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The Coming of the Sealing Angel

The Advent of the Third Message's Angel (Rev 6:14-7:3ff-14:20)

            As it was first mentioned in this post, EGW relates in EW 254.1 a very pointed, and keyly detailed, account of when the Third Angel began to sound its message. She says that:

As the ministration of Jesus closed in the holy place, and He passed into the holiest, and stood before the ark containing the law of God, He sent another mighty angel with a third message to the world. A parchment was placed in the angel's hand, and as he descended to the earth in power and majesty, he proclaimed a fearful warning, with the most terrible threatening ever borne to man.

            As shown by the supplied emphasis, the key issues here for this discussion are the facts that this Third Angel was a “mighty angel” and also that Jesus had placed a “parchment” in his hand. While it may for now seem exaggerated to see these seemingly trite words as being “pointed”, it is by comparing them with other similar mentions of Jesus commissioning angels with special messages that reveal that these were not empty words. As it will also be shown in this post, there are also other similar key, “loaded”, words and expression in this SOP revelation which also contain quite significant Theological and Prophetic meanings.

            Normatively in this blog, such a blog post is made in fully developed explanatory paragraphs, but the deeper this topic is studied out, the more layers and levels of corroborating and furthering understandings are seen. So merely for the sake of, at least for now, time, i.e., the time needed for the full exposition of those studies, this post will here only be made in bullet type “thetical” points, under their pertinent sections, succinctly/conclusorily summarizing these studies/observations. So for now, this is a sort of “expanded outline” of this study. (The citing/linking of source references may also be omitted).

The Time of the Third Angel
-As it is said that this Mighty Angel was so commissioned “as the ministration of Jesus closed in the holy place, and He passed into the holiest, and stood before the ark containing the law of God”, it is understood that this commissioning (first) took place sometime after October 22, 1844.

-As J.N. Andrews observed (see, 1905 JNL, GSAM 248.1 = J.N. Loughborouh, Great Second Advent Movement), this Heavenly ministry shift revelation/understanding, seen and related in more detail in vision by EGW in the preceding chapter (EW 250.1-253.1 “Sanctuary”), is revealed in the Bible in Rev 11:19.

-The year of this (first) fulfillment is around 1847, and a little after the early Adventist believers had accepted the Sabbath in late 1846, following Joseph Bates' Biblical teaching on this doctrine and EGW’s, (then the unmarried Ellen Harmon), vision confirming this Truth. (Cf. 1905 JNL, GSAM 256.3+257.1)

-J.N. Andrews, using a strict chronology, associated this transpired event as taking place when the Seventh Angel had sounded his trumpet (Rev 11:15), however as the organizational structure chart of the book/prophecies of Revelation reveals (see in this post), that strict chronological flow could be broken up here to jump to the start of another sequence of Major visions in Revelation, namely the one dealing with the pivotal final evangelistic work to be done on the earth. (= Rev 11:19-14:20).

-As expounded and detailed in this Adventist History sermon, it is rightly deduced that the Second Coming could have occurred in ca. 1850, and then again in ca. 1888. And as discussed in this post, by 1908, it was sealed that the Second Coming would not occur in EGW’s time. Further studies/observations, as also variously Spiritually demonstrated in this blog, show that 1996 marked the end of the possible Historical Wave fulfillment of Revelation’s prophecy which would have seen a literal fulfillment of the specifying prophecies given to EGW to pertinently elucidate the applicable Final Event prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, however since that time, an Eschatological Wave has set in which, interestingly enough, is allowing for a fuller and more literal fulfillment of the apocalyptic prophecies of the Bible (i.e., vs. the SOP’s more strict-ecclesiastical version) in regards to God’s People, (now Spiritual) Israel. Thus also involving in a much more literal way, the various prophecies/promises given in the rest of the Bible, particularly in the OT, in regards to God’s temporal plans for His Israel.

The “Mighty Angel”
-As discussed in this post, this Third Mighty Angel is clearly the angel Gabriel. (TM 444.3).

-Thus this Third Mighty Angel is clearly the Sealing Angel of Rev 7. Therefore, the Sealing Angel is the Angel Gabriel, and his sealing message focuses on God’s Sabbath.

-The work of this ‘Sealing Third Mighty Angel Gabriel’ is the same as the Pre-Shaking Sealing event described on Ezek 9 and which focuses on the first tribe to be sealed, namely Judah (Rev 7:4a).

-This Third Mighty Angel is also the one whose work and message will “select the wheat from the tares [Matt 13:24-30|COL 74.3-75.1], and seal, or bind, the wheat for the heavenly garner” (EW 118.1; cf. 88.3), which, as revealed to EGW, manifestly by this association with the Ezek 9 message, is to have a distinct Sabbath Truth Sealing application, first in the SDA Church (i.e., COL 70.2ff vs. Matt 13:36-42 (Matt 13:43 = Dan 12:3). Indeed Jesus’ statement in the Matt 13:36-42 parable has left the possibility for such a ‘pre-utter end fulfillment’ by saying that ‘the harvest of this wheat is at the end of this age’ (Matt 13:39 - Greek: aion = Strongs #165, which is not the same notion as the term “world” (KJV/NKJV) - Gr. kosmos = #2889; cf. use in Matt 13:38). And in the present Eschatological Era, the ‘end of the current “age”’ is the end of this pre-Jubilee Era (=EW 286.1); with that then ensuing Jubilee era being a temporal, non-definite, quasi-Millennium Era which the Church Triumphant will usher in, and enjoy.

-This Third Angel is indeed: ‘leading out and purifying a people’, -a “12,000 Remnant of the Judah Tribe Remnant”, all based on actual/proper Biblical unity.’ (TM 488.2; cf. 1SM 175.1)

-Later on, EGW having realized the great authority that is conferred to that Sealing Third Mighty Angel, (which she then also (rightly) saw to be the “authoritative” Loud Cry Angel of Rev 18:1ff), could not help but think that it this must be Jesus Christ Himself (see 15MR 221.2-222.1). Fact is that, as she had seen in vision before (EW 38.2), Jesus merely commissions that Third Sealing Angel with, here, that Four Winds holding back work. But the Christ-resembling/Christ-like parallels which she noticed, perhaps from an indication in another vision, do indeed apply in that Authoritative, Commissioned Angel. In fact, as discussed here, that is all just like she came to assume that the Angelic apparition of Dan 10:5-6 could only be Jesus, but it actually was not, but indeed a “personage” that was just like Jesus, here Gabriel.
            Right in Rev 7, that commissioned Sealing Angel inclusively refers to God as “our God”, which could be a clue that it may not necessarily be Jesus (however: Rev 3:2, 12). But it indeed most likely is the same angel Gabriel who had been “sent” by Jesus to relate these revelations (Rev 1:1; 22:16; 19:10) and yet still makes appearances throughout the prophecy (Rev 7:2ff; 18:1ff), including, later on, probably having again changed to be being ‘one of the 7 plague angels’ who also relates the final judgements parts of Revelation (Rev 17:1ff;  22:8); as well as its New Jerusalem depictions (Rev 21:9ff; 15 [=Rev 11:1ff|Ezek 40-43ff]; 22:1ff); indeed even himself also saying that: “he comes quickly/swiftly” (Rev 21:6-8); -i.e.: to do that work of judgement whenever it may become necessary all leading to the establishment of God’s New Jerusalem.
            The studied out fact is that Gabriel do have a prominent and pivotal role throughout the prophecies of Revelation, as he priorly had had in “opening” God’s major (prophetic) “purposes” to men (cf. DA 98.4-99.1; [Luke 1:19 = Rev 8:2; cf. Isa 63:9]). In fact Luke 1:11 may be implicating that Gabriel was the NT’s “Angel of the Lord”, with him manifestly having taken over these responsibilities from the now about to be humanly incarnated Michael as Jesus; but unlike that OT Angel of the Lord which had the name of Yahweh in Him (Exod 23:21), and was indeed God the Son incarnated as that Mighty Angel Michael, Gabriel himself did not accept worship while in those “Angel of the Lord” duties (Rev 19:10; 22:8; cf. DA 99.1). And such studies have also shown that Gabriel is also involved in typologically fulfilling the various symbolicized DavidicLittle Lamb” (e.g., Rev 5:6ff; 7:9ff; 14:1ff), and “one like unto a son of man” (Rev 1:13; 14:14), episodes in Revelation, pointedly during/for God’s present “prolonged time” (15MR 292.3-4), eschatological prophetic era.

