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   * Theological Views Blog’s “New Light” (Pro 4:18) - [05-07-18]
144+. The "Plan A" Millennium (Rev 20:1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-15+) - [01-31-18]
144D. World Biblical Society of Christ (WBSC) - Open Recruiting! (Isa 8:20) - [04-11-16]
144C. NJK-Holy City Project (Matt 6:10; Rev 19:7-9; 21:9-11) - [04-25-13]
144B. The 144,000 - A Kingdom Number (Rev 7:1-8, 9-17; 14:1-5) - [03-25-14]
144A. God’s New, True Remnant Church (Matt 23:37-24:2) - [08-16-23]
144. The Ending of the "Cleansing of the Sanctuary" (Dan 8:14) - [05-08-19]
143. The Church Triumphant Seminar - Evangelism 3.0 (Rev 14:6-12) - [08-12-17]
142. The Typological “Second Coming” (Rev 19:11-16, 17-18, 19-21) - [01-02-19]
141C. God’s Deliverance (Ezek 1 & 10) - [05-02-18]
141B. The Battle of Har-/Ar- Mageddon (Rev 13:12-18; 16:16) - [02-25-21]
141A. The Final (Super Power) Kingdom (Dan 2:31-45) - [03-29-22]
    *  9/11 II+’s “Point Zero” Prophetic Series (Num 10:9; Isa 63:1-6; Rev 8:3-5; 11:6; 14:17-20; 16:8; 19:15) - [09-09-16]
119. The ‘Looming Second & Soon Third Woe’ - 9/11 II+ (Rev 9:12; 11:12-14; 19:11-16ff) - [08-30-16]
117. Gog & Magog vs. God (Ezek 38-39) - [04-23-16]
115. God’s Purposes through Islam (Rev 9:1-12, 13-21) - [04-23-23]
    *  Responses to The Young Turks (Gen 3:4->John 8:44->2 Thess 2:11-12) - Part 1||Part 2 - [05-11-19]
    *  Responses to evilbible.com Website (2 Tim 2:15) - [11-17-18]
113. The Worldview of Unbelievers (Rom 1:16-2:16) - [11-11-18]
110. Yeshua for (Orthodox) Judaism {in development} (Psa 110:1-7|Matt 22:41-46) - [10-11-16]
109D2. The Prophetic Geo-Religious||Economical History of the World (Part B) (Dan 8:8, 9-14, 15-19, 22, 23-26) - [##-##-23]
109D1. The Prophetic Geo-Political||Societal History of the World - Part A1 (Dan 8:1-6, 20-21) - [03-29-22] & Part A2 (Dan 8:7) - [11-28-22]
109C2. The Biblical Eschatological Legacy & Fate of the Anti-Christ (Dan 7:9-14, 18, 22, 26-27, 28) - [02-23-21]
109C1. The Biblical Historical Identity & Ideology of the Anti-Christ (Dan 7:1-8, 15-17, 19-21, 23-25) - [12-13-21]
109A. Is Roman Catholicism Biblical??? (Matt 16:19??) - [12-06-21]
106-108. The LORD of the Sabbath (Matt 12:8|Mark 2:28|Luke 6:5) - [08-25-22]
105. The Ministry of Francis Chan & David Platt, et. al. (Rev 3:1-6) - [02-09-19]
101. Aborting Abortion (John 10:10) - [06-08-19]
    *  The Heretically Spurious, "Omega" Three Angels’ Messages (Rev 14:6-12) - [10-09-17]
100. The Anatomy of the SDA Omega Apostasy (1 Tim 4:1-3) - [03-23-19]
    *  The Claims and Theology of Jonathan Henderson (2 Tim 4:3-4) - [03-23-15]
99B. SDAs = the “Synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9; 3:9; EW 54-56- [03-28-15]
99A. W.O.E. To You Seventh-day Adventists (Zeph 3:1-17ff|Matt 23:1-36) - [11-18-22]
96. True Revival and Reformation (Ezek 37:10, 14 & LDE 189.3- [08-27-12]
95. Seventh-day Adventists Believe... (Isa 29:1-21|Isa 29:22-24) - [04-17-19]
37. The Biblical Prophetic Babylon & Loud Cry (Jer 51 & Rev 17 & 18) - [02-25-21]
36B. Primer on the Plagues - Part 2 (Rev 8&9 || 15&16) - [09-20-21]
36A. Primer on the Plagues - Part 1 (Rev 8&9 || 15&16) - [02-16-19]
35. The “Character of God” Controversy ... Exegetically Resolved - [05-23-15]
34. The “Fuller” (Eschatological) 1888 Message (1 John 3:7 | John 15:1-17 | Matt 25:37a | 1SM 99.3-4- [01-21-17]
33. Theological World View In Collision (Isa 5:20) - [03-23-15]
32. The Coming of the Sealing Angel (Rev 6:14-7:3ff-14:20) - [03-02-21]
31. The “Fuller” Understanding of the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:14-18) - [01-30-17]
