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The Anatomy of the SDA Omega Apostasy (1 Tim 4:1-3)

Recommended Reading: SpTB02 12.1-24.4

            After a simple, cursory perusal of the various issues involved in this infamous, and since, long-looked for topic of the SDA Omega Apostasy, it can readily be understood and believed that it is indeed quite an involved topic, both historically, in the indicative “Alpha” setting up, and, as subsequently brought to my attention, (actually “remembrance” for me), in a comment below, recently (i.e., 2010ff), in the studies and writings of [PostScript (04-17-2016): the now late] Rick Howard, now also spiritually.[1] However, as with most other “New Light” issues in this blog, as the premise for arriving at the full understanding of a Biblical Teaching today lies in being willing to do God’s will for this time, as unequivocally stated in Isa 58 and Matt 25:31-46, then I won’t take the time to go into those retrospective and explanative details, for those who “philosophically” will evasively continue to refuse to heed the Gospel Truth of “practical righteousness” (which is: ‘tangibly doing what is right vs. merely saying/preaching it’), which indeed is pivotally at the spiritual heart of the Omega (indeed ‘Rebellious’) Apostasy (see SpTB02 16.4-5), will just find yet another vain, and Satan-inspired, covetousness-related (=EW 266-269) philosophy to not do so. (=1 John 3:7) And, as with any successful deception, it is rooted in a perversion of a Truth of God (-all stemming from improper Biblical exegesis and all that this entails, result in a shortsighted/narrow/one-sided view). And in this pointed case, this has been with the SDA’s claim that: “The Second Coming is surely/“evidently” so near that we don’t have to do this work.” (contra. Deut 15:7-11; -Indeed Jesus does condemn an attitude which refuse to actively advance His work prior to His return for any reason. (Matt 25:18, 24-30 & Luke 19:11-14, 20-24, 27))
            And so the counsel here is truncatedly quite simple and straightforward: seek to actually/fully walk in the footsteps of Christ and do what He self-sacrificially did, and you will be able to discern those various “vain philosophies” floating about (=Ezek 8); indeed, comprehensively, right in the sanctuaries of SDA Church (=Ezek 8:14-15), the Planning Tables of Its Evangelistic Outreaches (=Ezek 8:5-6); the Classrooms of its Educational Institutions (=Ezek 8:7-13), and the Boardrooms of its Medical and Food Establishments (=Ezek 8:16); et. al. (Ezek 8:17), and that homogeneously is a coalesced call for all to, ala. Capitalism’s chief tenet: ‘seek the very best for themselves (instead of for others) first; whether in life, career or services, (=self-seeking and selfishness), and everything else should “naturally”, even if “trickledly”, take care of itself,’ ‘for “in our (Capitalistic) world, you must first ensure that you will make money before you can actually do anything else.’ -All contrary to God’s will and His Gospel mandate. (=8T 249.2-250.2; cf. TM 372.3-373.1)
            Indeed, as the SOP, (most likely under direct guidance/inspiration), quotes in 1 Tim 4:1, (which exegetically involves 1 Tim 4:2-3), the “doctrine of demons” is chiefly a call for one to ignore what God has said to do in order to live, whether it is, surfacely, conversely so (i.e., doing what is condemned) as it was with Eve in Eden (cf. SpTB02 15.3), or, so to speak: “affirmatively so”, i.e., by abstaining from doing what God has said is good and profitable (=1 Tim 4:2-3), (both really two sides of the same coin), which in this Omega Apostasy’s case is to: ‘meet the crucial needs of all those in need in order to actually have both victory over sin and (thus) eternal life.’ (cf. SpTB02 12.3).
            Jesus Christ Himself was rejected and crucified by the people, who, were it but for their express approval, He would not have been, (as the Jewish religious leaders, and then Pilate, knew), pointedly because He had refused exalt Himself as their King, which He actually had the viable option of doing, as the Triumphal Entry candidly involved. To those casual and carnal observers, ‘He just wouldn’t “save himself”’!! But Jesus saw, due to the actual unconsecrated heart of that surfacely acclaiming throng that this would be much more catastrophic for them in regards to what that sudden Ascendency without them being Spiritually prepared for it would end up in. (cf. John 6) And so it was for their own good, if they then chose to receive it, that He instead decided to allow them to put Him on the Cross. Any one who teaches, in any trace way, a philosophy of self-exaltation, and self-betterment, indeed, actually, merely for the benefit of oneself, over Christ’s core teaching of self-denial for the benefit of others (= ‘being centered in Christ’), will be a charter part of this Omega Apostasy. (RH, November 8, 1892 par. 7; cf. 4SP 200.1-2). And what is indeed most “startling” about this Apostasy is that it most likely will be, (actually it has by now been (see the fallout/aftermath in this post)) the SOP’s (conversely) shown ‘19 out of 20’ (95%) (e.g., PC 347.5|LDE 172.1; Mar 253.2; 1T 504.2; 632.2; 1MCP 185.3), and actually much more, in the Church, thus the vast majority of the Church, and thus naturally, those who come to retain the ownership, rights and control of the SDA Church’s current, various physical institutions, who will be the apostatised group, (see this post), as it was with the Christian Church’s Historical “Great Apostasy”, with those fallen away ones having chosen to take their stand under the black banner (reflecting/setting forth the “standard/s”) of Satan (SpTB02 15.2 = EW 210.1-213.1|RH, November 8, 1892, par. 7). The justifying rationale then will indeed be to: “continue going along with the Capitalistic ways of the world in order to avoid privations and persecutions” (1888 166.2) rather than heed the full light from God’s Law (e.g., the Full meaning of His Sabbath) which solely can lead to one obtaining Christ’s righteousness (=1888 166.1)

