10-17; Isa 63:1-6|Rev 14:17-20]
I know [John 8:26-29|GC 615.1] I’m not [EW 270.4] the only one [Psa 23; 110; Matt 22:7]

The End [Rev 8:1; 11:15-18; 14:14-20; 16:17-21; 18:6ff; 19:11-16, 17-21]
 I know [1 Kgs 19:15-18|Rev 11:13] I'm not the only one [Luke 11:27]
 I know [2 Kgs 6:16-17] I'm not [Isa 37:36|GC 614.1-2] the only one [Rev 8:5-6ff]
 And I know [Ezek 9:1-2] and I know [Ezek 9:3-4] and I know [Ezek 9:5-7] and I know [Ezek 9:8] and I know [Ezek 9:9-10] and I know [Ezek 9:11] know [5T 207.2-208.3ff]
I know [Ezek 37:9-10] I'm not [Rev 19:14] the only one [Luke 11:49-50; Rev 18:20, 24; Luke 18:7-8|GC 630.2|EK #71]


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