-As discussed in this post, the placing of a parchment in the hand of The Third Angel is significant as it links it to, (with parchment being a main material for a scroll), the Mighty Angel with the opened scroll episode in Rev. 10. This identification is then in turn thematically, recursively, linked to the mention of the Church History scroll in Rev 5 which is unrolled, and that almost completely, in Rev 6, (before the Sealing event of Rev 7), during now an applicable (and already transpired/fullfilled) Eschatological Wave of interpretation of this prophecy. (Sorry for those who missed it... or at least its, recursively, First Wave of (=Local) Eschatological application. See in this post followed by this one for, inclusively, for the other two (i.e., Eschatologically: Historical and Eschatological) Waves. Indeed, so is the All-Wise (= re-applicable) depth of Bible prophecy as God’s Spirit is ‘“orchestrating” the various, pertinent, “naturally” playing (=) instruments towards fulfilling His Perfect and Ultimate Will (Isa 46:9-11; cf. Nahum 1:5-9)).).

-The fact that the mention of this allusive parchment is quite significant, is seen by the fact that EGW later is shown this angel waving, evidently this given parchment, while flying to the 4 Mighty Angels who had just loosened the Four Winds. (EW 37.1) Clearly the reason justifying why the winds were to be taken control of again, thus halting and delaying Final Events, is contained in that scroll.

“Power and Majesty”
-The fact that this Third Mighty Angel was pointedly and deliberately shown to (in that first manifestation) descend in “Power and Majesty” is to descriptively link it to the expected kingly, “Power and Great Glory” appearing of Jesus Christ, as a fitting precursor for the Eschatological reset of prophecies which is to find fulfillment in spiritual applications of what could have been more literal, even if purely ecclesiastical. This possibility was fully accounted for in the non-specific identifications in revelation in regards to who precisely is e.g., the (variously “anarthrously”, introductorily expressed/related): “Lamb”, ‘rider on a White Horse’/‘riders on horses’, “one like unto a son of man”; etc;
            Of course in the supposed-to-have-been-fulfilled, and indeed as literally expressed/revealed in the prophetic revelations given to EGW for, the Historical Wave fulfillment of these prophecies, these are directly identified in their ultimate/final form as various manifestations of Jesus Christ, however for the time-prolonged Eschatological Wave, these can, and do, have an “interim” fulfilling identification for those application.

The Third Angel and the Four Winds
-As discussed in this post, the commission of this Third Angel is actually in the context of a Final-Events-unravelling halting mission. This is even seen in the first application of this prophecy in both the possible Second Comings around 1850 & 1888. So, by defining prophetic development, each applicable manifestation of this episode inherently involves a drastic halting of possible Final Events, however God’s work continues to advance (15MR 292.4), however now dealing with even more various obstacles, in the world, and in the Church which actually is continuing to stray away from God’s expectations, which is indeed precisely why Final Events, and the Second Coming, had to then, respectively, be halted, and postponed in the first place. (ibid.)

-This halting of final events and resulting postponing of the Second Coming is concretely seen in the ramping up development of the Sixth Seal (Rev 6:12-17). The pointed demarcation is seen between vss. 13 and 14. As it is documented in history, the sun, moon and stars prophecy did have a literal meaning ,but since then nothing in that Seal’s details has continued to unravel, but have indeed been postponed.

-In EW 37.1-38.2, EGW was given a deliberate two-aspect/wave vision of the Gabriel halting the unravelling of Final Events with the Four Winds. The First Wave (EW 37.1) is a depiction of the Second Coming event that could/would have transpired in ca. 1850 (as seen below, this would have been one year after this EGW revelation). This is all seen from the fact that in that vision the 4 Angels for these Four Winds are shown being en route out of the Heavenly City. However they are intercepted by Gabriel, then coming “from the direction of the most excellent glory”, thus immediately from God’s presence, while at the gate of the City, as they are presenting their golden cards[1] to the checking (“border”!!) angel at the gate. EGW is then told that she could see no more then, but her guiding angel would shortly show her what those things that she seen meant.

Oddly enough, in the afternoon of that same January 5, 1849 Sabbath of this vision, following this interruption, and on the heels of a prayed for healing, she is given this follow up vision. (EW 37.2-38.2) However she is not merely given an explanation (=EW 38.2), but another distinct view (i.e., not even a different vantage point) of that same vision, indeed with significant differences which, in clearly showing that it was a more advance sequence of events than the first one, can only lead to the observation, due to incontrovertible opposing difference, that it indeed was another, distinct event. That is, while the Four Angels in the first vision were on their way out of the city, being at the gate, the same Four Mighty Angels in this vision are said to be ‘in the very process of loosening four winds from their grip/hands’. It is not without significance that this is not the case in the first vision. There these angels who similarly ‘were given charge over things on the earth’ and “had a work to do on the earth, and were on their way to accomplish it”, are not yet out of the city. While in the second one, they manifestly are already out of the city and in the “place” of these four winds (which are in the four corners of the earth (Rev 7:1) (and, i.e., not ‘of the universe’); and furthermore are ‘in the process of’ (synonymous but distinct from: “on their way”) loosening them to let them go and blow on the earth. Also as the angels in the second vision are in place holding the winds whereas the one in the first are not, then it is inferentially understood that in the first representation, these winds were not yet formed. However by the second representation, following EGW’s interpretationally significant deliberate intermission, it can be seen that this second wave finds a fulfillment around the ca. 1888 possible Second Coming developments, which would have probably occurred by 1908, as by then there were variously much significant turbulent events in the Secular and Christian world which could, and would, have contributed to the unfolding of Final Events. That is seen in e.g,. the U.S. Civil War (which could have greatly escalated to a global conflict/“general war” [=World War] with England, (and then perhaps France -seizing this opportunity), joining in (1T 259.1[2])); the formal movement for Sunday Laws; steep moral and social decline as post modernism began to settle in and expand; various severe economic crises; an increase in natural disasters and “calamities” (which are apparently allowed by God for Satan to more actively do if the end is potentially near (cf. in this post); etc. So by then, these angels literally “had their hands full” to hold back these most destructive gales of these now formed Four Winds, indeed grouped in the matching respective chief categories of: Geo-Politics; Religion/Biblical Truths; Socio-Economics; Nature/the Super-Natural. (By the way the 4 utterances of “My Blood!” And “Hold!” by Jesus as related in EW 38.1 is to duly, mercifully, apply one mention to each of those distinct Four Winds to indeed cause them to be held back.)