30. Ezekiel's Valley of Dry Bones and the "Shaking" (Ezek 37:1-14) - [12-12-18]
29. The Conflict of the Ages (Version 3.0) - [04-09-12]
28. The Third, Prophetic, Shut Door (Rev 3:7) - [09-06-14]
27. God’s Whirlwind “Shaking” on the SDA Church (Ezek 13:1-16) - [01-25-18]
26. The Four Living Creatures Throughout the Bible (Num 2|Ezek 1&10|Rev 4) - [09-29-18]
25. The Message of the Seven Thunders (John 12:27-32) - [02-04-20]
24. The “Unrolling of the Scroll” (Rev 5|Dan 10-12|Rev 10) - [02-05-20]
  *  Lessons From Waco (1993) (Acts 17:11) - [08-16-23]
  *  Testing the Spirits (1 Cor 12:10) - [09-15-21]
23. My First Vision (1 Kgs 12:24) - [01-05-19]
22. The Shaking in its Biblical Context (Amos 1:1-{9:9}-9:15) - [03-07-20]
  *  Nascent Moronisms (Eccl 1:10) - [11-27-17]
21. A World of “Morons” (Jer 1:5b, 10; 25:15-29ff; 46-51; 52 & Dan 11:41) - [05-05-19]
  *  Neo-Historical Moronisms (Eccl 1:9) - [11-16-15]
20. TC3 - The Current Judgement of the SDA Church (4T 384-387- [07-06-14]
19. The Real Outpouring of God’s Spirit (Acts 1:8) - [04-05-18]
  *  (SDA) Woman Ordination Deliberations (Matt 4:4, 7, 10) - [09-09-17]
18. Fixing, Furthering and “Finishing” the Fundamentals (Matt 5:20) - [12-03-15]
  *  Theological Views Commentary (Isa 28:5-13) - [06-17-19]
17. The Sacrifice of Christ - A Deeper Muse {Isa 53:5b, 10a, 11a} - [09-23-17]
16. “Endtime” Reality Check (Matt 24:14) - [09-04-14]
15. The Lingering Evil in SDA Racially Divided Conferences (Jude 1:18-19) - [05-27-18]
14. The Fallacy of Non-Paid, Lay Pastoring (1 Tim 5:17-18) - [01-28-18]
13. The "War In Heaven" - An Actual War! (Rev 12:7-9) - [08-09-23]
  *  Michael the Archangel (Rev 3:12d) - [07-29-18]
12. The Heart of the Elijah Message (Mal 4:5-6) - [03-05-14]
11. The Sealing of God’s People - Part 2 (Ezekiel 9) - [01-16-17]
10. The Sealing of God’s People - Part 1 (Ezekiel 8) - [02-27-21]
  *  Advanced Prophetic Symbology - [07-12-21]
9P. The Prophetic Parables of Jesus +note (Matt 24:42-25:46+) - [01-05-19]
  9. Our Final Test +Annotations (Matt 24:42-25:46|Luke 19:11-27) - [05-29-18]
  *  The SOP Proof Is In the Bible (1 Thess 5:19-22) - [04-01-18]
  8. Daniel 11 - The Text - North vs. South (=CET 228.1-3- [11-27-18]
  *  Jesus Was a Black Man?!? (Isa 53:2) - [03-20-22]
  *  What’s in a Localized Name? - [12-26-11]
  7. Commentary: The Ministry of David Gates (Luke 16:31) - [06-07-19]
  *  Book Preview: The Actual Year of Christ’s Birth - [02-02-15]
  6. Text Proof - Reply to TC1 Message - [11-25-18]
  *  The Genesis Flood - Global, Localized or Weighted (Gen 7:19|3SG 78.2- [12-24-14]
  5. Commentary: Ed Reid: 7 Year Christian Mortgage (Deut 15:1-11) - [02-02-23]
  *  God’s Original, and “Very Good”, Intent (Gen 2:18; 1:31a) - [08-30-17]
  *  ...Without a Niqab! - (Religious Accommodations) - [05-01-10]
  4. The Church Triumphant - TC Part 2 (Isa 58|Matt 25:31-46; 6:10) - [02-04-20]
   *  Theological Musings (Bible|SOP) - [01-21-18]
   *  Response to some Skeptics - [02-23-21]
   *  Angus T. Jones’ Conversion Testimony {‘John 3:21’} - [02-13-17]
   *  Pleading Proverbs 26:4 & 5 - (Various Passages) - [10-13-21]
  3. Book Preview: God All Mighty! (Isa 46:9-11) - [03-14-21]
  *  The Wisdom of the Children in the Dark [True Christianity] - [04-21-16]
  2H. The Historical Two Witnesses (Rev 11:1-14) - [03-29-23]
  2. Testimony to the Church - Part 1 (Rev 11) - [02-10-19]
  *  Testimony: "You’re The Voice" (Acts 26:19) - [07-28-18]
  *  Trivia: Teachings in Acronyms??? [B.I.B.L.E] - [01-08-10]
  *  Trivia: Paradigm Shifts [Various] - [12-30-18]
  1. Book Preview: The Biblical Interpretation of Daniel’s 70 Weeks (Dan 9:1-27) - [03-07-21]


