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The Sealing of God's People - Part 2 (Ezekiel 9)

The “Fuller” Seal in God’s Sabbath

            It is clear from Biblical Studies, and from the Spirit of Prophecy (SOP), that the “Seal of God” spoken of in endtime prophecy (Rev 7:3; 9:4; 14:1; cf. 22:4) involves the observation of the 7th Day Sabbath, and thus the law of God. This is in direct opposition to the Mark of the Beast (cf. e.g., Rev 13:16; 14:9; 20:4) which acknowledges a spurious Sabbath, namely Sunday sacredness and effective “lawlessness.” (See also this blog post for more.) However, as it has been seen from a careful study of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, the proper observation of the Biblical Sabbath indeed involves much more than just observing the correct day, in the proper way, but should also lead its observers to do significant works of benevolence towards those in need in the world. (Cf. here). Therefore, if, as it was seen in this post, the events in Ezek 8 which lead up to this prophetic sealing in Ezek 9 speaks of a Remnant People who are seeking to do God’s work through an abominable mixing in of worldly practices, which have all been shown to focus on an adherence to an unbiblical providing/economic system, reflected today in the economic system of Capitalism, then does a Sealing of God’s people in the end time also really depend upon whether or not works of benevolence are done towards those in the world today who are in need?
            The short answer here is a resounding: Yes! as seen in the following supporting Biblical statements.
End Time Practical Benevolence
            The message of Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46 is absolutely unequivocal. Several foundational points are enlightening to note on this passage. First of all, in regards to the imagery used in this passage, in the Temple Ministry of Israel, a Burnt Offering, including the Paschal offering, could be of either an unblemished male sheep or goat. Exod 12:5 (cf. Lev 1:10; 22:19). [What is usually translated as "lamb" (e.g., Exod 12:3-4) should instead be translated generally as a "flock-animal" as it could be either a sheep or a goat.] This resemblance between these two groups that Jesus is going to divide echoes the imagery used in Matt 13:24-30, 36-43 when speaking of the wheat and the "darnel" (a weed resembling wheat, a.k.a. “tares” (cf. 2SM 127)). This emphatically shows that even if both of these “flock-animal” were passable as offerings, in the final reckoning, another criteria would determine their ultimate acceptance. (Based on the apparent knowing use of Christ of these sacrificial elements here, the fact that sheep and goats were equally acceptable as a sin offering in the OT, may have been to reflect the fact that God wanted to show that a sacrifice for sin was to be available/accessible for “the whole world” (John 3:16); for both the “good” and the bad; the righteous and the unrighteous, the repentant obedient ones and the rebellious. Interestingly enough it is solely the male goat that is involved in the “final” expiation and “banishing” of sin during the Day of Atonement ceremonies - Lev 16:5-22.) Secondly, this group of sheep and goats cover "all of the nations." This shows that there will be only two groups in the end, namely benevolent ones and non-benevolent/selfish ones, which, thirdly, as it will be seen, includes non-Christians and Christians in either side.  So Jesus clearly states that when He will separate the sheep from the goats, His criteria will be what these people have done in regards to those in need around them. Indeed many people who may have not believed in Jesus Christ, but did do these works of Christ, will be surprised to hear that Jesus has granted them Eternal Life solely on the basis of these benevolent works that they had done (cf. DA 637, 638; Rev 7:9-17). Talk about 'judging the world according to a righteousness standard.' (Psa 9:8; Acts 17:31; Rev 19:11). [Of course having the prophesied ‘form of godliness, but denying the power thereof’ is not the alternative way to go either and to be “avoided.” (2 Tim 3:1-5; 1T 305.1; cf. John 9:41; 15:22; Heb 10:26)]. Evidently the professed members of His Church did not comport themselves in such a way that people would readily associate such good, benevolent works with the default work of Christianity, and thus seek to themselves join this religion which so clearly embodies this dear cause of theirs. Indeed, to the contrary, the relatively, most closely, Christlike remnant of Biblical Christianity today, namely Protestant Christianity, almost unanimously espouses Capitalism. However this spurious system is, in spirit and letter, in direct opposition to the Message and Ministry of Christ and the Bible, and is directly responsible for all of the existing socio-economic woes in the world today. Many preventable and resolvable issues in the world today are not resolved, solely so that Capitalism, embodied in those who are wealthy through it, can continue unabated in its, and their, selfish, greedy and indifferent ways. 
            So if as Christ states in His straightforward Prophetic Statement of Matt 25:31-46, that the final judgement will focus on whether these works of benevolence have been done, but the SDA Church holds a strict eschatological view that the final decisions will only focus on those who accept or reject the Seventh day Sabbath, then the SDA Church would be in clear contradiction to Christ's view here. However it is Jesus who will surely hold the correct view here. This would then mean that the SDA Church would have been completely in the wrong on such a strict eschatological view. Would God have thus allowed His Remnant Church to hold such a contradicting view? 
            Like usual God’s ways are far above our ways (Isa 55:9) and it is only someone who wants to remain in darkness here who will obstinately and vehemently argue that the end time mission of the Church is not to primarily do benevolent works but instead solely preach the Three Angels’ Messages (Rev 14:6-12). When it is seen that the observance of the Biblical Sabbath does also wholly include doing works of benevolence in behalf of the needy, as Jesus did and taught in His Ministry, then there indeed really is only perfect complimentary harmony here between these two eschatological views. It is in the light of this that the statement of Ellen White is best understood when she says that: 
“The decisions of the last day turn upon our practical benevolence. Christ acknowledges every act of beneficence as done to Himself.” TM 399 (1896).

            Indeed as Ellen White states in her comments on the passage on the Sheep and the Goats, God’s Remnant Church has been granted the capabilities to do this far-reaching work of selfless benevolence (DA 640, 641). This is the intended, “fuller” meaning of True Sabbath observance (cf. EW 33), and thus the fulfilment of the intention of God’s Law of Love (Matt 22:35-40)

“Love is expressed in obedience, and perfect love casteth out all fear. Those who love God, have the seal of God in their foreheads, and work the works of God.” (SD 51, LDE 221).