A Third, ‘Four Winds’ Holding Event.
-Again, what may surfacely seem to be an insignificant discrepancy between the various accounts of a Four Winds event, is found in the Bible’s own account of this event in Rev 7:1-3. Straightly said here, The Mighty Angel “Gabriel” is (exegetically) there not said/described to be “descending” (EW 37.1), (or in the NT Greek: ‘coming down’ =katabaino (cf. Rev 18:1; 20:1, even the prophetically related, but precursor, visit in Rev 10:1)) from heaven, or from ‘God’s presence’, but “coming up/ascending” (Greek anabaino), -and that ‘from the East, the direction of the sun’s rising.’ It can be scientifically seen that the sun itself does not “come up” from a place on earth, though this is the visual “illusion”. And as Gabriel is not the Sun, it cannot be said that this is merely a reference to the East, or the Eastern Sky. If that was the case/intent, it would not have been said that he was “ascending”, but rather “coming down” or “from” the direction of the Sun’s Rising/Eastern Sky (cf. Rev 19:17). So this statement manifestly has a more literalistic/terrestrial indication, where it is generally speaking of Gabriel having ascended from a tangible Eastern location on/from earth. Of course while “East” has been relatively specified in our day using longitudinal markings, that is not necessarily the “hemispherical” interpretation for this depiction. Indeed this “East” is itself not necessarily specific of a geo-pinpointed place on earth, as “East” is generally relative to wherever one is standing on the earth, however the distinct precise notion of “ascending” (vs. ‘descending’, and indeed also not even merely “from (the east)”), and, in pointed relation to that earth-based direction/area, is quite significant, as else where (not explicitly (yet?) related in this blog, but hinted at in this post) symbolically revealed.

            The Bible further reveals several key things about “the east” as it related to Israel. Geographically, to the East of Israel was the wilderness. And as the Ocean were located to the West of Israel, it can be seen that a wind from the West would be one that would bring fruitful results as it would most likely bring abundant rain. However wind from the east would only be dry and drying wind, and thus most destructive to Israel. That is how this is understood in the Judgement on Ephraim in Hos 13:15 (see also Gen 41:6, 23, 27; Exod 14:21; Psa 78:26; Isa 27:8; Jer 18:17; Ezek 17:10; 19:12; Jon 4:8; cf. Exod 10:13/19; Psa 48:7; Ezek 27:26). The East, and this wilderness area, was also the place where God had told Elijah to go (by a brook) to wait out the effectuation of drought judgement that was just pronounced (1 Kgs 17:3). By direct thematic relation, this is where God’s faithful remnant Church goes for a Elijah-related 1260 days/years to flee from persecution of the “Universal Church” (Rev 12:6, 13-17). In that prophecy the symbols of an Eagle (= the Face of an Eagle symbol), which is associated with the East, as explained in the link above, is also used in connection with this wilderness stay (12:14). By specific symbolic association, this is all also related to the experience of God’s Two Witness (Rev 11:3). Interestingly enough both John the Baptist (Matt 3:1-6, Luke 3:4) and Jesus Christ (Matt 4:1/Mar 1:12) were led to, and/or then came out from, this same eastward wilderness location to start their ministry to Jerusalem/Judea/Israel, with both being rooted in a pivotally foundational message of “repentance” (Matt 3:7-12, Luke 3:2-19 & Matt 4:17/Mar 1:15). So it can be seen that this ‘Sealing Mighty Third Angel earth-borne arising from an eastern location’ could and spiritually likely will involve all of these aspects of: Israel judgement effectuation after a period of droughtful rejection; a True Remnant’s reformation party with a call to repentance to Israel; and the “power and speed” involved in the Eagle symbol. (Interestingly enough, the “Kings from the East” in Rev 16:12 could simply be referring to ‘the kings from this wilderness region’.

-It is also from the “East” area that God will come to, in Glory, reinhabit His previously ‘abandoned in judgement’ (= Ezek 1:4-28; 8-10;  i.e., in the Shaking Time), but now (finally) properly upbuilt, Temple; also now having a Biblical Ministry that “measures up” to God’s very standard (Ezek 43:1-4ff; cf. Rev 11:1ff). And God and His Glory had all this time been stationed on the Mountain at the East of the judged City (= the Mount of Olives - Ezek 11:23). Yet it is first ‘from the wilderness that the way of the Lord for the manifestation of this “Glory” is prepared through the Promised Elijah Manifestation and Message,’ which is eschatologically fulfilled in the “Shaking” (see Isa 40:1-3-5ff; Mal 3:1ff; Luke 3:3-6ff; Matt 11:9-15; 17:10-13), which, as shown in this present post, ends up winnowing/separating the wheat from the chaff (= Church “tares”) (Matt 3:12; LDE 173.1; 5T 79.4-81.2). 

-In all of this ‘“Coming up from the East” of The Third Sealing Mighty Angel Gabriel’, which echoes Christ’s Second Coming specification in Matt 24:27, is seen how this prophetic development will indeed be an interim and typological, ‘Second Coming “Advent”’ when it is made to transpire.

-EGW relates in RH, Dec. 11, 1888 par. 18 (LDE 125.2) and GH, March 1, 1900 par. 4 (cf. RH, Feb. 11, 1904 par. 9 (2SM 375.3)) that the call for the holding of the Four Winds is an actionable request that God’s People can make and influence this restraining to be done.

-As explained in this post, the symbols of (a) “the earth”; (b) “the sea”; and (c) “any tree” respectively refer to: (a) ‘where people live’, (b) ‘political entities/groupings’; and (c) ‘vital, facilitative economical provider’ (See Dan 4:10-14, 20-22). If these 3 key symbolized areas were indeed affected by ‘sudden, forceful and overwhelming “disturbances”’, it can indeed be seen how things in the world would be made to radically change on a geopolitical level, and thus also how (pointedly, SOP-literally-) depicted Final Events would suddenly unfold as (Historically) stipulated.

-Incidentally, based on EW 168.1 which showed that: ‘each of the companies of holy angels, had a “tall commanding angel at their head”’, the restraining Great Time of Trouble, and also “tall commanding angel” revealed in EW 272.2 is not necessarily Gabriel as some assume.

-As the Rev 7:1-3 description is showing this event developing in a distinct and different way, it, like the other two distinct events, is to be understood as relating to a now third (and potentially final) fulfillment of that sealing event (with the prior two not having been fully fulfilled (i.e., the complete sealing of the 144,000 (cf. this (private) forum post)[3]. As Gabriel is there said, as already explained, to be ‘ascending from an earth-borne eastern direction/area’ then it is seen that he was then not coming directly: from the ‘presence of God’ and meeting the en route four angels at the gate of the Holy City (1st = 1850); nor from Jesus and the Holy City, to the 4 angels already descended and stationed around earth (2nd = ca. 1888-1908); but now, ‘“up” from somewhere east on earth’. (As related in this section in this post, this occurred in late 1999, after, and derived from when, I had been working on my book on the 70 Weeks. As I vividly recall, long before seeing this Biblical indication/fulfillment in both the Bible and SOP, the same spiritual and concrete notions in this event were quite pointedly, Spiritually-ledly, “naturally” (Rom 8:5-10, 14), effectuated.)[4]

“Who Will Be Able to Stand??” (Cf. Nah 1:6-8)
-As seen in EGW’s “first” vision (EW 15.2), even those in the Church asked this fearful question of “Who shall be able to stand??” as the Second Coming was understood to be at the door. The related events in that vision were to occur by 1850 for that first possible return of Jesus. It is then quite significantly, allusively said that upon this questioning statement: “the angels ceased to sing, and there was some time of awful silence”. This links this segment to the period of silence described in Rev 8:1 after the lamb had broken the 7th Seal. And then the series of Trumpets is introduced.

