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What’s in a Localized Name?

I.e., What’s in Localizing a Name?

           Quite briefly said here, -because anything longer would actually be belabouring the point, chances are you’ve come across a believer who is absolute obstinate that God must be addressed, and referred to, according to the Hebraic rendering. Thus God (or is it suppose to be “G-d”[1]) is to be referred to as Yahweh (or is it YHWH), Elohim, etc., ; Jesus as Yeshua, and the likes. Such a point is even elevated to some sort of salvific issue. Well..., actually, tersely said here...: 'Preach that to, even, the Inspired/Spirit-led, Greek-writing authors of the New Testament!'[2]

So what’s in localizing a name?... According to the example of Bible writers... absolutely nothing of any spiritual implication, nor consequence.

[1] An imposed rendering in which its use is inherently ideologically self-contradicting, and “auto-oxymoronic”, especially as the precise (vowel) spelling of the translational word “God”, which is of Proto-Germanic origin, is actually well-known.

[2] Indeed see this protracted discussion which tries to justify the hyphenated uses, but inevitably leads back to the debunkingly trumping conclusion that: ‘we already know God’s Hebraic Name (if not His actual name), namely, Yahweh, and how it is spelled, i.e., at the very least, its consonants YHWH.’

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