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Theological Views Blog’s “New Light” (Pro 4:18)

Summary, Selective Listing of Blog’s Variously Originating “New Light” and “Present Truths” (cf. CW 33.2; COL 127.4)

            There is ample counsel in the Spirit of Prophecy in how to regard and deal with new light. These counsels are objectively both towards the one giving this new light as well as to the Church, leaders and members to whom it is being given. As these counsels are quite clear in themselves, they will not be restated here, but simply referred to. These are e.g.,:

Take Care In Receiving “New Light” - CTr 363.1-363.8;

Attitude to New Light - CW 33.1-CW 42.1
Investigation of New Light - CW 43.1-CW 51.1
Integrity of the Message - CW 52.1-54.1

The Danger of Rejecting Light - GW 297.1-300.3
The Test of New Light - GW 300.4-304.3
A Renewal of the Straight Testimony - GW 307.4-308.2
The Word of God Our Safeguard - GW 309.1-310.4
Sound Doctrine - GW 311.1-315.3
Fanaticism - GW 316.1-317.3
Self Confidence - GW 318.1-318.2
Humility in Young Ministers - GW 319.1-321.1ff

See also this SOP-laden JATS article by P. Gerard Damsteegt)

            Unfortunately, yet as expected, the presentation of New Light (which simply is/involves: ‘seeing something that was always there (i.e., in the Bible or SOP) either for the first time, or more clearly’) in the messages posted in this blog have wrongly been met with, at best, a lukewarm Laodicean attitude. I.e., to the Biblically responsible receiver, which many want to superficially flatter themselves to be, the Bible and SOP proofs given in these messages are unequivocal. However there has been a common/general self-quenching: ‘yeah, but we still don’t really need to follow it’ retort, and the sanctimonious reason for that dismissive attitude commonly is: ‘because Jesus is coming very soon’. Indeed so it the mindset of the SDA Church today. Just like the first century Jews: ‘it does not matter how they are actually acting, nor what their sins are, because their Messiah is coming very soon, as precisely indicated by fulfilling prophecies, and so there is certainly no validating reason that such a radical change and reformation is needed. In fact they, quite irrationally enough, rather be judged by the “soon coming” “day of the Lord” than by the present “word of the Lord” (=Amos 5:10-24). All of this betrays the conditioned and stroked prideful attitude of Church members to, vindictively, ‘want to be (finally) shown to be right’, than actually to ‘do what is right’. And so the gravitate and obliviously cling to anything that can serve this egoistical purpose and ignore, suppress/repress any message or call to action that they think will prevent that ‘soon vindicating fulfillment’, as if the God who explicitly spoke the (full and actual) messages of Isa 58 and Matt 25:31-46 will reject them if He finds them endeavoring to obey it. Clearly the only thing that they are fancifully afraid is that working to thoroughly help those in various needs in the world will “delay or prevent” a “soon Second Coming”, as if MH 143.3 had never been spoken and/or can’t actually bring “true success”. And so the Church is fully satisfied with whatever present success it manages to have in Evangelism and Church growth and rejects Christ’s counsel and mandate in this regard.
            Indeed this is the main opposition to the new light brought forth in this blog. As these (a) have required, and open up, much more indepth scholarly studies, (cf. here), (b) call for a much more involved, even sacrificial effort and contribution from all Church members, then, as this involves an increased expense in the resources and “talents” of time, effort and money, then they cannot be “New Light” and “Present Truth” , i.e., God’s Truth and Will. For, for this Church, what ultimately determines what is God’s Truth and Will is, actually anything, that does not “(supposedly) prolong time”; ‘or require sacrificial personal effort’; ‘necessitate more than 10%, or goes against the Mammon of Capitalism, particularly by requiring cooperation and collective effort’. As relatedly expounded here about Ezek 8, these are the actually idolatrous practices and worshipped “gods” in the SDA Church, and is the reason why the Shaking of Ezek 9 occurs.
            Of course, as it was recommended in email by the SDA pastor making the discussional comments in this post, the SDA Church has establish a system by which new light can be evaluated. See the BRI’s stipulations here. The almost default and fundamental problem with that stepped Local Church to General Conference model/approach is that, as an SDA Scholar, namely Samuele Bacchiocchi, used to repeated decry in his classroom, based on his personal observations, and as readily still easily demonstrable to this day, the vast majority of SDA Local Pastors have not cracked opened a scholarly/theological book since their days of College/Seminary studies. Indeed, if a SDA Pastor today has even received such formal, scholarly education/training, they feel perfectly contented with simply and only referring to, particularly exegesis wise, especially in regards to Biblical Languages, whatever they may have learned then; and that technically can go back to a far as 40-50 years ago. Compounded to that fact is the reality that, just as local Church Pastors, in a (false) empathetic effort to “relate” to their relatively unlearned lay audience, have chosen to keep exegesis, especially in regards to original languages, on the shelf, and even completely forget it, (i.e., for their sermon preparations), the next step in the GC/BRI’s New Light model, the Local Conference President if he/she [is there even a female SDA Conference President??] even has been a Pastor before, generally further removes themselves from indepth Biblical exegesis for their occasional sermons, if any. It reversedly should actually be those Conference Presidents who should be, and/or endeavor to become, much more adept at Biblical exegesis, indeed to properly be a Pastor of Pastors, and rightly lead those under his responsibility into God’s Light and Truth. However those Conference Presidents merely preoccupy themselves with purely administrative functions. And the same recursively, and inherently heightenedly goes for the next upward steps of the Union Conference, Division and General Conference/BRI Presidents. And the kicker in all of this is that the top GC BRI level will defaultly involve the consideration of at best three, supposedly “super-scholars”, and the fact of the matter is, from personal experience, for various also involved “capitalistic” reasons and approaches, even the scholars are lagging behind in proper Biblical exegesis, even in regards to, even most pertinent, information and knowledge that is readily available to them. In short here, and this is one of the “New Lights” presented in this blog, only the methods and approach presented here for doing such Biblical Research Works, which are indeed many, will ever bring the due/true final product here. The SDA’s dysfunctional, incompetent, slothful and, most comical of all, masses-pleasing approach will only serve to keep the Church in its Laodicean state. But such spiritual things are really only spiritually discernable. To the person who prefers to “opposingly” go by the base, individualistic, and artificially limited (i.e., “Capitalistic”) approaches, such, quite bright, “New Light” will only be “blinding” to them to the point where they much prefer to remain in their previous darkness. However John 7:17 & Matt 7:21-23.
            And as the SOP counsels, particularly against those who self-deceivedly think that New Light will never speak against the Church’s practices and (false) beliefs, and thus, effectively the Church itself:

“The rebuke of the Lord will rest upon those who would bar the way, that clearer light shall not come to the people. A great work is to be done, and God sees that our leading men have need of more light, that they may unite with the messengers whom He sends to accomplish the work that He designs shall be done. The Lord has raised up messengers, and endued them with His Spirit, and has said, "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins." [Isaiah 58:1.] Let no one run the risk of interposing between the people and the message of Heaven. This message will go to the people; and if there were no voice among men to give it, the very stones would cry out.” “GW 304.2}

            And so, with this introductorily said, in the hope that it will preempt any knee-jerk reactions to the various statements that are next said, here are summary citations of the New Light, Present Truths and various Paradigm Shifting Views presented in this blog. Of course much, much more Bible and SOP exegetical detailing and substantiation of these statements are found in their respective blog posts.

-The chronology of the 70 Weeks prophecy began in the Public Law Reading events which is recorded/located in Neh 8.

-Only a systematically collaborative and collective approach will result in producing the Biblical knowledge and various works still needing to be learned and done.

-God has been a sanctuary to those outside of Judah and is working to also bring those willing in them back into His True Fold, (which is not the (present state of the) SDA Church). (Ezek 11)

-Starting in ca. 1999, the SDA Church has begun to be measured (i.e., judged) to see if it measures up to God’s expectations.

-The Two Witnesses prophecy’s: 42 months (Rev 11:2); 1260 days (Rev 11:3); 3.5 days (Rev 11:9) and 1 Hour (Rev 11:13) all/also have timely fulfillments in the French Revolution; but not during the ca. 1.5-year “Reign of Terror” itself, but involving/including the deposing of the Papacy by France in early February 1798.

-For those who may not yet be aware, there is nothing right, nor Biblical with, really any of America’s ways of doing things.

-God does not “know” the future, but can and does accurately “foreplan” it, and “declares” that plan even a long, long time in advance and then, when the time comes, endeavors to accomplish it; -however, defaultly dependently, through cooperating human(s).

-The future does not actually exist

-God created all things, and sustains all things, and super-natural intervenes in certain affairs, all based on the converted (and probably, if non-renewable, limited) Divine energy sacrificed by Christ, which had always existed with Him as God the Son, once in Heaven for the Creation, when He was then necessarily begotten as the Mighty Angel Michael, and then when incarnated into this Earth as Jesus for its Redemption.