An interpretation and application of the various Eschatologically-applicable prophecies of the Bible (=the "Historicist-Eschatological" reality/Truth) has been made in the following posts:

Ezekiel - Posts #10; #11; #26; #30[#36A]; [#36B]; [#95]; [#117]#141C

Ends of Dan 2; 7; 8 Posts [#24]; #36A; [#36B]; [#105(1)]; [#105(2)]; #141A
Dan 7 - Post [#109A]; #109C1; #109C2; [#144]
Dan 8 - Post [#109A]#109D1-A; #109D1-B; #109D2 (B)
Dan 9 Posts [#1]; [Blog]
Dan 10 - Post #24
Dan 11 - Post #8
Dan 12 - Post [#36B]

Matt 24 - Post #16
Matt 25+ - Post #9A

Rev 1 - Posts [#9*]; #24
Rev 2&3 - Posts [#28]; #36A; #36B#96
Rev 4 - Posts #26; #141C
Rev 5 - Post #24;
Rev 6 - Posts #36A; #36B
Rev 7 - Posts [#22]; [#27]; #32; [#34]; [#95]; #144A#144B
Rev 8&9 - Posts #36A; #36B; [#101]#115; #119
Rev 10 - Posts #24; #25
Rev 11 - Posts #2#2H#119#119*
Rev 12:7-9 - Posts #12*#13; [#36B]
Rev 12:17b - Posts [#8*]; #23; #23*#144A; [#144*]
Rev 13:1-10 - Posts [#37]; [#109A]; [#109C]#141A
Rev 13:11-18 - Posts [#31]; #33; #37#141B
Rev 14:1-5 - Posts #144A#144B #36A; #36B
Rev 14:6-11 - Posts #20; [#28]; #31; [#100*]; #143
Rev 14:6-7 - Posts #2; [#3*]#20; [#105]
Rev 14:8 - Post #37 
Rev 14:9-11 - Posts [#9]; #31;
Rev 14:12 - Posts #2; #4; #20; #100; #143
Rev 14:13 - Posts (#3**); [#36A]; [#36B]
Rev 14:14-20 - Posts [#37]#119#119*#142
Rev 15&16 - Posts #36A; #36B
Rev 17&18 - Posts [#19]; #37
Rev 19:7-9 Post [#9A]; 
Rev 19:10 Posts [#8*]; #23#23*; [#144*]
Rev 19:11-21 - Posts [#36B]; [#37]#119#119*; #142; [#144+]
Rev 20 - Posts [#4]#144+
Rev 21-22:17 - Posts [#4]; [#144+]
Rev 22:18 - Post [#37]
Rev 22:19 - Post [#34]

**For solely preferred ordering purposes here, the indicated posting date for some of these posts may not be the date when they were actually initially composed, and/or posted here.
[All EGW/SOP (see more in this post) references can be accessed online here, here or here.]