Practical Benevolence and God’s Law (=6MR 396.3 & 3MR 424.4)
            While it may not be surfacedly, readily seen and understood, not doing works of Benevolence, by, in an end-time context, seeking to be instead obedient to the unBiblical dictates of Capitalism, comes to actually violate the Spirit, and thus the Letter of all of God’s Commandments as seen here:

#1 - Obeying the dictates of the ungodly system of Capitalism naturally leads to the disobedience of God and His own demands, and thus places it as a god in Yahweh’s own place (Luke 16:13)

#2 - Even if this other god is not rightly acknowledged as being false, as it is the case with Christians who espouse Capitalism, still, revering it and doing what it says, rather than what God says, amounts to textbook idolatrous worship. (See explanation on 1 Kgs 18:21 here). ‘Says the angel: "Think ye God will place His seal where there is an idol? No, no."’ (16 MR 34 [#1190]; 3T 524.1). 

#3 - Claiming to be followers of Christ but doing works that are not Christlike, such as letting people in need suffer and die, is thus really not reflecting Christ’s character, and therefore amounts to the taking of God’s name in vain. (cf. Rev 7:3; 14:1; 22:4 where the “Father’s name on the “forehead” of the Sealed Ones equals having God’s character in their “mind”. (cf. Jer 3:3)). Indeed such unChristlike acts by professed Christians greatly shames the name and character of God throughout the world. As the SOP says:

“The standard of the golden rule is the true standard of Christianity; anything short of it is a deception. A religion that leads men to place a low estimate upon human beings, whom Christ has esteemed of such value as to give Himself for them; a religion that would lead us to be careless of human needs, sufferings, or rights, is a spurious religion. In slighting the claims of the poor, the suffering, and the sinful, we are proving ourselves traitors to Christ. It is because men take upon themselves the name of Christ, while in life they deny His character, that Christianity has so little power in the world. The name of the Lord is blasphemed because of these things. MB 136, 137 (cf. Acts 4:32-35; COL 62-69; CS 19.1-5; 7BC 968.13-970.11ff).

#4 - Not caring for the needy violates God’s intended meaning and purpose of His Sabbath (Isa 58; Welfare Ministry, 23-62ff)
            It is most interesting to note that in God’s reprimanding the fasting that was apparently popularly done in Isa 58:4-5, it manifestly had started out as something spontaneous by the people and also commendable, and evidently it was the fasting on the Sabbath Day itself that was the most commendable, while the other fasting instances were more self-centered, contentious and wrongly motivated. However God did not at all require fasting on the Sabbath day. And as documentedly related here (full book) by Samuele Bacchiocchi, by the first centuries A.D., the Jewish people were categorically against fasting on the weekly Sabbath, so it was something “special” for those Jews in Isaiah’s day to do so. However God greatly objected to the way in which it all had become perverted from its initial good/commendable intentions and in Isa 58:6-7 He literally “scrapped” that whole human-‘chosen’ idea/practice of fasting on the Sabbath, which, while perverted, they still thought was “acceptable” to God, by pointing out what “self-denial” He actually found most commendable and required for His Sabbath. 
            Most surprisingly, early Christians, (as reported by Aristides of Athens in ca. 125 A.D. in a ‘Defense of Christianity’ of his to the Roman Emperor Hadrian), evidently still under the “inspiration” of the Apostolic Church in Acts 2:42-45; 4:32-35; 2 Cor 8:7-15, made the most Godly application of God’s expressed desire/will of Isa 58:6-7 by ‘customarily (some say ‘as a law’) practising’ the following:

“And if there is among them any that is poor and needy, and if they have no spare food, they fast two or three days in order to supply to the needy their lack of food.”
         [From in here -Section XV (Syriac Text); cf. a ‘looser’ translation in here.]

            Now this pragmatic approach is most astutely the “Fast” that God approved of!! 

Indeed, as stated in the Sabbath Commandment in Exod 20:8-11 & Deut 5:12-15, God intended to provided rest to everyone who needed/desired it (cf. Lev 25:35ff), and that rightly came to include those who had been striving all week long for the very basics of life. That is why this principle of ‘providing temporal, sustenance rest for the needy’ is incorporated in His Sabbatical Laws (e.g., Exod 23:10-12; Lev 25:1-22); also spiritual rest in Annual Sabbaths (Feasts); and the ultimate rest in the Millennium (cf. EW 286.1).

#5 - Honouring our parents also involves, by extension, honouring our “spiritual fathers” as seen in the heart of the Elijah Message. Here, this would involve honouring the purpose of SDA pioneers for establishing the various Church Ministries and Institutions which was done in order to seek to truly fulfill the works of Christ, and not to become the neutral, self-centered and self-serving, ‘fruitless fig trees with beautiful leaves’ that most of them have become today. (DA 580-588). Indeed there was a day when the name “Missionary” was by default included in the naming of Adventist Institutions of Higher Education, but that has been completely replaced as the explicit/dedicated foundational purpose and focus of these institution has shifted. Tellingly enough, as time has advanced, the global need for beneficent missionaries itself has actually not diminished, but instead has now come to require even more, variously specialized, professional and competent skilled workers; a need that such advanced SDA Institutions could easily meet!

#6 - In today’s, even individualistic and unjust society, if someone could tangibly have done something that would have prevented the death, or saved the life, of another, but instead chooses to neglect to do so, they can, and often are, criminally charged with Manslaughter, or even 2nd Degree Murder. This is an even more sure issue in the Heavenly Courts. Today the Church can, if it really wanted to, through a selfless and united/cooperative effort, readily do much more significant things in regards to coming to the aid of people who are dying from quite preventable causes, but because the leadership and members are so worldly minded, and preoccupied with being faithful to Capitalism, bowing reverentially at its altar, it also ascribes to a false-lamenting, but actually indifferent “live and let die” philosophy. In God’s eyes, through this neglect, the Church is guilty of murder and are thus also in open violation of this commandment. (cf. Matt 25:41-46; Pro 24:11-12, DA 641; James 4:17).

