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SOP - "Spirit of Criticism" Note

9A. Our Final Test - Note #16 (SOP “Spirit of Criticism” - cont’d)

-Due to posting space limitations, the remaining commenting from this main post’s Note #16 on the SOP's “Spirit of Criticism” statements have been continued separately here. When finished, click here to resume reading in the main post.

1874   Scolding is never allowable; reproof and criticism from parents must have their time and place, but should never intrude so far upon the social life of the family as to render the home uncomfortable. A serious word in private will generally cure a fault more easily than many public criticisms. In some families, a spirit of contradiction and discussion mars the harmony; every statement is, as it were, dissected, and the absolute correctness of every word calculated. It interferes seriously with social freedom when unimportant inaccuracies are watched for, and exposed for the mere sake of exposure. Brothers and sisters also sometimes acquire an almost unconscious habit of teasing each other, half in earnest, half in fun. This is particularly uncomfortable for everybody else, whatever doubtful pleasure the parties themselves may experience.  {HR, February 1, 1874 par. 5} 

            While the counsel here is pointedly upon a nuclear family’s interactions, it most definitely extends/applies to a Church Family. And while this counsel is directed to actual children, just going by the application made by the angel in EGW’s vision here (at 1SM 110.1), it certainly comes to manifest itself amongst “grown-up children”, i.e. : “carrying with them the disposition, the habits, and the characteristics which pertain to children When the expected “adults” in the Church, i.e. the deemed Spiritually mature, usually the positioned leadership, are themselves acting like children, and thus more so are these “grown-up children”, then their unholy influence and spirit defaultly spreads itself upon their respective flock and thus throughout the Church. Hence they become the “False Shepherds” of Ezek 34:1-22, the non-‘Davidic’ kind (Ezek 34:23-24ff), and those who will indeed be pointedly/specially judged by God for have taught/led their assigned flock to regard lightly God’s/Christ’s Full-Gospel/Sabbath mandate and thus ‘trodden it underfoot’ (=EW 36.2).
            How do they do this?!....by themselves, -and thus showing their members to also do so, develop and employ such a “spirit of contradiction” against ‘God’s messengers for this time’ (cf. 16MR 31.3). These “messengers” are not those professing followers of Christ who ‘have this world's goods and count it so great a thing to help on the cause of salvation’. These, like the “grown-up children” ‘can “Never! Never! Never!” enter heaven’. The message that God’s (True) Messengers have for this time indeed, and most fully so, involve the ‘cross-demonstrated, sacrificial deep love of Christ.’ A deep love for others in need which would indeed cure these pew-warming & wealth-hoarding/worshiping Laodiceans. God’s Messengers have the message which is to be proclaimed as God (a second time): mercifully ‘thoroughly and quickly executes His word’ (=Rom 9:28) (or as EGW then read, and thus understood, it: “cuts His work short in righteousness”). This will jointly be: mercifully, an ingathering boon for “Gentiles” who are found worthy (Rom 2:12-16; 9:25-26 =Ezek 11:14-25; 34:25-31); while being a ‘deep cutting’ judgement on the righteous-persecuting “Synagogue of Satan” ‘Faux-Judeans’ (Rom 9:27-29; 2:5-11, 17-24, 25-29 =Rev 2:9-10; 3:9).
            Indeed as “grown-up children” these False Shepherds have fostered, honed and self-deludingly perfected a “spirit of contradiction” against God’s Present Truth Messengers, all borne from their resolute disposition of criticism against them. And all along, they are not realizing/seeing, or out of a sheer ‘power-trip’, abusively just do not care, that they are the ones who are wielding an unholy, pervasively-affecting and widely-corrupting influence throughout the “Church Family” that they claim/think that they are thus looking out for its well-being. Like the Pharisee Class of old they “strain at gnats and swallow camels” (Matt 23:23-24) by frivolously ‘calculating “the absolute correctness of every word”. Which is why, in my message emailing/blogs post publishing experience, it has patently predominantly been a quibble at the externals of words and typos rather than on the Biblical Substance and Spiritual Implications of the message itself.
            Most emblematically, I’ve observed these False Shepherds vexatiously rail for me having (lyrically) decried SDAs as “stiff-neckers” instead of using the deemed lexically correct: “stiff-necks”, -[or that ‘you didn’t write-out the full name for “SDA” properly’], thus while choosing to deflectingly ignore the fact that they are “Sodomic” stiff-neckers” (Ezek 16:48-52)...given all of the Biblical Light that they most blessed have been given on such issues of what God “Fully” expects from True/Mature Believers. And so has been the patent pride-choking, vexatious and mischievous retorts of these “grown-up children” when rebuked for their indifferent waywardness. (cf. John 8:39-49).
            In telling fact, these False Shepherds alike do not even so concern themselves with seeing that actual (but inadvertent) substantive factual/exegetical errors in those messages/posts are corrected. I myself later spot these errors and do correct them. But I am actually granting these Misguiders a benefit of the doubt here as they may actually just be that Biblically/Spiritually Ignoramus that they could not spot those errors themselves. In fact just going by the fact that they have pompously made attempted correcting retorts for what they thought were substantive/exegetical errors [e.g. that the Greek imperative mood “means a command” when it actually merely indicates an utmost volitional uncertainty about the realization of what is expressed...hence why it most times results in a ‘commanding exhorting’], they it likely indeed is that they, and even with degrees for SDA Seminaries, are indeed that Biblically/Linguistically ignoramus, deficient, incompetent, even (relatively) illiterate. Certainly on the supposed-to-be-derived Spiritual side. In fact SDA, even “Seminaried”, preachers are patent for not being able to make the natural link/bridging of the Exegetical with the Spiritual...so much so that they just ignore the exegetical and just go by ‘what they think is right in their own translated-Bible reading/understandings’. My, most emblematic, favorite is when a, especially “Seminaried” is when an SDA preacher tries to show what the meaning of a word or passage in the Bible should be by merely citing a Bible version/translation which ‘he/she likes the way it says it’.
            All this remonstrating may surfacely seem quibbling itself, but so is the patently encountered disposition of/from these people under this “spirit of contradiction/criticism”. They indeed ‘watch for “unimportant inaccuracies”, “and exposed for the mere sake of exposure”. Indeed their commonly manifested disposition has become a (grown-up) child-like ‘“almost unconscious habit of teasing” God’s Messengers “half in earnest, half in fun”. They do not do so because they actually care either about God’s Messenger or the Truth, they do so because it serves their self-assuaging, tortiously persecutive purposes. They (even when: “almost unconsciously”) jestly/scoffingly and lyingly intend to try to make is seem that: ‘if only the message was delivered to them in even just perfect, and typos-free, English linguistics, then they would get it and surely heed it’....but the expression ‘...he who laughs lasts’ most perfectly applies here...or as “God’s Wisdom” puts it: (Pro 1:20-33; e.g. Luke 11:49ff/Matt 23:34ff =Rev 3:10).....Because so had been the intending ‘blinding’ will of God as revealed/expressed from the inceptive start of His judgement of the SDA Church. (=Ezek 3:24-27)...For there are indeed two ways to “blind” people: either just do not shine any light before them...or get sufficiently ahead of and shine, and floodingly so, the brightest of light right into their eyes, -“the lamp of their body” (Luke 11:33-36), and cause them to, as they surely still insist on moving on, walk where they have no idea into what they are stepping into...or actually to stumble off of (=EW 14.1)...Indeed by themselves thus choosing to ‘bodily be/remain in great darkness’ they have no problem aligning themselves with the, likewise wealth-deluded darkened world below them. (cf. Matt 6:19-21, 22-23, 24ff =CET 161.1-164.2ff