Theological Views Blog’s “New Light” (Pro 4:18)

Summary, Selective Listing of Blog’s Variously Originating “New Light” and “Present Truths” (cf. CW 33.2; COL 127.4)

            There is ample counsel in the Spirit of Prophecy in how to regard and deal with new light. These counsels are objectively both towards the one giving this new light as well as to the Church, leaders and members to whom it is being given. As these counsels are quite clear in themselves, they will not be restated here, but simply referred to. These are e.g.,:

The “Plan A” Millennium

The Temporal, Jubilee, Zionistic, Millennium (=Rev 20:1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-15+)

            This post is an, as succinct as possible, exposition on, what has come to now be, the Biblically/Prophetically, -including also from the SOP, inevitable event of a Temporal “Jubilee” (=EW 286.1), Kingdom of God Testifying (=Matt 24:14) Typological Millennial Era. This Event and Era has been briefly mentioned and expounded upon in prior postings (here and here; {cf. the dramatic depiction here}) and discussion (starting here), but it is now expanded in more detail.
            First of all, it is key to see and understand for a proper Biblically contextualizing background that throughout the Great Controversy history upon this planet (i.e. since its Fall) God has endeavored to have several World Order restoring re establishments for this Planet. All in order to give people on this planet their best chance to see and accept His Saving Righteousness ways. Prior to the First Advent of Christ, thus in the OT Era, these restorations attempts were towards the that Messianic Event, and the after the completed Sacrifice by Christ, thus in the NT Era, these Restoration attempts were to prepare people for Christ’s Second Advent Event. However in all of these, by now, as listed below, 7 attempts (which is quite “representational” enough), it has been the failure of those who were supposed to do their part in a covenant made by God with them, thus God’s (professing) People, who failed to do their part, and so God literally had to go back to the “drawing board” and rework/repackage His ‘Greatest Testimony’ prophetic plans, to be “covenantly” given to, and started over with, a new generation, even group, of (professing) people. Here is a brief overview of these events:

College of Biblical Research - Open Recruiting

The World Biblical Society of Christ (WBSC)
-an online College of Biblical Research
Mar 5:37; 9:2; 14:33||Matt 10:1||Luke 10:1-2||1 Sam 22:1-2
(under development)

Collaborative Research Forum
(under development)

[Registered WBSC Members thus far: 3]
[Expressed/Claimed Interest (but no follow through): 5]

Pertinent Biblical & Prophetic basis, and derived establishment endeavor history (cf. here), of WBSC.

College Objective
            If you are like me, you have, in your Biblical Studies/Research endeavors, been quite disappointed to not find much more achievable concrete and/or exhaustive documentation or studies on certain topics. Many times this is solely due to the researcher/writer having undertaken his/her study alone, and thus, for a lack of various resources, the study was not exhaustively, and thus, in most cases, not conclusively, done.
            The mission and purpose of WBSC is to have these various incomplete studies, and much more, completely done, and that by, and to, the equal benefit of all contributors involved in it. The goal is here not to “re-invent the wheel” of Biblical Research, but to make these wheels as functionable and effective as possible, and also to “invent/produce wheels” where they are presently not found, or in use.
            Therefore WBSC is being established to have an organized venue where scholarly Biblical Research can be done and in a most collaborative fashion. This Institution is being called a College to reflect both the fact that it will be “a society of persons joined together for literary or scientific purposes, and possessing exclusive privileges” and also, as knowledge is still not finite, even Biblical knowledge, especially for those who are “seeking to advance” (Dan 12:4, 10), it will simultaneously be a place of teaching and learning for all participants. So even if you currently may not be skilled in scholarly Biblical Research, but aim to, you are welcome to participate.
            To mainly the benefit of all participants, the College will be formally registered as an Institution/Business to the extent that is applicable.