#7 - Prophetically speaking, for a woman (a church) to be in a relationship with another man while technically being married to Jesus Christ is seen as Spiritual Adultery (cf. here on Rev 17, 18). The unfaithful ways of the Remnant Church today in being in an illicit relationship with Capitalism has also made it just as guilty of violating this commandment as any other Christian Church which it has condemned to be unfaithful for adhering to unbiblical teachings and ways.

#8 - Capitalism, by fundamentally needing to ‘exact more than is needed’, and that in a sanctioned, defaulty unregulated, arbitrary, even whimsical way, is really an institutionalized and systematic form of theft. (cf. Psa 15:1, 5)[1]. In the end everyone must either come to similarly participate in this theft lest they lose money, or opt to become broke in this system. In a system that is only concerned with making money, then such greed and selfishness is indeed needed to be encouraged. However if the economic focus is not to accumulate wealth, and indifferently consume resources, but to preserve and equitably share resources in order to meet the needs of all, as the Bible teaches, then such ungodly tenets would not be an issue.  As it is said in the SOP:

“buying and selling city lots [i.e., stocks], selling the lots at figures far above their real value, is another species of robbery. It is not lawful business. It may meet the world’s standard, but it cannot meet the standard of an impartial God. These are Satan’s traps, laid to catch souls. Our safeguard in all business transactions is the love and fear of God.” (15 MR 67 (#1150)).

            And Satan indeed is the ‘“Chief Thief” who murderously (John 8:44) wants to rob people of both their lives, and also, contra his derived Spirit and System of Capitalism, readily achievable by all: an abundant life, for/by all. (John 10:10)

#9 - Claiming to represent Christ, and being His witness, while knowingly doing things that are in complete contradiction to His will and ways, is, and can only be, a “bearing of false witness to Jesus Christ.” Such lying, false witnesses will definitely not be the people who Jesus will have represent Him in the end (Rev 14:3-5).
            Also, in Capitalism, there is an inherent necessity to lie when it comes to claim what the price of something it. It really is neither what it costs but what one ‘whimsically and subjectively wants it to be.’ Tellingly enough, when truth/reality confronts this mindless practice, as it inevitably, eventually does, this results in all of those experienced Economic Crashes, Crises, Recessions, and even Depressions as people are then forced to live according to the, albeit relative, realistic/truthful reality as to what those various assets, goods and services were/are really worth, which it then is seen was/is not too far from their actual costs, as seen in the ongoing housing market collapse.

#10 - Capitalism can only work if “covetousness,” i.e., wanting more than one really needs, is the most controlling of reasonings and impulses.[2] Case in point, whenever a Capitalistic economy experiences a downturn, the first and most prominent thing that is said and done to “revive” it is to encourage people to go out and shop, even if solely just for the sake of consuming something. In doing so, much of what is purchase, consumed and/or replaced, are things that are really not a necessity. Such wasteful spending rarely, if ever, focuses on meeting the needs of those who are in need. Ellen White also pitted covetousness as a direct enemy of benevolence as she says when commenting on the worthy example of the Apostolic Church in implementing a Biblical Economy, which established a “System of Benevolence” (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35) that ‘the controlling interest of the Apostolic Church to seek to accomplish the mission entrusted to them by Christ led them to have, and engage in, this spirit of sharing’ and that “covetousness had no place in their lives.” AA 70, 71 (cf. Heb 13:5, 1 Tim 3:3; 15 MR 67-70 [#1150]). It is further said that it is precisely the cherished, opposing attitude of covetousness that led to the sin and death of, notably, Achan (PP 496-498) and Ananias and Sapphira. (AA 72 - See also Eph 5:5 (cf. PP 439) where covetousness = idolatry). In fact, EGW saw this sin of covetousness as a special snare by Satan for SDA’s and dedicated an entire chapter to its discussion in EW 266-269 = 9T 126.1-2. (Cf. this post).
            And as brought out in a 09-22-2011 Faith Camp Asia (Sabah) sermon by Jonathan Wood which expounds on the Luke 16:1-13 & the related EW 266-269 warning: ‘covetousness, (which leads to thievery), also can be God-ward; i.e., wanting for our self-serving use the God-given blessings and resources which were to have been used to do God’s work. [see 40:30ff (video) (audio)]. This is indeed the case in the SDA Church today where its various Institutions are used to serve patrons and/or make money but not to work towards helping those who are truly in need.

End Time Application of Apostolic Benevolence
            Ellen White also clearly states in regards to this above mentioned Apostolic example of Systematic Benevolence, which, it must be emphasized, she fully understood went way beyond tithing, that:

"The plan of Systematic Benevolence is pleasing to God. I was pointed back to the days of the apostles, and saw that God laid the plan by the descent of his Holy Spirit, and by the gift of prophecy counseled his people in regard to a system of benevolence. All were to share in this work of imparting of their carnal things to those who ministered unto them in spiritual things. They were also taught that the widows and fatherless had a claim upon their charity. Pure and undefiled religion is defined, to visit the widows and fatherless in their affliction, and to keep unspotted from the world. I saw it was not merely to sympathize with them in their affliction by comforting words, but to aid them, if needy, with their substance." (2SG 230, 231).

She pointedly adds elsewhere after quoting passages on the inspired Apostolic example in Acts 2:46-47; 4:32-35, “in those bright days when the glory of the risen Christ shone upon them”:

            Search heaven and earth, and there is no truth revealed more powerful than that which is
made manifest in works of mercy to those who need our sympathy and aid. This is the truth as it is in Jesus. When those who profess the name of Christ shall practice the principles of the golden rule, the same power will attend the gospel as in apostolic times. (MB 137.2)

            Jesus is quite clear on the “weight” that is inherent in this “Golden Rule” of His as He says that “this is the Law and the Prophets” (Matt 7:12; cf. Gal 5:13-14; MB 135.3-136.1); a grand statement that He only made one other time and that was to similarly say that ‘love of God and love of man is also the fulfillment of the whole of the Law and the Prophets.’ (Matt 22:37-40).

            Therefore, from simply this brief overview on the topic of the “Sealing of God’s People and the Sabbath,” it can be seen that Benevolence has an undeniable part to play in it, if not, the most important part. It is therefore in this light that the Seal of God must be fully, and properly, understood.
            Therefore the episode of the sealing in Ezek 9, which we are told described the eschatological prophecy (TM 445, Rev 7:1-8ff), and which begins with God’s Remnant, typologically represented by the last remaining faithful tribe of Israel -Judah (cf. Ezek 8:1; Rev 7:5) and more pointedly, first with God’s leaders in Jerusalem (Ezek 9:4, 6; 11:1-13; cf. Rev 11:1, 13), is a clear warning of what is expected to take place in the Church (cf. 4T 384-387) and what will lead to “The Shaking Amongst God’s People” (cf. Rev 11:13). As it is said:

“Just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads--it is not any seal or mark that can be seen, but a settling into the truth, both intellectually and spiritually, so they cannot be moved--just as soon as God’s people are sealed and prepared for the shaking, it will come.” (4BC 1161)

            So now is the time (see Hos 10:12-15) to understand, and proclaim this “fuller” message of God’s end time Seal of Obedience. Indeed those who understand and do this ‘will not be shaken, so that what cannot be shaken will remain.’ (Psa 15:5 & Heb 12:26-27 cf. LDE 172-182).

            And so an SOP statement in 13MR 381.1-382.1 in regards to any Ten Commandment transgressors, thus comes to also automatically to SDA’s who are, as common/typical, merely concerned with observing the “Letter of the Law”, especially in regards to the “Seventh-day Sabbath”, all the while, in various ways, as detailed above, are indifferently systematically violating the Spirit of God’s Law (e.g., Isa 58), chiefly from an adherence to Capitalistic ways. In an application of what was most soundly brought forth from the Bible and SOP by David Asscherick in this 2004 GYC sermon involving passages such as Matt 22:34-40; Eph 5:29; Isa 14:12-15 vs. Phil 2:3-11; DA 21.3; Ed 190.2 7MR 232.4-233.1ff; among others; acting selfishly, i.e., ‘calculated exaltation at the expense of others’, which, along with its derived practice of covetousness, is absolutely essential to Capitalism, is actually “true Satanism” and stands directly opposed to the religion of Christ which is ‘an (almost) reckless condescension for the benefit of others’. And as the SOP states, the only way that anyone will come to understand the “evil of selfishness” and “guarding the human family against its terrible, deceptive power” is in the ‘Jesus-commissioned remedial missionary work and by establishing enterprises of benevolence.’ (7MR 233.1; cf. 2T 35.2) Capitalism on the other hand wily and spuriously teaches to ‘first help yourself and through that selfish/self-seeking endeavor you will “tricklely” come to help others, and virtually the whole world, including, as seen below in Capitalism defending comments by SDA’s, even SDA’s, has wholly bought into this lie and deception.[3] As the SOP states, this chief issue of Selfishness vs. Selflessness is what this entire GC has been pending upon (Ed 190.2), and its final conflict consummation, now pointedly involving God’s Full Sabbath, the fate of millions will be decided, even from amongst the mostly, in whole or in part, grossly deceived SDAs. (EW 266-269; cf. COL 259.1-2) And, not coincidentally, as it was most critical to Satan’s rebellion and deception in heaven (see DA 21.3), it has similarly been to claim that Capitalism is most Godly, as Protestant, including most SDAs, are religiously and vehemently doing, all resulting in the ‘great righteousness darkness’ of our present age! With the fundamental tenets of that system actually best, as it was most frankly and honestly, widely and continuedly, influentially expressed and articulated by atheistic philosophical novelist Ayn Rand (see this 1959 interview). And that furthermore is why anyone who has knowingly practiced and/or condoned this Chief of Sins of Selfishness (4T 384.3; 7MR 232.4; Ed 225.4b; SC 17.1; DA 20.2*), in any of its many actuated ways, and has thus permitted it to be seamlessly ingrained in their character, as SDA’s have/are preferentially, pervasively, systematically done/doing, will not be allowed into the Selfless Realm of Heaven (=2T 445.2; CS 22.1|RH, May 16, 1893 par. 5) as doing so will not only be rewarding this sinful character, but will also tangibly put at eternal risk the unfallen universe, just like Satan’s, seemingly to him, ‘inconsequential selfish actions’, did. (=1SM 114.2-115.2)... Now you all, (and as you say -John 9:41), surely do know!!! (John 15:22)![4]

* (See the excellent, Nature-based, corroborating presentation, entitled “Co-dependence - the unselfish planet”, by Walter Veith here|here).

[1] Cf. in this sermon on the 8th Commandment by David Asscherick [14:38-30:03ff].

[2] See the statement against the Capitalistic Spirit and its preyed upon ‘“fear” of money’ by Jonathan Henderson in his 11-19-11 sermon [mp4] “Beyond Elementary: Giving” 26:09-40:20ff ; also here. Cf. also his 10-26-13 sermon [mp4] pointedly addressing “greed”.).
            (Tellingly enough, Asscherick’s sermon statement above in Note #1 and Henderson’s statement here are quite literally the only two, at least pointed/explicit, statements against any accepted tenet of Capitalism that I have come across in listening to 1000's of SDA Sermons.* (In this excellent Bible/SOP presentation, Jay Gallimore deals more fundamentally with the ‘selfishness and competitive’ roots of this issue.) Either other SDA pastors wholly believe that that socio-economic system is Biblical and beyond any reproach and/or they, significantly enough, feel no Spiritual conviction to say anything against it. Now that’s deep/true (mindful) delusion, and/or, merely being money-whipped, and that, indeed ‘conversely (Ezek 16:30-34) harlotrously (Ezek 16:23-29)’ so!! =Rev 13:13-17)

* Relatedly see this website for “Social Justice” [versus e.g., ‘riches and wealth achievements’ =Jer 9:23-24] of the Hollywood, CA SDA Church (cf. this 03-16-2013 ‘Sabbath Economics’ sermon by (non-SDA) Ched Myers) and this article and its Alumni Lectureship presentation by Harwood Lockton, who then was the Director, International Program, ADRA Australia.

