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God's New, True Remnant Church

God’s New, True Remnant Church (Matt 23:37-24:2)
=The Church Triumphant (LDE 61.2-62.2)

The Fellowship of Sabbatarian Zionist Christianaires
For a while now, expressedly/implicatively, on this blog, and retroactive to ca. June 2000[1],
the readily understood message, “upon information and belief”, has been that the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is, as clearly cautioned in the SOP, for quite concrete “abominable sin reasons” (= e.g., Ezek 8; Jer 7:9-11), no longer God’s Remnant Church. Contrary to mantric SDA belief and “taming”/appeasing sermonic rhetoric (cf.  6MR 72.1), the denominational name “Seventh-Day Adventist Church” is not found in Rev 12:17b or 14:12. In fact, for the several achieved reasons stated here, (=EW 266-269; 9T 126.1-2; cf. 4SP 337.1-340.3; at now indeed the point of the transpiring of the Church’s Shaking (=EW 269-273)), the Dragon is now quite pleased with the, especially indifferent, SDA Church (vs. Rev 12:17a)! Indeed when a Church on Earth claims to be/have been, both: ‘directly called by God, and named by Him’ (cf. TM 61.2), is however now, capitally, wholesalely engaged in e.g., systematically violating, pointedly the Spirit, the also Letter, of all of God’s Commandments; willfully is no longer doing God’s appointed (Full Sabbatical Gospel) work; most devotedly obeying the unrighteous and lawless principles of the world; conforming to its selfish customs; shuns and avoids as much as feasible being God’s “peculiar people”; and is definitely not interested in being zealous either of, or in, good works (cf. SpTB08 7.1); indeed all to the point where the Apostate (socio-economic) world now (quite undistinguishingly) clamors for the likes of|from you to lead them on in their unChristlike ways; then, duly collectively as a Church, you are demonstrably, tangibly, indeed actionably, no longer ‘God’s representative of, pointedly His Character (=name), on Earth’, as it is with His Sabbatically (Rev 7:1-3ff) Sealed (Rev 3:12) Zion (Rev 14:1-5); -but indeed: Satan’s ‘organized oppositional/persecutive pawn’ (Rev 3:8; cf. 2:9 = Rev 14:12 & EW 54.2-56.1) -Indeed, realistically (Isa 5:1-7), judiciously/justly (Isa 29) and injunctively (Jer 18:9-10): thus no longer ‘the object of God’s guardianship (Isa 6:8-13|Matt 13:10-17), strengthening (Isa 28:5-13), supreme regard (Ezek 10:17-18)’ - (cf. 2SM 396.2-3)!
            So after a period of time, starting in 1999 (see here) where God, just as He had with rebellious Ancient Judah, has, duly/mercifully, systematically, stagedly been withdrawing from the SDA Church/Community (=Ezek 8:4; 10:18, 19; 11:23). As clearly expressed by God in Jer 7:1-11, just claiming, as patently, commonly done, that ‘the SDA Church is God’s Remnant Church which He himself established and guided in its upbuilding, really does not incontrovertibly mean anything. (See Jer 7:12-15).
            And so now, while the Church and its various Institutions may still be standing and functioning as ususal, it is just as vacuously desolate, as was the Jerusalem Temple on that “last day of Christ’s teaching in the temple” (DA 610.1), probably Tuesday evening of that Passion Week. While it remaining standing, continuing to run on whatever spiritual/theological oil that has it presently possesses (=Matt 25:3), it, like Jerusalem of old, in ca. 66-70 A.D. will surely, catastrophically, especially/pivotally spiritually, hit, head long, the ‘snaring obstacle’ (=Ezek 12:13) that God has left on its pathway. And not doubt, as seen in what prophetically follows in Ezek 12, the SDA Church will moronically, (as they are conditionedly, experts to so do) harp upon similar “exilic circumstances” of God’s New Remnant Movement to either entirely dismiss it on circularly self-actualized & -sustained (=Ezek 13:22) shallow/surface/“basely natural”: ‘not actually/yet tangibly realized’ | ‘I’ll-believe-it-only-when-I-see-it’ ground (=Ezek 12:22; cf. John 2:19-21) or, tacitly concedingly claim that such “catastrophic events” can, and only will, occur when EGW’s visions will come to pass. (=Ezek 12:27). And so the habitual: ‘Present Peace, Peace’ whitewashing messages of their self-serving, false shepherd Pastors and Leaders will continue to be heard throughout the SDA Church. (=Ezek 13:3ff, 10ff, 15-16).
            Yet the actionable Spiritual Fact remains that the SDA Church did not keep their side of the covenant that they voluntarily, freely made in choosing their denominational name. The Biblical Truth, as variously expounded upon throughout this blog, is that God never only had planned a Pre-Millennium Advent. (Cf. EW 286.1) That was only the Plan B, emergency escape Plan, scenario. His Plan A was always, from the start, to have His Israel reign supreme in this world and age, as a most incontrovertible witness of the kingdom of God/Heaven to all of this Earth’s countries and nations. Quite tragically, the SDA Church has theologically never gone beyond the “correct day” aspect of the Sabbath Truth. Nor did they ever live up to their “Second Advent Longing” professions for they actually proved to be more concerned about living well in/for this world/age, and sacrificing the work and cause of God whenever it conflicted with these base aims and ambitions of theirs. So they have entirely made void their claimed ‘denominational character’ and so, on the same recursive basis as stated in the SOP in 15MR 292.3-4 (1897), ‘God’s work will grandiosely go on without them.’
            Of course, the false SDA preachers will try to refute these condemnations by either “definitely” claiming that ‘the ca. 1888 failure of the Church was a first failure, and presently this is a “second time/go around” when the Church will now surely triumph’ and/or that, ‘given the “surely fulfilled signs of the times” the end can’t but happen now’, both claims actually stating that God has no other choice, nor the power to, again alter or delay the Second Coming now. Well God is quite clear in His word that He has the power to do whatever He wants, yet all the while limiting this power to whatever He sees Just to do.

            And so now, after ca. 13 years (i.e., since 1999) of increasingly being the Spiritually/Biblically/Prophetically evidenced de facto case, a New Remnant Movement/Church which goes beyond the idolatrously-stunted SDA Church is now formally/officially being established here, on April 21, 2012. (Interestingly enough, this is similar to how the SDA was eventually officially formed and organized in 1863 after the long separation of those who would form that Church from the so-called “nominal Christian, and also Millerite/Adventist” Churches, a period of time, started in 1844, during which most of their beliefs, theology and prophetic understandings/interpretations were hashed out.).
            As stated at the top of this blog post, the name official name of this New Remnant Church is The Fellowship of Sabbatarian Zionist Christianaires. (=Rev 14:1-5).[2] As with the name Seventh-Day Adventist, in fact as with the name of any other denomination, this chosen name is meant to be a statement of that denominations’ beliefs. And so this contained beliefs are as follows:

Fellowship (=Greek: koinania (‘sharing’) - Rather than the appellation of “Church”, which is readily classified as merely an institution, this denomination will be explicitly known instead as a “Fellowship”, and that is to emphatically reflect the fact that, as tangibly demonstrated by the SDA Church, just aiming to perfectly love God while not truly having fellowship of the Church members will avail to nothing but failure, as this violates the Second of God’s Greatest Commandments (Matt 22:39-40). This New Remnant, albeit Church, nonetheless fully understands that in life and for eternity, the proper fellowship of man is both fundamental to the proper functioning of a society and, resultingly, most beneficial to all who partake in it. This understanding will be fully reflected in this Fellowship’s religious, national, economic and social dealings.

Sabbatarian - This title is to reflect the fundamental belief that God’s Sabbath Truth and Rest is much more that just ‘not working on the correct day’, but is pervasively involved in all aspects of the True/Full follower of God, from beyond the religious to the economic, social and interpersonal.

Zionist - This title is to emphatically point out the long desired end goal of God for His True Israel. As such, this Church will accede to whatever Spiritual and Temporal envisionment God had in mind for His Israel, as seen in the many postponed prophecies of the Old Testament, now spiritually applicable, in their New Covenant context, yet which still will have, by sheer necessity, a temporally territorial application.

Christianaires - Implicated in this belief is the expression that while the members of this New Remnant Church will indeed be most tangibly and demonstrably, i.e., in whatever endeavor they will be undertaking, engaging in being God’s Apostles, Witnesses, Missionaries and Ambassadors throughout this world, indeed in ways and aspects that its direct precursor, the SDA Church, never came to be in a position to Triumphantly do, they will still have the realistic understanding that: this ‘present world age’ is not their final abode and that Jesus will, by unavoidable necessity return in glory to end the surely still persisting sin rebellion and restore this Earth to its original, perfect state.

            These Four titular aspects in the New Remnant Church’s name are, tellingly enough, reflective of the characteristic meaning of God’s Fundamental Four Living Creatures. Succinctly/Summarily explained here:

Fellowship = the Man (=Socio-Economic)
Sabbatarian = the Ox/Cherub (= Religious)
Zionist = the Lion (=National)
Christianaires = the Eagle (=Spiritually Filled; =Gifted)

            The unfolding of this denomination’s name is deliberately stated in a progressive order to reflect its missional development. It (a) all starts with proper fellowship, which (b) results in a fuller/est comprehension of God’s Sabbatical Truths, (c) leading to the right fulfilment of God’s Church Triumphant, Prophetic Zion objectives, which (d) all ends in God’s People giving the world its most powerful and clearest testimony of the Gospel, being then under Full/True Latter Rain power.

Membership to date: 1
(Ezek 9:8-11; Heb 13:10-16|Rev 14:4-5 (=Zeph 3:12-13); 5T 136.2)

FSZC’s Fundamental Beliefs
            As the main/fundamental beliefs of the FSZC, particularly its distinctive ones from the previous Remnant Church Organization (the Church Militant), SDA Church, have been variously expressed and expounded throughout this Theological Views blog, they will not be here restated. However a succinctly listing of these key and distinctive main beliefs can be readily gleaned from the following posts (and the links of referred to blog posts) [relation to 4 Living Creatures]:

Gospel [Man]
-For the FSZC Full meaning, understanding and application of Christ’s Gospel and its Mandate, see here and here.

Doctrines [Ox/Cherub]
-For validly continued, and Improved and/or New Fundamental Beliefs, see here.
-For Key and Pivotal New Understandings from the Bible, see here.
-For various applicational Practices and Policies, see the implied converse of what is stated here.

The Remnant (of the Remnant) [Lion]
-For the Judicial and Prophetic basis of Church Militant to Church Triumphant Transference, see here, here, here and here.

Prophecy [Eagle]
-For the Foundational Prophetic Understanding, see here.
-For the Template of Prophetic Hermeneutics, see e.g., here and here.
-For the overall Mission of the FSZC, see here.

FSZC Missions = The Church that Works
            As indicated at the very top, with the FSZC endeavoring to fulfill Christ’s Church Triumphant expectation which is: a Church, like the Apostolic Church, which lives above the religious and socio-economic hinderings of the (prior, failed) Israel “Church/Nation” and unbelieving & faithless Gentile World, to functionally, literally/tangibly become a ‘bridegroom delightful (Songs 6), i.e., religiously (Moon) and “right-doingly”|socio-economically (Sun), -fully/healthily developed Woman-Church-City-Nation (e.g., Rev 12:1; 19:7-8; 21:9-11; cf. Isa 52:1-2); -as an “army with many banners”’ (=Songs 6:4, 10; PK 722-733), then endeavoring to ‘observe/do all that Jesus has commanded’ (Matt 28:20) indeed goes way beyond mere doctrinal truthfulness and knowledge accuracy, but to concrete actions. As the SOP was shown in 5MR 204.1, this “many banners” realization will simply come through dutiful and proper “Bible order” (i.e. what is Biblical), and thus which certainly includes “(organizational) Gospel order”, which, in its mere structural implementation in the SDA Church (see below; -and see this historical series of it), has, even if really, ‘glimmeringly’ produced unparalleled results. So then, how much more will be done, -in the post-SDA Whirlwind Shaking Era (EW 270.4ff), through: indeed actual/full (e.g. contra. here), lovingly fellowshipping (e.g. Acts 2:43-47; 4:32-35; 1 John 3:13-22), ‘Truth & Deeds’ (1 John 3:18) unity and cooperation!
            Of course, as inclusively stated above, key to the Lion =National, NJK aspect of the FSZC, will be the ministry/missions work that it will be systematically engaged in doing as a nation but all this starts with, and depends upon, a dedicated and devoted laity, which, even starting now, wants more than anything, to do such missions work. And so the following is a template for organizing, empowering and sustaining such people and work, indeed starting even within the present-day, not-yet-NJK nation, state of things. (=Rev 19:7-9).