            And also most emblematically of the Synagogue of Satan that they are, their Spirit of Criticism, which as later seen leads to inculcating the sins of envy & jealousy, is actually widely accepted amongst themselves that they see it as normative to likewise not cite the work of their fellow False Shepherds out of their selfish striving to be first and greatest...So it certainly is not to be expected that they would cite, reference my posted work....Even when they clearly know it to be the Truth...In fact they prefer to play blind & dumb and just repeat their long-debunk errors (now lies), unBiblical traditional understandings and/or deficient anecdotal (versus exegetical) explanation/interpretations. And you can see them, when they are in an unescapable corner, [such as in regards to the meaning of the regnal title of Persian King Cyrus, as explicitly stipulated in Classic Greek writings]...or ‘you said “Jude 1:12” instead of just “Jude 12”’...they sheepishly squirm and barely mumbled out an ambiguous version of this fact...definitely then not using their Satanically-inspired (and/or tortfeasingly agreed-upon) indicating patent/trademarked defiant sudden (usually side) camera glaring...Or also: when they cannot plausibly pretend that they got a new and/or more accurate Biblical understanding from their own original/independent research, -such as: ‘Rev 11:13 having a fulfillment in the fall of the Papacy in 1798’, then they’ll pridefully just not mention such truths at all. Meanwhile, as seen throughout my blog posts, I have no problem making documented referencing them for whatever work, sermon and/or statement they have expressed which is Biblically accurate...because unlike them and their now shot/corrupt, ego-infested psyche, my goal, and from the very start (cf. here), has been to: arrive at accurate and full/comprehensive/exhaustive Biblical Truth, and as fast as, while also as accurately/truthfully/provedly as, possible...while their EW 56.3 ‘Satan-inspired’ goal has been to “seek & maintain a position”, make a name for themselves through their patent, inefficiently wasteful and redundantly retarding “rock-star” preaching global touring ways....like they’ve never heard of the internet...All of that wasted, self-consumed, energy could easily instead have been invested in them coming together to arrive at that unified most accurate and exhaustive Biblical understanding. But Satan has them so perfectly duped that they so much more prefer to run around/about like caged mice who are easily contented and satisfied because they thus also have their food supplied to them.
            So, therefore, and just going by the overarching fact that, and of how, this same Satanic ‘spirit of (frivolous) contradiction’ spirit is patently manifested in these False Shepherds, it has been most telling to so observe that they are indeed all being led on by Satan who has duped them into adopting His corrupting “drawing back” character (=EW 56.3). Satan has managed to most subtly overrule their disposition to where they witlessly are indeed the Synagogue of Satan. All they do, even the deemed best that they think they are doing, is them doing their deceiving part in aiding to bolster up the anti-Full Sabbath Mark of the Beast Camp.
            Indeed all of their present “Rev 13's Test Shaking” failing, including this derived self-assuaging childish “spirit of contradiction/criticism” towards God’s True Messengers, stems from SDAs having “selfishly” chosen to fear and worship the Mammon of Wealth rather than God.
            I much rather burn up in Hell than spend Eternity with these Satanically-selfish swines....But, like their First Century Jewish Leaders-ancestors, God, also most radically, won’t begin to let that even be possible. (Matt 23:29-36ff)...