            The Omega Apostasy will have transpired with the Shaking of the SDA Church, and it is thus no accident that the same issue of “practical benevolence” is at its crux. It is also no accident that “angels who excel in strength” (SpTB02 14.2) are standing ready to come to the aid of God’s faithful ones during this widening ordeal, when then the persecutive powers of the world will next make their physically persecutive assaults on them (vs. merely the mental/psychological ones which have thus far been inflicted upon them starting during the Shaking), thus indicating that God has correspondingly readied and delegated a Heavenly Special Force of Might and Brute Physical Strength (cf. TA 177.3; Psa 103:20) to match these sure, even militaristic, physical assaults that His faithful ones in this ordeal will have to face as they stand fast for, and are ever advancing, His Full Gospel (=Ev 514.2) Truth.

Post Scripts:

September 7, 2012
The Two Major Issues in Final Conflict
            In further substantiation/corroboration of the statement made in this comment below, I cite GC 582.3 which says in speaking about the “Impending Conflict”:

“The agencies which will unite against truth and righteousness in this contest are now
             actively at work” [=contra 1 John 3:18]

            There it is seen that Truth and Righteousness will be the pointed target of Satan in that final conflict. SDAs “halfly” understand the “Truth” implication part by preaching about the various Biblical Truth which have been affected over Church History. And with the Second Beast of Revelation 13 (focusing on Protestant Christianity) being at fault for holding on to many non-Biblical teachings which were set up by the First Beast of Rev 13, (e.g., Sunday Sacredness, Immortal Soul, etc), this issue of ‘falsified Truth’ is still present with them, however, and actually contrary to Roman Catholicism, by Protestants having distinctly espoused a Capitalistic socio-economic view, the addedly involve the issue of Righteousness, -which is “doing the right thing and at the right time”. (See e.g., here and here). So the First Beast has worked, and continuingly is, to pervert God’s Truth, while the Second one similarly affects Righteousness. Both are Satan’s, most honed, agencies for the Final Conflict in the Great Controversy.

[1] Walter Veith also has an excellent presentation on Spiritual Formation. And the Ernie Knoll ministry has 400-page chapter (PDF pp.11-412) covering the pervasive inroads of this demonic deception in the SDA Church through several of its leaders/teachers/pastors who have (or perhaps now: had(?)) embraced it and are/(were(?)) advocating it. See also this sermon by Steven Wohlberg which also addresses the parenting, general Christianity “Emerg-ent/ing Church” movement. See also the SDA-(“Alpha”) History-based GYC 2013 presentation (mp3) by Stephen Bohr. And, more indepthly and specifically, see the two-part ASI 2014 presentation by John Markovic, professor of Modern European and Church History at Andrews University here/here & here/here. (He also has a 6-Part GYC 2013 Seminar on this topic). (See this dedicated opposing website)
           One has to really wonder just how but complete Satanic delusion did so many SDA’s, particularly formal leaders ever get so devotedly, deeply and systematically involved in this heresy!!??...But that is what natural happens when individuals no longer actually have a functioning relationship with God (=EW 54-56)...they then “mindlessly” desperately/resortingly turn to paganistic, formulaistic (Matt 6:7), even duly Satanic ritualisms (1 Sam 28:6-7)... (And manifestly this is, as presented in this present post, a Spiritual precursor, and/or other extreme, deception to the “special Covetousness snare” in EW 263-266-269).
           And addedly, there may have actually trasnpired a case of a most successful, long-developing, covert-sleeper Jesuit infiltration of the SDA Church, particularly with people in these leading/influential position. (After all, the Jesuit Order’s pervasive and infiltrative covertness served as a model for the United States when it began to develop its (now CIA) Spying and Covert Activity services). Quite telling to me of this potential possibility is that I have not heard any of these (former?) proponents of these heresies actually openly repent, recant and denounce (and also not even try to defend) these things, but have virtually just silently receded back into the woodwork...as if wanting to maintain their attained high level positions and awaiting another opportunity to slyly introduce or support Catholic heresies in the SDA Church...


  1. There is a new book by Pastor Rick Howard called the Omega Rebellion. Here is a link on a couple of his sermons. What do you think.


  2. Thank you for the links “Fish”. I’ll be viewing his presentations and posting my comments on them soon.

  3. Fish, I’ve seen from the first of Rick Howard’s presentation that I had already heard similar presentations (these ones) of his on the story behind the writing of his 2010 book. (I had made a linking reference to some of them in a July 6, 2011 post in this (private) SDA Forum Thread.) When saw the title here: “The Omega Rebellion”, I thought that the name of his book had been ‘The Omega Apostasy’ and that this was a new, 2012, book of his. He however goes into more details in these presentations.

    In short, I’ll say here that I have seen that the Omega apostasy will be multi-faceted, but, as Rick Howard honed in on, it will focus, as it did in the Alpha with John H. Kellogg, on ‘a spiritualising away of concrete truth’. Howard’s work focus more on having doctrinal Truths being set aside in favor of a “Spiritual Formation” experience/instructing, which could easily lead to false doctrines being suggested by Satan in this way. My Bible and SOP studies and understanding in this regarding, indeed involving God’s Full Sabbatical Truths, show how God’s expected Practical Truths in regards to helping all those in need, are similarly being set aside by the Capitalistic Snare of Satan. Both type of deceptions are according to the EW 266-269 plan of Satan. In the “Spiritual Formation” deception, the deception is spiritually fastened by supernatural experiences from Satan which “meet” the sought for spiritual want/need, and in the “Capitalistic” deception it is tangibly fastened by the achieved rewards of money, riches, honor and status which also “meet” the seekers’ want/need.

    So I see that Rick Howard has focused on one side of the coin here, and my studies deal with the other side. Both sides most deceptively involve departing from God’s ideal and with both having a seemingly acceptable and needed “reward”, which indeed make them most deceptive snares.

    So as the “Capitalistic” deception is not widely exposed in the SDA Church, and as it is deceiving many more SDA, I have chosen to pointedly focus on it here. (Cf. LDE 218.3ff) Still, thanks again for bringing this issue up.

  4. It is also interesting to see that the “Spiritual Formation” deception serves to create a (Religious) bond with the First Beast (Rev 13:1-10) while the “Capitalistic” deception creates a (Socio-Economic) bond with the Second Beast (Rev 13:11-18). So Satan accomplishes his full Mark of the Beast purposes through both of these avenues.

  5. I appreciate your comments. I found it refreshing about his views and comments on the Church and SOP. I understand we have our problems, but this is God's church. I believe that God will separate the wheat from the tares and leave a pure church to finish the work. I look forward to God pouring out his spirit and providing the "New Light" talked about in SOP. I just wish I understood more on how and when that will happen. Thank you again.

  6. On the 3d presentation, he made a reference to the church doing work in the cities and with the youth. I don't remember his exact words but he said or inferred that God was not leading in these endeavors. He seemed to reference the current evangelistic push by the GC into the cities and GYC. Do you have an opinion and know where the EGW quote he referenced is? Thank you.

  7. I can understand, Fish, this typical/common SDA understanding that God will purify the Church from tares and so the best thing is to “stay put”, however, the problem is that this all depends (= e.g., Jer 18:9-10; LDE 59.2) on the extent to which the Church will allow present waywardness and deception (see here to reign supreme in the Church. The “conditionality of Divine Prophecy” depends squarely on what is actually done or not when the time of that prophecy comes. And as presented in this post on the 70 Weeks, God, as a form of warning, usually presents the most likely end scenario in a prophecy but does not at all mean that the converse, or the very worst scenario can happen instead. So if the General Conference itself begins to formally initiate and/or condone known waywardness, then it becomes a “Church” issue and in the end, depending on the extent to which that apostasy reaches, there may, as with the First Century Jews (Matt 23:37-24:2), be nothing left to “salvage” from that Remnant Church Organization. Particularly if, like the First Century Jews in 70 A.D., if those apostates decide to turn God’s Church into a bastion for their apostasy (cf. my comments here, which is done by those formal condoning of sin (e.g., Racially divided conference. The only option then will be reestablish the Remnant Church (=Ezek 11:22-23), the Church Triumphant (LDE 61.2-62.2) so that God’s Full Gospel Work mandate can be done (see e.g., here). So a belief that God is restricted by physical buildings or an organization is not the determinative understanding here, for God’s Church will actually be where His will is actually being done, and when a Church collectively decides to enshrine waywardness, it automatically loses its status of being God’s Church. (cf. Jer 7:1-20)

    So it is within the duty of any SDA member to both denounce and seek to eradicate sin and waywardness from the Church, and the tares will actually then leave the Church in order to continue practising these false things.

  8. In regards to the Latter Rain and New Light, the compiled SOP statements in LDE 195.1-196.1 are confirmingly/calibratingly helpful in this regard. (I suggest you also read the original contexts of those quotes).

    We need to be fully living up to the Early Rain’s Light (i.e., the counsel of the SOP), in order to begin to perceive and follow God’s Latter Rain New Light. And that Latter Rain and New Light can actually be seen by some individuals and not by others. I have seen in my studies that the Latter Rain’s New Light is founded in the Full understanding and practising of God’s Sabbath. And this is not actually something ‘revolutionary” but has always been found in the Bible (Isa 58 & Matt 25:31-46) and SOP (WM 23-62ff). And that is all what constitutes Full and True, Sealing, Third Angel Righteousness! (More on this in response to your other comment)

    You can read my other posts for more on my studied out view on the True Latter Rain and available New Light for the Full Gospel Fulfilling Remnant Church.

    As for pointedly the “when” this will be done, I see that it will actually individually be done whenever a person decides to heed Christ’s Full Gospel will (=LDE 195.2) (which is potentially, gradually, presently occurring with individuals in the Church), and those individuals will come together to form God’s “refreshed”, Church Triumphant Movement. (Cf. this allegory).

  9. I was at ca. 1/3 of the third presentation when you submitted your comments here, and had not heard him make those statements which he did go on to make at ca. 01:05:16-01:06:15. They are from EGW’s vision recorded in 1SM 204.1-205.2ff in relation to the Living Temple Book by Kellogg. It is most important to keep in mind that Satan will always try to mar the Truth of God with a subtle counterfeit, and the revealed Bible and SOP will of God is for his Church to work both the world cities, and also towards the needy of the world as well as to fully involve the youth of the Church. So the “evil” is not in doing those things, but in actually to overarching Truth replacing “philosophy” which guides those actions where God’s Truths are discarded. Both Truth and Righteous Works are to be proclaimed, upheld and done by Church members, and the Foundational Sabbatical (=Gospel Matt 11:28-30; Heb 4:1-13) Truth of God is Fully upheld when this is properly done (=Isa 58).

    You may find Dave Fiedler’s Historical sermons referenced in here on the Kellogg Crisis quite helpful for this issue as they reveal how Kellogg went to war with the SDA Church’s Ministry and reactionarily decided to, in his medical missionary work, to completely ignore the biblical/spiritual/religious and uplift merely humanitarian works instead. That is unbalancing an extreme that the Devil wants people to go to.

    The fact of the matter is that God’s truth is progressive in that it shine brighter and brighter to its fullest light, and that light comes to lighten up a future generation’s issues. So it should not be seen as contradictory if “New Light” pointedly engages issues which Prior Light did not. It was then not the need case for that Prior Light. The New Light does not render the prior light obsolete but adds to it and produces an even brighter light. Indeed that prior light shows that the foundations from which the New Light is derived is true. In all things God has both a Religious as well as Temporal aspect (e.g,. Matt 22:34-40) which work together, and this principle will be seen in “New/Present” and “Foundational/Prior” Light issues.