-As seen in EW 39.1 this silence with the angels occurs “if the saints wept through discouragement, or were in danger” based on reports carried back to heaven by attending angels. A collective report of similar “saints discouragement” and/or “them being in danger” is thus sure to bring about this awful silence. (This silence could also be due to an absence of all of the angels to effectuate the Second Coming which then would be because, as also indicated in EW 39.1, ‘when angels would be sent in response to this news and necessity to attend to the saints’ and thus here by actually rescuing them through the Second Coming, which would then mean that this was the most fitting manner to respond (i.e., vs. the looming and feasible carrying out of a Death Decree.)

-With it also being asked by the people in that SOP vision “Is my robe spotless?”, it is thus understood that these people were worriedly wondering if they had corresponding “righteous acts” to match their faith/profession (Rev 19:8; cf. James 2:14-26; 1:27; 1 John 3:17-19), thus manifestly with cause.

-So although that vision continues with seemingly no interruption, with Jesus’ reassuring words, its link to ‘Revelation’s Silence’ (8:1), which then introduces the Trumpets, it is seen that, matching the sectional structure of Revelation where major vision are drastically interrupted, much time passed in that SOP vision from this point. It is indeed after this 1850 Second Coming postponement that these early Adventist were led to get organized and establish various outreach and institutional works which variously concretized their faith by permitting them to engage in concrete faith works.

-This development is to also have a Second, Eschatological application, on, by now, the present generation of the SDA Church. On top of the many exegetical links, as discussed in this post and this one involving the 7 Trumpets that show that this “awful silence” did not result in the Second Coming then, but instead in, indeed, deserved “judgement and war” actions, in the EW 15.1-16.1 prophetic statement, many allusions are indeed made to key symbolic imagery in the Bible which help to understand these “fuller” implications here, indeed now involving God’s Fuller Sabbath. First of all “the Son of Man/Jesus” in the SOP revelation, (but non-specifically, “one like unto a Son of Man” in the alluded to Rev 14:14-16), which is then that Ezek 9 incarnated Sealing Mighty Angel, as discussed above, is related here with symbols drawn from symbols for a (a) reviewing examination (=Rev 1:12-16) and (b) investigative judgement (=Dan 7:9-10, 13-14). As still seen in English-styled court systems today, ‘white curly hair’ (=Rev 1:14a) is symbolic of  ‘an aged-accumulated wisdom’ and is used to depict someone who thus can rendered proper decision-making and judgement due to that accumulated, (here also Spiritual vs. merely life), “experience”. However it is natural that as people age, their whitening hair does not grow as long and as lively as it did in their younger years. So the added mention in the SOP revelation that this ‘one like unto a son of man’ has ‘white and curly hair that reached down to the shoulders’ is an indication of either youthfulness (= “curly”), and that this wisdom was being “accumulated” like this growing white hair, for a while now. And additionally, this is a wisdom that, according to Pro 16:31 indication, has been ‘rooted and fostered “in the way of righteousness”’ (a.k.a. the SOP’s: “terrible things in Righteousness” (=Rev 19:11ff e.g. here)). So the one doing this reviewing examination here, though shown to be most wise, is physically not actually an elderly person.
            The notion of ‘review/judgement’ is also seen in the fact that ‘the eyes of this Person searched His children through and through’. (= Rev 1:14b) As Jesus will come with judgement already having been decided, and thus ‘with His reward’ (Rev 22:12), it is most noteworthy that a reviewing searching/examination is then being done at that time. This is however quite realizable in regards to a people who had professed loyalty to God, and He acted on this profession to, i.e., begin to unfold Final Events. However those prior professors then came to lose that prior faith, probably during the start of the accompanying troubles, and these Final Events, as indeed depicted in the call to ‘Hold to the Four Winds Angels’, had to be halted and put on hold.
            The SOP then says that: ‘the face of all of these scrutinized people “gathered paleness, and those that God had rejected gathered blackness.”’ This mention of paleness and blackness is allusive to the color of the Church Militant stages mentioned in the 3rd and 4th Seal of Revelation (Rev 6:5-6 & 7-8). ‘All gather paleness’ (= 4th Seal’s “pale” -[(lit.) ‘sickly green’] Horse) because they had all been found worthy of the judgement of Death and Hell. Interestingly, those who had been outrightly rejected, (= the black Horse of the 3rd Seal) were those who had knowingly/indifferently done Spiritual and temporal socio-economic unjust works. This understanding is all also seen from the Part 2 - Unrolling of the Scroll post as that Rev 6 Scroll’s 3rd Seal has as its pointed background the Flying Scroll of Zecheriah which addressed Religious Socio-economic wickedness, thus actions which violate God’s socio-economic provisions and laws. The 4th Seal has as it background Jeremiah’s Title Deed in relation to the Jerusalem Babylonian Destruction events then. Thus the pale and black symbolism here is implying that in that already started second coming, God actually still has actionable reasons to here to judge his People and ‘destroy their standing Jerusalem’ (=pale), and those who are to be rejected are those who had knowingly and indifferently violated His Socio-Economic laws (cf. Matt 25:31-46) (= black). That is why all then are worried if they have worthy “righteous acts” (Rev 19:8) to avert this judgement.

-Also those notions of “paleness” vs. blackness in that EW 15.1-16.1 SOP revelation most likely involved all that EGW herself could understand as “paleness” in the Bible, i.e., based on the translational rendering in her personally commonly used KJV/ASV versions. And so comes to be involved the, also thematically related, ‘Horse-drawn Chariots symbolism’ in the second part (Zech 6) of Zechariah’s Flying Scroll Vision (Zech 5-6). As that OT vision is indeed related to the 4 Horses/Horsemen of Revelation, it is through a process of elimination of the 4 Horse-drawn Chariots of 4 different colors mentioned in Zech 6:2-3, 6 cf. 1:8) that the “pale” horse is seen to correspond to the ‘strong dappled/grizzled horse-drawn chariot’.
            These there cited Four Chariots are then sent out towards specific cardinal compass points (Zech 6:6-8). In the time of this prophesying, namely ca. 519 B.C. (Zech 1:7), the Return from Babylon has been done for now ca. 17 years, however the work of Restoration of, first, the Temple, and then the Holy City, still neglectfully, lingered (Hag 1:2-12), and also the land of Israel is still not united as in the time of Solomon prior to God’s judgement dividing of it (cf. 1 Kgs 12:24). The exact same Spiritual condition exist today as, in the SDA Church, much more for the cause of God’s Work can be done if His professed people were willing to, even sacrifice, in order variously contribute to fully establishing God’s Temple, Holy City and Land of Israel. However the vast majority of current Church members are merely content with just paying a tithe to this cause, if at all. So God is indeed doing all of those acts of judgement opposition as mention there through the prophet Haggai.
            So while those who then had come out of Babylon, and had been those from the tribe of Judah to physically have replaced the prior rebellious ones of Ezekiel’s time (e.g., Ezek 8 & 9 ca. 581 B.C.), they still had the exact same wayward spirit. So, while literally standing on these ruins of the Temple in the also ruined Jerusalem, here Zecheriah, seconded by, as just related, the prophet Haggai, was to rally the people in Judah and Jerusalem to work to rebuild the Temple (see Ezra 5:1-2; 6:14-15; Hag 1:1ff). (If/When God raises up two concurrent prophets to do related prophetic work (as with Ezekiel and Jeremiah), then that speaks volumes how pivotal He is viewing the due task at hand, and especially, as with Haggai and Zechariah, that work is literally one and the same, though Zechariah’s commission was more extensive, to also minister to those in the Northern Tribes of Israel.) So in that Historical context, standing in that capital city of Jerusalem, and furthermore, its focal point of the Temple, Zechariah ministry first focused on those in Jerusalem, and also the entire tribe/cities of Judah (cf. Zech 1:12); -again with those people then made up of Returnees and survivors of God’s Final, thorough “sifting & “shaking” judgement of Judah (Ezek 8 & 9). Yet God still had plans to bring forth a remnant from the apostasied 10 northern tribes.
            Yet even among this initial group of faithful surviving ones (cf. Rev 11:13b), as seen in the SOP EW 15.1-16.1 vision, there is still a reviewing and judging work to do then in regards to them. And so God, in Zech 6:6-7 is shown to send out His horse-drawn chariots (which are symbolic of, not merely a Spiritually ministering/evangelizing Church (= Horse-mounted envoys; such as messengers), but also having tangible militaristic temporal judgement involvement (= ‘War Chariots’; -cf. e.g., Isa 2:7; 66:15; Jer 4:13; Joel 2:5). And so, in Zechariah’s perspective, the “black” horse-drawn chariot is dispatched from this ruined Temple|Jerusalem location to the North Country (Zech 6:6a), thus to do a work amongst those in that Northern Israel area, and beyond, who are violating God’s Sabbatical socio-economic laws and causing injustices throughout the world (=Rev 6:5-6). And a ‘strong dappled/grizzled (= “pale”)’ horse-drawn chariot is sent, also from the focal point of the ruined Temple and City, to the Israel region of the South Country (Zech 6:6b-7), and to here instead render necessary judgement on those there who have much more light than those in the North Country. This associated ‘degrees of judgement’ in those two dispatched chariots is further seen by the fact that a White chariot/horse follows the black, Northern region chariot (Zech 6:6a); thus being reflective of ‘conflictless (i.e., bloodless) conquering ministry’ (= Rev 6:2's White Horse), and thus ‘“setting aside” God’s wrath towards them’ (Zech 6:8; cf. Rev 14:9-11; 15:1); while, on the other hand, and by also a process of elimination, Zechariah’s Red chariot/horse (cf. Zech 6:2a; cf. 1:8), was to follow that dappled/grizzled chariot, and understandingly, in order to ‘take away the reigning false peace from them’ (= Rev 6:3-4's Red Horse; cf. Zech 1:8-11).
            Also the notion of ‘faces gathering paleness’ in that SOP vision further has a prophetically thematic tie to the sudden arrival of the Great Time of Jacob’s Trouble which is in the context of God’s endeavors to destroy a rebellious Jerusalem, with God speaking to both Israel (North) and Judah (South) (see Jer 30:4-8ff). And as EGW saw in a ‘very impressive revelation’ (Mar 270.1-6), (which involved the Rev 16:15 prelude to Har-Mageddon Battle, for mainly the ‘unfinished Church Reformation Age’ (Rev 3:3-5); and also into the Laodicean Age (Rev 3:18), theme of ‘maintaining of one’s clothing of righteousness’, which is all related to Matt 22:1-14 wedding feast robe review), that God will indeed then act to spare those who “righteously acting ones” ‘who stand steadfastly for the right’. (=Isa 29:22ff & 4T 385.2 -see in this post) It is those who will have had applied the ‘sufficient grace’ mercifully granted in that First SOP vision of Final Events (EW 15.2), and then will have the remainder of that vision fulfilled, albeit in its present time fulfillement, through also applicable, Spiritual/Eschatological fulfillments.

-Also significant to that SOP vision in EW 15.2ff, the mention of “seeing a small black cloud”, which is “the sign of the Son of man”, has a Spiritual/Eschatological relation to the OT episode it is alluding to. That is namely Elijah’s promised Rain cloud (1 Kgs 18:40-45), which when his servant, by now dispatched for a seventh time, first saw it the Western sky (i.e., over the Mediterranean Sea (cf. Luke 12:54)) was the size of man’s hand. This all occurred on the heels of Elijah’s signal victory against Baal worship and worshippers on Carmel, and as the SOP explains, that ‘small cloud sign’ fundamentally involved a demonstration of Great Faith by Elijah, for him to then say that this will surely result in the claimed drought-ending rain showers. (PP 155.1-157.2ff). The SOP also compares that Great Faith to that which was demonstrated by Jacob during his ‘Night Wrestling, Time of Trouble’ (PK 157.2).
            What is most significant here is that the SOP says the symbolically related small black cloud in her vision was actually ‘half the size of a man’s hand’. This therefore implies that it would require much more faith then to trust in that Promised Rain of God, which is eschatologically, representative of the Latter Rain, which is to do what the saints cannot do of themselves despite currently, fully and properly utilized and invested available and obtainable resources. Indeed the symbol of a hand represents ‘a means of doing something’. And so, in an Eschatological application of that SOP vision, the saints then will ‘have their faith tested during the number of days until as they are seeking to have accomplished a great work in Latter Rain power, but being without the full means of being able to do it’ even after it has appeared in “the East” (cf. DS, March 14, 1846 par. 2) (= Rev 3:7-13 message.) 
-Also significant here about that cloud and its ‘appearance first to the saints in the East,’ and the thematic association with Elijah’s small cloud, which first appeared in the Western sky, thus being viewed from the East, is that this all shows that the saints then would be located in that East region discussed above. All of this is Eschatologically implying pre-Second Coming appearance first to the Saints in that Eastern area, and then, some time later, will come the: ‘East-to-West, lightning judgement’ manifestation of Christ in His Glorious Second Coming (= Matt 24:27)[5]. All this supports the included Spiritual fact that even those SOP vision which are speaking of the Second Coming can first have a full, double-entente, Spiritual application, then focusing on solely God’s professed people before dealing with the rest of the world in another, but Final, wave of Fulfillment. So those who are said to gather blackness and paleness are descriptive of two groups of people right amongst God’s own professed people.

The Wrath of the Lamb
            The question of “who will be able to stand” is clearly in relation to the manifested ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ (Rev 6:16, 17). Succinctly said here, as it is indeed clear enough and needs no elaborate explanation: in DA 825.4, EGW makes a defining comment on this “wrath of the Lamb” point, which is manifestly borne out of some indicative direct revelation to her, as she unequivocally says that: ‘it is righteously provoked by the neglect and indifference of God’s claimed/professed people to the Spiritual, sufferings and vital needs of others’. Hence indeed Jesus’ fitting condemnation of such false disciples in the end (Luke 13:22-30 & Matt 25:31-46).

Application of Series of Trumpets
-The series of Trumpets (which are discussed in detail in this post and this one is, as seen in its use in the OT, as a warning/effecting of judgement, as well as signaling military advances. Just like Israel began to conquer Canaan by a 7th day, 7-trumpet blowing overthrow of Jericho, the derived Series of trumpets in Revelation, which actually began to be overtly noticed in parallel to the 5th Seal events (Rev 6:9-11), as the response to the plea of the saints suffering under the medieval Church (cf. Rev 8:2-6), (hence this questioning of God’s Justice here by these suffering saints), revealed that God had, actually since back in70 A.D., been systematically and deliberately working in the background to undermine and overthrow all of the powers (i.e., (in Trumpet sequence: (1) Temporal, (2) Political, (3) Religious, and (4) Socio-Economical), that would and may come in the way of Him being able to fully Establish His Truth Church and Kingdom upon the Earth. God was then seen by that 5th Trumpet, by that Faithful Remnant, as explicitly/directly acting to literally give these oppressed and marginalized saints a temporal “Canaan Land” as He then overtly set in motion tangible, and by necessity, militaristic events that increasingly diminished the then most potent Spiritual/Influential power of the medieval Church, as it then resolutely fought back to oppose this perceived de-throning (which may be the reason why God’s prior acts were relatively discreet, so as to not awaken this opposing force before its time). 
            And so God was thus able to dispossessed this Medieval Church of its temporal and ecclesiastical “territory” which allowed for the implementation of the more Biblical Protestant Church, leading ultimately to the establishment of the even more Biblical Remnant (SDA) Church.
            And it is shortly after this Formal Remnant Church began to be established in ca. the 1840+ that the Interlude events in (Rev 10 & 11) soon began to unfold, also under/during the chief heading symbolism of the 7 trumpets.

-Indeed, as this focused on the “Remnant Church” Age, as seen in the Revelation Organization Chart in this post, the main focus of this Trumpet Series Remnant fulfillment was in the Little Scroll and Two Witnesses prediction of Rev 10 & 11, which occurs as the 7 Trumpet’s interlude. (There is indeed a deliberate key “method” to the particular structure/organization of Revelation beyond a mere strictly chronological ordering.)

-As seen with this post, this ‘Trumpet Series-based Remnant Fulfillment’ came to the forefront during the release of the Rev. 11 Eschatological message in June of 2000, with its precursor Rev 10 Eschatological Fulfillment having transpired in the matching revelation related in this post.

-The SOP’s heard and recorded answer of Jesus to the saints question of: “Who will be able to stand??” as: “Those who have clean hands and pure hearts shall be able to stand; My grace is sufficient for you.” echoes the themes mentioned by David in Psa 24 (see Psa 24:4) of: “Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? And who may stand in His holy place?” (Psa 24:3), for a ‘Jacob Generation’ (Psa 24:6). (This is also a Psalm that is closely/subsequently associated with the themes for the post-resurrection ascension of Christ (Psa 24:7-10 = DA 833.3-6))

-As comparatively seen, Psa 24's synonymous “hill” and “holy place” (=Sanctuary) is the same as Psa 15's own synonymous, respective, “holy hill” & “tent” (= Sanctuary) of the Lord’ (Psa 24:1). This in turn is all understood to be speaking of “Mount Zion”. And so those very similar desired/expected qualities mention in both Psa 15 and 24 are understood to be what is expected of the citizens of Zion.

-All of this prophetically transpires in the 144,000 who are seen standing on Mount Zion (Rev 14:1).

The Apparent Identity of Mighty Angels
-In this post, it was summarily shown that (a) the Bible has 7 positions for Mighty Angels, who have a special access to the very presence of God; and (b) the names of some of these Mighty Angels, also based upon the meaning in their names, and thus their main mission in God’s redemptive plans, (hence these special Mighty Angel positions), are, readily seen, apparently Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Indeed it is quite the norm for Biblical characters to be named according to their intended/desired life function and, as seen with Jacob/Israel, a change in character/mission. That is also why Jesus’ name has changed from Michael in Heaven and during OT “angel of the Lord” appearances (perhaps for all of them); (cf. The rescuing “Presence of God” Angel in Isa 63:9 = Exod 23:20-23 & 33:14-16 (cf. PP 366.2 & 3SG 268.2)), to Yeshua (Joshua/Jesus - Matt 1:21) while incarnate, and manifestly, to even now a new name since His ascension (Rev 3:12; cf. EW 15.1: “The 144,000 were all sealed and perfectly united. On their foreheads was written, God, New Jerusalem, and a glorious star containing Jesus' new name.” See more on this “new name of Jesus” point here.).

-With this Biblical background precedence, Biblical studies, which include gleaming things that are Biblical from the “apocrypha” (along the lines of what is counselled in 16MR 34.3), the following identity can be further inferred about these Mighty Angels, especially in regards to their naming/identity:

-Michael is the chief of the Angels and is, probably since His pre-GC elevation (PP 36.2ff), no longer a part of the Mighty Angels group.

-The name of Satan while in Heaven and an unfallen angel was actually not “Lucifer” (no matter how many times this is found in the writings of of EGW). That is an assumed/traditional name derived from the Latin vulgate “lucifer” (= Latin lucem ferre - ‘light bearer’) for Isa 14:12's Hebrew ‘helel’ = ‘shining one’ (also, though indirectly, associated with the ‘star of the morning’). (Case in point, the Vulgate’s use of “lucifer” in  2 Peter 1:19 is certainly not referring to the Devil.) [And while Jesus’ pre-incarnate name in Heaven was actually Michael, since, unlike Satan, He was later (purposely - Matt 1:21) known as “Jesus” it is thus passable to readily refer to Him as “Jesus” when speaking of Him in His pre-Human incarnation lifetime. Also, as Heb 1:4|Rev 3:12b|EW 15.1 show, “Jesus” now evidently has a new name.] 

-The apocryphal “Book of Enoch”, which is actually quoted in the Bible in Jude 1:14-15, lists the names for 7 Mighty Angels (= Archangels) as: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and Saraqael or (Sariel)

-There are other suggested/claimed names in other places in the Apocrypha but succinctly said, thus far, my studies and comparative analysis, which includes what the Bible and SOP contribute on this topic, is that:

-Michael - (“Who is Like God”),  as stated above, is the Chief of all angels and distinct from this grouping, perhaps only ever since Christ’s return to Heaven, after being triumphant in His Redemptive mission.

Rameel - Azazel - Gadriel are successive names/namings given to the Devil from his fall through his ongoing rebellion, with “The Adversary” (Heb: Ha-Satan) being his chief function/title (cf. 1 Pet 5:8).

-Rameel ('morning of God') = is the correspondence to Isa 14:12's (‘star of the morning’, ‘morning star’ = ‘angel of “light” or “the morning (light)”). This all indicates a great preeminence, and thus testifies to the great exalted and prime position of the Devil in Heaven (cf. Ezek 28:12-14).  As an example of the preeminence meaning in this “morning star” naming, Rev 22:16 refers to Jesus in this way, and in Rev 2:27 it is given to overcomers in Thyatira. Along such understandings, John Wycliffe was known as: “the Morning star of the Reformation” = ‘its key/leading/spearheading figure.’

-the claim that the word Azazel (associated with Israel’s “scapegoat”) actually/most likely has the meaning of: arrogant to/towards God’ (i.e., ‘having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride’) is the most Biblical as it also fulfills the Bible’s descriptions in (Ezek 28:12-14; Isa 14:12-14) and would indeed reflect the character change that Satan underwent in Heaven. (There is also a plausibly valid claim that it means ‘evening of God’.)

-Gadriel ('wall to God') - is another name given to an angel who led Eve astray. And the here involved Hebrew word for “wall” (=“gader”) speaks more to ‘a hedge type of wall that serves to shield/protect’, and as seen in Hos 2:6, it can be set up/used ‘so that paths of righteousness/truth cannot be found’. As such it can be seen that this would have become the name of Satan since he managed to succeed in causing Man to fall and has since been indeed working to variously “shield”, and that quite successfully, fallen Man from walking into the righteous ways and truths of God.

So these switches of names for Satan are due to the successive heightening rebelling functions and accompanying character changes he has been assuming in this GC, from the perspective of God, who indeed has this renaming/labelling right. As also seen in Rev 12 the Devil is similarly viewed, and correspondingly, symbolized in different ways (i.e., Serpent, Dragon based on the tangible functions/actions he is having/taking on Earth).

Current Mighty Angels (Top Three)
- The Book of Enoch (chapter 87 - LXXXVII) reveals that there is a significant/hierarchal 3+4 separation between the 7 Mighty Angels. This matches the apparent identity from Bible and SOP clues that the Three Angels along with the Four Angels guarding the 4 Winds make up these 7 Mighty Angels. Biblical Studies reveal the following identities for the first/Top 3 Angels which are also the Angels of the Three Angels Messages (actually given here in their reverse hierarchal order. With the Third Angel’s message being the most solemn of messages (cf. EW 254.1/GC 449.2), this is apparently why it is entrusted and proclaimed by ‘the mightiest of angels” (TM 444.2ff).)

1- Uriel (‘Light of God’). =Historical Prophecies in the Book of Daniel culminating in the Second Advent (= Final Judgement) Message. Fulfilled by the work of William Miller whose message was indeed visionarily characterized as/accompanied by, ‘a great light’ (EW 245.2ff). Uriel is also said to be the Angel of “Thunder & Terror” which finds a fulfillment in its “concealed judgement message” (= “Thunder”); and also in the accompany call to “fear God” (= “Terror”) Cf. the post commandment episode in Exod 20:18-20.

2 - Raphael (‘Healing of God’). This Mighty Angel is said to bind Azazel. This is circumstantially done through the restored ministry of the Sanctuary Message which purges all of the Spiritual Babylon errors of Satan. Since the achieved establishment of the Remnant Church this has been thoroughly and anchoringly done by God through the work, mainly writings, of Ellen G. White. The Second Angel is significantly said to have been “commissioned with a writing” EW 247.1ff This is not necessarily, even actually, synonymous with the later mentioned “parchment” of the Third Angel (EW 254.1). Though this message was first sounded in the pre-1844 Second Advent, and did crucially separate a people from the ‘fallen Churches”, the errors of Babylon were still believed in this called out group, relatively well after 1844, until further reform work was done, guided/confirmed by the prophetic gift in EGW. As discussed in this blog post, EGW was being prepared by God for her post October 22, 1844 ministry since 1842.

3 - Gabriel (‘Mighty Man of God’). An Angel for especially the Eschatological portions of the Book of Daniel (8:15-17; 9:21-23; 10:4ff; 12:5ff) & the whole book of Revelation (1:1; 19:10; 22:8, 9, 16). This is the Sealing/Seal of God Angel who thus increasingly binds up the various work of reform done by the prior Messages.

2b - As a Fourth Angel is the Mighty Angel of Rev 18 who really just repeats what the Second Angel had said (EW 277.1), but with more force, this is understood to be a reappearance of the 2nd Mighty Angel “Raphael” to then ‘loudly call out’ and again “heal” God’s People, before the utter end, who are still in Babylon. (These are then also sealed by the Third Angel’s Message as this 4th Angel joins the Third Angel and unites its voice to it while this angel is still doing his work.) And as seen in Rev 18:23, the people who were in this Babylon had been deceived by quasi-medical, mind/reason/judgement- altering “fermented wine” (Rev 14:8&18:2, 3 = Matt 9:17) inducements (Gr. Pharmakeiai =Eng: (Pharmacy)). So their restoration implicates this salvific “Healing”. (Cf. Exod 15:26; where following all of God’s Laws does provide for complete tangible physical health, indeed by God supernatural intervention, for ‘God is indeed “His People” Israel’s (i.e., Rev 7:4-8; 18:4) Healer.’ (cf. Acts 10:38). That is probably why sin is to result in death as expressedly made the case by the barring of the Tree of Life to sinners (Gen 3:22-24)).

-As this Fourth Angel’s Message is to now make “the additional mention of the corruptions which have been entering the churches since 1844” (EW 277.1), and as this Second Angel is seen in this post to have been fulfilled by the work/writings of EGW, it is here seen that it is her writings which are to compliment the work of the Third Angel. These “additional sins” are the various sins which have been birthed since 1844, including the pervasive advances of Capitalism which has indeed detrimentally permeated the Christian Church/World, including the SDA Church. Thus these ‘full-Sabbath of God warnings’, also explicitly and implicitly found throughout the writings and prophecies of the SOP, joins the Third Angel, which by now, since the above discussed: ‘Third Advent of Mighty Sealing Angel Gabriel’, is “fully” preaching his Sabbatical sealing message.

Current Mighty Angels (Final Four) = Four Living Beings/Cherubim
-Without much detailing as above, the identity/name of the final 4 Angels, as seen in their commission in/charge over various key/chief affairs on Earth, [identified below in parentheses], and who indeed form a distinct group, is seen to be the following:

(4) Phanuel - "face of God." = God Hiding His face (2 Thess 2:11-13) (= Biblical Understandings in Truth and Righteousness) = Ox/Cherub-face Living Being

(5) Raguel - "Friend of God". “justice, fairness and harmony”- Human Passions (= Socio-Economics) = Man-face Living Being

(6) Remiel - “Mercy of God" or "Compassion of God"” - watches over ones to be resurrected. This angel is mentioned also in 2 Baruch 55:3 where he presides over true visions - Spiritualism (= Acts of Satan for Deception) = Eagle-face Living Being

(7) Sariel (= Saraqael) - 'Command of God' - Angel of Death (cf. Rev 9:11) (=Geo-Politics =i.e., Laws and Polices which can engender: War, Calamities, Natural Disasters) = Lion-face Living Being

These four major earthly/global areas of charge of these four Mighty Angels had been
discussed above in regards to the SOP explicitly pointed out, or otherwise historically observed, “winds” that were being restrained by God, in especially the ca. 1888-1908 development during which the Second Coming could, with indeed great “realized” possibility, have occurred, but was then halted.

Tentatively stated here, another possible angle with an explicit Biblical indication, though
in the Mighty Angel group, thus a lower ranked angel who is nonetheless given a special commission/work to do on earth, could be:

Jerahmeel - Angel of the Abyss (and Hades) - (Rev 9:1-5)

The Earthly Work of the Third Angel Gabriel
            Succinctly said in conclusion here for now, as this leads into an intricate panoply of Prophetic understandings, from the Advent of the Sealing Third Mighty Angel Gabriel to his return to Heaven just before the Plagues are poured out (EW 279.2 = Ezek 9:11; cf. 1SM 111.3[=1SM 109.1-111.1]; = 1SM 118.3), he fulfills during this advent of the Eschatological Lamb which was pertinently manifested in Rev 6:16, 17, but was halted by opposing and fearful reactions of people in, respectively, both the World and the Remnant Church forcing the Eschatological Grand Series/Interlude of Rev 7-14, who have more indepth explanatory revelations in Rev 17-22. This Interlude series is couched in the Seven Trumpets as it similarly resulted in having to, through Spiritual Militaristic means, tangibly carve out a territory for the, now to be even more concrete, Church Triumphant. This conflict will be involving battles against both the World and the Church Militant. (cf. Ev. 707.1-4)

[1] Golden Cards - In EW 39.2 EGW elaborates on this seen “golden card” matter by saying:

“There is perfect order and harmony in the Holy City. All the angels that are commissioned to visit the earth hold a golden card, which they present to the angels at the gates of the city as they pass in and out.”   

            Many who doubt/disbelieve the SOP have snickered at this mention of this use of Golden Cards by Unfallen Angels, however it is easily seen that, given the actual concrete realities of even the unseen world, it is evidently to ascertain the security of Heaven from Evil Angels. The checking of the Golden Card on the way out may be to confirm that the leaving angel has indeed been commissioned by God to travel to earth, and the checking of it on the way back is then to check if this is not an evil angel trying to get into Heaven. Apparently, as with military intelligence, it would be quite beneficial to Satan if he was able to find out the specific details of what God is variously planning and doing in regards to this ongoing GCand the final reward of the Redeemed, which is surely way beyond what God has revealed in the Bible and SOP. (cf. 1 Cor 2:9). Indeed each of these revelations were probably “news” to Satan when first revealed. This is thus manifestly a “double verification” so that if an evil angel had managed to enter Heaven, he would not be able to successfully leave and relate his key spying to Satan and other evil angels. These golden cards are probably freshly issued by God with each commission of an attending and/or special mission angel. And as (at least 2) angels are especially assigned to believers, this new issuing evidently occurs whenever someone on earth converts to Christianity and/or is making serious gradual moves towards following God’s truths.
            The “technical” aspects of this golden card may be beyond mere biometrics and/or an instant DNA check. There probably is a spiritual verification of the angel’s disposition to see if he is complete free of any sinful desire. That is the card, albeit probably personally coded to the commissioned angel, does an instant verification to see if the angel is harboring evil intentions on the way out (i.e., is planning to defect and give away Heaven’s secrets to Satan) and on the way back, on top of confirming their identity, it again verifies, indeed as a sort of super sensitive lie/loyalty detector, if that angel has wrong intentions. Of course fallen/evil angels, can never pass that test. This indeed clearly can’t be done in term of identification, but in terms of intents, it can be seen how this verification would be used for this purpose.
            It is probably from this that it can be better understood EGW’s leading statement, which would seem to be so obvious, before relating this verification that: “There is perfect order and harmony in the Holy City.” This “perfect harmony” indeed exists because the angels can fully trust each other, and this verification along particularly these “intent lines” would serve to ensure and foster this holy and perfect state. (See further discussion starting from in here)
            Of course this understanding here comes to involve what God can do in reading the minds of angels and immediately warning other angels. However I see that it is increasingly Biblically/Exegetically/Theologically manifest that Heavenly Beings, and even Created Humans before the fall, have/had been given utmost privacy in regards to their thoughts by God. So that such motives could be slyly concealed. This would explain, as shown in this post, why God had to literally force a conflict in order to “smoke out” angels who had the same rebellious intentions as Satan. The current ability for God to read our minds is entirely for our own benefit. See more on this understanding here -Indeed, in further substantiation for what was stated in here, the sequitur understanding of what immediately “non-rhetorically” transpired in response to the Fall of Man demonstrates, if not concretely proves, that Fallen Angels also have a, manifestly unalterable/innate, thought privacy from God as when Jesus came to visit the just fallen Adam and Eve, and then proceeded to seriously question as to what had happened, that showed that, and that despite having given warning of the Devil intent and purposes to come and deceive Man (TA 51.4-6), He had not ‘long read these mischievous  thoughts of Satan’, nor even “seen”/”read” Satan’s taking hold of a serpent ‘in order to accomplish his work of deception unperceived’ (TA 52.3), but was actually only then first finding out about his (successfully) acting upon the thoughts/intents. And as further corroboration, when Jesus, who, through God’s power, could read the thoughts of men (e.g., John 2:24-25; 6:64; e.g., DA 566.4), when, as stated in DA 118.2-3ff, 124.2-3ff, the Devil came disguised as an angel of light to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, the only way that He was eventually able to “read”/recognized/perceived that it was not actually a loyal angel, was in the, actually persisting ‘distrustful insinuation’ which the Devil was uttering. It would have been completely senseless for Satan to try to so dupe Jesus if he knew all along that Satan could read his thoughts....(unless of course God then was all along allowing this to candidly happen, and with no supernatural assistance, or at least: just not indicating to Jesus that this was actually the Devil, in order for Jesus to be truly tested (Luke 4:1; cf. Matt 4:11|DA 131.1)...but it would actually seem to me to be unfair if in other attempts to tempt Jesus (Luke 4:13), Jesus would then be, manifestly, given revelatory indications that it was the Devil in disguise trying to tempt Him (e.g., Matt 16:23)...unless of course, in that instance with/through Peter, Jesus could read the thoughts of Peter and see that these thoughts had not originated with him.).
            And, by the way/relatedly, the striking account in EW 266-269 of what was said in a meeting between Satan and his angels in regards to deceiving SDA’s was evidently uncovered by God because, unlike thoughts, the statements there were audibly said. And so, like the infamous US Government's (domestic) spying capabilities, whatever is audibly said, and thus transmitted in the air can be easily grasped by God’s Spirit, -which would then imply/involve that angels, surely fallen ones, and most probably also unfallen ones, cannot inaudibly communicate with each other, i.e., through (claimed/supposed/beleived): “Extrasensory perception “ESP”” mind-reading.).
            And beyond merely God’s most necessary need for the surveillance/monitoring/spying of fallen/sinful man, another necessity for the intrusion into Fallen Man’s inner thoughts would most likely have to do with keeping a most complete, and thus accurate record of each Human, for both judgement reasons (=Dan 7:10b), and in order to be able to most exactly reconstitute man’s spirit, and resulting character, fittingly enough through God’s Holy Spirit, if/when they should die. (=Gen 2:7; Eccl 12:7; cf. Luke 23:46|Matt 27:50|John 19:30b). In other words using common computer/cyber technology notions of our day as an analogical illustration, since Man became liable of worms, viruses and crashing, God decided to hack into Man’s system in order to be able to produce a realtime, exact mirroring and archiving copy of their system, so that in the case of even total crash, their system may be entirely and exactly reconstituted, -some (i.e, the saved, clean of any viruses), and that by downloading this information it into brand new hardware, through God’s cyber network: the Holy Spirit, via “breath”.
[2] See this White Estate webpage which discusses this statement. Though I agree with their “conditionality” explanation, I theologically understand this to be because God had led her to understand that this war would develop as it fully could, however only if Final Events were to unravel then. Which they did not, but were justly halted by the Jesus-Commissioned Sealing Angel.

[3] Which, in short, for those who cannot obtain access, expounds on the Biblical view that the 144,000 are a literal number of positions that Jesus has to fulfill towards the establishment of the Church Triumphant and so could have increasingly been fulfilled since ca. 1844 to the present by, in regards to now deceased people, the (God-given) work that they have faithfully done towards advancing the cause of the Church Triumphant. Thus, for a prime/obvious example, EGW would have filled one of those position with moreover her work continuing to help advance this cause today.

[4] It should be stated here that the elaborate studies, (contra-SOP) ‘definite times’ chartings and derived applicational claims of the “Sealing Time” ministry which deal with the present topic in this post, has been found to be fundamentally flawed. For reasons of time, these flaws will not be discussed here. (See the PDF of their book on this here. See Seminar presentation info here) However, and indeed fundamental to the derived erroneous time & fulfillment claims is: (1) the conclusion that the 3 distinct mentions of the sending of the Sealing Angel to the 4 Four Winds Angels are all one and the same event, and (2) that it (as a single event) transpired sometime shortly before 1897. As shown in this blog post, these 3 mentions (2 in SOP + 1 in Bible) are distinct events, and with the third, the one according to the Bible’s depiction details in Rev 7:1-3, not yet having occurred in the days of EGW. EGW herself did not notice, those distincting details, as it was concealed to her. And as careful and straightforward contextual and English syntactical studies will show of EGW’s visions on this, there also is no ‘“Future, Present, Past” tense synchronism’ (see page 21 in their PDF book) at all involved in EGW’s accounts. That is just a, non-pejoratively stated, biased viewing/understanding of those SOP statements. (Generally speaking, as typical in SDA circles, faulty overall theology leads to deficient understandings and interpretations).

[5] And, in relation to the “wilderness” statement of Jesus in the preceding Matt 24:26, as introductorily stated in the related Project which concretizing the here discussed, Rev 7:1-14:20 “Advent” of this Sealing Angel, it indeed will not be the replacement of the Glorious (‘“East to West” Lightning’) Second Coming of Christ, but will instead be an interim typologically mirroring “Thundering” development during that time of, this latest and third, “Second Coming hindering”, but ‘most gloriously purposeful’, extension (15MR 292.3-4)

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