            To demonstratingly highlight the tacit and/or indifferent SDA silence in regards to, (-“attacking the cancer”-wise, (and then, as above-stated, Jay Gallimore did, the pointed lifestyle causation*)), and especially, openly and explicitly denouncing Capitalism, in even, any way at all, I’ll, -actually “throwing down the gauntlet” here (=1 Kgs 18:20-22ff|Rev 11:13), be diligently conversely (as this is indeed much more succinct) keeping the short listing here of (other) SDA preachers which I have, all of this time (i.e. since at least 2001), in this ample (SDA+) sermons listening of mine, heard do this pointed decrying:

* -Which is actually completely distinct and different from the typical “coping” SDA sermon which is frankly trying to get SDA’s to just suicidally go along with the system and thus, pertinently enough, deferentially, slavishly work to: “make bricks without straws”...

{1} 10-19-2013 - Stephen Bohr here [01:31:16-01:32:13ff]: ‘= Ezekiel 16:49’ - (I’ll however Biblically self-calibrate his disclaimer that “he is not a Socialist” by succinctly saying that: ‘there is Marxist|Fascist|Stalinist/Soviet-style Socialism...and then, (as already amply referenced in this blog post), there is Biblical Socialism...)

{2} ??????

[3] In regards to the SOP statement made in PP 535.2 which some may “moronically”, surfacely understand, vs. understanding it in the full light of the Bible, which says:

“There are many who urge with great enthusiasm that all men should have an equal share in the temporal blessings of God. But this was not the purpose of the Creator. A diversity of condition is one of the means by which God designs to prove and develop character.” [See the commenting below made by John along this line.]

            What is socio-economically being advanced here in this blog (see e.g., here) and its NJK Project (see this page) is not an equal share, but rather, and as the Biblical principle is, both in foundational Law (e.g., Num 26:52-56) and in free-willed collaboration, i.e., in regards to one’s subsequently obtained increase, (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35; 2 Cor 8:7-15), is an equivalent sharing of the distinctly involved resources and wealth. In other words, an “equal sharing” would have everyone receive the same resources and wealth, no matter what their actual “conditions” were. This would then mean that a family with one child would have the same “commonwealth share” as a family with 5 children. So in that case, the 3-member family would non-fairly be much more well off than the 7-member family. On the other hand, under the Biblical equivalent sharing model, which thus meets the needs of all according to their actual tangible need, then no one is left in a condition of poverty. And under a rightly proportioned model, irresponsibly having as many children as possible will not actually make one wealthier as the shared resources and wealth will only be given to meet those actual needs. So you will not have a situation where e.g., the family of 7 has, e.g., more income per capita, or more home square-footage per capita, than the 3-member family.
            And under a properly implemented Biblical Equivalent Sharing model, God’s ‘design to prove and develop the character’ is indeed met as the variously “powerful” and rich will be demonstrating his Christlike character by freely sharing their resources and wealth/increase with those in need and in ‘proving and developing’ return, the one benefited from this generosity will be doing their very best to valuably contribute to this commonwealth. Indeed the generosity of the powerful and rich will afford them in time and accessibility the same opportunity for them to develop themselves (e.g., educationally) to be this valuable socio-economic contributor (not to mention, social/moral-wise, not being “contrived” to resort to a life of crime to survive and/or having sunk into a self-destructive state of depressive desperation. (Cf. PP 536.1-2 ; -See that entire Chapter in PP 530-536 entitled: “God’s Care for the Poor”).

[4] See a foundationally similar exposition to this deeper view of God’s endtime seal in this NZYC 2013 sermon by Adrian Webster.


  1. You write: "ungodly system of Capitalism", yet capitalism is the most godly of the economic systems ever developed by mankind on a wide scale.

  2. Daniel, your response here is a quite typical and common, knee-jerk reaction here, however as stated, this Blog aims to be Theologically and Factually accurate, and that takes into consideration all of the Biblical principles and world stats and facts on this issue. In determining what is Godly or not, (and also, pertinently here, not solely “goldly”), I do not, effectively, circularly, compare what fallen man does with itself. I rather compared it to what God Himself has stipulated will be in accordance with, and in reflection of, His Character. Sure if you compare Capitalism with, e.g, Soviet-style Communism, Capitalism would surfacedly be “more humane” here. (I still cannot, based on the inherent base, and indispensable tenets of true (i.e., non-diluted) Capitalism, see how it can be considered Godly or Biblical in any way. Case in point, if solely based upon “caused deaths,” Capitalism, with its ruthless version of striving to make a living/profit at any cost, has, correspondingly on its “wide-reaching/pervasive scale”, allowed much more people to needlessly suffer and prematurely die than it has help or saved. This rightly includes global abortions (currently 60+ million annually) which are predominantly done for various degrees of financial/economic individual expediency and convenience.

    I have elsewhere engaged in a more lengthy discussion with others who had this shallow/blinded, if not effectively, from a Christian perspective, deceived/“brainwashed”, view in regards to Capitalism. It is reposted on my website at: http://www.njkproject.info/njk/forums/msdaol.html

    Therefore, in summary here, if you want to also gauge if something is Godly or not, then first take the time, and make the deliberate effort to measure it against the principles set forth by God in His revealed, Inspired Word. Only ‘seeing this topic as God sees it’ i.e., the “Theological View” will be of any Divinely Approved, and Lasting, Value.