1883  Why All This Zeal Against Me?--Things move rapidly, and there are strange and startling developments made in quick succession. We are nearing the end. Why, I ask, is all this zeal against me? I have attended to my business given me of God. I have injured no one. I have spoken to the erring the words God has given me. Of course, I could not compel them to hear. Those who had the benefit of Christ's labors were just as enraged against Him as the enemies are against me.  {3SM 351.1} 
            I have only done my duty. I have spoken because compelled to speak. They have not rejected me, but Him who sent me. He has given me my work. . . .  {3SM 351.2}  
            I am watched, every word I write is criticised, every move I make is commented upon. . . .  {3SM 351.3}  
            I leave my work and its results until we gather about the great white throne. Do you see the Spirit of Christ in this watching, in these suspicions, in these conjectures, these suppositions? What right have they to suppose, to conjecture, to misinterpret my words? to misstate me as they do?  {3SM 351.4} 
            There is a class that love just this kind of food. They are scavengers not looking candidly to see what good my writings and my testimonies have done, but like Satan, the accuser of the brethren, see what evil they can find, what mischief they can work, what word they can twist, and put their wicked construction upon it, to make a false prophet. . . .  {3SM 351.5}  
            I see the satanic spirit more plainly developed than has been manifested the last forty years.--Letter 3, 1883.  {3SM 351.6}  

            This indeed is what patently ‘strangely and startlingly develops’ from this cherished spirit of, moreover merely mischievous, (=contrarian) criticism....And just like God’s faithful/dutiful prophet EGW, I ask: “Why is all this zeal against me?” Clearly because the Biblical message I bear, the Full Gospel mandate I advocate is a direct threat to their deficient understandings and practices which are preferring to be so limited by, in order to be in line with, worldly policies.
            As seen about Ezek 8:5-6 here, the “zeal” of this Synagogue of Satan is not actually zeal, but mere “(base) jealousy”. It is indeed that idolatrous chief sin which anchors all of the other abominations in Judah. (Ezek 8:7ff). I too, and even worstly so than Ellen White [cf. Jesus Christ at Luke 11:53-54; 20:20]: “am watched, every word I write is criticised, every move I make is commented upon”, indeed “worstly so” because the technological means existing today to even more intrusively do so did not exist in the time of EGW. With a systematic monitoring literally more dedicated, “staff”-sourced and pervasive than for the (e.g. CIA’s/NSA’s) surveillance, if at all, of any suspected, Islamist terrorist, -i.e. just going by the fact that, and quite comedicly so (~Pro 1:20-32), even terror-watch listed suspects have repeatedly managed to carry out attacks (cf. here).... -while I cannot, e.g., mow my lawn, or take a dump for that matter [Isa 25:9-12], without these thousands of networked tortfeasing, Satan-Neo-Baalism-deluded (=EW 262-266-269ff), Hell-bound jackals...“of perdition” (John 13:27; 17:12), -{e.g., “latestly”, this/one of their (DKN-miming) ghoul/s [at 48:03]}, -residing throughout North America (and beyond), not being, literally, instantly alerted, to be made  aware of any “move” that they desperately "need" to obtusely/self-phobicly object to, these Satanic “scavenger” “intruders” (=CET 163.1) are moreover not merely contented with “mischievously” scouring through every detail/aspect of my public/published life, -guilefully curated by/through their idiotic, stupid and moronic, manipulating tortfeasing overlords, but are also obsessed in infiltrating, without any (legal or judicial) right, every aspect of my private life, conversations and communications, desperately scrounging for whatever they can use to salvage their clueless, idolatrous, Satanically-called, and Devil-bargained, vacuous & ditsy “lives” (Mark 8:34-38) =Dan 11:7-8....All the while being deeply or resolutely deluded to think that they are doing good and/or “God a service” (=John 16:2-3)...This all indeed is Satan’s patent defensive, self-preserving, obstructing and scoffing confederacy, tortfeasingly married with 21st century technological capabilities. In fact, through such technological capabilities, that ‘satanic spirit is more plainly (i.e. naturalistically) resourced than has ever been manifested’ So much so that Satan can most deceptively hide in the background while his impish fiends (=GC 638.2& DA 256.5-257.2ff; cf. DA 746.4) can do the (information-obtaining&transmitting/transferring =Rev 11:10) work which previously would require his direct spiritualistic contribution to effectuate. Which serves to delude, even here SDAs, to not suspect that they are functioning as demon-controlled pawns of Satan....Moreover who love to do their part for their Kingdom of Satan-safeguarding version of the sadistic Matt 26:67-68 “game”.... Yet I am not putting it past these resolute imps, -some of them professing Christians, deeply devoted to the voodoo of Spirit Medium fortune telling (=1 Sam 28), esoterism, astrology and/or Yoga's subtle deception of Eastern meditation, as well as the paganistic mysticism, along with “Spiritual Formation/Exercising”, -(which SDAs themselves largely had been ascribing to) incorporated from paganistic cultures into Catholicism, that they have knowingly opened themselves up to the spiritualistic assistance of Satan in order to try to get their persecutive tortfeasing to have its needed detrimental effect so that they can preserve their “sorcery” and murderous Babylonian way of life. (Rev 18:23-24)
            Surely with SDAs having by now become aware that the impending Mega Lawsuit includingly also against them will easily ruin them and result in them just turning over the keys of the global assets of their now bankrupt Church to my control, they have tried to (self-deludingly) make it seem that they themselves only concern themselves with (mischievously) monitoring and objecting to my published works....But they knowingly allow their, (even more aggravatingly) Biblically-illiterate/ignoramus and Spiritually-devoid heathen tortfeasors to do the “dirty”/criminal work of persecuting me for my private statements/actions and not yet published drafts. Legally it is the same difference for these co-tortfeasors. The illegal action of one is actionable on all of the other conspirators. In fact, when in way over their Spiritually-vacuous heads, these heathenistic jackals/scavengers do consult with their SDA co-conspirators (ala. Matt 27:21-23) to see (from their own and/or common deficient Spirituality (=Zech 12:10-11ff)) what evil they can find, what mischief they can work, what word they can twist, and put their wicked construction upon it, to make a false prophet.

            Evidently their latest effort, pointedly presently in regards the drafting of this present blog post, is the assurance given to heathens by Spiritually cowards and/or blind SDAs that it is “(fantasaically) evil” to understand, and so believe, and so warningly prophesy, that the “Midnight Cry Crisis Storm” of Matt 25:6 = Matt 22:7 ~ [as later discussed]: Luke 19:27 = Rev 16:10-21) will be an (Islamic) 9/11 Event instead of merely literalistic/(~naturalistic) meteoroid “balls of fire” failing upon building from the atmosphere. But, like EGW, I have [warningly] spoken to the erring the words God has given me and that message is to come the Four Winds which goes on to cause the ‘destructive unleashing of unrestrained human passions upon the Earth, led by an angered horse’ (i.e. a wanton, even nuclear-ordnance, “War on Terror 2.0 3.0”)...and isn’t Dognald Drumpf the timely and perfect anti-Christ, airheaded, senile, Neo-Con’s puppet to do so....

            These all, SDAs included, prophecies-fulfilling (cf. Dan 12:4, 9-10), tortfeasing scavengers clearly do not have the “Spirit of Christ” and like EGW, I too “leave my work and its results until we gather about the great white throne” because then, as, as discussed in here, that Rev 20:11-15 Final Judgement is the one of Matt 25:31-46, Jesus Himself will “inform” them that their Babylonian/Worldly policies did not begin to fulfill the Full Gospel Mandate that He had commissioned, and even resourcedly-supplied, them to do....
            The whole objective of the grand oppositional scheme of this vexatious Satanic confederacy is just to try to effectuate a white gloved-hand blow, and feign non-instigating/provoking innocence of course, which will forever silence this voice of rebuke against them since it is ‘righteously judging’ (John 7:24) their sin/sinfulness.

1888  Another grievous sin existing in our midst, is self-sufficiency,--Pharisaism,--feeling that we are righteous, and all our acts are meritorious, [cf. Matt 5:20] when we are far from cherishing the right spirit toward God or toward our brethren. It is a spirit of wanting to be first. Self-esteem has been cherished, and you have had a spirit of criticism toward others because you were not first. Envy, jealousy, suspicion, fault-finding, and false witnessing have existed. There are unconsecrated hearts among you, who turn everything said or done, even under the special direction of God, in a wrong way. The power of Satan's temptations is strong upon these, and they view things in a perverted light. They please the enemy by their criticisms, and by making a man an offender for a word. In many of these cases that are criticised there is no actual sin; the suspicion is the result of the condition of the mind that entertains it. If one crosses their path, they have no unity or fellowship with him. They feel disgusted with all he may say or do. Those who have confidence in them share their feelings and sentiments. A spirit of retaliation is secretly at work; yet those who are thus creating disaffection and disunion, and planting the seeds of jealousy, all the while claim to be firm believers in the truth. Such do not practice the spirit of the truth. The leaven of their evil surmisings permeates the company where it exists, and God is dishonored, the principles of truth are degraded, and the Christian experience is marred and dwarfed{RH, December 18, 1888 par. 8} 

            In the light of what has already, applicably been said, all of these statements speak for themselves. And it must be kept in mind that SDAs or course, pointedly their False Shepherd leaders, will not be seeing this of themselves...pointedly because they have made sure to shield themselves from seeing their Laodicean want and deficiency by systematically blocking out anything/anyone which/who will lead them to see that “their standard needs to be elevated&exalted” (=LDE 175.3-176.1), i.e. beyond their worldly-policy practices and merely pedantic and/or anecdotal, (versus: purposeful & exegetical), “educating” ways. They thus have assured themselves to “blissfully” go about their ease-loving and self-preserving ways. Their whole problem is that they fear money more than God and thus have failed their Shaking-stage Mark of the Beast Test.
            In regards to opposing me, as detailed above, through their Satan-fueled spirit of criticism they have self-righteously chosen to set up and/or to enjoin in the systematic (electronic+physical) invasion of my privacy in order to smugly try to substantively justify their criticism. (=Dan 11:7-8 & Rev 11:10 & LDE 121.2-4) But as with the Heavenly Intelligence God (e.g. 2 Thess 2:9-12; 1 Kgs 22:18-23) and Jesus (e.g. John 13:27-30; Matt 26:57-68), when such unscrupulous people reject the Light (John 3:19-21) and instead insist and choose to heighten their opposition to the level of lawlessness and persecution....then you supply them just what they need to doom themselves. They of course, not caring to see the instigating and (literally) trespassing evil of their way, moronically froth at the mouth in salivating delight that they’ll have their deemed reproofs-mooting “pound of flesh”, when like a fish biting down on the bait, they have just committed themselves to being reeled in and devoured. After all, this is the “Spiritual Israel North vs. South” Civil War” (=Dan 11)...and: ‘All [that] is fair [is fair] in war!!’ (Isa 6:8-13|Matt 13:10-17) And you have got to rationally ask: If what I say and do, mainly in a blog, is, as they say/claim, so: ‘false, wrong, unBiblical, heretical’, then why do they so obsess themselves with so monitor “every jot and tittle” even tortiously so....Because they actually know it is the Truth and so they need to put forth these, technologically, if not also spiritualistic, super-human/natural efforts to try to silence and oppose it. (=Mar 172.3-4)

1897   If we could only realize that in every congregation there may be souls who are being called upon for the last time to repent! who, like the Jewish nation, have advanced step by step almost imperceptibly in resistance of the Spirit of God, until spiritual blindness has taken the place of the light they once enjoyed. Under a spirit of unbelief, envy, and criticism, the evidences they have had are no longer evidence, but a matter of questioning and doubt. Truth is misunderstood, and perverted to mean error. . . .  {4MR 359.1} 

Evidence might be piled upon evidence, but Satan is close at hand to see that the word spoken shall be misapplied, and become a matter of suspicion and distrust. How careful, then, should every person be that he does no despite to the Spirit of grace!  {RH, October 12, 1897 par. 5}  

     Those who resist the Holy Spirit of God, and provoke Him to depart, know not to what lengths Satan will lead them. "O, that thou hadst known, even thou, in this thy day, the things that belong unto thy peace." Shall the words of Christ be irrevocably spoken, "But now they are hid from thine eyes?" When the Holy Spirit departs from the human agents, they will do those things which they once viewed in a correct light. They will follow step by step in the footsteps of Satan. Who then can strive with them to any purpose? Will the minister plead for them and with them? All their words are as idle tales. These souls have Satan close beside them to misconstrue the words spoken, and bring them to their understanding in a perverted light. They are misinterpreted by them; for when the Spirit of God is grieved away, every appeal made through the Lord's servants is meaningless to them. They will misconstrue every word. They will laugh and turn into ridicule the most solemn words of Scripture, which, if they were not bewitched by satanic agencies, would make them tremble. Every appeal made to those who are in need of help is in vain. They will not hear a word of reproof or counsel. They despise all the entreaties of the Spirit, and disobey the commandments of God which they have once vindicated and exalted. Well may the words of the apostle come home to such souls, "Who hath bewitched you that ye should not obey the truth?" They have followed the counsel of their own heart until truth is no more truth to them.--Ms 28, 1897, pp. 11-13. (Manuscript entitled "Judas," undated.)  {4MR 359.2}   Barabbas is chosen, Christ is rejected.  {RH, October 12, 1897 par. 6} 

     It is essential to live by every word of God, else our old nature will constantly reassert itself. It is the Holy Spirit, the redeeming grace of truth in the soul, that makes the followers of Christ one with one another, and one with God. He alone can expel enmity, envy, and unbelief. He sanctifies the entire affections. He restores the willing, desirous soul from the power of Satan unto God. This is the power of grace. It is a divine power. Under its influence there is a change from the old habits, customs, and practises which, when cherished, separate the soul from God; and the work of sanctification goes on in the soul, constantly progressing and enlarging.  {RH, October 12, 1897 par. 7} 

    The Pharisees sinned against the Holy Ghost. Their talent of speech was used to abuse the world's Redeemer, and the recording angel wrote their words in the books of heaven. They attributed to satanic agencies the holy power of God, manifested in the works of Christ. They could not evade His wonderful works, or attribute them to natural causes, so they said, "They are the works of the devil." In unbelief they spoke of the Son of God as a human being. The works of healing done before them, works which no man had done or could do, were a manifestation of the power of God, but they charged Christ with being in league with hell. Stubborn, sullen, ironhearted, they determined to close their eyes to all evidence, and thus they committed the unpardonable sin.--Ms 73, 1897, pp. 4, 5. ("Our Words," July 2, 1897.)  {4MR 360.1} 

“talent of speech” - Funny how the leading voices of/in the SDA Church are those can weave a flowery anectodal story. But, as I have repeatedly experienced, when you want to fact check these accounts, rarely do they ever have sound/valid, if any, Biblical exegetical substantive support. And compoundingly, even their, and even best, scholarly exegetical efforts, such as for the 70 Weeks and Women’s Ordination issue, grossly fall short of checking out...In many such ways and areas, SDAs have failed to “improve the light” of their mainly laymen pioneers and the level of their indifference to see this thorougly resolved, indeed as if they are being bothered, is itself stupefying....

thus they committed the unpardonable sin - That is indeed just how the SDA Church has committed their unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit. He has not added supply to give them...They therefore are doomed to, at the very best, flicker away in the deficient irrelevancy of their dwindling light lamps and be swallowed up by the same darkness that blinds the rest of the world. The Holy Spirit cannot force them to heed/do what they do not want to....and so they naturally have no insight nor light to walk in the path that God has set out...for these prolonged time...Indeed how long can a Church whose preachers/leaders repeated vouch that “Jesus is coming back in less than 2 years” continue to be relevant e.g. 20+ years on since??..
            What SDAs continue to misunderstand as ‘signs of the soon coming of Christ’ are merely prophetic gas fume ignitions from “what might have been” had SDAs been earlier faithful to their calling. Any such claimed “Unmistakable Signs”, such as Pope Francis speaking to congress now two years ago in 2015, to Pentecostals declaring that ‘the Protest is over’, all would have been prophetically significant had the Church done its preparation task. But God is“holding back any fanning Four winds”, that old, covenanted, Plan B development, has long been superceded by God’s Plan A. Its “window of opportunity” has been forcefully shut. Its expected fulfillments are now just spinning under their own/natural power and will soon all spin out in that a more entrenched level of unrighteousness will be the furthering ensnaring deception for this age.
            Like the Rich Young Ruler, the great “deception” of their stance is that they are so close....(e.g. keeping 90% of what God requires) but yet so far away in that remaining 10% that they choose to not fully, or at all, heed....But if you do not run the last mile of the marathon, you cannot win despite having run the first 25 miles. Indeed “Our Final Test” is make it or break it, all or nothing, examination, which all prior study and testing should have prepare one to be able to take and pass it....

1897     God will not trust His Holy Spirit to those who would work contrary to its deep inward earnest working. Young men who will indulge in intemperate habits, in smoking and tampering with the wine cup, will so corrupt the principles of the soul, that these objectionable things become one with their nature, a part of themselves, not only to demoralize themselves, but others. Low gratifications indulged, and indulged continuously, degrade the entire being. The taste for evil and love of coarseness becomes natural. Stain after stain gathers like leprosy upon the soul, until they are suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy. The sinner may repent, and Jesus may accept his contrition, and will pardon his transgression, but the influence of that time of evil-doing upon others can never be entirely counteracted.--Ms 126, 1897, pp. 13, 14. ("The Training of Children," November 15, 1897.)  {4MR 360.2} 

            SDAs have enshriningly done just as this with their cherished/idolized sin of selfishness and jealousy....

1898  Those Who Criticize Others--Those in responsible positions who have the least conscientious scruples in reference to their own course of action are the ones who watch most jealously for the mistakes of others.  Position does not make the man.  Only by a living connection with God is the Holy Spirit implanted in the heart.  Those who have this connection are faithful and true and will not betray holy trust.--Letter 77, 1898, p. 4 (Aug. 26, 1898, to Brother and Sister Waggoner). {ChL 58.1}

            You have to seriously wonder: what is worst that they “have the least conscientious scruples in reference to their own course of action”, that they have no one who sees the need to correct them and/or that they choose to refuse to correct themselves...All confirming indications of indeed ‘the absence of the Holy Spirit working in their midst’.

1899     Communicated Like Leaven.--If Satan can excite criticism among any of the Lord's professed people, then it is communicated like leaven from one to another. Give the spirit of criticism no quarter, for it is Satan's science. Accept it, and envy, jealousy, and evil surmisings of one another follow. {3SM 351.7} 

‘Satan’s (Leaveningly Ensnaring) Science’ indeed:

envy = covetousness (EW 266-269)
jealousy = false zealousness (Ezek 8:5-6)
evil surmisings = false witnessing (Matt 26:59-61)

         Press together, is the command I hear from the Captain of our salvation. Press together. Where there is unity, there is strength. All who are on the Lord's side will press together. There is need of perfect unity and love among believers in the truth, and anything that leads to dissension is of the devil. The Lord designs that His people shall be one with Him as the branches are one with the vine. Then they will be one with each other.--Letter 6, 1899.  {3SM 352.1}  

            See e.g. 2SM 374.2. Only a Church with the Philadelphian Spirit/Seal (Rev 3:12) will have been “Pressing Together” in perfected unity.
1889  When a man climbs upon the judgment-seat to judge his brother, he makes it manifest that Christ is not enthroned in his heart. The Spirit of God will go out of the soul that admits the spirit of criticism.  {ST, April 1, 1889 par. 1}   

            Like a case in Western Justice is typically entirely thrown out if laws in regards to law enforcement and/or prosecution are violated, judging such an “unrighteous judgment” is what determines what is a Biblically valid judgement (John 7:24) Judging on what is not being done that should “rightly” be done is, by definition, a righteous judgement.

1899  I would say to you--In all the work here keep out criticism and accusing. This will naturally creep in, but it is to be overcome. Get your hearts filled with the Spirit of God, and then you can be placed in positions of trust. Each one of us should seek to excel in the grace of Christ. I would warn you now against the spirit of criticism, that you may guard against it. Let us put the enemy out of the camp, and let each one of us try to do his best. First let us give ourselves to the Lord; then we can make our offerings to Him, and He will say, ye are laborers together with Me.  {AUCR, July 28, 1899 par. 19} 

            This “enemy” has set up his tent right in the midst of the SDA camp because, when an issue of difference arises, rather than do the effort to get together and (truly) resolve the issue Biblically, they “false-zealously” prefer to agree to let each other do whatever they think is right in their own eyes. That is indeed false, even Satanic, unity, as it serves to Babylonianly confuse things. No organization can work, let alone thrive, through such a built in dysfunctional approach. There fundamentally is this need of/for “Gospel Order” in the SDA Church....But, devoid of the Unifying Spirit of God, they not only see nothing wrong with not doing this, but they hail and advocate their sectarian approach as God’s own & perfect will, indeed as seen in their Women’s Ordination deliberation and Final Decision, even to the natural point, where some of them firmly believe that such disunity with God Himself is also perfectly acceptable where they claim that God allows them to do what they themselves think is right...Quite Papish...

1903  We must overcome the pride that leads us to prefer to work by ourselves, rather than with a fellow-laborer, lest he rob us of glory. God wants us to press close together, that we may help one another. In Australia a minister was asked by a brother minister to leave the pulpit. "I want the people to see no one but me," he said. And they did indeed see no one but him.  {GCB, April 1, 1903 par. 40} (Context Par. 33-41)

            Of course, SDAs will never confess to believing and doing just so, but their denomination is so dotted with such “preferred-self-laboring” examples that this comes to sketch the revealing picture that this indeed is the unBiblical working policy of the denomination. The redundancy waste from this is itself detrimental, but add to that the inherent fact that one lone ranger can never do the work required to get the task done and so this only results in producing the sound of a discordant trumpet, or a best, a lone trumpet whose sheet music alone cannot be representative of the full-orchestras performance.
            What in their Spiritual immaturity and deficiency they think is the best approach, just serves to muddle things up and retard the work that actually needs to be done.

1903  When God's people are worked by the Holy Spirit, they will manifest a zeal that is according to knowledge. When they are guided by the Spirit, they will no longer lead others in false paths. They will reflect the light that God has been giving for years. The spirit of criticism will be put away. Filled with the spirit of humility, they will be of one mind, united with one another and with Christ.--Ms 107, 1903, p. 7. (Diary, "Unity With the Father," Sept. 15, 1903.)  {2MR 23.3}   

            Funny how “New Light” is deemed right or wrong in the SDA Church by how it is popularly received when preached to the membership. There is no professional diligent ascertaining first if it is Biblical Truth. Even those (scholars) who are “professionally” supposed to do this verification work, are not doing so, because they are busy pursuing their personal/private course of study.
            Telling how much of this ‘rock-solid founding’ would have been fundamentally done if those scholars had simply done the work of providing a most accurate translation of the Bible...but somehow, probably ease-lovingly so, it is thought that e.g. “King James” and/or the scholars of the NIV, and/or hundreds of other translators are just as inspired as the Hebrew and Greek Bible writers...

1903   For one of the office-rooms, a carpet was purchased, costing seventy-five cents a yard. Some office furniture, too, was secured. The purchase of these things might have been delayed, but should not be regarded as a sin. Nevertheless, small transactions of this nature were seized upon by some of the delegates, and condemned. Their minds were open to receive wrong impressions, they were imbued with a spirit of criticism, and they dishonored the Lord. Blinded by prejudice, they could not see that the motive was good which prompted the laborers to make these purchases. The workers in Nashville had borne the burden of much extra labor and wearing night work in order to make it possible for the meeting to be held there. They hoped that their work would be approved. They did everything that they could to accommodate and make comfortable the guests who came. But what was seen by him who seeth in secret? A little group of men here, another of women there, communicating to one another the leaven of criticism. If they had had the Spirit of Christ, they would have commended instead of criticizing.  {SpM 285.1}

SDAs could claim the same ‘commendation’ honoring for what they do instead of
criticism...but when you been corporately blessed as Laodicea has, you can’t expect, and shouldn’t get, commendation for having doled out your wealth to individuals so that they can buy their favorite candy at the corner store instead of having invested it in a candy-producing factory. SDAs deserve no commendation for their dysfunctional, self-gratifying, sectarian productions.

1906   But when a child hears an older person constantly talking about the faults of someone else, he in turn is imbued with the same spirit of faultfinding and criticism. The seeds of contention are being sown. Oh, how can professed Christians indulge in such a work! Two nights before I left my home, I was charged, during the visions of the night, to tell the congregation that I should meet at Oakland on the Sabbath, that the wicked words coming from their lips regarding the supposed faults of God's servants who are doing the very best they can to spread the truth and to advance His work, are all written in the heavenly books of record. Unless those who speak these words repent, they will at last find themselves outside the city of God. God will not allow a quarrelsome person to enter into the heavenly city.  {1SAT 375.2} 
            After my visit to Oakland two weeks ago, I was sick for a whole week. I carried a very
heavy burden, but I felt that if duty seemed plain for me to go down again, God would
give me strength to speak to you.  {1SAT 376.1} 
            I feel an intense interest regarding every faultfinder, for I know that a quarrelsome disposition will never find entrance into the city of God. Quarrel with yourself, but with no one else, and then be converted. Confess your sins right here where you are, before you return to your homes. With words of confession, humble your hearts before God.  {1SAT 376.2}   
            The vision of EGW in 1SM 109-111 pertinently involves this implication of a person with a spirit of criticism not being allowed into the heavenly realm...pointedly because, as stipulated here, they then are quarrelsome and sow the seeds of contention. It is easy for people who engage in merely verbal faultfinding and criticism to presume that they are not at all being “quarrelsome”, i.e. physically so. But the prime debunking argument against this claim is from the fact that the War in Heaven was initiated by Satan’s own spirit of faultfinding and criticism (towards God). Those “sown seeds of contention” did indeed later blow up into a major and full scale war. So it is no surprise that in/for the ending of the Great Controversy, God will not be admitting the spirit and disposition that had started it.
            The applicable here NJK-HQ itself would offer many deemed opportunities for such criticizing/contentious/faultfinding people to indulge in their detrimental and nefarious misjudging of motives. In fact, as already experienced, those who oppose such works of the NJK are already manifesting this spirit by trying to condemn the project according to their various cherished Capitalistic ideology. Now if people holding on to such dispositions were allowed to be part of operations of the NJK, they surely will then act the sabotaging part to bring the whole operation to an end. They indeed would also mar the trusting & brotherly atmosphere which exists there. So that is why such people are not allowed to enter.            
            Such a disposition, rootly borne out of (systematized) “self-seeking” is antithetical to the principles of Kingdom of God/Heaven...it is based on “the very principles of the kingdom of Satan” (DA 435.2-436.1-437.1ff)

1906 In the carrying forward of the educational work at Loma Linda, our brethren must constantly guard against the efforts of the enemy to bring in a spirit of criticism and of alienation between brethren.  {LLM 182.5} 

            As seen from Eternity past, the work of, and service to, God inherently will always involve some degree of Faith, and these people who share in Satan selfishness and self-preservation ideology, prominently showcased in Capitalism, surely will never choose to, nor want to, live by Faith...Faith in God and Faith in one another.

1906  When a special effort is put forth by laborers of experience in a community where our own people live, there rests upon the believers in that field a most solemn obligation to do all in their power to open the way for the Lord to work. They should search their hearts prayerfully, and clear the King's highway by putting away every sin that would hinder them from co-operating with God and with their brethren.  {9T 125.1} 
            This has not always been fully understood. Satan has often brought in a spirit that has made it impossible for church members to discern opportunities for service. Believers have not infrequently allowed the enemy to work through them at the very time when they should have been wholly consecrated to God and to the advancement of His work. Unconsciously they have wandered far from the way of righteousness. Cherishing a spirit of criticism and faultfinding, of pharisaical piety and pride, they have grieved away the Spirit of God and have greatly retarded the work of God's messengers.  {9T 125.2} = RH, December 6, 1906 par. 1-2

            Perfect, encapsulating, summation of the various points that have been made about this insidious “spirit of criticism”....

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