Dedicated Membership
            First and foremost, in the New Covenant, God greatly expected that He would not have to forcefully and legislatively speak to His professed people so that they would heed Him and carry out His will, but instead that they would be most submissive to the still small voice of His Holy Spirit speaking in them and informing, really mainly reminding, them of His will, as expressed and revealed by Christ. (=Jer 31:31-34; John 14:26; 16:7-11, 12-15).
            So while God in olden days would set out His will in a stipulated covenant, in the New, albeit also covenant, God instead wants a self-covenant expression of good, righteous will. In other words, He expects His people now to seek to covenant of themselves to do whatever they now is necessary and feasible in order to accomplish His righteous will. In regards to the present needs of missions, that all starts with considering the need, especially/firstly most vital need, and “offering” whatever resource, including “human resource” they have, or can obtain, towards meeting those needs.
            So for starters all those who will “covenant” to become part of this missionary organization will be agreeing to by full participants and supporters of the organization, however, as with Apostolic Church, they can, and freely want to. (Acts 4:32-37 (versus Acts 5:1-11) [-Thematically relatedly, see the: Who is the Cult? 2009 sermon by Francis Chan. -{Correction: the Apostles were actually acting according to a definite and orderly plan (Acts 1:4-5, 8)} -(Reminded me of what had likewise transpired in my 2006+ ‘Contra-Capitalistic Ways’ Maritime SDA Online Forum Discussion archivedly linked to here.)])

Efficient Organization
            Interestingly, but tellingly enough, the best available structural model for such a Global Missions organization is found in the one which is used by the SDA Church, -which was incrementally derived from the efficiency and pragmatism for the Camp/(Nation) of Israel (e.g. Deut 1:13-15), to organize its, now merely, Ecclesiastical body, thus as detailed here & here for/of: (Church/Personal Ministries (from membership)); Churches|Companies (72,144|67,078); Local Conferences|Missions (326|274); Union Conferences|Missions (52|57); (GC) Divisions (13) and General Conference (1). However for the FSZC’s Missionary Organization, as the object of all of these organizational entities will be dedicated to Missions work, their corresponding titling will instead be as follows:

FSZC Missions Organization
            As stated above, the entire organization will be administered and operated according to the Apostolic Model in Acts and will thus fundamentally involve that all available and pooled resources, including human and financial ones, be sufficiently allocated to the places wherever they are the most needed (e.g., Third World Regions).

            This here is of course, and at least for now, a (satisfactory) most basic template and constitution for this FSZC Missions Organization, all to tangibly show that much more can be done, and that most efficiently, when functional order and organization is intrinsically involved. People also tend to trust, join and/or support more a (transparently) functionally organized establishment as they hindering feeling of them ‘(blindly) throwing themselves and/or their resources/money in the wind’.

[1] See e.g., in the red, bold & underlined statement in the August 2000 letter (to JMM) on page 325 of this document.

[2] That name does not “roll off the tongue”, yet only for the superficially shallow observer is that factor ever to begin to be influential and/or determinative of anything. In fact, by also not being “fluently” abbreviationable, i.e., try smoothly saying FSZC, it will help to prevent the import of this name being “eclipsed in abbreviation”, as with e.g., SDA. 


  1. Interesting blog, Yes the sadventist church has long been in apostasy.... will you visit us at timesandlaws.wordpress.com

    We have studies on the 144,000, what is happening in the Tabernacle today, the fall of the SDA, where to go for the time of trouble.

    Thank you-- his servant

    Yasharon Yilyashaba

    1. I’ll allow this explicit referential request Yasharon, but of course, the prophetic “Theological View” of this blog/ministry is that God is, -indeed due to the utter failing of the SDA Church, now operating on the expected Rev 7:1-3ff|15MR 292.3-4 “Prolonged Time” Agenda, which involves that all prior “Plan B” prophecies have likewise been put on hold, re-applied and even superceded by God’s Plan A Jubilee Millennial “Greater Works” application.


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