    So in regards to the Church working in the cities to help those in need, or the youth rising up to do what the Church is not doing, particularly in regards to empower and utilizing the Youth of the Church, I only see supporting counsel in the SOP. Doing so while ignoring God’s Truths is what is of the Devil, and that conversely includes ‘not Biblically doing such works’ which is, as the Apostolic Church did under their Latter Rain, through God’s and His Christ’s Biblical Socialism (e.g., Num 26:52-56; Deut 15:1-11; Luke 3:11; Acts 2:40-47; 4:31-37; 2 Cor 8:7-15). As you can see in many of those references, it involves a perfect blending of the Religious, Spiritual, Humanitarian and Evangelistic which will come to perfectly fulfill Matt 24:14.

  10. Relatedly, and in regards to Rick Howard’s “labor unions” commenting:

    It will however indeed be a reaction of these labor unions against oppressing Capitalist “overlords” which will result in great violence, yet that will actually be a diversionary battling. And I see that the Mark of the Beast implications with labor unions today will be in a spurious socio-economic movement against Capitalism which I am seeing is finding a fulfilment in the type of socio-political, “mixed economy” proposals being brought forth by “populace” movements (e.g. ‘The 99%/Occupy...’ ones) and political parties such as ‘Social Democrats’ ones (e.g., the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Canada and the Democrats in the United States).

    It is the most calculated, snareful ploy of Satan to make any secular Social Movement to also be laced with immorality so that, particularly “Right Wing” Christians will then more fully accept the “Capitalistic” alternative. Both extremes are of the Devil as neither actually fully and singly do Christ Gospel will. I.e., being a Moral Christian (i.e., against e.g., the homosexual lifestyle and abortion) does not mean: Money, Greed, Guns and Militarism as U.S. Republicans would have you believe, and being a Social Christian (i.e., directly helping those in need (vs. the spurious “trickledown” belief)) does not mean accepting all of those immoral practices, and especially claiming this to be God’s will.

    So the key in all of this is to ‘staunchly maintain God’s Law and Truth, but to not leave the “weightier” provisions of God’s Law undone’ (Matt 23:23-24) for Jesus clearly stated that this will result in “religious” people ending up in Hell (Matt 25:31-46; cf. 7:21-23; see also EW 36.2 = Ezek 34:1-22ff).

  11. The second of three defining qualities found in Revelation 14:12 is sufficient to identify the one and only Remnant church, because in only two moves we eliminate all but one of the 33,000 plus churches. 1. The fourth commandment eliminates all but a few Sabbath professing churches the bulk being eliminated as Sunday keeping churches. 2. The seventh commandment eliminates all but one of those remaining Sabbath professing churches because all but that one, are condemned by Luke 16:18, Romans 7:1-3 and Isaiah 8:20 because they allow members to openly commit adultery by remarriage while their original spouses still live, because Luke 16:18 accuses both the guilty and the innocent spouses of a divorce on the grounds of adultery in the following words: "Whosoever putteth away his wife and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery," Luke 16:18, and if this is rejected Isaiah 8:20 accuses the rejector of not having light in them because they are not speaking according to Luke 16:18. Reject one thing of God's Word and you reject the authority of the Word of God. Joshua 7:12 the Lord commands Joshua to destroy the covenant breakers from among them or else He will no longer be with them, but we know that capital punishment after Christ's death on the cross would rob Him of the ransom He paid for all sins let alone sins worthy of capital punishment. So since this church with over 17 million members allows members to retain their membership after remarriage when there is a divorce on the grounds of their guilty former spouse committing adultery, then Lord was quite plain in speaking to Joshua, that He would no longer remain their head. for He often declared in Person, "If ye love me keep my commandments." "Whosoever is born of God, doth hot commit sin, for his seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God." 1 John 3:9. "Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God:and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him that is begotten of him. By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous." 1 John 5:1-3. "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17. Faith is taking God at His Word, believing that whatever the Word of God declares is infallibly so. Why it is so important to increase our faith is because we cannot be faithful until we are full of faith and being faithful is being fit for heaven the second part of two conditions for heaven the first is the right to heaven, justification by faith through the imputed righteousness of Christ dying for our sins so that all we have to do is accept Jesus as the Christ, which imputes His purchased pardon for us, the right to heaven while at the same time we are born again, to receive His imputed righteousness the fitness for heaven sanctification through being grafted on to this living vine. "I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing," John 15:5.

    1. I can agree with a general view here that the SDA Church is quite lax in Church Discipline, with even their no claimed 18 million membership total being, as discussed here being highly doubtful, but in endeavoring to arrive at a Biblical Doctrine it is important to involve, and that (exegetically) properly all passages which speak on the issue at hand. So while Paul’s comments in 1 Cor 7:10-11 also do pointedly corroborate what is merely stated in Luke 16:18; Jesus Himself also said more on this issue in Matt 5:32 & 19:9. And there Jesus had clearly added/specified that: ‘only if the reason for the divorce is not because of “unchastity”/fornication/immorality (Greek: porneia; [-which probably can include, based on Matt 5:27-28] non-consumated fornication), would a resulting divorce not allow for remarriage of either (both living) party’, as it naturally/logically implies that ‘if the reason is because of immorality, then a remarriage (by the victimized spouse) is then not considered as adultery.’

      Similarly, in regards to the topic of “justification”, it is important to read, as discussed here, how Paul was “calibrated” [cf. here] by James in James 2:14-26 with the Biblical conclusion being that “a man is justified by works, and not faith alone” (James 2:24; =SOP at FW 100.1-2). And that is because works perfect&prove one’s (profession/claim of) faith. (James 2:22) Indeed, as fully discussed here and other linked to posts, even Jesus will judge&reward believers according to their works (e.g., 2 Cor 5:10; Rev 2:23; 22:12 =Matt 7:21-23; 22:1-14|COL 307-319; Matt 25:31-46). It is one thing to “hear and have faith”, but it is another thing to duly act on/out that faith. (cf. e.g., 1 John 3:13-19)...and all this ‘saving faith with its righteous works’ is from what Jesus has provided and mandated. (Eph 2:8-10; cf. Rev 19:7-9)

      And, overall, as representationally cited/listed in this post there are many, literally, vital/Capital reasons (both Spiritually and Physically), why the SDA Church has been rejected and replaced as God’s Remnant Church.

  12. Actually, this dreaded apostasy has already occurred. When the church chose accreditation as its course, our religion changed , new books were written and nothing could stop this new philosophy. God help us

    1. I am rather more comprehensive seeing that that decision to seek accreditation, -which then meant that SDA Colleges and Universities had to do things according to their accreditors, =the (Capitalistic) World’s, standard, is what set the SDA Church on the course to produce this full blown form of this Apostasy, where it now indeed, even unwittingly, cares more operate and accomplish what the Capitalistic World expects of it, than what God had called it, and pointedly these Church Schools to do. (Even SDA Academies were all supposed to be sulf-supportive)... SDA Colleges and Universities were established to train missionaries, which would have easily accomplished God’s Practical Righteousness Full Gospel Mandate on/for them (=Full/True “Medical Missionary Work”), instead of what they are doing now, which is mainly to funnel people to work in the Capitalistic World....and merely pay a tithe...if they want to. (Amos 5:21-24)

      The Church opted to not have Faith in, or rely/depend on God and His Leading through the SOP, but instead to seek to ‘have a king like the other (heathen) nations around them’ (1 Sam 8:5-8; ED 49.1; 6T 249.3-4) which indeed ultimately led to the major debacle which occurred from Solomon’s reign (6T 250.1-2ff)...

  13. Hello Njk,
    I have been following up your comments and have been very active in going through your blog on different subjects from the bible. Your blog is very helpful and I can't thank God enough for the blessings of light as can be seen. Glory be to God.

    I am a seventh day Adventist and have been keenly studying the happenings and events of God's people, you have a point that I think are very explicit but my question comes in which then is the true church,isn't God using the Sda church. Not necessarily the conference and it's organisation, but seventh day Adventists everywhere in the world.

    I am a youth Director in my church that houses more than 750 members mire than 250 youths. What is the way because I Think it will be unwise to blow my trumpet in unmusical way that will not gather the flock but scatter them.

    Isn't it my responsibility to help my church to get for prepared for the future and help my young people make their ways clear and straight with the Maker!?

    What is the most effective way to remain clear of drama and woes to behalf the church.

  14. Hello Joshua! Nice to hear from you and of your desire to be doing God’s full will.
    As here merely a succinct response to your question: God’s Church is wherever His True and Full Will is being proclaimed and done. Like the pioneers of the SDA Church, diligently seek to find God’s Full Truth in the Bible and SOP, and most importantly, once you find it, seek to do it...and God will guide you to where His Will is being properly and fully done (=Rev 14:1-5)....

    ...But be sure of one thing, which I have thoroughly learned in my own experience: Truth is not popular, and as the Bible says: 2 Tim 3:12!! So don’t expect the path to the Full Truth to be an easy one.

    So like I said, diligent study the Bible to whatever depth it is requiring, and heed these “deeper” Biblical understandings, and you are then sure to find yourself where God is. (Cf. Ezek 11:14-25)


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