  3. "Godliness, which the gospel enjoins, never bears briars and thorns, never--because all do not see exactly alike--breaks the closest
    links of association, dividing those who have been one in faith, one in heart, in their relationship. But a difference in the application of some few scriptural passages makes men forget their religious principles. Elements become banded together, exciting one another through the human passions to withstand in a harsh, denunciatory manner everything that does not meet their ideas. This is not Christian, but is of another spirit."
    Brother, i have a different idea from you on something that is not important to our salvation. I have probably studied it out as much as you, and i'm sure longer than you have, and according to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, believe that capitalism is in the order of God, at least ever since sin came into this world.
    I'm not deceived or brainwashed and don't have the good knees anymore to have a good knee-jerk reaction.
    Please, let us strive for the unity that God wishes us to have, and be more in earnest to show the attributes of our lovely saviour - Jesus Christ :)

  4. Brother Daniel, as obvious as it may sound, just stating something does not make it so. You’ll have to back up your claim that “Capitalism is in the order of God”, even with your added red-herring and spurious qualifier -“since sin” with concrete examples, otherwise your claim is just like saying that, e.g., ‘white lies are from God, especially since sin.’ Nothing base and sinful, as Capitalism is from our Holy God. If Capitalism was God’s ideal, then why didn’t He stipulate it and its principles to His people in the Law of Moses and the rest of the OT. All other Biblical persons, from the OT to the NT, also did not espouse such base tenets in their ways of dealing socio-economically with others. I think you have been confused, and effectively, indeed been “brainwashed” into believing that the “mix economies” that have come to be fully utilized in all, even Western, economies, but that were at their start Laisser-Faire Capitalistic Economies, is all still true Capitalism. They are not, and are more socialistic than capitalistic. Take away these socialist safeguards and these, then purely, capitalistic economies will literally drive themselves right off the highest cliff, and that blindly/reverentially/worshipfully one after the other, without any hesitation, as many flashes of such still possible illogical stupidity today shows. It is an economic and historical fact that Laissez-Faire Capitalism is only bound to self-destruct, and destroy any society that it is fully implemented in. (By the way all socialist measures come from the principles set forth in the true economical order of God/Jesus as seen throughout the Bible.)

    (You claim that ‘you are sure that you have studied this topic longer than me’!?! Well then how long have I been studying it??? Such an inconsequential argument is not even worthy of a factual counter-response, especially since it really does not matter how long one has studied this topic. Exactly how (i.e., from what perspective/view) you study it is much more determinative. I have chosen address it from the true “Theological View” as revealed in the Bible. You can use the cop-out “fallen man’s view” if you wish, however I hope you can see for yourself that it is self-evidently the wrong approach.

    In regards to the tones/expressions in my previous comment, when it comes to matters of life and death, as it is currently fully the case with people needlessly dying by the tens of millions just because 5-10% of the world population want to make a more-than-enough profit, I will never mince words, but only call things as the self-evidently are. (cf. Matt 23). By the way did you even go through the referenced forum discussion cited above. (According to my detailed site logs, probably not). All of your (typical) objections are probably fully addressed there.

    Believe me, this is nothing personal. It is just that millions of people are dying because of such blind, even worshipful beliefs, in this spurious Economic system, and that particularly, more than anything, greatly annoys me, especially when it is coming from (SDA) Christians who should know better.

  5. As Ellen White wrote, "It was not the purpose of God that poverty should ever leave the world. The ranks of society were never to be equalized, for the diversity of condition which characterizes our race is one of the means by which God has designed to prove and develop character. Many have urged with great enthusiasm that all men should have an equal share in the temporal blessings of God, but this was not the purpose of the Creator. Christ has said that we shall have the poor always with us. The poor, as well as the rich, are the purchase of His blood; and among His professed followers, in most cases, the former serve Him with singleness of purpose, while the latter are constantly fastening their affections on their earthly treasures, and Christ is forgotten. The cares of this life and the greed for riches eclipse the glory of the eternal world. It would be the greatest misfortune that has ever befallen mankind if all were to be placed upon an equality in worldly possessions." 4T 551.

    I believe that capitalism as originally set up by the United States Constitution was the best system ever devised, because it respected the freedom of the individual, which is a biblical principle! "The feeble and isolated colonies grew to a confederation of powerful states, and the world marked with wonder the peace and prosperity of 'a church without a pope, and a state without a king.' " GC 296 Socialism involves the government confiscating the goods of it's citizens and redistributing them as it sees fit. This is very similar to Communism and is most definitely not in accordance with God's plan.

    As Margaret Thatcher stated, "The trouble with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people's money."

    Right now, socialism is one of the curses that is destroying America from within. As we speak the United States government is virtually bankrupt, but is going yet further into the red at the rate of four billion dollars every single day! Fiscal insanity! It is government interference has thwarted true capitalism that once made America the envy of the world.

    If we and past generations had listened to our Founding Fathers, instead of succumbing to the deceptions of socialism, we would have been spared the financial ruin that now looms: "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." -Thomas Jefferson

    John Trainor

  6. P.S. "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship."

    - Alexander Fraser Tyler,'The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic'.

    John Trainor

  7. The proper understanding of the role and authority of the SOP vs. the Bible shows that EGW does not have the final say in what scriptures mean. This Truth is to be exegetically ascertained. So in regards to her statement in 4T 551 I exegetically do not at all see that Christ meant to not take care of all the vital needs of others, which indeed is what this project is actually all about. I.e., letting someone starve to death because “Jesus needs them to be poor so that they and I can have a better character’ will certainly not stand in the final judgement (Matt 25:31-46). Christ statement in John 12:8 is exegetically, clearly and only saying that these people would have this claimed opportunity to so spend to meet the needs of the poor, but He was about to die then depart from them. So it was right that they so expended, even costly resource on him at that time as Mary did.

    Also, the ‘equality in wealth’ is only for the actual citizens of this projected country, and not a mandate for ‘everyone in the world’. And this is being done in order to meet the needs of all so that all can then equally invest their available time and resources into meeting the needs of others. That follows the foundational model of God OT Israel, as well as the example of the Disciples in the NT as well as the instruction of Paul in 2 Cor 8:7-15 (which EGW approvingly spoke of ), not to mention of course, the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ. You’ll need to so Biblically substantiate your claims for Capitalism, i.e., with exegetically valid supporting passages.

    Do see the many and lengthy discussions that I have already had with ‘Capitalism-Supporting SDA’s’ listed on this page (See especially the PDF posting of the MSDAOL Discussion. It includes the latest discussions there than in the html repost.)