-Sinless Man (i.e., Adam and Eve) had complete thought privacy, just as unfallen Angels continue (or inherently all, including Fallen ones) have, and as redeemed Man will once again have in Eternity, both in Heaven and on the New Earth.

-The SDA Church has much, much more work to do in regards to duly, accurately and incontrovertibly proving its various teaching, as well as, as it inclusively also is their full duty, establishing the Bible in general on a similar, exegetically most accurate basis/level.

-Prior to the creation of any angelic being, “Jesus” was incarnated, and necessarily so, from His prior similar form as that of God the Father to the form of a Mighty Angel, and thus was then “begotten” as God’s Son.

-All believers who are in some actual or tangibly effective way martyred for the cause of God are, at some point soon after their death, resurrected and taken to Heaven, that is prior to the final, general resurrection.

-The Apostle Paul was given this martyr’s reward.

-Aborted infants, which are effectively also martyred, (and perhaps also any murderously killed infant who are still in an age of innocence), are also given the same “martyrs” reward.

-The origin of skin colors resulted from the post-flood, tower of Babel dispersion as migrated groups lived in various drastically different climates, and the body made the necessary biological changes to cope with this predominant and  constant external affectation.

-The Church triumphant will be a Church which “Shows the World” what being a believer in God is really like, and that will be made tangible manifest in how they are exhaustively, satisfactorily helping all those in need.

-“Coping” with Capitalism is not God’s mandate for His People, but completely overthrowing it for Biblical Socialism, even Communism, as done by the Apostolic Church.

-Unexegetical proof-texting cannot whitewashingly, wishfully vindicate the SDA Church.

-Jesus was born in 8 B.C. and thus began his ministry at the age of 35 and was crucified at 38.

-No form, at all, of date/timing-setting, is applicable to the fulfillment of Final Events.

-Nor is it, as well as ‘sanctimonious guile’ permissible/acceptable in proclaiming the final warning, or seeking to obtain a revival in the Church.

-The final work is to be done in an organized and systematically sustained way, and not a reckless disregard for righteousness and order. Even the Remnant of the Remnant will be harmoniously united, formally organized, adequately equipped/trained and have coordinated actions. (See EW 270.4; cf. RH, February 16, 1911 par. 5-16)

-God will only honor genuine faith, i.e., faith that is not ignoring His clear counsels and truth.

-Knowing deficient teachings and theology will not be overlooked by God.

 -Calls for the stating of original names in the Bible, especially of God’s, are substantively vacuous, and thus an outright distraction.

8. Daniel 11 - The Text - North vs. South (=CET 228.1-3)
-The North vs. South battle in Dan 11 applies to the present SDA Church vs. Rest of Christian Church battle in producing God’s True Israel Remnant (=the Southern Kingdom of Judah vs. the 10+ Northern Kingdom)

 * The Proof Is In The Bible (Acts 17:11|1 Thess 5:19-21)
-What EGW has revealed under a form of direct inspiration is easily proven to be Biblical through proper and indepth Biblical Exegesis, yet certain ‘statements of permission, vs. commission’ are also disproven by proper Biblical Exegesis.

9. Our Final Test+ Annotation (Matt 24:42-25:46)
-Many Bible and SOP statement reveal that we are currently in the Shaking of the SDA Church, and just how and why it is to transpire.

-There is an applicable deeper, naturalistic level of understanding in Prophetic Symbology.

-Because of its chief worshipful abominable (i.e., most abhorrent) sins of:
(1) individualism/selfishness/jealousy/competition (Ezek 8:5-6);
(2) corruptly deficient Biblical Exegesis (Ezek 8:7-13);
(3) the superceding of God’s ways with worldly customs and policies (Ezek 8:14-15);
(4) and reverence, adoption and adherence to Capitalistic ways over God’s (Ezek 8:16)
the Church will be Shaken.

-The SDA Church is systematically currently violating all of God’s Ten Commandments and thus is failing its Shaking/Sifting Judgement Trial.

-The present Elijah message for the Church is for a return to the fundamental reasons and practices for why God has variously blessed, especially resource wise this Church, as the SDA Pioneers, especially initially, properly understood.

-The Great Controversy war in Heaven was not merely an actual war, but also a war of sheer, brute force, where the merely physically stronger ones would prevail. (“Unfortunately” for Lucifer’s side, he had not first managed to convince enough angels of the rightness of his view.)

-Non-paid lay pastoring is not only completely unbiblical, but also actually, ultimately, impedingly detrimental to the Church nurturing, cultivating and growth responsibility of the Church.

-Formal, and even informal, Divisions and Segregations in the Church according to race, or even culture, is an outright enshrined evil in the Church, moreoverly as it is really all due to, as all slavery and segregation is, economic greed and selfishness.

-God is in total control of Final Events, and He will not permit them to begin to unravel in their “unrestrained winds” way until His Full Gospel message is first rightly preached to the world.

-There is a whole deeper level of understanding that is to be learned in the Sacrifice of Christ which has practical application for God’s righteous Remnant in the end.

-A fuller understanding of the Doctrine of Hell than mere burning in fire is arrived at through properly understanding what Jesus went through.

-By accepting or refusing to fundamentally walk in the Full Gospel Mandate of Christ, Church members are self-determining if they are wheat or tares and if they are being Shaken, as sinners, out of God’s Church Triumphant Zion.

-There is a much deeper Theological implication to the 28 Fundamental Beliefs which are to translate into more concrete practical applications and tangible demonstrations of these Truth.

-The Latter Rain will only be poured out once the Full Gospel mandate, revealed under the Early Rain, is obeyed and followed.

-The SDA Church is currently being judged, pointedly as prophesied here in the SOP.

21. A World of “Morons” (Jer 1:5b, 10; 25:15-29ff; 46-51; 52 & Dan 11:41)
–The various moronisms in the world today prominent persist all because the SDA Church has not managed to be the Global Light that God intended it for it to be, especially by now.

-The entire Shaking message, especially in our day, revolves around what is being done towards those in need, all in perfect harmony with the focus of Christ final Judgement (Matt 25:31-46)

23. My First Vision (1 Kgs 12:24)
-Starting in at least June 1999, God has been acting to both judged the SDA Church and also raised up the replacing, True Church Triumphant Remnant.

  * Testing the Spirits (1 Cor 12:10)
-God has been, and still is, providing “prophetic” light to the SDA Church through various SDA individuals, but according to the Ezek 14:1-5, 7 self-misguiding way and in order to variously also effectuate a transparent revealing/demonstration of ‘what it really/actually in the hearts’ of professing SDA’s.

24. The “Unrolling of the Scroll” (Rev 5|Dan 10-12|Rev 10-11)
-The Sealed Scroll of is collectively made up of Seven distinct key OT Scrolls.

-God is working to set up a most tangible, temporal Davidic, Little Lamb, Kingdom of God through His Church Triumphant.

-The SOP-prophesied “Mark of the Beast Testing” which leads to the Shaking of the SDA Church (5T 80-81) has already been candidly and unacknowledgedly effectuated on the atrociously wholly failing SDA Church, both internally (RH, June 18, 1901 par. 1-3ff) and externally in pointed socio-economic regards to Protestant USA’s Capitalism as per the Rev 13:11-18 Scenario.

-By endeavoring to do all that is right, one will come to recognize and understand these, actually not so hidden (in the sense of “unknowable” -i.e., e.g., contextually decipherable from the fact that Rev 10:8-11 = Ezek 2:8-3:4ff) messages.

-The Four Living Creatures represent the chief four areas which God’s needs to have properly established in order to set up His reign, through His faithful people, on the Earth, in order to be the testimony and blessing to the world that He needs to properly finish His Redemptive Work.

-The famous ‘Loma Linda Train Station vision of SDA Church Judgement’ was indeed a statement made by EGW from a Divine revelation she had been given, but did not record.

-There is more than only one Shut Door, -indeed there are 7 in this full GC.

-We are presently at the Sixth Shut Door Stage, which is the third of 4 prophetic Shut Doors

-This Shut Door is the same as Rev 3:7's door, which is also Rev 4:1's door and, as also the door into the Most Holy Place (=God’s Throne Room), all involved the fullest understanding of God Sabbath and Law.

-Those who will be Shaken out of God’s Zion will be the ones who will prefer to remain behind that Shut Door, refusing to advance in the Full Light of God’s Sabbath.

-There is a whole level of understanding beyond what is revealed in the SOP about this Great Controversy as well as Biblical Understandings, yet which is arrived at by a more indepth, spiritual and exegetical study of the Bible and SOP.

-The SDA Church currently are the strewn out dry bones in Ezekiel’s valley, after they have effectively been routed in their deficient attempt to enter into the Final Conflict.

-The Full Mark of the Beast involves, on top of Sunday Keeping, the Mark of the Second Beast of Revelation, which is adherence to Capitalism and Capitalistic ways.

32. The Coming of the Sealing Angel (Rev 6:14-7:3ff-14:20)
-The actually faithful ones in the SDA Church, as well as in the rest of Christendom will be sealed with the full Sabbatical Truth of God by the Third Mighty Angel Gabriel. And then will come a corresponding “Shaking Era” in those Southern and Northern kingdoms.

-Glibly allowing oneself to be deluded by the whitewashing, and moreoverly, military-effectuated, claims of Freedom, Deliverance and Democracy by the United States will lead on to accept the “Fullest” Development of  Mark of the Beast.

-The 1888 Message today comes to also involve obey Jesus mandate to exhaustively tend to all those in need.

-God uses, as needed, both direct as well as indirect judgement to bring about His tasks of judgement and destruction.

36.  Primer on the Plagues (Rev 8&9 || 15&16) Part 1 & Part 2
-All of Revelations Series of Sevens (Churches, Seals, Trumpets, Thunders, Plagues) have a present day, and most pivotal, application.

-Rev 12:4 symbolically involves that the Fallen Angels themselves only came to perceive Satan’s real reason for his Great Controversy Rebellion, namely his murderous jealousy for Michael/Jesus, only 4000 years later when Satan then sought to have Herod destroy Jesus by murdering the infants of Bethlehem.

-The Present Day Babylon System is fundamentally Globalized Capitalism

-The SDA Church, through its pervasive adherence to Capitalistic methods is in Babylon; and it is now time that it also “comes out of her”.

-Just as light naturally expels darkness, and spiritual light exposes error, the various New Light brought forth in this blog’s messages have revealed the (cherished) abominable, and thus Capital, errors in the SDA Church which are precluding it from beginning to be God’s Church Triumphant Remnant.

99. Woe to You Seventh-Day Adventists... (Matt 23|DA 610.1-620.4)
-SDA’s are a, relatively, long-ago, “Doomed People” (DA 580.1-588.2).

100. The Anatomy of the SDA Omega Apostasy (1 Tim 4:1-3)
Through an indifferent, “sheepishly going along”, stance towards Capitalism, SDA’s have reached an actual and effective spiritual low point of ‘calling good evil and evil good’ (Isa 5:20), thus having formed an, even in the forehead, Mark of the Beast submitting bond with the Second Beast Power of Rev 13.

101. Aborting Abortion (John 10:10)
-The only viable solution to actually saving the lives of infants being murdered in abortions is the NJK Project’s Aborting Abortion Plan, which will require a Christ-emulating “self-sacrificing”, which He will surely honor, reward and, even if supernaturally-so, alleviate/eliminate. (Mar 8:34-35 = 16MR 33.2-34.2) It all starts with abandoning the futile, dog-tail-chasing, sectarian, Capitalistic model/approach as a ministry/beneficence framework. (1MR 262.3-4)

109C. The BiblicalIdentity & Agenda of the Anti-Christ (Dan 7 & 8)
-The Bible itself provides the interpretation of the symbolism used for the first 3 Beast in Daniel 7:4-6

-The identities of the 10 horns=kings/kingdoms of Dan 7:7b actually/rather are: The Kingdoms of the: (1) Franks; (2) Suebi/Suevi; (3) Visigoths; (4) Ostrogoths and (5) the Eastern Roman Empire; as well as the Sub-Roman Britain Kingdoms of: (6) Dyfed; (7) Bernicia; (8) Gwynned; (9) Wessex; and (10) Mercia.

-The identities of the 3 horns of Dan 7:8 which are “humbled/abased” are: The Kingdoms of the: (1) Burgundians [in 532/534 AD]; (2) Vandals [534] and (3) Ostrogoths [538 & 553].

143. The Church Triumphant Seminar - Evangelism 3.0 (Rev 14:6-12)
-Presenting the Truths of God’s Remnant Church in their full exegetical implications which leads to a spiritual understanding of their (Sabbatical = Socio-economic) Character of God/Christ aspects is the fullest level of Evangelism that can and will be attained by God’s True People, -all resulting in the establishment of the Church Triumphant.

-God now, as of April 21, 2012, officially/formally has a New Remnant Church: the Fellowship of Sabbatarian Zionist Christianaires, which is His always, and presciently-so, planned, Church Militant superceding, Church Triumphant.

144B. The 144,000 - A Kingdom Number (Rev 7:1-8, 9-17; 14:1-5)
-The 144,000 is applicable in the Kingdom Ruling Powers Entities of the NJK.

144+. The “Plan A” Millennium (Rev 20:1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-15+)
- God always had, even in the New Covenant Era, a primary, = “Plan A” design to have a temporal, world-testifying, Jubilee Millennium, which is actually revealed in the straightforwardly sequential flow of Rev 20.

-This blog’s messages presents Biblically valid, and duly/pivotally actionable New Light and Present Truth.

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