The 144,000 - A Kingdom Number

The 144,000 - A Kingdom Number (Rev 7:1-8, 9-17; 14:1-5)

Understanding what the 144,000 represents has been the subject of much debate. For
lack of the necessary resources, I won’t rehash the arguments of this debates in this post, but will instead straightly state what my Theological View on this topic, ever more crystalizingly, is. 

God's New, True Remnant Church

God’s New, True Remnant Church (Matt 23:37-24:2)
=The Church Triumphant (LDE 61.2-62.2)

The Fellowship of Sabbatarian Zionist Christianaires
For a while now, expressedly/implicatively, on this blog, and retroactive to ca. June 2000[1],
the readily understood message, “upon information and belief”, has been that the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is, as clearly cautioned in the SOP, for quite concrete “abominable sin reasons” (= e.g., Ezek 8; Jer 7:9-11), no longer God’s Remnant Church. Contrary to mantric SDA belief and “taming”/appeasing sermonic rhetoric (cf.  6MR 72.1), the denominational name “Seventh-Day Adventist Church” is not found in Rev 12:17b or 14:12. In fact, for the several achieved reasons stated here, (=EW 266-269; 9T 126.1-2; cf. 4SP 337.1-340.3; at now indeed the point of the transpiring of the Church’s Shaking (=EW 269-273)), the Dragon is now quite pleased with the, especially indifferent, SDA Church (vs. Rev 12:17a)! Indeed when a Church on Earth claims to be/have been, both: ‘directly called by God, and named by Him’ (cf. TM 61.2), is however now, capitally, wholesalely engaged in e.g., systematically violating, pointedly the Spirit, the also Letter, of all of God’s Commandments; willfully is no longer doing God’s appointed (Full Sabbatical Gospel) work; most devotedly obeying the unrighteous and lawless principles of the world; conforming to its selfish customs; shuns and avoids as much as feasible being God’s “peculiar people”; and is definitely not interested in being zealous either of, or in, good works (cf. SpTB08 7.1); indeed all to the point where the Apostate (socio-economic) world now (quite undistinguishingly) clamors for the likes of|from you to lead them on in their unChristlike ways; then, duly collectively as a Church, you are demonstrably, tangibly, indeed actionably, no longer ‘God’s representative of, pointedly His Character (=name), on Earth’, as it is with His Sabbatically (Rev 7:1-3ff) Sealed (Rev 3:12) Zion (Rev 14:1-5); -but indeed: Satan’s ‘organized oppositional/persecutive pawn’ (Rev 3:8; cf. 2:9 = Rev 14:12 & EW 54.2-56.1) -Indeed, realistically (Isa 5:1-7), judiciously/justly (Isa 29) and injunctively (Jer 18:9-10): thus no longer ‘the object of God’s guardianship (Isa 6:8-13|Matt 13:10-17), strengthening (Isa 28:5-13), supreme regard (Ezek 10:17-18)’ - (cf. 2SM 396.2-3)!
            So after a period of time, starting in 1999 (see here) where God, just as He had with rebellious Ancient Judah, has, duly/mercifully, systematically, stagedly been withdrawing from the SDA Church/Community (=Ezek 8:4; 10:18, 19; 11:23). As clearly expressed by God in Jer 7:1-11, just claiming, as patently, commonly done, that ‘the SDA Church is God’s Remnant Church which He himself established and guided in its upbuilding, really does not incontrovertibly mean anything. (See Jer 7:12-15).

The Ending of the “Cleansing of the Sanctuary” (Dan 8:14)

The Finalizing (Eschatological) Phase of the Pre-Advent Judgement

Note: The following blog post is related to the discussion in this post about what is to prophetically transpire starting at Dan 7:22ff.

Article Title: Letter from Sister Harmon Falmouth Mass., Feb., 15, 1846

March 14, 1846 Letter from Sister Harmon.
Falmouth Mass., Feb., 15, 1846.

Bro. Jacobs:--
     My vision which you published in the Day-Star was written under a deep sense of duty, to you, not expecting you would publish it. Had I for once thought it was to be spread before the many readers of your paper, I should have been more particular and stated some things which I left out. As the readers of the Day-Star have seen a part of what God has revealed to me, and as the part which I have not written is of vast importance to the Saints; I humbly request you to publish this also in your paper.