  8. Capitalism and Bible
    The closest article I see in the U.S. Constitution that would support capitalism is the Commerce Clause however that is really only to bar the Federal Governement from regulating various interState commercial dealings, even if these engaged in foreign trading. And the fact is that much more has been, and can be done through cooperation than competition. As with the common error of many others, you’ll also actually have to engage the kind of Biblical Socialism and Communism that I am speaking of which is, as already stated, definitely not what this world has previously done nor is capable of doing given their also maintained sinfulness, which still include selfishness, -the chief of sins. The NJK Project’s Economic system is a publicly coordinated and planned system, thus involving the input, control and cooperation of all. And to operate this system by allocating available National resources according the actual needs of people/households vs. a ‘may the strongest ones win’ approach, is most clearly God’s Plan (e.g., Num 26:52-56).

    ‘The problem with true Capitalism i.e., the Laissez-Faire System that existed in the late 19th and early 20th century (before the 1930's Great Depression) is that those who control the capital just can’t get enough of other people’s money. And if government cannot step in to limit them, or fix the many societal problems that they create, then there really is no way to stop them. It was such non-regulation and non-control that cause 1929 Stock Market Crash and then Great Depression and also the 2008+ Great Recession. I think Capitalism has long, proven that it is not a valid economic nor social system. Woe to those who, especially now indifferently, “believe” it is God’s ideal.

    As shown in the NJK Project’s planning, everyone will equally be involved in the required work, resulting in no unemployment. This cannot be done under Capitalism for various spurious reasons, such as each full-time job must be 8 hours per workday, among other artificial fallacies.

  9. John Trainor: P.S. "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship."

    - Alexander Fraser Tyler,'The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic'.

    As validly seen in the current ‘Occupy’ protest: what do you think has occurred under Capitalism??! Those with means and money have successfully lobbied and, now can directly bankroll government/candidates to do their private economic biddings, to the detriment of the, so-called, “99%”!!

  10. John, you are exactly correct.

    NJK, I'm not sure what you are saying about the "occupy" protests, but they are some of the most un-godly events i've seen on a wide-scale on American soil in a long time.

    This is one of Satan's great strategies -- he gets the left side to go too far, thus disgusting the right side to take action to correct the observant evil, but each step slowly, imperceptibly advances Satan's cause. This is how you get all the filth and rottenness we see in America today with same-sex marriages and abortions etc., and then "good-minded" people finally have enough of it (usually when there is a national calamity), and they try to put a stop to it. The "cure" tho, while well-meaning and mostly in-line with the Bible, has some points always furthering Satan's cause.

    We Seventh-day Adventists always like to pull out the RCC and "religious right" bogeyman, but i posit that without these institutions, the world would have disintegrated into an amoral mass much, much sooner.

  11. Daniel. The first part of your comment is indifferently neither factual, nor Spiritual, (indeed most importantly of all) correct/Biblical. (And normatively I would not post it for such reasons). As I had responded to John, Capitalism is not Biblical. You and John, (and especially other SDA Capitalists) will need to read up, from the referred discussion links, as to why it indeed is not. Through such Spiritual indifference you all are just falling for the carefully crafted Mark of the Beast snare and sipping from the wine of Babylon. (= EW 266-269). Indeed Capitalism is just a trap of the Devil and people who do not have spiritual discernment, and just allow money and wealth to dictate what is right, most easily get deluded by it. (cf. 5T 337.2-3). If your aim is to truly help those in vital need, as is the NJK’s objectives (=Isa 58; cf. WM 28-61ff) then it is easy to see that Capitalism will not do it. I just cannot understand how anyone in their right mind, and given the hard facts of can call for a return to Laissez-Faire Capitalism!?? If EGW lived in our day, she most likely would only have condemnatory things to say about the present state Capitalism, indeed as seen in her many statements against covetousness, selfishness, avarice, greed, etc. Capitalism only works when there are limited people drawing from ample resources. That is surely not the state of the world today where there is an abundance of people (indeed ca. 4.4X more than there was in EGW’s days) and ever diminishing and limited material resources. So, although Capitalism won’t let you take all pertinent facts into consideration, do try to snap out of this brainwashing/conditioning and face those vital facts.

  12. In regards to your Occupy movement comment Daniel, I generally agree with you. Due mainly to their lack of Biblical morality, I do not, nor never did, actually support these Occupy movements. In fact someone had suggested that I go there and suggest my Project to them, to which I immediately refused given indeed this pervasive lack of Biblical morality in them. Indeed any Socialism/Communism without the Morality of God will surely fail as it was seen in the past Socialistic Economies in our world. Yet the trap of Satan is also to have such aberrations be prominently presented as ‘the only alternative’ and quite easily cause people, even SDA’s, to mindlessly, knee-jerkly sing the praises of Capitalism. The fact of the matter is that SDA’s do not know, and/or basely don’t care for, the Biblical Truths in regards to God’s Perfect Sabbatical Socio-economic ways and so they idolatrously claim the ways of the present-day “Baal” instead. (Cf. Isa 8:16-20)

  13. NJK Project, it appears to me that you distort issues similar to when someone mixes up “the love of money” as the “root of all evil,” and makes “money” the root of all evil.

    · Jesus and/or the disciples weren’t talking to the “government” in their discourses - it’s an obligation of those who are spiritual to reflect the unselfish, generous spirit of Christ to others. Our God is not a God of force, but rather our life of serving and sharing with others is to come from our hearts. Socialistic/communistic systems are oppressive – not free. They exert great power over the “dependent” ones. The more dependent people get on them, the harder it becomes for them to “break free.” In my view, they are a counterfeit to God’s system. They want the “power,” they want the people. Of course, with the freedom God has given us, we can still choose the sinful path of the devil or we can choose the path of righteousness by the grace of God.

    · The Bible gives us several insights regarding the fruit of our labor:

    o Proverbs 13:11 talks of the wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, but the one who gathers by labor increases it.

    o Proverbs 14:23 In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

    o Proverbs 31: 10-31 describes a worthy woman who is a wise business person and invests, and with earnings plants a vineyard, she works hard and with her gain is able to extend her hands to the poor and needy; she makes things and sells them, she does not eat the bread of idleness

    (sounds like what we have the opportunities for within our system)

    o 2 Thess. 3:6-12 …nor did we eat anyone’s bread without paying for it, but with labor and hardship we worked night and day so that we might not be a burden to any of you… if anyone will not work, neither let him eat…

    · Sin can abound in the unregenerate heart in a communistic, socialistic, or capitalistic system or anything in between or otherwise.

    o One can be a poor person and have greed, and one can be a rich person and have greed.

    o Once can be a poor person and be a thief as well as a rich person who takes advantage of others.

    o One can be poor and have envy, and one can be rich and still be envious.

    o One can be poor and generous (the widow and her mites), or one can be rich and generous.

    o One can be poor and criticize and judge others and one can be rich and criticize and judge others.

  14. The fact of the matter is John, since you manifestly still do not see nor understand this, is that you are the one who is here ‘confusing the issues.’ Like many people knee-jerkly do, who want to oppose this project, you mischaracterize my Biblical Socialism/Communism project (indeed as seen in Acts 2:43-45 and 4:32-35, and that under the full unction of the Holy Spirit), with (Atheistic) Soviet-style communism. And you need to do this mal-association in order to circularly give credence to your, then, “straw-men” arguments.

    Again the main/fundamental purpose of the NJK Project is not to set up a government entity, but set up an organization, to the extent that it needs to be, to come to the rescue of the millions of people dying annually from preventable causes, including the currently 65,000,000 aborted infants. Just in regards to sustainedly providing a home and life for up to 65,000,000 new people per year, is seen the physical, even political, necessity of the NJK Project. Under Capitalism the plight of these ‘lesser ones” is just indifferently ignored, and even in the SDA Church, contrary to e.g., Deut 15:7-11, a base and perverted “belief” in a “soon Second Coming” is sanctimoniously touted as a valid reason to not do what can actually be done to help these poor and dying ones. Thus God’s Sabbath (cf. Isa 58) is actually being trampled upon here (EW 36.2 = Ezek 34:17-22ff = Matt 25:31-46)!

    So if you really want to discuss my publicly-planned, religio-socio-economic, Biblical project, then do engage what it is all about and not the Soviet Communism aberrations. A “publically planned”, managed by publically elected officers, and is only quasi-authoriatively checked for Constitutional (i.e., Ten Commandments) adherence, economy is completely distinct from the top-down perversion of Soviet-styled Economies. So that fundamental distincts makes completely void all of your patent Capitalistic-objectionary claims such as: “oppressive” “dependent” “break free” ‘power hungry’, etc. Also, no one is forcing anyone to join the NJK Project, if one indeed wants to live in a sharing community as the Apostles did, then this project will be available for them to do so. Even those “born” within the project will have the freedom to, even assistedly, emigrate to and settle in, the countries that would, in the case of most, preferred to have had them die. So no one’s Freedom will be restrained or overrule in this Country. Indeed through emigration assistance, it will actually be more facilitated than in any other country. And in God’s Israel, whether it is the Church or the Kingdom, anyone who freely chooses to live a sinful life, is at the very least, forced to leave the rest of the community that does not want to!! (e.g., Matt 18:15-18), just like it was done with Satan and his supporting angels (Rev 12:7-9). God’s actual Biblical freedom does not “sponsor” sin!

  15. Pro 13:11 & 14:23 & 2 Thess. 3:6-12 - Since my weblog records indicate that you visited my link to the NJK Service/Work Force, then I cannot see why you are trying to make it seem that I am opposed to work. The only reason I see is that you have been Capitalistic conditioned to believe, as “mindlessly” commonly done today, that one must, at the very least, be involved in (effectively, especially in our technologicaly advanced day and age) “slaving”, i.e., 8+ hours a day of work in order to be labouring. As shown in the NJK project, such work will instead be done as much as possible, by robots/computers, etc. Of course, with a Secular and Capitalistic mindset, this would only threateningly mean that people will be lazy in the NJK, however, again given the actual purpose of that policy, NJK Citizen will use that spare labor time (of projectedly ca. 5+ hours per day) to, as commissioned by Jesus, instead engage in Global Missionary and Ministry Gospel Work. Indeed that is the fundamental purpose of the NJK Project. And God know there currently is great need for such work, even on a purely humanitarian basis, in the world. So a shift is being made here from wasteful and not necessary, occupying manual and secular work to Gospel Work instead. For if God’s People do not do this work towards the least of those in need, it will not be done and these people will continue to be left to die and even “conveniently murdered.”

    And if you actually believe that not mindlessly doing things according to slaving Capitalistic means is “fraud” and unlawful, then you are much more deceived than I actually thought. It is secularly “lawful” for a CEO to layoff thousands of workers in order to switch to automization, so why not in the NJK. Also, not respecting patent is within the right of any jurisdiction, there are just imposed no-trade penalties for this, however, for various reasons, the NJK Project will not even have to go this route and its overall collaborative vs. competitive approach will actually be more (rapidly) innovative and achievement-wise productive than Capitalistic models, as indeed repeatedly seen in the many past and current government, publicly funded and/or open source collaborative projects. Individualism and competition is a self-defeating/limiting model.

    I have addressed the posited Proverbs 31: 10-31 excuse in this forum discussion (see from Post #9 & #10). The whole purpose of that passage is the advantage of an also productive house wife for both her family and also the community at large. Reading it into a modern-day Capitalistic mindset does eisegetical harm to its Spiritual meaning. God is against religious-entrenched, secular, profiteering, “Babylonian” commercialism, -calling it “wickedness” (Zech 5)

    And, of course both poor and rich people are do sinful things. That is entirely besides the point here and it certainly does not mean that Christ’s true followers must then not even try to accomplish His great Gospel commission!?? I don’t see at all what your point is in making those comparative claims. The solution for both the poor and rich sinner is the perfect socio-economic model of the Bible. And in many ways, it is the sinful actions of the rich that engender the poverty state and defensive, sinful re-actions of poor. The sinful rich typically “love” money and do anything to obtain an overabundance of it, while the sinful poor a mostly just trying to survive. And, probably quite representatively, more judgements are pronounced in the Bible against the rich than against the poor.


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