God showed me the following, one year ago this month:
In February, 1845, I had a vision of events commencing with the Midnight Cry.

The Church Triumphant Seminar (Rev 14:6-12)

Gospel-Doctrines-Practices-Prophecy Evangelism Seminar 3.0

            As recounted in this bio-post, I had set off to go into the Ministry in 1997 in order to become an Evangelist. However from my very first initial attempt to try to convincingly share my then SDA faith, (i.e. according to present theological, doctrinal and prophetic understandings and beliefs of the SDA Church), I immediately ran into an incontrovertible wall, -“incontrovertible” only if I was going to be honest and non-indifferent, and that was, in trying to share Daniel 70 Weeks, the fact that most of what I was claiming was either not concretely proven in Biblical or Historical facts and/or had quite valid standing counter arguments against them. So, of course, as elsewhere related, that led me to 2+ years of intensive study into the 70 Weeks, and has by now all resulted in my present more concrete and proven understanding of it, see here...(and yet this concretizing and proving work is still not completed to the level that I myself am satisfied with...and that added work is literally like having to complete gut and remove a standing, set concrete, but cracked/cracking construction foundation in order to replace with an new, better -built/-engineered one.)

The Typological “Second Coming” (Rev 19:11-16, 17-18, 19-21)

God’s Sequitur, and/or Alternative, “Second Coming” & Millennial Geo-Resetting Event (=Rev 3:3; 14:1-5ff; 20:1-4ff)

            In Rev 19:1-10, the results of the effectuated judgement on Babylon are related, as well as an indicative time as to when, -in actually the plagues, contrary to wished expectations (Rev 22:11). As seen in the Revelation Charting here, Rev 19:1-10 serves as an anticipative, introductory vision passage which sets the context of what takes place in the rest of that prophetic segment.

Rev 19:1 - After these things I heard something like a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying, "Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God;

great multitude in heaven - This great multitude are those who, through this Loud Cry Call out of Babylon have responded to this work of the priorly sealed 144,000 (Rev 7:9-17). Indeed many of the same themes expressed there are restated here in Rev 19:1-10.

The Battle of Har-/Ar- Mageddon (Rev 13:12-18; 16:16)

The (Carmel) Mountain and/or (Garrison) City of the Valley of Megiddo Showdown

            ......So upon the present Super-Power/Empire (the U.S.) hearing of, as expounded in this dedicated post on Daniel 2, God’s Plans to replace it in the World Hegemony with His own Super-Power Kingdom (=Dan 2:34-35, 44-45) for His Temporal Jubilee Millennium, they, most “naturally” (i.e carnally 1 Cor 2:6-16), will be taking decisions and actions to oppose and even war against this looming overtaking. (=LDE 210.1)....And so, typologically enough, they will then engage in doing exactly like the King of, indeed fittingly enough, Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, did when God had revealed by that Dan 2 Dream’s Statue that His Kingdom and World Hegemony, represented by the “head of gold”, would eventually come to an end and be replaced by another Power (See PK 512.1ff): Just as Nebuchadnezzar/Babylon decided, and against clear revelations, to fight God by defyingly building a “statue” (LXX Greek = eikon) just like in his dream made entirely of gold and forcing everyone under the realm of his authority to worship it at the penalty of a fiery death (Dan 3; cf. 7BC 976.7-9|Mar 214), the U.S. will endeavor to preserve its present (effective) World Empire/Hegemony by: ‘making an “image” (NT Greek = eikon) to the First Beast and causing everyone to worship it at the pains of death [even, as “signified”, by fire (cf. Rev 13:13-15)]’.
            Before delving into how exactly the Second (Land) Beast of Rev 13:11-18 will go about to do this self-preserving and defying act, as it will be squarely relying upon what the First (Sea) Beast of Rev 13:1-10 had done, it is important to first see what it is that this First Beast had actually “exemplary” done which the Second Beast deemed to be worthy of repeating for/in these times [As a general note, any reference in here to the verses in Rev 17 & 18 can be further examined by looking up those verses in this dedicated post on these Chapters]: